Act 7: Underdog takes one more step

ACT 7 Underdog takes one more step


The sound of metal colliding with each other was heard.

The battle had been going on for quite a while and a few people had already collapsed.  It was the rehabilitation group and delinquents.  But even those who hadn’t collapsed didn’t have a lot of health left. Not even Roco’s ‘Song of Life’ could compensate for the health being lost.

The people who were attacking them were NPCs in black clothes, assassins from the Dark Brother organization.


“Hu hu hu, did you think I would just give up?”


The person watching from the back let out a brutal laugh.  They indicated towards the assassins from the Dark Brother.

A few nights ago Andel who had escaped, followed JusticeMan in Kairote.

Of course, it was in order to watch the movements of JusticeMan’s party. He took over the Quartermaster’s, so Ark would resurrect soon. Then Andel shadowed them secretly in case they moved to another area.  However, Ark didn’t resurrect even after a couple of days.


‘That Ark, did something happen to him in reality?


Andel thought of a plan that would solve everything in one scoop and it was sweet. He hoped to find Ark and beat him up in the real world.  Because he never imagined that they would defend the Quartermaster for so long.

However, was there a reason Ark didn’t resurrect after sleeping for a few days?

Have to dig out the reason……


‘Heck, I really don’t like that guy.’


Andel ground his teeth together.   If JusticeMan and is party didn’t leave Cairo, that means that Ark would resurrect here.

In other words, it was an opportunity to get revenge!


‘You’ll see soon, Ark and Justiceman. I’ll return the favour 10 times, no 20 times.”


Andel hid around the Quartermaster in Cairo hoping for revenge.

And…….Finally, the time for revenge had come. Alan contacted the Dark Brother again and an additional 15 assassins were dispatched.

It wasn’t free, of course. The money required to hire 15 people was 1,500 gold.  Just like hiring mercenaries, even the assassin guild required compensation. In the end, if he combined the first sum of 300 gold then 1,800 gold was spent.

In cash, it was 18 million won.

Even if it was Andel, that was still a large amount for him.


‘Damn, when I think about the lecture I had to go through to scrape that money……..But if I can kill Ark and those guys then I don’t care. I’ll kill them again and again until I’m satisfied!’


Andel had completely forgotten the purpose of the game.

Only revenge! For that he would willingly sacrifice everything.


‘If Ark resurrects and runs away while I’m fighting those guys then it would be more difficult.’


Andel left one assassin at the Quartermaster’s and led the rest to the cabin.

JusticeMan’s party consisted of 14 delinquents and the rehabilitation group.  In total, it was 28 people.

However, their average level was not more than 60. Even if they had hunted around Cairo, only a few had risen to level 70.

On the other hand, Andel had 14 assassins that were level 120.


‘If I don’t want to lose this then I have to use this much power.’


In addition, the new assassins sent were more cautious than before.


“We are assassins. We kill the opponents while suffering little damage.”


The assassins waited for the evening.

They received a bonus 10% to their stats in the dark. In addition, one of the main weapons of the character with a dark attribute was ‘Stealth’ and ‘Assassination.’


“Those delinquents won’t be a problem. However, the group of foreigners with strong organizational abilities would be more complicated.”


The assassins hid themselves using ‘stealth’ and waited outside the cabin door. And surprised 3 of the rehabilitation members when they exited.  Using their assassination skill, they dealt 300% damage! With 14 level 120 assassins concentrating their attacks on them, the 3 rehabilitation members didn’t even have time to scream before they collapsed.


“The enemy!”


A delinquent came too late to help the rehabilitation members.

As soon as the battle began, it was under the control of the assassins as they issued orders. The assassins activated their scrolls and cornered them.  7 delinquents collapsed instantly while numbers 1408 and 1409 of the rehabilitation group also died.


“Ack, what the hell……!”


“Ha ha ha, it looks good. Cheeky children!”


Andel giggled as they kept dying.

Now there were only 7 delinquents, JusticeMan and 6 rehabilitation members left.

If they excluded Lorenzo, Sid and Roco then it was only 15 people.  And they also only had 50% health left.

Two assassins also died, but the health of the remaining assassins was above 70%.


“I’m going to make you beggars along with Ark!”


When an NPC dies once, the delinquents couldn’t revive.

Of course, the rehabilitation members could revive but it wouldn’t have an impact on the outcome.  The law of New World was that if a user died from an NPC, then they would be immediately revived at the Quartermaster.

However, if they died in a group battle then it was different.  The resurrection would be stopped until the battle was completely finished.  The system was to make sure they couldn’t resurrect themselves and fight in the area near the Quartermaster.  In other words, once the rehabilitation members died then they couldn’t interrupt the battle.


‘When the battle ends, all of us can’t revive at the same time.’


At the Quartermaster, it was only possible for them to revive 1 at a time.

The users would be resurrected at the Quartermaster’s depending on their time of death.  If all the rehabilitation members died and they defended the Quartermaster’s against resurrection, then it was possible to beat them.  Andel didn’t pay any attention even if the assassins’ numbers decreased.


‘This battle can only end with a winning conclusion.’


And now, the goal was right around the corner. Andel smirked and laughed as JusticeMan’s party pushed in vain.


“These children, so fast!”


“Damn it, my skills can’t even reach them……”


“Ack, being hit two or three times is punishing. These guys are incredibly strong.”


Even if JusticeMan used his justice stat, he still couldn’t fight against the assassins 1 on 1.  In addition, there were too many opponents that he couldn’t exit the battle state.

