Act 7: Dark Brotherhood

ACT 7 Dark Brotherhood




20 minutes after he left Cairo and walked up the hill, a cabin appeared.

He used ‘Stealth’ to observe through a window.

As expected, the NPC named Lorenzo was chaotic.  Level 80. Although it was a high level for other people, he couldn’t compare to Ark who was level 90 and receives a bonus attribute in the dark.  Quest difficulty E.

It took 90 levels to perform one difficulty up.

However, it wasn’t a simple quest where he could rush in blindly.

It usually required killing the target to receive a key that would open a warehouse and retrieve the goods.  However, he couldn’t kill Lorenzo and he couldn’t even use a sword.  In other words, he had to find out the whereabouts of the goods first.


‘I had previously encountered thieves in the ruins….. ‘


After surveying the structure of the cabin, Ark said to Sid.


“As expected, there is a back entrance.  If one is backed into a corner they may escape through the back entrance.  Therefore Sid will block the back door.  If blocked by a body on the outside then there is no particular danger.”


“Yes, I understand.”


Sid answered in a tense voice and went back.


‘Now, this fellow recently held poison.’


If you block the escape of a level 80 NPC then they would have nothing to build a strategy.  Intimidating for the time being and if that doesn’t work then a little bit of violence is okay.

Ark immediately kicked the door and entered the cabin.  Lorenzo who was surprised, tried to stand up.


“You, who are you?”


“I will not speak for long. Where are you hiding the stolen goods? ”


“The stolen goods? What are you talking about? ”


“It is useless to feign ignorance. I already know.  Just tell me obediently before you get hurt.”


“What, what?” Thief? Who said such a silly thing?”


“Who is it? -Wolkosu. Wouldn’t you know who Wolkosu is even if I didn’t explain it?


It was at that time. At the mention of Wolkosu, Lorenzo’s forehead violently twitched.  Then his eyes anxiously shook as he sighed.




Lorenzo ground his molars together and growled.


“I don’t know what inspired such nonsense but I didn’t steal anything! Go back! If you don’t return then I’ll beat you to death.


“Oh, a beating to death?


Ark laughed and nodded his head.


“That’s the most welcome sound I ever head. Let’s see if you can give it a try. ”


“This child!”


Lorenzo kicked the chair and rushed at him.

He tried to use the distraction of the chair to attack. It was a familiar method that other thieves used to fight.  However for juvenile delinquents who walked a dark road, it was a method that Ark was tired of.  That much was not enough to give an element of surprise.

Ark caught the chair and kicked sideways. The next moment his fist shot out in rapid succession in a flash.  Ark’s specialty was continuous critical hits!




He delivered blows to the chest, waist and side, after being hit with three critical attacks Lorenzo moaned and withdrew.

Although Ark did not use his sword for attack and defense at the same time he did have his gloves, the Cat Paws.  Due to the growth system of the Cat Paws, his offensive power was currently 9~15 (+8.9)

In some ways, it was better than a sword.  In addition, Ark had also learned Sword-Hand Combat and Hand-to-Hand Combat, so he had no reason to be penalized by the absence of a sword.

Lorenzo’s health was quickly reduced to 30%.


“Ugh, this, unbelievable!”


Lorenzo ground his teeth together and rushed again.


“Ha ha ha, copper!”


But once Dedric and Skull joined the fight, Lorenzo immediately retreated to the corner again.  Ark continuously rained punches and kicks on him!

Lorenzo soon developed bruises all over his body.  And finally he turned and a punch hit his temple, sending him flying through to the other side of the wall.


“Now, little by little did you want to confess?”


“Damn it, no way!”


“I see you want to lose your soul.”


Ark drew back his fist and directed it to Lorenzo’s face, which instantly turned pale.

Lorenzo had already lost 70% of his health. While Ark only lost 10% at most.  In the first place, he was fighting in a game.   Finally, Lorenzo threw a water bottle and turned his body around.

He tried to open the back door but ……..Lorenzo’s face became perplexed.  Sid had already blocked the other side of the door so it was stuck and wouldn’t open.


“What, what the?” What the hell is this? ”


“Hu hu hu, What a fool! Did he think I wouldn’t have any countermeasures?”


“Rain, eat this!


Lorenzo lifted the sword hanging on the wall beside him.  However, Ark moved much faster than him.


Ark kicked Lorenzo’s stomach.

Without any mistakes, he accurately hit a vital spot on the underbelly and gained a critical hit!

Lorenzo was stunned and fell back.

Ark who was waiting for the chance immediately shouted.


“Snake, tie him up!”


Saek saek!


Snake flicked his tongue and firmly tied up both of Lorenzo’s arms.  Thus, the fight with Lorenzo was easily settled with that.

With one step, Ark approached the struggling Lorenzo and asked.


“Okay, now where should your excrement and the popular soybean paste go? Just as it is in your mouth?  Or will you confess? For your information, I wouldn’t mind beating you up some more.”


“Dammit, I told you from the beginning! I did not steal it!”


“Don’t make me laugh. So without any evidence you have been accused as a thief? If you did something suspicious then obviously you would be considered a criminal! ”


“Sheesh, what do you know? That old man didn’t know what he was talking about! ”


“Even if you die, you’re not going to confess?”


