FV: Chapter 56

Father Lin turned to look at Ji Yuxiao. “This…”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “It’s okay, Uncle. Everything is worth it for Luoqing. I am willing.”

‘But I’m not willing!’ Father Lin exclaimed in his heart.

“Yuxiao, look at this matter. Doesn’t it affect the relationship between father and son? This isn’t appropriate. How about I ask Luoqing to go to your father to apologize and make amends? You guys should talk properly and not let Luoqing affect your father-son relationship.”

“No need.” Ji Yuxiao was calm. “Luoqing didn’t do anything wrong. It was my dad who was too self-righteous. Since he let me choose then he should accept my choice.”

“Then what about the relationship between your father and son?”

“It’s fine. It is enough for me to have Luoqing. Everything else isn’t important as long as you are around.”

Father Lin thought, ‘…Unfilial! Love-sick brain! Why isn’t it important? No ambition at all!’

It was making him angry to death!

Father Lin forcibly endured the dissatisfaction and anger in his heart and continued to persuade him, “Yuxiao, we didn’t let Luoqing marry you to break up the relationship between you and your father. If you are like this, Luoqing will be uncomfortable.”

Lin Luoqing nodded in agreement. “Yes.”

“Don’t be sad.” Ji Yuxiao looked at him. “If you are sad, I will be heartbroken.”

“Yuxiao…” Lin Luoqing was moved.

“You are still calling me Yuxiao?”

‘??? What should I call you?’

He pondered on it. “Husband~”

“Yes, wife~”

“My husband is so nice~”

“Wife, as long as you are happy~”

Lin Luoqing grabbed his hand with a sweet expression.

Ji Yuxiao took his hand and kissed it.

Father Lin and Chen Feng, who were facing them, “……”

Thanks for the invitation, I already want to vomit!

It is disgusting!

“Cough.” Father Lin coughed and interrupted the hot-eyed scene in front of him. He looked at Lin Luoqing reproachfully. “Luoqing, you are too ignorant.”

He said, “Your husband’s job is gone because of you. Don’t you feel guilty?”

Lin Luoqing’s well-behaved expression instantly changed and he said firmly, “It’s okay. I will work hard to make money to support him!”

Was this a question of working hard or not?!

How could they cooperate like this?

“Yuxiao, Luoqing’s thoughts are simple. You can’t be as simple as him. You are your father’s only son now. If you don’t care about the company, who will care about it?”

“My cousin,” Ji Yuxiao answered calmly.

“How can this work?” Father Lin was dissatisfied. “What if your cousin’s mind isn’t correct and there is a problem with the company? By then, it will be too late for you to regret it.”

“It’s fine.” Ji Yuxiao was unmoved. “I don’t care about the company’s affairs anymore and I naturally don’t need to worry about problems if there are any. I just need to worry about Qingqing.”

“I’ll be obedient.” Lin Luoqing hurriedly said sincerely. “I won’t let you worry too much.”

“It doesn’t matter if you make me worry more.” Ji Yuxiao looked at him. “Who let you be my top priority now?”

Lin Luoqing was ashamed. “Husband, you are so good. How can I let you love me so much? I am so moved.”

His eyelashes trembled slightly as he spoke. Then he turned to look at Father Lin and Chen Feng. “Dad, Mom, are you also very moved? I was so moved by such sincere feelings that I almost burst into tears.”

Father Lin, “……”

Chen Feng, “……”

Thanks for the invitation. She wanted to vomit again.

She had never been so sick even during pregnancy!

This was the scene that Lin Luojing saw when he came back. His cheap brother, who had long been kicked out of the house, was next to the person he once liked and was acting affectionately. His parents’ expressions were subtle and they seemed eager to speak.

Lin Luojing froze for a moment and he stood at the entrance blankly.

Lin Luoqing heard the door opening. He looked back and found that it was his cheap brother who returned.

Ji Yuxiao followed his gaze and looked over. He also saw Lin Luojing standing at the door. Their eyes met and Lin Luojing was suddenly at a loss.

He looked at Ji Yuxiao. His lips moved slightly and he hesitated over whether to say hello. But before the words could be spoken, Ji Yuxiao withdrew his gaze and continued to look at Lin Luoqing as if he didn’t care at all.

