CAMP: Chapter 109

At the beginning of the camp, Chen Yushen of the GH team took Jian Ye to the enemy’s jungle area in the upper half of the map. They were now deep in the regular season and viewers had more or less an understanding of the various attributes of the new GH team. They were used to the aggressive playing habits of the two newcomers in the center and jungle positions.

The commentator Brother Rabbit Hat said, “I have to admit that the GH team is really a magical team. Apart from Titans and BB, the others are blank sheets of paper but every time they come to the field, they dare to play more than many players from old teams. This is rare among new players.”

Commentator Cry Cry answered, “This is probably the so-called newborn calves aren’t afraid of tigers.”

“That’s not quite right.” The commentators thought about it. “It’s obvious to all that the new players, Abyss and Gloy have shown their strength the whole way. It is true that they easily get ahead sometimes but everything is based on their own strength. They aren’t blindly aggressive. Every time they apply pressure, it has their own tactical purpose.”

Commentator Cry Cry nodded, “This is indeed the case. In addition, the support Gun on GH’s side is good at using healing heroes. This survivability ability has a clear advantage in level 1 team battles.”

Commentator Rabbit Hat took note of the field and brought the conversation back. “LDF’s side seems to have guessed that GH would invade the opposing jungle. From this route, it looks like they will…oh, they hit each other!”

LDF’s jungler and support pair ambushed from the grass. Once Chen Yushen and Jian Ye appeared in their field of view, they rushed out first.

Within minutes of the official start of the match, the two sides collided in the first wave. There was Jian Ye to protect his life in the rear so Chen Yushen showed no intention of shrinking back. In the process of going back and forth with the opponent, he didn’t forget to kill the two mobs on the side and he was promoted to level 2 ahead of time.

By this time, the top and middle lanes had been cleared and the players of both sides started to move closer to the jungle. The original two against two battle gradually triggered a bigger war. Chen Yushen stopped being attached to battle and prepared to retreat with Jian Ye.

Still, it was LDF’s jungle area after all. LDF’s side-laner was closer to the battlefield than Jing Yuanzhou. The exit was blocked. Chen Yushen had to change the retreat route but he happened to face Luni from the middle lane. The first head was taken away in a state of residual blood.

[First Blood!]

It could be said that losing first blood was unfavorable but Jing Yuanzhou had been intentionally heading this way. He rushed to the battlefield and with the cooperation of Jian Ye and Gu Luo, they gradually took away the heads of the LDF team’s jungler and support.

[Double Kill!]

This wave of battle ended. The GH team exchanged one for two but Chen Yushen was the first blood so he lost a huge amount of economy. It wasn’t easy to say who had the advantage for a while.

The barrage screen was soon flying.

[F*k, they are playing so fiercely at the start?]

[I have to say that the lineups on both sides are very fierce. It is hard to say who has the advantage.]

[GH’s jungler is still too young. Fortunately, Titans was there or it would simply be a loss of blood.]

[Luni took one blood and Titans took two. Is this a dream start? I don’t know who is more profitable?]

[Hurry up, hurry up, I can’t wait to let Luni and Titans directly meet!]

[There is no need to say it. Titans is strong in lane but isn’t Luni’s style obvious during a team battle?]

[Now Luni’s economy is leading too much. It will be difficult for the newcomer in GH’s middle lane. I’m ready to light a candle in advance.]

[Indeed, there isn’t anyone who is worse off at this stage.]

[GH shouldn’t have let Gloy continue to take a stabbing hero. It is well known that the usage of stabbing heroes against Luni’s mid-laner have all…]

[Come on, just say it. How much output can Luni, this tortoise mage show?]

[Haha, what’s wrong with a tortoise mage? Won’t you be afraid when you see a tortoise?]

After the team battle, Jing Yuanzhou returned to the lane. He compared the current economic situation of both sides and gave a reminder. “Luni took first blood. Gloy, you should be careful.”

Gu Luo’s voice was heard a moment later. “Don’t worry, Captain. I can do it.”

Then he glanced at Luni’s current equipment. He had a small staff and the difference in damage from these spells was really deadly at this state.

Gu Luo took a slow breath and tried to calm down his mood. He recalled what Lin Yan had told him. “The more important a player is in the later team battles, the more crucial his development in the early state. This is why you must minimize the other person’s development.”

As a melee output, Gu Luo naturally didn’t find it as convenient as Luni to clear the line of soldiers. He looked for an opportunity to clear the line while paying attention to the surrounding movement.

Surprisingly, LDF’s support didn’t come to help Luni’s early leveling as previously speculated. Instead, he soon appeared in the bottom lane. Chen Yushen and Jian Ye had come out of the jungle again and rushed in unison toward the bottom lane.

Gu Luo took a glance before withdrawing his eyes from the small map. A serious light flashed in his eyes. He looked at the angle and skillfully flung the blood-colored blade toward the left side. It flew through the air and took out the remaining soldiers. At the same time, it cut a deep and long gash in Luni’s body, instantly knocking out a small amount of health.

However, Luni wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He pulled away to a short distance and a blue light fell at the same time. The advance pre-judgment stunned Gu Luo in place for 0.5 seconds. Add his second skill and Luni didn’t lose in this wave. Overall, Gu Luo experienced more of a loss.

The previous training matches with LDF allowed Gu Luo to gradually get used to Luni’s ‘haggle over every cent’ habit so there weren’t too many waves in his heart. In any case, it wasn’t the first time he suffered a loss in this man’s hand. He glanced at the current battles on the lanes and used a short displacement skill to enter the gass.The sharp edge of his sword directly cut a ditch in the side intersection.

