Act 9: Door to a Different World

ACT 9 Door to a Different World

After Alan died, time passed until it was once again night time. At the top of Salrin Tower another ceremony was in progress.

“Shambala, according to Salrin’s will you are hereby known as the Deliverer!”

Once the rebellion had been squashed and clean up finished, Isabel once again started the ceremony at midnight on the next day. Isabel slowly approached Shambala and wound a dark veil around it. It was one of Salrin’s treasures, the Dark Veil.

“For the future of the Deliverer!”

“Until the day the clan finds the light!”

Then all the assassins gathered in Jaerim Tower immediate prostrated themselves. It was like a scene where the servants in an ancient Chinese imperial court all bowed to the Emperor. The world that the Dark Brothers came to the continent from might’ve been based on China. Anyway, the assassins all showed a deep respect for Shambala as he had collected two of Salrin’s treasures.  Although he was the Deliverer, he couldn’t command them but he would have a strong influence on the assassins, just like Ark and the beast clans.

“Please achieve the dream that the Dark Brothers have been longing for.”

Shambala nodded his head without saying anything at Isabel’s words.

‘I see.’

Ark looked at Isabel with a bemused face. Isabel had taken off her red mask for the ceremony. After seeing her face, he understood why Shambala had protected her. Silky black hair flowed down her back. Eyes like obsidian on a pale face. Yes, Isabel was a beauty. She was so beautiful it looked like she was drawn by someone. If such a beauty was in a crisis then even Ark would throw his body to protect her. JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members also had the same idea and looked at Isabel with dazed faces.


Ark had been staring at Isabel until Roco pinched his side. Thanks to that Ark regained his sanity and stared at Shambala with envious eyes. But it was because of the veil wound around his body, not Isabel.

‘By the way…… that a rare or unique class related item?’

Ark swallowed his saliva as he looked at the Dark Veil. Salrin’s treasures were similar to the Three Marvels that Ark had to collect.

‘Damn it, I went through so much suffering and almost died……..’

Fortunately he obtained an item from Alan and Alan was also in jail! He would also receive the 500 gold reward! But that was it.

Then Isabel approached Ark and smiled. Ah, damn…….she’s really pretty. Even if it was for free, he couldn’t complain.

“Truthseeker Ark-nim, you are a descendant of Hero Maban who was a close comrade of Salrin’s. I left the running of the group to Nabein because of my inexperience and it was a big mistake. The Dark Brothers is a friend to the Truthseeker. I wish to apologize for the rudeness of the Dark Brothers so far.”

After the revolt, Isabel finally discovered Ark’s identity. It was said that the one closest to Salrin was Hero Maban. She felt sorry that the descendant of Hero Maban had been pursued by them in order to kill him.

“Well, those days are already over………”

Ark completely fell for Isabel’s appearance so he was quite tolerant.

“Even though we committed such rude actions, you still came to help our Deliverer and now I am too ashamed to look at Ark-nim and I sincerely apologize for our impoliteness.”

‘If you really mean those words then I should be receiving compensation!’

As expected, he cared more about an item then a woman’s appearance. When it had seemed like Isabel was just going to apologize with words, Ark became angry. But Ark’s worry was needless.

“It was thanks to Ark-nim and your colleagues that the rebellion of the Dark Brothers was able to be stopped. I would like to reciprocate the favour.”

Isabel looked pretty even when she was concerned. After she spoke, 13 masked people lined up behind her carrying some bags.

‘Reward! I’m going to receive a reward?’

Ark was given a bag containing a sword with a red aura.

Gwisal’s Demonic Sword (Rare)

Weapon type: Two-Handed Sword

Attack: 45~60

Durability: 200/200

Weight: 45

User restriction: Level 190, Advanced Sword Mastery skill

The legendary demonic sword that cut down hundreds of monsters on the continent. The sword is so proud of its sharpness then even if it was struck with a rock, it wouldn’t lose one sliver of the edge. Gwisal’s sword was even able to cut away the thick leather of a huge black monster.

However, if the demonic strength becomes too strength then it can eat away at the wielder’s health.

‘W-What it this? A rare sword?’

Ark felt breathless as his jaw dropped. It was a sleek Japanese looking sword with a sharp edge! So far he had found some rare weapons, but this was the first time it was a sword. The sword did less damage than a two-handed blunt weapon or even an axe. But thanks to the balance it was easy to use and the attack speed and attack power was very good.  That was why it was one of the most popular weapons in online games.

