Act 8: Defense Tower Defeated

ACT 8 Defense Tower Defeated

“That stupid child!”

Alan’s face lit up with annoyance. Just a moment ago, an NPC in charge of the siege came to Alan.

“According to the news I just received, Hades guild master Andel has died and 60% of the guild has been lost as well. In accordance to the rules of the Shrine of War, Hades’ challenge right has been revoked.  As your veto right will disappear tomorrow, the guild selected for the siege will be chosen by the shrine.”

Andel had made such an uproar that he had entrusted the ghost guild to him. Alan asked him to not do anything stupid until the territory stabilized…….but he caused an accident after all. Thanks to that, he now had to take part in the siege.

“Doesn’t he know how much money it takes to survive a siege?”

“But this is normal.”

Lariette said in a depressed voice from beside him.


“Frankly, using the ghost guild to avoid the siege warfare…….it’s just tricking people in order for you to keep eating. In addition, the basement underneath the castle…….I get goose bumps whenever I go in there. Even though it is a game…….”

Alan banged on the table and yelled.

“What is so disagreeable? This is not just a simple game! It is the company entrance examination for us! And it is thanks to me that Lariette is being considered at all!”


“Now stop it! If you continue to question me then I won’t tolerate it. How many times have I told you? If you want to get a job at Global Exos then just continue following me!”

Lariette tried to move her lips before sighing and turning away.

“……..Since we’re taking part in the siege this time, I’ll convene all the allied guilds.”

When Lariette exited, Alan looked at the NPC with petulant eyes.

“So what guilds are participating in the siege this time?”

“The person who has received the challenge right is Ark, the leader of an attack group called Dark Eden and his allies.”


Alan confirmed the documents in a surprised voice. Ark was also in an alliance with the Hermes guild. Alan could roughly guess the situation from that. No matter how stupid he was, Andel wouldn’t have blindly led the Hades guild outside.  It was clearly Ark behind the situation. Because Andel was in the way of the siege.  Although he didn’t know how Ark joined hands with Hermes, his final goal was clearly Alan……

‘That conceited child, should we end it here?’

The reason Alan created the ghost guild to avoid the sieges was not because of his lack of confidence. A proper siege required a lot of funds. But Alan was currently building up the territory, so the incoming tax was poured into road and land development. Because Silvana was still under development, the castle was lacking in money. He could not afford a siege since he had nothing to spare from the castle’s income.

‘Damn, I shouldn’t have believed in Andel. Now I have to work urgently. Although Dark Eden is just composed of a few trivial fellows, the Hermes guild isn’t an easy opponent. If they manage to take away this castle then everything is finished.  I’ve poured a lot of money into allied guilds to maintain the relationship with them……If that Ark guy knows about the secrets of this castle then my support base from the Cathedral will also come to an end.’

Alan had invested everything into Silvana.  If he was beaten here then Alan would just become an ordinary user. It is already 80% confirmed that he would pass the examination and join Global Exos.

“It absolutely can’t happen!”

Silver Moon, Noel, Hamanechi, Fugetsu…….along with Hermes, that was 5 guilds in the Hermes alliance and with Dark Eden it was 1,600 people. With the addition of 200 hired mercenaries then they had 1,800 people. The average level in Hermes was 170, with Raiden, Jewel, Duke and several other pioneers around 180.  The deputy leader of the Silver Moon guild was level 150. Noel and Hamanechi averaged 140 while Fugetsu had an average level of 130. While Ark was level 159, Dark Eden’s average level was between 110~120. Thanks to that, the Hermes alliance didn’t like the idea of joining with Dark Eden. Anyway, they all gathered in one spot at a wide plain covered in black.  The siege would take place in 1 hour so Raiden called all the guild masters together.

“We have 1,800 troops. Alan and the Dawn Blade coalition only have 1,700 people.  The average level of Dawn Blade when they occupied the castle was 145.  Since I haven’t seen them leaving the castle, it should still be at a similar level. In conclusion, we have the edge in both numbers and levels.”

Raiden explained in a tone that was assured of victory.

“Since they’re challenge partner suddenly changed, they won’t be prepared properly. Well, even if I don’t explain it you know how difficult a siege is. If this fails then it might take a few months or even months to gather sufficient power again. In addition, it gives the opportunity to the Grey Wings to take Alan’s power. No matter what, this siege has to be successful. If you participate in the siege then I’ll honour the price I set, so please do your best.”

