APP: Chapter 83

The app started counting down and Xie Chi joined the animal camp without hesitation. After the exchange, the three people left the room. Ren Ze and Lu Wen went to look for the corpse while Xie Chi went to the room with the charcoal roasted suckling lamb to find the second brand.

Thanks to You Jing, everyone was scattered around the mansion searching for the teeth. Xie Chi easily entered the room that contained the dish. In addition to raw monkey brains, three squeaks and charcoal roasted suckling lamb, the remaining three dishes were monkey meat, iron plate turtle and baby soup.

The body was in the middle of the bed. No one had cared about it. Xie Chi was just about to search when he found a red string around the corpse’s neck. He had a good memory. There was no such thing around the neck of the corpse previously.

Xie Chi lightly pulled the red rope and it came down. A brand was hanging at the end of the red rope. It said: charcoal roasted suckling lamb. Xie Chi secretly rejoiced that the brand was refreshed in such an obvious place. If he hadn’t grabbed it quickly, it would’ve been troublesome if someone beat him to it.

Xie Chi put the second brand in the app backpack and was going to meet Lu Wen. He had just walked out of the room when the lights in the corridor flickered a few times. Suddenly, it turned off and the surroundings became dark.

There was a bit of light from the area besides the stairs on the second floor. Xie Chi was vigilant. He gripped the Evil Spirit Blade and quickly walked toward the top of the staircase. The surroundings were extremely silent. As he approached the corner, Xie Chi was about to turn around when he heard Ren Ze screaming on the stairs, “Be careful!”

In a blind spot of the corner, a white horse rushed toward him like lightning. It was so fast that Xie Chi had no time to react.

The thing was about to become a white shadow. Xie Xinglan could only choose to avoid his vital spots being hit and he raised his hands to resist. Just as the horn on top of the horse’s head was about to touch his waist, time suddenly stopped.

His skin that already felt the pain of being pierced was healed and the horse’s horn retreated a bit. Xie Xinglan used this slight buffer to grasp the horse’s horn with ease when it tried to strike him again. He saw it was a donkey, a hairless white donkey with a horn on its head. It was a bit like a unicorn. On the donkey’s horn… was a dish brand.

The donkey was still crashing toward him. Xie Xinglan was slightly bleeding as he quickly pulled the small brand from the donkey horn and let go. The donkey seemed reluctant and hit him several more times. This time, Xie Xinglan was prepared and avoided them one by one in an unscathed manner. The donkey finally rushed into the darkness and disappeared.

The brand was in his hand. Xie Xinglan glanced down and saw the words ‘donkey meat’ on the brand. They unexpectedly found the third brand in such a short time. Xie Xinglan placed the brand of the third dish into the app backpack.

“Xiao Chi? Are you okay?”

“Brother,” Xie Chi spoke in a low voice. “We should be the one who died from the third dish.”

“Huh? Was there more than one dish with a problem at the table last night? What else?”

Xie Chi recalled the names of the dishes he got from Zhao Jinhua. “I ate the oily soup drizzled over the chicken. This dish should be a variation of the donkey meat.”

So last night, there were actually two dishes. There was a lot of movement over here and everyone noticed it. Fortunately, Xie Xinglan moved quickly to take off the brand and it wasn’t discovered.

Ren Ze and Lu Wen ran up. “Are you okay?”

Xie Chi remembered the strangeness just now. “Time seemed to go backwards just now. Did you use an item?”

Lu Wen pointed to Ren Ze. “He just played with his watch!”

Xie Chi’s eyes fell on Ren Ze’s watch. It turned out that this was his item.

“Don’t thank me. It was my sister who had me use it, not me.”

Xie Chi saw this person was awkward and instead asked, “What is the function?”

Ren Ze didn’t hide it. He took the watch from his hand and threw it at Xie Chi. “You will know it with one glance.”

Xie Chi took it and glanced at the dial. Something flashed in his eyes. There were 12 marks on the dial. It was similar to a normal watch but there was only one needle on the watch that was now pointing at the 8th position. Ren Ze explained. “This watch is called 12 Seconds and it can only be dialed backwards. Every time it is dialed back one mark, time will go back by one second.”