“There’s nothing to confess!”


“Not possible”


Ark’s eyes became chilly.

Dedric looked at Lorenzo and clicked his tongue.


“Tsk tsk, poor guy, he just dug his own grave.”


Dedric knew from experience what would happen when Ark looked like that.

As expected…………When Lorenzo’s health recovered a little bit, Ark showed his true colours.  In the past, Dedric was tamed using the same method as he stepped on Lorenzo.

With a stupid face, Lorenzo freaked out about the kicks and let out a cry of distress.


“Keuak! This bastard! What are you doing! ”


However, Ark didn’t even blink.

In the past, the only way to tame someone rude was with a whip!

Additionally, Ark’s character was that once he starts something, he sees it through to the end.

Ark continued stepping on Lorenzo’s face until he was in a critical condition.  Then he waited awhile for health to recover, stepped and wait, how many times did he repeat it……..


“Ark-nim, you done yet………Huk!”


Sid stuck his head through the back door and screamed.

New World was a virtual reality game where a sense of realism overflows.

Not even 10 minutes had passed since Ark refused to let the violently beaten Lorenzo die and it looked like a violent scene from an 18+ rated movie.


“Oh, Ark-nim. Isn’t this too severe?”


“Hell no. I haven’t even started yet.”


Ark answered with a grin and Sid’s face turned white in terror.

However, Lorenzo did not submit.

Rather, the more violent Ark became then the more profanities escaped from his mouth.


“Dwe, eat this! Just kill me already!”


“Hehehe, Master. Then how about an extreme method?”


At that time, the cunning fellow Dedric treacherously smiled and approached.  A cold smile spread at the corners of Ark’s mouth.


“Hmm, well that’s okay? As expected you have a bad side as well.”


“Huhuhu, this is due to master’s virtue.”


Dedric chattered.


……..Was that praise, or an insult?

Anyway, Ark listened to Dedric’s advice and stopped the violence.  Instead, he placed a pot and ingredients on the table and began survival cooking.

After a while, the sweet smell of food filled the room.


“Eek? No, what are you doing? Stop it! ”


Ark held Lorenzo’s jaw wide open and poured food into his mouth. Lorenzo collapsed to the ground screaming and began to spasm.

‘Fragrant Poison Soup ‘ which activated the paralysis effect.


“You……..This, you bastard! Such…..a thing……”


Lorenzo sweated and stuttered with a paralyzed tongue.  It was a soup with a terrible taste and next Ark fed him the horrible salad, waste-flavoured jello etc.  But that was only the beginning.

The true horror was the spicy seafood chowder medley.

Using the medley skill, there was a low probability of terrible food being produced.

And the taste was so ‘shocking’ that neither the taste nor effect could be compared with a general survival cooking dish.  As it did not decrease the health at all, it was possible to annoy all give senses to the limit ………..

It was closer to being a biological weapon than a food.

The medley of chowder was made in such great numbers that just the sight was enough to make him tremble in fear. And the devil-like food entered Lorenzo’s mouth immediately.  Every time he ate it, Lorenzo jumped and spasmed like a fish.

A new concept of using food to torture!


“Ugh, I can’t bear to watch!”


Dedric turned his head away with a horror stricken face.

To Sid who hadn’t experienced the horrors of the food, it seemed like a joke but…….


“Stop! Please help me! I will say, I’ll talk, please I’ll speak! I’ll do anything as long as you stop it with the food!”


After he cooked the fifth food, Lorenzo screamed and surrendered.

It was the inevitable result. Just eating the food caused such a threat to his life that Ark developed the Indomitable Body skill, and to Dedric it was so horrifying that he developed speech in order to stop eating the food.

It reached a level that humans would not be able to eat.

Ark stopped the hand motions for cooking and grinned.


“So, I’m glad that you stopped fighting.”


“Now, cruel bastard……..How could someone in the guise of a human make such horrible food…….!”




“Oh, no! No, no!”


“Well, that’s it. Then let’s get to the main subject. Where’s the stuff?”


“I’ll say it again I didn’t steal anything!”


“Ah, is that so? Are you still hungry?”


Ark picked up the pot of food and Lorenzo immediately cried out in a wronged voice.


“And please wait! Really. I really didn’t. But I can guess the fellows who stole it.  It’s that guy.


“Aren’t you prevaricating?”


“Please believe me. The fact is that I was also a victim.  They robbed the General Store and now they’re trying to frame me for it. ”


“Ah, Ark-nim” Try not to believe his words.”


Sid noticed his face and interrupted.


“But the context fits.  Why would stealing things from the General Store be a problem for you? ”


“That’s actually ……..”


Lorenzo hesitated to answer Ark but eventually desperately replied.


“I’m actually… ….Wolkosu’s adopted son.”


“What?” Adopted son?”










After Lorenzo lost his parents when he was young, he lived with his uncle who managed a store in Selebrid who entrusted him to Wolkosu.

Wolkosu was not friendly in nature.

Lorenzo worked the difficult night to dawn shift and if he made a little mistake then he would be punished.