“Don’t worry.”

“We have been waiting a couple of weeks for this day.”

“Then I’m going to explain the strategy.”

Raiden placed a map on a table and explained.

“You might already know this but the first barrier we must get past is the Defense Tower.”

Raiden indicated to two towers located on both sides of the castle. It was an old artifact that existed in every castle to protect it. It would grant a bonus to the Lord’s side during the siege, such as raising morale and courage, or increasing the maximum value of hired NPCs or other various effects.  As an aside, but the shield that protected Jackson from the turrets in the past was also an artifact.

Silvana’s artifact was a defense tower! It gave a shielding effect to the walls, and it also continuously recovered the durability of the walls.

“The Defense Tower is a grade A.2 artifact so if we don’t defeat it in the time limit then the walls would be difficult to crack. In general, we should enter the castle within 18 hours for the siege to be a success. If we take into account the time taken to destroy the walls after defeating the defense tower, we have to destroy the defense tower within 14 hours.”

Raiden immediately divided his forces. The strongest forces from Hermes and Silver Moon will attack the castle. They would occupy the main forces. Noel and Hamanechi will attack the right defense tower while Fugetsu and Dark Eden will take care of the left. Since the Dawn Blade coalition will also arrange their troops at the defense tower, the battle will be spread out over 3 areas.

‘That Raiden…….’

A frown appeared on Ark’s forehead. Hermes and Silver Moon were going to attack the castle. But the next strongest guilds Noel and Hamanechi were grouped together while the weakest groups Fugetsu were together. It was a plan which ignored the balance of power. Raiden was probably already determined to abandon Fugetsu and Dark Eden. The guild master of Fugetsu also realised this but couldn’t raise an objection. He was a weak person after all.

‘Well, okay. Because it is a burden if I expect too much.’

Raiden finished the organization of the troops and distributed supplies to the allied guilds. The Hermes guild had agreed to share the proceeds of the occupied castle if they won at the end of the siege. Therefore it was customary in a siege to provide military supplies to the allied guilds. Thanks to the contract, Ark also received 100 Low-level recovery potions and 100 intermediate recovery potions. 10 repair boxes were also given.

‘Huhuhu, what kind of luck is this?’

Thanks to the money from the rehabilitation members, Dark Eden had plenty of supplies.  Ark boldly grabbed the 100 intermediate potions and deluxe repair boxes. Although he knew about it from the day he signed the contract, the windfall was better than expected!

‘This is worth around 2000 gold in the stores!’

Since it was a big situation, the scale was also different. Even though it was a bad action, Ark didn’t hesitate. Then the sound of a horn rang from the Shrine of War and a NPC’s voice was heard.

“From now on I declare this place the siege area! Aside from the people participating in the siege, nobody can approach this area until the siege ends in three days!”

Ku Ku ku kung!

At the same time, a giant hourglass filled with sand started moving. It was 3 days in New World, so the amount of sand in that hourglass signalled 24 hours in reality.

“Please ready the siege weapons. Archer unit, protect the serious illness unit!”

As soon as the NPC’s words ended, Hermes made the first strike. The catapult approached the walls with a heavy sound.  A catapult was a siege weapon that could only be manufactured in an ironworks in a large city. It probably cost hundreds of gold for one and they had 20! They must have invested thousands of gold on siege weapons to break the walls. There were also the supplies given to the allied guilds……..the survival of the guild was really hanging on this.  Well, Ark just thought that it was foolish to waste money on things like that…….

Anyway, numerous arrows and rocks flew towards the walls. But the walls’ durability didn’t even decrease.  Instead, the arrows were reflected back and damaged the archers of the Hermes guild and their allies.  This was the effect of the Defense Tower.

“The troops will advance first. Don’t rest until the protection of the Defense Tower is destroyed.

So the long siege began.

“To the Defense Tower!”

The Fugetsu guild master shouted as he ran ahead. He pointed towards a crystal tower enclosed in light in the centre of a small castle on the hill. The Fugetsu guild master Baron lifted his sword and shouted.

“An all-out attack!”

“Wait a minute!”

Ark stopped Baron with an astounded face.

“What the?”

