Act 8: Experiencing a spar

ACT 8 Experiencing a spar


Ark and JusticeMan’s party left Cairo. They were headed towards the capital of Schudenberg Kingdom, Selebrid.  This was because some time ago, a spokesman announced the full content.


“Attention all citizens of Schudenberg.  Finally Bristania, the Sinius Principality and the Kingdom of Bavaria are no longer at war. The three countries have signed an armistice. This long war has fortunately ended peacefully with no confrontations!”


“Wah ah ah!”


The NPCs and users cheered at the unexpected news. There were three human kingdoms present in New World. The relationship between the Bristania, Sinius and Schudenberg kingdoms were poor. Because Schudenberg and the three kingdoms bordered each other, it wasn’t easy for users to cross the borders.  While the NPCs in New World thought of it like a cold war state, it made the users uncomfortable. Other users and even friends started in the other kingdoms but they could not meet. In addition, most of the border area had been designated as off limits. However, the Armistice Agreement was signed. This meant that you could adventure in more areas. The spokesman raised his hand to calm the crowd and spoke again.


“We’ll inform you of the gist of the Armistice Agreement. People are free to trade with everyone in the Three Kingdoms. If you cross the border to trade, you must be granted eligibility and a special tariff of 5% applied.”


After he spoke for a long time about the boring contents of the agreement, he stopped and paused for a bit.


“But this is the most important information of the Armistice Agreement. So far, the border region of the three regions has been prohibited from battle.  The three powers have declared a vast area of frontier to be cleared.”




“That’s right.” Everything in this area would be opened to all foreigners.”


The users’ opened their mouths as the spokesman’s explanation continued. This was an easier summary of the spokesman’s words. The official name of the triangular border region of the three kingdoms was Nagaran. Not too long ago, a minor skirmish developed between the three armies resting at the border. However many events have occurred in recent years, such as the Jackson event quest and other incidents all over New World, so they came to the conclusion that the war should end. The Armistice Agreement was signed after soldiers from all three armies retreated from Nagaran. As a result, there was a large area that was left empty. The kings of the three kingdoms thought about how they should use this blank area. Because once the soldiers left, there would be a lot of space. They finally came up with the solution of foreigners. The foreigners were strangers who pursued their own lives free of the calculation and interest of the three kingdoms.  The reason that Nagaran was opened to foreigners was simple. When many foreigners occupied Nagaran, their powers and interests was judged to become a military buffer zone. In addition, if foreigners occupied the land and poured money into it, then the three kingdoms would also profit. The leaders were quite satisfied with the good idea.

However, even if they were called Kings they were still NPCs. They believed that they had thought of it themselves, but it was a scenario that had been prepared for New World.

<Episode II: Pioneering age of the foreigners> had begun.


“If you’re a part of an outstanding warrior guild, then you will be given the chance to occupy a castle. In addition, the foreigners that occupy a castle would receive a formal Barony from the three Kings!”


Following that, the spokesman explained the rules of the siege. The rules on how to occupy a castle were simple. In the upper part of Nagaran, something called the Throne of Governance existed. If the first user that sits on the throne is a guild leader then they will become Lord of the castle. They also had to maintain their status for three days in the game, which was 24 hours in real time, while fending off attacks from other guilds. If successful, the Lord can activate the castle’s defences which operate within a certain sphere of influence. The state of being a Lord wasn’t permanent. The user that occupies the castle has to accept another challenge at least once a week. When they are defeated, the three kingdoms would deprive them of their power. They also had to pour money into developing their castle when they couldn’t know if they could keep it.


Anyway, a buzz started among the users after the spokesman’s announcement.

They could be an owner of a castle! This was a huge event. It wasn’t a funny game anymore. If someone went back through the past Korean games that were unprecedented hits, owning a castle was seen for the first time in the game O. Occupying a castle would provide huge wealth and honour to a guild. It was to the extent that after ruling for 1 year, they would be able to own a house.  How much more would the money increase in New World, which was a new generation of game. The possible benefits obtained would be terrific. And the spokesman even explained this. Once someone becomes a Lord, they are given the right to implement and collect a tax. If they intend it, they could even confiscate a user’s assets. Of course, it was also easy to rule with tyranny and then have to protect the seat from other users.  But anyway, for that area, the authority of the Lord was close to infinity.