Presently Ark was using Lancel’s Sword. Even if the offensive power was strong, it still only did 23~35 damage.  If he used it in a pincer movement with Dedric then an attack bonus was also applied to Lancel’s Sword. But Gwisal’s sword did a huge 45~60 damage. In addition, the ‘Demonic Opening’ option added an extra 20% damage. It was like receiving rain after a drought, as the sword was truly monster-like compared to the ones he currently had.

‘I’m a little unfamiliar with a two-handed sword………but since I have Sword-Hand combat I can use any kind of swords. The attack speed is a little slower but with the high damage if won’t make much difference. Hahaha, what kind of windfall is this?’

Now it would be possible to increase his strength by more than 30% just be changing swords. Of course, even with the rare sword it wasn’t possible to sell Lancel’s Sword or the Saw Blade. Since Dedric and Deimos were the masters of the magic sword, he would have to wait until he found a new magic sword.

‘Besides the level restriction is level 190……….since I’m level 180, it will be possible to use it soon!’

Ark packed Gwisal’s sword into his bag.

‘Wow, this, unbelievable……..!’

“Huk, it’s a rare item!”

JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members stared absentmindedly with their mouths open. Just like Ark, they also received a profession related item. Roco obtain ‘Siren’s Harp’ a magic musical item, JusticeMan ‘Venom Gloves,’ Tazza obtained ‘Death Knife,’ Bul-kkun ‘Deadly Armour’ and so on………All the items had extraordinary stats that seemed to suit the person.

“I hope you forget about the grudge and remember our gratitude.”

“Grudge? What it that?”

Ark joked around after he received the sword. Shambala just shook his head at Ark and gave a wry smile. At the same time, a message window popped up.

-Your relationship with the hidden ‘Dark Brothers’ has changed from hostile to friendly.

Now he didn’t have to worry about the Dark Brothers anymore. Moreover, if Shambala’s position in the Dark Brothers rose then Ark might be able to use it.  Ark had chased Alan and accidently intervened, but the harvest was better than expected.

‘Now I just need to persuade Shambala……..’

After the ceremony was over, Ark arranged a meeting with Shambala. Ark poked Shambala’s side while giving him a coy look.

“Hey, it looks quite good huh?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Isabel……….isn’t she an extremely beautiful woman?”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Shambala bluntly replied but the areas exposed by the mask were flushed. Ark playfully said.

“You still shouldn’t fall so much, since the partner is an NPC.”

“What’s wrong with an NPC?”

Surprisingly, Shambala replied quite sharply.

“What? You would really date an NPC?”

“Why do you have a girlfriend?”


Although Isabel is an NPC, she is someone who truly understands me. And she is able to carry on a conversation with me. What more is necessary?”

Ark had no answer to that. Certainly………..if the NPC status was removed then she was no different from an ordinary girlfriend. But even if he could understand that in his head, he wasn’t convinced emotionally.  Wasn’t she still an NPC?

“I understand!”

Then, Roco grasped Shambala’s hand and shook it up and down.

“Love is beyond all of that! It must be love to ignore everything in your mind and protect her from an eternal death! Yes, it is true love. Now I know that Shambala oppa is truly a nice guy.”

“Uh, is that so?”

Shambala looked helplessly at Ark.

“You must be shy!”

She won’t stop talking. Shambala’s red face seemed to grumble as he looked at Ark. Ark blushed for no reason and moved Roco away before returning to the main point.

“Shambala, now that you’re the Deliverer do you need to concentrate on the Dark Brothers for a while?”

“I guess.”

Shambala nodded. He had heard the story from Isabel already. Currently the Dark Brothers will split into many factions and they were spread out all over the continent. That was the reason why Salrin’s treasures were scattered. Because Shambala had passed the trial and obtained two of them, his job as the Deliverer was to find the remaining treasure. And he had to find the Dark Brothers in each region and rally them in order to revive the clan. Ark asked with a coy smile.

“Then you won’t have the time to do other things?”

“I’ll tell you in advance that I won’t concede the map and diary.”

Shambala sensed what Ark was leading up to and said it outright. The items needed for Ark’s quest such as the map, key and diary were still with Sid. Ark and Shambala had agreed that they would fight in the Evil Silrion and the winner would obtain it. But returning to the Evil Silrion just for one match would waste a lot of time. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that Ark would win. He had gained a bunch of levels and skills in Silvana, but after fighting Alan together he knew that Shambala wasn’t an opponent that could be ignored. And Shambala had also received the Dark Veil. The Dark Veil wasn’t a simple item. Just like Ark’s stats would increase after he found one of the Three Marvels, Shambala’s stats would also increase and he would obtain some new skills.

However, Shambala’s reaction was cold.

“What, are you really going to act so petty? I thought you were busy?”

“Who is acting petty?  It will take a long time to find all the Dark Brothers on the continent. I can do the quest in between.”