“The Defense Tower is an important part of Silvana’s protections.  Wouldn’t they naturally have some preparations? But without understanding the enemy’s power you’re just going to assault them head on?”

“Have you ever participated in a siege before?”

“This is my first time.”

“Then don’t talk when you know nothing about it.”

This guild master was different from the guy who couldn’t even open his mouth in front of Hermes and just continued chattering. Ark seemed quite insignificant to him. Indeed, he only had a total of 83 troops. And 70 of them were NPCs. In addition, the NPCs didn’t look like much with thieves wearing leather armour, hired soldiers, the Meow warriors and the raccoon clans. While it was the weakest of the Hermes allied guilds, the Fugetsu guild still have 250 people.

Baron increased the power in his neck and said.

“Anyway, the defense tower is just a skirmish. Alan won’t have that much protection on it. In the previous sieges, the guild occupying the castle never assigns a lot of troops here. See, there aren’t that many troops visible.  There should only be around 50 soldiers here.”

“But still, we should reduce the possible damage……..”

“Do you think this is a war movie? We have the advantage in numbers and levels anyway.”

Baron looked at Ark before laughing and ignoring him.

“Although the people with low level and equipment would have to use those sorts of cheap tricks………if you’re unconfident then please retreat. Because I don’t expect that much from Dark Eden. Warriors forward!”

“Wha ah ah ah ah ah!”

At Baron’s command, the warriors rushed forward with their shields in front of them. At the moment something iron sprang from the ground with a whirring sound.  The sharp points penetrated the foot and came out the other side! The warriors stiffened and became paralyzed from the venom.


Baron’s lips contorted before he issued a command.

“Sheesh, such a bother. Priests, use detoxification!”

But before the order could be completed, small mounds 100 metres away opened revealing small windows. They weren’t small mounds but bunkers that had been created artificially. Dozens of arrows flew continuously from the window.

“Cough, I’m going to die without even swinging my sword….!”

The warriors who were caught by the paralysis poison became like a porcupine and collapsed.

“Eat this! Warriors detour and charge!”

Baron shouted. But the result was the same.  In addition to the front, traps were tightly laid out 100 metres from the tower in every direction.  The same scene seemed to be on repeat, with warriors rushing forward blindly before being caught by the paralysis poison and falling in vain to the arrows. Baron’s face was red with embarrassment.

“Oh my god, they’re all around……!”

It was a minefield where they would be barraged from arrows the moment they stepped in.

‘That Alan……..he used his head to prepare for this.’

Ark’s eyes started to shine with a serious light. With the defense tower protected, it wasn’t necessary for Alan to go out and fight. With the protection from the defense tower, even the catapults wouldn’t be able to knock the walls down in the time limit. Alan just had to sit for 24 hours and the castle siege would end in vain.  In that sense, the arrangement of the situation for the defense tower was quite ideal. It was a tightly oriented defense formation! It was like a situation in Star O where the Terrans laid mines in front of a bunker which caused a lot of confusion when the opponents ran in. There should be a method of intercepting it from far away.

However, the opponents were armed with longbows and crossbows that had a long range.  Furthermore, they had the favourable geographical position of being on top of the hill. The opponents only had to place the crossbow out the window and shoot. Baron’s face became annoyed.

“These bastards……..what a lousy trick……..!”

He must be joking. Using strategies to prevent them from capturing the castle was a lousy trick?

“It’s not possible.” The arrows would just kill the warriors when they’re caught in the trap.

Eventually, the Baron would be forced into a prolonged war. But Ark viewed it a different way. There were some professions in the hunter system that could disable traps.  The traps were also established within the range of all the bunkers.  Although they could block the arrows with their shields, the dozens of arrows that fell steadily would gradually decrease the warriors’ health.

“Baron, it’s impossible to hold out anymore!”

“1st line should retreat to recover. 2nd line protect the hunters!”

30 warriors retreated while others came forward holding shields.  The traps were disabled one by one but Ark felt even gloomier. Although it had been one hour, the Fugetsu guild hadn’t even managed to advance 2~3 metres. Using simple calculations, if it continued like this then it would take 30~50 hours to advance 100 metres.

‘No wonder he placed so many archers…….’

There were a lot of archers placed at the Defense Tower so it was a natural result.

‘In addition, dismantling the traps means being closer to the range of the arrows.  It will also take a while to destroy the bunkers…….even if the pace quickens by 2~3 times, it still won’t be finished by the end of today!’