‘I can’t consider it when I have to pay attention to Ark.’


Alan gripped his fist tightly. Alan had just received a call from Andel.

He had used 1,500 gold to buy 15 assassins and sent them after Ark. His plan didn’t go so well. How the hell was he accompanied by 15 assassins level 120 and still not finish Ark? In addition to all the items wasted, he came whining to him.


‘Stupid bastard!’


It was difficult to find the Dark Brother and commission a job. Alan risked his fame points and he also invested a lot of money so far. After he hired 15 people, his fame points dropped a lot. But wasn’t the result more helpful to Ark? Of course, a good reason for that was Andel. He also never thought that the rehabilitation group would interfere or the appearance of a NPC. But nevertheless, the decisive problem was Andel’s stupidity.

New world wasn’t that simple online game that Andel thought it was. The assassins would move better under proper directions from the client. In other words, if the client doesn’t move properly than the assassins couldn’t exert their power. The user’s level wasn’t the most important thing.


‘As expected, I shouldn’t have trusted him!’


Andel had become the reason for his investment loss. Even when he died, Andel didn’t admit it but his skills were inferior to Ark’s.


‘Even the organization couldn’t deal with Ark and his teamwork. And with the presence of the NPC troops then it had become more difficult. He must be stepped on before he passes the company’s entrance examination. If possible, I have to find him before it is too late……’


Then Alan shook his head.


“No. I can’t miss this opportunity because of Ark.’


In fact, Alan already knew the information about <Episode II: Pioneering age of the Foreigners> beforehand. In reality or the game, there is nowhere that is impervious to bribes. The Holy Knight Alan was one of the few users that could access the cathedral. The action of the Three Kingdoms was heard through a NPC with high intimacy at the cathedral that he bribed.


“They have already decided to open Nagaran to the foreigners. But if you went ahead then the cathedral would later support you. Do you understand?”


Not long ago, a bishop in the cathedral had called him and secretly told him that. Although it was open to foreigners, the NPCs with authority also desired power over that area. Because they couldn’t do it directly, they would have to align with the user who has control over Nagaran. The three biggest guilds and the royal families were probably making similar moves. Since then Alan had stopped all work and focused on building his guild. While the entrance examination wasn’t important to Andel, Alan was different. He had a reason to join Global Exos. Therefore, Alan believed that occupying power in New World was enable him to pass the condition of the entrance examination.


‘The system meant that it wasn’t easy to occupy the castle, but once it is occupied the guild can establish a huge tax and raise its power. The opportunity is now. The users would soon flock to that area and stay up all night to siege the castle. I have to gather all my strength and move before a powerful guild occupies it.


Alan’s eyes shone.


‘Even if I didn’t get anything out of it, the Dark Brother organization will still regard Ark’s party as an enemy.  Because 18 assassins were killed……I’ll leave Ark to them. And when I raise my power I can step on Ark anytime I want.’


Alan made a decision and immediately moved to the guild office. A week ago, he had invested a huge amount of money into the guild ‘Dawn Blade.’ Alan filled the majority of the guild with candidates from the exam. They were stronger and higher level than the users who just enjoyed the game. He secured them in order to occupy the castle. That alone should give a strong impression on the personnel from Global Exos. Alan looked at the beautiful elf magician waiting in the guild office and said.


“Lariette-nim, I’ve been waiting for you to arrive.”


“Yes, I have heard.”


“This announcement would certainly have a decisive influence on the company’s entrance examination.  And Lariette should receive a similar score to me as the guild’s sub-master.


“Always……I’m thankful.”


“Please only follow me. Because I will certainly make you pass.”




Lariette was burdened and softly replied while avoiding his gaze. Lariette clearly felt troubled by Alan’s sudden approach. Ever since the Jackson event…….


‘No way……Don’t tell me it’s because of Ark?’


Men also had intuition when it came to women. Lariette clearly had a good impression of Ark.  When the idea entered his head, Alan angrily furrowed his forehead and didn’t speak for a moment.


‘Yes, you’re not that different from other girls. Once I’ve got everything in the world then you’ll be begging for my affection. Yes, everything revolves around me in this world.  It isn’t possible to leave me until I’m dissatisfied.’


Alan’s mantle flapped as he turned around.


“Gather all the members of the Dawn Blade guild.”






