Act 8: National Police Agency Quest

ACT 8 National Police Agency Quest

-The auction is in progress. Wind Spirit’s Boots: 6,200,000 won

-The auction is in progress. Burikand’s Combat Helmet: 6,700,000 won

Hyun-woo couldn’t hide his disappointment after reading the messages on his computer. When he picked up Burikand’s Combat Helmet, the price had gone beyond what he expected. Although Burikand’s Combat Helmet was a level 200 rare equipment, the option wasn’t that good. Although rare items have special skills attacked to them, the defense wasn’t that special. From a warrior’s perspective, they would rather have magic items with addition defense. It was because it was a rare item that the item reached 6.7 million won after 4 days. Hyun-woo was disappointed by the Wind Spirit’s Boots. In fact, Hyun-woo had hesitated over whether to change to Wolf’s Feet. His mind had wanted to continue using the Wind Spirit’s Boots. While Wolf’s Feet had a little more defense and the ‘Jump’ skill wasn’t bad, Ark thought that ‘Slide’ had more usefulness. The problem was that Wolf’s Feet was a part of the set. If he gave up Wolf’s Feet then not only would his defense decrease but the set item effect would decrease.”Huh?”

“No matter how much I like it, I can’t use that equipment. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to abandon the Wind Spirit’s Boots. It isn’t necessary to carry around shoes I can’t use.”

In the end, Hyun-woo decided to sell the Wind Spirit’s Boots. But when the auction was in progress, the value fell below Ark’s expectation. Although he changed equipment, his hesitance made him hold onto it for one month. But when he placed it on the auction site at the same time as Burikand’s Combat Helmet, the auction price was less than the helmet by 500,000 won. In addition, only seven people had bid during three days.

“The number of bids doesn’t mean that there is less interest. If many people who were interested waited until the end of the auction then the price would rise less. At this rate, the highest bid will be 8 million won.”

A sigh flowed from Hyun-woo’s mouth. If an item was put on the auction site, the highest bid could be approximately guessed after 2 days. While selling the castle to Raiden, he had received the Wind Spirit’s Boots instead of 2000 gold. While calculating the price, he realised that it wouldn’t match Ark’s standards. He thought the value would reach at least 1500 gold. But only 8 million won? That was only half of his expected price? Of course, there was a reason for it.

“It’s because I saw Duke use the Wind Spirit’s Boots in the Evil Silrion that I wanted it. If I had just read the information and not seen Duke use it then I never would’ve accepted it instead of the 2000 gold.

That was the problem. The special option ‘Slide’ was what boosted the value of the Wind Spirit’s Boots! When Slide was used, someone could deal with a number of monsters at the same time. But the power of that item couldn’t be realized just by reading the explanation.

“That’s the problem. If they knew how essential Slide was then the thieves and archers would swarm like ants. That such an item will be sold for 8 million won…… Ugh, my, my stomach…..”That was the explanation of the skill attached to the Wind Spirit’s Boots. Just by seeing this information, there weren’t many people who could imagine the way that Ark and Duke utilized it for battle. Therefore people couldn’t understand the value of the Wind Spirit’s Boots.

Hyun-woo grabbed his stomach and broke into a cold sweat. Hyun-woo would risk his life for a thousand won. But the thought of receiving only 7~8 million won for the item caused a pain in his stomach. He felt it wasn’t right. He really broke into a cold sweat at the thought.

“Ohhhh, I really can’t stand it. For an item world 15 million won to be sold for 8 million won…… But I can’t cancel the auction while it is still progressing….. Ouch. My stomach hurts. I really may die of bitterness……”

Hyun-woo looked at the Wind Spirit’s Boots with tears in his eyes.

“Something…… Is there another way? Even if I can increase it to 10 million won……”

Hyun-woo clutched his stomach and thought desperately. Should he borrow the ID of the rehabilitation members and try to increase the market price? But that was a naive thought as it would only work if someone desperately wanted to buy the item. If the item wasn’t popular then the ID of a rehabilitation member would probably win the bid. In the end, the important thing was to capture the attention of the people and let them know the value of the boots.

“But how…..”

A thought suddenly sparked in Hyun-woo’s head.