Luni’s figure flashed through his field of vision. He had keenly avoided this attack but he couldn’t help glancing at Gu Luo’s hiding spot by the river on the screen. He had to admit that during this period of time, this newcomer had grown too quickly. The seemingly disorganized set of skills so far made it obvious that he anticipated Luni would go the next lane for support. Just a few seconds of blocking was enough to make Luni’s plan completely empty.

The outcome of the bottom lane confrontation would soon be decided. The two shooters, ROMM and BB, had the same strength. Both sides played defensively and it ended up being a one for one battle. At the same time, Jing Yuanzhou at the top lane made another effort. Just as he promised Lin Yan before, he directly crossed the tower to forcefully kill LDF’s side-laner and take another head.

In the short opening time,it could be said that the entire canyon was full of thunder which made people dazzled. In comparison, the middle lane where people should fight was calm. This anomaly quickly caught the attention of the spectators and the viewers.

The LDF team had a notorious trust in Luni and often let go of the middle lane, focusing on ganking the top and bottom lanes with a single-minded focus but this didn’t mean that Luni was really invisible the entire time.

On the contrary, Luni’s timely support was the center of LDF’s entire system. His powerful self-protection ability, absolute rhythm control and keen ability to capture opportunities were the key to Luni’s ability to lead LDF to the top. By this point, the game had been going on for around 10 minutes. It was a strange phenomenon that LDF’s mid-laner was missing from all the ganks and counter-ganks.

As an official commentator, Brother Rabbit Hat always paid attention to the dynamics of the mini-map. He felt the doubts from the audience and made an objective analysis. “It isn’t that LDF changed tactics but Gloy is watching Luni too closely. GH has actually managed to minimize the range of Luni’s movements.”

Cry Cry added, “Unfortunately, both sides haven’t completed a single kill.”

Brother Rabbit Hat laughed. “How can Luni be so easy to single kill? Meanwhile, the hero he took in this game is hard to solo kill Gloy at this stage, right?”

As they talked, the two teams started to fight near the river again. This time, the director aimed the camera directly at Luni. After using two skills to clear the line, Luni didn’t hesitate to move to the tear, his support intention very obvious. However,  before he could take a few steps, Gu Luo used a short distance displacement skill and a chop to quickly stop him.

Just like Brother Rabbit Hat analyzed, Gu Luo did indeed keep a close watch on Luni. An assassin-type hero was a huge threat to the weak defense classes. Luni could rely on his superb skills but he couldn’t completely ignore Gloy’s explosive damage. Sudden caution forced Luni to open the distance again. This time, he still failed to get close to his other teammates.

The two men exchanged a wave of skills, each of them showing superb positioning. The health bar barely moved under the flurry of gorgeous skill effects.

Commentator Cry Cry couldn’t help exclaiming, “Both sides are quite beautiful!”

Brother Rabbit Hat nodded. “It can enter today’s TOP 10.”

Gu Luo successfully pushed back Luni. Rather than rushing to pursue, he directly withdrew and plunged into the grass by the river. This direction seemed to be the other battle that was being fought. It was a small group battle of 3V3 so the addition of a fourth person joining was absolutely fatal for the other side.

Luni was obviously on guard against Gu Luo’s move in attack. Originally, he ha maintained the distance to the extreme and this time, his reaction was extremely quick. Almost immediately, a blue flame was thrown in the air. The drop point was selected precisely at Gu Luo’s position. However, such a skill hit the grass and ultimately didn’t do any harm.

A hint of surprise flashed in Luni’s eyes. He clearly remembered that Gu Luo had just used a displacement skill and it was impossible for it to completely cool down in the short term. Thus, if he wanted to avoid Luni’s skill this time then there was only one possibility. It was to use flash. Flash had a long cooldown time so players often kept it for the most critical moment to use it. Few people simply used it to rush to another lane.

“Kids, they are quite willing…” Lui didn’t know if he should praise Gu Luo for being decisive or not. He saw that the confrontation not far away was heating up and immediately followed. Luni was well aware that Gu Luo couldn’t be allowed to take the lead this time so he naturally didn’t hesitate. He didn’t know that the moment he took a step, the LDF fans who had a god’s vision all sucked in a breath in unison.

Be careful—!

In fact, Luni’s judgment as a whole didn’t have a problem. The only thing he ignored was probably Gloy’s determination to complete the kill. The moment Luni stepped into the grass, the cooldown of Gu Luo’s displacement skill had just ended.

In the blind spot of his vision, a red figure rushed through a stone wall at Luni. It was just a momentary glance but Luni immediately understood. Just now, Gu Luo did use flash but it wasn’t in the direction of the group battle. Rather, he took advantage of hiding in the grass behind the stone wall to block Luni’s vision. This created a perfectly timed ambush opportunity.

Luni marveled at this exquisite thought but his reaction was swift. He used flash for the first time to open the distance. Meanwhile, there was a flash of light from his weapon and a rain of blue flames descended.

Gu Luo ran and avoided it perfectly with an S-shaped movement. At the same time, his red sword was thrown out. A scarlet beam swiped by Luni’s side as he dodged. It seemed that the opportunity created by Gu Luo was in vain but before Luni could show a smile, he glimpsed a vague outline appearing out of thin air beside him.

The red blade accurately hit the little river mob that had just refreshed. The level two skill was triggered!

Luni, “……”

There was the market effect that came with displacement and Gu Luo instantly narrowed the distance to Luni. The red blade in his hand flashed with a bloody color. Being approached by such an outburst-like assassin hero was incomparably deadly in itself.

Gu Luo’s close range set of skills didn’t leave Luni any chance and the final blow was dealt.

[GH.Gloy killed LDF.Luni!]

The others were fighting fiercely at the river and obviously didn’t expect that the rear would take the lead in killing someone. Everyone couldn’t help feeling a bit confused when they saw the notice of the death. What was this situation? Luni had been solo killed?!!

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