Act 9: High Pureness Vampire

ACT 9 High Pureness Vampire

“It’s over!”

Ark’s voice echoed through the area. Infector glared at Ark and growled.

“Y….you! An insignificant human like you……”

“Take this, Dark Strike!”

Ark snorted and raised his sword. Then Infector shouted in a desperate voice.

“W-wait a minute! You don’t care what would happen to your pet if I die?”


Ark’s eyes glanced at him with surprise. Dark Strike narrowed missed and hit the ground. Infector laughed and murmured.

“You don’t want to lose your pet.”

“You bastard, what do you mean by that?”

“Hehehe, it is like I said. You are the owner of a pet so you should understand. I’ve already absorbed 80% of his blood. Racard has already become a part of me. If I die then he will obviously die. You should’ve already guessed since you tried to use Intimidation on me. Huhuhu, you wouldn’t want to lose the loyal pet that still responded to its owner’s commands while being absorbed do you?”

Ark’s eyes shook after hearing Infector’s words. After thinking for a moment, Ark pressed his foot harder against Infector’s neck and said.

“……Vomit out Racard immediately!”

Infector immediately closed his mouth. And his eyeballs rolled before he giggled and said.

“Kukuku. Okay. No matter how good the food is, it is no use if I die.  If you really want the bat back then I will return him. But I have some conditions. Release me. And move all the soldiers to the rear. I will release that fellow as soon as my safety is secured.

“Do you think I’m naive enough to believe something like that?”

“It is your choice whether to believe it or not.”

Infector replied with a vile smile. Ark was completely at a loss from Infector’s relaxed attitude. In fact, that was the part that caught in Ark’s mind while he was fighting. He had been worried that Racard would be destroyed along with Racard. Of course, there was a chance that wouldn’t happen. However, he couldn’t risk Racard’s life on a gamble. He also couldn’t give into Infector’s request.

‘If I save Infector then he will spare Racard.’

But Ark specialized in dirty tricks. He wasn’t naive enough to believe that Infector would do what he promised.

‘The problem is I don’t know whether that guy is telling the truth or not. Will Racard really die along with him? If I figure that how then I would know how to respond……’

Ark was conflicted about what to do. Then he suddenly heard someone’s voice in his head.

-Don’t be fooled Foreigner!

“What, what the?”

Ark looked around with bewilderment after hearing the voice.

-I am the vampire referee appointed by the great Vampire Lord of Dark Earth.

“Vampire referee?”

Ark thought aloud, causing Infector to flinch and angrily shout.

“Vampire referee? Tarosu? T-that bastard! You’re still conscious……!”

“How do you know the vampire referee?”

Ark asked and kicked Infector a few times. There was a long sigh and the voice of the vampire referee was heard again.

-……It’s shameful to admit this but I was absorbed by Infector after he came to Dark Earth. I was able to apply a shield so that I wouldn’t lose consciousness while I was being absorbed. And Infector is weakened so I can talk to you.

The vampire referee was eaten during the short time Infector was sent to Dark Earth? Ark looked at Infector with amazed eyes. And he realized why he thought Infector had changed after flying to Dark Earth. Before Infector had been sent away to Dark Earth, he had already absorbed 50% of Racard in 10 minutes. But those message windows never appeared again after he was sent to Dark Earth.

‘Infector said Racard is still alive in his stomach. Nevertheless, the absorption has stopped. There must be a reason why.’

Ark had thought about the reason while fighting. However, he figured out the real reason after hearing the vampire referee’s words. He had stopped absorbing Racard in order to absorb Tarosu.

‘If that is true then I’m lucky because of Tarosu.’

It was thanks to him that Racard’s absorption was stopped.

“By the way, why did you tell me not to be fooled?”

-After I entered Infector’s body, I became aware that Racard was also eaten. Infector used the Kin Blood-sucking skill which had been sealed by the Vampire Lord for a long time. Once Infector has swallowed a soul using Kin Blood-sucking, he cannot vomit it out again.


Ark felt his heart drop at the Tarosu’s words. In the end, there was no way to stop Racard’s extinction? Tarosu had just reconfirmed the fact that Racard wouldn’t survive.

-My demise was inevitable from the moment I was eaten. Now that I know the relationship between you and Racard, I have no choice. Now, foreigner who as succeeded Hero Maban’s will! There is no time to hesitate. Strike down with your sword.

“Won’t you die as well?”

-There is a reason I’ve maintained the protective shield despite not being afraid of death. It isn’t because I wasn’t willing to lose my willpower after being absorbed by that guy. Instead of being killed by Master’s enemy, I would rather die with honour! Moreover, I want to help the person who has inherited Master’s will.