“I thought you would want to complete it as fast as possible for your dear Isabel? So why would you waste time?”

“Do you want to fight?”

“Eh? Why are you glaring? Did I strike a sore point? Have you already forgotten how I suffered and almost died helping you?”

“Did I ask you for help? And you’ve already been compensated. Did you really think I didn’t see you take that item from Alan? And you also got something from Isabel.”

“T-that………Anyway I came as fast as possible to help you.”

“Because of me? It wasn’t because you were annoyed by Alan?”

‘This guy is really quick at noticing things………’

“Ya, are you really going to be like this?”

Ark was about to burst because of his anger. However, Shambala didn’t even blink and just continued.

“I didn’t desire Alan’s items so I turned a blind eye. But my pride won’t let me give up a quest in the game. In addition, there’s no benefit for me if I give it up.”

“You will gain something. My affection!”

“No thanks.”

Ark spread his arms wide open while Shambala laughed. However, Shambala thought for a moment before opening his mouth again.

“If you give me something then I’ll seriously consider it.”

“What do you want? Don’t tell me you want to divide the quest reward………”

“I don’t care about the compensation.”

Shambala gave a sharp sidelong glance at Ark before continuing.

“That skill you used…….what is it?”


“I’ve seen a lot of skills in New World but that was the first time I experienced such a weird skill. The one that changed your body into a liquid. If it wasn’t for that skill then Isabel would’ve died……….”

“A liquid? Are you talking about Slime’s Time?”

“The skill is called Slime’s Time? No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem to be a skill learnt in an ordinary way………how on earth did you learn it? And my guess is that it gives you resistance to blunt weapons? When hit by a blackjack, it did no damage compared to when hit by a knife. I guess that is also related to the skill………”

As expected, Shambala really was sharp. Ark gave him the information after contemplating for a bit. Anyway, he couldn’t make ‘Slime’s Immortality Pill’ without survival cooking. It wouldn’t be a problem even if Shambala knew about it. But Shambala’s reaction to his words was completely different.

“Okay, if you help me make it then I’ll abandon the quest items.”

“What, what the?”

Ark jumped in surprise.

“Were you listening just then? I told you how much time and money was spent just making one. It took me 20 days just to gather the necessary ingredients. And I had to buy the Corrupted Fairy Wings for 300 gold. Yet you want to exchange it with some quest items?”

Of course, if he completed the quest it was estimated that he would obtain thousands of gold.  But Ark wasn’t going to confess that.

“Who said that you would be the one making it?”

“You can’t create the item without survival cooking!”

“I can use a skill scroll to create the ‘Slime’s Immortality Pill.’ I’ll purchase the rest slowly. Since you don’t have to make it, it’s not a bad condition.”

“A skill scroll?”

“Looking at the description will be faster than me explaining.”

Ark looked at Shambala with a bewildered face while he smiled. It was ridiculous but since Salrin’s Towers also functioned like a city, there were quite a few shops inside the tower. Shambala bought a scroll from one of the shops and showed him.

Vision Scroll

It is a special scroll that can hold one particular skill.

However, it isn’t possible to change the skill after saving it. In addition, if you create an item with the scroll then the result will only contain 70% of the actual stats.

Ark’s eyes widened. Hidden shops often sold unique items. These items were compensation for finding hidden villages.  But he never imagined that such an absurd scroll would exist. Shambala’s intention was to use the Vision scroll to obtain the method of making ‘Slime’s Immortality Pill’ from Ark. If he obtained the materials then Shambala would be able to make it by himself. The results were only 70% of the actual stats but………

“Isn’t resilience a stat that I can keep on raising? And Slime’s Time has two different skills? Then isn’t it unlikely I would get both? In fact, if I only got the poison resistance or resilience then I would be satisfied.”

Shambala said after he heard the problem.


Ark’s face became serious.

‘Shouldn’t I obtain money from this recipe?’ In fact, once he made the ‘Slime’s Immortality Pill’ then he had completely forgotten about the recipe. The immortality pill only had one effect per person. Of course he would care about the pills from other monsters, but Ark had no reason to recreate the ‘Slime’s Immortality Pill.’ Then Ark started thinking about selling it. It wouldn’t be too difficult to obtain the ingredients. Ark was currently level 180. If he hunted the Polluted Slimes or hook bats then he wouldn’t get any experience.  Was it possible to give up levelling for the moment and travel back and forth between Cairo and Lancel Village to sell the item?

‘But do I have to make it directly………?’

Since his hobby was making money, Ark quickly thought it through in his head.