Lorenzo decided that he would become a runaway.

He began living on the streets for several years and Lorenzo became a full fledge delinquent.

Then one day, Lorenzo was caught in another gang’s dispute and accidently killed a man.  So Lorenzo became chaotic and was pursued by guards before he managed to hide to reach Wolkosu in Selebrid.

He was going to threaten Wolkosu to give him some escape funds.

However, when he was listening at the store, he overheard the cashier say something amazing.

Wolkosu asked about the people trying to extort money from Lorenzo and paid them back one by one in a month. And the fact that Lorenzo wasn’t caught by the guards during that month was also due to Wolkosu.


“I never knew.  My father … … ….He was clumsy at expressing affection. I didn’t understand that I was loved. If I knew earlier I wouldn’t have done such stupid things ……. ”


Lorenzo said with a slightly shaky voice.

Lorenzo shrugged his shoulders and left the store.

With help, he barely managed to avoid the bounty hunters and guards and came to Cairo.  He built a cabin outside Cairo to live in and swore to no longer do any bad things.  And it was long after that he came.


“Although I forgot for a while …….My dad suddenly opened a store in Cairo.  My father had never committed a crime. He obviously used the [Lie] scroll to disguise himself as a criminal and conduct business.


Lorenzo ground his teeth tightly.

Wolkosu had many reasons to set up a shop in Cairo.  Of course ……..the main one was Lorenzo.

Lorenzo wept after he realised Wolkosu’s heart.  However, once the relationship was twisted it did not come loose easily. While thinking about how hard that month must have been on Wolkosu, he didn’t even dare beg forgiveness.


“I stayed here so I wouldn’t both my father. Once when he was free he visited the store and violence occurred. I was told to get lost…….Although I wanted to beg for forgiveness……..I couldn’t bear it. After hurting him for over 10 years, was it even possible to be forgiven? I……..thought it was best for my father to abandon me.  Perhaps that’s why my father thought I stole things.  ”


“Then who stole the stuff?”


“They are subordinates of the older brother I followed in the past.”


“What?” The older brother’s subordinates? ”


“Yes, I left the organization before I realised my mistake and came here.  However, they pursued me to Cairo a while ago.  They wanted me to work for a large robbery group.  Of course I refused. Then the guys said that they wouldn’t leave my father alone if I didn’t listen.


From that, Ark found all the answers to his questions.

The reason the shop owner Wolkosu had a large order of the [Lie] scroll.  It was for his own use.

It was also the reason why Ark received the quest after he became non-chaotic. Because the shop owner did not trust criminals.  It also explained why he did not report to the NPC guard and why he warned him not to harm Lorenzo……it wasn’t necessary to speak.


‘It was really a third-rate drama scenario’


In the end, the main culprit was the boss of the group of thieves. When he thought about it anger surged immediately.


“Hukhukhuk, it was like that.  I understand.  He is like a father, although I can’t really understand.”


Sid had become too immersed and a tear slid down his face as he spoke.

Although not to the same degree, Ark also felt uncomfortable.

After Ark met the ex-convicts, his views had changed.

People in unavoidable circumstances can walk down a path of darkness.  They also have their own drama.  He shouldn’t blindly judge them for their crimes.

Lorenzo also made an effect to put his life of crime behind him and live a new life.

Although he was once a delinquent, if his older brother had listened then shouldn’t he have celebrated his new start? Instead, he decided to threaten Lorenzo’s father?

Even among NPCs, there are dirty and lousy guys.

Although not clearly shown, everything that exists in reality also exists in the game.


“Actually, I heard that after they chased me to Cairo they robbed the general store several times, including last night.  If I don’t answer within a week then I don’t know what they’ll do to my father to threaten me.  If that fellow…… ”


Lorenzo ground his back teeth together.


“So? What should be done? ”


“I can’t stand it anymore.”


“Let’s catch them and beat them up?”


“That’s not the only way.”


At that time, Sid asked in a worried voice.


“But what if they have a lot of guys?”


“Heh, it’ll happen anyway because of me.  I must live in order to negotiate.”


“Okay.” Snake, untie.”


Ark placed Snake back around his waist.


“Come on, if we’re decided then it’s better to finish this quickly.”


“What?” You surely ………? ”


Ark said in a blunt voice.


“It’s not guaranteed that you’re telling the truth.  You might just flee.  So I have to follow and confirm whether you’re telling the truth or not.  And I also promised the shop owner that I could recover his things, so I can’t just leave it in the hands of the criminals.  ”


“Ah, Ark-nim!”


Sid shouted with a thrilled face.  Lorenzo also looked at him with incredulous eyes.


‘Please do not look like that with red cheeks.  Because there was no possibility of him returning with the quest unsolved.’


On the other hand, Dedric muttered with a nasty look at Ark.


“Sheesh, there he goes again. Master’s acting again……….”


Lorenzo looked at Ark for a while before clenching his teeth.


“To say thank you …I don’t want to”


“It isn’t necessary.  I’m not helping for free”


It was at that time. Dududung, the quest information window popped up.


