Act 7: Beast Master

ACT 7 Beast Master

“Huhuhu, who knew my dream of being a pirate would come true?”

Jepeteu looked at the pirate ship with a satisfied look. Jepeteu had invested a huge amount of money into remodelling a combat ship into a pirate ship. He named the pirate ship ‘Pinocchio’ and it had 30 of the latest state of the art cannons attached. In addition, it contained comfortable cabins that could hold up to 200 Nakujuk that he hired at the lawless port! It had a special coating which increased defense against long range attacks and luxury sails which increased speed by 30%. The remodelling cost 8000 gold! It was an investment for the organization to advance in New World. It was laughable that a ferry would try to escape the state of the art combat ship. Jepeteu already had experience as a pirate so he controlled the pirate ship well and caught up with the ferry. It happened the moment he was about to sink the boat. An unidentified pirate ship appeared on the other side.

“What’s with them? Don’t they understand the ethics of business?”

Jepeteu looked at the eye catching pirate fleet with irritation.

“Hey, Sunfish. Send a signal.”

Sunfish received the order and climbed up the mast, waving a flag.

【This ship is already ours. Please leave. 】

They were commonly used signals between lawless pirates. Even the lawless pirates had their own rules. The purpose of the Hermes Alliance when creating the illegal port was to retake Seutandal. They were all lawless pirates so there was no point attacking each other. The number one rule was that pirates who attacked a target first had the priority. However, the pirate fleet on the other side had ignored that rule.

【Shut up, this ship is ours. Retreat or receive a beating. 】

‘T-those bastards! They know who I am yet they still dare…..!’

Jepeteu frowned at the answer he received. Jepeteu, who was he? Although he was in hiding because he was a wanted criminal, he was the middle boss of an organization with 300 members. He wanted to run over there immediately and beat them to death. But this was a game and there were three ships. While they didn’t have the latest up to date model like Pinocchio, The hull itself was bigger and they had three times as many cannons. If they attacked then there was a 100 in 100 chance of Jepeteu losing. That was the reason why Jepeteu hadn’t attacked even though his cannons were armed. In addition, the combat ship of Seutandal had just appeared. However, there was no probability of Jepeteu withdrawing.

‘There is no way I will leave the ferry to those guys. If the pirates take the ferry then retrieving the magic projector from the pig will be even more difficult. It is the same if the pig flees onto Seutandal’s combat ship.’

So Jepeteu just stood there and didn’t do a thing. Then a voice that had been amplified was heard.

“Hey you bastards!”

‘H-he is the one who killed me in the swamp…..!’

“Let’s see. That person over there, did you come chasing me because I killed you in the swamp? What? Did you chase me this entire distance just to whine? And you’re pulling such a shabby pirate ship around? You’re really playing shabbily.  Are you a loser in real life? No, instead of a pirate of thief, aren’t you just a neighbourhood thug who extorts money?”

“What? A loser? A thug?”

Sparks flew from Jepeteu’s eyes as he glared. But then Ark turned his back and addressed the other side.

“And where did you guys come from? Why are you shouting will pulling three small boats? I’m sick of all the losers coming here. No matter what you do I won’t blink an eye. Go ahead and use your trivial cannons.” You l-o-s-e-r.”

Jepeteu made a furious noise at Ark’s last words. On the opposite side, there was also the sound of someone losing control.

“That cheeky bastard dared insult the organization…… I don’t need to see anything else….. Shoot! Turn him into powder!”

“W-wait a minute!”

Then someone rushed over and hurriedly shouted. The person who came running towards Jepeteu was Isyuram.

“Are you with that guy and the pig?”

Isyuram had been listening to the speeches from the deck and jumped out with surprise. Isyuram had been with the members of the organization when they arrived at the swamp after Ark fled. He never imagined that the pig who recorded Jepeteu’s dealings and Ark were related. He only confirmed that the user who helped the pig and defeated Jepeteu was Ark after Ark appeared on the bridge.

‘I don’t know what happened but if Ark is with the pig then finding the memory crystal won’t work. But it’ll be difficult if Ark and the pig die here! I have to help them escape somehow!’

He hurriedly spoke to prevent Jepeteu from giving the command.

“Isn’t our purpose to snatch something from them? If they sink then they’ll just die. Maybe we should watch the situation a bit more……”

“Heh, it does not matter. Didn’t you hear what those guys on the other side were saying just then? If those fellows die then they will resurrect at Haman Fortress. We can just wait at the resurrection place. As soon as those fellows arrive, we use the scrolls to strip them naked.

If we use the scrolls on the pig then we can snatch the magic projector.”

“But the pirates on the opposite side……”

“We caught the ferry first. They went against the rules of the lawless port. In addition, the Seutandal combat ship is heading towards that side. We have to smash the ferry before that ship arrives.”