“Wait, why didn’t I think of that before? Didn’t I want the Wind Spirit’s Boots because I saw Duke using it? Then I should show a scene of how I use it to other people.”

Hyun-woo finally had an idea and frantically hit at the keyboard and moved the mouse.

“I’ve found it!”

Hyun-woo had located the video titled ‘Netherworld Expedition of a Wicked Wolf’ on the internet. Hyun-woo downloaded the video and used an easy program to edit it. After editing the video down to 5 minutes, he attached the file to the auction page of the Wind Spirit’s Boots.

“Huhuhu, shall I have a look at it?”

Hyun-woo smiled and clicked on the attached file. Then the edited activities of Ark appeared on the screen. The video showed the scene where Ark who had changed into a black wolf was fighting against the Nakujuk.

“Die intruder!”

A few Nakujuk ran up to Ark and swung their swords. Then Ark abruptly slid like the ground had turned to ice and counterattacked. Although another Nakujuk clan ran up to him from the side, Ark once again slid on the ground and avoided the attacks. He was evading using ‘Slide.’ It wasn’t only that. Ark moved using ‘Slide’ and also used flying kicks. When Slide was combined with spin kicks, the same techniques like that in a street fighter game could be used.

‘Well, that looks good enough for now.’

It was the footage collected from the ‘Netherworld Expedition of a Wicked Wolf’ where Slide played an active role. Even though Hyun-woo was the protagonist of the video, he still found it fascinating to watch.  So Hyun-woo edited 5 minutes of footage and added subtitles.

-The movement technique that the black wolf used in this video is the option skill attached to Wind Spirit’s Boots. It is the idea chance to wear the same footwear as the protagonist! Don’t miss this chance.

In fact, the popularity of that video had far surpassed Hyun-woo’s imagination. Before it aired on the video, the video had gained the most hits in the shortest amount of time but he barely felt his celebrity status. Before long, the station was bombarded with enquiries about the black wolf. They even called him asking if he could attend as a guest. Since Hyun-woo didn’t want his face to be known for several reasons, he declined but the black wolf quickly became a celebrity in New World.  Was there a reason for him not to use his fame?

“The utilization method is shown so I hope it improves a little more……”

Hyun-woo switched off the computed and changed into training clothes. Although he couldn’t go to the NPA gym anymore, Hyun-woo never missed his dawn exercise. When exercising, not only strength but also his concentration and improvisation would improve. Concentration and improvisation was quite useful in New World. Although it wasn’t felt that much during normal situations, it increased his reaction rate in moments of crisis. For example, he was able to avoid Bread’s attack a while ago because those senses had developed. After realizing that he had been neglecting his exercise, Ark trained for a while against the Mould Zombies. In the future, he couldn’t neglect his body.

When the level increased, the character would become stronger. But just because the character was strong didn’t mean the game would become easy. In his level increased then he had to hunt in increasingly dangerous places. From there unimaginable monsters with tremendous power existed! Rather, the game became more difficult as the level increased.

‘Also, if level increases then I will encounter stronger users. Just like the Red Man, Bread or Redian who I encountered a while ago. Although I couldn’t show my capabilities properly thanks to shaking the pot and using a one handed sword…..I’m not confident I could win even when fighting properly. Especially if Redian ended up helping. Instead of levels or skills, I should increase my basic training.’

It was important in a regular battlefield! Even when an old warrior was living a daily life, they never forgot to train in their mind. That also applied to the game! In his daily life, Hyun-woo was always playing the game in his head.

‘Although my body is moving around in New World, my actual body is just sitting inside the game unit. I can’t miss my daily exercise which will maintain my physical state. If my body becomes sick then that will also affect the game.’

It wasn’t just the physical parts. People who shut themselves up at home like Hyun-woo was bound to become lazy. A lazy gamer would just become a nuisance in the game. That’s why Hyun-woo took every opportunity to jog and practice taekwondo so that he could loosen his body. After around 1 hour and a half, Hyun-woo finished training and turned on the computer after returning home. He couldn’t resist wondering how the auction had progressed.

“Eh? Was I wrong?”

