Act 7: Using the Divine Skill

ACT 7 Using the Divine Skill

[TL] I’ve been using bayonet as Bread’s weapon since that’s what all the translation sites and dictionaries gave me. However that didn’t really make sense to me especially considering this chapter. So I split up the korean and it translated more into greatsword, so that is what I will be using as his weapon from now it. If you want to have an idea of what it looks like then check out these google images.


Kwang, kwang, kwang!

The noises rang out on the previously quiet mountain ridge. The earth shook like there was an earthquake coming and there was a dense cloud of dust. Then everything suddenly seemed to stop. The deafening roar quieted as the dust storm slowly settled down. The only thing moving quietly was the dust floating in the air. After a while……!

“Dark Blade!”

The dust was split in half by a sword enveloped in flames. Then the dust exploded and scattered as a greatsword descended from the other direction.

“Earth storm!”

When the greatsword collided with the sword, a storm occurred once again. The form of two people could been seen through the storm. The one holding the flaming sword was Ark. Opposite Ark was the distinctive form of a huge person. The man wearing animal leather was obviously Bread.

“Take this!”

Bread ran up and brandished his greatsword.


The dust on the ground was sucked up at a tremendous speed and started twisting. Ark fell down to avoid being hit by the greatsword. He rolled his body to another spot and sprang up before swinging his sword at Bread. However, Bread’s reflexes also weren’t inferior to Ark’s. Bread moved his greatsword to a diagonal angle to deflect the attack before striking downwards.


It was a really unexpected attack. Ark took a quick breath and stepped back but the greatsword had already grazed his shoulder. He instantly lost 400 health from the attack. Just a graze had seriously wounded him! However he couldn’t hesitate in this situation. In the short time Ark had stopped moving, Bread had pushed forward and continuously wielded his greatsword. Ark stumbled and the greatsword barely missed his nose. Bread murmured as the greatsword descended into an empty space.

“Damn, I really thought I would cut you this time.”

“Huk, do you think I’m that easy to kill?”

Ark laughed and replied but he was inwardly sweating.

‘Damn, he interrupted it and counterattacked? If it had hit correctly then he would’ve received a critical hit. As expected, he really has troublesome power. Not only are the skills great but he is also familiar in a fight. No, not just a fight……’

Ark used Dark Dance to avoid the attack and observed Bread’s movements. Ark had been astonished by Bread’s weapon when he first saw it. Bread used a two handed greatsword. It was similar to Ark’s Promised Sword but much larger. The greatsword was the largest of the two handed swords. Of course its attack power and durability were among the strongest. When compared to an average long sword, it had an average of 1.8 times more damage. In addition, it automatically dealt 1.5 additional damage to large monsters. But despite its enormous damage, there were few people who used the greatsword in New World. There were a number of reasons but the largest penalty was that the size and weight meant the attack speed was extremely slow.

‘But this guy……’

When in close combat, there was no difference between the number of times Ark attacked.

‘How can he attack so quickly when carrying a greatsword? Did he increase attack speed with his other equipment?’

He had thought this at first. But he still wasn’t convinced. After exchanging a few blows, Ark realized that it wasn’t that simple.

‘There is no waste!’

Yes, Bread didn’t waste any of his movements. He avoided the opponent’s attack and then struck back. It was a very simple movement but difficult to do in the middle of battle. Only people accustomed to holding a sword were able to perform such movements. It required being accustomed to the body in order to change movements. Yes, that was the secret to Bread’s attack speed. Bread’s movements were similar to a machine. There was no rush whenever he stabbed. While attacking and defending, he minimized any unnecessary movements and counterattacked. It was some tight movements! Even though he was holding the greatsword, he could match Ark’s movements.

‘He can also utilize his class skills.’

Bread’s profession was a Beast Master. The feature of a Beast Master was to stack up to 3 Beast Spirit Possessions. As soon as the battle started, Bread instantly chose three animal spirits to possess him. He chose the soul of the bear which raised strength by 50% and the cheetah soul which raised agility by 50%. That was only two Beast Spirit Possessions. He had seen Bread use them on the ferry and in Bosaga village. Ark hadn’t understood at the time……

“Beast Spirit Possession, power of the Bull rise! Dash!”