“Shut up. Attack, attack!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Pinocchio’s cannons shot out 30 fire bombs at once. That wasn’t all. The pirates on the other side had also fallen for Ark’s provocation and aimed 90 shells. That was a total of 120 cannons being fired! It was only a matter of time before the ferry became destroyed.

“Continue to unleash it until that impertinent fellow is turned to powder!”

‘Damn, this is serious!”

Isyuram inwardly screamed and followed the shells with his eyes.


Then Ark’s voice was heard loud and clearly. At that moment, an amazing thing happened. 10 magicians were gathered on the deck and used magic. One side used fire magic while the opposite side used ice magic! The two types of magic flew into the sky and collided, causing an intense explosion. Fire and ice, when two attributes with opposite natures collided then a massive gust of wind occurred. The gust was so strong that the crew on the deck was pushed back. At the same time, the intense gust hit the mast and accelerated the ferry forward several metres like a turbo car.

“W-what is going on?”

Jepeteu stumbled with tears in his eyes. Who would have imagined that the sailboat would be able to accelerate quickly using the power of the wind? However, Jepeteu wasn’t looking at the ferry. In the empty space where the ferry previously was, black circular object were flying forward. Yes, it was the 90 shells shot by the pirates on the opposite side.

“E-evade! Evade them!”

Pepepepeng, pepepepeng, pepepeng!

Before Jepeteu could finish talking, Pinocchio had been directly hit by 90 shells.

“Hyung-nim, all the masts are broken!”

“The rudder isn’t working!”

“There are dozens of holes in the deck and water is leaking!”

“U-unbelievable…… My Pinocchio…..the boat that I poured 8000 gold into renovating…..!”

Jepeteu’s eyes widened as the reports from his men came pouring in. It was understandable if it was a ferry. But a battleship was incapable of falling that easily. It was common to be hit by shells in a general naval battle.That’s why Jepeteu’s ship and the pirate fleet thought it was okay to stay near each other. They also weren’t anxious because of the cannons. But with the ferry gone, Pinocchio and the pirate fleet were bombarding each other at close range. When receiving a bombardment of this degree from such close range, it was dangerous even for an expensive combat ship. In addition, there were three ships in the fleet so Pinocchio’s bombardment didn’t do as much damage. However, Pinocchio received the concentrated attack of three ships and shattered. Pinocchio fell into an unrecoverable state which was enough to make Jepeteu paralyzed.

“Ugh, they dared do this to my Pinocchio! Shoot, shoot! Show those other pirates!”

However, there were already only 10 cannons remaining on Pinocchio. The pirate fleet was also baffled by the unexpected situation. Meanwhile, Pinocchio was again bombarded as the 90 shells automatically fired. The Pinocchio which had 8000 gold invested in it sank into the sea along with Jepeteu.

“Aaaaaack, no, my Pinocchio!”

‘Well, at least Jepeteu didn’t get his hands on the memory crystal……’

Isyuram looked at Ark as Jepeteu’s cry rang out.

‘Am I going to die because of that guy again? I am like a bowl of rice to Ark in New World.’

Isyuram’s eyes stung. It wasn’t just because seawater had entered his eyes.


“Awesome, a genius. You’re a genius!”

The captain shouted towards Ark. It wasn’t necessary to say but Ark was the one who devised the plan to move the ship using the collision of fire and ice magic. Ark couldn’t use actual wind magic because when wind magic was used, it became as sharp as a knife. If the magic was used directly then the sails would be cut up. So the only method was to indirectly create wind from the collision of ice and fire magic.

“We can’t be relieved yet. The black pirate ship had sunk but the pirate fleet received no special damage. We have to avoid that pirate fleet until Seutandal’s combat ship arrives.”

“T-that’s right. Now what do we do?”

“Fortunately, most of the crew on the pirate fleet are Nakujuk. The Nakujuk don’t have any magicians so they can’t use that method to avoid the shells.”

Ark said when a message suddenly appeared in front of him.

-JusticeMan has used the Feather of Whispering to request a whisper.

JusticeMan had confirmed that Ark was on the bridge and sent him a whisper. When Ark accepted the request, JusticeMan’s voice was instantly heard.

-Ark, is this Ark?

-JusticeMan ajusshi!

-Why are you on that ship?

-It will take too long to explain the circumstances. Anyway, I’ve avoided the danger for the moment but the situation isn’t good.

-I see. But your idea was accomplished very well.

-Well, this much is needed if I want to live.

Even in such circumstances, Ark didn’t forget to shake the pot.

-But it will help the ferry hold on until we can reach it to rescue you. I’ll lead the combat ship in the 3 o’clock direction so you move there too. You’re slightly ahead of them so if you stay to the right then you should be able to join us without major damage.