‘JusticeMan ajusshi and the rehabilitation hyung-nims will level up if they fight the monsters giving the experience. And if necessary then I can rally the thieves, Meow and raccoons.’

If they went hunting around Cairo and Lancel then they would be able to gather the ingredients. Although he was anxious about the unicorn horn, there was no reason for the unicorns to perish if one foal disappeared. No, the unicorn horn was a necessary ingredient.

In other words……..mass production was possible! Ark had already confirmed the effect of Slime’s Immortality Pill so it wasn’t necessary for him to eat it to see the effect. It was enough to make the buyers drool.

‘This is an opportunity to obtain a large sum!’

He quickly calculated it and estimated that he would earn roughly 200 gold if he took off the labour costs. If he opened an ingredient supply route then it was possible to obtain a stable income.

‘That is the most important thing in today’s society.’

“Okay, I’ll accept the suggestion but there is a problem.”


“The ingredient Corrupted Fairy Wings is not available in a normal way. So I’ll get it. In exchange you’ll have to obtain the unicorn horn.”

“I’ll do that.”

Shambala looked a little bit suspicious but just nodded. So Ark added the Slime’s Immortality Recipe to the scroll after making the agreement. Meanwhile the items for belonged to Ark. Although he hated it, Shambala was prepared to give up the items. Ark bought 20 blank scrolls and found JusticeMan and the others.

“Slime’s Immortality Pill?”

“Yes, hopefully once you raise your level enough it won’t cost too much to make and we can sell it. Although it once has 70% of the original ability, it is a rare skill so it should sell for at least 1,500 gold.”

Ark explained in detail the business. JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members will play the main roles by opening up the hunting grounds. Then the lower-level thugs could steadily collect the ingredients. Once the collected ingredients were gathered in Lancel Village then he would create it. When the goods were finished then he would sell it at the trading post in Silvana through Sid. The labour costs would be a lot but it was the most effective method. In addition, it was possible to make the thieves, Lancel Village and the trading post in Silvana grow at the same time.

“Indeed……… would work if we have the thieves!”

“The other ingredients can be gathered through hunting but what about the Corrupted Fairy Wings……….”

“I’ll send it through the mail as I travel. As it is a magic ingredient, it costs 300 gold just to buy 100.”

“Then we can sell it for 300 gold like Madusein.”

“And the scrolls cost 100 gold each……..”

This was Ark’s plan.

He would sell the Corrupted Fairy Wings at 1 gold for one at the store. But once he had set up the slime factory then it was possible to sell it at 3 gold each just like Madusein. Then he would save 200 gold. And if he bought the scrolls through Shambala then intimacy would increase and he could buy it for 30 gold, so he would save 70 gold. So even if it took one month to create the Slime’s Immortality Pill, he would obtain a monthly profit of 270 gold. As Lancel Village was where it would occur, the real estate price would also increase. It was killing two birds with one stone. No, if JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members also took the pill then there were a lot of benefits! JusticeMan showed a very positive response to Ark’s proposal. The rehabilitation members’ reactions were also explosive.

“Really? Then it is good for us!”

“If we eat the Slime’s Immortality Pill then our stats will also increase.”

“Okay, let’s do it!”

However, there was a separate reason for the rehabilitation members to like the plan. Ever since hunting in the secret dungeon in Silvana, the rehabilitation members had been feeling anxious.

‘Hunting non-stop for 30 hours……….that Ark is not human.’

‘I don’t want to experience such a horrible thing again!’

‘Now that chasing Alan is over, will he make us hunt again?’

The rehabilitation members had never hunted with Ark before. It was only when they accompanied him for a short while that they finally knew his hunting style. Once they actually hunted with him they had enough. So they had been struggling to find some excuse to get out of it. So they quickly agreed to his plan and stood up.

“Now we must return to Lancel Village to organize the labour!”

“Yes! Let’s go, let’s go!”

“It is unfortunate that we can’t hunt with Ark anymore.”

“Isn’t it? But unfortunately that’s impossible!”

Ark took out 20 blank scrolls and saved the ‘Slime’s Immortality Pill’ recipe on them. Then the rehabilitation members emptied their pockets and bought another 20 scrolls before Ark saved the Slime’s Time NO2 skill on them. The most important ingredient for Slime’s Immortality Pill was the Essence of Glowing Slime, but the drop rate for that was very low. But if they gathered slimes using Slime’s Time NO2 then that problem was solved.

“Now the preparations are finished. Let’s go make money!”

The next day, JusticeMan lead the rehabilitation members back to Lancel Village. Although Roco was reluctant to go with them, she wasn’t able to run after Ark while he hunted for 18 hours.

“I can’t go with Oppas because of my part time job. But I’ll follow afterwards.”

