Act 8: Death Lord

Act 8 Death Lord


After confirming that it was Andel, Ark hurriedly looked around at his surroundings. He confirmed that there were no other monsters except for the dragon.

‘Then Andel isn’t capable of controlling the monsters like Alan.’

Ark had thought it was the worst situation because he met Andel. The reason Ark trapped Alan underground was because he could order the monsters around. If other users appeared who could control monsters then it would be a huge problem.

‘Obviously Andel is also involved in this event but fortunately he doesn’t have the same power as Alan. If he had authority then a serious problem would occur. This means that Andel can only control the dragon.’

Alan had probably urgently contacted him after being confined in the underground base. But the situation wasn’t good no matter how he thought about it.

‘I can’t use Demonic Distortion in this situation.’

The reason Ark was able to use Demonic Distortion to outrun the monsters in the canyon was because Alan wasn’t there. If Alan knew Ark’s movements and controlled the monsters then there was no possibility of escaping even with Demonic Distortion. But Alan was trapped in the underground base and now this guy appeared with a monster.

‘There is no point using Demonic Distortion on this dragon. Andel can just use the dragon to catch up with me. No, the destination is the Black Obelisk Forest so there is no way I can escape Andel and the dragon.’

In the end, he had to get rid of Andel and the dragon in order to destroy the Black Obelisk Forest. However, Andel had appeared with a level 500 elite dragon boss!

‘It isn’t an opponent I can beat with 130 people. Furthermore, I only have 35 minutes left.’

Alan wouldn’t be trapped forever. Wormer said the door would endure for 1 hour and they had already consumed 15 minutes exiting the canyon. And the Starlight Bomb took 10 minutes to explode so he needed to deal with Andel and the Chromatin before Alan caught him. It was probably Alan’s aim behind calling Andel.

‘Damn, I have to defeat a level 500 elite boss with 130 people?’

Despite his worries, there was nothing he could do.

‘I have no other choice! The residents might disturb the fight so I’ll have them sneak out of the battle area. The rest depends on power……!’

Ark lifted his sword and was about to give an order to charge. Andel laughed, tapped the neck of Chromatin and shouted.

“These boring guys, go Chromatin!”

Oduduk, oduduk, odududuk!

The body of Chromatin started changing. Just like when Razak reformed into the Saw Blade, the several thousand bones disjointed and reassembled to form what looked like a scorpion. But the problem was the bones which formed the tail of the scorpion. The bones split into hundreds of sharp piece.

“What, what the? What is with the huge number of bones?”

“Huhuhu, receive the attacks of my pet monster Chromatin!”

“Heok, everyone prepare to defend!”

Ark hurriedly burst out and lifted his sword. The hundreds of bones from the Chromatin’s tail simultaneously headed towards the special forces.

Syu syu syu syuk, syu syu syu syuk!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

They then exploded once they reached the special forces. After a while, the snowstorm which was stirred by the confusion stopped and Ark was shocked. The bombing of the bones had inflicted horrible damage on the special forces. The shields weren’t able to stop the bones. Warriors flew dozens of metres away and ended up upside down in the snow while the archers and magicians were dripping blood. Ark had lost 15% health with one attack. Chromatin’s attack dealt tremendous damage.

“Ack! What a ridiculous cheat skill……!”

“Hahaha, look at you now!”

Andel laughed with an arrogant expression from Chromatin’s neck after Ark stumbled.

“I’d like to see you act cool now.”

“This bastard……!”

“That’s right. I’ll make sure you taste torment.”


Chromatin began to attack in earnest. The soldiers couldn’t block the hundreds of bones attacking from different directions. If they tried to block the bones flying from the front then some would come attacking from the side. The hundreds of bones could move freely like a living snake!

“Hahaha! How is it? Chromatin’s Power?”

‘Damn, the special forces can’t even attack…..!’

Ark glared at Andel. But it wasn’t just the special forces. Thanks to the narrow canyon, the White Tigers couldn’t avoid the bones as well as attack Chromatin.

‘I have to find a way to breakthrough!’

Ark turned to avoid the flying bone and looked at Shambala. Shambala seemed to think the same thing as well because he nodded his head silently. In this situation, they had no time to rest because they had to avoid the relentless bone attacks. The only way to inflict a counterattack was to stop the momentum of the bones. The only person who could keep up with Ark and attack Chromatin was Shambala.

“I’ll go first. Sun, Gae, Yeol, Seom!”

