Act 9: Pendragon

ACT 9 Pendragon

Kwang, kwang, kwang, kwang, kwang!

The violent roar shook the atmosphere. Thousands of flashes exploded in the sky. A large number of flying objects were revealed by the flashes.

“I guessed but…..”

Ark murmured as he involuntarily swallowed his saliva. Using the airships from the Magic Institute, Ark and the 70,000 expedition members flew across the sea. Since the Dark Lord’s resurrection had begun, the sky and water were unstable like angry beasts. However, the airship used the magic engine to separate the wind and flew steadily through the sky. And after two days had passed.

“There is Kwarian!”

An island appeared in the water. It was the island called Kwarian where the Creator stepped foot on to create this world! When the airships entered the area near Kwarian Island, a warning message instantly appeared in front of the expedition force.

-You have entered the sphere of influence of the ‘Jin Demons!’

The Jin clan are one of the rulers of hell and their presence in middle earth has distorted the area. The distortion of this space thanks to the ‘demonic’ influence has corrupted the environment and turned it into a hell space. If more powerful demons appear then the sphere of influence will become stronger.

As expected, Kwarian was enclosed in a dark aura. It was like the whole island was covered in a black veil and the outline couldn’t even be seen properly. And the mountain peaks in the centre of Kwarian soared towards the sky. Red flashes appeared around a long pole stuck there. And a huge stingray with a castle on its back floated in the air. It was the Dark Lord’s aerial fortress, Rwigenberg. Then a magician aboard the Magic Institute’s Silver Arrow murmured in a quivering voice.

“A huge amount of magic is concentrated on the large castle on the back of the stingray. There are at least 10 million units of magic energy….. That amount of magic alone can completely blow up the island. Furthermore, the magic energy is still increasing. If it continues like this then it will surpass 100 million units in a few days.  That is enough to blow up the whole continent……”

It would be like the continent was repeatedly hit by a nuclear bomb. But that wasn’t the urgent problem right not. It was the message window that was blinking continuously in the right corner that tightened his nerves.

-Somewhere in the darkness of the world, the Dark Lord’s resurrection ceremony has begun!

That’s right. The Dark Lord’s resurrection ceremony had already been ongoing for 2 days. Now Ark only had 18 hours left to save New World.

‘Fortunately the 1st expedition had arrived first.’

Ark looked down at the waters surrounding Kwarian. When the airships arrived, an intense naval battle was already occurring with the demons. The Bristania expedition and Schudenberg’s 1st expedition had moved to the northeast coast of the Sinius Principality and arrived first.


Kwang, kwang, kwang, kwang!

Huge amounts of artillery from the ships flew across the sea. The sea continuously exploded and thousands of demons were torn apart.  However, there were no signs that the demons present in the waters surrounding Kwarian were reduced at all. Meanwhile, demons called Karadon the size of elephants with sharp horns ignored the bombardment and just headed straight to the ships. When the horns stick in the shop, the enormous vessel was turned upside down.

“Throw a hook and seal their movements!”

“Use magic and harpoons to stop the demons from approaching the ships!”

Magic, arrows and various weapons poured from the ships. The few ships used a joint operation to grab the Karadon and bombarded them. Explosions occurred all over the body and the Karadon became like a tattered rag. But while they were talking care of the Karadon, dozens of lizard like demons swarmed and one ship sank. Hundreds of soldiers fell into the sea and were slaughtered by the demons. The water ran with the blood of the soldiers and demons, making it completely different from the original sea. Despite arriving at Kwarian for almost a day, the military expeditions were being pushed back from Kwarian rather than landing on the island. If this continued that the 1st military expedition would be wiped out in one day! Ark confirmed the situation from the sky and shouted.

“Admiral Jabel, hurry!”

“I understand. All magic engines to their maximum output!”

“The magic engines are working at their maximum output!”

The crew busily ran around the deck after receiving Jabel’s order. At the same time, the airships and hundreds of hot air balloons shot across the darkness. They quickly narrowed the distance and arrived at the screaming battlefield.