The beauty that was responsible for Global Exos reception desk let out a sigh. She was also taking the company’s examination under the name of Lariette.

However, she was sighing more often these days.


‘Alan’s becoming increasingly more oppressive. Initially he was a kind and friendly person……..’


Of course, passing the examination was her reason for playing the game. But that wasn’t her only purpose. She was one of those users with a pure mind who wanted to just enjoy New World. That was the reason she was with Alan, who played the game more actively than anyone else. She could afford to play the game with Alan, who was an attractive colleague. But since then Alan had changed. Her colleague had suddenly become overly domineering.

When someone came to be an examinee, he had a system that passed over. Then he would use his power to control their general funds. On the other hand, it they didn’t listen to him then they would be kicked from the guild.  He seemed to play the game just thinking about how to obtain a high score in the entrance exam. What had made Alan so impatient? It was something she couldn’t understand.


‘Among all my colleagues, the recent evaluation of Alan isn’t very good. People should be gathering to enjoy the game. The two thousand people that gathered…….this wasn’t how I wanted the game to be like………’


“Hey, pretty girl. Why is your expression so dark?”


At that time, one guy who was waiting approached and spoke.

When she looked up she saw that it was someone from the planning department of Global Exos, Ho Myung-hwan.


“Ah, it’s nothing.”


“If such a pretty girl sitting at the desk has a gloomy face then my motivation will drop.”


“It’s not a big deal.”


When Kang Mi-su attempted a smile, Ho Myung-hwan handed her coffee before talking again.


“If you’re worrying about the company’s entrance examination then it isn’t necessary. You have a friend called Alan yes? The Planning Department is already paying attention to Alan. His evaluation is quite high and as his partner yours is as well. If you keep it up then you’ll surely pass.”


“Thank you.”


“You don’t have to thank me.”


Ho Myung-Hwan scratched his head before walking away with a cool laugh.

At that time, Kang Mi-su remembered something and asked.


“Do you happen to know anything about Ark-nim?”




Ho Myung-Hwan sounded puzzled.


“I’ve never heard of him? You know him?”


“Yes, a little bit……..”


“Hmm, I know every Id that the Planning Department is paying attention to…….I’ve never heard of him so it is possible that he hasn’t been playing an active part in the game.”


“But I heard that he made a considerable achievement in the event quest?”


Kang Mi-su said with an expression that indicated she didn’t understand. Yes, apart from Alan most people also know Ark’s name. During the event quest, wasn’t he the user that was responsible for the success of the plan to blow up the scorch cannons? Therefore she couldn’t understand how the Planning Department couldn’t remember his Id. Kang Mi-su explained this to Ho Myung-hwan who tilted his head.


“Really? Strange. That is certainly enough to deserve attention……..There are 2000 candidates so someone might have missed it. I understand. I’ll check it again.”




“Oho, Miss Global Exos Kang Mi-su is asking after a guy. Do you have a man on your mind? I’m jealous.”


“It’s not like that.”


“Ha ha ha! Okay, okay. Don’t twist your face so much. Well I’ll look into it.”


Ho Myung-Hwan rattled off a joke before heading off. Kang Mi-su looked at his back with a complicated expression. Of all the people who was at the interview, Kim Hyun-woo…….No, Ark. Why did his name suddenly pop up? She honestly didn’t know. But Ark seemed to show a different form every time they met so she was nervous about his existence. Yes, I was just feeling nervous. That’s all it is.








“What is this? If you want to sleep then you should sleep at night……”


Hyun-Woo rubbed his swollen eyes as he listened to the complaints.

Then Gwon Hwa-rang farted and squeezed his head.


“This guy, what happened to the game? You were playing the game with me.  The game connection suddenly died so I came to check on you but you were only sleeping?


“I told you. I had so many things to do in the Underground World that I never slept much.”


“When I was your age, I stay up all night for over a week.”


“Were you a super robot that was designed by the country?”


“Anybody could do it. It’s just about their mentality.”


“So I must have a weak mentality since I keep falling asleep.”


Ark pouted his lips. Gwon Hwa-rang smiled and replied.


“Anyway, we had time to meet up before Hye-sung connects to the game again.  Since there is still plenty of time for me to introduce someone to you.  In fact, I’ve tried to introduce them before but it was difficult since they were busy.”


“Introduction? Is this like a group blind date?”