Xie Chi understood. “You just dialed it back a second?”

Ren Ze nodded and raised his eyebrow, waiting for Xie Chi to praise him for his awesome item.

Xie Chi praised him with a few words. He saw that Ren Ze was satisfied and continued to ask, “It is a consumable? It only works for 12 seconds?”

“Yes.” Ren Ze felt some regret. “Once used up, it is gone.”

He shrugged. “However, this thing is really useless to me. If I’m in a tight spot, how can I be idle enough to dial back the watch? By the time I finish, I would already be dead.”

Lu Wen thought it was like this and tried to hold back his smile. He received Ren Ze’s glare and spoke seriously, “You can help others with this item.”

Ren Ze glanced at him. “I am a lone wolf player, understood?”

Ren Ze grumbled angrily. “Someone doesn’t want me.”

Xie Chi, “……”

Ren Ze went down first to continue looking for the body.


At 4 o’clock in the morning, not far from dawn, a group of people gathered downstairs. Zhao Jinhua closed her eyes tightly and contacted the female ghost.

“I found a tooth and put it on the table in the living room. Come and get it.”

“Okay… thank you.” The voice in her head was extremely hoarse.

Zhao Jinhua opened her eyes and gave You Jing a look. You Jing turned off the lights in the living room. In the darkness, Xie Chi’s group of three stood at the railing on the second floor, watching the strange scene that was like the pen fairy game. Xie Chi’s lips curved up.

His guess would soon be confirmed.

Lu Ming was killed by the cannibal ghost. Why did the cannibal ghost pick Lu Ming alone? Why didn’t the cannibal ghost attack anyone on the first night here? Did Lu Ming trigger a death condition before being killed by the cannibal ghost?

If the teeth were really small valves like Xie Chi’s analogy then he suspected the female ghost wasn’t capable of killing people when the valves were closed. It was only when the valve was opened that water would sneak out and wet the ignorant. Once all the valves were open, Pandora’s box would be open and they would be facing the unrestrained cannibal.

Xie Chi smiled lightly. It was like this and he wasn’t going to stop it.

He wasn’t a savior and he wasn’t interested in the life and death of others. These people didn’t help him and were standing on the opposite side of him. He had no time to manage other people’s difficulties. People had to pay for their own stupidity.

In such a place, plundering each other’s vitality was the norm and the most primitive law of the jungle was followed. He was willing to give his heart to the devil if it meant his brother’s company. He could only move faster than them.

Ren Ze frowned. He always felt that although Xie Chi was gentle in a crowd, at some point he always revealed loneliness and arrogance.

“Let’s go. There is nothing to see. We will continue looking for the corpse.” Xie Chi turned his head and said.

The two of them nodded. By the time You Jing looked up, there was no one at the railing on the second floor.

“Ah!” The actress’ scream made him look back. Under the faint light, a pale hand stretched out from the closet like a white snake. It moved swiftly and hooked the pale tooth into her pocket with a hand. Some people didn’t even have time to see the true face of the female ghost before the female ghost disappeared.

At the same time, the phones of several people turned on.

[Female ghost camp task progress: 1/6. Actor Zhao Jinhua has found the first tooth for the female ghost.]

You Jing exhaled and smiled triumphantly. Once he found all the teeth then it was time to clean up Xie Chi.


[Why is it 1/6? What about the one from Lu Ming before? This is obviously the second one. Is the app wrong? How is this possible? I’ve never encountered such a situation before.]

[I have a terrible guess…]

[Damn! The mission is released by the female ghost, right? The app is just an intermediary to convey the news!]

[Above person!]

[This is the only possible explanation! So cunning! My god Chi is right! The female ghost is trying to pour dirty water on the male ghost who might or might not exist, so that everyone thinks Lu Ming was actually killed by him!]

[Actually, I think the app is more like the witness in the signing of a contract. If the two parties don’t follow the mutual agreement then the app will punish both parties.]

[You Jing was cheated, right? He saw the way to live? I don’t think it is that simple.]


The group spent all night looking for the teeth and were tired. Now it was almost dawn. You Jing looked at the tired people and waved his hand generously. “Go and rest.”