Shambala combined his footwork with Blink and it seemed like he split into dozens of forms. Shambala crossed through the space as he avoided the bones.


He also had a technique similar to Shambala’s afterimage skill. A flash of light split through the space. There was an intense ringing sound and Chromatin stumbled. The movement of the bombs attacking the soldiers also became disordered.

‘Okay. It has an effect!’

“Dark Dance!”

Ark continuously used Dark Dance. When Ark approached, 10 bone stems emerged from different directions. Ark maintained an 80% completion rate for Dark Dance and the bone stems narrowly passed by him.

“Okay. Let’s give him a taste! Radun, a demonic sealed sword!”

Ssak ssak ssak, ssak ssak ssak ssak!

Radun opened his mouth and spat out a black sword.

“Blade Tempe…..”

Ark rushed up underneath the Chromatin’s jaw and was about to use Blade Tempest. Andel just watched from Chromatin’s neck and laughed.

“Kukukuku, throw your body as much as you like. Chromatin, land mines!”

Kurwarwarwarwa, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Chromatin shrieked and slammed down a huge paw. At the same time, black sparks spread through the ground. When the black sparks touched his foot, it felt like his foot had been turned into a block of wood.

“Heok, what, what the?”

-You have encountered a land mine.

He had become paralyzed by Chromatin’s attack. Chromatin grasped the chance while Ark couldn’t attack to aim the 10 bone stems at him. He couldn’t move to avoid the attacks and received some critical hits. Therefore Ark lost 30% of his health and also starting ‘bleeding.’ Ark wasn’t the only one in this situation.

Syu syu syu syuk, syu syu syu syuk!

The land mines had spread through the whole passage so the soldiers also became paralyzed and fell victim to the bone attacks. Although they didn’t receive the concentrated attack like Ark, the soldiers still received a lot of damage.

‘This is ridiculous!’

Ark wobbled to one side and kneeled down as he looked up at the giant Chromatin. The hundreds of bones had the ability to move freely and the soldiers couldn’t even attack it properly when they were in their best condition. So how could they avoid it now that they were paralyzed? Wasn’t this too severe even for a boss monster?

‘The land mine isn’t troublesome by itself.’

The Land mine only became a problem when Chromatin used it in conjunction with the hundreds of bones. Ark already knew a way to deal with Land mine. Land mine was a technique which sent a shock wave through the ground. Land mine caused sparks to move across the ground so if he got the timing right then he could easily jump and avoid it.

‘But I use Dark Dance and Shambala uses Blink. Both skills require the foot to be on the ground. If I jump to avoid the land mine then the skill would be cancelled. Then I wouldn’t be able to avoid the attacks from the bone stems. Dammit! There has to be another way…….’

“You idiot, where did your thoughts wander off to?”

He heard Shambala’s cry from nearby.


“Master! Above, above you!”

Ark looked up at Racard’s words and his face turned as pale as a sheet of white paper. Dozens of bones were covering the sky and falling towards Ark? Ark panicked and tried to use Dark Dance.

“Land mine.”

Chromatin’s paw hit the ground again at Andel’s command. Ark had used Dark Dance but then he reflexively jumped to avoid Land mine. But this was Ark’s crucial mistake. His hasty jump meant he had avoided the land mine. But there were still dozens of bones over his head. If he fell then he would be turned into a hedgehog.

“Pure Shield!”

Lariette quickly tried to defend with her magic but it was ineffective. The thin white shield which appeared in the air was crushed by the sharp bone shafts.

‘Oh my god, if I am hit by that many bones…..!’

He already only had 50% health left. If he was hit by the dozens of bones then he would die! It was highly likely when considering the attack power of the bones. Andel brightened as he saw Ark looking pale.

“Hahaha! Die Ark!”

‘This bastard…..! Damn. If I’m going to die then I won’t die politely! I’ll take your life as well.’

Ark cursed before raising his cursed sword. There was only one attack Ark could do in this situation.

“Blade Tempest!”

The skill which had been paused for a bit finally activated! The cursed sword exploded into fragments and created a storm. Ark honestly wasn’t expecting this attack to work. He didn’t want to die like this so he wanted to do some damage to Andel. But it had an unexpected effect.

Chwa chwa chwa chwa! Chwa chwa chwa chwa!