“Don’t speak nonsense and wait a moment. You have to come.”


A ringing sound was heard as one man entered the cafe and looked around. He was a 30 year old man around 170 cm tall. Wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, baggy shorts and dragging their slippers, they looked like third rate gangsters.  He surveyed the cafe before approaching Gwon Hwa-rang and flopped down beside him. Hyun-woo moved as he looked at Gwon Hwa-rang. Gwon Hwa-rang was an ex-detective. While doing that, he met and associated closely with the rehabilitation members, but there were many others that felt different.  When Gwon Hwa-rang walked passed, there were many delinquents that complained. After seeing his appearance, Hyun-woo could understand their feelings. Fortunately, Gwon Hwa-rang remembered to welcome him.


“Why are you so late?”


“Aigoo, Hyung-nim. Didn’t I join hyung-nim just like you asked? Once you gave up being a detective your fate improved. Since the early evening, those young guys have been writing in that notebook, so should I call the National Police Agency to take them away?”


“Stop playing. The police will only stop the hoodlums when you aren’t able to anymore.”


“I bet the profit is better for the police.”


The company smiled and answered as they looked at Hyun-woo.


“Is that your friend?”


“Yes, ah! This is Hyun-woo. Greet him. He was a junior at an athletic university. This is Lee Myung-ryong. Before he was a detective, he was a delinquent.


“Good to see you. I’m Lee Myung-ryong. As you’ve heard, I used to be a delinquent before being a detective.


Lee Myung-ryong smiled and extended his hand.

It felt like holding a stone which was to be expected since looked like a hoodlum.


“I’m Kim Hyun-woo.”


Hyun-woo shook his hand before looking at Gwon Hwa-rang.  But why would he interrupt his sleep just to introduce a policeman.


“Hyun-Woo, you said that lately you’ve been constantly exercising?”


“Yes I do it for 2 hours in the morning.


“Yes, that’s why your skills are a lot more proficient in the game. But there is a limit to just exercising.  Because the National Police Agency he works for is near your house, you can train at the NPA gym now.”


“Yes? But ………”


Hyun-woo said with a puzzled expression. Certainly it felt like his movements didn’t change that much these days.  There was obviously a limit to exercising alone. Well, after exercising his physical strength also increased so that might be enough for an ordinary person.  However, Hyun-woo applied taekwondo to the game. So he had a greedy desire to increase his skills even more. But why was it suddenly the NPA gym? Since he never heard about it in advance, Hyun-woo looked at Lee Myung-ryong with confused eyes. Lee Myung-ryong’s face tightened as he played no regard to Gwon Hwa-rang.


“It’s not a burden. At the NPA many civilians come and go just like a normal gym.  There is also a guy who was once a member of the taekwondo national team.  Although his nature might be dirty, you can learn taekwondo directly.  Have you heard of the representative who had to step down because of violent incidents?”


“Are you going senile? How can you say such a thing in front of the kids?”


“Anyway, it won’t be a problem to use the gymnasium? I’ll stop coming if anyway at the NPA gym says something.”


“Jeez, it won’t be a problem.  But as your hyung-nim, you should know that the NPA gym is a lot different from your normal neighbourhood gym. It doesn’t matter what your character is or if you are a friend of hyung-nim’s, if you play around then we won’t take it lightly…….”


Lee Myung-ryong looked at Hyun-woo with doubtful eyes.


“Kukuku, you haven’t heard. Although he comes from an athletic university and looks trivial, he is a surprisingly adept pupil.  In the old days, didn’t I tell you about a guy who landed a spin kick on my jaw? He is that guy.”


“Ho-oh, that friend? The one who was on the streets looking for a fight?”


“Fight? Don’t be ridiculous.  Really.  That was a long time ago.  It was to such a degree that I would be frightened by his approach.  When compared to now, it was truly a different person.  It was like a cage.”


“Ah, ajusshi!”


Hyun-woo shouted angrily with a red face.

It was the event where he flew at Detective Gwon Hwa-rang who made even terrorist organizations tremble and kicked his jaw! It was something he would never forget. Shortly after his father’s traffic accident, Gwon Hwa-rang had visited Hyun-woo who was wandering for a while. His mother wanted to talk to him.  That was Gwon Hwa-rang’s first words.

