Act 8: Dreams Come True

ACT 8 Dreams Come True

“It’s an honour to serve you again.”

The estate’s secretaries were never present whenever there was a siege. The person who greeted him with a friendly smile was Berami, the secretary in charge of managing the territory, legal counsel and the budget. The money he had freely scattered before leaving Silvana was still displaying an effect. That money didn’t just have an effect on Berami.

“The residents are also glad that you became the Lord again. After hearing that Ark-nim had applied for a siege, quite of lot of people went to the Shrine of War to pray for your victory. Everybody still remembers your actions while you were the Lord.”

‘It’s more like they remember the gold.’

Anyway, being liked by the estate’s residents wasn’t an unpleasant feeling.

“Did the former Lord have a bad reputation?”

“It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. He was just a normal Lord.”

Berami pushed up his glasses and laughed.

His cynical character hadn’t changed even after 1 year. But he always showed the proper manners to Ark.

That was the power of money.

Anyway, he truly felt like he had recaptured Silvana after seeing Berami’s face.

“Please stay the Lord for a long time.”

“That’s what I intend.”

Ark replied with a smile.

“Would you like to know how the territory changed since you were last here?”

“Of course.”

The competent secretary instantly handed him some files. After he took the papers, an information window appeared.

Currently Owned Territory Information Window 
【Territory】 Silvana 【Current Lord】 Ark
【Rating】 C 【Classification】 Small Territory
【Number of Residents in Territory】 13,040 people 【Residents’ Bond】 980 (+98)
【Residents’ Loyalty】 530 (+53) 【Territory’s Gross Income】 387,000 Gold every 10 days.
【Territory’s Current Assets】 120,300 gold 【Value of the Current Territory】 615,250
【Territory’s Fame】 499,400 【Development】 46,650
【Development Speed】 45,950 (▽ Falling) 【Commerce】 67,570
【Civilization】 53,360 【Armament】 31,500 (+945)
* Current effects applied to the territory
【Shrine of War】 Armament +30%, ‘Maintenance of Peace’ effect

【Cathedral’s Support】 Resident’s loyalty +10%, Resident’s Bond +10%

【Mercenary’s Office】The number of mercenaries that can be hired by the estate increases. In addition, if the estate hires mercenaries from the Mercenary’s Office then the costs will be reduced based on the rating (Current rating: A)

* Current situation of the territory
-Peace is being maintained without any problems. (△ Rising)

-The income of the harvest and the estate is increasing. (△ Rising)

-Preparations for farmland expansion, reservoir expansion in case of a flood, various facilities expansion, Silver River Bridge construction and various other public works are on stand-by.


He laughed as he saw the information window. When he first became the Lord of Silvana he had no idea how to manage the territory. And he had already decided to sell it to Raiden so he had no interest. But now the situation was different. In order to prepare for being the Lord, he had meticulously read all the information about it. And he had recently became the Lord of Lancel so when he saw the information window about Silvana, he could grasp the situation with just one glance.

‘Silvana is on a completely different level from Lancel.’

It was a territory with 15 villages and a population of 13,040 people! When compared to Lancel’s 732 residents, it was a huge estate 20 times Lancel’s size. However, the enormous difference was the income of the estate. It was a surprising income of 387,000 gold for one month, or 10 days in reality! That was 40 times the income from Lancel. It was also a larger income than other territories in Nagaran. While Silvana had a good location, it was most impacted by the Continental Commerce Firm. The sales from the Continental Commerce Firm accounted for 30% of Silvana’s income.

‘The estate’s income is approximately 400,000 gold while the assets is 120,000 gold…..”

In other words, it was hard for Raiden to manage the estate. If he invested the income into various projects then it would increase the value of the territory. That’s why the value of the territory was more than 600,000. But Raiden was only resourceful up to there. While the estate was growing steadily, he hadn’t done anything impressive like Ark with the Continental Commerce Firm. That’s why Berami had called him a ‘normal’ Lord.

“Still, the various numerical figures are quite good. However……”

“Are you asking about the development speed?”

Berami questioned quickly.

That’s right. Silvana’s current development speed was 45,590. It wasn’t low. The problem was that the development speed was currently falling.

