CAMP: Chapter 98

On the way back to the hotel, no one in the car spoke for a while. Perhaps it was because their momentum along the way had been too strong. At his time, they were pressed hard against the ground by Three and most of them were newcomers to the professional arena, so they were a bit overwhelmed.

Since getting in the car, Lin Yan had been sitting in the back row and playing with his phone. It was only after the car had driven a certain distance that he looked up and broke the somewhat depressed atmosphere in the car. “You aren’t asleep? If you aren’t sleeping then why don’t we have a chat?”

His words fell and there was another strange silence.

A moment later, Bi Yaohua’s voice was heard. “Blame me for this game.”

He reached out and rubbed his colorful hair while frowning. “Wuhoo is indeed the shooter with the more precise operating skills. Every time I think I can kill him, I always get stuck at the most critical moment and have to retreat. However, I tried it once or twice and didn’t believe it wouldn’t work. I was overconfident and kept trying. The price was obvious. Once I couldn’t complete the killing, I became an experience baby for others.”

“My cooperation was also problematic.” Next to him, Jian Ye quickly spoke. “I always wanted to protect the overall situation in team battles. As a result, my skill cooldowns weren’t controlled well. This provided them with an opportunity. The cooperation between Come and Wuhooo was really good and many skills connected. There was no chance to make a breakthrough in the bottom lane and the bottom lane always ended up suppressed. In fact, I should’ve gone to Abyss at the time instead of staying on the bottom lane with Brother Trash Talk. Perhaps I could’ve found some opportunities in the jungle. It wasn’t just Brother Trash Talk. I was too stubborn. Some of the illusions caused by other games made me want to fight. This led to the collapse of the bottom lane as well as the failure to drive the rhythm of the other lanes.”

Chen Yushen added, “It wasn’t your fault. The blame for the rhythm is with me.”

Gu Luo looked a bit frustrated. “I can only say that I was too anxious at the end. I thought we could get a chance if I defeated Wuhoo before the team battle but Come protected him too well. The timing also wasn’t right. Instead, I got killed before the team battle opened and that wave really hurt too much. I might’ve had an advantage from the previous laning but I couldn’t pull it off. Instead, Klo restrained me everywhere and recovered the economy. I couldn’t get the damage needed to break out later. The captain found a good opportunity to strike but I couldn’t keep up. The main thing is that in the last team battle, I gave up my head in advance. I really want to say that I was the one who made the biggest mistake.”

Lin Yan cocked his head and glanced at Jing Yuanzhou. Jing Yuanzhou told the truth. “I played normally.”

“It seems that everyone had thought about it themselves.” Lin Yan was satisfied. “In fact, I feel it’s good to lose at this time. It is only by losing that you can discover problems. The previous matters caused you to receive too much praise and it is easy for young people to be inflated. This basin of cold water was poured at the right time. Kneeling now is better than kneeling in the playoffs.”

He looked around and smiled. “A big part of the loss of this game is your obsession with Wuhoo, who is the center of the team but in fact, Wuhoo was the bait that Three deliberately released. After all, you are lacking experience in the game and it is normal to not be able to withstand those old veterans. Being excited is a normal thing and your loss isn’t wrong. There is no need to rush to shoulder the blame. Still, the biggest problem was the complete collapse of the bottom lane. BB is right and the biggest blame is on him.”

Bi Yaohua paused before saying honestly, “Yes, it is my fault! My personal strength isn’t enough and I was crushed by Wuhoo.”

Lin Yan looked at him and smiled. “I don’t want to say much now. I’m just giving you a vaccination. I asked Ah Mo to book a meeting room at the hotel. Once we get back, put your things away and remember to come gather there. We will hurry up and review the game while your hands are still hot.”

The others responded with dull voices. They expected an insane output from Lin Yan during the replay and they all had no opinions on this. It was true that they didn’t fight well. Even if they were scolded, they deserved it.


Back at the hotel, everyone went back to their rooms and put their things away. Then they came to the meeting room one after another.

Bi Yaohua was the earliest. Gu Luo walked in and saw the eye-catching head in the center. Bi Yaohua was in such a state of concentration that he couldn’t help walking over curiously. “Brother Trash Talk, what are you looking at?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Bi Yaohua didn’t look up when he heard the words and replied very calmly. “I just want to see how these people on the Internet are scolding me to stabilize my mentality.”

The GH team had just been blown up by the media. As a result, they were defeated in the next match. It wasn’t necessary to know what type of battlefield would now be appearing on Weibo.

Gu Luo approached, glanced casually and saw the comments that Bi Yaohua was looking at.

[I’m laughing to death. The strongest dark horse, a rising star? I’m afraid that this is all poisonous milk on the Internet. Be careful in case the GH team is milked to death by you!]

[The milk isn’t lost. Isn’t it just one loss in the regular season? They have won so many matches in a row that it isn’t a problem to enter the playoffs.]

[Is making the playoffs a thing worth bragging about?]

[Yes, the reason for their previous winning streak is that they haven’t encountered a strong team. Now that they encountered Three, weren’t their skills shown?]

[I said that BB is really weak. Didn’t you see him beaten like a dog by Wuhoo?]

[You have to touch hard power before knowing the truth. Previously, the Go Home team fans were so swollen that I didn’t dare say anything. Nwo I want to ask, are you hit in the face?]