However, before he could finish the words Hyun-woo sharply turned around and kicked Gwon Hwa-rang in the jaw. Any other victim would think of a lawyer to get some compensation.

Gwon Hwa-rang just turned as he stumbled. However, after a moment Gwon Hwa-rang just laughed with a pleasant expression.

………..Hyun-woo remembered it from here.  After that, he fainted while being beaten into the ground and woke up in front of the intensive care unit where his mother was lying.  He honestly didn’t know if the tears he shed then were tears of penance or because of the pain he was in.


‘Was that the first time since I was born that someone made me faint because of the blood thirst? Was that why I was afraid to approach?’


When Hyun-woo stared at him in dissatisfaction, Gwon Hwa-rang pretended ignorance and just looked away. Suddenly, he felt sharp eyes on him. It was Lee Myung-ryong, who was styled as a third rate delinquent.


“Ho-oh, this guy was the one who kicked hyung-nim’s chin?”


“No, it was just an accident. Ajusshi was just compliant.”


“He just received it? This guy? Is that a joke?”


Lee Myung-Ryong’s mouth lifted as he nodded.


“Okay, stand up. The gymnasium is empty so I have to see it for myself.”


“Yes? But I really……..”


“What guy would whine so much? Follow me!”


Like most delinquents, Lee Myung-ryong had a straightforward nature. Hyun-woo was eventually dragged with violence to the police gym. When he first arrived, he thought it was quite a nice gym. It was stocked with different types of exercise equipment and the changing rooms and shower facilities were also cutting edge. Hyun-Woo looked around with amazed eyes when Lee Myung-ryong spotted a locker and threw a uniform at him. Lee Myung-ryong then changed into a uniform.


“Try it on. The size should mostly fit.”




“Is the child just going to come here and then leave tastelessly? If you’re a martial artist then you should join. Ah, you might be surprised but it is a prohibited matter in this gym. Even a guest can’t do it. It isn’t done. If you do then it is the death penalty! So hurry up and quickly change.”


The South Korean detective had trampled on his human rights. Therefore, Hyun-woo changed into the uniform and quickly stood up while looking at Lee Myung-ryong. Next to him, Gwon Hwa-rang was just looking from a distance away. Lee Myung-ryong scratched his chin and said.


“The NPA gym doesn’t have any rules or anything like fouls.  Two people fight, and if one person is knocked out and can’t continue any more than the battle ends. If you understand…….Begin!”


Lee Myung-ryong who had narrowed the distance suddenly popped up like a ball. In a flash, his foot tried to sweep him onto the floor. Hyun-woo was frightened and quickly backed up a few steps. However, before he could get in a blow Lee Myung-ryong changed his posture and aimed for the temple.  He was reflexively able to bend his upper body in order to avoid Lee Myung-ryong’s attack who quickly moved a few meters away. His movement was like a demon’s.


“Ho-oh, you are okay. It is enough to see the form, just like hyung-nim said.”


His attack failed twice but Lee Myung-ryong said it in a pleasant voice. In fact, Hyun-Woo was also amazed. Lee Myung-ryong’s kick was at a level of speed similar to pro wrestling. Hyun-Woo who had a little bit of instruction in taekwondo couldn’t even be compared. It might have been a coincidence, but he also avoided the subsequent attack on the chin. And Hyun-woo was able to use his form to avoid the attacks twice.


‘The movements learnt in New World can also be applied to reality!’


He had no idea until this day. Ark used the evasion techniques that were useful in New World.  Not only were techniques in real life passed onto the game, but the game also teaches techniques that could be used in reality! The instincts learnt in the game and reality was mixed. But in fact, it was an obvious result.  In a virtual reality game, the user’s brain was used to move the characters. Although different brain waves were amplified by the computer, it was no different from the way your body moves in reality. What interested him was the fact that skills from the game could be used.


‘I thought I would get hit by Lee Myung-ryong’s attacks after I was unable to avoid the Kanggeul’s vine attacks. But I avoided the Kanggeul’s attacks on unstable ground. If the strong opponent was on a mat then it would be easier to avoid.’


Hyun-woo kicked the mats a couple of times and nodded. Anyway the sparring had begun.  He had to try his best to win since it already started! Hyun-woo started do some steps while breathing clearly. Increased tempo, increased tempo, until Hyun-woo suddenly accelerated and suddenly kicked forward.