In the end, he had no choice but to fight them face on.  But their agility difference was so large that most of the times he attacked, a MISS warning would show.  Then there would undoubtedly by a counter attack.


“JusticeMan ajusshi!”


Roco hurriedly used the ‘Song of Life.’

Roco’s voice was heard softly over the sound of the lute.  Then JusticeMan’s health that was at the very bottom quickly restored.  If it wasn’t for Roco then the battle probably would’ve been over a long time ago.

When the battle had started, the assassins prohibited the use of potions using the [No recovery] scroll.  However, a limit of the [No recovery] scroll was that it had no effect on a Minstrel’s song.


“Che, this girl again………..!”


Andel shouted with a hard countenance.


“What are you doing? Kill her first!”


Andel yelled at the assassins.




“I won’t allow one finger to touch Roco!”


JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members stood blocking the assassins. However, it wasn’t enough and the health of JusticeMan and his party quickly decreased.

Some also fell to the ground as they were stunned.


“Ajusshi! Oppa!”


Roco screamed in a tearful voice.

She had been hunting with JusticeMan’s party for two months. In the time when she couldn’t battle, they had always helped her.  Instead of colleagues, they were now liker her uncle and older brothers.  Even though it was a game, they were still stabbed by a sword and collapsed.  It was the assassins hired by Andel…….

She felt regret as tears started falling. The assassins who had stunned JusticeMan then rushed at Roco.


“It is the end. Minstrel!”




The blade advanced underneath her nose. Roco didn’t even think about counter attacking and just raised her arm to protect her head. It was at that time. Something clear flew across the space.

Kka kkak, kakakak! Tong!

A violent clash resonated through the air.

Following the sound, the assassin was thrown back with a pop. Roco was suddenly surprised and raised her head with eyes that were 2 times larger. The person who used ‘Stealth’ in front of her was a user.

Wearing leather armour with a bone sword…… was Ark.


“Ah, Ark oppa?”


“Was I a little bit late?”


A smile spread on Ark’s mouth.


“Ark? It is Ark?”


All eyes focused on her as Roco spoke.




“Ark hyung, welcome back!”


Sid and Lorenzo spoke with tears in their eyes.

Andel also looked at Ark with a shocked face.  There was a reason he was surprised that Ark showed up.  In preparation, he had left an assassin stationed at the Quartermaster’s. Ark didn’t even make contact with the assassin and appeared here.  Unless……..?


“Yes, you………….Didn’t you definitely die at that time?”


“Who said that? I’m afraid I didn’t die by your hands”


“But certainly in the hell……..”


“Ah, it took some time to come out from there.”


“No way!”


“You should wait before judging whether it’s possible or not……your opinion seems to be quite different. Don’t you know that determination can make many things happen?”




“I told you. I would strip you naked.”


Ark said with a smile.

Andel retorted like he was bored.


“You think that the situation would change just because you disappeared?”


And realisation showed on JusticeMan and his party’s faces.

That’s right. They had forgotten when Ark appeared, but there were still 12 assassins left that were level 120.  On the other hand, JusticeMan had 15 people with an average level of 60~70.  And their health wasn’t even 50%.  Even if it was Ark, 1 person wouldn’t change the situation.


“Kukuku, stupid.  You’re going to be sorry you didn’t run away when you had the opportunity.”


“I have good manners unlike you.”


However, Ark was still composed.


“I forgot to tell you, I brought a few friends with me from down there.”


“What? Friends?”


“Yes, they should be arriving around now…….”




Dedric’s voice was heard from behind him.  Andel reflexively turned his head and his face stiffened.


“W-what, what is that?”


Behind Ark, the ground around the cabin started shaking as small forms started appearing.  They numbered nearly 100 people! They were hooded so it wasn’t possible to examine them closely…….three or four whiskers protruding from the nose was exposed on the side underneath the hood.

That’s right, it was the raccoon inhabitants of the Underground World.

Ark had received a call as he was leaving the Underground World.

The phone call was from number 1407 who had died early.  Andel had brought 14 assassins to raid the cabin.

Ark was troubled as he contemplated. If there were 14 assassins, then they should succeed in defeating JusticeMan’s party.  But even if Ark showed up, the results would be the same.  Then the raccoon troops appeared in Ark’s mind.


‘Yes, they can appear in Cairo through Yggdrasil!’


Ark immediately called Yggdrasil through Popo’s seeds.

Popo was spiritually connected to Yggdrasil and could communicate with it.  Ark explained the situation to Yggdrasil and asked for assistance from the elders.

His request for support was received, and the 2nd artillery division was sent to assist their former commander.  Meanwhile, Ark left Dedric to prepare for the battle and rushed to the cabin.


“Let me introduce my new friends.”


Ark smiled at Andel.


“Say it again.  The headcount from a little ago was…….”


“This, this child……..What are you doing? Kill them!”


Andel shouted at them to attack. The 12 assassins rushed forward with their swords. Level 120. It was definitely an amazing level. But who were the artillerymen of the raccoon troops? The troops who had undergone Ark’s spartan training and defeated monsters that were level 150 and 250.

At the moment, dozens of the raccoon troop watching from the forest grabbed their weapons.  And……..clink, clink, the cannon was armed with swift movements and then fired in unison.

Bang bang double bang!

The ensuring scene would cause the heart to race.

Colourful fireworks exploded from everywhere.

The assassins were no different from the falling autumn leaves. Every time they were hit with a bombardment of ammo, their health quickly declined.