Quest has been updated.Shop owner Wolkosu’s distress= Clear Lorenzo’s nameYou discovered that Lorenzo was the shop owner Wolkosu’s adopted son.

The events that occurred in the last fortnight at the General store are the work of his old companions trying to involve him in a bandit group.  Accompany Lorenzo to the hideaway, determine if it is the truth or a lie and recover the stolen goods (Warning, it Lorenzo dies on the way then the quest will fail).


Difficulty level: D


‘I found the correct shape’


Ark grinned and laughed.

Suddenly, there was an unexpected message.


-Andel used a [Feather of whispering] to whisper.


‘What the? Andel? ‘


Ark had a bewildered expression.

Although he had forgotten about him for a while, Ark never thought that Andel would attempt to whisper him. After contemplating for a bit, he shook his head.

If he authorized the whisper, it was easy enough to imagine the contents. In the end, he had a nasty feeling. In addition, he did not want to engage in a fight with Andel at the moment.


“Refuse whisper”


Ark lightly ignored the whisper.

At that time, Ark did not realise one simple thing.

A whisper can only reach people in the same area.






“I’ve found him. Ark! ”


A hazy smile spread at Andel’s mouth.

He had accompanied the assassins dispatched by the Assassin’s guild for the last fortnight.

After Andel joined the assassins in Selebrid, they immediately left for Giran.  Ark received the Event Quest from the Magic Institute, so he reasoned that Ark would have to return to Giran. But by that time Ark had already joined Sid so there was no reason for him to keep returning to Giran.

Thanks to that, Andel and the assassins never discovered Ark’s whereabouts.  After that, the only plan Andel could come up with after wandering around Giran was to use the [Feather of Whispering].

But it was only possible to whisper within a certain range.  In other words, it doesn’t matter if the opponent refuses the whisper, as long as the [Feather of Whispering] worked than if was proof that he wasn’t far from Ark.

And once he entered the vicinity of Cairo, the [Feather of Whispering] immediately worked.


“That guy is somewhere around here.”


At Andel’s words, the three assassins dispatched by the Dark Brother nodded.


“There aren’t a lot of villages in Brandt Mountains.  There are many places he could be.”


“OK, then let’s keep a certain distance and move using [Trace].


The assassins scattered with the scroll.

[Trace] was a scroll that can determine the location of the target if they were within a 1km radius.

Once the vicinity was confirmed, then locating Ark would only be a matter of time using the scroll.


‘Ark, it’s the end for you!’


Flames of vengeance burned in Andel’s eyes.


‘He touched the wrong person?  No matter what, I’ll return the favour.  If I can’t pass the company examination then you won’t be able to either.  I’ll catch you’re ankle and pull you down with me.  No, even if I have to spend millions of won, I’ll connect to New World again! You poor sod!’






“How many people would there be?”


“It would be six or seven people.”


Lorenzo replied in a tense voice.

After leaving Sid at the cabin, Ark and Lorenzo returned to Cairo.

The hideout of the thieves threatening Lorenzo was located deep in the alleys of Cairo.  Although Lorenzo believed there were only six or seven people, the building size made it capable of hiding at least 20.


”I feel like the quest is becoming even longer………Well, it’s not that bad.’


The thieves are all inferior to Lorenzo.

Lorenzo was a level 80 rogue, while the others were down around level 60~70.  If you compared them to Ark who was 20 levels higher and had fought thieves in Giran, then it shouldn’t be that difficult.  He thought that the quest would probably be solved in 10 minutes.


‘Once the quest is complete than I can start my get rich quick scheme.’


The General Store had been robbed three times.

If so, there were quite a lot of items stolen.  He could purchase all the items at 40% off the original price.

Ark currently had 1000 gold.  The Nurunma leaves were also expected to add a large amount so he should have around 1,600 gold.  Once the quest was solved, Ark would invest his money in purchasing items.


‘They could fill Sid’s bags with all the items and leave…. ‘


In the case of a general item that isn’t a special commodity, a store would buy it for 50% of its purchase price.

However, he could sell it for 80% of its price to users who need the item. And when it is an item that couldn’t be obtained from a local store, it is possible to add more value and sell it at 120% of its purchase price.

Using simple maths, if he have 1000 gold and I buy items for 60% and sell it at 120% then there would be a profit of 600 gold.

Some conditions to receive quests could be difficult, but if done successfully then you could sell items at other cities and gain a huge benefit.


‘Huhuhu, good thing that Sid came along.’


Of course, Ark had no intention of selling the item directly.

It was a bag full of items worth 1000 gold, and he had no time to do business with other users.

He was prepared to leave the annoying part to Sid.  Even though 10~20% of the profit would be given away, he would still make more than 500 gold without wasting time.


‘Once the quest is completed then it is certain that I will make a profit.’


As soon as he arrived in Cairo, he received this excellent quest!

The only thing on his mind was Lorenzo.

If Lorenzo dies, then he would earn Wolkosu’s wrath which would make it difficult to stay in Cairo. So the point of this quest was to protect Lorenzo rather than kill the thieves.


“Lorenzo, you’re in the back.”


