Act 8: Red Man’s Counterattack

ACT 8 Red Man’s Counterattack

“That Wigurima, serves him right.”

Overlooking the world tree Yuzuria…..

A big, burly Nakujuk laughed and muttered.

“He’s been so arrogant since he swallowed the heart of the world tree.”

He was a Nakujuk warrior called ‘Kuranka.’ In fact, the original chieftain of the Nakujuk was Kuranka. But while he was away, Wigurima swallowed the world tree’s heart and stole his position. Thanks to that, Kuranka had been demoted from a chieftain to an escort. However, their past wasn’t the reason why Kuranka didn’t help Wigurima.

“They’re all performing to your will.”

Kuranka spoke towards the man next to him. It was a man with red hair wearing a white mask! Ark had received quest which was a Lore quest. The boss of that kind of quest wouldn’t collapse so easily. Yes, originally there were supposed to be Kuranka and 10 guards in order to supplement Wigurima’s weaknesses. The last trial of the quest would’ve been fighting all of them…… That was the original intention. But the one who stopped this from proceeding and controlled the Nakujuk was the Red Man. The Red Man nodded and replied.

“Everything will be done according to the prophecy.”

“Kukukuku, now we can accomplish the Nakujuk’s 100 year desire. And the Netherworld will be in our hands……”

Kuranka made a smile of satisfaction as he stared at the Red Man.

“But what will you do about Jewel’s group? Do they have any value anymore? Is it really necessary to keep the promise of giving them the southern region of the Netherworld?”

“……The Hermes guild that Jewel belongs to holds quite a considerable power in middle-earth. I can’t use the Nakujuk for everything so they still have some value. I’ll leave it just in case.”

“If my Lord says so……”

Kuranka looked dissatisfied but bowed politely. Then he looked at Ark and muttered in a tense voice.

“But what is that guy doing?”

Ark was pacing in front of the bud while holding Yuzuria. The Red Man murmured in a voice which held a mixture of a laugh and contempt.

“He’s probably savouring his joy now that he’s reached this point. He came all the way here to revive Yuzuria after all. What else would he be doing?”

It was at that time. While the Red Man was speaking, Ark suddenly pulled something out of his bag. Then he began to draw a magic circle using the oddly glowing sand. The Red Man’s eyes became distressed as he saw the scene.

“Oh, t-that is Magaro’s Dimensional Movement Powder! No way, this guy…..stop, stop it!”

“Huh? What are you…..huk?”

Kuranka had tilted his head to one side with confusion. But then Ark finished the magic circle and a gate appeared. Then Ark, Shambala and Lariette jumped into the gate and it slowly faded away.

“T-this……stupid! He took Yuzuria away? What nonsense……no way……did he detect my purpose? Such a thing…..”

The Red Man was unable to hide his confusion as he murmured before suddenly turning his body violently.

“He……he wants to restore Yuzuria in the Baran clan’s territory! I never thought he would come up with such a cheeky idea after coming all the way here. I have to stop him or else it will disrupt my plan. Gather the troops. It isn’t that easy to restore Yuzuria. There is still time. Catch him and recover Yuzuria’s Heart!”

“Yes, I’ll gather the troops!”

Kuranka hurriedly ran away.


“Kekeke, I came up with something good.”

Ark smirked as he exited from the gate. In fact, Ark had intended to resurrect Yuzuria right there in Ageiron.  No, he thought that he had to resurrect it there.  But he noticed something when checking the information window for Yuzuria’s Heart. It stated that ‘the necessary conditions needed to be in place’ in order to resurrect the world tree. If Yuzuria’s Heart had been attached to the bud then he would’ve ignored that information. But he became aware of a different possibility when he saw that Wigurima swallowed Yuzuria’s heart. In other words, didn’t it mean Yuzuria could be resurrected anywhere outside of Ageiron as long as the necessary conditions were met?

‘Of course it is limited to the Netherworld and there has to been the full moon shining but……’

The place protected by the world tree received enormous additional effects. Popo was only a seed yet didn’t he still bring huge benefits to Lancel village? If he resurrected Yuzuria in Ageiron then the benefits would go to the Nakujuk.

‘Am I crazy? Why should I do something good for the Nakujuk? There was still time before the full moon rose completely. Meanwhile I have to make preparations to resurrect Yuzuria at Haman Fortress. Perhaps the necessary conditions in the information window…..’