9 assassins died from this simple method while the rest scattered messily.

JusticeMan and his group just looked on with a bemused expression.


“This, this is ridiculous!”


Andel raised his voice as 9 assassins immediately died from the attack. Then Ark raised his voice to stop the bombardment and spoke.


“I’ll give you a chance.”




“3 assassins remain.  That was the number that you used to chase me in the past.  The others will step back and watch as I duel with the assassins. And whatever the result, how about I forget about our bad relationship?”


Ark watched Andel as he spoke.


“Honestly…….annoying.  Because I know people like you don’t like giving up, and I also won’t be able to do anything as long as you’re chasing me. So let’s conclude it with this battle.


Andel rolled his eyes and asked with a doubtful look.


“How can I believe that?”


“JusticeMan ajusshi.”


When Ark turned his head and asked, JusticeMan instantly nodded.


“It there is such a condition then there is no reason for me to interfere. I understand. We won’t cut in.”


“Now, how about it? Only your choice is left.”


Andel considered for a while before nodding.


“It is good. The assassins……I won’t cause any trouble.”


“Then shall we begin?”


A laugh emerged from Andel’s mouth.


“This stupid person is still the same. Has he already forgotten facing the same numbers not long ago?”


“That memory……..I remember it very clearly.”


Ark stared at Andel with a cold look as he replied.


“Then you should already know what will happen! Go, kill him!”


Andel ordered the assassins who immediately took out a scroll.


[No recovery], [Impossible to release battle state], [Seize]. It was the same combo of scrolls that forced Ark down the hell.  The assassins used the scrolls to prevent any possibility before rushing in.

The sword attack from three directions!

Then Ark’s eyes started shining.


‘Now, is the opportunity to get revenge for my previous defeat!’


It was when Ark had an overwhelming advantage that he applied for a duel.

The abrupt desire for victory spread in Ark.

So far, when the 3 assassins had rushed him then he was helpless. Ark would never admit such a powerless defeat. He would not be satisfied if the conditions weren’t the same.

And another reason was to confirm what he had obtained from the Underground World. He wanted to see how much his skill proficiency had been raised by the Three Marvels, not just look at the skill level.  If he won against the 3 assassins under the same conditions, then it would be solid evidence.


‘I can win. No, I have to win!’


“Dark Dance!”


Ark lowered his upper body as he used his new skill.

Suddenly, the area was dyed with darkness.  In the middle, 3 red imprints were seen brandishing swords.  The image seemed like an infrared mode in spy movies.

Ark who had tried out the skill for the first time, was puzzled for a little bit.


‘What the? I thought the Dark Dance was just a skill that raised the evasion rate?’


And at that moment he heard the sound of a flying sword.

A red footprint also appeared on the ground in front of him. It seemed like the commentary he saw in martial arts textbooks about footwork.


‘Then I should move following the footprints?’


Ark laid a foot on the red footprint carved on the ground. The footprint disappeared before a new one appeared in front of it.  The more times he stepped on it, the faster the footprint disappeared.  Although it was initially easy to follow along, over time he had to concentrate in order to keep up with the speed of the footprints.

However, the effect was indeed amazing.

Su su suk, sa sa sak!

He just walked along the footprints.

While concentrating on the footprints, he could barely see the movements of the assassins. However, Ark’s body moved like the wind and avoided all attacks.


“Oh my god!”


When Ark avoided the damage and emerged from the other side, the assassins were surprised.

But it was Ark that surprised them.


‘This Dark Dance…….!’


It was expected that the evasion rate and defense would increase during the period.

However, it wasn’t an easy technique to use.

The Dark Dance was similar to the dancing games that were in style a long time ago. In other words, different patterns of footwork would appear on the ground depending on the situation and the amount of damage avoided depended on how well he did.

The first time he used it, he made around 40% mistakes.

The damage received from the 3 assassins’ attacks was only 250 damage.  It meant that damage became invalid nearly 50% of the time, even taking his defensive powers into consideration!


‘If the percentage of completion increases then I might not receive any damage?’


But there’s even more. The Dark Dance didn’t require the use of his hands.

This time, he focused on following the footsteps.  However, once he became familiar with the Dark Dance then he could also attack.

Of course, it wasn’t as simple as it sounds.

If he focused on attacking, then the completion percentage of Dark Dance would fall. It was also possible to receive unexpected damage.  In addition, if the completion rate dropped below 30% then the penalty of receiving a critical hit would dramatically increase.


‘Am I looking at a double-edged sword? But if I could attack while keeping the completion rate above 50%, there would be tremendous side effects. First, I should get used to the pattern!’


Ark continuously used Dark Dance. The pattern of the footprint would change depending on the circumstance. It was natural. Because the same attack wasn’t always used. However, after a few repetitions he gradually got used to the pattern.

The attack was avoided using the minimal movement while grasping any chance for a counter attack.  When looking at the principles, it wasn’t that different from what Ark had previously done.


“What, what the hell is this guy?”


“These movements……..!”


The assassins spoke in a confused voice after the next attack also missed. After he used the fourth Dark Dance, his completion rate went up to 60%.

Ark then began fighting back.


“Dark blade!”


He used the Dark Dance and Dark Blade chain skill, Dark Strike!

Ark’s sword instantaneously spread out like the rib of a fan and struck the assassin’s neck.  Dark Blade ignored the defense and struck a critical hit.  Using Dark Strike, an additional 200% damage was also added.

The assassin’s health decline to 30% with one strike.