Hyun-woo stared at the screen with a confused expression for a while.

-This is really a jackpot!

-I never imagined that the ‘Slide’ skill could be used like that.

-When I saw the video last time, I was wondering how such movements could be made. But it was the option skill of the shoes. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing!

-It’s worth it just to wear the shoes of the famous Black Wolf.

-I’m taking it. Anyone else should leave.

-Hah, why should we do that? Don’t I have money as well?

 -By the way, if that person put these shoes on sale doesn’t that mean he found better ones? I’m so envious. If only I could get my hands on such shoes……

Over the past four days, he only had 20 hits on his Wind Spirit’s Boots. There were only 7 auction participants. Now after only 1 hour and a half, the auction enquiries had reached 1300 people. And the auction participants had increased to 84 people. There were also 400 comments attached to the auction. No matter how much he rolled the mouse wheel, it never seemed to end. Just like that, the auction site blew up……

“Heok, 13 million won? It increase by 6.8 million won after 1 and a half hours.

Hyun-woo’s mouth dropped. The advertising strategy to showcase his equipment was a great success. Thanks to the fame of Black Wolf, there was an explosion of interest in the Wind Spirit’s Boots.

“There is still 3 days left in the auction period. At this rate……”

He couldn’t imagine how much the price would climb. Of course, no matter how greedy he was the amount of money that could be invested in one item was limited. Although interest had been amplified in the item, Hyun-woo guessed that he would receive no more than 15 million won for it. And Hyun-woo wasn’t simply surprised that the price had gone up. Although some people were interested in the performance of the shoes, others were simple interested because the famous Black Wolf had worn them. Of course, Hyun-woo realized that the Black Wolf was famous. But he never expected that the price would go so high just because Black Wolf had worn them.

“Anyway, my idea is still effective.”

Hyun-woo’s eyes emitted a dazzling light as he looked at the selling price. The strategy to use the video to sell items was a success! Thanks to his brilliant sales strategy, it had become a big hit. If such advertisement was added to the items sold from now on then it would be possible to increase the highest bid. Thanks to this, Hyun-woo now came up with a new advertising strategy.

‘If I sell an item then I can receive a fair price!’

Hyun-woo looked at the game unit with an excited expression. Just as he was about to enter, he heard his mother’s voice from outside.

“Hyun-woo, someone is on the phone for you.”

‘Huh? Phone? Who is it this early?’

When Hyun-woo extended his hand, his mother handed him the telephone with a worried look.

“He said it was the police.”


When he listened to the telephone, a clear voice could be heard.

“It’s me.”

“Huh? Who? Wait…… Eh? Is this Teacher-nim?”


“Are you okay?”

Lee Myung-ryong asked with a smirk. Hyun-woo rubbed at his aching joints and sore feet.

“Do I look okay?”

“Huhuhu, I told you. You shouldn’t neglect your normal training.”

“But I didn’t neglect it? I’ve been exercising until today.”

“Well it seems to me that you have been neglecting it. You need to devote yourself.”

“You say that after you beat me so thoroughly.”

Hyun-woo complained as he stared at Lee Myung-ryong. After Hyun-woo and Lee Myung-ryong finishes sparring at the gym, they had arrived at a nearby cafe. In reality, it was more being attacked than a spar. Although it had been so long since he had met Lee Myung-ryong, he had mercilessly beat up Hyun-woo. But even though he complained, the feeling wasn’t that bad. No, it actually felt refreshing. After sparring with Lee Myung-ryong, it felt like all his muscles had loosened. In addition, it was enjoyable to meet up with Lee Myung-ryong after such a long time. Anyway, Lee Myung-ryong made an apologetic gesture asked Hyun-woo.

“Has anything happened in the meantime?”

“Yes, I…..”

“I got your text. A new house. Sorry I couldn’t make it.”

It had been almost three months since Hyun-woo met up with Lee Myung-ryong. Although he hadn’t been to the gym since, they had met once outside. When he moved house, Lee Myung-ryong had sent a congratulatory message.

“It’s okay. But has something happened? Have you finished being busy?”

“I’ve got some urgent business with you.”

“With me?”

