Act 8: Lancel’s Security Measures

ACT 8 Lancel’s Security Measures

“Is everybody gathered?”

“Can’t you tell just by looking? How can you ask such a stupid question?”

Shambala, Bread and Redian turned towards Ark as Redian declared sharply. The three people were still hanging around Lancel village. Ark had gathered those three people in one place was to discuss the defense of Lancel village. The three of them had stayed in the village because they were all busy in their own way. Bread’s dream had been achieved and he had fun hunting with the wolves, so he was staying in this place for a while. Redian was also going around the mountain with the Meow gathering magic ingredients. And Shambala……was currently preoccupied restoring the Eastern Nation branch in Lancel village. Of course, Ark had also been busy with Lancel’s reconstruction project. Despite being in the same town, they hadn’t seen each other until Ark organized a meeting.

“Why did you make us come here?”

“A request?”

Shambala, Bread and Redian looked disgruntled as they muttered.

“Do you have some ulterior purpose again?”

“Don’t you know this is urgent? Now please sit down.”

Ark requested. While Shambala had known Ark for longer, Bread and Redian also somewhat knew him. When Ark requested the three of them had quickly gathered. If he acted like this then it must be serious. Then Ark bowed his head and said in a serious voice.

“It’s not like that. This is absolutely necessary for the sake of Lancel village.”

“……I will listen.”

Ark’s serious attitude had Bread sitting down. Once they all sat, Ark organized his thoughts before speaking.

“You guys can probably approximately guess this. Even though Jewel’s attack was presently, Lancel village still can’t be considered safe. There is a high probability that Jewel’s group will attack Lancel again once they get out of jail. If they don’t give up then one day those guys will win.”

“Well, that….”

Bread scratched his head and nodded. Users could resurrect 24 hours after they died. So users were like immortal people in New World! Meanwhile NPCs only had one life. If they died it was the end. Unless the users abandoned New World, a war of attrition of NPCs against users would eventually end with the users’ victory. Jewel’s group being killed by the guards and put into jail had prevented the war of attrition for the moment. But Jewel’s group would only be in jail for several months. And Ark guessed that there was a 99% chance they would invade Lancel again after getting out of jail.

“It certainly is possible. Because Raiden and Jewel are like revengeful leeches.”

“But we can’t stay here forever.”


Bread, Redian and Shambala nodded with heavy expressions.

“That’s why I wanted to discuss the problem with you.”

Ark said as he looked at the three people.

“In the meantime I’ve been thinking about a way to block the enemy but I can’t come to a resolution. There is an essential part required to resolve this problem.”

“An essential part?”

“That users aren’t able to attack Lancel, no to make them recognize that Lancel shouldn’t be attacked.”

“That would be good but such a thing is impossible.”

“No, it is possible. If you help me a little.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes, I have two requests for you.”

Ark smiled and explained his plan. Ark had two purposes. The first was to defend Lancel from other bandit groups and the second was to stop Jewel’s group when they were released from jail. And it would be impossible without Shambala, Bread, and Redian’s help. After hearing Ark’s words Shambala, Bread and Redian’s eyes became increasingly wide with amazement. Then they nodded and murmured.

“I never thought of such a method. But… is definitely a good way. If it is possible.”

“I’ll somehow make it possible. I have no desire to surrender Lancel village to them.”


Bread sighed and folded his arms. Then Shambala thought for a while before asking.

“Ark, do you understand? The first request is hard but somewhat possible. The second one is simple but requires a significant amount of money to accomplish.”

“I know. Somehow I’ll secure it.”

“Then I can prepare my side without any problems.”

Shambala nodded and left. It meant that he was cooperating with the request. Bread pondered for a moment before nodding.

“It’s not a big deal so I’ll try it. Okay. I can’t give you a definite answer but I will try it.”

“Okay, since it is decided then let’s move immediately.”

They all rose and proceeded with Ark’s plan. Since the magic tower had been completed during the reconstruction, they each used it to move to their destination. Ark looked at the three lights flying in different directions and turned around.

‘That’s it, I don’t have to worry about Redian and Shambala. The problem is what I requested of Bread….. Well, Bread had made up his mind and moved so it will somehow work out. Now there are two things left for me to resolve. First I have to entrust something to Sid. I can move once I’ve sent a letter to Sid.’

Ark returned to the store while thinking various things. When he arrived near the vicinity of the shop, he heard a sudden sound.

‘What the, this sound is?’

Ark who had been deep in his thoughts lifted his head like a startled dog. At the same time, 10 people poured out from his store and ran away. And something was thrown out after them. After it finally stopped rolling along the ground, he saw that it was Ulmeok. However, Ulmeok looked a bit strange. His face was dyed in various colours like he had been kicked there.