“No way!”


Andel sucked in a breath at the enormous damage.


“Ha, what the? Did you think that I wasted my time during the ten days?”


This was the reason that Ark had applied for a duel. During his time in the Underground World, Ark had raised his level. When the 3 assassins had pushed him, he was only level 90.

However during the underground labyrinth he increased his level by 5, and after he commanded the raccoon troops in the fight against Yggdrasil then he gained 21 levels.  Ark’s current level was 116!

But was that all? After receiving the Dark Piece, his dark attribute bonus was raised to 40%. In terms of his stats, he was around level 162.  He also had new equipment and set item effects. They only knew the fighting pattern of Ark before he fell into the hell. It was like an entirely different existence.

On the other hand, the assassins were level 120. With the dark attribute, they would be level 132. Even if they were professional assassins, if the level difference was 32 levels…….



“Cough……! This guy’s replacement……..”


The assassin who received Ark’s concentrated attack collapsed.

From 3 against 1 the situation changed to the much simpler 2 against 1.

Ark used his remaining 400 points of mana to attack using Dark Strike.

Under his shower of attacks, one more assassin quickly collapsed.  Now there was only one assassin remaining, but Ark’s mana was completely gone and his health was down to 30%.

On the other hand, the 1 remaining assassin had 80% health.


‘From now on, it is a skills game!’


Ark used his Sword-Hand combat in a desperate struggle against the assassin. With the level difference, he overwhelmed the assassin with just the use of his Sword-Hand combat.

Kka kkak, Tong!

Ark blocked the assassin’s sword and used riposte.

Ark struck the assassin hard with the counter attack and the assassin was sent flying through the air.

At the same time as he landed, Ark attacked him with a shower of kicks.

The assassin was also formidable. Using the last of his power, he swung the sword and pushed Ark into a critical condition. But at the same time, he got hit on the head by Ark and died.


“Hyuu, I won.”


Ark blew out a breath.

He had defeated three level 120 assassins by himself!


“He, He won!”


“Ark hyung won!”


“Wah ah ah!”


The rehabilitation members, Lorenzo and the raccoon troops cheered from the vicinity of the cabin. But the cheer changed into a scream in the next moment.


“Huh? He, he……..! ”


“Ark, it’s dangerous!”


When he finished fighting against the last assassin, Andel who had been watching vigilantly for a chance attacked Ark. Currently, Ark’s health was only 180 points. If a strike landed then it would became a critical hit due to his state.

No, it certainly looked that way.

But just before Andel’s sword reached Ark’s neck.

The light abruptly turned off in front of Ark.




A skeleton holding a sword and a shield had blocked Andel’s attack.

While Andel was confused, Ark turned his head and laughed.


“I know how guys like you think.”


In the first place, Ark hadn’t expected Andel to keep his promise.  No, he hoped that he wouldn’t.

He wanted to test out the skills he obtained in the Underground World and he knew that Andel wouldn’t accept the result of the duel. He had marked him as an enemy until the end.

Therefore Ark deliberately left a gap for Andel in his critical condition. After he guessed the timing, he released Deimos from his transformation into the Saw Blade.

Andel was caught in Ark’s trap!


“So now the promise is broken?”


“You bastard, why did you believe me in the first place?”


“This fellow is absurd. You still say things like that in this situation?”


“Damn, you’ll see. No matter what it takes, I’ll force you into hell!”


Andel said as he took out a scroll.

It was the [Warp] scroll which had become Andel’s specialty.


“Oh, that, that guy again…….!”


JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members moved a little bit.

Ark only smiled as he took out a scroll and activated it.


“Scroll [Magnetic] target Andel!”


At the same time, Andel’s body blurred before he was forcibly pulled to Ark.


“What? What the?”


“Didn’t I tell you? I didn’t only play.”


Ark clicked his tongue and muttered while feigning pity.

When he exited from the Underground World, Ark didn’t wait for the raccoon troops and immediately began battle preparations.

The thing that Ark regretted the most from being attacked by Andel was not learning how to properly use scrolls in battle. When Ark recaptured villages in the Underground World, he immediately gathered information about the scrolls from the specialist in each village.

One interesting thing he learnt about was the [Magnetic] scroll. Although it would drag the target forward, there was another use for [Magnetic].

If the timing of [Magnetic] was used in conjunction with [Warp], then the effect of [Warp] would disappear.

The reason why [Magnetic] was rated higher than the [Warp] scroll was because of this hidden function.

It was the so-called resistance of the scroll.

Therefore, in order to oppose or eliminate the effect, there must be a counter attack.

This was the true advantage of scroll utilization.


“You said I’ll see? Is it time now?”


Ark laughed as he approached the frightened Andel. However, in that moment he responded in a desperate voice.


“Heung, just kill me then. I have used the [Lie] scroll.  Since I’m not chaotic, then you would become chaotic if you attack me. Your level is over 100 so can you take such a penalty? At best, all the NPCs would be ordered to kill you. And after I die, I would receive no problems from the NPC. You didn’t receive the archipelago, he he he.”


“……..That disgusting bastard.”


JusticeMan murmured in an outraged voice.


‘Does he think we would be afraid of something like that?’


“Ark, you don’t have to take part. We’ll kill this guy.”


“Please wait. Hyung-nim.”


Ark leisurely took out another scroll. When he triggered it, the shape of a huge sword formed over Andel’s head.  When the sword struck Andel, his health was immediately reduced by 50%.


“Cough, no way this is……..?”


