Ark Table of Contents

Ark Volume 1-4.4

These chapters have been translated by Japtem. You can read it there.

Ark Volume 4

Act 5 : The Red Man
Act 6 : The Lawless City of Cairo
Act 7 : Dark Brotherhood
Act 8 : At the End of Hell
Act 9 : The Mystery of the Labyrinth

Read Volume 4

Ark Volume 5

Act 1: Underground world
Act 2: Take control of the raccoons
Act 3: Rehabilitation stage
Act 4: March, Raccoon Troop!
Act 5: The Fallen Yggdrasil
Act 6: The Dark Piece
Act 7: Underdog takes one more step
Act 8: Experiencing a spar
Act 9: The Evil Silrion Arena

Read Volume 5

Ark Volume 6

Act 1: Dark Wolf
Act 2: Brilliant Debut
Act 3: Hidden Power of the Rehabilitation Stage?
Act 4: Finals
Act 5: Frenzied Night
Act 6: I’m a fan!
Act 7: Lancel Village
Act 8: Grinding
Act 9: Legend of the Unicorn

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Ark Volume 7

Act 1: Magic Detection
Act 2: Absurd Death
Act 3: Sacred Soil
Act 4: Slime’s Immortality Pill
Act 5: It is War!
Act 6: Shrine of War
Act 7: Conditions of the Alliance
Act 8: Defense Tower Defeated
Act 9: Caretaker of the Battlefield

Read Volume 7

Ark Volume 8

Act 1: Cash Walker
Act 2: Final Winner?
Act 3: Secrets of Silvana Castle
Act 4: See you again, Silvana!
Act 5: Alan Stabbed to Death
Act 6: Salrin’s Descendant
Act 7: Salrin’s Towers
Act 8: Ruin Knight
Act 9: Door to a Different World

Read Volume 8

Ark Volume 9

Act 1: Alive
Act 2: Falling from a cliff and meeting an ironic fate
Act 3: Legendary Hero?
Act 4: Radun
Act 5: Different World? Netherworld?
Act 6: Tragedy of the Three Pig Brothers
Act 7: Hunting the Dead
Act 8: Stabbing Ark to Death
Act 9: Innocence Knight

Ark Volume 10

Act 1: Deimos’ Profession?
Act 2: Deception
Act 3: Lee Myung-ryong’s Humiliation
Act 4: Working Part-time at the Village in the Valley
Act 5: Locate the Laboratory
Act 6: My Fair Lady
Act 7: Galgin Clan’s Disaster
Act 8: Ark’s Responsibility
Act 9: Magaro’s Laboratory

Ark Volume 11

Act 1: Unfinished Quest
Act 2: A Heartless City
Act 3: New Hobby
Act 4: Buksil the House Pig?
Act 5: Baran Family Rescue Mission
Act 6: Attack X
Act 7: Near Miss!
Act 8: Ark’s Trading Business
Act 9: Truth of the World Trees

Ark Volume 12

Act 1: Pets will grow with food and affection?
Act 2: Netherworld GO, GO, GO!
Act 3: Show me the money!
Act 4: War is Business
Act 5: Special Attack Corps
Act 6: Ageiron
Act 7: Gateway Breakthrough!
Act 8: Red Man’s Counterattack
Act 9: Netherworld Rises!

Ark Volume 13

Act 1: The Whereabouts of the Last Three Marvels
Act 2: Management’s Special Target
Act 3: Isyuram’s Incident Records
Act 4: Mentor and Disciple
Act 5: Seutandal’s Hero
Act 6: Vampire Castle
Act 7: Forced Slave Pens
Act 8: The Boy Dedric
Act 9: Showdown, Vampire vs. Vampire?

Ark Volume 14

Act 1: Pet Dog
Act 2: Change Professsion Quest
Act 3: Mother
Act 4: Land of the Dead
Act 5: Along the Path of Stars
Act 6: City of the Dead
Act 7: Rhapsody Melody
Act 8: Underground Crypt
Act 9: Rise, Rise 2nd Profession!