“What the? What’s going on?”

“Ah, Ark-nim!”

Ulmeok raised his head and came running to him.

“Ark-nim, save me!”

“Save you? What are you saying?”

“Sob, someone entered the store…..they mentioned Ark-nim…..then that person beat me up….. Sob sob sob, Sapjil hyung-nim is still being beaten.”

“What? Somebody dared interfere in my shop……!”

Ark declared furiously and entered the store. Who would dare attack Ark’s store in Lancel village? Wasn’t that strange guy trying to die?

“What kind of bastard are you?”

“Did you call?”

Then a cynical voice could be heard inside the store. Ark turned his head in the direction he heard the voice. The man sitting on the corner was holding down Sapjil whose face had been flattened like a rice cake. Then he saw Ark and smiled.

……10 minutes ago when the man appeared.


Sapjil and Ulmeok said as they prepared a sales pitch. After Ark’s event to promote the store was over, there were fewer users but there were still 10 guests browsing the products. At that moment a customer entered. After a long look around the store, he went up to Sapjil and asked.

“Where is Ark?”

“Huh? The President-nim?”


The man then laughed and said.

“I didn’t know he was the president, but is he here? I need to speak to him.”

“……..What business do you need him for?”

“I came to pick up my goods.”

Sapjil’s expression changed 180 degrees at the man’s answer. Sapjil lost his welcoming attitude and muttered bluntly.

“Damn! What the? Is that the truth?”

“What? The truth?”

“That concept won’t work. Once dropped the items don’t belong to you anymore.”

Sapjil scratched his head before indicating towards a flyer on the wall.

“This will explain it all. Take a look at this!”

The man looked at the flyer Sapjil pointed to. The flyer had bright red letters on it.


First, thank you to all the customers looking around Ark’s store. Recently unsavoury incidents have occurred so I wanted to inform you of this. There are those who willingly entered the Lancel war and dropped some equipment before finding it in this store and trying to claim it. But it is common sense that ownership of dropped equipment will belong to whoever picks it up. In addition, the people who bought the equipment from our store paid the normal price so ownership has transferred to them. Please read this note and don’t claim anything ridiculous. If you hinder any sales then I will have to take legal action.

* Master White

In fact, Ark had several guests try to claim ownership of an item they dropped. Ark had created a catalogue of equipment. After the Lancel battle, Ark and Radun had collect 251 items. But the problem was not all of those items belonged to Jewel’s group. Despite the low probability of general users dropping items, some of those that participated did drop their equipment. Ark had included those equipment in the catalogue. So several users who participated in the battle found their equipment in the catalogue.

“Eh? I came here to buy new gloves but didn’t this use to be mine?”

“That is the same as the armour I lost. I bought it from a luxury store in Selebrid so it even has my initials on it.”

Like the flyer said, the dropped items belonged to the first person who picked it up.  But the users felt it was unfair after discovering their equipment in the catalogue. In addition, some users hadn’t signed up for the insurance so they had to purchase new equipment. So a lot of them became stubborn. Sapjil thought this man was such a user.

“Now do you understand? If you’re not buying anything then please leave.”

“No, I don’t know what you’re talking about but I came for my things.”

“You’re still saying the same thing? Then you’re going to stay and be stubborn huh?”

“No, I mean……”

“No? Should I call the guards?”

The man was unable to endure Sapjil’s words anymore. Something very dangerous broke in the man’s head. The man’s lips curled up on one side and he stepped forward.

“What the? Why is this stupid guy smirking?”

Sapjil muttered as he looked at the man. Suddenly a punch! Then an unexpected kick! The man started to beat Sapjil up using his hands and feet. He continued punching and kicking. Sapjil turned into a flattened rice cake in the blink of an eye.

“Hey, what are you doing to Hyung-nim?”

Ulmeok cried out with surprise and rushed towards the man. However, he just ended up being hit and was flung away outside the store. That was when Ark came back and found Ulmeok. He ran into the store and found the man. Then Ulmeok jumped out from behind Ark and shouted.

“It’s that bastard! He kept on trying to claim his items……”

“You idiot, shut up!”

Ark who had been staring at the man with a vacant expression hurriedly shut Ulmeok up.


There was only one person Ark called Teacher! Yes, the person was Lee Myung-ryong…..also known as Isyuram.

“Hmm, as expected the owner appears when the dog is hit. No, in this case it is the pig?”

Isyuram set the blubbering Sapjil down and laughed.

Sniffle, sniffle, sniffles.

“We apologize.”