“Is there a particular reason?”

“Well, I don’t know the details but the Lord has had no time to properly care for the rate of development. After learning about the territory, he had unexpectedly built that Mercenary’s Office and invested a lot of money into it.”

‘Aha, was it something like that?’

Ark was able to grasp the situation from Berami’s description. Thanks to the Seutandal conquest war and the lawless port, Raiden hadn’t cared about the management of the estate. Apart from the politics, he left Berami to manage the rest of it. However, it was less efficient than when a Lord managed it so the speed fell. Building the Mercenary’s Office which had no relation to development or production of the estate was also a problem.

In fact, there had been something Ark was doubtful about before the siege. In Nagaran, NPCs could be hired as mercenaries. The mercenaries could be hired for a siege. However, most territories only hired 200~300 of them. Although they had good skills, the cost of hiring them was quite expensive. Ark had applied for the siege two days before it started. He had wondered how Raiden could hire 600 mercenaries despite his financial difficulties.

‘It was due to the Mercenary’s Office.’

When he created the Mercenary’s Office, the number of mercenaries that could be hired increased. Furthermore, when the Lord hired mercenaries then the rating of the office would increase, stronger mercenaries would gather and the degree of loyalty increased. Even the hiring costs were less expensive. For wandering mercenaries, this office was like a token of appreciation. The reason Raiden built the Mercenary’s Office was obvious.

‘It was probably to hire mercenaries who he would send to Seutandal at a cheaper price.’

Despite the money piled up in the estate, that money wasn’t the Lord’s personal funds. The money spent hiring the mercenaries was from Raiden’s pockets. In other words, building the office on the estate and hiring mercenaries was to reduce the burden on his wallet.

‘It was thanks to this that he was able to hire 600 mercenaries despite the lack of time and money.’

Anyway, Ark found the information about the estate quite satisfactory. He was especially satisfied with the rating of the estate.

“As you already know, the total income of the territory is 450,000 gold. When the value, income and fame of the estate increases above 600,000, you will be able to apply to the kings of the Three Kingdoms for a promotion.”

That was Berami’s explanation. Thanks to the Continental Commerce Firm, Silvana’s value had already gone over 600,000. He needed 150,000 more income and 100,000 more fame before the territory could be promote to a B class estate. And a huge bonus was given if the rating of the territory increased. The castle would become more durable and the armoury would also increase. The effects of the Defense Towers during a siege would also be greater. And finally, the Lord’s salary would increase when the estate was promoted. The monthly salary of a Lord was 2% of the territory’s income. However, that salary was applied every time the territory’s rating increased.

In other words, if the estate’s current income was 400,000 gold then that was what the Lord’s salary would be based on when promoted to a C class estate. With the 2% of the income rule, the monthly salary of a D class estate was 3,000 gold and the Lord would receive 6,000 gold when promoted to a C class estate.  And the Lord of a B class estate would receive 9,000 gold. In other words, in one month he could receive a salary of 18,000 gold.

‘All that effort for 1 year and he had the territory taken away when a B rank promotion was right around the corner……’

Raiden must be sitting on the floor of his room and crying right now. While he thought about Raiden, the idea of sympathizing with him never even crossed Ark’s mind.

“Okay. Repair the ceiling and areas that were damaged in the siege. Don’t pay attention to the budget and just restore it to its best possible state. Since there will be no sieges for a month, all projects on stand-by should begin. Our target is to reach a B rating in 3 months.”


Berami’s eyes opened wide at Ark’s order.

“As you can see, the current assets are only worth 120,300 gold.”


“Have you forgotten? We have to pay 30% of the territory’s total income as a tax to the Three Kingdoms. That is 116,100 gold. So the territory’s assets is actually only 4,200 gold. That is enough to maintain the estate.  The income for the next month will be barely enough for the repairs but you want us to continue with the projects as well?

“There’s no need to worry about money for a while.”

Ark replied with a wicked grin. Ark had a reason for saying that. It was became of the ‘double ledgers’ he previously created. Ark had handed Wolkosu the ‘double ledgers’ and he had diverted some of the earning from the Continental Commerce Firm into it. When he checked with Wolkosu before the siege, the amount had surprisingly reached 1 million gold. Of course, Ark couldn’t embezzle this money directly. The reason Ark had made the ‘double ledgers’ was to prepare for when he regained Silvana again. And when the estate was promoted, the monthly salary of the Lord would increase. In the end, Ark would be the one profiting.