“The person who has inherited your Master’s will?”

-That’s right. I am Hero Maban’s summon.


Tarosu really said unbelievable words in this absurd situation. Ark stared with a dumbfounded expression as Tarosu’s explanation came out of nowhere

-……A long time ago, I was just a low ranking vampire sucking on the blood of travellers. Then I was seized while attempting to eat one of the travellers. I thought it was all over then. But he didn’t kill me. On the contrary, he actually made me one of his summons. He later became one of the 7 heroes and was called Hero Maban.

Ark recalled a previous event that he experienced in Dark Earth. The first time Ark had met Tarosu, he had spoken Hero Maban’s name with a subtle longing. He didn’t know why at the time but if Tarosu was Hero Maban’s pet then it was understandable. He had spent hundreds of years longing for his master who disappeared.

“By the way, what did you mean by your Master’s enemy?”

Ark wondered and the vampire referee recalled the past.

-The reason Hero Maban entered the land of the vampires was to meet with the Vampire Lord to request that he cut of relations with the Dark Lord.

According to Tarosu, the vampires had belonged to the forces of darkness in the early days of the Dark Century. And Hero Maban had gone alone to convince the Vampire Lord. The Vampire Lord admired Hero Maban’s courage for visiting alone and met for a week to seriously discuss it. It was at this point that Infector appeared. Infector was the vampire referee at the time. He had tricked the Vampire Lord and had a secret deal with the Dark Lord.During the meetings to convince the Vampire Lord to withdraw from the forces of darkness, Infector secretly snuck into Hero Maban’s room. However, Hero Maban already knew about the relationship between Infector and the Dark Lord. Thanks to Hero Maban making preparations beforehand, Infector was caught and trapped in a dungeon after incurring the Vampire Lord’s rage.

-But Infector escaped from the prison not long after that. Up until that moment, the Lord hadn’t known. The Dark Lord had trained Infector in the ancient art of Kin Blood-sucking. Infector used Kin Blood-sucking to steal the souls of countless vampires while escaping to the dark forces.

The Vampire Lord broke off all relations with the Dark Lord after that event. And while Hero Maban and the other heroes were fighting the Dark Lord, Tarosu had killed Infector. But he was a stubborn villain. He was once again restored with the power of the black obelisks. It was the tangled history between Hero Maban and the vampire clan! Ark had accidentally discovered one of the hidden secrets of New World. But that history was useless to Ark. The only think that mattered to Ark was Racard who he had raised for 2 years.

“Is there really no way to save Racard?”

-No. That is the fearful part about Kin Blood-sucking. Once Racard was absorbed, he became a part of that guy. If he receives damage then we receive damage. Killing that body would be no different from killing Racard.

“Kukukuku, what did he say? Did he say there was a way?”

The sarcastic words fell from Infector’s mouth at that moment.

“I guess I can’t deceive you anymore. Racard and that referee have been perfectly integrated into my body. Those guys and I am the same vampire. Since we are linked, if I receive damage then they will also receive damage.”

“This bastard……!”

Ark was about to angrily kick Infector again. Then something rose in Ark’s head.

‘Wait, they have no choice but to receive the same damage as Infector?’

Infector was clamouring because he was fully aware there was no way to save Racard. However, his words actually gave him a hint about saving Racard.

‘If I consider Tarosu and Infector’s words then there might be a way to rescue Racard. I don’t know if it will succeed or fail but it is my best option. But they problem won’t go away even if I’m successful.’

Ark’s thoughts spun furiously in his head.

“Tarosu-nim, what kind of situation is Racard in now?”

-Racard is close to being fully absorbed by Infector. It will take approximately 1 more minute until he is fully absorbed by Infector. Even if I spread my shield to him, he will only survive for another 10 minutes. Infector will become many times stronger once we are fully absorbed. This is the only chance to kill him.

This was the problem that Ark was worried about. A considerable amount of time had passed since Racard was eaten and sent back to Dark Earth and now his absorption rate was at 90%. Ark had thought the method of saving Racard was to separate him from Infector’s body. It was impossible to save Racard’s stats when he had already been absorbed this much. In other words, if the level 350 Racard was 90% absorbed then it meant Racard’s stats would become equivalent to level 35.

‘Still, if there is a way then I have to save him.’

Even if he saved Racard, he could no longer be useful as a summon.


“Tarosu-nim, please listen to my words from now on and tell me whether it is possible or not.”

Ark organized his thoughts before talking again. And he explained the idea he had a while ago. Tarosu considered before replying in an affirmative voice.

-It is possible. But……

“That’s okay. I have a way to save Racard and referee-nim inside Infector’s body.”

-What? Is that true?