Ark instantly used Dark Dance as Bread yelled. Then Bread grew horns on his head and shot forward like an arrow. Ark used Skill Penetration and the information window floated in front of him.

-Bread’s profession skill: Beast Spirit Possession

* Additional skills of Beast Spirit Possession identified.

[Bull] When possessed by the spirit of the Bull, the breakthrough power increases by 50%.

When attacking an enemy with the ‘Dash’ skill, movement speed will increase by 100% and attack power by 50%. When Dash is successful, the defense will decrease by 30% and the abnormal state ‘fall down’ will be induced.

“Huck, another strange skill……Riposte!”

Ark panicked and hit the horns with Riposte. Riposte was an attack which pushed the enemy back 10 metres. But thanks to the power of the bull, Bread barely moved. Rather, Ark was the one pushed back several metres thanks to the breakthrough power.

“How many spirit animals do you have?”

“A dozen.”

Bread laughed proudly as he touched his horns. The reason why Bread had only used two Beast Spirit Possessions was because of this. Two of them were necessary skills which raised his stats. The remaining spot he could switch between attack or defense as needed. And that strategy was considerably successful in PVP. Especially when combined with other skills. His basic skill ‘Rush’ increased his movement speed by 50% and his attack speed rose by 25%. When combined with the power of the bull, the Dash effect became twice as powerful. Bread often linked his skills with Beast Spirit Possession. If the user was unable to grasp the skill beforehand then they would suffer.

‘If I hadn’t used Skill Penetration beforehand then it would’ve caused a lot of damage.’

Ark would’ve needed herbal medicine if he had been hit. Luckily he used Skill Penetration to see through it. If he knew the special effects of Bread’s Beast Spirit Possessions then Ark could cope with it.

‘That Bread, he is definitely strong but……’

Ark stopped Bread’s series of attacks and clenched his sword firmly.

“Is it my turn? Take this. Dark Strike!”

Ark released the charged up aura. The black aura shot like an arrow from his sword. Bread moved his greatsword to block it before swinging his sword vertically downwards towards Ark. It was the accurate timing needed to switch the greatsword from defense to offense! But Ark suddenly braked and the greatsword vainly split through air.

‘It is indeed the weakness of the greatsword.’

A small smile spread on Ark’s face. It really was amazing that Bread could move the greatsword at such an incredible pace with both hands. However, the disadvantage of the greatsword wasn’t just its attack speed. It was possible to grasp the direction of the greatsword’s attack with just one look. Of course, estimating the greatsword’s trajectory with one look while it was moving so quickly and reacting to it wasn’t an easy task. But he had trained for many years so it was possible for him.

‘Bread certainly isn’t an easy opponent. However the odds are in my favour if it is only this much!’

Ark determined that after 10 minutes of fighting Bread. When comparing capabilities, the two of them were almost equal. Bread used a greatsword as a weapon. Each swing took 500~700 health in one blow. On the other hand, Ark wasn’t as powerful but he dealt more hits. Therefore the consumed health was similar. Then the only thing left was stats and level! After calculating it, Bread was superior to him in stats. But if they compared the remaining health left, Ark had 60% while Bread had 57%. Ark was a little ahead of him. The reason why……

“This is the real attack!”

Ark noticed a gap and thrust his sword.

“Cancel power of the Bull! Beast Spirit Possession, power of the turtle rise!”

Bread’s skin looked like the shell of a turtle after he used Beast Spirit Possession. There was a roaring sound and Bread stumbled. This was the perfect chance to attack the opponent. Ark pressed forward with his sword. As expected, Bread was a user with a lot of fighting experience and he blocked the attack.

But……pepepepeng! Hwarrrrruk!

An explosion occurred when the two swords touched. Then flames spread over Bread’s face and skin.

“This is it, this is it!”

