IPCFS: Chapter 54 Part 2

Qin Yue was thinking about this when there was a knock on the door and the staff member outside asked, “Teachers, there is still an actor auditioning today?”

Yao Chuan hit his head. “Look at my memory. I almost forgot to tell you…”

Halfway through, he shouted to the staff member outside, “Let him come in and prepare!”

Everyone in the room looked at each other, and Qin Yue took the initiative to ask, “Director Yao, which other actor did you call?”

He had just finished speaking when the door of the room was pushed over.

The visitor wore a black tracksuit and a cap on his head.

He stood quietly and obediently inside the door. Then he neatly took off his mask and showed a faint smile. “Teachers, I am actor Ji Li and I am here for an audition.”

Except for Yao Chuan who already knew, everyone else was shocked.

Ji Li calmly stepped forward and handed over the prepared actor materials to Qin Yue and the others. Then he returned to the audition position marked on the ground.

Ever since Ji Li entered the door, Qin Yue’s eyes had been focused on the other person. He unnoticeably pinched the documents filled with information, but didn’t rush to open it.

It was because he knew all the acting materials of the young man after his debut by heart.

As early as two months ago, the movie was being prepared and he discussed with Yao Chuan, Fang Zhixing, and others about the feasibility of Ji Li participating in the movie. Unfortunately, they firmly rejected the idea.

It wasn’t because Ji Li’s acting skills weren’t good. They just unanimously felt that his temperament was too soft and wasn’t suitable for such a tough and hard role.

In addition, Ji Li and Yao Chuan had cooperated on Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth, and the drama was still airing.

In a short period of time, working with the same director twice actually wasn’t conducive to the development of the actors. Being in the behavioral framework of the same director for a long time made it easy for the actor’s performance form to be stereotyped.

They all valued Ji Li’s future development, so they decided to leave this candidate aside for the time being.

However, Qin Yue’s selfish heart was biased toward cooperation with Ji Li again. He also had a script in preparation, and the filming would start in the second half of the year. The young man was the most suitable male lead in his mind.

Qin Yue and Ji Li looked at each other, and Qin Yue felt that the other person was a bit different today. Soon, he noticed a slight change in Ji Li. “Did you deliberately blacken yourself?”

Ji Li’s eyes showed a hint of surprise, and he couldn’t help nodding with a smile. “Brother… Teacher Qin Yue has good eyesight. I asked the makeup artist to use a deep foundation to cover my original skin tone.”

The role he was auditioning for, Chen Xi, was a narcotics officer. He had to train every day in the team, and the wind and sun were a common thing.

The original owner’s skin foundation was too good, and the whiteness would just make his temperament very soft. Ji Li couldn’t get a tan in such a short time, so he could only rely on makeup to change his ‘external conditions.’

The lights in the room were a bit dim. If one didn’t look closely, then they wouldn’t be able to tell at all.

The others heard the conversation between the two and realized this was indeed the case. The impression of the young man was darker than when they last met, and he had a bit more sense of maturity.

Yao Chuan didn’t hesitate to praise this person. “You studied the character well.”

He had just tested so many people and didn’t find the right one. Then it was better to let Ji Li try. Aside from the so-called ‘soft’ temperament, the other person’s acting skills were at least fully qualified.

In the movie and television industry, those who relied on acting skills to change their inner temperament weren’t unheard of.

Ji Li’s lips curved up slightly.

It wasn’t just this. He had made a bolder move after seeking the approval of Yu Fuya and the company’s team.

“Why have you been wearing a hat the entire time?”

Qin Yue’s inquiry was heard while his eyes never left Ji Li in front of him—no, it wasn’t just a change in appearance and skin color.

Ji Li was asked the key question by him again and took off his hat with a smile.

In an instant, everyone showed a shocked look, including Qin Yue, who had always been calm when it came to things.

The young man actually cut his hair and shaved his sides very short. The hair in the middle was deliberately thinned and cut short, exposing his beautiful forehead.

It wasn’t as good as the crew cut seen in the police force, but the change of hairstyle caused the temperament around him to be completely different!

It was said that a crew cut was the best criteria for testing whether a man was handsome or not. This was completely confirmed by Ji Li.

In this case, the young man’s innate skeletal superiority was fully highlighted, and the darker skin tone was deliberately applied to outline a more perfect face shape.

The young man’s appearance was still handsome and eye-catching as always, but looking closely, he was a bit more tough and handsome.

If it was said that his ‘handsome’ in the past could attract the love of women, then the current ‘handsome’ would make him acknowledged by men.