“Now, let’s show the demons the power of the Magic Institute’s airships. All airships prepare for battle! Prepare the Spear of Thor on all airships!”

There was a mechanical sound and the doors for the g*nports opened simultaneously. And showed g*n barrels that looked like a sharp spear. It was a magic g*n which shot out condensed magic engine! But that wasn’t what captured all eyes. It was a huge trident shaped barrel that appeared on all 30 ships! It was the weapon the Spear of Thor that the Magic Institute boasted about.



The light shot vertically down towards the sea. It was 30 attacks from the airships and 500 shots from the hot air balloons! The demons hit by the light were ripped to shreds. The sea was instantly covered with blood and flesh. And that was just the beginning.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

After the normal g*n fire hit, the Spear of Thor exploded all over the place. It was like a lightning bolt had passed by and scratched the surface of the sea. When the devastating amount of energy hit, the sea turned deep blue and sparks spread. Thousands of tons of water were instantly vaporized and turned into water vapour. The demons in the water boiled and swelled like a balloon before exploding. It was enormous damage!

“T-this is……?”

“Above! The hot air balloons and airships… is the reinforcements from our home kingdom!”

“R-reinforcements! It is reinforcements!”

The soldiers who were in a predicament looked up at the sky and shouted. The morale of the tired spirits rose.

“Okay, this is an opportunity! Exterminate the demons with the help of the air support!”

The soldiers attacked the demons and advanced towards Kwarian. But the demons that died were just the front troops. When the demons surrounding Kwarian ran towards the ship, the entire sea seemed to move.

“Admiral Jabel, turn towards the expedition force receiving the main brunt of the demons’ attacks!”

“I understand. Turn the fleet 45 degrees to the port side! All 30 airships aim the Spear of Thor downwards!”

Jabel started giving commands after hearing Ark’s words. However, the fleet hadn’t finished their bombardment preparations when a sailor who was scouting around shouted in a desperate voice.

“Admiral-nim, over there! Thousands from the front……tens of thousands of flying enemies are approaching!”


Ark and Jabel turned their eyes towards that direction.


It was the huge Rwigenberg floating in the sky above Kwarian! The Rwigenberg’s stomach split to the left and right. And a large number of demons poured out like an evening shower.


A huge number of Drakens and gargoyles flew from the Rwigenberg’s stomach. Thousands of Tallons riding the Drakens and gargoyles covered the black sky and headed towards the airships. The voice of the scout trembled.

“The enemy is 500 metres away from the lead troops! 400 meters, 300 meters……”

“Damn, aim the g*ns and the Spear of Thor at the flying enemies!”

Ark shouted after hitting the ship’s microphone. If the airships were swarmed by the demons then they would be destroyed. Now they couldn’t afford to support the naval battle. The airships changed the angle of their weapons.


Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

At the same time, the Spear of Thor shot out lightning bolts. The enormous light shot through the darkness and tore through the Drakens and gargoyles. Thousands of demons were hit by the g*ns while the Spear of Thor swallowed 100 monsters each. At least 1,000 demons turned to ash and fell into the sea. However, more Drakens and gargoyles just appeared.

“Ugh, they’re like cockroaches! Everybody deploy their shields!”

-Bekun, bekun madohoram!


Kwang, kwang, kwang, kwang, kwang!

The shields were deployed and the hull shook from a violent impact. The Drakens tried to bite the shields while the gargoyles flew around and shot their rays.  The Tallons jumped down onto the deck and swung their swords.


Then he heard Roco’s voice from behind him. He turned around and saw several Tallons rushing towards him.

“Dark Blade! Riposte!”

Ark pushed the Tallons back and surveyed the battle situation. The airships instantly became scenes of confusion when the demons swarmed. The demons were attached to the magic engine so the ships couldn’t move. Meanwhile the hot air balloons were in a predicament as their shields were being torn by the demons and their allies couldn’t fire the g*ns in case it would hit them.

“Roco, please start singing!”

Roco nodded after seeing Ark’s worried face and started singing.

‘The airships are surrounded so I have no choice but to deal with the demons individually.’

“Admiral Jabel, concentrate the weapons on the demons approaching the front!”