“[Sword of Truth]!”


Sid burst out with excitement.


[Sword of Truth]…….It was a scroll that only activated when the opponent used the [Lie] scroll. It dealt powerful damage as well as eliminating the effect of the [Lie] scroll. In addition, it also changed the alignment to chaotic for a period of time.

In other words, there would be no problem killing Andel.


“Ohu, that’s nice.”


“Now it means I have unlimited chances to kill you?”


The rehabilitation members surrounded Andel as they cracked their knuckles.

However, Ark shook his head.


“Not yet.”




“Hyung-nim, don’t you have a lot piled up? Please receive this.”


Ark handed the rehabilitation members a few scrolls.

After reading the brief description, the rehabilitation members’ eyes shone brighter than ever.


“Oh, Ark. If it is you then it is done.”


“Hu hu hu, rather at this point we’re really sorry.”


“Still, we can’t help it. Because it is our policy to step on someone who tries to step on us.”


“Of course. We understand that much. Because he was the one that picked a fight first. We don’t have to be fair.”


“What, what are you doing…….!”


Andel murmured in an uneasy voice.

JusticeMan and the rehabilitation group, Ark and even Roco just tore the scrolls with a smile.


– [Peek] scroll was invoked.When the user’s bag is targeted, it is possible to peek at an item.


– [Robbery] scroll was invoked.It is possible to designate an item from the target’s bag. When the user dies, there is a 100% chance of the designated item dropping. Duplicated items are treated as one item.


The scrolls were applied non-stop to Andel.

He had bought in bulk various scrolls to give to the assassins, which could be used at any time to make gold, and he just left it in his bag along with equipment……..the aim of the [Robbery] scroll was to get any items that would make money.

But that was just the beginning.


“Didn’t I tell you? I would keep on attacking you until you lose everything.”


– [Seize] scroll was invoked.When the designated target dies, there is a 50% chance that an equipped item will drop.


Ark and the rehabilitation members used the [Seize] scroll four times.

As Andel was chaotic, after his death the probability of dropping his equipment items would dramatically increase. After using [Seize] four times, he didn’t even have to see the results.




“Ara? What was that? From now on, it’s just the beginning”


– [Misfortune] scroll was activated.The luck of the designated target temporarily becomes 0.  The probability of dropping equipment items in various situations would be maximized.  If a chaotic player dies in this unfortunate stat, their stat reduction would increase by 2, making them lose 4 stats.


Ark spoke with a pleasant smile.


“After losing the battle, I’m going to step on you once again. That’s my theory.”


With a scared look, Andel died.





“Ugh, Master! This woman, stop this woman!”


Dedric screamed before fleeing.

After refreshingly stepping on Andel, Ark joined JusticeMan and the rehabilitation company who he finally met after a long time. And after Dedric transformed himself into his child form, he found himself being chased after by Roco with great affection (?).


“Ho ho ho, he is……..It’s great to see you.”


“It’s not good, not good!”


“Don’t do that, come play with noona.”


“Who is this noona? I told you, I’m 300 years old!”


“Kkal kkal kkal! Understood, understood. You’re a 300 year old child. Happy?


“I’m not a child!”


Dedric shouted with a painful cry.

However, Roco didn’t hear and just hugged Dedric tighter.  Then Deimos suddenly showed up at her side.


“Oh? You are…….Skull?”


Deimos was glad and quickly nodded his head.  Unlike Dedric, Roco had spent quite a few friendly days with Deimos. However, Roco’s forehead furrowed as she muttered something.


“You……..look slightly creepy.”


Ddang! At Roco’s words, Skull was shocked as he showed a sulky expression. After he changed, it was the form he wanted to be proud of. However, in just a moment.

Clatter, clatter.

Deimos turned around and clung to Andel’s body.

Deimos’ eyes flashed for a moment as he fumbled around.

And like a psychic healer, he put his hand through Andel’s shoulder.  And then surprisingly, his bloody hands emerged holding a scapula.


‘Don’t tell me that he can also collect bones from a user?’


When Ark though about it, it was a big hit.

Deimos immediately changed his scapula to Andel’s.


[Deimos has used his ‘bone collecting’ skill to reassemble the scapula.If he changes bones with a user, their stats and abilities are exchanged.<Deimos: Strength +5, Stamina +5, Wisdom -5, Intelligence -5><Andel: Strength -5, Stamina -5, Wisdom +5, Intelligence +5>]


Andel was a warrior in the game. Because of the bone exchange, his strength and stamina was reduced while Deimos’ was increased.  Andel was really unlucky.

Deimos changed the shape of his scapula to his favourite.

He smiled as he tinkered with his new shoulder.  No, it seemed like he was smiling but he was obviously laughing.

He laughed sneakily.


‘Although it’s good that his stats rose…….it really is like a horror movie.’


Aa, Deimos ……..what is your real character?

The skull that used to roll cutely across the ground couldn’t be seen anywhere now.  It was a good thing that his stats climbed thanks to bone collecting, but the way he acquired other bones was really creepy.

The rehabilitation group stared in amazement at Deimos’ bizarre behaviour. Ark also had a similar expression, and had to explain the situation with a smile.


“Ha ha, don’t worry. This guy has a strange hobby these days.


And among such surroundings, the rehabilitation members had managed to finish resurrecting.  Then the leader of the raccoon artillerymen saluted Ark and said.


“Commander, we should go.”


“Well, thank you. Give my regards to the elders.”


“Yes! Let’s go!”