“Xiao Jing is back,” Chen Feng said with a smile. “Come quickly. Your brother is back today.”

Of course, Lin Luojing knew that Lin Luoqing had come back today. His parents had been looking forward to this as early as two days ago. Lin Luojing was very angry about this and even felt that they wanted to recognize Lin Luoqing back.

Chen Feng had comforted him. “How is it possible? I don’t really want him to come back. I just want Ji Yuxiao to help your father make money.”

Lin Luojing heard her say this and felt a bit better.

He had just never taken Lin Luoqing seriously, so it was impossible for him to be at home and open the door to greet Lin Luoqing. Lin Luojing went out to play with friends early in the morning and only came home belatedly after a meal.

He didn’t expect that after so long, he would still be amazed when seeing Ji Yuxiao again.

He instinctively shifted his gaze back to Ji Yuxiao, who was looking at Lin Luoqing as if he had never seen Lin Luojing.

“Brother Xiao.” He walked over and called out to Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao responded casually and ignored him.

Lin Luoqing saw Lin Luojing, who had eyes only for Ji Yuxiao and wasn’t looking at him at all. He inwardly thought, ‘You can’t even be bothered to act. Chen Feng can’t wait to say that I am their son but look at the way you are acting. You are really a young master.’

However, what was with his gaze toward Ji Yuxiao?

He shouldn’t like Ji Yuxiao.

Wait, Lin Luoqing suddenly remembered. Before Ji Yuxiao was injured, Lin Luojing actually cared for him very much. He would deliberately approach Ji Yuxiao and try every means to find someone with connections to appear in front of Ji Yuxiao.

It was due to this that Chen Feng dared to ask Ji Yuxiao if he would give Lin Luojing a chance.

In this way, it wasn’t that Lin Luojing had no feelings for Ji Yuxiao. Later, Ji Yuxiao’s legs were injured and Lin Luojing wanted to retreat. He was unwilling to marry a disabled person and was even more unwilling to have others laugh at him because of this.

Lin Luoqing figured it out and looked at Lin Luojing again with a bit more interest.

So what was he doing now?

Did he remember his past love?

How shameless.

Lin Luojing really did recall his past love for Ji Yuxiao.

At that time, Ji Yuxiao was suave and elegant. Any place he stood was the most attractive scenery.

His appearance was handsome and his temperament was extraordinary. His phoenix eyes were slightly raised and it seemed like no one could enter his eyes.

Everyone said he was lonely, proud, picky and difficult to get close to, but everyone also wanted to be that special exception that entered his eyes and made him bow down.

Lin Luojing was among them. He tried his best to appear in front of Ji Yuxiao, hoping that Ji Yuxiao would fall in love with him.

He just didn’t expect that something would happen to Ji Yuxiao before his plan succeeded.

His legs were injured. Since then, he could no longer stand or walk and he had become disabled.

Lin Luojing had been depressed for a long time when he heard this. It wasn’t due to Ji Yuxiao’s misfortune. It was because now that he was like this, how could Lin Luojing chase him in the future?

It was normal to pursue a handsome and rich young master, but it was too shameful to chase after someone disabled.

Lin Luojing felt he couldn’t afford this, so he decided to give up.

He didn’t expect that one month later, he would receive a call from Ji Yuxiao, saying he was willing to give them a chance and agreeing to the marriage. Lin Luojing wasn’t surprised and just felt that he was dreaming.

This person was disabled. How could he marry a disabled person?

Besides, Ji Yuxiao’s legs were injured. Who knew if he had injured anything else? In the case of an injury, what if Lin Luojing became a widow?

Lin Luojing didn’t want to. He was spoiled and never considered marrying a disabled person at all. It would be too terrible to have to take care of a disabled person.

In addition, Ji Yuxiao had a burdensome child. This was equivalent to becoming a stepfather as soon as he got married and taking care of two people! This was impossible!

Lin Luojing habitually told Chen Feng about this matter. Chen Feng listened to him and prevented him from replying to Ji Yuxiao. She had a better idea. Let Lin Luoqing replace Lin Luojing.