“Yes, but to be exact I can’t save both of you.

-Both of us? That’s right. I also considered it after hearing the question you asked me. Are you asking me to sacrifice myself for Racard?

“I’m really sorry. But I can truly only save one person. And if I have to pick there the choice is obvious.”

Ark replied in a firm voice. Tarosu replied after a moment of silence.

-Hahahaha! You don’t care about anyone aside from your pet?

“No, you don’t have to go that far……”


Tarosu shouted and interrupted Ark.

-That’s it. I understand your will. And I’ve already lived for hundreds of years so death has no meaning to me. But that little fellow with tears in his eyes probably doesn’t want to die. Why would I hesitate? Then Foreigner who received Hero Maban’s will, I accept your offer!

He arranged the situation after everything was put in order.

“A cannon!”

When Ark reached out his hand, one of the archers handed him a cannon.

“Huck! T-these bastards…..what on earth…..n-no……. The way you devised won’t work! Are you really going to destroy the pet you raised? T-those words! You’ll fail……”

“Shut up!”

Infector guessed the situation after listening to Ark and Tarosu’s conversation so he started struggling and screaming. However, Ark already made up his mind and changed the special bullet with no hesitation. The cannon was loaded with the special bullets containing ‘holy water!’ Ark smiled and shoved the cannon into Infector’s mouth.

“Goodbye you bastard!”

Tu tu tu tung, tu tu tu tung, tu tu tu tung!

When the trigger was pulled, the cannon vibrated and dozens of holy water bullets were shot. Since the cannon was shoved into Infector’s mouth, the dozens of fire holy water bullets entered his stomach. After a while……

Ku ku ku kung! Ku ku ku lung! Pepeng!

Infector swelled like a balloon. The swollen Infector then exploded and scattered blood all over the place.

-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen……

He was relatively easy to handle but Infector was still a level 500 boss. After Infector’s stomach burst and he blew up like a balloon, the attack group instantly gained 7 levels. As a bonus, he discovered the blood covered necklace lying on the ground.

-Infector’s Blood Gem (Unique)

Item Type: Necklace

Durability: 53/60

Weight: 30 User restriction: Level 450 and more

This necklace contains Infector’s ability. A long time ago, Infector betrayed the Vampire Lord in order to obtain the power ‘Kin Blood-sucking.’ And part of his power was trapped into the necklace to strengthen Kin Blood-sucking.

A unique necklace! Ark’s eyes brightened as he picked up the necklace and read the information window. However, Infector’s loot wasn’t as good as expected. While the special option Kin Blood-sucking was quite threatening, it was ultimately an item that didn’t have a lot of merit. If he used the skill and killed the enemy then he would be able to absorb 1~3% of the abilities. However, these stats were only applied for 1 hour. And the cool down time was 1 hour. That meant Kin Blood-sucking was a skill that could be repeatedly used.

‘Well, it will be good against boss monsters with absurdly high levels and stats but…….’

Like its name, Kin Blood-sucking could only be used on those of the same race. In the end, Ark could only use it on humans and most users had an average level of 300~350. Even if he used Kin Blood-sucking, he would only be able to raise it around 3~1 levels. It didn’t feel like it was worth consuming 1,000 mana just for those kind of stats.

‘Yet the Intelligence +30 is better than Adelaine’s Necklace. If I decide to sell it later than the +200 controlling power will make it popular among summoners.’

Ark judged after looking at the necklace. In fact, Ark wasn’t concerned about the necklace right now.

‘Racard? What is happening with him?’

Ark searched through the fragments of Infector scattered everywhere. Then something started wriggling underneath a piece of skin from the stomach. At first something seemed to rise in the blood. Then the scattered blood started moving and joined together into one large lump. And it changed into the form of a person?


Ark shouted as he confirmed the form of the lump. That’s right. The blood was clotting together to form Racard.

“That is definitely Racard. As I expected!”

Ark shouted with glee. His method to separate Racard from Infector worked! It was actually Infector who told Ark the method to save Racard. If Infector was damaged then Racard would have no choice but to receive the damage as well! The moment he heard those words, Ark had recalled Racard’s duel with Karakul. At that time, Ark had used crosses and garlic to attack from the outside. Therefore Racard was able to defeat Karakul and evolve despite not fighting properly. This was because Racard wasn’t affected by light, garlic or crosses.

It was because of Racard’s existence. He wasn’t originally a vampire but a bat who had learnt the power of a vampire. Therefore he had the power of a vampire but he didn’t gain its weaknesses. Well, he couldn’t fly around in the middle of the day without being harmed but that was another story. It was to the extent that Racard could wash his face and brush his teeth with holy water.

…..That’s right. Holy water!