Traps and bunkers were a simple but effective combination. Since the operation wasn’t working, Baron glared at Ark.

“What is Dark Eden doing? Can’t you see the situation at the moment?”

Ark replied in an uninterested tone.

“We don’t have anyone who can release traps……”

“Then what about warriors with shields?”

“Didn’t you say before that there was no need for us to help out?”

“…….Then go ahead!”

Baron turned his head away. Of course, Ark wanted to quickly deal with the Defense Tower. But even if Cross supported Baron, the situation wouldn’t change that much.  Although they could use the shields to block, a lot of warriors from Fugetsu still died.

‘I can’t just leave it to Baron. I have to find a way myself.’

Even if only one defense tower was destroyed, he had confidence that Raiden would be able to destroy the walls in time using the catapults. Although the other side had the same numbers, their levels were higher. Therefore this side was insignificant to Raiden’s siege strategy. But…….

‘I should pay for my meal.’

Ark signed a contract with Raiden where he would receive 30% of the proceeds from the castle. In an alliance of 5 guilds, only Dark Eden received 30%. The only reason they accepted Ark was because he had the challenge right, but once they distributed the proceeds of the siege then it could cause problems. In fact, that was the day he dreaded the most.

“What do you think?”

“Let’s see……..”

JusticeMan who was the master of strategies sighed in frustration. The rehabilitation group couldn’t speak.  Although they were armed with various skills, it was useless in a battle like this. It was also beyond Cross’ and the NPCs capacities.

“Ah, Oppa!”

Then, Roco clapped and looked at Ark.

“Do you remember the movie we saw together the other day?”


Ark remembered and suddenly hit his knee. Then Ark and Roco shouted in unison.

“Ridge of Death!”

The Ridge of Death was a movie that he watched with Roco when JusticeMan tricked them last time. Roco was a girl and wanted to watch a romantic comedy but Ark refused.  Details about a person’s relationship. Why should he pay money to watch such a movie? He wouldn’t watch it even if the money went bad. If he was going to waste money on a movie then it was better to relieve his stress by watching bombs detonate and missiles flying. So Ark ended up watching a movie called Ridge of Death.

……..It was a mistake!

Ark who had no interest in movies found a cinema showing war movies. But out of all things, it was a movie about the Vietnam War with modern tanks and missiles……..Thanks to that, Ark and Roco dozed in the movie theatre for 2 hours. The worst date!

But there were a few memorable scenes from the movie. In the final part of the movie, the US military forces built bunkers and land mines in order to stop the charge of the Viet Cong.  But in the end, the US army lost the high ground in vain. Only the main character barely survived. Currently Ark’s position in the situation was reversed! Then, how did the Viet Cong manage to attack…….eh?

“How did they do it? What method?”

Ugh, damn it. He just had to be dozing during that scene! But fortunately Roco watched it as well.

“That’s it. The Viet Cong used that method. Then……..”

“Heh, those pathetic guys.”

“Look at them trying to cancel the traps…….it’s going to take them 3 nights and 4 days.”

“We just have to sit here and enjoy the show to the end.”

Inside the bunker there were 20 archers sitting and yawning. The Defense Tower was attacked first in the siege. They had to defend this place even if they died. Before the siege started, they were quite tense and couldn’t sleep but now it was quite boring.  All they had to do was sometimes shoot the crossbow from inside the bunker. It didn’t even feel like they were in the middle of a siege.

“Even if I end up dying in a fight, at least it would be more interesting than this……..”

“I agree.”

“Ah, we’ve been sitting for 6 hours and now I’m sleepy. Does anyone want coffee?”

One archer scratched his head and turned around. Shakes shake, all of a sudden the ground in the centre of the bunker started to become restless.

“What the, what’s happening here?”

The archer asked puzzled.  And when he touched the earth it started to move up and down.  Suddenly loud shouts erupted from underneath the ground.

“Blade Storm!”

Bang bang double bang!

Numerous scraps of iron emerged from the earth and caused a tornado in the bunker.  The archer who was there lost 40% health while the other archers lost 20%. The archers who were staring outside turned their heads and looked at the unbelievable sight.

“What, what the?”

“What the hell…….eh? W-who are you?”