‘If I pour that 1 million gold into the estate then it will grow in a month!’

Opportunity would always come to those who are prepared. But Berami didn’t know those details so he still looked uneasy.

“Is there really a way to have that type of money? If a problem occurs and we can’t offer the tax to the Three Kingdoms…..”

“I told you not to worry. If I wanted then I could have that money by the end of the day.”

“I understand. Then I’ll believe in the Lord and order the materials required for the repairs as well as give the command for the projects to resume. At the end of 3 months then it might be possible to promote the estate. No, it will be promoted.”

“If there are any other projects required for the estate’s development then tell me.”

“Yes, I will.”

Berami replied with a cheerful expression.

“As expected, the estate becomes lively once Ark-nim returns.”

“I’m thankful for those words. I thought you might complain since there is a lot of work.”

“That’s impossible.”

Berami laughed and was about to walk away when he remembered something.

“Ah, I just remembered. You have visitors from the Schudenberg Kingdom.”

“The Schudenberg Kingdom? What do they want?”

Berami grinned and answered Ark’s question.

“It is better to ask them directly. Shall I summon them?”

“Yes, let’s meet them.”

After a while, three people entered the office. Two of them were knights while the last person was a middle-ages aristocrat were the uniform of the palace.

“First, congratulations on becoming the Lord of Silvana.”

“Thank you. But what brings representatives of the Schudenberg Kingdom here……?”

“Yesterday we heard from the Shrine of War that after a lot of bravery and wisdom, you managed to win the siege and become the Lord of Silvana. His Majesty is very pleased that you’ve raised the fame of Schudenberg Kingdom. After your achievements, he had decided to promote Ark-nim to a Baron.

‘A Baron?’

Ark looked astonished by the aristocrat’s words. Not long ago, Ark had become an aristocrat in Schudenberg Kingdom. Once becoming an aristocrat, a user who did more achievements (e.g. killing famous thieves, killing strong monsters that had been troubling the kingdom or gaining a lot of fame) had a chance to be promoted again. Nagaran was an area managed by all three Kingdoms on the continent. So those who became a Lord in Nagaran was granted a temporary title from all Three Kingdoms. However, Ark had become a nobleman in Schudenberg Kingdom before being Silvana’s Lord. Therefore, the King of Schudenberg could be smug in front of the Kings of Bristania and the Sinius Principality. Being granted a barony was his repayment.

“Take this.”

The aristocrat politely handed up a letter from the King. After he received the scroll, there were some heroic sound effects and the information window appeared.

-You have acquired the ‘Peerage Bestowment Certificate.’

After received the certificate, you have become a Baron.

While you are the Lord of Silvana, you have a noble title from the Schudenberg Kingdom. After raising Schudenberg’s fame through your achievements, you have been promoted to a higher status. A nobleman should always been a distinguished role model that can be respected by others. As a noble, people will always be observing your behaviour. You will also have the ear of Schudenberg’s King and other aristocrats. If your behaviour is just and honourable then you will have a chance to reach a higher status. But if they are dishonourable then you can be stripped of your title.

* As a noble title bonus, all stats will increase by 10.

* Reputation will increase by 7,500.

* When completing a quest given by an NPC with a noble title, your status (Honour Knight: 500 people) will allow you to receive the support of the guards.

* Owning 2 territories has granted you the title of ‘Lord.’

-You have learnt a new Lord’s skill.

The title of Lord is given to a person who possessed two or more territories. Once you possess two or more territories, you have the qualification to apply for an audience with the King. You will also have a stronger voice among the upper class citizens.

This skill will be useful when meeting many upper class residents and aristocrats.

+ Political Power (Lord Skill): This skill will allow you to take part in nobility meetings about the Kingdom as well as participate in politics.

When your political power increases, your comments will become more convincing to the King and nobles. Of you manage to persuade a certain amount of nobles and the King, you can even change the laws of Schudenberg Kingdom. In some cases, your opinion will be considered when giving quests to regular users. When your political power increases, your degree of intimacy with nobles will also increase.