“We were just doing what President-nim told us to……”

Sapjil sat down and blubbered through swollen lips. He then whined as he saw his face which was various colours. As expected from Isyuram, being able to do that in only a few minutes. But he couldn’t be impressed. How could he be when it was Ark’s shop assistants being damaged? Yet he couldn’t say a word

“So what? Do you have a complaint?”

“No. A shop assistant should be kind to the guests. Well done.”

……Naturally he gave in. The other person was Isyuram. Other than JusticeMan and the rehabilitation brothers, Isyuram was one of the people Ark wouldn’t touch. No, in this case Ark was no different from Sapjil and Ulmeok. If Isyuram had a problem with Ark then his face would easily become like Sapjil’s. How could he look like that in front of Sapjil and Ulmeok?

“By the way, your punches and kicks are sharper than before. As expected of Teacher.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

‘T-that person…..!’

Sapjil and Ulmeok glared at Ark with betrayal. Then Roco who had just returned from learning from the ghost frowned and shouted.

“Oppa, what are you saying? Ajusshi, even if this was a misunderstanding that is still too much!”

‘Ohhh, Manager-nim!’

Sapjil and Ulmeok felt hopeful again at Roco’s entrance. Then Isyuram looked at Roco before speaking absent-mindedly.

“Aha, I see. You’re Roco?”

“H-how do you know that?”

“This is great. Ark talked a lot about you.”

“Huh? Oppa did?”

“Yes, every time I meet Ark he talks proudly about his girlfriend. By the way, you’re more beautiful than I expected. I’m envious!”

“Girlfriend? Beautiful?”

Roco closed her mouth and looked at Sapjil and Ulmeok. And she looked back at Isyuram before smiling and said.

“Hohoho, no, you didn’t go that far……. It is natural if our shop assistant is unkind, right Isyuram oppa?”

“Ohh, you understand. I like it. Ark, your girlfriend is this pretty so what do you have to worry about?”



Sapjil and Ulmeok lost all their hope as the two continued laughing. And Ark also wanted to die. Even though Roco wasn’t his girlfriend, Isyuram’s chattering had inflated her hope. And that ajusshi was the one who ended up pouring cold water on the atmosphere of a first kiss. Ark finally interrupted Isyuram.

“Teacher, let’s go to the site of the stolen goods.”

In fact, Isyuram hadn’t arrived in Lancel just to visit Ark. The reason Isyuram arranged to collect the stolen goods from Ark’s store was because of the criminals. In New World the wanted criminals were always watching him. However, not long ago Isyuram had captured a henchman so the criminals became scared and moved their hiding place. Therefore they couldn’t connect to the game for one or two months. After listening to these circumstances, Ark had called Isyuram to Lancel. Since Ark was staying in Lancel for a bit, it was convenient to dispose of Isyuram’s stolen goods.

“Yes, then let’s go see the goods.”

“Yes. Sapjil, Ulmeok, you two come with us as well.”

Ark and Isyuram went to the warehouse with the pigs. When the door was opened a tremendous amount of japtem could be seen. It was japtem worth 10,000 gold!

“Huhu, these things are mine. Do you understand you pigs?”

“Yes yes, I understand.”

Sapjil and Ulmeok instantly cringed as Isyuram addressed them. Ark looked at both of them before smiling wryly.

“Anyway it is good that you came. I have some business so I also have to go to Giran.”

“Giran? What are you saying? Why do we need to go Giran?”

“Oh, you don’t know? These stolen goods can’t be disposed of in Lancel.”

“Eh? Why not?”

“There aren’t any stores here that are large enough purchase this many goods.”

Once again, the reason why Isyuram wanted the stolen goods was to level up. The experience received with each transaction depended on how much profit was made. But there were no stores in the mountain village of Lancel that could buy this amount of goods. A store in Giran would be able to dispose of all the goods.

“After checking, the best place for a transaction like this is the merchant’s guild.”

Since Isyuram was an ignorant merchant, Ark had checked the best way to dispose of the stolen goods. As a result, he figured out that the best way was to use the merchant’s guild. If a merchant dealt directly with the merchant guild then there would be a 5% bonus applied to the experience. Furthermore, there were no restrictions on the amount of dealings with the merchant’s guild so he could receive 10,000 gold at once or even 100,000 gold. One problem was that the merchant’s guild would buy all the items at the average market price. In some cases, the items would be sold for a loss instead if the price had gone up. But in terms of experience, it was most efficient to deal with the merchant’s guild. In addition, various titles, quests or special skills were often given to merchants who dealt with the merchant’s guild.

“Oh, really?”