The storm had passed. The hazy form of one person was standing within the dust. With his whole body covered in dirt…….it was Ark!

“Is it an enemy? H-how…….?”

“Do you know how much I suffered having to eat dirt?”


The archers focused their crossbows on Ark. As soon as they tried to pull the trigger, earth and sand exploded in front of them. A pair covered in black appeared and grabbed their collars. They were two fierce looking rehabilitation members, JusticeMan and Gyeong Saeng-dan.

“You thought a fight would be more interesting?”

“Then how about you fight us?”

There was an explosion at the same time. That wasn’t all. From the hole in the floor, dozens of soldiers came pouring out.

“Hahaha, we found them!”

“Taste the sword of justice!”

It was Cross and the Sylphid Knights, as well as the thieves.

“Huk, there are so many guys from underground……..!”

The archers immediately panicked. JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members were experts at fighting, and in the small space of the bunker there was nowhere for the archers to run.  In addition, there was also Cross and the Sylphid Knights. The thieves were also good at melee combat and used their knives skillfully.  Furthermore, it was 30 against 73! The archers weren’t able to shoot their arrows properly.

“It is all under control.”

JusticeMan ended the battle by sending the last archer to the underworld.

‘The archers were a pretty easy opponent.’

The battle was too easy to the point that he considered it boring.

‘It took 5 hours to get here…… took longer than expected but it’s not too bad!’

A smile spread on Ark’s mouth. He had obtained this hint from the movie Ridge of Death. The Viet Cong who struggled to occupy the higher ground eventually used a last resort.

Because they couldn’t approach the higher ground with the machine g*ns and mines, the Viet Cong decided to use their specialty and dig. After a long time and various sacrifices, a tunnel was dug underneath the bunker and the US forces in the bunker were surprised and destroyed.  Once he heard this, the racial skill of the raccoons immediately came to Ark’s mind.  Didn’t the raccoons also have the ability to dig tunnels like the Viet Cong?

“It seems possible. Let’s give it a try.”

Ark told the raccoons who immediately started digging the tunnel. The raccoon clan can move through the ground like a mole. But if the NPC craftsmen appeared inside the bunker then they would just be turned into porcupines.  Because other people could use the tunnels, it took longer to create a 100 metre long tunnel. Even though the rehabilitation members and Ark were used to carry the soil, it still took 5 hours.

It was the Viet Cong strategy! Well, the results were obvious…….the Meow refused to crawl through the ground, but even without the Meow warriors they still managed to handle 30 archers.

‘That boring movie was actually helpful. I should watch movies with Roco more often in the future.’

Ark looked out the bunker window to examine the situation. He could grasp the situation outside even from here. Baron and his guild were still unaware of the shovelling.

‘Huhuhu, Baron please suffer more.’

Until he controlled the rest of the bunkers, Dawn Blade couldn’t know what was happening.  In the Viet Cong strategy, until they seized two bunkers they had to be careful of security because if the enemy becomes aware then there is a chance of a counterattack. Therefore, Ark concealed it from Baron and dug the tunnel.

‘The next bunker is 60 metres away. It should take 3 hours judging by the current pace.’

“Rest here for the moment. The raccoon are tired as well.”

The NPCs working with users had to rest. Ark allowed the raccoons to rest for 2 hours inside the bunker before rushing them to start digging again. After 3 hours, the tunnel to the next bunker was completed.

“Hahaha, everyone attack!”

Ark’s party beat the archers to death.

“Now there are only the soldiers that are defending the tower.”

Ark immediately gave orders to the raccoons and thieves.

“Take 20 people each and divide them between both bunkers!”

Ark left the raccoons and thieves in the two bunkers.  Then a 40 foot cannon emerged from the bunker and started shooting continuously. When the cannon started shooting from where they believed their allies were, the soldiers who protected the tower suffered enormous damage.  The soldiers who barely survived couldn’t understand the situation.

“What’s going on? Why is our bunker shooting us?”

“What is this bullet? Huk, is this damage a joke?”

“Our guys in the bunker aren’t responding to the Feathers of Whispering.”

“Was their connection lost?”

“Oh my God, did they snatch away the bunker?”

“It’s coming from the bunker within range! I’m not going to stand here and let them exterminate me. Destroy the bunker!”