Ark could already guess what was required to revive the world tree. It probably referred to ‘Sacred Soil.’ And Ark knew a place with sufficient amounts of soil. Lancel village……the place where Popo was planted and the fields were sprinkled with Sacred Soil. Now that Lancel village’s food shortage problem was solved, it shouldn’t be a problem to take some Sacred Soil. In addition, the effects of the Sacred Soil had been increased thanks to Ark using Miracle Nursing on it in the past. The effect was sufficient enough to raise vegetables.

‘If I resurrect Yuzuria at Haman Fortress then there will be a huge benefit.’

Yes, Ark hadn’t been aware of the Red Man’s presence or his plan. He just thought about the way to get more money and came to that conclusion.

“Ah, Ark nyang!”

When Ark showed up in the centre of Lancel village, Jana who had been in the midst of dancing flew towards him. Then she noticed Lariette and pricked her ears.

“What is this nyang? There’s a different girl this time nyang? You really are a flirt nyang!”

“Noisy, I have no time to be playing around!”

Ark pushed Jana and ran across the square.

“Nyang! He pushed me nyang? How dare he nyang? Ark is a bad man nyang.”

Jana then raised her eyebrows and shook her tail.

“Nyang nyang nyang, but Jana doesn’t hate a bad man nyang. I’m somehow more attracted nyang.”

And a suspicious look started to grow on Jana’s fans’ faces.

‘Isn’t a bad man too mainstream?’

‘Shall I try it once?’

Anyway, Ark paid no attention to things like that. From now on, it was a fight against time. He had to resurrect Yuzuria while there was still a full moon in the Netherworld. It hadn’t taken as much time to break through Ageiron as he thought so there was 2 hours left. He had to move the Sacred Soil and then make preparations to revive Yuzuria.

“Galen ajusshi!”

“Oh, Ark? You have come.  Your store……”

“I didn’t come to talk about that. Please urgently gather people!”

“People? What is going on?”

Galen asked and Ark explained the situation in the Netherworld as quickly as possible.

“You mean the Netherworld where Bona and the children are from? I understand. The Baran clan are already valued customers of our village. In addition, you’re the owner of the Sacred Soil. I’ll immediately mobilize the villagers to gather the Sacred Soil from the field. How much do you need?”

“Around 2x as much as the soil used for Popo’s flower bed should be enough.”

“Then that’s around 3~4 fields. I’ll prepare it now.”

Galen immediately ran and gathered the farmers. Ark had greatly impressed the farmers in the past while moving the Sacred Soil so they obeyed without any complaints. After one hour had passed, there were four large wagons filled with sufficient amounts of Sacred Soil.

“Then I’ll take this and go.”

“I wish you success.”

Ark finished the preparations and drew the magic circle.

‘Wait, don’t I have to use several kilograms of Dimensional Movement Powder in order to move these wagons? Aie, it doesn’t matter. The powder will be useless once the Netherworld rises anyway……’

Ark made up his mind and used the remaining powder to create a huge gate in a corner of the village. Then he entered the gate and Haman Fortress appeared.

“Ark, what happened?”

JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members rushed towards him when he arrived at the fortress. The rehabilitation group who fought against the Nakujuk had already returned to the fortress. Among them was Bul-kkun. They had instantly resurrected in Haman Fortress after dying in Ageiron.

“What the hell? Didn’t you say the Netherworld would rise if you were successful?”

“Did you fail?”

“No, I’ll begin now.”

Ark grinned and explained the circumstances. Then JusticeMan also laughed and slapped Ark’s shoulder.

“Hahaha, as expected from Ark. Who else would think of that in such a situation? Okay, there’s nothing more to say. Summon the soldiers. Let’s start working straight away!”

“Ohhhh, we get to see the resurrection of the world tree with our own eyes?”

Beseutyu and the elders raised their arms with a thrilled look. The Baran soldiers arrived not long afterwards and started shovelling. They needed to make a proper soil bed in order for Yuzuria to plant some roots. Ark regularly raised his head to look at the full moon while it was in progress. The huge full moon had descended enough that it looked like it was touching the hillside.

‘There’s still 40 minutes left. The current pace is sufficient!’

Ark started to feel more relaxed. But suddenly a huge black shape was seen in front of the full moon. It looked like a group of birds which gradually grew larger. Ark narrowed his eyes at it before they suddenly widened after a few moments.