“Where do I start explaining……”

Lee Myung-ryong used ambiguous language and scratched his head. After a moment, Lee Myung-ryong began to talk with an embarrassed expression.

“In fact….. A few months ago, I also started playing New World.”

“New world? Teacher-nim? Really?”

When Hyun-woo’s eyes opened, Lee Myung-ryong coughed and muttered an excuse.

“Ah, it’s not like that. I didn’t start it for a hobby but because of an investigation.”

“An investigation?”

Lee Myung-ryong sighed at Hyun-woo’s question and explained the situation. Through various circumstances, he was assigned to the Special Crimes Countermeasures division and reluctantly started New World. Currently he had managed to infiltrate the criminal organization and was investigating. Of course, the reason why he didn’t explain why he was assigned to the division was because it related to Hyun-woo. But he was lucky. Since a lot of time had passed since the incident, Hyun-woo had no doubts about why Lee Myung-ryong started playing New World.

“I never imagined that there are wanted criminals in the game.”

“I also didn’t think about it until after I received the mission.”

“So why didn’t you tell me that you were starting New World?”

“……It is because I needed to look for the criminal organization and infiltrate it. It was vital that I maintained secrecy.”

This was true. The police agency was chasing criminals inside New World. If that information leaked out then the criminals would become wary and information collection would become difficult. But the real reason was that Lee Myung-ryong didn’t want Hyun-woo to know the reason why he was demoted. In addition, the captain of the 1st SWAT team was embarrassed by his actions when he first entered New World.

“I understand.”

Hyun-woo nodded then looked doubtful.

“But then why are you telling me this now?”

“Like I said, I need something from you. Aren’t you playing the game with a dwarf merchant that looks like a pig?

“A pig like dwarf merchant? Are you talking about Buksil?”

“Buksil? Is his name Buksil?”

“Yes. The pig that is accompanying me is called Buksil.”

“Do you know his contact details?”

“Eh? That reminds me, I still don’t know his contact details.”

Hyun-woo mumbled with a puzzled expression. Buksil had already been accompanying him for several months. But it was also possible to talk to him in New World so he never felt a need to exchange phone numbers.

“There is there a way to contact him?”

“Yes. I’m always travelling with him. Although there was a problem yesterday so we separated for a bit.”

While Ark had been trying to escape Bread and Redian, Buksil couldn’t grasp the situation and the dolphins took him away to an unknown place. While Ark had commanded the dolphins to take them to Bristania, Ark was unsure of the exact location.


“If I contact him though mail then we can instantly meet up again. But why do you want Buksil……? Don’t tell me Buksil is a wanted criminal?”

“No, that’s not it.”

Lee Myung-ryong shook his head and explained.

“The story is a bit long to explain but not so long ago, I managed to infiltrate the criminal organization. But those guys are very distrustful so I haven’t found that much information yet. Not so long ago, they were doing something suspicious in Seutandal and that scene was recorded by Buksil.”

“A suspicious scene was filmed?”

“There’s no doubt but I still don’t know what was filmed. Anyway, those guys are running around wildly so I feel like some important information was taken.”

“So those guys are after Buksil?”

Then a thought came to Hyun-woo’s head.

“Wait? Those guys were after Buksil…… Perhaps the men following from Seutandal……?”

“Yes, they are the wanted criminals. The police guarantee that they have committed terrible acts.”

Hyun-woo lost his energy at Lee Myung-ryong’s answer. If they were from the criminal organization Lee Myung-ryong was investigating……Somehow, he thought it was strange that Jepeteu was looking for Buksil instead of Ark. But he had such a background…. So the video Buksil took could be used as evidence for the police investigation? Then Lee Myung-ryong asked with a watchful look.

“Did you hear anything about it from Buksil?”

“No, Buksil didn’t know why they were chasing him.”

“……. Well, it was taken with the magic projector so he might not know what was filmed. It is imperative that I check it as soon as possible. Anyway, you’re definitely going to meet with that guy?”

“Yes, I’ll send a text as soon as I might him. It shouldn’t take longer than a few days.”