“I understand!”

“JusticeMan ajusshi, rehabilitation hyung-nims, face the demons with individual combat!”

Ark yelled as he ran towards a machine lined up on the deck. When he grabbed the handle and pulled it forcefully, there was a roar and it blew up. It was a flying boat for personal battle that the Magic Institute had developed thanks to Magaro’s research.

“Take this. Dark Strike!”


Ark flew the flying boat into the sky and swung his sword. The Drakens biting the defense shield shrieked and fell. Then dozens of gargoyles fired rays at him. Ark immediately turned the handle on the flying boat and used the g*n mounted on it. The gargoyles that were flying towards him were repeatedly hit. However, the g*ns mounted on the flying boat only had 1/2 the power of the ones on the airships. And the flying boat shook from a gargoyle’s sharp claws.


While Ark corrected the shaky boat, the other gargoyles had caught up. They opened their mouths and fired the rays again!

“Splitting blade of the wind, Wind Cutter!”

“Heroic Strike!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Dozens of magic and attacks suddenly hit the gargoyles and pushed them away. Hundreds of flying boats had arrived behind Ark. JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members were leading the flying boats from the Silver Arrow. It wasn’t just them. Thousands of flying boats emerged from the 30 other airships. The soldiers from the expedition were taking the flying boats to deal with the demons.

“Bah, I’ll make them pay for Alan! Matanyi Shooter no. 1, Devil Penetrating Arrow!”

Among them was the Dark Elf Timosi. After Global Exos promised not to take any legal actions against them, the other Avenger members stopped playing the game. But Timosi heard that Alan was in an unconscious state and insisted on participating in the war.

“Okay! JusticeMan ajusshi and the rehabilitation hyungs will each take 100 flying boats and form a unit to attack the demons! Each leader should organize their unit with the appropriate amount of professions and attack using the tripod battle formation!”

“Understood. The 1st squadron commander will use the tripod formation in the centre! The other units will unfold the tripod formation around the 1st squadron!”

Thousands of allied users were taking the flying boats. They were the top level users of New World. Of course, fighting using the flying boat wasn’t easy. However, Ark had used the last two days wisely. After listening to the description of the flying boat from Jabel, Ark had made the users undergo continuous flight training while they were moving. Now the users could fly the boats for at least 30 continuous hours. There was the sound of magic engines from thousands of airboats as they moved. After 1 minute, they had made a huge triangular centering around Ark. Ark’s eyes flashed after the formation was completed and he yelled.

“Now show them the skills of Nagaran’s allied forces!”

“Show them the results of our training!”

“Let’s go!”

Buaaaaa! Buaaaaa!

At the same time, thousands of airboats roared and rushed towards the demons. The demons attacking the airships and air balloons started flocking towards the airboats.


“Split through the darkness, Ray!”

“Burning steel sword, Blazing Blade!”

“Take this, Arrow Storm!”

Thousands of skills and magic tore through the darkness. There were flashes and flames as the demons and soldiers collided in the dark sky. Dozens of airboats spouted black smoke and fell into the water. And the demons also collapsed and dyed the water with their blood.

“Riposte! Each squadron rearrange their formation!”

Ark pushed back the demons coming from all directions and shouted. The squadrons rearranged their formation and once again fired magic and skills into the sky. After a short time, the number of demons around the airships and balloons were noticeably reduced. The airships and air balloons also continuously fired their g*ns and the Spear of Thor. The number of demons covering the sky was obviously decreased.

“That’s it. Their numbers have decreased to some extent! Admiral Jabel!”

Ark shouted into Curio’s ear on his shoulder.

“Yes, Ark-nim!”

Then Jabel’s voice came from the mouth of the bat. Thanks to Curio’s Summon Stud skill, they could communicate wirelessly between the bats.

“The momentum of the demons has slowed. Advance towards Rwigenberg!”

“I understand. The entire fleet, advance!”

“Each squadron will escort the airship and air balloons as they advance!”

The ships started to advance towards Rwigenberg at Ark’s command. Ark and the flying boat squadrons took care of the demons along the way. They had approached within a few kilometres. Suddenly flames rose from the mountain peaks of Kwarian.