The group went back to their rooms to rest. The bright light outside gave them a great sense of security. Xie Chi’s group of three still found nothing.

“Would you like to go to bed for a while? I can continue looking,” Xie Chi suggested.

Both of them shook their heads and refused. Ren Ze frowned. “We have searched everywhere and found nothing. Should we start destroying the walls?”

Xie Chi sighed. They had indeed searched everywhere that could be searched. Right now, there seemed to be no way other than to destroy the walls and floors.

“Then go upstairs to get tools,” Xie Chi replied.

There was a utility room in a corner of the second floor. It contained some tools that should help them. The three of them went upstairs together. Then their faces changed at the strong smell of blood.

“This one!” Ren Ze pointed to the room next to him.

Ren Ze went to twist the door handle. The door was locked from the inside. Xie Chi instantly made a decision. “Get out of the way.”

Ren Ze immediately moved. In the next second, Xie Xinglan came out. He took a few steps back before running and kicking open the door.

A pair of feet dangled in front of them. The three of them slowly raised their heads and their pupils shrank.

This mansion was from 20 years ago. On the old ceiling fan, an actor was hanging by his neck. The actor’s head was stuck between two fan blades and his legs swayed weakly in the air. His eyes were tightly closed while his mouth was wide open. His face was purple from suffocation and his body was covered with blood. Blood flowed continuously from the holes in his body, dripping onto the bed under his feet and wetting the sheets.

The body rotated slowly along with the ceiling fan. The actor’s heart, kidneys and tongue were gone.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Oh, poor guy!
I kind of disagree with Xie Chi here. If he told the other actors that helping the cannibal ghost would lead to their deaths, then I know a lot of them would get in the way of the others finding the teeth. They don’t care about winning at ths point, they just want to leave the film.

2 years ago
Reply to  ctomes

Disagree. As xie chi said people have to pay for their stupidity. Most importantly these people are a bunch of backstabbers unlike lu wen and ren ze. Thats the reason why lu wen and ren ze are on the same team as xie chi and xie xinglan and get their protection while the rest of canon fodders die.

2 years ago
Reply to  ChickenNugget?

Mhm, this is a game of life and death, one small wrong mistake and u die, plus everyone is pitted against one another, it’s better to be in a smaller group. So as to avoid any dangers.

1 year ago
Reply to  ctomes

nah that will just make them more stupid. people like this when u try to help them will only rely on u and would get too lazy. in the very beginning they did not do anything to try and make some progress. although it may really be because they are not the same as xie chi who’s brave and a genius, i still feel like they should still make some effort. they entered the app with the determination to reach their desires so they should at least be brave. it is very obvious that the app isn’t kind, they should know about this.

xie chi is right about people should pay for their own stupidity. they didn’t even doubt you jing and his mother and only trust their social status in the app. they’re want to protect their life yet they’re also taking their life too easily. if they managed to get out in this movie, it will only happen again in their next movie and what? they will feel regrets again. being cautious isn’t bad and this xie chi’s advantage.

1 year ago
Reply to  ctomes

This is a horror app game where they came to fulfill their wishes where does Xie Chi have the obligation to take care of these people. Who obviously have chosen to stand against him , plus it isn’t like he is willing to be a host for blood sucking parasites like them who obviously would depend on him to win the movie which is again dragging him behind, Xie Chi isn’t a holy father or Mary Virgin Saint his character is already open to everyone so why would he be unnecessarily kind 🤔

Last edited 1 year ago by Nian
7 months ago
Reply to  ctomes

You forgot the whole point of this games for their desires. Ultimately I understand they want to leave but they got themselfs there and they ultimately must use their own strength as mc isn’t a saint

7 months ago

Tbh If the mum hadn’t gone there and completely tried to rely on her out of proportion ability the game wouldn’t be so hard. If the female ghost wins everyone will probably die ,but who would believe it so easily if not for her blind trust in her ability! She single handedly made the game harder for everyone as otherwise people would probably see the faults in the cannibal ghost as the teeth marks on the man having missing teeth and the woman with missing teeth is actually a really obvious indicator of the killer… If the vigilance was up and the bogus story wasn’t supported by a big shot the instance would be fit for a noob level instead of what she made it into