Roco couldn’t always be there when they were chasing Alan but she always caught up immediately. It was because she had the unicorn was a 1000% movement speed.  Anyway, Ark parted with his group at Salrin’s Towers.

‘Now it is time to start a new business………’

Ark wanted to expand his business to every destination he would visit. But the business would take some time to establish and gain a profit. So now he had time to settle the quest.

‘There are two things left to do……..’

Ark decided to stay at Salrin’s Towers for a little bit. The current quests he had remaining was the and quest. However, the quest didn’t have a particular destination so he couldn’t do it immediately.

‘So the remaining one is ……….no, there is also that one thing.’

Ark realized that he had forgotten about an important item he obtained a while ago. He had accidentally discovered it when organizing his bags.

-Lord of Darkness Valderas’ Insignia: A level 150 quest starting item.

It was an item that he got from Valderas, the boss of the Event Quest in Jackson. It required level 150 and 100 Knowledge of Ancient Relics! At the time Ark had stored it in his bag and forgotten about it. Apart from his Knowledge of Ancient Relics, his level had been too low to start the quest. But now he was level 180 and he had 138 Knowledge of Ancient Relics! Ark re-examined the insignia and the quest information was registered.

Home of the Fire Draconian

The hottest place on the continent is waiting hidden in the cold North.

It is said that a long time ago, the Fire Draconians hid their home on the continent.  After the darkness approached and Valderas the ruler of Jackson disappeared, the area lost all memory of the area.

However when Valderas’ spirit was restored in his last moments, he desperately yearned to return to his homeland.  Does his desire still remain? There is a sad aura around the insignia that indicates it would like to go back there.  In order to console the regret in Valderas’ spirit, you must find the place where the Fire Draconians’ secret lies asleep.

A red map was written on his map indicating the quest.

‘The northern mountains in the magic kingdom of Bristania………!’

He couldn’t imagine how much time it would take to reach that area. The C level difficulty wasn’t the problem, but since he had business here Ark was unwilling to travel that far.

‘Yes, I’ll settle the quest first.’

Ark decided to keep the insignia for later and look for the laboratory now.

‘First I have to get the items from Sid.’

However, Ark had no reason to go there directly. It was enough to designate a suitable place through a letter. Thanks to the 3000 gold slave contract, Sid had no choice but to go if Ark commanded him to.

‘Huhuhu, having a slave is quite convenient. I should make use of it before it finishes!’

“Now, should I begin with a new mood? Dedric, Deimos follow me!”


Clack clack clack!

Ark left Salrin’s Towers with a light feeling. And as always, he looked for another adventure with his summons. What kind of monsters and events would be waiting for him this time? His chest was already racing because of his excitement. Ark definitely had the soul of an adventurer.







Lariette let out a bittersweet sigh. She had left the Dawn Blade guild as soon as the siege finished just like she promised.  Anyway, since the Dawn Blade guild ended up being disbanded the result was still the same……… After that she toured New World alone. She wanted to meet Ark but it wasn’t as easy as she thought. Ark’s location was unknown after he left Silvana. With no place to look for him, she wandered around and hunted alone.  But it was so lonely.  And since she had always hunted with a guild, she felt like it was a lot more difficult alone. Even though they were only level 150, it was difficult to hunt ogres alone.

‘I’ve always been protected so I haven’t played the game properly.’

Who was to blame?

‘I wonder where Ark-nim is?’

Lariette suddenly looked up at the distant sky. Actually there was a way to contact Ark. It was possible for her to know his phone number through the Planning Department of Global Exos.  No, even without that she could still send him a letter in the game. But when she stood in front of the mailbox she didn’t send anything. She wasn’t expecting their meeting to be some kind of fateful encounter. But she didn’t want to meet him using such a blatant method. And………such a vague message might seem suspicious.

‘Why is it like this? Why can’t I contact an acquaintance?’

Even she couldn’t understand why she hesitated.

‘I don’t know. But………’

Lariette stopped moving and sighed. Suddenly an old man who had been sitting at the entrance of a village approached her.

“You……..are you perhaps a magician?”

“Yes, what happened?”

“Could I perhaps ask you for a favour?”

“A favour?”

Lariette looked at the village resident in surprise. A NPC’s request was usually a quest. However, this was the first time she had been in this town. It was rare to receive a quest without any intimacy with the residents.  Perhaps the quest was simple. Lariette nodded.

“If I am able to do it…….”

“Ah, it is fortunate. All the magicians refused to stop in town because they were worried. In fact, a few nights ago ghosts started appearing in town.”