When the sword fragments swirled around, the bone shafts surrounding Ark disappeared. No, to be exact it didn’t disappear.It moved at a quick speed and formed a shield around Andel. Therefore Andel didn’t receive any damage from Blade Tempest despite being in the range of the attack. However, it made it possible for Ark to salvage his life. But it didn’t just save Ark’s life.

‘What the? Chromatin’s reaction just now?’

Ark stared at Chromatin with surprise. Andel hadn’t given a command just then. Chromatin’s reaction was too fast to be anything but reflex.

‘Despite the fact that Blade Tempest could damage its body, its first instinct was to protect Andel!’

That’s right, he hadn’t been thinking about the target of his attacks! Ark’s eyes brightened as he had an idea. When attacking and defending against a monster, normally a certain pattern could be identified. But that was difficult against a user. The most significant difference between users and monsters was that the user could predict their opponent’s attacks. Previously Chromatin had sealed Ark and Shambala’s attacks by predicting it. Ark had thought that Chromatin was a difficult opponent but it was actually the combination of Andel + Chromatin that made it hard.

But the situation changed if Chromatin had to protect Andel. If Andel wasn’t there to raise Chromatin’s abilities then it would become easier! That’s right. Now the target for his attacks wasn’t Chromatin but Andel. If he used Andel then it would be possible to block Chromatin’s attacks. The question was how to capture Andel……

Ark avoided the bones while visualizing the situation in his head. After a while, Ark narrowed his eyes at Andel before smiling. Okay, he would try that method!

-Shambala, I have a plan so please attract Chromatin’s attention.

Ark explained to Shambala while using Feather of Whispering.

-You found a way to defeat it?

-Yes, a quite fun way.

-Hmm, I’ll trust your plan.

“Seom, Torrential Sword!”

Shambala rushed to one side and violently attacked Chromatin. Chromatin shrieked and shot the bones towards him. All the nearby bones were focused on Shambala.

“Summon Demon, Razak. Transform!”

Razak appeared in an open space and changed into the Saw blade. Ark grabbed the Saw blade and threw it towards Andel.

“Razak, transformation off! Shield Stroke!”

Clack clack clack, clack clack clack clack!

Razak returned to his skeletal form and raised his shield. This was Ark’s plan. After nearing Chromatin, he planned to have Racard transform back and hit Andel with Shield Stroke and knocking Andel off Chromatin’s body. However……

“Heh, what a shallow plan!

The moment Racard flew in the air and was about to hit Andel with his shield. Andel just turned his head and laughed. At the same time, three bone shafts rose from the neck where Andel was sitting down. Razak hurriedly blocked with his shield but he was still blown back.

“Is it really like that?

Ark laughed and muttered. And then…..!

“Ohhhh, back attack strike! Dark Dash!”

Racard suddenly appeared from the sky and hit Razak’s body. And Razak flew away like a spiked volleyball towards Andel. Before Andel could react, Razak raised his shield and hit Andel’s face.

Clack clack clack clack, daengkang! “Kuak! What, what…… C-Chromatin……!”

Andel who was hit in the face fell to the ground. Then Chromatin stopped attacking Shambala and sent the bones towards Ark. It’s first instinct was to protect Andel so it judged that it should attack Ark. Around 30 bone shafts flew towards Ark! But Ark had no interest in the bones.

“Don’t miss! Summon release, Razak! Summon Demon, Razak! Transform! Fly, Saw blade!”

Ark’s mouth recited the skills as quickly as possible. Razak who was on Chromatin’s neck changed into a blade and reappeared in Ark’s hand. Ark immediately switch to the whip and wrapped it around Andel’s leg. Andel was pulled along the slippery snowfield by the sword. Ark finally grabbed Andel’s collar and raised him in the air. At the same time, all the bones flying towards him stopped. Ark stared at the bones floating 1 metres away from him and laughed.

“It is like I thought.”

“You, you bastard……!”

“Shut up!”

Popok, popopok!

Andel received a baptism of fists and blood dripped from his nose. Although he couldn’t check Andel’s information using Eyes of the Cat, as expected he was a lot weaker than Ark. It was impossible to think that Andel was higher than level 150. Ark was level 432 and with the dark attribute bonus he was level 648, so Andel was no match for him.

‘That’s why Chromatin’s top priority is to protect him.’

He didn’t know what type of item or skill Andel and Alan had to control monsters. It even worked on a level 500 elite boss. But this was a crucial mistake in Andel’s plan. Chromatin was programmed to instinctively protect him. That was why the bones stopped attacking when Ark grabbed Andel. If it attacked Ark then it would also attack Andel so it instinctively stopped.