In fact, Hyun-woo had a bigger reason to find Buksil. His items were within Buksil’s bags and he also needed to shoot the videos.  Of course, there was a contract so Buksil couldn’t sell any of the items without Ark’s permission. After Hyun-woo answered confidently, Lee Myung-ryong’s face relaxed. However, he still couldn’t be relieved.

“It is good that you can get in contact with Buksil. But I still can’ rest assured.”


“Even if Buksil didn’t film anything important, the criminals would do anything to get rid of it. Although the attack on the ferry failed, those fellows have already been smuggled into Bristania. Because you took the boat towards Bristania.”

“……That’s right.”

“Then where are you right now?”

“There were various circumstances so I didn’t arrive at the Bristania harbour. I’m somewhere on the south east coast of Bristania but I haven’t found a village yet so I don’t know my exact location. Buksil doesn’t seem to be too far from where I am……”

“That is good.”

Lee Myung-ryong nodded and said.

“Those guys thought that you would be near Bristania harbour. If you go to the harbour then they will find you.  But if you’re away from the harbour then you don’t need to worry about those guys chasing you for a while. Meanwhile, please contact Buksil as soon as possible and receive the video from him. I’ll use some excuses to lure them to other areas. If we stay in contact then those guys should never be able to find you.”

“I understand. Then…….”

Hyun-woo looked slightly concerned at the end of those words. It was work associated with wanted criminals. Although they couldn’t kill anyone in the game, those guys had committed crimes in reality. However, Lee Myung-ryong was the captain of the number 1 SWAT team so it was natural to cooperate in the investigation. But if something went wrong……

‘It doesn’t matter if I’m along.’

However, now Hyun-woo was living with his mother. If there was a problem then Hyun-woo’s mother might be affected by it. Hyun-woo’s thoughts were then interrupted.

“Don’t worry, as soon as I receive the video evidence I’ll make sure to deflect their attention away from you and Buksil. Furthermore, they are wanted criminals so they can’t run around freely. Still, if, if…… If those guys so much as even bruise you…… I will give up the police investigation and stop them.”

Lee Myung-ryong saw through Hyun-woo’s anxiety with one glance. Working for the National Police Agency, he had seen many victims with the same fear of retaliation on their faces that Hyun-woo had.


Hyun-woo nodded without asking any further questions. He didn’t believe in the police’s words. However, it was possible to believe Lee Myung-ryong. After seeing Hyun-woo smile, Lee Myung-ryong nodded and got up.

“Then I have to go now. Because I have to meet those guys at 9 o’clock and search around the harbour. Ah, what is your ID by the way?

I forgot to ask when we met on the boat…..”

“Huh? We’ve met before?”


Lee Myung-ryong was surprised and closed his mouth. But it had already been leaked.

“I’ve only taken the boat two times so if we met on there….. That’s right, the guy I met on the ferry who was with the one who kicked me….. Ah, then you’re that merchant I met on the deck?”

“……. That’s me.”

Lee Myung-ryong grinned awkwardly and scratched his head. Then Hyun-woo scanned Lee Myung-ryong up and down and muttered.

“The spar today was somewhat different….. Perhaps?”

“Perhaps? W-what are you saying?”

“Is the spar today your form of revenge for that time?”

Hyun-woo realized it as soon as he heard Lee Myung-ryong was the merchant. At the time, the merchant had attacked Hyun-woo and died from his welcome company. In addition, most of the criminals on the pirate ship attacking the ferry died thanks to Hyun-woo. It was natural to get revenge through a spar. Lee Myung-ryong retorted impudently once his scheme was revealed.

“Revenge? Didn’t you kill me first?”

“That’s because Teacher-nim unnecessarily hid your identity. Moreover, I wasn’t the one who killed you. Wasn’t it the Baran clan who killed you?”

Lee Myung-ryong scratched his head and said roughly.

“Do you want to eat parfait?”

“I want to eat the special A set.”

“…..That’s mean. The monthly salary for the police is not that much.”

“I’m deeply hurt by Teacher-nim’s distrust in me.”

So the grudge between teacher and student was settled with one special set meal. They exited the cafe and it was like an information window appeared when Hyun-woo separated from Lee Myung-ryong.

-Secure the video showing the secret of the criminal organization.

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