Chapter 1

TL: This is a novel I was going to pick up but eventually decided not to due to reasons like the age of the MC and the rushed ending (more details on my BL reading list). I had already translated these chapters so I decided to put them up as a teaser. Anyone is free to pick up it.

“Hoo Hoo! It looks like—your new work has failed again, dear Lord Brian!”

Gray fog in the shape of an owl stopped gracefully on a gorgeous wooden frame but the words that emerged from his beak weren’t polite.

The owl tilted his fluffy head and fluttered his wings. This was particularly funny when added to his long sigh.

“Shut up, idiot.” A low and hoarse male voice was heard. The sound was so soft that it was almost inaudible in this huge laboratory. However, it silenced the fierce-looking owl. The owl quickly folded his wings and behaved like a quail.

This was a very spacious and gorgeous laboratory. The floor was covered with luxurious floor tiles and the ceiling above was shining like a dazzling river of stars. It was dream-like.

Various expensive and rare materials were scattered across the laboratory. Just the cabinet in the corner alone was worth thousands of witch crystals. Any wizard apprentice who saw it would have red eyes and suck in a breath out of shock.

However, the most notable thing in this laboratory was the handsome man in an elegant wizard’s robe.

[The seventh experiment has failed.]

The man leaned lazily on the soft couch. A valuable feathered quill held in his slender and powerful hand as he wrote this sentence on the flat parchment suspended in the air.

The beautiful squiggles on the parchment connected to each other. From a distance, they looked like tiny, flexible black snakes.

“Bah, damn alchemy.” Brian sneered slightly. The elegant male voice was cold and low. It was like a poisonous snake slithering against one’s ear, making one sweat.

His peerless, handsome face was gloomy.

Seven times. This was already the greatest patience he could show. If it hadn’t been for his bet with the damned black wizard cursed by Merlin, he wouldn’t have studied this unpopular alchemy when he was a rare necromancer.

Although he did have good research potential—he had a huge amount of witch crystals to carry out the money-burning experiments.

However, he didn’t need it. It was enough to have powerful magic that others couldn’t reach.

Brian snapped his fingers slowly, his movements graceful as if he was directing a banquet of the undead. A cluster of beautiful blue flames rose up suddenly. It appeared out of thin air on the huge and exquisite stone platform in the center of the laboratory.

There were no deviations. It was as rigorous as measuring with a ruler as it didn’t cross the edge of the stone platform. There were no spells and no wands. This was easy for an overly powerful wizard.

The blue flames greedily licked at the intricate magic formation painted on the surface of the stone platform with mous ink, a treasure worth 50 witch crystals.

The thick black ink gradually became lighter in color and the flames swelled up like they were full. The color of the flames changed from a peacock blue to a more dense and deep sapphire blue.

Suddenly, the happily swaying blue flames stagnated for a moment before continuing to sway as if nothing had happened. This momentary pause was fleeting.

Brian narrowed his eyes slightly. There was no other extra action apart from this. The flames on the stone platform suddenly went out silently, just like when they first appeared.

“Hoo!” The gray fog owl was also aware of it. He flapped his wings and flew to the man’s shoulder.

“Perhaps you will have a companion, Zoe.” Brian joked casually as he approached the stone platform calmly.

“Of course, I hope it is a bit smarter than you.” The handsome wizard sighed softly as he thought of something. The luxurious wizard robe blew like there was a breeze as he walked.

“Hoo! Companion? Can I eat it? Is it delicious?” Zoe, the owl, tilted his head as he thought of food. At this time, his originally fierce face showed a stupid and cute expression. The gray fog at the edges of his form also wavered slightly.

Brian glanced at Zoe on his shoulder with disgust before moving his eyes to the stone platform that bore faint traces of the mous ink.

He ignored the product of the failure of his first experiment—an owl with a precarious shape who only had food in his head. Still, it was his first experiment. In order to compare it with the products of his subsequent experiments, he kept the damn owl.

Unexpectedly, the self-proclaimed great wizard never thought that the products of his later alchemy experiments would be even worse than the first.

There was a flamingo with one foot missing, a unicorn with two horns on its head, and a mutant frog who made an annoying ‘gugu gugu’ sound. Their final destination was being melted by a bottle of bone-eroding potion worth 250 witch crystals.

Brian thought of this unpleasant thing that was beyond his control and his expression sank, his eyes gloomy.

He bent his fingers and tapped on the surface of the stone platform lightly. The mous ink that was about to dissipate was suddenly activated. It gathered into a ball before spreading out, forming a map as fine as a spider’s web.

If a knowledgeable wizard saw it then they would find that this was a map of the entire wizard realm. In the corner of the edge of this detailed map, a black dot flickered desperately.

“The Misty Moon Forest on the Atlantis Continent…”

Brian was thoughtful as he lightly tapped on the flashing black dot with his fingers. The hard-working black dot finished its mission and quietly hid.

Starting from the black dot, the map composed of ink gradually disappeared.

“Hoo! The Atlantis Continent! It sounds far away!” Zoe couldn’t help asking, “Master Brian, are you going to travel far away?”

Travel far away? It sounded good. It was boring to stay in the wizard’s tower all the time. The academy’s stupid and timid apprentice wizards couldn’t stand suffering at all.

The handsome face of the young Wizard Tower Master showed some childish pleasure like he succeeded in a prank.