Then Chromatin roared and blew bones all over the area. The special forces screamed and rolled across the ground.

‘Huhuhu, is it running wild after losing its Master? Okay, then I’ll return him.’

Ark grinned as he grabbed the handle of the whip. He grabbed the handle with both hands and began to spin it around. Andel’s leg was still tied by the Saw blade so he was dragged into the air and spun around. It looked like the giant swing in wrestling.

‘Now, time to attack!’

Ark rotated the body and threw Andel towards the place where the special forces were. Andel’s health decreased as he was hit by bones while flying through the sky. The Chromatin flinched and urgently stopped its bombing.

‘Kukukuku, now your attacks are blocked!

Ark smiled as Chromatin struck the ground with its paw. It was the Land mine attack which caused paralysis! However, the Land mine attack couldn’t be used in conjunction with the bone attack so it had no effect. Ark just jumped to avoid the Land Mine. Then he raised the Saw blade and slammed Andel into the ground.

“Hiik, s-stop! Kiaaaaaaah!”

Andel who was slammed upside down into the ground also became paralyzed. Ark started swinging Andel again and shouted.

“Now, don’t worry about Chromatin’s attacks and just attack it!”

Before they couldn’t even walk let along attack because of the hundreds of bones but now the situation had changed. Ark’s whip turned Andel into a 20 metre shield which completely blocked the bone attack. Chromatin couldn’t attack so it was just a pile of bones.


“Smash! Chain Strike! Heroic Strike!”

“Thunderbolt, thunderbolt, destroy the enemy! Thunder Break!”

“Bone Crusher Arrow!”

The soldiers used various special attacks on Chromatin. The swords and maces, arrows and various magic drained Chromatin’s health. 90%, 80%, 70%…… Chromatin couldn’t even oppose when its health decreased.

‘But I can’t defeat Chromatin like this.’

Ark looked down at the ragged looking Andel. The reason Andel became so ragged was because Ark deliberately moved him to the side of the bone attacks to block Chromatin from attacking. Despite Chromatin hurriedly stopping its bones, Andel still received some damage. But there was another larger reason……

“Ack, t….. This bastard…..s…..stop……!”

Andel tried to talk despite having the Saw blade wrapped around his leg.

“Shut up!”

Ark shouted and slammed Andel into the ground again. Andel was hit on the head and stiffened. He was a warrior receiving fall damage so he became ‘stunned.’ That’s right. This was the reason why Andel was so tattered. The Saw blade was securely tied but Andel was a user. Therefore he had to focus on the Saw blade and he stunned Andel every time he regained himself. Of course, this was only possible because Andel was level 150.

“You……you…… th…..bastard……!”

In the end, Andel’s face armour was crumbled like a piece of paper and his face was discoloured.

‘Well, it seems like Andel is almost about to break……’

He couldn’t confirm Andel’s health using Eyes of the Cat but he seemed to be in a critical condition. If Andel died then the way to stop Chromatin’s attacks would also disappear. However, he couldn’t stop slamming Andel into the ground.

‘I’m sorry but I need you alive until Chromatin is defeated.’

Therefore he needed the priests to cast recovery magic!

“The Great God’s ability, Great Heal!”

The priests poured their recovery magic on Andel. Therefore Andel’s tattered body was restored. And he was struck before he could do anything.

“Now, continuously attack!”

Ark continued to swing Andel around and shouted. After a short time, the Chromatin’s health fell down to 20% without it even resisting. Then the crumpled Andel regained his spirit again. Andel waited until Ark was about to slam him and took out a small glass bead before breaking it.

“T-this…..if I have to go like this…..I’d rather……release….. Soul Chain Release!”

When the bead broke, Chromatin suddenly stirred and withdrew. The black light around it slowly turned red and the bones started flying.

‘That bastard?’

Ark waited for the bones to stop moving. But this time something was different. Chromatin didn’t stop the bones flying towards Andel. The bones perforated Andel’s body.

-A level 150 chaotic player has been killed.

The level 150 Andel went to the afterlife with one blow.

‘What the? Chromatin attacked Andel……. Then the item Andel just broke was the one controlling Chromatin? Damn, it must be one of the black code items that Global Exos talked about……’

The previous incident had been caused by the black code items. If Andel really had the black code items then he could’ve obtained 1 billion won from Global Exos. Of course, the item that Alan had might be the black code item but wasn’t it a chance to get a clue to obtain the 1 billion won?