Yes, the shape revealed in the moonlight were Draken troops crossing the northern mountains. It wasn’t a few like before. There were approximately 500 Drakens approaching! In addition, there were many Nakujuk riding them while holding spears and swords.


JusticeMan burst out in surprise as he lifted his head.

“There’s so many Drakens…..! W-why? If they had these many Drakens then why hadn’t they been used in the war so far?”

It was incomprehensible to Ark and JusticeMan. There was no time to consider the reasons.

“Commander-nim, the Nakujuk have started to advance in the canyon!”

“What, what the?”

JusticeMan jumped up and ran to the walls. Just like the guard said, the Nakujuk were advancing into Kurata canyon. The Nakujuk had begun an all-out assault just as the resurrection of Yuzuria was in sight.

“Everybody hurry up. If Yuzuria is restored then considerable benefits will be applied to us. We have to restore Yuzuria before those guys arrive!”

“U-understood! Hurry!”

The Baran clan frantically shovelled the dirt at JusticeMan’s command. Thanks to that, they completed the soil bed before the Draken troops arrived at Haman Fortress. Ark took out Yuzuria’s Heart and ran towards the soil bed. And just as he was about to put it into the ground!


Suddenly a huge black eagle flew over Ark’s head. In its wake, lightning struck down in front of Ark.  An intense shock wave spread around the area. Ark was hit by the shock wave and was blown several metres back before hitting the ground. Thanks to the impact, Yuzuria’s Heart tumbled out of his hand.

“Ugh, what, what the?”

Ark wobbled as he raised his body. Then somebody started to walk out of the cloud of dust. The red hair like blood fluttered around as the man wearing the white mask walked forward!

“……Red Man!”

This was the first time he had seen the Red Man close up. He had red hair while his whole face was covered by a white mask and blood was dripping off his red chain armour. In the centre of his armour was an embossed pattern shaped like the Indian god Indra. When the Red Man stepped closer, the chain armour rocked and Indra twitched like it was alive.

‘What, what the? Why is this guy suddenly here……?’

Ark took one step back from the strange atmosphere. Ark thought that the Red Man held an important clue towards passing Global Exos entrance examination. Thus he had tried to figure out his identity several times. But Ark didn’t have the slightest idea even after making contact with him now. No, he couldn’t even understand why the Red Man emerged now.

‘Why on earth would the Red Man appear here?’

“…….I will be taking back Yuzuria’s Heart.”


Ark asked with a stupid face.

“Ha, what’s with this guy?”

“He jumped in alone? What a bold bastard.”

“Hahaha, I’ll smash him before the others come!”

Bul-kkun and Ddeok-dae suddenly rushed towards him and swung their swords. But the Red Man disappeared as soon as the swords were lifted.

“Take this… Huh? Where did he…..huk!”

Bul-kkun had been looking around with confusion when he suddenly sucked in a breath. What the hell? He didn’t know how but the Red Man suddenly appeared close to Bul-kkun’s side. Bul-kkun freaked out and retreated. But it was too late as something emerged from the Red Man’s palm and a roaring sound like a bomb exploding was heard.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


Bul-kkun’s body flew back several metres. The Red Man was already moving towards Ddeok-dae before Bul-kkun even hit the ground. Ddeok-dae flinched and raised his shield. However, the Red Man just struck Ddeok-dae’s shield with his palm once again and Ddeok-dae flew back several metres. What the hell just happened? Ark couldn’t understand the situation. Regardless of their levels, Bul-kkun and Ddeok-dae were former gangsters. They had professional fighting skills and their hobby was fighting against others. Although their levels and stats might be lower, their fighting skills was be ranked in the A grade. But those two were defeated with just one touch. Moreover, the ‘Guardian=Assaulter’ had the highest defense among the rehabilitation group yet they still lost 30% health and were stunned from one attack.

“T-that bastard…..!”

“Everybody, grab him!”

The rehabilitation members and the Baran clan flocked towards the Red Man. But at that moment, black shapes fell around the Red Man like bombs.

Thump, thump, thump, thump!

It was Kuranka and the Nakujuk on the Drakens. Wind blasted through the Fortress as hundreds of Drakens landed. Thanks to the massive amounts of dirt, dust and gravel flying, everybody’s field of vision was limited. There were occasional screams from the Baran as they collided with the Nakujuk.

“Huhuhu, slaughter all of them!”