Ark frowned and fixed his gaze on the mountain. He couldn’t tell from far away but he could guess the approximate shape after getting closer. A huge arm was on top of Kwarian’s mountain peak. The giant arm was bizarrely twisted with fingers pointed upwards! The fire was spouting from the end of each finger. Ark’s face stiffened the moment he confirmed what it was.

“T-that, perhaps…..a scorch cannon!”

That’s right. The bizarre arm was a scorch cannon. Two of these cannons had almost destroyed Jackson in the past! Ark knew their power. However, the scary thing wasn’t the destructive power of the scorch cannons. It was…..

Ark instantly lifted his head and grabbed Curio’s neck before shouting.

“Jabel, we’ve been deceived! Make the fleet retreat!”

“Huh? What does that mean…..?”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

There was a huge roaring sound and a black flaming mass 10 metres in diameter shot across the space. Jabel’s perplexed voice came from Curio’s mouth.

“T-that is a flash bomb!”

Jabel keenly remembered the might of the flash bomb. While he was the bosun of the Silver Arrow, the flash bomb had shot down the Silver Arrow while they were on the outskirts of Jackson. Jabel let out a cry of distress from the memory of that time.

“All fleet ships, evade and retreat at full speed!”

But the black mass was already nearing the airships.

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa, ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The black mass crossed several kilometres. It struck the hot air balloons and flames spouted from the hull. Five hot air balloons and airships received 30% damage. Meanwhile the demons gathered around the ships hit by the flash bombs.

“Drive back the demons and retreat!”

Ark shouted while dealing with the demons. Ark commanded the flight formation and intercepted the flash bombs with magic. However, that could only stop 1~2 bombs using that method. In the end, many hot air balloons were hit by the bombs and went down in flames. Although a few more hot air balloons were shot down, the other ships barely managed to retreat from the range of the scorch cannons.

“Dammit, we can’t approach the Rwigenberg like this!”

That’s right. This was the horrible point about the scorch cannons. The maximum range of the Spear of Thor was 500~700 metres. However, the maximum range of the scorch cannon was 2 kilometres. In order for the airships to attack the scorch cannons, they had to get within 1 kilometre. With thousands of demons interrupting, the movement speed of the airships was slower than riding a horse. If the airships rushed in excessively then they would just be shot down by the scorch cannon.
‘However, there’s no time to hesitate here!’

Ark grinded his teeth as he looked at the blinking message window.

-Somewhere in the darkness of the world, the Dark Lord’s resurrection ceremony has begun!

That’s right. There was a time limit attached to the expedition. They had already spent 4 hours here. 4 hours had passed since they arrived and they couldn’t even approach the island. He also didn’t know what difficulties he would face as they continued so 14 hours wasn’t enough. However, the expedition wouldn’t be able to approach Kwarian if they didn’t deal with the scorch cannons. The marine expeditions were also stuck in the rear. If they approached Kwarian then they would become the prey of the cannons.

‘There is only one way left!’

“JusticeMan ajusshi, rehabilitation hyungnims, take charge of 10 formations. Plunge into enemy lines!”

Ark turned and shouted. That’s right. The only way left was for the flying boats to get rid of the scorch cannon directly.
It had a long range but moved slowly. The airships had slow evasive abilities but a small flying boat could easily avoid the bombs. But Ark wasn’t just worried about the scorch cannons.

‘The problem is that we’ll be attacked by demons.’

Reaching the scorch cannons on Kwarian Island through all the demons wasn’t easy. Furthermore, the demons would still be attacking the airships. He had to leave some flying boats to protect the airships and air balloons.

’10 units means 1,000 people…..there is no way they can destroy the scorch cannons!’

“Ark, we’re ready!”

JusticeMan’s voice was heard from behind Ark. The 1,000 flying boats had formed a wedge formation behind Ark.

“All flying boats will lure the demons to the airships!”

The thousands of flying boats lured the demons after receiving Ark’s command. The demons gathered in front of the airships!