A satisfied smile appeared on Ark’s face. The explosion was the effect of the rare Hearthstone, the Explosion Stone. It gave a 33% chance of flame 50-100 damage, and caused an explosion dealing 10~50 splash damage within a 2 metre range! This 33% chance didn’t occur when the sword damaged the enemy. The 33% chance occurred when the sword impacted with another weapon. Of course, this wasn’t a direct blow so the 50~100 damage didn’t apply. However, the 2 metre range of splash damage couldn’t be avoided. Even though the damage was 10~50, Redian’s Elemental Defense meant only half the damage was applied. But it was still some damage!

Kang, kang kang, pepepepeng! Kang, kang, pepepepeng!

Ark tirelessly swung his sword and caused flames to soar. Bread’s health slowly went down. Moreover his sword was left intact despite the flames. Bread’s movements while holding the greatsword became slow. Ark’s method of ‘pouring continuous attacks like an evening shower’ made it difficult to avoid the attacks.


Bread frowned as he was pushed back by the flames. Then he stepped to Ark’s side and swung his greatsword. Rather than being on the defensive, he had been looking for a chance to counterattack. Ark was so engrossed in attacking that he couldn’t avoid the greatsword which hit his shoulder. He received a violent impact to the shoulder and lost 700 health.

“Ugh, this bastard…..!”

Ark stumbled and stepped back. However Ark wasn’t the only one hit. He had hit Bread’s side at the same time that his shoulder was damaged. When his sword hit, fire emerged and a blue and red pattern also flashed.

-The ‘Explosion’ effect has dealt the enemy additional 73 fire damage.
-The Vampire Stone has absorbed 5% of the 523 damage and 26 of your health has been restored.
-The Mana Steal Stone has absorbed 5% of the 523 damage and 26 of your mana has been restored.

“It really is crazy.”

Ark laughed as he saw the effects. This was the true power of Promised Sword. Every time he inflicted damage to the enemy then he would absorb health and mana.

‘Unfortunately it isn’t as effective in a 1-on-1 fight……’

In fact, the health and mana absorption would show the best effect when dealing with a large number of monsters. When fighting a lot of monsters, it was normal to deal a lot of damage. This meant he could absorb 5% of the health of all the monsters. If he attacked 10 monsters for a total of 10,000 damage, 5% of that meant he would absorb 500 health. Even if he recovered 500 health at the end of the battle, that just meant he didn’t need to waste time recovering his health. In 1-on-1 PVP battles, the effect was cut in half even against a strong opponent like Bread.

‘Bread’s level and health is quite high. His maximum health probably exceeds 10,000. It might be possible to recover 500 health by the end of this fight.’

Of course, in this fight 500 health would be lost with just one blow from either Ark or Bread. But an extra 500 health couldn’t be ignored when it could be the difference between life and death with a strong opponent. Yes, Ark was currently a little bit ahead because of the rare Hearthstones in the Promised Sword.

‘If this keeps up then I can win!’

Ark was sure of his victory. Of course, the prerequisites were necessary for Ark to win. In a wide open place, Ark was at disadvantage since his defense and offense were inferior. And preparations were needed to use some of his skills. Some warrior skills needed a certain amount of time or action to be used. Ark indiscriminately attacked without giving Bread time to use those skills. His attacks were to stop Bread’s offensive rather than to decrease the health. It wasn’t just the splash damage gnawing away at Bread’s health.

“Ugh, this bastard….. You’re stuck like a leech……”

Bread had noticed Ark’s strategy. No matter how much he wanted to maintain a distance, Ark clung to Bread to prevent his attacks. Then he used the 33% chance of explosive damage to shave away at Bread’s health. Of course, it wasn’t that easy to maintain that state. Bread had a few skills that were difficult to prevent. Just one hit would cause 500~600 damage. The health which Ark took 3~4 minutes to shave away using splash damage was caught up with just one blow. Was it like a war between a needle and an axe? So that situation continued for 30 minutes while Ark and Bread’s health remained close to each other. Ark had 55% health left while Bread had 48%! If he concentrated and maintained this state then it was possible to win against Bread. It was at that time. Bread who had been unable to break through Ark’s shower of attacks suddenly jumped forward.