“Stop them. There will be no future for the Baran clan if Haman Fortress is taken!”

‘Damn, what’s happening?’

Ark fumbled around in the dust as he searched for Yuzuria’s Heart. He didn’t know how this happened but the most urgent problem was to resurrect the world tree. It didn’t matter if he died here as long as the world tree was revived. If he failed then everything would be finished.

‘T-there it is!’

Ark soon found Yuzuria’s Heart stuck in the ground. It was rolling away thanks to being kicked by the many feet. Treating a world tree like this…….Yggdrasil would’ve wept if he saw the scene. Anyway, Ark hurriedly ran towards Yuzuria’s Heart once he noticed it. But the Red Man abruptly ran through the dust cloud towards him.


Ark reflexively turned his body and swung his sword. But just like when he took care of Bul-kkun, the Red Man disappeared and appeared at Ark’s side. He could sense the Red Man’s palm about to touch his side. At that moment, Ark got goose bumps as he felt an eerie feeling. It wasn’t his head, but his instincts gave him a fearful warning!

‘It is dangerous!’

Ark instantly used Dark Dance. His body quickly moved 10 metres.

‘To this degree…..huk, oh my god!’

Naturally he chased Ark. Just as Ark was about to sigh with relief, he felt the Red Man at his back. He had perfectly read Ark’s movements and followed.  Ark was surprised and once again used Dark Dance but it was too late. Suddenly there was a huge explosion.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, jjejejejeok!

It sounded like something was breaking inside his body. There was a wave of noise as a message window appeared.

-You have been hit by a ‘Chakra Wave.’

‘Huh, c-chakra wave?’

Ark was interested in martial arts and had seen the world ‘Chakra’ before. It would be too long if he explained everything, but Chakra was something that originated in India. In other words, ‘Chakra wave’ was an Oriental attack……similar to a ball of energy used in street fighting games. It wasn’t shot from a distance, but instead the palm of the hand was used to blow the shock wave directly into the body? Well, this part was common sense……and the damage Ark received was dreadful. It was a technique which ignored defense and dealt 800 damage. He also lost 1000 mana thanks to the attack. In addition, his attack and movement speed fell and he became rigid.

‘What a ridiculous cheat skill……!’

Ark rolled as he fell and barely managed to maintain his centre as he raised his head. He knew this time. He couldn’t deal with this opponent. In fact, he knew it even before he met the Red Man in person. Ark had seen the Red Man fighting in Popo’s memory.  He had defeated a whole village of raccoons by himself. Even the world tree Yggdrasil couldn’t deal with the Red Man. It was common sense to think that such power was beyond a user. Therefore he had thought of the Red Man as an NPC but……

‘He is……a user!’

Eyes of the Cat identified that his information window was different from a NPCs. However, there were only question marks next to his name and level. There were two possible reasons for this. He either hid his identity with a specific skill like Shambala or his was more than 100 levels above Ark. He could guess the level difference between them even without seeing the information window.

‘But I can’t give up. I have to fight and defeat him!’

Ark clenched his teeth and grabbed his sword firmly. However the Red Man wasn’t interested in Ark. He had turned his back to Ark and was walking in the opposite direction.

‘Oh, that reminds me……!’

Ark stared after the Red Man with stupid eyes. The place Ark had been heading before hit by the Chakra wave was towards Yuzuria’s Heart. Everything would be over if the Red Man got his hands on Yuzuria’s Heart. Ark struggled to raise his body.

Cheng, kwa kwa kwa kwa kwak!

Daggers suddenly flew through the air like a machine g*n.

One was thrown towards Yuzuria’s Heart while the others headed towards the Red Man.  The Red Man had been about to pick up Yuzuria’s Heart when he was hit by the dagger.

“Ark, what are you doing? Wake up!”

The distinctive form of Shambala came running through the dust cloud.

“Ohhhhh, Shambala nice timing!”

“Healing Touch, Goddess’ Protection!”

Lariette also ran towards him and used her recovery magic. Therefore Ark’s health was recovered and he could move his body.

“Ha, that’s it.  Now let’s try this again!”

Ark regained his momentum when Shambala and Lariette appeared. That’s right. Ark had no confidence that he would win if he fought the Red Man by himself. If Ark was alone. However, it was different if Shambala and Lariette were also present. It was 1 vs. 3, no with his summons it was 1 vs. 5!