“Admiral Jabel, annihilate them using the g*ns and the Spear of Thor!”
“Yes. Launch!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A huge flash of light engulfed the demons. 1,000 demons dissolved in moments and the remaining demons shrieked and scattered.

“Now’s the time. The special attack corps will rush towards Kwarian!”

Buaaaaa! Buaaaaa!

The demons have either died or ran away after being hit by that magic shot! The 1,000 flying boats instantly followed the trajectory of that blast. The 1,000 flying boats led by Ark shot forward like an arrow while the scattered demons chased after them. And thousands of demons also rushed from the front. The special attack corps was sandwiched by the demons.

“Don’t pay them any regard and rush at top speed! Demonic Distortion! The target is the monster troops right in front!”

Dozens of cursed japtem rose from his bag. They formed a pentagon and exploding, causing a storm and the position of the special attack corps and the monsters to swap. Once the spatial movement was completely, the demons rushed back and forth with confusion. Meanwhile Ark and the special attack corps increase the distance and rushed towards Kwarian. The scorch cannons instantly fired when the special attack corps narrowed the distance to within a few hundred metres. It was expected…, it was the attack he desired. Ark just stared at the approaching flaming black mass.

“The black bomb has a slow speed. Maintain your course until it is 50 metres away!”

So they continued advancing right under the nose of the flash bomb. Ark’s eyes flashed and he shouted.

“Now’s the time. Stop the previous formation and move at top speed!”

At the same time, the 1,000 flying boats scattered. Then the thousands of demons chasing them were hit by the bomb and engulfed in flames.

“JusticeMan ajusshi and the rehabilitation hyung-nims, take 100 boats each and attack a separate scorch cannon.”

“Understood. 2nd squadron, follow me!”

“The 3rd squadron will attach the scorch cannon in the 3 o’clock direction!”

They scattered and flew towards the scorch cannons. A huge crater hundreds of metres deep occupied the centre of the Kwarian mountains. 10 scorch cannons surrounding the surging lava.

“The 1st squadron will attack the one in the 6 o’clock direction!”

Ark led 100 flying boats and flew towards the scorch cannon in the front. The reason Ark chose that place was because it had the most demons. It was the most dangerous place to go! That was Ark’s battle style.

“Attack. Dark Strike!”

“Heroic Strike!”

“Smashing Sword!”

Ark’s 1st squadron surrounded the scorch cannon and used various skills. During the Jackson defense war, he had only managed to destroy the scorch cannon using the Magic Bomb. However, at that time Ark and the other users only had an average level of 60. Now Ark was level 460 and the other users in the squadron exceeded level 350. There were only the 100 magic g*ns on the flying boats. When 100 people surrounded it, the durability of the scorch cannon quickly decreased.


The cannon’s durability had gone down to 50%. Meanwhile the 1,000 chasing demons reached the formation. Ark turned and ordered the flying boat.

“Damn, 50 people will keep on attack the scorch cannons while the other 50 will go with me to fight the demons!”

There was nowhere left to go. The highest ranking soldiers in the Nagaran allied forces were in Ark’s 1st squadron. The special attack corps had to quickly destroy the scorch cannon.

“Demonic Manifestations. Shield, shield, shield, shield and shield!”

It was at that moment. Ark screamed and shields soared out from his bag. They exploded and a giant shield insignia formed over the squadron.

-Demonic energy has been extracted from the offerings (Shield, shield, shield, shield and shield).

The effect exercised by this combinations is ‘Physical Shield.’

[Physical Shield]: When Physical Shield is exercised, the centre of a 100 metre space will have its defense increased by 500. The defense shield will have a durability of 1,000. The effect of the shield lasts for 10 minutes or until the 1,000 durability is consumed.

However, the defense shield doesn’t move. It also isn’t possible to make the same effect overlap.

A transparent shield formed around the squadron along with the message. Almost at the same time, the squadron collided with the thousands of demons.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

There was a violent flash and a huge roaring sound. Once the thousands of demons and the soldiers collided, it quickly became a confusing fight. The demons claws and rays flew all over the place. However, the soldiers also blindly fired their skills and took care of the demons. But it was thousands against 50 people. As time passed, more flying boats spouted black smoke and crashed into the lava. And it became even more difficult to fight against the demons as their numbers reduced. In the end, dozens of demons broken through the defense line and rushed towards the group attacking the demons.