‘Heh, he realized he can’t win so he is running away. That makes me feel more comfortable.’

Ark swung his sword and laughed as it impacted with Bread’s greatsword. Then Bread lost his centre of balance and stumbled. What could he do in this desperate situation? Bread made a huge mistake considering his skills. It was a chance to win!

“Victory after all that patience!”

Ark’s feet shot up like the wind. His kick shot out at an incredible speed. A flying kick! If this kick hit then there was a high possibility of causing a rigid state. It would only last for 1~2 seconds but that was a decisive difference in PVP with high level users. Ark would put an end to the duel with this attack. However Ark had a hunch that something was wrong the moment he started the kick.


It was an attack that couldn’t be avoided judging by the timing. Moreover, Ark had never used kicks against Bread so far. It was an attack with unexpected timing and method! However, Bread seemed to know what attack was coming and the timing as he avoided it. At the same time, a light smile appeared on Bread’s face.

“Victory after all that patience?”


“This is thanks to my preparations! Earth storm!”

Bread swung his greatsword like a golf swing. At the same time there was a massive storm which swirled around Ark’s body.

“Now shall I pay you back? Knife Blade Storm!”

Bread’s greatsword split into dozens of copies and floated in the air around Ark. It was the devastating combo of Earth storm and Knife Blade Storm which flew him into the air! Ark’s health drained out after he was hit by them. Just before he fell to the ground, Bread used the spirit of the Bull again and used Dash. Ark flew many metres and bumped into several obstacles before finally hitting the ground. 30% of Ark’s health was lost in an instant. But the situation just puzzled him further. How on earth did Bread perfectly know the timing of Ark’s kick?

“Ugh, h-how on earth……?”

Bread laughed and murmured after he saw Ark’s confusion.

“I told you. I made preparations to win. What do you think I did during the last 10 days?”


‘What he was doing during the last 10 days? What does that have to do with this situation…..? ?’

Ark’s forehead suddenly wrinkled.

‘T-that damn bastard Buksil…..!’

Ark now understood the situation. Bread was able to perfectly calculate the timing of Ark’s kicks because of Buksil. Bread and Buksil had been waiting together for Ark for 10 days. Clearly Bread had watched Buksil’s memory crystals. All of Ark’s combat scenes were recorded on the memory crystals! Yes, during the last ten days Bread had been learning Ark’s attacks, kicks, habits and skills from the memory crystals. However, the Promised Sword was an unexpected item. The reason it was so one-sided in the beginning was because Ark had never used the Promised Sword before so no countermeasures were taken against it. The moment Ark had used his habit of a kick combo, Bread managed to deal him a decisive counterattack. Ark paled as he belatedly realized the situation. Thanks to one moment of carelessness, he had instantly lost 30% health. Now Ark had 25% health left while Bread had 48%! The distance was now huge. Previously Bread had engaged in close combat but now he would stay at a medium range. No, with his health like this then there was no chance even in close combat.

“I’m screwed. Victory or defeat was decided with one combo!’

Ark intuitively sensed his defeat.

‘Is it going to end like this?’

In fact, there was no reason to really worry about victory or defeat in this fight. He wouldn’t receive any experience, items or skill proficiency from it. Anyway, he had just accepted this duel to make Bread give up chasing him.

‘I’d rather not have a user like Bread chasing me.’

But he couldn’t accept his defeat so easily after accepting the duel. It would hurt his pride.

‘However there is already a 4000 health difference.’

Ark felt hopeless as he checked the information window. He had roughly 1,700 health left. If Bread had 10,000 health like Ark guessed, than he should have approximately 5000 health left. If Bread stayed at a medium range and fired his skills then the odds weren’t in Ark’s favour.

‘If only there is a way to reverse the situation…..’

There was the Area Declaration skill of the Dark Soul called Glory of the Night which could increase his attack and stats by 50%! If he used Glory of the Night than the fight might become balanced. However, Bread already knew the way to stop the Area Declaration skill. It was by making Bread’s Area Declaration skill overlap to cancel it. Area Declaration was a skill which couldn’t be used between two users with a 2nd stage profession.