“Ha, but ………”


“You are not allowed to be injured.  If you’re injured here, how sad would your father be? You shouldn’t let the father who came here for you be sad. You know what I mean……even if I don’t say it?”


He was different from the Ark who threatened to kill him with food. However, thinking about profit was enough for Ark’s character to change.  Anyway Lorenzo was just a simple NPC so he blew out a sigh and nodded.


“Thank you so much. I’ll be careful.”


“Well done”


As soon as Ark received the promise, he tried to open the door.

All of a sudden, there was a flashing light and huge damage occurred.


-Using the element of surprise, you received a critical hit from the assassin’s skill.  Damage 200X3


“Huk, what, what the?” Assassination? ‘


In an instant, 600 points of his health disappeared.

Ark was surprised and instantly withdrew.

Blurry forms emerged from the surroundings.

The company had their faces hidden in black hoods like a ninja.  The first thing he thought of when he saw their features were Shambala.

The ‘ Stealth’ and ‘ Assassination ‘ skill was Shambala’s main attacks, but it wasn’t Shambala.

Shortly after, two people dressed the same appeared from both sides of the house.

The red hand stamped on the top of the hood gave off a creepy feeling.




“Mo, I don’t know. I’ve never seen such dangerous guys? ”


Lorenzo also shook his head in bewilderment.

At that time, the masked man muttered in a low voice.


“It would be impossible for that delinquent to know us.”


“What are you guys? What do you want? ”


“We’re the dark brotherhood.”


“The, the Dark Brothers! Surely you guys…..the Assassination Guild…….!”


Blood instantly drained from Lorenzo’s face.

Living in Selebrid, Lorenzo had heard rumours of the Dark Brothers.  However, Ark looked confused and still didn’t understand


“Assassination Guild? Why would the guild try to assassinate me?”


The assassin then made a derisive noise.


“Kukukuk, this fellow is still slow to understand the situation.”


“Eh? Yes, you?”


“I’m happy to see you again.  Yes, it was quite difficult trying to find you. ”




Ark muttered with a surprised voice.

The face of the assassin at the back was none other than Andel.


“Yes……..Have you recovered your senses yet?”


“The one who has to notice is you.  Did you think I would let you take pleasure from messing with me?”


“Let’s do this to the end?”


“That’s the most welcome sound I ever head. Let’s finally finish it.”


“You bastard ……!”


When Ark lifted his sword, the three assassins in front blocked it.


“What the?”


“Didn’t you hear? I hired assassins from the Dark Brother organization. ”


“When I was in Selebrid, I heard a rumour about them. They are a secret organization composed of the most elite assassins. They specialize in the murder of foreigners.  They have such excellent skills that they charge an extravagant commission fee.  What kind of grudge do you have against you……. ”


Lorenzo murmured in a small voice.

NPCs that specialize in hunting users?

What ridiculous thing is he talking about?

This unexpected problem could be quite serious. If they specialize in killing users than their levels should be quite high.  In addition, they must be armed with the professional skills for PVP.


‘Damn you, of all things this place……. ‘


Ark gave a frustrated face and the assassins suddenly attacked.


Chae Chang! Kakakak!


Ark immediately evaded and counter attacked.

If it was an ordinary monster, then considerable damaged would have been dealt.  But the assassin avoided the attack using a strange movement to step back.  And …….That was the opening bell for the fight.


“Kill him!”


The 3 assassins cleverly used a pincer attack to push Ark back.  Ark was pressed by the sword attacks coming from all directions.


“Dedric, Skull! Plan B-1! ‘


Dedric and Skull each rushed to 1 assassin. Their airborne attacks used a 7: 3 ratio of attack and defense. Meanwhile, Ark was fighting the remaining assassin 1 on 1.

They split their attack between the pets and Ark.


‘Oh my god, level 120 ……..! ‘


Ark groaned after he checked their level using Eyes of the Cat.

Ark’s current level was 90 and with the dark attribute bonus he reached level 120.  However, the assassins’ default level was 120. The assassins’ would also receive a dark attribute bonus.  In the end, he concluded that the difference was at least 10 levels.

Indeed, the assassins are the type to show off their skills.

Ark continued evading while countering the ghost sword.

However, who was Ark?

Ark was also armed with the specialized PVP skills of a Dark Walker.

Ark quickly changed his strategy and kicked out in conjunction with Snake’s poisonous attack.  He fought the assassin with an enthusiasm like he would die any minute, and the assassin soon knelt to the ground after a blow.


‘Double critical chance!’


Ark used the opportunity to narrow the distance and swung his sword.  However, a sharp metallic sound rang out and Ark was pushed back.

The other two assassins blocked his blow from either side of Ark.  His summons was unable to impede the enemies like they normally would due to their numbers. Therefore, Ark’s health went down to 50%.


” Sheesh, it’s more difficult than I thought.’


“Snake, recovery potion!”


Ark retreated a few steps and pulled out a potion.

No, as soon as he tried to drink.  The assassin quickly pulled out a scroll.  At the key moment he was about to drink the potion, a sound was heard.

Ark surfaced in front of a red warning message.


{Null recovery} scroll was activated.You can’t use any items while you’re in battle.{Duration: 30 minutes}


‘No recovery?’