“Dedric and Razak, protect Lariette. Shambala, you know what to do? Let’s go from both sides!”

“Okay.  Let’s catch him. Ark.”

“I hear you.  Dark blade!”

“Throwing daggers, Torpedo Sword!”

Lariette applied buffs to Ark and Shambala while they split up.  They approached in a circular motion on both sides of the Red Man and fired their skills. Ark confused the Red Man using a combination of Dark Dance and Slide while continuously using his chain skill Dark Strike and Riposte. Shambala also used ‘Torpedo Sword’ and ‘Cross Wave’ to attack the Red Man. It was the combination of the two users who conquered the Evil Silrion!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, jjeojeok, woorururung!

The people inside the dust cloud were difficult to distinguish and all that could be seen were lightning, flashes of light and roaring sounds. No, the battle between the Red Man and Ark’s group was of a standard where the bystanders couldn’t see it even without the dust cloud. There were rapid movements and explosion of chain skills! It was as if the scene of hundreds of people fighting was fast-forwarded at a x4 speed.


Lariette murmured as she stood to the rear with the summons. In fact, the most surprised people were Ark and Shambala.

‘I had such tremendous skills?’

When playing the game, sometimes people would experience a strange awakening. Timing and control were needed in many games such as FPS and RPG games. It wasn’t easy to calculate the timing and take control in ever-changing situations. But occasionally there were times when people would surprise themselves. It was like a new type of animation. Their adrenaline and concentration in this situation raised their judgements and abilities to 120%! That was Ark and Shambala’s state right now. There were two kinds of people. People who become weaker in a crisis or people who exert more power in a crisis. Ark and Shambala belonged to the latter.  If they met an overly strong opponent then their abilities would rise to a standard that they couldn’t imagine.

‘It’s possible to win, the two of us can defeat him!’

Ark became convinced of their victory as he saw the Red Man’s health go down. In the end the Red Man’s health decreased to 50% and he stumbled before retreating. No matter how high his level or skills, there were still limits to how he could defeat them when Ark, Shambala and Lariette had hero professions. No, that was what Ark thought.

“It was your mistake for jumping in rashly by yourself!”

Ark lifted his sword when the Red Man’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He instantly slammed his fist into the ground and shouted.

“Impertinent……Shiva’s Proclamation!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

It was at that time. Suddenly a huge stone statue rose from the ground. It was one of the three Hindu gods. It was a stone statue resembling Shiva with four arms, three eyes and a snake wrapped around the neck. The four arms made of stone moved strangely and the surrounding space became filled with a red light. A red warning message floated in front of Ark.

-The skill ‘Shiva’s Proclamation’ has been activated.

Everything within 300 metres of Shiva’s statue is within the sphere of influence of the skill.

“What, what the? What’s with this absurd effect?

The Red Man’s hand then moved towards his waist. Then an intense glare which burned his retinas appeared…..what had happened? While they were thinking, blood suddenly spurted from Ark and Shambala’s thighs.

-You have been hit with ‘Chakra Blade.’

“This is all the hero professions are capable of?”

The Red Man muttered while holding a black sword with a blazing red aura around him.

‘Huk, t-this is….oh my god, that reminds me….!’

Ark’s face became pale as he fell to one knee. The forgotten memories flashed through his head. He had felt like something was lacking for a while. The atmosphere of the Red Man he saw in Popo’s memories was different from the one he had fought so far. Yes, Ark hadn’t called him the Red Man just because of his red hair. The Red Man he saw slaughtering the raccoons had been surrounded by a red aura. At that time he thought it was just the special effects of the flashback……

‘That’s not it, he must’ve activated this skill back then. He was able to massacre the raccoons thanks to this skill. In other words, this state shows off his capabilities by 100%! Then so far……’

Although his previous thoughts had been heated, now it cooled down.

“Ark, he’s coming.”

Shambala’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

Kiiiiing….kwa kwang!

At the same time, the Red Man crossed the space at an incredible pace. A dense cloud of dust rose everywhere the Red Man passed. There was a shock like a bomb exploding in his wake that continuously hit Ark.  Ark was once again blown back several metres. Shambala appeared behind him and stabbed his back with a dagger, but the Red Man just shook off the damage and attacked Shambala.


Blood spouted from his arms in the form of a letter X. The Red Man was confident enough that he didn’t care if he was hit.