‘Damn, we won’t be able to hold on much longer. Are they almost done?’

Ark split an approaching demon in half and turned towards the scorch cannon. However, the scorch cannon still had 30% health left. The scorch cannons being attacked by JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members had 10% durability left.

‘10%…… Then the other 9 scorch cannons can be destroyed in 5 minutes. Once the 9 cannons are destroyed, they can join forces to destroy the remaining one and we can retreat! 5 minutes, we just need to endure for 5 minutes!’

Ark was thinking that when something interrupted him.

“It’s dangerous, above you!”

A scream was audible over his head. Ark lifted his head and flinched. A flying boat spouting black smoke was falling towards Ark’s head. His body reacted before he could think. Ark increased the speed and reflexing turned the steering wheel. Therefore he avoided a direct hit but the falling boat grazed the side. The flying boat was deprived of its centre. At that moment, Ark missed the handle and was thrown from the boat.


Ark turned cold as he became horrified. And everything slowed down like time had stopped. Squadron members were fighting the demons around him. And the deep black sky was passing by. And…..he was rapidly approaching the lava.

‘Oh my god, this is…..!’

Ark reflexively closed his eyes. And he prepared to fall into the lava.

Ssak ssak ssak, ssak ssak ssak ssak!

Radun hissed from his waist and jumped into the lava.

‘Radun? Why…….?’

Ark burst out with confusion after seeing Radun’s weird behaviour. Then an information window suddenly flashed in front

-Your summon Radun has digested 100% of the Burning Heart of the Fire Draconian.

Radun’s body has changed after being influenced by the Burning Heart of the Fire Draconian. When the Alamone grows to a certain extent, it has the ability to master similar skills which belong to other species. When that power is fully absorbed into the body, it can evolve into a new species.

Radun has completely absorbed the Burning Heart of the Fire Draconian and evolved.

‘Burning Heart of the Fire Draconian?’

Ark felt refreshed as he saw the information window. That’s right. Radun had eaten the Burning Heart of the Fire Draconian a long time ago and was still digesting it. And his digestion level had been at 95%. It had taken three months to reach that amount. Therefore Ark had expected that it would take another 10 days for Radun to digest it 100%. However, there was a secret Ark didn’t know about Radun’s digestion of the Burning Heart of the Fire Draconian. Just like its name, the Burning Heart of the Fire Draconian came from a Fire Draconian. Heat was necessary in order to digest the heart. Therefore the digestion increased when Ark went to a hot location and slowed when he moved to a cold place. It especially slowed when it was winter. It had taken three months for the digestion to reach 95% because he hadn’t been in any desert or volcanic areas. Radun who was suddenly in a lava area had his digestion rate increased at a tremendous pace. When it had reached 99%, Radun had jumped into the lava and the digestion had reached 100%.


A frustrated sigh emerged from Ark’s mouth. In this situation, there was only a few seconds left before he would plunge into the lava. If the remaining military expedition couldn’t stop the Dark Lord’s resurrection then New World would be destroyed. What was the point of Radun evolving now? Just as Ark was thinking this.

Flash! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Suddenly there was a flash from the lava where Radun disappeared. And a dragon with glossy, red scales flew up.

‘What? There are still demons within the lava……’

Then the dragon grabbed Ark’s collar and flew up into the sky. Suddenly a message window appeared in front of Ark.

-Radun has absorbed the Burning Heart of the Fire Draconian and successfully evolved.

After absorbing the Burning Heart of the Fire Draconian, Radun has evolved into a new species. The Fire Draconian is a species with the lineage and magic of a dragon. Radun has absorbed the magic and inherited this lineage after growing into an adult.

According to the great power that oversees the Netherworld, Radun will now be named ‘Burning Soul.’