The reason that he didn’t lose hope after discovering that the enemies were level 120 was because he had quite a lot of recovery potions saved.

While his opponent couldn’t drink a potion due to being bothered by Snake, Ark safely could.  When dealing with other users, this was the pattern Ark used to win.  Thanks to that, he could engage in battles with higher level users without worrying.

However, now the situation was reversed due to one scroll.

He didn’t have time to be surprised as the assassin shoved their swords at his chest.


“Huhuhu, why do you think I faced you alone? I know all the foreigner’s battle strategy already.


Meanwhile, the assassin retreated and leisurely drank a potion.  The situation continued a couple of times, with the assassins always keeping their health at 80%.  However, without the recovery potion Ark’s health decreased to 40%.


‘Damn, that bastard! ‘


Ark glared at Andel standing a distance away.

Andel did not participate in the battle. If he interrupt the battle than he would become chaotic and he didn’t see a reason for that.

Meanwhile, the assassins began to strengthen their attacks.


“Master, Master! Any more……..!”


Tadak! Tadadak!


To make matters worse, Dedric and Skull were also gasping for help.

The abilities of his summons were mid-level 40 at best.

Until now, there were two reasons that they could deal with high level monsters.

As the battle goes on, most of the monsters focus on Ark rather than his summons.  Therefore, the pets were not subjected to concentrated attacks.  And the second reason was that Ark could direct different plans depending on the circumstances.

However, the assassins were different from normal monsters.

When it was necessary, they would focus their attacks on the summons.  In addition, Ark who was being helplessly pushed back couldn’t even afford to direct his summons.  The pets who didn’t receive any support instantly reached a critical condition.


”I can’t lose the summons here! ‘


“Dedric, Skull! Plan B-4! ”


“I’m sorry. Master! ”


The situation was even worse with the summons disappearing.

The 3 assassins surrounded Ark and attacked with their swords.  Then. Lorenzo who had anxiously watched as Ark went on the defensive yelled out and rushed in.


“Hey, bastards!”


But Lorenzo couldn’t even damage the black robed assassins.  Instead, he received a sound thrashing and was soon in critical condition.


“You should’ve been quiet if you wanted to live a few more minutes.  Foolish fellow! ”


The annoyed assassin casually threw his sword at the nuisance.


‘Oh, no! ‘


The surprised Ark quickly rushed in front of Lorenzo.

Although he wielded a sword, the dirk quickly penetrated his chest.


-Critical Hit 200 Damage!


Ark stumbled as his health fell to a critical condition.


“You ……Why did you go so far………. ”


Lorenzo appeared puzzled.

There was no moral obligation or money at risk for Ark to jump in front of Lorenzo. The reason was that he hadn’t finished his quest and if Lorenzo died it would become difficult.

How could he give up a quest worth 400~600 gold when he could still salvage it?

Even if he died in this place, he would never give up gold.  Even if the situation was enough to make him anxious, Ark didn’t show it.  If he died, then to the NPC he would seem like a messenger of justice.


“I promised Wolkosu.  You can’t be injured, you have to live and somehow reconcile with your father.


“You …….!”


He looked at Ark with an impressed face.


“There’s no time to be chatting.  We have to get out of here. Follow me!”


When an assassin tried to kill Lorenzo, the situation became more serious.  Turning his body, Ark avoided the assassin and gained time for a retreat.

Then, another assassin took out a scroll and shouted.


“Scroll [Magnetic] target Ark!”


At the same time, Ark’s body experienced a huge attraction and was dragged towards the assassin.


“Ah, Ark-nim!”


“Don’t look back, run! I’ll come along soon!”


Ark resisted the pulling force with his full strength and shouted.

Lorenzo glanced at him with unsure eyes before clenching his teeth and turning away.

At that moment, Ark turned his body and rushed at the assassin.  The acceleration caused by Ark’s rush added to the effects of the [Magnetic] scroll caused the assassin and flinch and be hit.

That moment was a chance for Ark.


“The chain skill Riposte!”


Ark shouted and used the Riposte skill to deflect the attacks back at the assassins.  They turned to a solid mass and fell down.

At the same time, the strong suction disappeared.




When Ark and Lorenzo ran away, Andel raised his voice and shouted.


“What are you doing? These guys! ‘


“Ouch, who knew he would use such a technique.”


“Don’t worry though. Once the Dark Brother catches a game, they never miss.”


The assassins took out another scroll and used it.


{Trace} scroll, track the target.The location of the target can be determined if they are within a 1 km distance.{Duration: 30 minutes}
{Battle off disabled} scroll was activated.Even if the opponent is far away, the battle state isn’t released.{Duration: 30 minutes}



‘Oh my God! ‘


Ark’s face was haggard.

The talk of a professional assassin always seemed to be excessive advertisement.

Ark thought the battle state could be released which was why he ran more than 200 meters away.  So the [Null Recovery] effect could be cancelled.   Also, if he hid his body using ‘Stealth’ he would have an opportunity to sneak back and attack Andel.

However, just before he turned the corner two more scrolls were activated.