‘But it’s already broken so it can’t be helped. The problem right now is……’


Chromatin had been released from the soul restraint. He couldn’t use the Andel shield anymore and Chromatin still had 20% health left. Furthermore, Chromatin was now insane. Ark looked at Chromatin’s movements and muttered.

“Chromatin’s movements is different from before.”

While Andel was alive it kept on shooting the hundreds of bones but now it was just attacking randomly. It had gone completely insane after the soul restrain had been released.

‘This is enough to give it a try!’

He had the members with a 2nd profession surround Chromatin. Ark, Shambala and 5 other members surrounded Chromatin and used Area Declaration.

“Area Declaration, River of Blood!”

“Area Declaration, Garden of the Warriors!”

“Area Declaration, Magic Space!”

Various Area Declarations were exercised around Chromatin. The earth around Shambala changed into a river of blood which increased his attack and defense by 50%. Meanwhile a muscular angel appeared in the warrior’s area and blew a horn to increase various stats. The mana concentrations in the magician’s Area Declaration increased and they could use various high ranking magic more easily. But there was one ultimate Area Declaration.

“Area Declaration, Divine Skill Descent of the Fire Draconian!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang! Hwarrrruk!

Ark stuck the Saw blade into the ground and change to the Promised Sword before running towards Chromatin. He avoided the bones and slid under Chromatin’s belly before using the skill and a dark spirit rose from the ground. At the same time the area was wrapped in darkness. But then flames soared upwards from the dark area. The flames formed a Fire Draconian! The Fire Draconian flew upwards before falling like a lightning bolt towards Ark’s head. Ark was wrapped in the flames. Every time he breathed out, flames 10 centimetres long shot from his mouth.

-You have used the Divine Skill Descent of the Fire Draconian!

The effect will be applied for 10 minutes.

* 300 Fire damage added to all attacks.

* Attack speed at the skill and speed, reaction speed will increase by 50%.

* All enemies that attack will receive 10~100 fire damage.

* Fire resistance increases to 500% and all party members’ fire resistance will increase to 100%.

* When activated, all enemies within the area will receive 1000 fire damage while 50% of the user’s health will be restored.

“It is in a critical condition. Attack it with everything you have!”

Ark breathed out flames and shouted, causing the soldiers to run up and wield their weapons. Chromatin shrieked and used Land Mine and the bone attack randomly. But the members who used Area Declaration around  Chromatin blocked more than 50% of those attacks.

“Take this, Dark Blade!”

Kwang, kwang, kwang, kwang, kwa!

Ark bombarded the Chromatin with his attacks. But Chromatin who had escaped from its restraints wasn’t an insignificant rival. Although it was under attack, it managed to counterattack against the special forces. The special forces tried to decrease Chromatin’s 20% health before the Area Declarations ran out.

‘Damn! That useless Andel put me in this position…..If we can’t knock it down before the Area Declarations end then the situation will become more serious!’

“Radun, the best magic sword! Blade Tempest!”

Ark caught the sword Radun spat out and made it explode. The effect of Descent of the Fire Draconian was applied to Blade Tempest and a whirlwind of fire hit Chromatin. Chromatin’s bones instantly split apart and its health ran out. At the same time, a message window appeared in front of Ark.

-Chromatin’s health has fallen below 3% and you can extract the demonic aura.

“That’s it! Demonic Seal!” Ark used Demonic Seal without thinking.


Light shot from Ark’s hand and penetrated Chromatin’s chest. Then the black soul was forcibly dragged out by the light.

“Okay.  Radun, equipment!”

Ssak ssak ssak, ssak ssak ssak ssak!

Radun opened his mouth and spat out a piece of armour. Ark immediately shoved Chromatin’s soul into the armour. But before he could sigh with relief, the armour crumbled and the soul popped out. And it flickered and tried to return to Chromatin’s body?

“What, what the? D-Demonic Seal!”

Ark hurriedly used Demonic Seal and captured Chromatin’s soul again. And he realized there was a significant problem he forgot.


Ark had forgotten about the success rate of Demonic Seal. In order for Demonic Seal to have a 80~90% chance of success, the item level should be at a similar level to the monster. In other words, he needed a level 500 equipment in order to be able to properly seal Chromatin. However, Ark currently only had equipment around level 300~400. It meant the probability of success was almost nil.