‘…..Is there another way?’

Ark had completely lost his will to fight. Suddenly a brilliant idea came to his head.

‘Wait? The Area Declaration skill invalidates each other. Can’t I take advantage of this weakness? That’s right, wasn’t there that unexpected skill? If I use it…..That’s it! There is a chance if I use that skill! The problem is using it…… Anyway, I don’t have a choice. If I don’t try it then I’ll die.’

“What is it? You’re already giving up?”

At that time Bread muttered as he approached. Ark took out the Fire Stone from his bag and threw it. A column of flame appeared causing Bread to flinch and retreat. Meanwhile Ark escaped using Sprint.

“Ugh, what? Are you running away?”

“You idiot. It is a strategic retreat!”

“I won’t let you retreat. Beast Spirit Possession, spirit of the cheetah!”

Bread used the cheetah spirit to chase after him. But just before he caught up with Ark, something wound around his leg.

“Ugh, what is this?”

“Huhuhu, this Nadingka’s Fruit is the specialty of Seutandal!”

The Nadingka’s Fruit reduces movement speed by 50% for 1 minute! Ark gained some time and blindly used his skills. The skill Ark used at that moment was Entrusted Volumes. When he used Entrusted Volumes, the slot machine appeared.

-You have used the power of Entrusted Volumes.

Results: [Properties] [Alignment] {Environment]

The selected effect is ‘Slightly Brave Warrior.’

It was an amazing effect for Entrusted Volumes. But Ark just frowned and shouted!

“No, not this one!”

“Take this!”

Then Bread caught up and swung his greatsword. Ark used Nadingka’s Fruit on Bread and once again ran away. This time he hid behind a rock and waited for Entrusted Volumes to end before using it again. However, this skill couldn’t be used for an unlimited amount of time. It consumed 500 health each time he used it.

‘I’ve already failed twice so I only have 700 health left. But if I use the Power of Resurrection from the Mantle with a Strange Power than I have 1700 left. I can use the power of Entrusted Volumes three more times!’

Ark was about to recover his health using Power of Resurrection when he hesitated.

‘Wait? The effect of Entrusted Volumes is not completely random. The effect that appeared depended on the situation. The last time the effect appeared was when my health was less than 10%. Then?’

After considering it again, Ark used Entrusted Volumes when he only had 700 health left. After praying desperately, the information window he wanted to see appeared.

-You have used the power of Entrusted Volumes.

Results: [Properties] [Alignment]  [Environment]

The effect chosen is that of a swindler.

“T-that’s it. It came. My guess was correct. The effect of Entrusted Volumes is not completely random.

If I grasp the situation in advance then there is a 50% chance the effect I select will appear!”

Ark discovered a new fact about Entrusted Volumes. But he didn’t have time to study it now. At that moment he heard Bread’s voice from behind him.

“Bastard, disappointing me this way…..!”

Bread had become angry because Ark kept on running away. Then Ark turned his body and shouted.

“Area Declaration. Glory of the Night!”

“What? You used Area Declaration? You fool, haven’t I already told you that it is ineffective against me? Area Declaration, Land of the Beast!”

Bread’s Area Declaration spread over the same area as Ark’s Glory of the Night. Normally the two territories would collide and disappear. But strangely this time the two territories overlapped and remained?

“Eh? What’s going on?”

Bread seemed bewildered but a look of glee spread over Ark’s face.

“That’s it, Bread successfully used Land of the Beast!’

But that was only 50% of his plan. The important part was from now on. Ark used Nadingka’s Fruit to run from Bread before calling to Racard.

‘Racard, use satellite surveillance mode to find a hollow place that can’t be easily escaped!’

‘What? What are you saying out of nowhere?’

‘Just do it!”

In fact, both Redian and Ark’s summons couldn’t be used in this duel. But Bread didn’t know that Ark could use remote communication with his pet.While Racard couldn’t directly participate in the battle, he could still be used for reconnaissance. So Bread never suspected that Racard was helping with the duel.

“You idiot, why did you use Area Declaration?”

Bread yelled while searching for him. But Ark didn’t respond to the provocation.