Isyuram nodded his head. Despite being a merchant over level 200, Isyuram knew almost nothing about trading. He had started from level 150 and gained 80 levels but that was from hunting not trading. It was unprecedented in New World for there to be such an ignorant merchant of this level.

“By the way, how are we going to move all these things to Giran?”

Isyuram looked at the stacked items and muttered. Shambala had needed a huge carriage to move all these japtem. But there was a simple method to carry japtem to Giran.

“Sapjil, Ulmeok, collect the japtem. Teacher, you should also empty your bags and collect the items.”

With Sapjil, Ulmeok and Isyuram, there were 3 merchants. One merchant had 6 bags with meant a total of 18 bags! When combines with Ark’s bag and Radun who had double capacity, there was a total of 21 bags. And when the same kind of item was put in a bag, it would stack up. Despite the actual volume or weight, it only took up one space. Shambala was able to transport the high volume in the carriage because of this. Anyway, it was possible to pack the pile of japtem into the bags of the 4 people.

“Take care!”

They left with Roco seeing them off. But with the magic tower, the trade route only took 2 minutes to travel. While the Letter Movement was quite expensive, it was laughable to worry about some gold when they were carrying 10,000 gold worth of goods. The reconstruction projects were still ongoing so he couldn’t leave Lancel village for long, and he also couldn’t leave Roco alone in the store without Sapjil and Ulmeok. After flying to Giran using the Letter Movement, they went to the merchant’s guild. The merchant’s guild was the richest guild on the continent and was situated in the heart of Giran. When they entered the merchant’s guild, a gold ornamented NPC approached with a professional smile.

“What service were you after today?”

The clerk indicated towards booths in 10 different areas.

“As you can see, the merchant’s guild buys and sells a variety of goods. We also have the local specialties from most areas. If you are a professional merchant then you can also request something from the guild.”

“We wanted to dispose of some goods.”

“Then please follow me.”

The clerk guided Ark’s group towards a booth. Then he pointed to a big basket and said.

“You can put the things you want to dispose of in there.  Then I’ll appraise it and tell you the possible purchase price.”

“Huh? But……”

Ark hesitated while looking at the basket and the clerk seemed to know what he was thinking.

“Ah, if you don’t like the price then you don’t have to accept the deal.”

“No, it’s just will everything fit into the basket?”

“Huh? Ah, you mean……. Hahaha, you don’t have to worry about that. This basket has a special magic which will miniaturize the items.”

“Well, if you say so…… Radun.”

Ssak ssak ssak, ssak ssak ssak ssak!

At Ark’s command, Radun spat out the items into the basket. All the japtem were thrown up! When Ark took out the items in his bag, there was a considerable amount of japtem. But like the clerk said, once the items entered the basket they shrank into small boxes 1/100th of their size. Then the clerk laughed. Yes, he was laughing at their expressions after seeing the items being shrunk in the basket.  However his expression became increasingly puzzled as Isyuram, Sapjil and Ulmeok opened their 18 bags and poured out more items.

“You want to dispose of everything in the bag?”

“Yes why?”

Isyuram answered while holding a bag upside down.

“W-wait a minute! That……”

The japtem that had been reduced to 1/100th of their size inside the basket started vibrating and shaking before exploding like popcorn. The japtem returned to its original size and burst out of the basket like a volcano. The surrounding booths were also swallowed up in a flood of japtem. The japtem had gone beyond the limit capacity of the magic basket. A flood of japtem! The eyes of the surrounding NPCs widened after seeing all the japtem.

“Ah, so that’s why……”

Ark scratched his head with an awkward expression and murmured. The clerk who had been buried by the wave of japtem crawled out and stuttered.

“Y-you want to dispose of all of this?”

“Yes, is that a problem?”

“Ah, no. Bring the branch chief right now!”

Another salesman ran up to the 2nd floor. After a while, a middle aged man ran down towards them. Then his mouth dropped open as he saw the mountain of japtem. Despite his surprise, he gave a business like smile and handed over a business card.

“I am the chief of the Giran branch of the merchant’s guild. Do you want to sell all of this at our guild?”

“Yes, can you calculate it right now?”

“Of course. Hey, what are you doing? Start organizing it right away!”

After the shout, the salesman who had been standing around stupidly gathered around the items. Then one salesman approached while wringing both his hands.

“This will take a bit of time to finish. You can go to that room and have a drink while waiting.”

As expected from the merchant’s guild. Their attitudes completely changed when it came to money. It was natural that the NPCs reacted like this. Merchants received experience through transactions. And that system wasn’t only applied to the users. NPC merchants also gained experienced through transactions. So a big customer was a chance for the NPC to grow. Thanks to that, Ark’s group received VIP treatment from the branch chief. After around 10 minutes?
The previous clerk which served them approached. He looked at the group and abruptly said.