[The Trash Talk King is a weak shooter, right? If it wasn’t for him dragging them down in this game, GH wouldn’t have lost so badly.]

[Come on, don’t use BB as an excuse. There were obviously problems with the other positions in the GH team, okay?!]

[In any case, weak is weak. The old Titans fans said he chose correctly with GH. Do you still feel this way now?]

[Looking at the schedule, they just met Three. In the last week, there is LDL and PAY and which one of them is a fuel-efficient lamp? I’m waiting for the GH team to kneel down.]

[There is no need to already book a rollover. Isn’t it normal to win or lose in the regular season? What team can guarantee all wins? How come you won’t let GH lose here?]

[If it wasn’t for GH jumping so hard in front of us, who would pay attention to such a weak team?]

[+1. In particular, that BB should be ready to be struck by lightning when acting like a pretentious prick!]

Gu Luo, “……”

This… was he sure that reading some black reviews online was to stabilize his mentality, not stimulate his mind to explode?

“It’s almost all the same so don’t look.” Bi Yaohua felt the granny gray teenager hesitating to speak and turned off his phone screen. “In any case, once I think about these guys jumping up and down being collectively hit in the face in the future, I feel completely comfortable.”

“Comfortable…?” Gu Luo was silent for a moment before finally giving a heartfelt thumbs up. “Brother Trash Talk King, you are awesome!”

Bi Yaohua modestly waved his hand. “In fact, you just have to think that as long as those people are chasing after your butt and spitting out fragrance like they are hurrying to fulfill their filial piety, you will feel that these filial sons and grandsons are really regarding you as their ancestor. In any case, I’ll admit to things like being weak in this game. The rest is to give some performance space to the keyboard warriors with long mouths.”

Gu Luo listened to Bi Yaohua’s words and felt like a new world had opened.

Then the door of the meeting room was pushed open and the others came in. Lin Yan put the video of the match that just ended on the big screen and started to analyze everything in detail. It wasn’t without reason that he said Three had deliberately used Wuhoo as bait in this game.

Apart from following the jungler for the first three minutes, the support Come always stayed on the bottom lane to escort Wuhoo. During Chen Yushen’s several gank attempts, Wuhoo seemed like he barely escaped but in fact, his position always entered the range of Come’s skills. This completely ensured that he could retreat safely and it led Bi Yaohua and the others to the deepest place as much as possible.

In this way, the moment Three’s jungler entered the war, the gank situation that had been initiated by GH was instantly reversed.

The Three team was different from other teams. They had two of the five demon kings of the league in their team. Come and Wuhoo had a tacit understanding all the way from the youth training came and they had never separated after entering the league. Their cooperation during many operations was extremely scary.

The presence of the two of them in the bottom lane completely liberated their mid-laner, Klo. Klo might not be as strong as Gu Luo when it came to laning but the details of remote killing were handled very well. Moreover, after being killed twice, he entered support mode and avoided a head-on confrontation with Gu Luo. This was a very mature response.

Wuhoo’s existence to Three was the same as Jing Yuanzhou’s to GH. Combined with the absolutely important shooter output position and his careful thinking, he was brought to the forefront in the team battle.

Once the small-scale team battles broke out in the mid-stage, Bi Yaohua obviously had his development affected due to the early disadvantage. In this way, Gu Luo and Chen Yushen had to find opportunities to kill Wuhoo in order to close the damage gap between the two sides. However, all the ‘opportunities’ they found happened to be deliberately created under the tacit cooperation between Wuhoo and Come.

The middle lane couldn’t widen the gap and the economy of the bottom lane was a bit miserable. The jungle couldn’t open up the field in the second half and combined with the ‘traps’ in the group battle, it was hard for even the strong Jing Yuanzhou to support it alone.

In fact, it was very tactful to say that GH didn’t lose in a very dignified manner. If someone were to be more blunt, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to describe it as ‘tragic’ just from the statistics of the game.

Lin Yan didn’t show any affection in the process of the replay. His words were attentive and in the end, he listed all their mistakes which was as high as 12 times. In the professional league, this was definitely a terrible number.

The entire meeting room was silent after the replay ended. Everyone was pondering on their poor performance.

“That’s it for today. I’ll send the replay report to your inbox later. Check it out yourself and pay attention to it in the following matches.” Lin Yan looked around and clapped his hands. “The online comments might be very fierce but one thing is true. The teams we encountered before belong to the ordinary level of the league. The really strong teams are waiting in the back. The gap in game experience is difficult to make up for in a short time but I believe it won’t be very difficult for you ‘comrade masters’ to digest these things in terms of awareness?”

The words ‘comrade masters’ made the atmosphere a bit more lively.

“In any case, this match is over.” Lin Yan took the folder in his hand and patted it against the table, his serious expression slowly changing to a smile. “Now I have something to say that will make everyone happy.”

The team members controlled their mood and looked over curiously. “What is it?”

“I know you must’ve forgotten.”Lin Yan wanted to laugh as he slowly said, “In the first match next week, we are finally going to meet QOG. There are the grudges and revenge of Brother Trash Talk.”

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Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
6 months ago

Gloy- don’t enter Brother Trash Talks world!
The air there is too stinky for most mortals 😄