They were obviously the same person, but there was a completely different charm before and after.

Yuan Yifei sighed and couldn’t help asking, “Ji Li, did you specially change your hairstyle for this role audition?”

It wasn’t that there were no celebrity actors who shaved their heads in the entertainment industry, but there were very few artists like Ji Li who were on the rise in their careers and had many fans.

Ji Li nodded and gave an affirmative answer.

Ji Yunqi was completely stunned, and the small person in his heart jumped three feet high. He even wanted to rush up and circle around Ji Li.

God knows, he had always wanted to try this, but he was afraid that shaving would affect his appearance. He couldn’t make up his mind to try it after all.

They met yesterday at the company, and Ji Li still had his original hairstyle. In just one day, he made changes for the audition?

Such a Ji Li looked too handsome, and his courageous action was also handsome!

As expected of the handsome and cool man who had been personally certified by him!

Qin Yue suppressed the exclamation in his heart and asked in a low voice, “What if you weren’t selected for the role? Isn’t the sacrifice of changing your hairstyle too great?”

“What does it matter? I didn’t shave my head and it is long enough now. It will grow back soon.”

Ji Li didn’t take this change to heart at all.

For the sake of his role, he was willing to change his external image appropriately.

“No matter whether it is the audition or formal filming, an actor needs a sense of belief to create every role. If I can’t ‘turn’ myself into the character, how can I convince the audience that I can act well?”

Ji Yunqi heard the words ‘a sense of belief’ spoken by the young man and instinctively looked at Qin Yue. He secretly had a thought.

Hey, wasn’t this what Teacher Qin Yue just said to the newcomers who auditioned? Sure enough, the cognition of excellent actors had something in common.

Belief? This word was good. He had to go home and write it down in a small notebook.

Ji Li stood in place and continued speaking, “As long as I have tried my best to win this role, success or not doesn’t matter.”

There were so many excellent actors. He wouldn’t be surprised or sad if the audition this time wasn’t successful.

Ji Li paused slightly. He scanned everyone’s eyes and his lips curved up calmly. “Of course, it would be best if I could succeed. Who doesn’t want to enter a good crew with their own abilities?”

Facing his reply, Qin Yue couldn’t suppress the smile in his heart.

What should he do with this person?

He couldn’t resist such a Ji Li at all.

He remembered his status as a producer and had to be duplicitous with Ji Li. “We will know if you can win this role or not after watching you act.”

“Yes, Teacher Qin Yue.” Ji Li’s reply was also very serious. Ever since entering the door, he hadn’t called this person ‘Brother Yue.’

Qin Yue sighed lightly and laughed. Then he turned to Yuan Yifei to tell him, “Get ready. Later, the two of you will directly act against each other.”

Fang Zhixing and Yao Chuan looked at each other and agreed. Based on Ji Li’s acting skills, they really didn’t need to do two rounds of assessment.

Ji Yunqi, who was ignored, didn’t feel any ‘disrespect.’ On the contrary, he felt it was a natural operation.

He had seen Ji Li’s performance in the movie, and the recent hit Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth. He also secretly hid in his room to follow the drama.

Ji Li’s acting skills were something he was convinced about and wanted to surpass.

Yuan Yifei heard Qin Yue’s words and immediately stood up. “Finally, I get the chance to act with Ji Li.”

God knows, he had wanted to have a scene with Ji Li ever since he watched the farewell of the Song Brothers on the set of the movie.

Yuan Yifei handed over the content of the scene that had been on the table. “Ji Li, this is…”

“Wait,” Qin Yue interrupted. “You guys, don’t act out this one.”

Qin Yue picked up the tablet on the side and turned to a key scene in the electronic script according to his memory. Then he set the requirements, “The two of you will prepare for 10 minutes to directly act out this confrontation scene.”

Yuan Yifei was stunned for a moment before reacting, “This? Are you playing so big for an audition?”

Qin Yue asked back, “Didn’t you say that you thought the previous scenes were boring? This scene will give you a boost.”

Yuan Yifei shrugged and quickly accepted it. “Okay, I brought my own script so you can give the electronic script to Ji Li.”

As the actor auditioning, Ji Li couldn’t predict the content of the scene.

So for him, all the scenes were brand new. If the difficulty of the scenes was greater, then it would stimulate his desire to challenge it even more.

Ji Li quickly stepped forward to take the tablet from Qin Yue’s hand and looked at the content of the script that was about to be acted out.

In just an instant, his eyes lit up.

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