“Yes, there is no apparent damage to the town but the residents have been complaining since the ghosts appear every night on the eastern hill. Oh, I’m not asking you to fight them. However, we have nobody who can talk to ghosts. So we decided to ask some magicians. So please go talk to them and convince them.”

‘The quest doesn’t seem that difficult.’

If Lariette had to convince a gentle ghost then it shouldn’t be that much trouble.

“I’ll give it a try.”

“However………as you can see this town is not that rich. I’m embarrassed but the most we can provide are meals and a place to sleep.”

The old man said as he studied Lariette’s face. It was probably the reason why other magicians didn’t accept the quest. The old man also thought that the magicians declined for this reason so his face was worried. However, Lariette just laughed as she replied.

“That will be enough.”

“Thank you.”

Soon the quest information window popped up.

Ghostly disturbance around the town of Gorno

A few days ago, rumours appeared that the town of Gorno was haunted by ghosts.

The ghosts weep and tell stories, making the residents terrified every night. If you persuade the ghosts to leave or fight them then the residents will provide you with a warm bed as gratitude.

‘Ah, that is how the quest started!’

After seeing the quest information Lariette understood the situation. She had a considerably high alignment to good. While she was with the Dawn Blade, Alan and the other guild members completed quests while she took the time to help residents in trouble. Thanks to that, she received a title and her good alignment increased by a lot. The guild might consider it insignificant but she found helping NPCs quite enjoyable. Thanks to the NPC, her feeling of loneliness was alleviated a little bit.

Lariette waited for evening before heading up the hill to the ghost town. But on that day the ghosts did not appear. Lariette once again waited for the next night while hunting. And she waited for 1 hour before leaving and hiding. On the hill a faint shape appeared. The ghost who caused fear in the residents was a small boy. The boy sighed deeply before shedding tears.

‘Under these circumstances, since I can see him I might be able to settle it with words.’

Lariette spoke to the boy using ‘Sensitive Soul’ magic.

“Hey, what happened?”


The boy ghost looked at Lariette with a perplexed expression.

 -How can you talk to me?

“I am a magician.”


“Yes, I arrived here yesterday and an old man in the town told me about you. The residents are afraid of the ghost that had been haunting them for several days. I don’t think that you are deliberately trying to torment the residents…….so why don’t you tell Noona what is wrong? If I can then I’ll help you.”

Lariette convinced in a soft tone. The boy ghost hesitated before replying in a tearful voice.

 -It is because of a devil called Alan.


Lariette’s eyes widened. She never imagined that she would hear the name Alan from a ghost. Lariette made her heart calm down and asked.

“Did you say Alan?”

-Yes, do you know him? The Holy Knight Alan.

“Y-yes. I’ve heard the rumours. But why are you crying because of Alan?”

 -In fact, hundreds of years ago I was a squire who served a Holy Knight.

The boy disclosed his identity in a sad voice.  And then the boy spoke about how he met Alan. Surprisingly, Alan received the NPC quest to become a Holy Knight when he was a beginner because of the boy ghost.

 -Before Master died, he asked me to find the next Holy Knight. But that person didn’t appear for hundreds of years. Then be chance I met the foreigner Alan. He was the right person. No, at the time he just seemed like it. So I told him the method to become a Holy Knight.

 The boy explained up to here and suddenly ground his teeth together.

-But it was my mistake. Alan betrayed the Master’s will and committed atrocities known across the entire continent. Thanks to that he has defiled Master’s name!

 “But it’s not your fault.”

Lariette said in a sad voice. She didn’t consider the boy’s circumstances as a way to complete the quest anymore. He was not the only one who had believed in Alan and tasted disappointment. Didn’t she also become disappointed and eventually left Alan? Then the boy ghost shook his head.

 -No, it’s my fault.

“……..So that is the reason you’re crying?”

 -No, I’m not crying because of that.

The boy’s face distorted with anguish.

 -A few nights ago, Master’s gravestone started to be dyed black.

“Dyed black?”

 -Only one thing makes sense. Alan has been tinged with evil and abandoned his occupation as a Holy Knight. Since the Holy Knight is chained by fate to Alan, Master is beginning to fall along with him. Because of him, Master’s soul is now wandering the Netherworld as an aimless ghost. Master’s pain is all because I made the mistake of choosing the wrong man. But I am not able to do anything.

Tears once again fell from the boy’s eyes. Then he grabbed Lariette’s hand and said.

 -Noona, please! Noona please help save Master!


“What? M-me?”

 -Yes, I’ve been crying here for a couple of days but Noona is the first one to stop. Noona is the only one I can ask. Please save Master who is wandering as a ghost in the Netherworld because I was betrayed by Alan!