‘There’s the Hell’s Shoulder Blades……’

It was the shoulder blades he obtained from Magura! It had a level restriction of 450 so Ark couldn’t wear it yet. But there was still a 50 level difference so the probability of success was only 50%. And the Hell’s Shoulders Blades was a unique item. If the demonic aura was sealed into a unique item then didn’t it mean he couldn’t repair it?

‘If the seal fails……’

He didn’t even want to imagine the result.

‘If the soul returns to the body then I won’t be able to catch it again.’

When the soul pulled using Demonic Seal returned to the body, the monster was revived with 30~50% of its health. They had barely managed to reduce its health down from 20% using the Area Declarations. If it was restored with 30~50% health, the Area Declaration couldn’t be used anymore so there was no way to kill it.

‘Besides, it has been 30 minutes since the battle started.  I have to end the fight with Chromatin now or else Alan will arrive from the underground base!’

Ark was completely lost.

-There is 1 minute left on Demonic Seal.

A warning message flashed in front of Ark.

‘Damn, I can’t let it return to its body. There must be a chance even if the success rate is 1%……’

“Radun, give me all the equipment up to level 400!”

Radun opened his mouth and vomited out all the equipment. Ark shoved Chromatin’s soul into the equipment. However……

Peng, peng, peng, peng!

The level 230~350 equipment just exploded. Ark was close to tears with every explosion. But the result would be even worse if he allowed the soul to return to the body! Ark had no choice so he closed his eyes and shoved Chromatin’s soul into random equipment. With every backlash he felt like Chromatin was getting stronger. Ark who was using Demonic Seal desperately opened his eyes and looked down. It was in order to confirm the equipment left. But Ark’s face became confused the moment he checked the equipment.

“Heok! What, what the? That fellow is near the soul……?”

Chromatin’s soul was near a sword that was plunged into the ground. It was the Saw blade that he had plunged there and forgotten about after Andel died.

‘W-will this blade explode as well?’

Wasn’t the Saw blade a joining of the sword and Razak? No, he would be worried even if it was possible to use Demonic Seal on it. When Demonic Seal was used, the power of the equipment increased by leaps and bounds. But the endurance would fall by a lot and it will be difficult to repair. If that effect was applied then who knew what would happen to Razak?

‘….. Oh my god! What type of position is this?’

Ark stared with a pale face at the Saw blade. But it was too late. Chromatin’s soul couldn’t be captured if it returned to its body so Ark shoved the soul into the Saw Blade.

Jjajang~~~! Jjajajajang~~~!

It was at that moment. Cracks started to spread on the surface of the blade. And after a while, the sword suddenly shattered?

“Ah, no! U-unbelievable…..really…..!”

Ark murmured with a soulless voice at the sight of the shattered fragments. The Saw blade had been destroyed. Didn’t that mean Chromatin’s sealing had failed and even Razak had disappeared? The idea sent Ark into a complete panic. But the next moment an unimaginable scene occurred in front of Ark. The fragments scattered seemed to fly backwards as if time rewound and the sword reformed? But it wasn’t the previous Saw Blade. Although the previous Saw blade was a one-handed sword, this one was an enormous greatsword 30 centimetres wide and 150 centimetres long.

“What, what the? This sword? What happened?”

Ark looked at the sword with bemused eyes.

-Your level has risen.

-Your level has risen.

-Your level has risen……

The message windows rose in front of him. He had gained 7 levels……As soon as his level was adjusted Chromatin’s body instantly collapsed, leaving behind a part of the spine.

-Chromatin’s Lance (Unique)

Weapon type: Two-Handed Lance

Damage: 45-55

Durability: 53/120

Weight: 60

User Restriction: Level 450 or more

A lance made from the spine of Chromatin. Since dragon is a high class material, this lance is light and firm compared to ordinary lances. Since this is made from Chromatin’s bone, it is imbued with its power and the ‘Bone Thorn’ attack can be used. It is the best weapon for a knight.

A unique lance! It was a lance which had an obviously  high value just by looking at it. However, Ark didn’t have time to look at the abilities of Chromatin’s Lance.

“Radun, swallow the spear!”

Ark gave the command to Radun and hurriedly ran to the Saw blade. He wanted to check what happened to it so he grabbed the handle. An information window rose in front of him along with some crafty laughter.

-Your summon Razak has successfully absorbed the soul.