“All the items cost 11,028 gold. Is this price okay?”

Isyuram sneakily glanced at Ark. His eyes asked if he should sell it at that price.

‘The amount is higher than I expected. Teacher’s profession is merchant so he will absolutely receive an advantage with big transactions.’

“Yes, we will sell all of it.”

Isyuram replied immediately after Ark nodded. Then the clerk hesitated as someone whispered something to him. His expression turned embarrassed and he spoke with an uneasy voice.

“I’m sorry but there seems to be a problem after our shop assistant investigated the items. I’m sorry to say this but the stolen goods….. It is normal to confirm it first before any deals can take place……”

Isyuram became confused by the clerk’s words. But Ark just laughed and handed some documents over to the clerk.


This warranty guarantees that there are no legal problems with any of the items listed. 50 silk fabrics, 120 crystals, 300 corals……and so on.

Isabel, representative of Seutandal

Once again, these were stolen goods from Seutandal. It was okay with some general stores but the merchant’s guild had a strict policy against stolen goods. Of course, there was a 80~90% chance they would still sell it but it was possible to cut the price by 50%. So Ark had received the warranty from Isabel beforehand. The guarantor was the Seutandal representative Isabel! Even the stubborn merchant’s guild wouldn’t be able to negotiate any more.

“Perfect! This is perfect. I understand. I’ll pay the price immediately!”

Now that the anxiety about stolen goods was eased, the clerk’s face relaxed and he rushed off to get the money.  Then the branch chief appeared from the vault with the clerk carrying some money bags. He handed over five 2,000 gold bags, one 1,000 gold bag and the change of 28 gold…… It was a tremendous amount of money for the japtem. Isyuram’s eyes widened as he saw the amount of money.

-The deal has been successfully completed!
-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen…….

It was 11,029 gold in one deal! Besides 11,029 gold was a 100% net profit. Yes, that was the point of this deal. The experience the merchant got was decided by the net profit. The more net profit was gained, the more additional experience would be applied. For example, if a deal consisting of 100 gold gained a net profit of 100, it would equal to 200 gold and 300 experience would be applied.That’s why a merchant’s capabilities were highly appreciated. 11,028 gold meant constant experience. This was the reason why a merchant’s level could be one of the easiest or most difficult to raise. And thanks to trading with the merchant’s guild, he received an extra 5% experience. When a warrior hunted, they received an experience penalty when there was a level difference. That’s why 9 levels was the maximum a warrior could gain from a battle. But that penalty didn’t exist for the merchants. Therefore Isyuram’s level rose in units of 10.

“20, 30, 40, 50…..heok, 64! 64 levels at once……!”

Isyuram’s eyes rolled like crazy as he saw the messages. Whether reality or the game, money was still the best. This was 64 levels! It was an unbelievable amount.

“I struggled so much before……”

Isyuram muttered with bemusement. When Isyuram had arrived at the festival he was level 230. After joining the criminals, he had died so much that he lost 10 levels. But with one deal he gained back six times what he lost. It was fortunate that he had the information about Seutandal’s stolen goods and that he followed Ark’s advice about how to dispose of them.

“A-Ark….. I’m really impressed…..!”

Isyuram stuttered as he struggled to express his thoughts.

“It is a really good deal.”

Ark smiled warmly as he spoke. While he couldn’t see the messages, he had seen the continuous cross marks over Isyuram’s head. Isyuram’s level had risen a lot thanks to the big deal. That also made him feel good.
After thinking for a while, the branch chief had a new proposal.

“It is unusual for the representative of Seutandal to give a warranty and to obtain so many stolen goods. Usually it is a reward if the merchant has done some big service during a war, so it is evidence of the merchant’s bravery on the battlefield.”

In fact, it was 100% luck that he obtained the stolen goods. But Isyuram couldn’t say that so he replied ambiguously.


“In a sense, a merchant is an occupation which risks its life more than a warrior. But these days the merchants are lazy and they have no meaning of the true soul of a merchant. Yet I can somehow feel the true soul of a warrior from Isyuram-nim? I don’t understand why but it really feels different.”

“Well, you don’t have to go that far…..”

Isyuram scratched his head awkwardly. The chief then said.

“So would you like try going to that area?”

“That area?”