The soldiers from the castle flocked to the bunker. However, a huge amount of money was spent on the bunkers to prevent an attack from the Hermes guild. Its durability didn’t decrease no matter how much they struck it.  Meanwhile, 2 people died from one bullet that came from the bunker.  Eventually the soldiers had been decreased by 30 people and the doors of the bunker opened, with a group of soldiers immediately rushing out. It was Ark, the rehabilitation members, Cross…….it was the Dark Eden attack group.

“Now it is time for battle. Make sure you put your whole body into it!”

The health of Dawn Blade had already decreased by 50%. Meanwhile, Dark Eden had rested comfortably inside the bunkers. JusticeMan rushed forward while Ark kicked the opponents. The Dawn Blade guild became even more confused.  Thanks to the rehabilitation members’ odd skills and the attack from the NPCs, the opponents collapsed from the confusion.  However, in this situation the most confused man was none other than Fugetsu’s guild leader Baron.

“Eh? How did he get over there?”

They’ve been marching for 11 hours! Although he hurried his guild who kept on complaining, they only advanced 40 metres. But then all of a sudden Ark showed up on the other side of the traps.  And he immediately seized the Defense Tower. Fugetsu’s guild members who had been marching tirelessly looked at their guild master with soulless expressions.

‘What did we do all that for?’ their looks seemed to say.

“What’s with that guy?”

However, no one answered Baron’s question.

A Defense Tower has been destroyed.

There is a 50% decrease in the shield applied to the castle.The recovery rate of the durability of the walls has been decreased by 50%.

“That’s it!”

Raiden clutched his fist tightly and shouted. He checked the hourglass and saw that 12 hours has passed.  It was 2 hours faster than expected.

‘The heavens are helping me!’

While the Defense Tower existed, it was extremely difficult to break the walls. His previous attacks weren’t intended to break the castle walls. It was meant to prevent them from sending reinforcements to the Defense Towers. Therefore Raiden didn’t attack using all his force and just stood at a distance shooting arrows. However, it was different if one Defense Tower was destroyed.

‘It is clearly the Noel and Hamanechi guilds. Fugetsu and Dark Eden are probably still wandering. Well, I don’t care. Because I did not expect anything anyway. But if one of the defense towers are destroyed then there will be no trouble breaking down the walls in time!’

“Now! Summon the stone-throwing golems!”

“Great power of the earth, follow your Lord’s command!”

The summoners in Hermes immediately followed Raiden’s order and give huge golems rose from the ground.

“Huk, Golems!”

A scream rang from the walls. The giant golem was level 180! It was an advanced summoning that was impossible unless they were a pioneer! Although it was only 5 golems, they were rarely seen in New World. The range of the stone throwing golems was short but their power was incredible. The golems stomped forward and started throwing rocks at the wall. It was an incredible offensive attack!

Since the protection of the shield was cut in half, the durability of the walls started to decrease.  The 20 catapults also attacked along with the golems. On the other hand, the Dawn Blade guild had a lot of their archers assigned to the defense towers! Therefore they had no way of stopping the attacks from the golems.

“Hahaha, how is it? This is the power of Hermes!”

Raiden was bragging when something suddenly happened. The castle gates opened and hundreds of users poured out.

“Everyone attack! Don’t let them break down the walls!”

“Don’t pay any attention to those guys. Attack the catapults and the summoners of those golems!”

“If the walls are destroyed then it is the end!”

“Don’t be afraid of death!”

The Dawn Blade members brandished their swords and magic and rushed towards the catapults and summoners. However, Raiden just laughed.

“Ha, do you think you can beat Hermes in a direct confrontation? Since the defense tower collapsed, reinforcements will also be coming soon.”

Currently the Hermes guild gathered in front of the castle had 900 troops after sending the rest to the defense towers. Meanwhile, the Dawn Blade guild had 1,200 people. The Hermes guild was inferior in terms of numbers. However, Raiden actually welcomed the enemy’s attack. The Hermes guild was filled with pioneers. The Silver Moon guild was also equal to Hermes. Their levels, equipment and skills weren’t at a level that normal users could beat. Raiden had hoped for this head-on collision!

“It is time to show the power of the Hermes Alliance! Trample them!”

The sound of two armies colliding was heard. However, the result was different from what Raiden expected.

“What, what? These guys?”