“Look at this guy. He attacked immediately without looking? Contrary to what he looks like, he’s quite good!”


Lee Myung-ryong kicked lightly while swapping between his left and right foot. But that was the movement that Hyun-woo aimed for. Hyun-woo gave a sharp cry and he rotated and stabbed forward with his feet. He felt a heavy weight passing to his toes.




Hyun-woo turned as he felt an exhilarating feeling. At that moment he stumbled and his eyes widened as he looked at Lee Myung-ryong. Sweat suddenly slid down his spine.

Lee Myung-ryong had stopped the foot by blocking with his thick forearm. However, that wasn’t the reason sweat was flowing. He had never been impressed by ordinary people, but something was flickering in Lee Myung-ryong’s eyes. It was difficult to express in words what the feeling was. It felt like his body was being cut by a sharp knife! Hyun-woo knew from experience.  A really scary man wasn’t a man who had a muscular body. The voice also doesn’t have to be loud.  Immediately……..the person had poison in his eyes. It was the eyes of a person who had chosen and experienced more violence and pandemonium in their lives. It was often present in the eyes of military personnel.




At the same time, a warning message popped into his head. Hyun-woo immediately retreated as he took a couple of steps back. And he didn’t move. It was the instinctive behaviour herbivores used to escape from a predator. However, Lee Myung-ryong rushed in before he could move his body into the ready position. It really was like a predator rushing forward!




Was it 20 years ago?

It was the K-1 period where martial arts contests bloomed. However, it received criticism and soon degenerated into a spectacle but as a result the UFC greatly advanced the development of martial arts. A line of clear victory or defeat was drawn which focused less on the spirit and mind and more on a systematic and scientific method. That’s right. Martial arts greatly developed using that period as a foundation. However, that was only the technical side. They used that time period as the foundation for the development of withdrawal. Dangerous techniques were banned from mixed martial arts competitions…… other words it was the most effective technique in practicing. However, he didn’t learn from a gym that taught those practical skills. It wasn’t easy for him to tell which techniques weren’t supposed to be used.  Therefore, the martial arts appeared like the canines of a large predator. However, in modern times there weren’t many places to learn actual practical techniques left. Among them, the police SWAT team learned it directly while battling life and death during the day and the night. And Lee Myung-ryong was the head of the SWAT team! Unlike a game, Hyun-woo was experiencing taekwondo where real blood spilled.  The technique was an excessive standard move. But the anomaly was that too perfect techniques came pouring out.

Furthermore, each one aimed at the jugular so it felt strange that he survived the attacks! When he blocked with his arm, it felt like the bone was being hit by a hammer.


‘If it hits a vital spot then I’ll die!”


It was the bloody attack that naturally made sure that death would be associated with it.

But that woke up Hyun-woo’s stubborn character.


‘If I don’t stop him then it isn’t possible to end this!’


Hyun-woo ground his teeth together and put power into his shaky legs. Strike! The opportunity for Hyun-woo to attack only came once. Hyun-woo kicked his feet and struck like a hurricane while he had the chance. And when Lee Myung-ryong began the movements to use a sidekick, he quickly moved his feet.


“Dark Dance!”


It was the footwork from the Dark Dance that he learned not too long ago. When Ark’s movement became complicated, Lee Myung-ryong showed the intention to rush forward.  Meanwhile, Hyun-woo avoided Lee Myung-ryong’s attacks and sprung forward like a rubber ball. He expended all his power on a knee kick!

Lee Myung-ryong’s eyes flinched. The footwork he used wasn’t present in taekwondo so he couldn’t anticipate it. However, he lived in a world where unexpected situations could become a bloody violent battlefield. Lee Myung-ryong called off the movement by stopping his body and falling towards the floor with both arms thrust out.  Then his body twisted and he kicked out. Another name for it was the windmill! Lee Myung-Ryong’s heels smacked Hyun-woo’s chest. Hyun-woo was thrown to the floor.




It felt like one of his ribs was cracking under the shock. Gwon Hwa-rang who was watching from the side jumped up.


“Hyun-Woo! You bastard, you’re insane!”


Like an afterthought, a look of whoops flashed on Lee Myung-ryong’s face.


“S-sorry. I unconsciously went too far…….are you alright?”


“Yes, it’s bearable.”