The assassin used [Trace] and [Battle off disabled]. Whether Andel knew Ark’s plan or not, the use of those two scrolls ruined it.

It means that all of Ark’s weak points were identified.


”It was a special scroll prepared in Kairote, just for him……… ‘


Sid had mentioned the effects of the special scrolls the other day. But he did not realise that it would have such an enormous effect.

It did no direct damage but if utilized well according to the situation, then it could mean the difference between winning and losing.

If there was time, he would study the effects of the scrolls more seriously but at the moment he did not want to back down.


‘When pursued by a group, it is time for some countermeasures.’


“We can’t stop it.  Let’s split up.”


“Yes?”Ha, but ………”


“Think about it, you won’t be any help to me.  And the target of their [Trace] is me.  When we scatter, they won’t chase after you.”


“But until I pay back life debt, I can’t just run away like this.”


“It’s not for you.”




“Sid remained in your cabin.  If you were to be damaged by the assassins’ attacks, there would be no one left to protect Sid as a foreigner in Kairote.  It is a request.  The only one I can trust is you.  Please protect Sid.”


“Khuk…….I understand.”


While he was conflicted, Lorenzo eventually nodded.

The fact that he wouldn’t be any help against those guys and Ark knew it too.


“As soon as possible. Go before they detect us.”


“Come back alive”


“Don’t worry.”


Ark briefly replied before running through the dark backstreets.

He was separated from Lorenzo.  If the quest fails then the worst situation was avoidable.


‘It is important to last 30 minutes’


Ark ran in an alley, thinking hard.

There was nothing Ark could do about the scroll combo he was under.  No, honestly even without the scroll, he couldn’t guarantee the odds against three assassins.

So far, the NPC thieves he had faced were classified as general monsters.  Their intelligence was quite high which made the battle more difficult, but it was nothing compared to a user.

However, if the same monster had a combat attribute than that would be a different situation.

The Sylphid Knights of Jackson was a good example of this.  Their combat method and skills was used faster than a user.  And the same goes for assassins.

In the first place, the NPC that specializes in hunting users would have superior fighting skills than the Sylphid Knights.

It was the 3 worse NPCs to fight.  In addition, there was also Andel.  He stayed back because he didn’t want to become chaotic, but if the assassins started losing than he would probably interfere.


‘No matter how much he thought about it, there was no way to win.’


However, it was also impossible to get away.


[Null recovery], [Trace], [Battle off disabled].


The scroll combo he was under meant that any method of escape was blocked.

The situation had become gloomier.


‘Damn it, that bastard Andel! If such a method wasn’t used.’


It would be easy.  If he used the same method than he had confidence that he would win.  He wouldn’t have ignored it if he was Andel. However, Ark had never even considered it.

Andel had a lot more knowledge about New World than Arc! He was also friends with Alan who had enormous funds and resources available.

If he was only dealing with one person, but Andel took advantage of the assassin game system and scrolls. So Ark was confused about how to come up with a counter attack.


‘This is why I was reluctant to associate with players………


He didn’t want to make enemies or even associate with friends.

But from the start, it went wrong and he eventually ended up in this situation.


“Over here!”


Suddenly, a black shape fell from the roof and blocked him.

The Dark Brother assassin!

Ark turned around and flinched as the other assassins fell behind and beside him.

With the [Trace] scroll tracking his movements, it was like Ark was dancing in the palms of Buddha, and the complicated maze of alleys made it easy to surround him.


‘In the end am I prepared to die? ‘


When you die, your stats drop by 6 points.  Your experience also drops 30%.  At level 90, 30% wasn’t a small amount.

He would have to hunt for 12 hours around the clock to gain back the experience.

But he was even angrier at the thought of Andel being the one to cause his death.

Of course, Andel came rushing forward to see Ark’s end.


“Kukukuk, look at this spectacle.  Even though you made an excellent gesture at the end.”


“Bah, this is your best? After this encounter I will not forgive you. Understand?  I’ll attack again and this time I’ll really strip you naked. I promise.  I’ll chase you all across the continent until you’re naked!”


“You’re a really stupid fellow.  Do you still not grasp the situation? ”




“You will be the one stripped naked, not me.  Stupid! Hey, begin.”


At Andel’s command, the 3 assassins all took out scrolls at the same time and activated it.


“[Seize] scroll. Target Ark!”


Ark looked at the scrolls on the hands of the black assassins.  A red warning message then flashed.


[{Seize} scroll activated.

When the designated target dies, there is a 50% chance that an equipped item will drop.

{Duration: 30 minutes}]


“What, what?”


Ark’s face turned white and terrified.

50% chance to drop equipped items? There was also such a scroll?

Furthermore, the same scroll was used three times.

While the scroll had a cool down, the assassins could use it repeatedly.  And there were 3 assassins.

If 3 people use it at the same time, then the effect will stack up three times.  In the end the odds of dropping equipment was 150%. While the probability never existed to this degree, it he was unlucky then he would drop 3 items at once.

Currently if he lost any of his items, it would be difficult to get them again.  In the worst case scenario, Lancel’s Sword would drop which would cost him $30


‘What’s more ………On the subject why are these NPCs recklessly using scrolls! ‘


Ark glared at them with absurd eyes but there was something Ark didn’t know.