“B-but I don’t know how to get to the Netherworld.”

-That won’t be an issue. It is possible to make a passage to that dimension using Master’s grave. The door will lead to the Netherworld where Master is. And once Master returns to his original form then you’ll be able to return immediately. If possible I would like to go but I am tied to Master’s gravestone with a Chain of Covenant.

 Lariette had a puzzled expression. All of a sudden she had to go to another dimension…….. In addition, she had to save the Holy Knight but she had to find him first. However, she couldn’t refuse the boy who was shedding tears. Eventually Lariette braced herself.

‘This is because of Alan. Therefore it is my responsibility too. Yes, I don’t know whether it’s possible but I can’t decline this child’s request. Let’s see how far I can go. The worse possible situation is that I die.’

“Yes, I’ll give it a shot.”

 -Thank you!

The boy ghost bowed to her many times before leading Lariette through the woods. Deep in the woods was an old tombstone dyed black. The Holy Knight was one of the 7 heroes. At the end of the Dark Century, all the heroes were like Kings in their homes so why was his gravesite in such a secluded place? Furthermore, the boy ghost was protecting such an old tombstone…….. But the boy ghost didn’t have time to explain every detail. The boy caressed the tombstone before he spoke in a distorted voice.

-Noona…….please save Master’s soul.

“Yes, I’ll try.”

Lariette entered the dimensional door with a tense expression. She never imagined the fate that would be waiting for her…………







A huge brown monster collapsed with a shriek.

“Huk huk huk, I won!”

Ark breathed harshly before flopping onto the ground. After Ark left Salrin’s Tower, he had looked for Sid in order to obtain the items. After deciphering the map with the cipher from the diary, he found the area marked which was a red wilderness. However, the red wilderness wasn’t a joke once he entered it. The monster that had collapsed just then was a huge Beowulf that could cause ‘Rigidity’ with just its gaze………and it was a level 130 monster. Since the quest level restriction was 150, Ark was amazed and felt like he had been struck by lightning.

‘If I didn’t have Wind Spirit’s Boots then I wouldn’t have survived.’

Ark looked at the luxurious boots made of red leather. The Wind Spirit’s Boots had the ‘Slide’ skill attached. The best thing about this skill was that he could combine it with any attack. Fortunately, a new battle style was produced and the synergy effect was beyond his expectations. Even so, it was difficult to fight the monsters of the red wilderness without his darkness bonus attribute. If it wasn’t for Wind Spirit’s Boots then he would die immediately. Anyway, every time he battled he would have to take a rest. And it wasn’t possible to approach a group of monsters in the daytime. Thanks to that his schedule was delayed and it took his several days to arrive at his destination. But one consolation was that the monsters in the red wilderness gave quite a lot of experience. He was able to gain 9 levels.

“Character information window!”

Character Name Ark Race Human
Alignment Good +350
Fame 6,675 (+ 500) Level 189
Profession Dark Walker
Title Cat Knight, Caretaker of the Battlefield, Jackson’s Hero
Health 3,040 (+ 150) Mana 3,055
Spiritual Power 100 Strength 359 (+28)
Agility  509 (+35) Stamina 569 (+20)
Wisdom 58 (+10) Intelligence 592
Luck 69 (+30) Flexibility 88
Art of Communication 46 Affection 109 (+10)
Resilience 210
Special stat: Knowledge of Ancient Relics 138
* Equipment item effects
Guardian Armour of the Merpeople: Water Attribute Resistance +100%, Penalty based on water is nullified.

Cat Paws (Gloves): Attack Speed +10%, Agility +15, Critical Hit +10%

Raccoons Pith (Helmet): Agility + 10, Wisdom + 10

* Set effect: Strength + 10, Agility + 10, Stamina +10, Defense +20

Warrior’s Transcripts (Shoulder Blades): Strength + 3

Wind Spirit’s Boots (Shoes): Agility + 30, Movement Speed +30%, Attack Speed +10%, ‘Slide’ available

Veil of Fire (Mantle): Flame resistance + 50%

Adelaine’s Necklace (Necklace): Defense + 40, Affection +10, ‘Blessing of the Sea’ available

Resurrecting Spirit (Ring): Strength + 5, Mana recovery + 5%

Mind’s Eye (Ring): ‘Mind’s Eye’ enabled

Amulet of Vitality (Bracelet): Health + 50, Health recovers by 5 every 20 seconds

Gladiator’s Honour (Bracelet): Strength, Agility, Stamina +10, Fame +500, Sword-based Skill Growth +5%

* 40% increase all skills in the dark.