He just stopped every movement of their swords and countered right away with a wave attack. Ark and Shambala couldn’t attack properly and all they could do was evade. Yet their health still went down to 30%.

“Healing Touch!”

Lariette hurriedly approached and used recovery magic.

“How futile….!”

Then the Red Man turned his head and instantly arrived in front of Lariette.

“Dedric, Razak, stop him!”

“Huk, u-understood.” Hey bastard, your enemy is me!”

Clack clack clack, clack clack clack clack!

Dedric and Razak rushed towards the Red Man. However the Red Man just moved his sword and an intense shock wave appeared, throwing Dedric and Razak back. The Red Man continuously used his ‘Powerful Wave’ attack and Lariette quickly fell into a critical condition.

‘N-no, it isn’t possible to stop him!’

It wasn’t possible to handle the Red Man while he was within the sphere of influence of Shiva’s Proclamation.

‘The information window explained the weakness of Shiva’s Proclamation. The first weakness is that the skill will be cancelled if the statue breaks and the second is that there must be a time limit to it. But that guy is almost invincible inside this area. If only the rehabilitation members and the Baran weren’t busy fighting the Nakujuk then they could destroy the statue while we distract him.’

Fortunately, Shiva’s Territory Proclamation was a spatial limitation skill. If he left the area of 300 metres then the abilities of the Red Man would return to his original state. In other words, the Red Man was only invulnerable inside that area. If Ark, Shambala and Lariette managed to leave the sphere of influence then the Red Man wouldn’t be able to excessively attack them.

‘We can just stay outside the sphere of influence until Shiva’s Proclamation ran out. If the skill has this much effect then the cool down time should be at least 24 hours.’

There was a way to defeat the Red Man after analysing his abilities.

‘But there’s one problem.’

Ark squinted at the sphere rolling around in the dust. That was the problem. The Red Man’s purpose was to obtain Yuzuria’s Heart. And Yuzuria’s Heart was within the sphere of influence. Even if Ark’s group escaped safely out of the sphere of influence, what would be the point if the Red Man got his hands on Yuzuria’s Heart?

‘I have to secure Yuzuria’s Heart first before escaping!’

“Shambala, attack him from the left and right! Lariette-nim, please help him!”

“Heh, what stupid people.”

The Red Man smiled as Ark and Shambala once again attacked him from the sides. The moment the Red Man focused on the two of them, Ark gave a command in his head.

‘Now! Dedric, get Yuzuria’s Heart. Grab Yuzuria’s Heart and then flee!’


Dedric realised his Master’s intentions and flew towards Yuzuria’s Heart.

“Hahaha, I got it, I got it. Master! How is it? Aren’t I the best?”

Dedric bragged as he snatched Yuzuria’s Heart. Ark panicked and cursed.

“You stupid child!”

Ark and Shambala already had low health and they risked their lives to draw the Red Man’s attention. Dedric had been successfully thanks to the Red Man’s line of sight being drawn away.  At that time, the Red Man’s eyes turned towards him.

“Where is that drivel coming from…..!”

“Run away, run away. Dedric, fly upwards!”

“Huk, u-understood!”

Dedric belatedly grasped the situation and flapped his wings upwards.

“What a bother. Deity skill, Indra’s Lightning!”

Four round spinning disks abruptly rose from the man.

Pajijik, pajijik, pajijijik, flash-!

Sparks rose from the disks engraved with Indra’s shape and a huge lightning bolt headed towards Ark, Shambala, Lariette and Dedric. When Indra became angry he exterminated his enemies with lightning, and these lightning bolts tore through the area.


Ark saw that the lightning was flying up towards Dedric. A red light continuously flashed as the lightning bolts hit everybody.

-You have received 200 damage from Indra’s Lightning!
-You have received 200 damage from Indra’s Lightning!
-You have received 200 damage from Indra’s Lightning……

‘It’s still going on.’

Ark’s head turned white as he seemed to burn. The lightning ate at the group’s health at a tremendous rate.

‘What a strong appetite. It’s still eating more health?’

Ark felt an intense urge to curse but his mouth wouldn’t open.  Thanks to his rigid state caused by the lightning, he couldn’t even move a finger. Meanwhile, Lariette and Shambala died from the lightning attack. And 20%, 15%, 10%…..Ark’s health also eventually ran out.

“Ugh, t-this bastard…!”

Ark collapsed holding his sword.

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