It was an unexpected bonus. He received a bonus of +10 to all stats and 7,500 fame when he became a Baron. It was a higher bonus then when he became a baronet. However, Ark was most interested in the new Political Power skill.

‘I can engage in the politics of Schudenberg Kingdom?’

When he thought about it carefully, it really was an enormous privilege.

It was possible to participate in politics and propose new laws or change an existing law. That is to say, wasn’t it the same privileges as a congressman in real life? Korean politicians were adept at proposing laws and amendments which were favourable to them. As an example, let’s consider Ark’s triangular trade route. Ark could lower the customs fee, increase the security around movement of goods, lower the tax rates etc. There were many ways to use his status to his benefit. Of course, it wouldn’t be easy persuading the King and nobles to agree to his proposals. It would probably take some time and more advancement in upper class society.

‘Huhuhu, this will have huge benefits.’

“Ah, I also have a message from Lord Jackson.”

At that moment, the aristocrat started talking again.

“Lord Jackson? What is it?”

“The bandit group who were arrested a while ago with Ark’s help have broken out of jail.”


“Yes, according to Lord Jackson’s words they received help from outside troops to escape from jail. A group of guards has been dispatched to chase them but they haven’t been caught yet. Those criminals have a grudge against Ark-nim so Lord Jackson asked you to be careful.”

“Tell him I am thankful for his worries.”

“I understand. I’ll be going now.”

The middle aged aristocrat said before leaving the office. The joyful news about becoming a Baron was soured by Jewel’s jailbreak.

‘Hmm, so escaping from jail is possible in New World? Well, if it is possible to attack a NPC village then there is no reason a jailbreak should be impossible. But they must have quite a lot of numbers to escape from Jackson jail…..

Raiden’s group must be the one who helped them escape. That Raiden guy is still trying to annoy me even after losing the Lordship? But it doesn’t really matter that much.’

Ark just laughed and shook it off. Raiden breaking Jewel out of jail wasn’t a problem now that he lost Silvana. Raiden had lost Silvana and was already branded as a villain. His circumstances are similar to Alan’s in the past. Just like Alan, the alliance was also disgruntled with Raiden and left him. The Hermes alliance was scheduled for a collapse. Raiden who was deprived of Silvana and Jewel who was a fugitive were no threat to Ark.

‘I can’t afford to be concerned about those guys. Right now it is important to gain funds for my business.’

Ark laughed and headed towards the main meeting room in the castle. He had changed into Dark Wolf before entering the meeting room.


Dozens of users were gathered inside the meeting room. There were the commanders of the 20 Dark Eden units as well as JusticeMan, the rehabilitation members, Isyuram, Lariette, Roco, Shambala, Bread and Redian. After 24 hours, all users who had died in the siege were revived at the castle. And Ark had gathered them together for a meeting.

“Now, please pay attention.”

When Ark walked onto the podium, the room instantly became quiet. Ark stared at the users one by one and then lowered his head.

“I first wanted to say thank you. It is thanks to your efforts that we’ve defeated the villains and took control of Silvana. It was only possible with everybody’s help. Everybody did really well so thank you.”

Ark then raised his head and said.

“But I didn’t gather you here just to convey my thanks. It also isn’t to give the fee I promise you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Surely he’s not talking about the fee he promised if the siege was a success?”

Ark tapped a table and focused the attention on him again.

“Please be quiet for a while. I’ll tell you first, it isn’t that I don’t intend to give the success fee. I just want to make an offer first.”


“This suggestion is a token of appreciation for helping me.”

Ark raised one finger and continued talking.

“First of all, you will all unit as a coalition guild.”

“What? A coalition guild?”

The unit leaders started fussing again at Ark’s declaration.

“What is he saying?”

“Well, belong to a guild which has a territory is better than another guild….”

“If we join a guild with a territory then it will be difficult to go around freely.”

“That’s right, it is a bit too much for me…..”

Looking at the atmosphere, it seemed like 50% was for the suggestion and 50% against. Some people liked it because it was difficult to join a guild which already had a territory. However, some users didn’t like that it would restrict their freedom. After chattering noisily for a while, one of the leaders raised his hands and asked.