Ark Volume 15

Act 1: Eternal Soul
Act 2: Find the Forbidden Ingredients
Act 3: Hell Training
Act 4: The Phantom Hourglass
Act 5: The Knowing Eyeball
Act 6: Marine Chase
Act 7: Beast Master
Act 8: National Police Agency Quest
Act 9: Magic Kingdom Bristania

Ark Volume 16

Act 1: Slums
Act 2: Investigation
Act 3: Caretaker of the People
Act 4: Start of a Long Festival
Act 5: The Carnival (1)
Act 6: The Carnival (2)
Act 7: The Carnival (3)
Act 8: Pirate Clean-up!
Act 9: Hwaryong Mountain

Ark Volume 17

Act 1: The Quest that Shouldn’t have been Accepted!
Act 2: Using a Crisis as an Opportunity!
Act 3: Rehabilitation Treatment
Act 4: Dragonian
Act 5: Devil’s Identity
Act 6: Dark Soul VS Beast Master
Act 7: Using the Divine Skill
Act 8: Finding the Lost Dream of a Jackpot!
Act 9: Crisis of Lancel Village

Ark Volume 18

Act 1: Return of the King
Act 2: Crime File
Act 3: Prelude: Illusion Sonata
Act 4: Media Power
Act 5: Under their Feet…….
Act 6: Game Exclusive News
Act 7: Lancel’s New Town Plan
Act 8: Lancel’s Security Measures
Act 9: Start of the Real Battle

Ark Volume 19

Act 1: War Preparations
Act 2: Gathering in Nagaran
Act 3: Dark Eden’s Second Coming
Act 4: Opening of the Siege
Act 5: Grand Strategy, Mackerel Pieces Gamble
Act 6: Impregnable Fortress
Act 7: Lord
Act 8: Dreams Come True
Act 9: Into the Abyss

Ark Volume 20

Act 1: Abyss
Act 2: Dungeon of the Blind
Act 3: Hell Door
Act 4: Magura’s Stone
Act 5: Emergency Situation
Act 6: Sea Monster Extermination 
Act 7: Conqueror of the Sea
Act 8: Eat until you throw up!
Act 9: Lobbyist

Ark Volume 21

Act 1: Crusade and Money
Act 2: Pabiun Fortress
Act 3: Smuggler’s Pass
Act 4: Alan’s Resurrection
Act 5: Inventor Wormer
Act 6: Catch Alan!
Act 7: Canyon Escape Operation
Act 8: Death Lord
Act 9: Shangri-La

Ark Volume 22

Act 1: Descent of the Goddess
Act 2: War to Secure the Sacred Blood
Act 3: Double Agent
Act 4: Behind the History
Act 5: Nagaran’s Coalition
Act 6: Grab Hold of the Enemy
Act 7: Dungeon Keeper
Act 8: Racard’s Destruction
Act 9: High Pureness Vampire

Ark Volume 23

Act 1: Hell Door’s Defensive War
Act 2: Flood, Hell River (I)
Act 3: Flood, Hell River (II)
Act 4: Swirl of Intrigue
Act 5: Save Nagaran’s Restoration Funds
Act 6: Duke Sarkin’s Plot
Act 7: Viscount Ark
Act 8: Legend Quest
Act 9: Pendragon

Ark Volume 24

Act 1: Invade Rwigenberg
Act 2: Heroes’ Descendants
Act 3: Charge, Charge, Charge!
Act 4: Idea Maze (Ⅰ)
Act 5: Idea Maze (Ⅱ)
Act 6: The Dark Lord
Act 7: Second Coming of a Legend
Act 8: Project: Lucifer

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Disqus would be better but it would be better if you just focused on ark


Thanks for the work so far guys. Keep it up!!


hi is it possible to make the chapter list collapsible? ie it wont show the number of chapter per volume its getting quiet long the chapter list. anyways thanks for the work you put in.


Thanks turtle! I an in love with this book and I really am thankful that you keep translating it at such an amazing pace 🙂 I hope you will translate all 24 volumes of Ark because I really am going to despair if you drop this ._.


Really fast releases!Thank you very much!!


After you are done translating all the vols of the first
Season can you help translate LMS for a few months


Thanks for the continuous update on Ark, Turtle!