Burning Soul

Radun has obtained the biology of the Fire Draconian after absorbing the Burning Heart of the Fire Draconian. As an Alamone, Burning Soul has gained the ancient characteristics of the Fire Draconian. He can store more items and use more skills freely. In addition, he will learn more skills using his instincts as his experience and knowledge accumulate.

Race Netherworld Creature Alignment Dark
Ranking Complete Body
Health  2,000 Loyalty
Strength Agility
Stamina Wisdom
Intelligence Luck
* The equipped skills slot has expanded to 4.

* Item storage capacity has doubled.

* Able to transform into ‘Pendragon.’

Pendragon: Burning Soul can transform into a dragon called Pendragon.

Pendragon is an ancient dragon that can fly in the sky and shoot flames from its mouth. No species can match its flying speed and the sacred flames can increase the attack and defense of its master. In ancient times, warriors riding the Pendragons were regarded as the ultimate warriors in battle. However, Burning Soul will consume 20 mana every 10 seconds when he transforms into Pendragon.

* Pendragon’s health once transformed: + 5,000

* When mounted on Pendragon, movement speed +1,000%

* Attack and defense of the player will increase by 20% when mounted on Pendragon

“Pendragon? T-then this dragon is…..?”

Kurarara, kurarara!

Ark looked at Burning Soul with dumbfounded eyes. When he stared into the dragon’s eyes, Radun’s personality shone through!


When Burning Soul soared up with Ark, the Drakens immediately came running. Then Burning Soul shook his head and placed Ark on his back. He opened his wings and ripped between the Drakens like an arrow.
At that moment, a dark aura exploded from Ark’s sword.

“Dark Strike!”

Pepepepeng, pepepepeng!

Ark’s sword tore through the Drakens. Ark’s attack and defense had increased by 20% because he was riding Pendragon!
Therefore the damage of Dark Strike increased by 20% and the Drakens fell down.

“Okay.  I’ll just this momentum! Surviving squadron members, gather around me!”

Ark shouted as he approached the demons on Burning Soul. Then 20 flying boats followed behind him while shooting their g*ns.

“Follow the Commander!”

Once again a fierce struggle began against the demons.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

There was a deafening cry and the cannon being attack by JusticeMan’s squadron exploded. At the same time, an information window appeared in front of Ark.

-The focused magic used in the Dark Lord’s resurrection ceremony has scattered.

‘Eh? The time… increased!’

Ark’s eyes sparkled as he checked the contents of the information window. There had only been 12 hours left when he checked it a short time ago. But that time had increased to 14 hours after the scorch cannon exploded.

‘Then attacking isn’t the scorch cannons only role! It is used to steer the flow of magic that is gathering at Rwigenberg! If we destroy all the scorch cannons then it is possible to delay the resurrection ceremony!’

Ark was soon convinced of his guess. Every time a scorch cannon exploded, the remaining time increased. When the last squadron led by Yapsab destroyed the scorch cannon, the time had increased to 24 hours. There had only been 12 hours left and now the time had doubled.

‘The magic being concentrated on the Rwigenberg is gathered from two places, the sky and the earth. If the scorch cannons are destroyed then the magic rising from the earth is sealed and only the magic from the sky remains. Is that why the time doubled?’

Ark immediately understood the situation. However, that was the maximum amount of time that could be increased. There was no way to stop the magic falling from the sky.

‘Anyway, I destroyed the scorch cannons and gained some time. Now the only thing left is for the airships to join the battle and destroy the Rwigenberg!’

“Arrange the formation and all airships join the battle!”

Ark gathered the surviving 800 people and returned to the airships. He used the strong firepower of the airships to melt the remaining demons and advanced towards Kwarian. The fierce battle continued for 20 minutes. The numerous airships and hot air balloons advanced towards Rwigenberg using the Spear of Thor. Ark rode Burning Soul at the front of the formation and shouted.

“That’s it. All ships, concentrate your firepower on the Rwigenberg!”


Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Thousands of lights exploded from the airships and headed towards the Rwigenberg.  And the light caused a blinding explosion as soon as it touched.