“As you know, joining a guild with a territory is different from joining a general guild. It might be infrequent, but we would have to return every time there is a siege and if we die then we will lose our equipment. So the Lord normally gives some of the proceeds to the guild members. I would like to know how much of the proceeds we would get before joining the guild.”

“…..There is no distribution of the proceeds from the territory.”

Ark bluntly replied. In fact, when he first discussed it with JusticeMan he had intended to give them 60% of the proceeds from the estate. But now that idea had changed.

“What? You’re not going to give us any money?”

“Is that what you call gratitude?”

The users clamoured with shock.

‘Huhuhu, they’ve started to nibble the bait. Now time for the lure!’

“Please listen a bit more!”

Ark surveyed the atmosphere of the room with a small smile before shouting. Then he deliberately changed his expression 180 degrees and sighed.

“In fact, I’ve been lying to you. I spoke about justice when I requested your help in striking the Hermes alliance. Of course, it is true. However that wasn’t my only purpose. My real purpose in defeating the Hermes alliance was to obtain Silvana castle.”

“Well, it is natural to desire a territory…..”

The users murmured as they heard his words. That’s right. In fact, the users weren’t that naive as to completely believe Ark’s words about ‘justice.’ If the Hermes alliance was defeated then someone would have to become Silvana’s Lord. Of course the priority would go to Ark who was the leader. Everybody knew that the Lord received considerable benefits. Then Ark looked at one of the leaders and muttered.

“Then why do you think users are so eager to obtain a territory?”

“Huh? Isn’t it to become famous and obtain the Lord’s fixed salary?”

“Any normal person would think this.”

“Do you have a different reason?”

“Sid, explain.”

“Yes Lord-nim.”

Sid nodded and waddled to the table. And he unfolded a large scroll onto the table. The scroll was a map of New World. On the map, there was big triangle drawn with lines connecting Schudenberg, Nagaran and Seutandal. That’s right. This map showed Ark’s dream of a triangular trade route. Sid pointed to the three corners of the triangle and said.

“Everybody please pay attention. If you look at the corners of the triangle then you might see why it is important. Yes, this place is Silvana castle where you are right now. And this is Lancel village located in the Argus Mountains. And finally this is Seutandal who surfaced a few months ago. These three areas are essential to what I will now explain.”

Sid finally began to describe Ark’s grand plan.

Currently Ark was already managing a store in Lancel. He also had the qualification to set up a trading place in Seutandal. After winning the siege and becoming the Lord of Silvana, he possessed the Continental Commerce Firm. The stores and commerce of those areas were all in Ark’s hands.

“Dark Wolf-nim’s final purpose is to monopolize the trade in these three areas. And it’s not an exaggeration to say that his goal is already achieved. Can you imagine? The profits which will be obtained when the trade is monopolized in these three areas?”

“Oh my god!”

“I-is this really possible?”

“If it is possible then the profit would be in the tens of thousands….. No, it would approach the hundred thousand.”

“Can a person really monopolize the markets in three areas…..?”

The leaders were struck dumb. Then they all looked at Ark with new eyes. If Ark really proceeded with this business plan then the obtained profit would transcend imagination. If he succeeded then he would become a game tycoon. The idea made the leaders send him mixed looks of envy and jealousy. Then Ark walked over to the table and said to them.

“I would like to share that revenue with you.”

“Hik! W-what?

“You’ll really share the proceeds of this business with us?”

Lights started shining in the users’ eyes. Ark nodded and said.

“You might know this already from Sid’s explanation but the Continental Commerce Firm is the centre of this business. Maintaining Silvana is required for the stable operation of the Continental Commerce Firm. And I became the Lord with everybody’s help. Therefore I want to give you guys the chance to invest in this business.”


“That’s right. You will become a shareholder in the business. When the business becomes profitable, you will receive a dividend of the proceeds every 10 days. But considering the equity of the investment, I’ll have to limit it to 50 gold per person.”