‘Heh, you’ll soon see!’

Ark hid like a snake in the grass or behind rocks while using Nadingka’s Fruit. After a while. The ‘Swindler’s effect’ had disappeared when he heard Racard’s voice.

‘Master, I found it. If you climb up the hill on the opposite side then there is a pit underneath it. The depth is approximately 10 metres and the width 20 metres. Is that okay?’

‘Okay, that’s it!’

Ark immediately went up the hill Racard mentioned. Just like Racard described, there was a pretty deep pit at the bottom.

‘I’ll fight to win in this place!’

“I found you!”

Bread had discovered Ark and ran up the hill after him. Ark pretended to run away to escape and used his skill.

“Summon Ghost Knight Corps!”

When Ark used the skill, the space split open and the ghost soldiers appeared.

-Oberium Knights. Our saviour has called. Where is the enemy?

“The target is bread!”

Ark shouted and pointed to Bread. Then the leader of the ghost knights pointed to Bread and shouted.

-Over there, defeat the enemy threatening our saviour!

-For the glory of Oberium! Ohhhhhh!

The 30 ghost soldiers rushed like a storm towards Bread.

“Huh, what is this? Beast Spirit Possession, defense of the turtle!”

Bread swiftly used the shell of the turtle to defend against the ghost knights. As expected from a beginner level skill, the ghost knights hardly dealt any damage to the user over level 400. However, Ark’s purpose wasn’t to injure Bread but to drive him down into the pit. Then Bread was right on the edge!


Ark charged towards Bread.

“Huk! What, what the? Kuak!”

Before Bread could use his greatsword, Ark grabbed his body and drove them both into the pit.

“…..Do you intend for us to die together? Not a chance. Power of the Cat!”

Bread used the spirit of the cat to land inside the pit. Ark also avoided the fall damage as he landed on the ground. Bread couldn’t understand the situation and just looked around the pit before snorting.

“You fool, this is what you came up with? Dropping me into a pit? But making me fall is meaningless. Anyway, it worked out well. Since you can’t run away anymore.  Now it is time to finish this. Just give up and die bravely!”

Bread ran forward with his greatsword.

“Area Declaration skill, Glory of the Night!”

When Ark used Glory of the Night, a black form appeared in front of him.  It was the dark spirits! When the dark spirits appeared, the area surrounding him turned pitch black.


The eyes of the dark spirit flashed and a black aura surrounded Ark. The black aura swirled around his body and sword like fog.

-You have used the Area Declaration skill Glory of the Night.

* There is a 50% increase in attack power within a 100 metre area.

* There is a 50% increase in defense within a 100 metre area.

* There is a 20% increase in magic resistance within a 100 metre area.

Bread became startled.

“What…. The cool down time of Area Declaration is 24 hours……”

“I’m sorry but I haven’t used the Area Declaration skill yet.”

Ark replied with a wicked grin. That was the reason why Ark used Entrusted Volumes to try and get the ‘Swindler’ effect. The Swindler effect applied to all his skills. It meant…… When the effect was applied, it made it seem like the skill had been used. In other words, the skill seemed to be triggered. Yes, Ark just pretended to use Glory of the Night. But Bread had actually used Land of the Beast. It was used up for the day. That was the reason why the Area Declaration skill didn’t disappear when it seemed to overlap.

‘And there is the second weakness of the Area Declaration skill!’

It was no use if the enemy escaped outside the territory. That was why Ark grabbed Bread and threw him into the pit. The width of the pit was 20 metres. The range of Glory of the Night was 100 metres so there was no way to escape it!

“What on earth is going on?”

Bread didn’t know this so of course he was puzzled. But he just lifted his greatsword and clenched his teeth together.

“I don’t know what your plan is but Area Declaration does not make you invincible. It just raises your stats a bit. But I have 4000 more health than you! You can’t withstand it even with Area Declaration!”

Currently Ark only had 200 health remaining because he used Entrusted Volumes. Meanwhile Bread still had approximately 5000 health left. Even with the strong buffs applied, the odds weren’t in his favour. However, Ark was still composed.