Hyun-woo took a deep breath and stood up. His chest hurt but the feeling was quite refreshing. Sparring……..How long has it been since he tasted this sensation? In addition, Lee Myung-ryong’s skills were a few levels above the instructors that had previously taught Hyun-woo. No, it felt much stronger than the martial artists who fought on the TV. Hyun-woo knew that such an opportunity to spar with someone so like that wasn’t common. Moreover, he would sincerely try to hurt his opponents……Hyun-woo grinned as he wiped at the sweat on his forehead.


“With you be teaching the technique for that windmill? I never saw that on TV. Let’s start again.”


“Oho, look at this guy.”


Lee Myung-ryong eagerly shook his shoulders but flinched as he saw the angry face of Gwon Hwa-rang. Then he sighed and shook his head.


“No, that’s it for today.  Even if you can stand it for the moment, it will hurt quite a lot tomorrow. Grab a poultice and put it on the swollen area before leaving. And don’t forget to come to the gym when it is time to exercise, I’ll be here from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.


“Yes? Then you’re going to directly teach me?


“Yes, so go have a shower and leave for the time being.




Hyun-woo nodded and bowed before heading to the locker room with an excited expression. Lee Myung-ryong looked at Hyun-woo’s back before saying in a serious voice.


“Hyung-nim, did you say that he stopped training for 5-6 years?”


“That’s what I heard.”


“His age is twenty-two?




Lee Myung-ryong laughed at Gwon Hwa-rang’s answer.


“Kkukkukkuk, he’s the real deal. Just like hyung-nim said, it may be possible.”


“When I brought him to you.  I had forgotten this but his skills had become better from what I saw before he played the virtual reality game. I didn’t know if you would take him……..It was to the extent that I didn’t even know. He was raised well.”


“Leave. I will positively raise him.


Gwon Hwa-rang and Lee Myung-ryong laughed as they faced each other. There was a look of mischief in their eyes. When he exited the gym, Gwon Hwa-rang had a car waiting.


“Come in.  I’ll take you.”


“My house is only a few stops away isn’t it?


“Stop talking nonsense and enter.


Gwon Hwa-rang forcefully pushed Hyun-woo into the car.

The spare with Lee Myung-ryong seemed to have taken more out of him than he thought. Even if it wasn’t so, Hyun-woo who had been dragged out while sleeping because tired and slept for a moment.  But when he opened his eyes at Gwon Hwa-rang’s voice, had he arrived at the wrong place?


“Ara? Where is this place?”


“Get down. Someone you know will be appearing soon.


“Yes? But what…? ”


“So I’m going.”


Hyun-Woo was left astounded as Gwon Hwa-rang drove away.


‘What on earth? Meeting someone I know?


“Eh? Hyun-Woo oppa?”


At that moment, Hyun-woo hadn’t known what to do.

Suddenly, a woman stopped in front of the convenience store with an awestruck expression.  It was a familiar voice……..Jung Hye-Sun.He remembered that she told him she attended night classes to get into university when they were working part time at the convenience store.  Hyun-woo hadn’t known where it was, but Gwon Hwa-rang was probably aware. That was probably why he dropped Hyun-woo off and suddenly disappeared.


‘Damn, I thought it was a raccoon but instead it was a bear?’


“What are you doing here? It can’t be……..did you come to meet me?”


“Ah, well……..”


Hyun-woo scratched his head as he opened his mouth. Hyun-Woo wasn’t a bear. Even though he never said it, he didn’t want Jung Hye-sun to think that. Of course, he didn’t hate Jung Hye-sun. He just wanted their relationship to continue as siblings.  However, if he told the truth in such a situation then he wasn’t a man.


“Are you hungry?” Rice…….did you want some?


Hyun-Woo opened his mouth as Jung Hye-sun looked embarrassed.  But he quickly smiled and opened.


“Oppa shouts?”


“The limit if 6000 won.


“8, 000 won. I know a good tonkatsu place in the neighbourhood.


“Um, okay. I’ll shout you coffee from the vending machine.”


“Hohoho. I understand.  I’ll let the house branch fade instead.  The road at night is beautiful and scary isn’t it?”


Jung Hye-sun used the opportunity to grab Hyun-woo’s arm. Using the element of surprise, this guy……..he felt like a woman in a movie. This may be a little bit dangerous.


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