This was the plan Ark came up with to secure the business funds. While Ark had been troubled by the financing problem, he had heard about attracting foreign investors on the TV. At the moment, Ark had 2,700 users at the castle. He needed 150,000 gold to proceed with the business. It was an amount that was impossible for Ark who lived in a rented house. But it was different if there were a lot of investors. If 2,700 people invested 50 gold each then it would be 135,000 gold. It seemed like a huge amount of money but each user would only have to pay 50 gold. Of course, Ark’s income would decrease if users invested in the business. However……

‘It is important to start the business. If I’m providing the funds along then there is no guarantee that I can obtain the required amount in several years. However, I don’t want to borrow money from loan sharks.’

There was a time when Ark had suffered after borrowing money to pay for his mother’s hospital bills. It had an annual interest of 70%! If he borrowed 1 billion won then the annual interest was 700 million won. Furthermore, he wouldn’t be able to receive a lot of profit when the business first began. Even when the business became stable, it would take several months to even think about paying back the interest. And if he showed weakness then the interest would go up to 100% and then 200%.

‘I can’t do such a dangerous thing. It would be safer to have users invest than to pay interest. If I receive the users’ investment then a stable income will be maintained even if business is difficult.’

Users who invested would receive an income. However, Ark had earmarked 40% of the business for himself. In other words, Ark would receive 40% of the profits. The business wouldn’t exist without Ark so nobody would protest.  And the remaining 60% was for the investors. Of course, even if there was tens of thousands gold profits it wouldn’t all go to the users. If there was 50,000 gold profit then only 30,000 would be returned. When divided by 2,700 people, each person would only receive 10 gold. However, the dividend was steadily provided every 10 days. If it was 30 gold for 1 month then they would receive 360 in 1 year. They would be able to receive back 6 times the investment in one year. The unit leaders also realized that.

“Isn’t that quite good?”

“If I invest 50 gold then I can receive a stable income……”

“Can’t we invest more than 50 gold?”

One leader asked as he looked at Ark with expectant eyes.

“Unfortunately, the shares are limited which is why I have to restrict it to 50 gold per person. Well, if there is someone in your unit who doesn’t want to invest then that chance will go to other people.”

Ark replied. That’s right.  This was the most important part in securing the investment. In fact, if Ark didn’t even pay 1 copper and received 40% shares then of course the users would be dissatisfied. But Ark never gave the impression that their money was needed to start the business. On the surface he gave the users a chance to invest in the business as thanks for their help. So the leaders thought it was natural that Ark received a 40% share.

‘And having investors will bring three benefits.’

Ark inwardly smiled wickedly.

First, they would all join the guild. Belonging to a guild which had a territory wasn’t simple, but most people would join after the promise of an income. Secondly, he didn’t have to pay a separate fee and could just pay them the dividends from the investments.  Usually when a guild possessed 2,700 people, the Lord would have to pay them 60% of the territory’s income. But the dividends would increase if the business was successful so the guild members would be satisfied with the dividends. He could monopolize the 9,000 gold monthly salary. And the third reason was actually the most important.

When investing in the business, all the guild members would become shareholders. Their profits depended on the business. So they would be willing to submit to damage to defend Silvana during the siege. By drawing in investors Ark managed to get his business fund, reducing the troops maintenance fee and reinforcing the stability of Silvana. It was a huge benefit even if he had to share 60% of the proceeds.

‘It is better to start the business rather than trying to obtain the business funds alone.’

This business was Ark’s final goal. Raising the 150,000 gold required to start his business would require 1~2 years. But if he used the guild then he could start the business immediately. If he collected the shares for 1~2 years then he could make the business stabilize. That was Ark’s plan! Ark was a genius at collecting money.

“I’ll consult with the unit immediately.”

The leaders hurried out of the meeting room. After a while, they came back holding money bags. 135,000 gold was stacked on the table like a mountain! After receiving Ark’s proposal, 2,700 people had agreed. The users trusted Ark thanks to Dark Wolf’s fame.

“Thank you for you trust. Sid, draw up the contract.”


Sid quickly started to draw up the contracts.

-A Merchant’s Agreement.

Dark Wolf will pay the investors 60% of the proceeds every 10 days as a dividend. The dividend is 0.022% per 50 gold.