“Is it really like that? Descent of the Fire Draconian!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, hwarrrruk!

Ark then used a skill. The ground abruptly split open and a ball of fire rose up. The flame ascended dozens of metres before forming a scale of the Fire Draconians! It rose to a great height before falling like a lightning bolt towards Ark. His Area Declaration skill consumed 2000 mana and 400 Spiritual Power. Then the Divine Skill consumed an additional 1000 mana and 400 Spiritual Power. If he hadn’t hunted the wendigoes and Soul Eater than he would’ve never been able to use the two skills at the same time! But the effects were absolute once triggered.

-You have used the Divine Skill Descent of the Fire Draconian!

The effect will be applied for 10 minutes.

* 300 Fire damage added to all attacks.

* Attack speed, Movement speed and Reaction rate will increase by 50%.

* All enemies that attack will receive 10~100 fire damage.

* Fire resistance increases to 500% and all party members’ fire resistance will increase to 100%.

* When activated, all enemies within the area will receive 1000 fire damage while 50% of the user’s health will be restored.


50% of his health was restored and various stats were increased. When the information window appeared, flames also wrapped around Ark’s body. It was like an armour of fire and he could feel the sense of vitality welling up inside him. It really felt like a Divine Skill.

“W-what is that? Perhaps…..?”

Bread’s mouth gaped open as he simultaneously received 1000 damage. Ark moved a finger covered in fire and laughed before explaining. Flames even emerged from his mouth every time he talked.

“Have you heard of Divine Skills?”

“D-divine skill!”

All the blood drained from Bread’s face. Then he hurriedly turned around and jumped onto a nearby rock. A Divine skill had been activated in that territory. He wouldn’t feel comfortable even with his health at 100%. Bread instantly judged that and used the power of the Cheetah to try to escape by jumping on the rocks.

“A wise choice but….. It’s too late!”


The ground rumbled as Ark jumped 10 metres. Then he grabbed Bread’s collar who had jumped too late and dragged him back down. The pit then shook as a flame pillar spouted him dozens of metres.


When Bread hit the ground, he lost 1,200 health instantly. It was the extreme power of the Divine Skill!

“Now, take this. This is my strongest attack!”

Ark jumped up and brought his sword down vertically. The sword penetrated Bread’s chest and swirled with flames.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A flame tornado rose into the sky. It’s shape……was definitely a Fire Draconian. Then a message window rose among the flames.

-You have won the honour duel.



Powerful laughter rang out through the mountain. Redian looked at the charred and burnt Bread with scathing eyes.

“Why are you causing such an uproar when you were beaten?”

Redian seemed sour about the duel result. However, Bread just looked at Redian with eyes that indicated she couldn’t understand.

“Women won’t understand. Victory or defeat isn’t important to a man.”

“Are you an idiot? Naturally it is better to win.”

“Ahh, it really doesn’t matter. I’m satisfied now.”

“What about me? My grudge?”

“Well, that isn’t possible anymore.”

Bread poked his finger into his ear and looked at the distant mountains. His attitude was like a husband pretending ignorance while his wife scolded him.

‘Yes it’s not possible…..’

Ark looked at Bread strangely. Honestly, he had been worried about Bread until now. It was a honour duel against Bread….. Even if he won, there was no guarantee that he would stop pursuing Ark. Bread wanted to win so much he studied Ark through the memory crystals for 10 days…….

‘He pursued his target for so many times so there is no guarantee he will be satisfied with this kind of result.’

Bread was level 410. Ark was anxious that Bread would continue to fight even after the Ark won the duel. Bread had chased him all the way to Hwaryong Mountain for a reason he didn’t know. But he was defeated in vain. He thought Bread would think up an excuse or Redian would interfere. But Bread really hadn’t been lying about the grudge being settled with the duel. The result was good despite the trivial issues.

‘It is hard to understand but it is fortunate.’

Ark felt relief in his chest at Bread’s response. Anyway, Ark was quite satisfied with their duel. However, he didn’t want to fight Bread again. It was doubtful that he would win if they fought again.