The artillerymen saluted before returning to the designated place.  JusticeMan and the rehabilitation group looked at the raccoons with amazement before asking.


“What? Did the raccoons escape from the zoo in a group?”


“They are my friends from the Underground World.”


“Underground World?”


Ark explained the last few days to a curious JusticeMan. JusticeMan breathed out a sigh with an amazed face.


“It sounds like a fascinating place, damn, if we knew beforehand we would have entered too……….


“I’m sorry. But I didn’t have a way to enter the Underground World. And ajusshi and hyung-nims wouldn’t have been able to survive the bottom.”


“That’s right”


“Ah! There is someone I would like to introduce.”


Ark took out small seeds from his bag.

JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members stared as a small figure emerged from the seeds.  It was Popo, the hero of the raccoon clan. Popo scratched his head at the attention of the foreigners before greeting them.


-He he, Hello? I am a Popo, Ark hyung’s brother.




Then Roco who was harassing Dedric came running over.


“Woo………! Cu……Cute. It’s a finger sized raccoon…….”


-Ah, Roco noona? Ark hyung talked about you a lot.


“What? R-really? What did he say?”


-That he had a pretty girl as a sister. You really are pretty, just like I heard.  Can I call you noona from now on?


Popo was better at flattery than he thought.


“Ho ho ho, you’re sweet. It is in the eye of the beholder…… younger siblings aren’t like that.  Yes, please call me noona. If you are Ark oppa’s brother then you’re also mine. Popo did you say? Can we talk for a short while? Tell me in a little bit more detail about what Ark oppa said about me.”


Roco carried the seeds to a place a short distance away.




Then Dedric who had been abandoned kicked a rock that landed beside Skull. Although he complained, he indirectly enjoyed Roco’s attention. If he really hated it, he would’ve changed into a bat and ran away…….


“I’m living quite happily.”


The raccoon boy was sociable. Roco who was interested in Ark, abandoned his two summons………the form that she was interested in was quite different in other’s eyes.


“What…..that’s right.”


“By the way, what do you think that Andel guy will do?”


“Just let it go. For the time being, he won’t connect for a while.”


“But what if he tries to bother you again?”


“Right. But I wouldn’t mind. Here in the chaotic city it would be a difficult situation, but the other areas won’t have such a penalty against resurrection. So if he attacks me once, then I would be able to return it twice as much. But it’s also not easy.”


“Although, you don’t have to worry about your skills based on what we saw before.”


“Well Andel might hire more assassins again before connecting.  Although Lorenzo and the delinquents would receive help from the guard NPCs, we are different. So I think we should leave Cairo before there is more trouble.”


“That’s good. Our time is more precious than that guy.”


“But I have some things to finish first.”


Ark’s pupils turned gold after a long time. He had already forgotten about Andel and turned into a money-making mode.


“Sid. Can you please arrange all of this.”


Ark handed Sid all the japtem he obtained in the Underground World.


“Pant, this, this is ……!”


Sid’s eyes widened at the huge pile of japtem. But it wasn’t because of the japtem. It was due to the ore, the currency of the Underground World.  All of the 1,600 Nurunma leaves he obtained from the thief hideout had been used to make the Warrior cookies and sold to the raccoon troops.

First 1L. But soon the price was raised to 2L because he was running out of ingredients.  Fortunately, the raccoons were already addicted and had no choice but to buy the cookies at the higher price.  Thanks to that, Ark managed to get 2,400 ores!

Even if 500 L was used to pay for item forging, there was still approximately 1,900 ores in his bag.


“Where did you get so many ores……?”


Ark who hadn’t showed up for a while finally appeared with amazing items.

Sid still couldn’t understand the strange user that was Ark.


“No, you expect me to organize everything here? But if we sell it in Giran, we can’t get a 20% higher price.”


“I don’t care. Just sort it out. And change all the items robbed from Andel into gold except for the scrolls from Cairo.  You should bring Jjak-tung so you don’t make any mistakes.”


“I understand.”


Soon Sid and Jjak-tung headed to Cairo carrying the items.

The reason why he sent Jjak-tung was to take advantage of his ‘Fraud’ skill.  Thanks to Ark, Sid had raised his sale skills but it wasn’t possible to sell any more items once he received a profit of more than 15%. On the other hand, if Jjak-tung’s ‘Fraud’ skill was used, then he could receive an unconditional 15% profit.


“Okay, now let’s finish life in Cairo.”


Ark led the rehabilitation group and headed towards Cairo. It was in order to complete the [Clear Lorenzo’s name] quest that had been postponed.  Earlier, JusticeMan had handed him the warehouse key before they headed back to Wolkosu with his supplies.  Then, he made him sit down while Lorenzo explained the circumstances.


“……….That was what happened.”


“I see…….I’ve just blindly doubted you without even knowing….I’m sorry.”


Wolkosu said to his son in a regretful voice.  Lorenzo seemed tearful as he shook his head.


“No.  It was my fault this whole thing started. Father, I’m sorry.”


“Father? Now I am your father?”


“Yes, father. I’m sorry for not calling you that in the meantime.”


“I got it. So stop saying such things. Being confronted with your faults must have been hard on you. I never thought I would have children so I raised your sternly, without unconditional love. That must have been really painful for you and I didn’t know.  No, let’s stop. I’ll forget your past. If you’ve decided to become a new man then it is done.




Wolkosu and Lorenzo wept as they hugged each other.