“Yes. Actually, there is a wealthy merchant I know who retired there 10 years ago. Kuronil participated in the battlefield during the peak of the war between the Three Kingdoms so he has gained considerable property. Before Nagaran was opened, it was the battlefield between the Three Kingdoms. So the merchant Kuronil has unparalleled influence in Nagaran. With his obsession with money, he never hesitated to jump onto the battlefield to deliver an assortment of potions and weapons to the soldiers. But Kuronil is now retired and lives on the outskirts of Nagaran. I’ve heard that he is looking for a successor with considerable experience on the battlefield. So Kuronil requested one thing from the merchant’s guild. They wanted us to find any merchants who could run into a dragon’s mouth.”

“Then you mean…..?”

“Yes, if it is Isyuram-nim who managed to obtain the stolen goods then it is possible for you to become his successor…… Do you want to try meeting him? If you want then I will give you a letter of recommendation. Of course, you won’t automatically become his successor even with my letter of recommendation. So far hundreds of merchants have visited but they’ve all be eliminated.  If you are willing to challenge it then I’ll be happy to write you the recommendation.”

At the same time, an information window appeared in front of Isyuram.

-Wealthy Retired Merchant Kuronil

You’ve acquired information about the wealthy retired merchant from the branch chief of Giran’s merchant’s guild. Kuronil is a merchant who gained considerable fame on the battlefield in Nagaran. Despite having the body of a merchant, he developed special technique to survive on the battlefield and is looking for a successor to pass on those techniques. If a merchant with considerable knowledge and experience with the battlefield is recognized by him, it will be possible to learn those techniques.


Isyuram’s eyes widened as he looked at the information window. He then explained to the oblivious Ark the contents of the information window. Then Ark’s eyes flashed and he said.

“Accept it. No matter what!”

“Eh? Huh? Ah, understood. Yes. I’ll give it a shot.”

Isyuram was scared into accepting the quest. The reason Ark pushed Isyuram to accept was because the quest smelt like a change profession quest. Wasn’t it natural for a merchant to have various 2nd stage profession?

“Good choice. That person is living in the Hamong castle in Nagaran. If you see him then show him my recommendation letter. Good luck.”

After Isyuram received the letter of recommendation, they exited the merchant’s guild.

“Hmm, that is a little crazy. Anyway, I have nothing to do now so it works out well. Did he say Hamong castle in Nagaran?  Do you know where that is?”

“It is a war zone.”

“War zone?”

“Yes, users are allowed to kill each other in that area. For a merchant to go there……”

Ark thought for a moment before saying.

“I have to go there too so would you like to go together?”

“Why do you need to go there?”

“The explanation is a little long…….”

“Hmmm, no, I’ll go by myself. I don’t know anything about the war zone but I’ll be too embarrassed if I have to go with you. ThThen let’s part here. Give my regards to Roco.”

Isyuram handed half of the 11,028 gold which was 5,514 gold to Ark. Then he added one gold and laughed.

“This is a tip. You should keep it and call it your lucky coin.”

Thus the stolen goods were finally settled after one month. However Ark still had some business in Giran. After sending Sapjil and Ulmeok back first, Ark entered the Magic Institute and asked for a meeting with Shannen.

“Ark, welcome!”

After a while, Shannen welcomed Ark with a pleased expression.

“I’ve heard from the magician dispatched to Lancel that the magic tower has been completed. It is good that you managed to stop the thieves from attacking the village. As a regular member of the Magic Institute, I am proud of you. Yes, was there a reason you wanted to talk to me today?”

“I wanted to ask a favour.”

“A favour? If it is from you then I’ll have to accept. What is it?”

Ark hesitated for a bit before finally asking Shannen.

“I would like to meet with the Grand Master of the Magic Institute. Is that possible?”

Ttukttuk, ttukttuk, ttukttuk!

“Ark-nim, the landscaping work around the square has been completed.”

“The work on the building expansion has been completed.”

“The extension on the new road is complete.”


Ark received the information from the raccoons and surveyed the scene. With the raccoons working day and night in two shifts, the current completion rate of the reconstruction was 98%. The building repairs, new construction projects, new roads and landscaping were completed. The remaining thing left was the outer paint on the buildings.

‘It definitely looks better than before.’

There was a satisfied smile on Ark’s face. The most satisfactory part was that he could see Ark’s store from wherever he looked in the village. It was the design which Hanson put his heart and soul into and it also showcased Ark’s store. With the land readjustment, the atmosphere of Lancel village had completely changed by 180 degrees. However it didn’t give off the feel of a sophisticated city. The goal of Hanson’s new plan for Lancel was ‘simple’ with variety. Lancel was more like a neat amusement park then a city and Hanson’s vision of a new town had been born. The NPCs were also quite satisfied thanks to the memorial.