So Ark secured his business funds. And the investors joined JusticeMan’s guild ‘Justice Division.’

“I admit, you really are good are tricks like this.”

Shambala muttered as the unit commanders left.

“What? This is benefiting them as well. And you’ve also invested…..”

Ark replied with a shrewd expression. Then JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members tapped Ark on the shoulder and said.

“We don’t know the details. But we believed in you and invested so we want to be certain it will succeed.”

“Eh? I’ve already received your gold.”

“If the business fails……”

“Hyung-nims shouldn’t say that or I’ll have a heart attack in front of you.”

Ark jokingly replied. That’s right. Before Ark had raised the funds for the business, JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members had already invested. If the business succeeded then there was no way he could leave them out. So they had gathered 10,000 gold. Thus Ark had promised them a 10% dividend. That was dozens of times the dividend of the guild members. Ark’s stake was reduced to 30% but it wasn’t a waste.

“I understand. Just wait a few months and you will definitely receive a profit.”

‘Now I’ve gathered the funds for the business. Shall I begin?’

He received 135,000 gold from the investors. JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members gave 10,000 gold. He also earned 25,000 gold from disposing of the mithril door. So Ark had secured 170,000 gold to start his business. Ark used the Letter Movement and flew away to Seutandal.

“I heard from Shambala-nim. Congratulations on becoming the Lord.”

Isabel laughed and welcomed him. It was a reunion after a long time but Ark had no time to chat.

“Thank you. I’m here to buy the trading office.”

Ark paid 100,000 gold and bought the trading office.

It was the only trading firm in the centre of Seutandal. So he now monopolized Seutandal’s trade. All transactions which took place at the trading office could be manage directly.


Ark looked at the trading certificate with thrilled eyes.

‘All that’s left is the merchant fleet and carriages.’

Ark flew back to Schudenberg and bought a large sailboat. At first he thought about purchasing a small boat but he had abundant funds so there was no reason not to buy a large one. Ark bough an A grade merchant boat with 6 sails. And he also bought 8 carriages. All that added up to 150,000 gold. Even when all the preparations were finished, he still had 20,000 gold left.

“I did it. I’ve finished the preparations for the triangular trade!”

He felt his heart leap after finishing the preparations. Soon the ship and carriages would bring gold back to Ark. Ark placed the carriages on the ship and returned to Silvana. Silvana’s location made it a good place to trade. Silvana had direct access to the ocean through the river so ships could easily enter.

“Sid, you will be the chief officer responsible for Ark’s Corporation.”

Even though he created Ark’s Corporation, he didn’t intend to run the business himself. He wasn’t a merchant so trading wouldn’t be useful for him. And Sid was reformed after Isyuram’s mental education so Ark could trust him with it.

“Huh? R-really?”

Sid stuttered after hearing Ark’s words. Sid was a merchant so he knew what a big scale this business was. It would be a dozen times more profitable than when he was the foreign chief director of the Continental Commerce Firm. And it would have a great deal of large transactions for a merchant. If Sid was in charge of this business then he had the chance to become the best merchant in New World. Sid grasped Ark’s hand and shook it with tears in his eyes.

“Thank you. I will work hard.”

“Huhuhu, please do that. Because Teacher, JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members all invested in this business.”

Ark replied with a wicked grin. Sid became pale but accepted the position of chief officer. Sid couldn’t miss this opportunity.

“Then let’s depart!”

Sid saluted and left on the merchant ship. Gold Dream. The name of the merchant ship blatantly showed Ark’s desire to the world. It was a merchant ship that could carry up to 100,000 gold and was protected by Seutandal’s navy. The boat was also A ranked with 24 cannons each. When Sid boarded Gold Dream, all 6 sails opened and the merchant ship departed towards the ocean. It wasn’t simple a merchant ship. It was Ark’s dream.

‘Now New World’s gold is mine!’

That was what Ark believed. A dream come true! That’s right. The dream was accomplished. But it wasn’t finished yet. Ark looked at the ship that was becoming more distant.

“Now that part is finished. What now…..?”

He heard Bul-kkun ask from behind him. Ark replied with a wicked grin.

“Naturally hell training with the coalition members.”

JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members’ faces turned dark.

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