“That’s it. Even the Rwigenberg would be damaged with this attack……”

There was no doubt it would suffer tremendous damage! However, perplexing gradually spread on Ark’s face as he kept on watching the Rwigenberg. He couldn’t even see one scratch on the Rwigenberg. Only a transparent capsule covering the Rwigenberg was lightly damaged.


Ark’s eyes trembled. Now there was a shield? Furthermore, it was only lightly scratched after receiving 20 shots from the Spear of Thor that had 1,000 concentrated magic energy? Ark felt like it was a nightmare he couldn’t escape from.


Then a huge number of Drakens and gargoyles once again poured from the Rwigenberg. And a huge amount of monsters also appeared in the sea. It was like the last few hours of fighting against the demons were in vain.

“The black obelisks…..!”

That’s right. The black obelisks! Kwarian was the last battlefield chosen by the demons! Obviously countless numbers of obelisks would be driven under the water and on the Rwigenberg. And the strong magic around this place would end up resurrecting the Dark Lord. Therefore the resurrection speed of the black obelisks would be greatly accelerated.


“How many more times do we have to kill these demons?”

“Besides, the Spear of Thor couldn’t break the Rwigenberg’s shields at all……”

The expedition members muttered and groaned. It really seemed like a scene of despair.

Ku ku ku ku, ku ku ku ku, ku ku ku ku!

There was an abrupt roar and the castle on Rwigenberg’s back vibrated. And the walls twisted and stared to form a giant arm. The bizarre twisted arms……! That’s right. It was the scorch cannons Ark had risked his life to destroy. They had suffered tremendous damage just to destroy the 10 scorch cannons. But now dozens of scorch cannons sprang up from the castle! Furthermore, the Rwigenberg was protected by a shield. The resurrected demons and the new scorch cannons!

“Oh my god! T-this is a scam!”

Ark muttered with a groan. Dozens of shots from the scorch cannons headed towards the airships. It was an attack they couldn’t avoid!

‘It is finished!’

Ark couldn’t even think of running away and just stared with dumb surprise. Then there was an intense storm and dozens of flashes shot from behind the airships. The pillars of light penetrated through the demons and the flash bombs.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The flash bombs simultaneously exploded and the space warped.


Ark hurriedly turned around. Then a huge flying object was reflected in his eyes. It was a huge land mass covered with thick forests and a white tower……


That’s right. The land mass flying through the sky was the land of the prophet clan, Shangri-La. But Shangri-La looked different from before. Giant g*n turrets covered Shangri-La in several places.

“Hahaha, the main character always shows up at the last moment!”

A person which a swollen body like a balloon stood on a g*n turret and shouted through a loudspeaker.


An excited cry emerged from Ark’s mouth. That’s right. This was the plan Ark had prepared to deal with the Rwigenberg! Before Ark had convened the military expedition, he had sent Wormer and the raccoons to reconstruct Shangri-La. While thinking about the Rwigenberg, Ark had remembered that Shangri-La’s defense ward had been able to deal with a large number of flying monsters.

‘The defense ward was made using the magic from the 7 heroes and the 100 warriors. If I make Shangri-La a moving fortress then it might be able to deal with the Rwigenberg!’

His one worry was that the reconstruction wouldn’t be completed in time. And Wormer had contacted him and said that the modifications would take a few days. Ark had almost given up but then the Grandmaster of the Magic Institute had dispatched the airships. And Shangri-La wasn’t the only reinforcements that Ark prepared. Thousands of shadows also appeared along with Shangri-La. And they fired towards the demons. They were the skyrays holding the Eastern Nation members.

“Good job Wormer! Like you said, the main character always shows up at the last moment! Torrential Sword!”

The one brandishing his weapon and shouting in the lead was Shambala. At that time, 100 armoured ships also appeared in the sea.

“If I’m last then am I the main character?”

The hobbit Sid stood on one of the ships flying the flag of the merchant’s guild and laughed. Flames ignited in his eyes as Ark surveyed them.

“New World isn’t over yet. Let’s go, Burning Soul!”

Kurarara, kurarara!

Burning Soul roared and spewed flames as he flew towards the demons. The airships and 1,000 flying boats followed him.
The battle to decide the fate of New World was just beginning!


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