The rehabilitation members had tears in their eyes as they looked at the two NPCs.  Although they were NPCs, Lorenzo’s path seemed to overlap with that of the rehabilitation group.


“Hyung-nim, justice is really a good thing.”


“Hum, yes.”


JusticeMan nodded with a satisfied expression.

However, there were no tears in Ark’s eyes.


“Now, Wolkosu ajusshi. Let’s slowly do the calculation.”




“Why is it like this? Did you already forget the promise?”


“Promise…….Ah, it’s not like that. He he he, why would I forget? Yes, I do remember.  Didn’t I promise to sell you anything from the items recovered for a 40% discounted price? Okay, if you need anything then tell me. I’ll do anything for the man who recovered my son.  Since I’m a person who also runs a big business in the capital. I’m a second generation. Even if other stores want them, I will save it for you.”


“Ah, father. What a moment! That…….


At the moment, Lorenzo was shocked and blocked Wolkosu’s mouth. However, it was already too late. By the end of Wolkosu’s words, Ark’s eyes flashed as he drove the nail in.


“Without a doubt you promised. You clearly said that even if the items were wanted elsewhere, you would save it for me?


“Eh? T-that’s right. Why? What’s the matter?”


“Nothing. Not at all. So let’s start the business.”


Ark laid his purse on the counter as he smiled. Wolkosu’s face then became terrified.

The embroidered purse on the counter contained an unimaginable amount of money.


“5…………..5, 500 gold?”


Ark laughed and nodded his head.

Yes, in the short time here Ark had gathered 5,500 gold.

When Ark first came to Cairo, he only had 1,000 gold.  When he was in the Underground, without stopping he sent items back to Sid to sell which earned him 300 gold.

However, the largest part of his illicit funds was selling drugs to the raccoons.  The way to earn money was as bad as expected. When the ore was sold by Sid using his skills, he earned 30 gold for one piece of ore.  The total price was 570 gold.

Thanks to that, Ark’s total gold was 1,870.

But was that all? There were also the items collected from Andel. Scrolls were sold in Cairo, so they were removed as there was no reason to sell it……..however the rest of the equipment items and consumables sold for 500 gold.  Thus, he ended up earning 2,370 gold.

Of course, Ark’s plans didn’t end here.


‘I have to maximally make money!’


“JusticeMan ajusshi, hyung-nims.” I’ll guarantee it. Once I buy it and sell it to other users, then the profit from this business would be 50%.




After hearing Ark’s explanation and calculating in their heads, they nodded.

When buying an item, it is clear that the profit would be guaranteed. There was nobody who would say no to such deals just to save money.


“Okay, everyone will invest as well.”


“Except I don’t know what the outcome would be once the group splits their earnings.”


“Even if you only have a few thousand gold, it would be enough for a business transaction…….”


“Can’t help it. Still it is lucky that everyone can come.”


“Hu hu hu, you’re the blessing for the group. You’re the person that earns money the best.”


The rehabilitation group said with a heart-warming smile as they began collecting the gold. They were only level 60 but they weren’t poor.  After all, the rehabilitation members were formerly a part of the dark professions. Even if it was only a game, they still used their former skills to earn a little bit of money.

Since the beginning of the game, people could buy gold from the auction house.  With their purses being emptied, 4000 gold was exceeded immediately. However, Ark wasn’t investing all that money.

Ark advised them to use 2000 gold to buy equipment.


“Hyung-nim, now is the chance to change equipment.  In the Underground World, there are a lot of items that are difficult to find.  The price is expensive but I can guarantee its performance.”


The rehabilitation members were moved by the flattery and quickly parted with 2,000 gold.

Ark grabbed the money bag and immediately returned to the Underground World through Yggdrasil.

Ark was the hero who had rescued the Underground World from a crisis.

Therefore, intimacy was at its best.  In the Underground World, he got a discount of 30% off any items he bought.


“Wow, this isn’t a joke?”


“Doesn’t this dagger have additional damage when thrusting?”


The rehabilitation members saw the items Ark returned with and cheered.

They were items from the village of craftsmen, where the price to performance ratio was at its finest.  The performance was also rare for mid-priced items.

The drops from the assassins were moderately split up and after the items were equipped, their damage and defense was upgraded.

However, upgrading the rehabilitation members wasn’t the only reason why Ark suggested changing equipment. Ark noted the pleased members before saying in a quiet voice.


“Jjak-tung hyung, in fact I got a little discount for solving the quest.  So there was a little bit of change left over……..”


“Then you can have it, as a tip.”


“Yes, I had trouble with it. Even if it is outside money given, I need it.”


“Just pack it without saying anything. Child, because you are too good to mask it.”



As expected, even though they were former hoodlums, the rehabilitation members were big hearted. This was also the reason why he didn’t include Sid with his selling skills. Because he had accumulated a history of part time jobs, Ark perfectly grasped the nature of the rehabilitation members.


“Wow hyung-nim, thanks a lot!”


“Child, such a thing……..Us hyung-nims won’t begrudge such a sum. By the way, how much change was left?


“600 gold.”


“Eek? “600 gold?”


The rehabilitation members let out a booming laugh. As Ark had no trading skills, they thought he would receive a 5% discount and have 100 gold left.

If they knew that the change left over was 600 gold, the rehabilitation members wouldn’t have been able to talk about it so easily.

However, the bus had already left. Since the rehabilitation members lived with honour, they couldn’t take back their words.

That was also one of Ark’s motives!


“Hyung nims are really generous.”


“Ha ha ha. That, it’s not like that. Our generosity is only a little bit big.”