“Then what’s going to happen now?”

“Well, we won’t bother you anymore. Isn’t that right?”

Bread looked at Redian who replied in a sulky voice.

“Got it, I understand! I’m tired now.”


Bread smiled and said. Ark nodded before he suddenly remembered something.

“But I was wondering something. Why have you been chasing me? I don’t remember every seeing you guys.”

“Well, that is…..”

Bread blushed and scratched his head. Ark’s mouth dropped open at Bread’s ensuing description. Ark had thought there was so large grudge since they pursued him so persistently. But the actual reason was ridiculous. The tourists flocked to the dungeon that Bread and Redian were capturing when Seutandal rose. A tourist made a mistake and touched something so they were locked out of the dungeon. So they decided to get revenge on Ark who had caused Seutandal to rise?

“W-what is that? Aren’t I totally innocent?”

“I understand how you feel but….. Well, it is just a game. Hahahahaha! Well, it is just a game but the minor problem is solved so it doesn’t matter anymore.”

‘Isn’t that ridiculous?’

Ark’s throat swelled up at the thought. But like Bread said, the problem was now resolved amicably. Even if he felt irritated towards Bread and Redian, he held it inside him.

‘It is unfair but there is no point stressing about it.’

Then Ark noticed Buksil and Baekgu in a corner and glared at them. While all the problems were settled and he even received an extra 500 fame, he still had to deal with Buksil and Baekgu. Buksil had tried to swindle 800 gold from him when Baekgu was still alive. Ark was also going to make him pay for whining the whole way to Hwaryong Mountain. He even leaked the memory crystal which pressed Ark into a corner… he drank alcohol. Death penalty confirmed!

Baekgu’s crime was guiding Bread and Redian to Hwaryong Mountain. And he called Ark a coward, making him unable to refuse Bread’s challenge… he drank alcohol. Death penalty confirmed!

He wouldn’t go easy on Buksil anymore. When Baekgu supposedly died, he had worried that Buksil would give up the game. However Baekgu had been returned. Now Ark didn’t have to worry about Buksil quitting the game anymore. But he couldn’t educate Buksil and Baekgu right now. After the duel ended, he knew that Baekgu had a huge influence on Bread. When casually talking to Bread, he mentioned the Wolrang clan and realized the reason why Bread had changed his mind about Ark. Anybody who liked dogs couldn’t be a bad person. Thanks to that bias, he came to the conclusion that Ark was a good person.

‘Isn’t he a fool?’

Ark thought it was ridiculous but anyway, Bread was a person who loved dogs. How could he enforce the death penalty on Baekgu in front of Bread?

‘It will have to wait until we separate from Bread.’

Ark thought about what he would do to the two of them after separating from Bread. The two pieces of cattle instinctively sensed Ark’s thoughts and trembled in the corner. Then Bread clicked his tongue and murmured.

“By the way, it seems a little strange to separate now. There are a number of things I still want to talk to you about. Let’s create some friendly ties for when we meet in the future. I’ll treat you so let’s go together. I’d like to talk about the duel again. There’s a good city that is like my hometown not far from here.”

“No, I…..”

There were various reasons why Ark wanted to part from Bread quickly. Just as he was about to refuse, there was a sudden flash from the corner. It was Buksil who had been waiting in the corner for the death penalty. Buksil’s eyes brightened and he ran to Bread before grasping his hand tightly.

“Yes, Hyung-nim. I also don’t want to part from Hyung-nim! Naturally men should drink together after a cool fight. Ark-nim?”

‘That bastard……!’

Ark glared at Buksil through narrowed eyes. Thus Buksil’s life was extended a little bit thanks to Bread and Redian. Ark couldn’t refuse anymore thanks to Buksil. Come to think of it, it might be better to annoy Buksil and Baekgu for a bit.

‘Huhuhuhuhu, stupid fools, you dug your own grave. Just wait.’

Ark inwardly smiled wickedly before nodding.

“I understand. Let’s have a drink in the village.”

“Good. We communicate well. Hahahaha, let’s go!”

Bread laughed powerfully and led the way.

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