I started following this site when Japtem dropped Ark and thought this site would be short lived (like many)… but you exceeded my expectations and been going strong for all this while. Looking forward for your translations till the end of Ark!

@ thomasfoster690 if you are looking for LMS, go to, they are doing a good job continuing with LMS.

your lover

I love you so much!!!


Rainbow Turtle. when you finish translating ark, will you translate something else?


it is said that after ark turtle would translate the sequel namely ark: the legend


so can you translate this good at jap and chi
to or is it only korean that you can translate


i think the way this site translates one project at a time
is the way a lot of other sites shed translate but they dont
y is that


What happened to the menu bar its jumbled I cant find the last chapter I’ve read


I don’t see anything wrong with it? Can you tell me specifically what the problem is? Or include a screenshot.


so can you translate jap and chi
novels this fast or only korean


so will you take a break after your done translate ark
or are you going to move striate to ark the legend

thank you~~ for the translations!^^


so i heard it ends on a cliffhanger is that true


Thank you man, this has been a great journey.


only 3 more chapters can’t believe you menaged to translate this much and this fast….thank you for all your hard work,i’m waiting for your next projects, take care of yourself


@[email protected] Im feeling phantom pain from the anxiety of waiting for the next chapter. BUT IT’S OKAY BECAUSE I WILL PERSEVERE! TURTLE BANZAI!


Final chapters were awesome!! thanks for the hard work! looking forward to the next project!



Thank you very much for translating the whole series.
Now that “ARK” the whole series is completed, can you provide us PDF or EPUB of individual volumes starting from Vol 04 ?
It would be great if someone could do that.


so when do you think ark the legend will come
out and will it still have ark in it or will it tell the story
of a new player and whats the time line like will it take
100 years after or only a fuw years


do you think you can make it where you can
Read all the Chapters of a vol. like japtem did
for vols 1-3.


Thank you for all your work, Turtle-san!


Thanks turtle for being amazing!
And for all the people asking for a Volume PDF, why not make it yourself and then link it to turtle in the comments? ._.


Does volume 9 + doesn’t going to have a full volume or full text???


Thank you so much turtle <3<3<3

You are the best!!!


Hey, thanks for the great effort to translate this.
I love your translation and the series.
Keep up the work 🙂


Thank you so much for your effort and time. You don’t know how much joy this bring to readers like me. Again, thank you!!


Thanks for the great translation, by the way what happened to Bulma? Did the author just forget about her?


Thanks for the wonderful job!! When get my first pay ill donate to this site!! The only site that actually finished a series… good job!!

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Hello, sorry for bothering, but i’m not capable of reading Ark table of contents vol 06 (after chapter 07) and vol 07. Thanks for the attention.


Thank you for the translations, I’ve found the site recently because of LMS and what can I say, you’ve all done a great job here!


Does anyone know where to find a map of “New World?”


That would have helped so much…
Unfortunately I still can’t find one. Well it’s far too late for it to be of any use since I only just completed Ark.
The fact that LMS has a map helps it a ton. Ark would have really benefited from a map since the author never took any action to develop the game world and instead focused solely on Ark and the limited friends he had. More viewpoints and events not completely related to Ark himself would have helped the story of Ark a ton.


Can someone tell me who alan is and why ark hates him?


Alan is Ark’s Nemesis, thought the final enemy is someelse. Ark started to hate him because he looked him down, try to send him to die in a mission and used a heroine as a shield and destroyed something Ark worked hard to get and improve.


This is the best novel about a online game i have read until now o.o. It is even better than LMS. Couldn’t stop reading until i read it all including the secuel.

Andres Kazuma

hi! i cant read the chapter 2 from volume 9 ‘Act 2: Falling from a cliff and meeting an ironic fate’ when i try to enter the link it takes me to the main page.


Excuse me.. I can’t read vol 4 – vol 8 chap. 4 are the links broken? does anybody know a site where I can read these chapters?


I just watched a bit of Legend of Korra and from what I read, the quote that defines Ark is: “To hate me is to give me breath. To fight me is to give me strength.”