‘Perhaps I can find something fun in Atlantis.’ Brian thought about it and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

He strode into the inner room. Once he came out again, he looked completely different. The well-fitted and luxurious suit outlined his slender, broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted figure with perfectly sculpted lines that were eye-catching.

Soft white-gold hair lay lazily on his shoulders and the pair of dark blue peach blossom eyes on his handsome face were deep and charming, like blue ocean waves in the sunlight.

The monocle over his right eye added a gentle and mysterious temperament to him. Who wouldn’t feel admiration when seeing such a handsome and elegant gentleman?

“Tell Christina that Chief Scott is going to travel far away.”

Brian glanced at Zoe the owl. He touched the thin silver chain of the monocle and spoke to himself, “Maybe I can also bring back some fresh lambs for the academy.”

“Hoo! Zoe will tell Wizard Christina that Lord Brian is going far away to enroll students at the academy as Scott, Chief Wizard Apprentice.”

Zoe kept repeating these words as the small foggy body flew straight at the floor below him. Immediately, he hit the floor hard and his foggy body bounced upwards like jelly.

However, Zoe had the great sense to fly at the gorgeous floor again before Brian could frown. This time, he successfully passed through the floor and didn’t hear the cold snort from the young wizard.

Brian—no, he was now the young and talented Chief Wizard Apprentice called Claude Scott—glanced at the scene downstairs using his monocle before disappearing in place.


The Atlantis Continent.

A border town called Codswood was next to the ‘famous’ Misty Moon Forest. It was famous because the Misty Moon Forest had contributed many terrible bedtime stories to the children of Atlantis.

Ordinary people definitely wouldn’t step blindly into this legendary dangerous forest, but for passionate adventurers, the Misty Moon Forest with its teeth and claws mentioned in the songs sung by bards was their holy place.

The Misty Moon Forest under the bright moonlight was shrouded in a layer of mystery. In a corner of the Misty Moon Forest, a tall 15 or 16-year-old teenager was lying quietly on the ground like he was asleep. The surrounding tall trees cast dark shadows on the overgrown ground as if they were ghosts.

Next to the teenager was a fine crossbow and arrows. Not far away under a tree, there was a poor gray rabbit that had been pierced by an arrow and had died.

Looking closer, one would find there was a dark green snake on the young man’s pale face. From time to time, the small snake that was the size of a thick thumb would stretch out its flexible tongue and gently lick the young man’s cheek.

There was a tiny hole under the young man’s left eye. Bright red blood was flowing from it. The moment the small pearl-like blood beads appeared, they were immediately licked clean by the small snake.

This lasted until the horizon turned white and the morning sun rose. The clear golden light pierced the dim twilight.

The blood beads no longer appeared under the young man’s left eye. Instead, it slowly condensed into a delicate mole at the corner of his eye.

The existence of this teardrop mole seemed to be a finishing touch, giving his pale face a melancholic and mysterious atmosphere. The delicate features that were too thin and covered up by a gloomy temperament suddenly came alive.

He seemed to feel the temperature of the sun and the young man’s hands hanging by his side twitched. His thick and long eyelashes shook slightly like butterfly wings.

The small snake looked at the young man alertly before slowly crawling into his chest pocket.

Cyril woke up with his head bursting with pain. It was as if someone had taken a heavy hammer to his head. There were people talking like they were arguing fiercely, and the constant buzzing of a swarm of bees. From a distant place, there was a terrifying scream of panic and despair that seemed to be covered by a thick fog.

He inexplicably felt a bit worried.

After waiting for a while, Cyril finally adjusted to this unpleasant dizziness. He found that his limbs were stiff and even his blood seemed stagnant.

He remembered that he had just finished reading the complete Harry Potter set when he was pulled in by the system.

Cyril slowly sat up, rubbed his sore arms, and looked around. He was surrounded by ancient trees that soared toward the sky. The leafy trees showed off their vigorous vitality.

Sunlight fell to the ground through the gaps in branches and leaves, giving the seemingly savage forest a layer of warmth

“Is this—the Forbidden Forest?” Cyril stood up and looked around.

This Forbidden Forest seemed different from the description in the book and also from what he imagined. Wait! This wasn’t right!

Cyril shook his head. Why was he dropped directly into the Forbidden Forest? He clearly remembered that there were many dangerous and magical creatures in the Forbidden Forest. In the novel, many official wizards couldn’t deal with them!

Cyril’s heart rose to his throat.

He bent down and picked up the crossbow that had fallen to the ground. He held an arrow in his hand as he wondered if his identity was a young hunter.

However, how could there be a hunter in the Forbidden Forest? Which hunter wasn’t afraid of death and dared to go into the Forbidden Forest to hunt?

Cyril looked down at his clothes. He wore a pair of gray linen trousers and his feet were wrapped in coarse leather shoes that didn’t fit. The ill-fitting leather shoes were crudely made and tied to his legs using fine cloth.

‘The shoes are at least three sizes bigger,’ Cyril thought helplessly.

He was also wearing a large, long-sleeved jacket on his upper body. The coarse cloth shirt under the jacket was thick and dirty. It was stained with dirt, weeds, and even had dried blood stains. The original color wasn’t visible at all. He also carried heavy, old protective gear around his arms.

Suddenly, something swayed in the chest pocket of his jacket. He instinctively reached for it and felt something cold gently licking his warm fingers. This cold and smooth made him think of a creature that wasn’t so friendly.

Cyril stiffened and the hand in his pocket trembled slightly.

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