The more powerful scrolls in battle had a value of more than 30 gold for one.  In other words, the assassins used 210 gold just on scrolls.

300 gold was used to hire the assassins and 210 gold to buy the scrolls.

All the scrolls were privately financed by Alan and Andel and then given to the assassins.

Let’s go capitalism!

Just like in reality, money was also important to the game.


“You are unlucky. You don’t know what might have happened if it was another place, but this was the lawless city of Kairote. There are no active restrictions on assassins. In addition, would you make a resurrection place before Cairo?”


“Let’s see?”


Ark coolly shot back, but inside his heart fell.

Andel seemed to guess his predicament as he smirked.


“Heh, just like a masterpiece …….! After all, there isn’t a village near Cairo.  It is impossible for you to have made anywhere else a resurrection point.  And this is a place where the guards don’t move if users are attacked.  No, here they are more hostile to normal players than chaotic players.  If you are resurrected in a non-chaotic state then you would also have to flee the town.  Well, even if you escape the town the result would still be the same.  Kik kik, are you finally seeing sense? Who will be the one stripped naked?”


Every word impaled him.

If he was in an ordinary village, there was no risk of a non-chaotic player being killed repeatedly.  However, this was the chaotic city of Cairo, where they were adverse to non-chaotic users.  That’s why they had to be careful that the resurrection place was updated.

However, Ark hid his unease and replied sarcastically.


“Do you think I’m a fool? Do you think I would renew the resurrection point at a crazy place like this? ”


“Bah, it doesn’t matter, just kill him!”


The assassins rushed at Andel’s command.

The first scroll was triggered and 15 minutes had finally passed.

The remaining time was 15 minutes, but he was still in a battle state and the assassins would not stop pursuing him.

While he was running away, it was fortunate that his health recovered to 30%.

The assassins quickly attacked Ark from three directions.

If he focused on just one of them it would be detrimental. After 1 minute he quickly fell to a critical condition.


‘I made a mistake; there is no way to beat these guys! ‘


Ark glared at Andel with cold eyes.


‘He’s convinced that I updated the resurrection place here.  When I die the most logical thing to do is stay dead.  I’m not bound for death! If just one NPC died then they wouldn’t recover quickly enough. Then I’ll hide using ‘stealth’ and run away in the meantime.’


That was the best plan at the moment.  In addition, if the fired assassin made a mistake then even Andel won’t be able to sleep easily.


‘An adventure! ‘


“Blessing of the Sea Spirit!”


When the special effects of Adelaine’s Necklace were activated, blue waves appeared and surrounded him.  At the same time, defense increased by 40% and 500 mana was restored.

At the same time, Ark opened a bag and pulled out a stack of old swords.  Andel pushed one of the assassins and rushed forward.


Take this, Blade Storm!


When he activated the skill, cracks like spider webs spread on the swords.  With an intense glare, he swung the sword at Andel.

Blessing of the Sea Spirit was followed by Blade Storm In his critical condition, Adrenaline was activated.  This is was Ark’s powerful deadly combo.

When the assassins belatedly noticed Ark’s intent, they threw a dagger.  But the 40% increase in defense meant that Ark’s health didn’t really decline.  With any luck, he would still be able to take down the level 60 Andel.

Looking at the swirling sword debris, Ark was convinced.

However, at the moment Andel lightly laughed.

He pulled out one more scroll, activated it and disappeared only to appear a few meters away.


‘What, [Warp]……….!’


The swirling blade storm disappeared into the air.  Ark’s eyes narrowed in despair.

His deadly combo which used all his energy failed because of a scroll.  For a while he was discouraged until he felt the pain.  The assassins had thrown two daggers which plunged into his back.

Ark stumbled and leaned on a railing.

He looked down and saw the mouth of the hole spread out infinitely.

It was the hell that you wouldn’t be able to survive once you fell in. Andel had chased him across Cairo right to the edge of hell.

When Andel used [warp], he rushed right to the edge of a place Ark guaranteed was hell.  If Blade Storm was used just one step closer, he would’ve stepped off the edge into hell.

No, Ark’s fate had already been decided.


“So you’re also here!”


The assassins had been throwing the dagger again.

Ark swung his sword at the daggers but one still became stuck in his shoulder.

Ark flinched and retreated while a number of thoughts crossed his mind.


”There is no way for me to survive in this state anyway! ‘


And if he died and dropped an item then it would end up in Andel’s hands.  Even if he didn’t want to die it couldn’t be helped.


‘I’d rather have the items lost forever than end up with Andel! ‘


Ark ground his teeth together and asked.

Even if he withstood it, there is a 100% chance he’ll die.  However, what if he fell into hell? It’s clear that he was going to die. But at least it wouldn’t be because of Andel. The items dropped also wouldn’t end up with Andel And maybe even ………

There may be a possibility of 0.01%.

There was no choice.

Ark immediately turned and jumped on the railing.

Daggers just barely missed his neck as he fell and also flew overhead.  And at his feet spread an endless abyss…….!


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