“But 600 gold…….”


The rehabilitation members broke into a cold sweat as they trembled while bluffing. Therefore, 600 gold was added to Ark’s fortune of 3,000 gold.

The 2,000 gold from the rehabilitation members also remained. If they included Sid and Roco then there was a total of 5,500 gold.


“You, you’re going to buy all the items using this money?”


“Yes, did you assume that I wouldn’t have enough for everything?”


“Even though all the other stores would buy these items……”


“A promise is a promise…….”


“You are really……..”


Wolkosu eventually sighed and nodded.


“All right. I will discount it, but you really seem like you’ve chosen the wrong profession. You would’ve succeeded as a merchant. Because you wouldn’t shed tears over friendship.”


“Thank you for the compliment.”


“Ha ha ha! Okay, I’ll gladly arrange things.”


Wolkosu burst out laughing.

As a trader he had lost, but as a father he had regained his son. Therefore, the question of profit or loss wasn’t a problem.

Wolkosu willingly handed all the items recovered in the warehouse to Ark. They were expensive items only sold in Cairo and none could be found in any other stores.  The value of the scrolls was also expensive, so he bought 10 sets of them first before Sid’s 6 bags and his 1 spare bag was so full it looked like it would explode.


“Ah, Ark-nim.” The bags are overflowing.”


Sid shook it with a happy face at the thought of all the profit.


“Sid-nim. Contract.”


“Yes? Oh, yes!”


Sid wrote the contract with trembling hands.


[Merchant’s agreement.

<Agreement: Item resale of the current party. The contract takes effect from the time the items are transferred to Sid in Cairo. All proceeds from the sale of the items must be distributed by Sid according to their respective shares.>]


It was a sale agreement worth 5,500 gold!

No matter what, he would never entrust it to Sid without a contract. But now Ark trusted Sid 100%.


“I can’t believe I really wrote a 5,500 gold contract.”


Sid confirmed the contract with tears in his eyes.

In accordance with the share of the proceeds, Ark would receive 58%, JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members 30%, Roco 5% and Sid 7%.  Roco and Sid’s original investment wasn’t that much.

Sid had only concentrated on raising his skills, so his profit he made so far wasn’t that much.

And Roco was only a bonus mascot so her gold investment was small.

When dealing with a few thousand units of gold, 5% wasn’t a small amount.

5% of 5,500 gold was 275 gold. Since the expected sale profit was 40%, that meant that it was a profit of 385 gold.

Even if Sid only received 7%, that was still 577 gold. It would be enough to pay off his debt and recover his money as a merchant.

In addition, merchants also raised their characters by trading.  If he traded with other users outside of a store, his skills would raise and he would obtain experience.

40% of the profits on all items meant that he would receive a large amount of experience.  The penalty received by the silk market slump wasn’t a problem anymore.


”It is worth playing the role of Ark-nim’s bag for the meantime!’


His feelings of grief quickly withered.

Ark made a warm expression and asked Wolkosu.


“But ajusshi, what will you do now?”


“I……Because I couldn’t return to the capital, I had to stay here.  But I want to make arrangements to return to the capital.


“That’s right.”


“You were worried about the crowd that this guy used to hang with showing up……..”


“Do not worry.”


JusticeMan moved forward and said.


“We can settle that problem since we’re heading to the capital anyway.”


“Is it really possible to do that?”


“Of course. I already asked the delinquents about the location of their other hyungs that tried to bully you.”


“But why would you guys go so far? You might even lose your life.”


Wolkosu looked at him with worried eyes, while JusticeMan laughed and shook his head.


“Ha ha ha. How can I achieve justice if I’m always worried about preserving my life?”


“That’s right.” The reason why we came here was also for justice.”


“In addition, only delinquents can reason with other delinquents.”


“That’s why I have to teach them the true duty of delinquents.”


The rehabilitation members emphasized in unison.


“Thank you, I really appreciate it!”


“Well, it’s the least we could do after you suffered a loss to your sales.”


JusticeMan said absent-mindedly.

JusticeMan joined Ark who was organizing everything he obtained in Cairo outside.


“So now the destination is determined.”


“Yes, since it was our destination from the beginning.


“Can I accompany you?”


At that time, Sid rolled his eyes and interrupted.




“Yes, the items from Cairo would be more expensive in the capital than Giran. And the capital has more high level users that can afford it.


When organizing the gold, it isn’t 100 or 200 gold but 5,500. Even with a 1% profit you would earn 55 gold! However, the capital should make the profits rapidly increase which would make us happy. If I’m with the rehabilitation group then it won’t be so dangerous.



“I would like that. Because I also want to go to the capital.”


“You too?”


“Yes, I also have to stop there.


Ark nodded and replied.

Finally, the group left the area of Cairo.

It was time to move to a new area.  And Ark still remembered the promise to meet Shambala at the arena in the capital.

He was involved in events that he never considered and was delayed but he still remembered.


“But I have to visit Giran and report my quest to the Institute of Magic.


“Well, since Giran has a gateway it shouldn’t be a problem.  I understand.”


“So we set off together.”


At the end of Ark’s words, Roco was glad.


“Is this the first time that everyone has travelled together?”


“Yes, well, how lovely that you and Ark get to go together just like you wished.


“Jjak-tung oppa!”


Roco shouted with a red face.

Fortunately, Ark’s face was also red for no reason.  A refreshing wind blew from somewhere.


‘It’s good. I’m glad that I am able to laugh with people who are like family.’


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