Hey everybody,

If you want to support the translator then please consider donating. This is how the donation system works.

At the moment, I am alternating chapter releases between LMS and DH. You will choose a story to donate to and once that story reaches $50, I will translate that story on the day instead of the chapter I was going to do. For e.g. it might be a LMS day but DH reached $50 so I would work on DH instead.

However, I will set a limit of 3 chapters of one story in a row. Once that limit is reached, the donations would roll over to next time. That way, there won’t be too long a gap between chapters.

Thanks, Rainbow Turtle

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Daniel Farias

Hello! I put in 25 USD, first time donation here. I just want to say thank you for your tireless work. I have grown to love every story you have chosen to tell us. Being on the other end you cannot imagine the excitement when I see a new DH or LMS chapter released on such a regular basis. I will be a loyal fan forever! Thank you for bringing this content to us which is so hard to get in the states and is not even in the works to be translated. <3


Will you translate ATL if i donate for it???


No sorry. It is still considered dropped for now.


Please keep on doing the great work of translating lms!!! I donated first time, but am reading for a long period now =) stay healthy! Greeting from Russia!


How does this really work? There was enough donation for 3 stories of DH yet only 2 chapters were translated?


It is only 2 chapters because I received the donations for lms before the money for another chapter of dh filled up.

Ricky Casey

My first donation!! Thank you for your endless work, I especially love LMS and will continue to donate the max.


Can you share the link for ark raw