The coalition of guilds was stronger than he expected. The difference in skills and equipment wasn’t as much as he expected.  In fact if he knew the true identity of Dawn Blade then it wasn’t that surprising.  Their true identities are candidates participating in the Global Exos examination. With a job at stake, they didn’t care about how much they invested in equipment.

“I was ignorant of the people gathered in Dawn Blade…….but it’s not just their equipment.”

If the equipment was similar then of course higher levels would dominate. And the levels in Hermes were the highest in New World. Even so, the battle became strained.  Didn’t that mean that the members of Dawn Blade are also at Hermes’ level?

“How come? Weren’t their levels lower than ours when they occupied the castle? It has been 3 weeks and I’ve never seen any of them leave the castle…….then how are their levels similar to ours?”

Raiden couldn’t understand it.

“But we’re still superior. We’re pushing them back…….”

Raiden was optimistic about the battle situation.

Dudududung, the sound of drums rang from the walls and someone exited the castle. He was riding a white horse with armour that shined.


Raiden’s eyes started flashing. It was the Lord of Silvana, Alan! Of course, even if Alan died the siege would still continue as long as Dawn Blade kept on fighting. But losing Alan would be a great blow to Dawn Blade. Although the battle situation wasn’t disadvantageous, it was a golden opportunity for Raiden.

“What a foolish guy. The Lord actually appeared on the battlefield. Catch him……Huk!”

Raiden had stood up and yelled.  Then 20 troops riding behind Alan came pouring out. Horses cost thousands of gold. But he had enough for a horse unit! In addition, Raiden could even see equipment on the equestrian troops.

“When did he get those soldiers…….!”

“Kill Alan! Cough!”

Alan dealt huge damage because of the unique sword in his hand! The cavalry troops also followed swinging maces.  The formation of the Hermes Alliance collapsed thanks to the cavalry unit. A formidable attacking power! But the problem wasn’t simply attack power.

“Miracle Force! Heavenly Light! Holy Imprint!”

The aura applied to the unit stacked up three times thanks to Alan’s profession, Holy Knight! Once Alan appeared on the battlefield, not only was there a rise in tactics but also an increase in stats. In addition, the Holy Knight’s skills didn’t consume his mana so it wouldn’t be turned off when his mana was low.  The buff made a huge difference to the battlefield.

Bang bang double bang!

Alan’s cavalry unit rode around attacking the summoners until the golems collapsed one by one.

“Curse, curse them!”

Raiden shouted as he emitted light. But the warlock’s curse was blocked by Holy Imprint with 80% of it failing! And the 20% that worked was immediately lifted.

“What, what the? Holy magic? Then they’re all Holy Paladins?”

It was a profession with mighty combat power and holy magic.  It was a profession that required enormous luck to change into yet there were 20 of them! The moral of Dawn Blade shot up thanks to the cavalry unit.

“All the summoners have collapsed.  Priests and magicians, concentrate your attacks on the catapults!”

“Warriors group up in units of 5 and your highest priority is to attack the priests!”

“Archers use your arrows to intercept the magicians’ magic!”

“Debuff all of them!”

“Area of effect magic.  Retreat from the range!”

Blood quickly rose to the pale sky before falling!

The momentum had suddenly shifted to the side of Dawn Blade. The cavalry unit was a natural enemy to magicians and priests. Thanks to their mobility they were able to attack several times faster! With the low defense of magicians and priests, they couldn’t even last more than a few seconds.  Meanwhile, the rest of Dawn Blade was decreasing the durability of the catapults.

“This, such a thing……..Pioneers stop the cavalry unit! The rest protect the catapults!”

Raiden shouted to his warriors. In this situation he was commanding from the rear of the troops.  Then a cloud of dust was raised as a group of soldiers arrived.

“The Noel and Hamanechi guilds have returned!”

Raiden’s face brightened. It the Noel and Hamanechi troops show up then the situation could be reversed! But when he checked he noticed something strange. He had thought that Noel and Hamanechi had destroyed the tower and was returning.  However, the people who were leading the troops were Ark and Baron.

‘What on earth……. the Defense Tower was destroyed…….it wasn’t by Noel…..!’

It was actually Fugetsu and Dark Eden?

“No way? What the hell?

Raiden was completely confused.  But no matter the reinforcements, it was better than nothing.

“Baron, Ark! Attack Alan!”

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