‘Now there’s only one problem left……’

Ark sat down next to a flower bed and thought about yesterday. After meeting with Shannen of the Magic Institute in Giran yesterday, he had asked for a meeting with the Grandmaster. He was the leader of the Magic Institute, one of the 3 largest guilds on the continent! A regular user couldn’t even imagine meeting the Grandmaster but Ark was a regular member of the Magic Institute. 10 minutes after Ark asked and using a long distance spirit communication magic, Ark was able to have a meeting with the Grandmaster of the Magic Institute. The reason Ark asked for a meeting was to discuss the security measures for Lancel village. The help of the Magic Institute was necessary for that. Ark used all of his eloquence to convince the Grandmaster.

“Your request can’t be lightly accepted. Despite its rapid growth, Lancel village is still just a small mountain village. The future is unknown but there is no benefit for the Magic Institute at the moment.”

‘Is it impossible as I expected?’

A sigh naturally emerged from Ark’s mouth. However it wasn’t possible for him to give up. Ark was thinking when the Grandmaster opened his mouth.

“But the growth of the Magic Institute can’t be compared to before thanks to Magaro’s research materials that you brought. If I refuse this request then it would impact on the honour of the Magic Institute. It is unprecedented but as the Grandmaster, I will accept this request.”

‘It’s a success!’

Ark’s eyes flashed at the Grandmaster’s words. It was worth all that suffering to complete Magaro’s quest. Thus Ark received what he desired from the meeting with the Magic Institute. But Ark’s plan was only 33% successful. For Ark’s plan to be 100% successful, he required the cooperation of the warrior’s guild and the merchant’s guild. Of course, his meeting with the Grandmaster had turned out favourably but he had also prepared a separate plan.

“Is it possible to let me speak with the Grandmasters of the warrior’s guild and merchant’s guild?”

“……That is a difficult request.”

The Grandmaster murmured in an astounded voice. Shannen who was also listening sent Ark an embarrassed glance. The Magic Institute had a competitive relationship with the warrior’s guild and the merchant’s guild. Ark telling the Grandmaster that he wanted to speak with the two other guilds was like him saying he wanted to ask a favour from their competitors. Of course Ark already knew this. Ark shamelessly continued talking.

“Wouldn’t having more help be better?”

“……Hu, I don’t know whether you’re ignorant or brave. Anyway I can’t grant your request. But you don’t need to ask that from me.”

“Huh? What does that mean…..?”

“If you don’t know the reason then you really are ignorant.”

The Grandmaster said before he broke the spirit communication.

‘What on earth does he mean?’

Ark continued to think about the Grandmaster’s words but he couldn’t understand.

‘Anyway, I have the cooperation of the Magic Institute…..’

Ark was thinking that when something interrupted him.


A huge light flew towards Lancel village. It was a giant-sized light that was just like a comet. The light hit the upper part of the magic tower and caused an intense white spark.

“That light is…..they’ve come!”

Ark jumped up and ran towards the magic tower. When he arrived at the magic tower, the users who had witnessed the light were already gathered. The size of the light depended on how many people were moved using the Letter Movement. The size of that light meant at least a dozen users were moved. The Letter Movement was so expensive so how would move that many people to Lancel village? The users flocked to the magic tower because of this. Then the doors of the magic tower opened and a bunch of people poured out. The users who looked at them shouted in an awestruck voice.

“Eh, those people are……?”

“The Magic Institute! They’re magicians of the Magic Institute!”

“Fire, ice, wind and earth, the magicians of the 4 attributes are gathered!”

“Why are the magicians here? Aren’t the 4 attribute magicians’ guards of the Magic Institute?”

Yes, there were four magicians from the Magic Institute wearing various colours indicating their attribute. The emblem of the Magic Institute was sewn in brilliant gold thread on their chests. The users started murmuring noisily among themselves. Then the leader of the magicians discovered Ark and approached.

“Ark-nim? Nice to meet you. According to Ark’s request, I am Gurana from the Magic Institute here to establish a branch in Lancel. I am pleased to be here.”

“Eek? Lancel branch of the Magic Institute?”

“The Magic Institute is creating a branch in Lancel?”

The users gaped with surprise. Yes, this was the reason why Ark had asked to meet with the Grandmaster of the Magic Institute. And this was the plan Ark devised to improve the defense of Lancel village. A branch of one of the three most powerful guilds on the continent was being established in Lancel. If the branch was established then guards from the guild would have to reside in Lancel and Lancel’s defense would be forced to increase. But that wasn’t the only benefit of having a branch of the Magic Institute. The Magic Institute was one of the highest ranking guilds! The number of NPCs that belonged to it in the continent numbered in the thousands! Among the members of the Magic Institute, 30% of them were users. If the Magic Institute opened in Lancel then numerous users and NPCs would flock to Lancel. It would have tremendous economic impact. And those NPCs and users would increase Lancel’s defense! In other words, they would be Lancel’s defense.