The dragon Chromatin which has been changed to a soul state and weakened has been successfully absorbed the physical body reorganized.

Razak has absorbed the soul of a death master several levels higher and he has evolved to a higher profession ‘Death Lord.’ Through this spiritual awakening, Razak has been renamed to ‘Purital.’

‘Evolution? He evolved?’

Ark looked at the information window with stunned eyes. Although he was confused, Ark was soon able to understand most of the situation.

‘Chromatin is an undead dragon which is the strongest among the undead series.

If Racard absorbed the soul of the strongest monster which had been weakened then wouldn’t he evolve?’

When he thought back, the essential part to evolving to Death Master was obtaining the Necromancer’s skeleton. Racard also absorbed Karakul’s blood to evolve into a higher ranking vampire. In other words, evolution involved absorbing a monster with the same properties. Ark’s eyes shone brilliantly at the thought. What he thought was Demonic Seal failing was actually his pet’s evolution! Razak’s original features had been changed by the evolution.

Just like the sword had changed, Purital also looked different. The surface of the bones were carved with patterns that looked like dragon scales while there were sharp horns in the joints such as the arms, shoulders and knees. When Purital transformed, an information window appeared in front of Ark.


A skeleton who has evolved into the highest rank of the death property ‘Death Lord’ after absorbing an undead dragon.

‘Death Lord’ is a knight who takes pride in his military exploits and being his Masters sword and shield is the biggest honour. So the skills of a ‘Death Lord’ is concentrated on raising the abilities of his Master.

Race Demonic Alignment Dark
Ranking Middle Class
Health 5,720 (+ 500) Loyalty 1,589 (+100)
Strength 712 (+50) Agility  256 (+30)
Stamina 753 (+500) Wisdom 74 (+20)
Intelligence 78 (+30) Luck 89 (+20)
* Bone Blade damage increased by 15,  Durability by 100 and the attack range is increased by 5 metres.

-You have learnt the ‘Clad Armour’ skill.

-You have learnt the ‘Hook Explosion’ skill.

-Clad Armour (Beginner, Species Characteristics):

Purital will take his body apart and became his Master’s armour.When clad with the armour, 30% of Purital’s health, defense and attack will be applied to the user. However, if the increased health is consumed then the skill will automatically be cancelled and Purital can’t be summoned for 24 hours.

-Hook Explosion (Beginner, Species Characteristics):

When the user is clad with Purital, the hooks on each of his joints will grab the enemy and explode. Each explosion will deal 50~100 damage to enemies and they will then be pulled to the user.

‘Clad Armour?’

Ark’s eyes widened as he looked at the information window. Purital could change into a sword and now he could change into an armour. But the sword transformation was completely different from Clad Armour. It was a battle armour created using Purital. And 30% of Purital’s health, defense and attack would be applied to Ark. Purital was currently around level 300 so 30% of his health, defense and attack meant that his abilities increased by approximately 90 levels.

‘I would love to look at it in more detail……’

He could check the skill information of his pets at any time. His pet had evolved safely so he could look at it later. Chromatin was defeated so he had to quickly blow up the Black Obelisk Forest.

‘It’s been 40 minutes since the battle with Chromatin started. Combined with the time consumed in the canyon, that is 55 minutes. Alan is likely already heading here after escaping from the underground base. Our health and mana is already low from fighting Chromatin so we would be no match against Alan’s group. I have to destroy the Black Obelisk Forest and quickly escape to Shangri-La!’

Ark estimated the time and quickly shouted towards the special forces.

“Quickly install the Starlight Bombs!”

And after 10 minutes……

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The Starlight Bombs installed on the obelisks exploded. Cracks spread over the black obelisk and they crumbled into fine sand. It was 50 obelisks! Now the monsters at Pabiun Fortress couldn’t be resurrected anymore. He finally accomplished the operation. The only thing left was for the Schudenberg expedition to capture the fortress!

“Racard, fly to the base and tell them the operation was a success. Quickly!”


Racard saluted and flew the shortest path to the base. But it still wasn’t over.

“Wormer, hurry up!”

“Understood, understood!”

Wormer ran into the Black Obelisk Forest and took out the kettle (magic converter). He poured the black sand into the kettle and the magic battery became brighter and stronger. While Wormer was still gathering the MG.

“Ark, it’s them!”

Ark’s face stiffened as he turned his head. Thousands of monsters were heading from the canyon towards them. At the forefront of the group was a black knight…….

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