It might be risky, but if it was successful, she could climb the big tree of the Ji family and turn a bicycle into a motorcycle. Chen Feng felt that she dared to do so!

She had become what she was today by taking risks and having an affair with a married man. She never lacked courage when it came to moral corruption.

Lin Luojing had no opinion on this. He had always disliked Lin Luoxi and Lin Luoqing. Now that Lin Luoxi was dead, it would be perfect if Lin Luoqing was married to someone disabled.

The two of them hit it off and started planning for this matter.

Now Lin Luojing stared at the person in front of him. Ji Yuxiao was still the same as before. He was handsome and heroic. His overly delicate phoenix eyes were still slightly raised and he still didn’t look at anyone else. However, now he looked at Lin Luoqing and Lin Luoqing’s reflection appeared in his black eyes.

Lin Luojing hadn’t felt resentful. He couldn’t say why. Perhaps it was because he didn’t see Ji Yuxiao and just thought of this person as disabled. Then he found that Ji Yuxiao was still as handsome as ever, with an excellent temperament. He was unforgettable.

Lin Luojing thought, ‘It would be nice if he wasn’t disabled. In this way, I would’ve agreed to marry him.’

Chen Feng saw that he had been staring at Ji Yuxiao while ignoring Lin Luoqing, and quickly pulled him to sit down. Then she looked at Lin Luoqing with a smile. “Xiao Jing was originally meeting with friends outside. He heard you were coming and rushed back. After all, he is your brother and still thinks about you.”

Lin Luoqing heard this and nodded in a friendly manner. “Yes, I know. My younger brother has always been very good or else he wouldn’t have given me the opportunity to marry Yuxiao. Thank you so much, Xiao Jing. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to find such a person who has no regrets and acts recklessly for me. Thank you!”

Lin Luojing, “……”

Lin Luojing felt there were flies in his throat that were making him feel disgusted.

What was this?

He asked Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao to marry. It wasn’t for Lin Luoqing’s happiness but for embarrassing him!

His mother also clearly told him that Lin Luoqing didn’t want to marry Ji Yuxiao and even asked for three million due to this!

Why thank him now?

“Really?” Lin Luojing looked at him. “Why does Brother Xiao have no regrets and acts recklessly for you?”

Lin Luoqing thoughtfully helped him make up for what he had just missed. “It is nothing. It is just that his father doesn’t like me, so Ji Yuxiao directly withdrew from his company and will no longer care about his family’s affairs. I think this is quite reckless but our parents are moved. Are you moved?”

Lin Luojing, “!!!”

Lin Luojing stared at Ji Yuxiao in disbelief and found that there was a smile on Ji Yuxiao’s lips.

He smiled! He actually smiled because of Lin Luoqing’s words!

Previously, he had worked so hard to stand in front of Ji Yuxiao, but this person just told him to ‘get out of the way’ in disgust. Now he actually smiled for Lin Luoqing!

Lin Luojing couldn’t accept it. “Don’t talk nonsense. How can Brother Xiao be such a person?”

He looked at Ji Yuxiao when he finished speaking, as if waiting for a reply from him.

Seeing this, Ji Yuxiao nodded indifferently and uttered a very non-maintain chuuni quotation that he remembered from Lin Luoqing. “Why now? If anyone breaks his wings, I will destroy his heaven. If people block him then I will kill the people. If Buddha blocks him then I will kill Buddha. My father is no exception.”

Lin Luojing, “……”

Father Lin, who didn’t know what to say at this time, “……”

Chen Feng, who was deeply shocked, “……”

Even Lin Luoqing couldn’t help curling up his toes. “……”

Brother, how can you remember this sentence?

It was too chuuni!

The lethality is simply doubled!

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I dislike the Lin family, seeing them so unconcerned with someone they did so much wrong to. But Luoqing just plays them so hard hahahaha

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»Lin Luoqing figured it out and looked at Lin Linjing again with a bit more interest.« at Lin Luojing

lol Father Lin is way too obvious. He’s too eager for money and power. I’m so disgusted by that family of three Dx Good thing our two men were able to push my mood up again with their shenanigans xDD

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