‘If only one guild has such enormous effect then what would happen if I attract three?’

That was Ark’s final goal. Among the regular members of the warrior’s guild, only four of them were users and one of them was Bread! Ark had asked Bread to meet with the Grandmaster of the warrior’s guild to persuade him. In addition, Sid was sent to the merchant’s guild. After his achievements in Nagaran, Sid had become a member of the merchant’s guild.

‘But is it impossible to attract the three guilds?’

If Bread and Sid succeeded then the warrior and merchant’s guild representatives should’ve arrived before the Magic Institute. Since there was no contact before the Magic Institute arrived, he could only think that it had failed.

‘Well, the economic effects of the Magic Institute should be sufficient for Lancel’s defense……’

Ark had just given up when it happened.

“Look there! There is another huge light!”

Ark hurriedly lifted his eyes at someone’s voice. Then two comets of light flying from different directions hit the magic tower.

Sweeeeeeek, kwa kwa kwa kwang! Sweeeeeeek, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The subsequent impact made the magic tower shake and wobble. Then the sound of drums was heard from the magic tower and a cavalry appeared.

Dong, dong, dong, dong!

“Huck, isn’t that the high ranking Knight’s Division of the warrior’s guild?”

“The Iron Armour Infantry is also following behind them!”

“That’s not all. Those are carriages from the merchant’s guild!”

“Impossible, all three guilds from the continent……!”

It was the march of the three guilds! The scene completely shocked the users. At that moment, two people broke away from the guilds and approached Ark. They were Bread and Sid who Ark had sent to the guilds.

“Hahaha, Ark I’m back!”

“Ark-nim, I’ve come as well!”

“You succeeded!”

Ark shouted as he looked at the NPCs from the three guilds with disbelieving eyes. Then Bread scratched his head and said.

“That’s the thing. I don’t know why it worked. Just yesterday they were continuously refusing so I was just going to return. Then this morning they suddenly decided to depart for Lancel village.”

“Eh? That happened with me as well…..?”

Sid and Bread then looked at each other and seemed to ask ‘Who are you?’ with their eyes. Then Gurana who had been standing next to Ark smiled and said.

“Oh, I forgot. This is a message from the Grandmaster to Ark-nim. ‘The warrior’s guild and merchant’s guild are our rivals. You don’t have to push them’. That is the message.”


Ark couldn’t understand Gurana’s words. But after connecting it to yesterday’s talk, he was able to understand the situation.

‘I didn’t have to ask the merchant’s guild and warrior’s guild to attract all three guilds. The Magic Institute had a competitive relationship with the warrior’s guild and the merchant’s guild. The Grandmaster said I didn’t have to push.’

Yes, the three guilds were rivals. If one side moved forward even a little bit then the other two would also move forward. The warrior’s guild and merchant’s guild didn’t feel a need to establish a branch in Lancel village. But after they discovered that the Magic Institute was establishing a branch here, they began to believe that they needed to also build branches in Lancel. Perhaps the Grandmaster of the Magic Institute even purposely leaked his plan to the other two guilds.

‘As expected from the Grandmaster of the Magic Institute, he really isn’t ordinary.’

“Tell the Grandmaster thank you.”

Ark replied with a smile. Then there was a dinging sound and the quest information window appeared.

-The three main guilds on the continent have decided to build branches in Lancel village.

The three guilds represent the top guilds in New World. Having the three guilds in Lancel village will improve the quality and fame of the village, which will play a crucial role in its growth into a city.

*The establishment of the three guilds in Lancel village has increased the capabilities of Lancel village.

Magic Institute: Civilization +500, Development Speed +200

Warrior’s Guild: Armament +500, Development Speed +200

Merchant’s Guild: Commerce +500, Development Speed +200

-The sub quest has been completed.

The reconstruction has Lancel village that received damage from the war has been completed.

* Quest progress result: 230% achieved

‘230% achievement rate!’

Thanks to the successfully invitation of the 3 guilds, his progress had increased by 130% in one leap!

“I’d like to meet the person in charge of the village!”

The leader of the warrior’s guild and merchant’s guild went to the front of the group and shouted. Since Galen was currently absent, Ark stepped forward since he was in charge of the reconstruction project. Then a flash of light flew from the south and the magic tower shook again.

‘What the? There is still someone coming?’

When Ark looked at the magic tower, a crowd of people soon appeared. Ark’s eyes widened as he saw the young man leading the group.

‘Heok, t-that person is?’

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