It was why Ark’s had shot holy water into Infector’s body. If the holy water bullets exploded in his stomach then Infector would receive enormous damage. However, it was just simple water to Racard. It was the same even when Racard gained the same properties as Infector. So Ark’s liquid damage had no effect on Racard. However, there was one problem with that method.

‘The problem is that his stats have already been absorbed by Infector!’

That’s right. If he forcibly separated Racard then there would be no way to regain those stats. So Ark had negotiated with Tarosu before he made Infector die from the explosion. Tarosu was originally a vampire. If the holy water bullets were fired then Tarosu would die along with Infector. But what if Tarosu fused with Racard? Ark had already seen Racard absorb Karakul’s blood in Dark Earth. Kin Blood-sucking was a skill which allowed the vampire to absorb the abilities of the same species. While Racard was being absorbed using Kin Blood-sucking, Tarosu had also been absorbed. Since both Racard and Tarosu’s blood was being absorbed, there was a possibility of their blood fusing together. Thanks to fusing with Racard’s blood, Tarosu was able to survive the influence of the holy water.

‘Infector absorbed quite a bit of the referee’s stats but he is still an elite level monster. Even with some of Tarosu’s abilities absorbed, Racard can recover his stolen stats!’

This was the method that Ark devised to restore the stats. Tarosu willingly accepted the offer and fused with Racard’s blood.

‘Now I have to check Racard’s stats.’

Ark quickly checked Racard’s information window after he was restored. He craftily laughed when the information window floated in front of him.

-Racard has successfully absorbed the soul of the vampire referee Tarosu and has evolved.

Racard has absorbed the blood of the vampire referee. While Kin Blood-sucking is forbidden, another vampire can absorb the status and abilities depending on the rules of kinship.

Racard who was absorbed along with Tarosu has gained the abilities of the vampire referee. Since Tarosu and Infector are top ranking vampires, his body has been reconstructed using their blood and he has become a high pureness vampire. Racard who has become a high pureness vampire has been given the name ‘Curio’ by the great power that oversees the Netherworld.


Ark looked at the information window with stunned eyes. His shortcut to restore Racard’s stats became linked to evolution. When he thought about it, it was to be expected. The vampire referee was a top level vampire who was the aide of the Vampire Lord so it was natural Racard’s standing would ascend when the blood was absorbed. Racard had succeeded in his evolution and changed to Curio. His face turned white like someone who had never seen the sun since he was born and his eyes were red. Curio was engulfed in a red coloured light and a new information window appeared close to Ark.


A vampire who has evolved into a high pureness vampire after the vampire referee willingly gave Curio his blood.

He has inherited the power of a top level vampire and awakened more of a vampire’s abilities. However, a high pureness vampire has a fatal weakness to light.

Race Demonic Alignment Dark
Ranking Middle Class
Health  2,820 (+150) Loyalty 450 (+20)
Strength 173 (+40) Agility 155 (+60)
Stamina 399 (+40) Wisdom 88 (+30)
Intelligence 255 (+80) Luck 63 (+20)
* The attack power of Lancel’s sword has increased by 12 and the durability has increased by 90.

* The skill slots of Blood-sucking has increased to 3.

* The ‘Confusion’ effect has been added to the Blood-sucking skill.

* You have learnt the ‘Blood Storm’ skill.

-Confusion (Beginner, Species Characteristics): Curio’s special skill.

When using the Blood-sucking skill on a weak enemy, there is a 50% chance of a ‘Confusion’ effect being applied to the enemy.

Thanks to Confusion, Curio can control the monsters for 30 minutes.

-Blood Storm (Beginner, Species Characteristics): A strong destruction power is present in the blood of a vampire.

Blood Storm scatters the blood of a vampire around like a storm and will deal strong damage to enemies within the area. All enemies within the area will receive 50~70 with each hit. The amount inflicted on the enemy is proportional to the amount of blood Curio has.

However, the vampire’s stats will fall by 50% until he manages to recover the blood lost. In addition, it can only be used in the darkness and can’t be overlapped with Blood Lane.


Ark checked Curio’s information window. Then Curio suddenly burst out laughing. And he rocked back and forth while laughing.

“Hahaha, I am now a top level vampire of pure blood! I…..”

While Curio was speaking with an elated voice.


One of the soldiers can running from the rear and shouted with panting.

“It is important! The last line of defense on the 59th floor has just been pierced!”

“What? What about the rehabilitation hyung-nims’ troops?”

“That…..they’ve been wiped out!”


Ark and the other soldiers ran off. Curio was left along until he transformed into a bat and followed.

“Eh? Hey, look…..I just evolved. Hey, Master……let’s go together!”


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