* You have the ability to hide in the darkness (20 minutes duration. Cancelled when you get into combat)

* Resistance to Fear, Darkness, Blind, and Seduction spells is increased by 50%.

* You can bring out the true abilities from all types of tools.

* Shock absorption is increased by 20%.

* Poison resistance has increased by 50%.

‘I’m level 189! Just 1 more level………!’

Yes, the fights were difficult at the moment but once he reached level 190 the situation would change. He would be able to use Gwisal’s sword.

‘My first rare sword…….what does it feel like? I want to try it out quickly.’

“Aaargh, its cold, cold!”

After Ark checked the information window, Dedric complained while rubbing his wings. It was currently winter in New World. And the red wilderness was literally engulfed in blades of wind. Even though he didn’t like wasting even 1 copper, Ark was eventually forced to buy a thick outer coat.

Clack clack clack! Clack clack clack clack!

Deimos who was made of bone didn’t know what the fuss was about.

“Shut up, unlike you I have a delicate body!”

“Please get up and be prepared. It is almost time.”

Ark stood up and once again wandered the wilderness. After some bloody battles, he eventually arrived at his destination. But after overcoming numerous difficulties, the place he arrived at was a shabby hut. In addition, the only things that had gathered dust inside were books and utensils but there was nothing related to alchemy.

“W-what it this?” Did I make a mistake?”

No matter how many times Ark looked at the map, all the information pointed towards the cabin. No, there must be something else. Then some phrases from the diary appeared in Ark’s head.

The place where the earth is stained with blood, but the world that you know isn’t the only truth. Behind the old mirror there might be other worlds you don’t know about.

 ‘Come to think of it, I still haven’t used the key!’

Ark started to look through the cabin with some expectations. And he soon found something in a big box. Although it was filled with antique picture frames, there was one picture with a wooden door that he couldn’t pull out no matter what.


Ark touched the key in the lock.


At the moment, the key entered the lock and the door in the picture opened. The space inside the locked door started spreading outwards. He carefully dipped his hand into something that felt like water before he was suddenly swept into the picture.

‘That’s right, Magaro was studying different dimensions. He must’ve been successful in his research………different worlds! The laboratory I’m searching for is in a different dimension!’

“A different dimension…….what kind of place will it be?”

Ark had no fear of landing in an unknown world. Even if it was different, it was still a game so the risks would be similar. Ark just smiled and steadily entered the picture. After a few minutes Ark disappeared into the picture………

“Did you see? Did you see?”

“I saw. He entered the picture.”

“Huhuhu, that Ark. He never imagined that we would be watching.”

“Wouldn’t there by a huge treasure inside that picture?”

Wearing fur hats and thick clothes, three people entered the cabin. It was Buksil, Sapjil and Ulmeok. The Three Pig Brothers. Before Ark entered the red wilderness, they noticed that he used his cash card at a village and shadowed him secretly. Of course, as merchants the red wilderness was deadly for them but luckily Ark disposed of all the monsters ahead of them.

“That Ark bastard. He only started looking for the treasure after taking 200 gold from us………”

“Because of that our backs are bent.”

Ulmeok cried out with a sad face. Then Buksil soothed him.

“But it is okay. Once we see a chance to steal the treasure it is our victory!”

“Huhuhu, I would love to see his crying face.”

“Okay, are you prepared? Let’s go!”

So the Three Pig Brothers jumped into the picture.







It was late when a mobile phone suddenly rung and vibrated. When he lifted the cell phone he heard a familiar voice.

“This is Wang Ho.”

“………Did you find out?”

“Yes, I’ve found his name and home address.”

“What’s his name?

“Kim Hyun-woo, he is twenty-two this year.”

“That little bastard…….!”

The one who was mumbling in a low voice was Andel.

“What should I do?”

Wang Ho asked and Andel replied in a cold voice after thinking for a bit.

“Break both arms so that he won’t be able to play the game for several months. Once you take photos of the broken arms then I will deposit the payment as promised. Can you do that?”

“That’s our specialty. Don’t worry. It will be done with no problems.”

Wang Ho laughed and replied.

“It is a secret from my father.”

“Of course.”

Andel disconnected the phone and looked at the game unit with a desolate look. After being killed by Ark in Nagaran, he hadn’t logged back into New World. He had heard that Ark occupied the castle after obtaining the challenge right and that Alan had become a criminal. Andel knew Alan’s true character better than anyone so he didn’t dare answer Alan’s call.

‘But now it will be finished.’

Once I show Alan the photo of Ark’s broken arms, he will forget about it. The most important thing is to get rid of his anger……….

‘Ark……… said I picked the wrong opponent? Never, the person who made a mistake is you.’

However, Ark didn’t only exist in the game.





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