Just like JusticeMan said, thanks to the acceleration the ferry was slightly ahead of the pirate fleet. JusticeMan’s plan was to bypass the pirate fleet and join up with the combat ship which also had cannons. However, they were travelling at a 3-5 degree angle while the other ship had 30 cannons. While it was intimidating to the ferry, it wasn’t impossible if they could accelerate using magic.

-Once you join us, we’ll cover the ferry as it sails back to Seutandal. Then we will follow soon after.

-Huh? Why? The pirate fleet received a little bit of damage. I think two battleships should be able to face them…… And Seutandal can also call for support from the troops in nearby waters. Surely you can take care of those pirates?

-No, our purpose isn’t to clean up the pirates.

-What is your purpose then?

-We want to use this chance to determine the location of the lawless port which they use as a home base.

JusticeMan explained the situation. While JusticeMan had been running around looking for the location of the lawless port, he had discovered a clue to the location. The lawless port couldn’t be entered using a land route. In other words, it was a marine fortress with a boat required to enter. Isabelle had committed huge funds to the battle fleet for this reason. But the pirates were aware of this and cleverly hid the location, which meant JusticeMan hadn’t found it yet. While in the middle of ocean surveillance, they had captured the movement of the pirate fleet.

-Our fleet is on standby in the nearby vicinity. If they fight here and then leave, the pirate fleet will have to return to the lawless port for repairs. Then we’ll follow using a high speed boat and can find the location of the lawless port. So you have to run away first.

-I understand what you’re saying.

Ark disconnected the communication and instantly ordered the captain.

“To the right. Circle to the right to bypass the pirate fleet and join the combat ship.”

“But if we circle to the right then we’ll be within the range of the pirate fleet.”

“That is the quickest method to join the combat ship. If we accelerate using magic then we won’t receive a lot of damage. And once the distance is narrowed then we’ll be supported by the combat ship.”

“Support? Then you communicated with the combat ship just then?”


Ark nodded while the captain stared at him blankly.

“With your foresight just now, are you also the captain of a combat ship? Who are you?”

“Just a passenger.”

Ark rocked the pot and replied. Anyway, the ferry circled in the direction that Ark indicated and entered the range of the pirate fleet.

“Not yet. The magicians have to conserve their mana. We need the magicians to raise the gust of wind to move the ship twice, so we need to coincide the timing with the shells to minimize the damage.”

Ark paid attention to the movements of the pirate fleet and said. Then a huge explosion occurred on the pirate ship in the lead. It was an explosion of fire and ice magic! The pirate ship flew forward like an arrow towards the ferry.

‘What, what the? Isn’t that the magic we used? But that ship’s crew was almost all Nakujuk…..heok, don’t tell me that woman alone…..?’

Ark’s mouth dropped open as he confirmed the pirate ship rushing towards him. He saw that the female magician from a while ago had fire and ice magic rushing from both hands towards the sky where it exploded. She had accomplished by herself what it took ten magicians on the ferry to do. In addition, the gust that occurred was more powerful than the one created by 10 magicians.

“What the, who the hell is that woman? How…, why did they rush forward? Rushing in that way….heok! Perhaps……accelerate, Captain accelerate the ship!”

Ark was astonished and suddenly shouted. But before the magicians could chant a spell, the pirate ship had already ran into the side of the ferry.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The ferry shook and the passengers and Ark on the deck slid to one side.

“Ack, pot, pot, pot!”

“I-I lived!’

Ark stared at the black liquid in the pot with a pale white face. When the whole boat shook, Ark rocked the pot and barely caught it using Dark Dance.  All he cared about was the A rank Necromancer’s immortality pill!

‘But what is with these reckless guys?’

Ark stared with astonishment at the pirate ship stuck in the side of the ferry. The pirate ship had crashed into the side so it also wasn’t okay. The players aboard were also disordered. Even if they lived, the pirate ship would require huge repairs. Yet the ship had collided without any hesitation. This wasn’t the act of someone with their sanity intact.

‘Who are the warrior and magician from earlier? Why would they do such a thing…..?’

“Hehehe, kill everybody!”

Then the pirates shrieked and boarded the ship. The ferry became a mess as the pirates boarded. The Nakujuk pirates who boarded were a bit stronger than before and were between level 250-300. Of course, the passengers aboard the ferry also reached that level. However, 70% of the passengers were merchants. While the warriors and magicians held on, the merchants couldn’t resist and collapsed.

‘Anyway, isn’t this situation unusual?’

“Take this!”

Two pirates were rushing towards Ark. He quickly avoided their attacks and took out Lancel’s sword. He had to shake the pot with one hand to he couldn’t use the two handed Gwisal’s sword. He was anxious as he had to fight while shaking the pot on a rocky boat. However, Ark maintained his balance using extraordinary movement and cut the Nakujuk. After the taekwondo training against the Mould Zombies, his overall sense of balance had improved beyond ordinary people.

‘The Nakujuk aren’t the biggest problem…..’

Ark used Riposte on the Nakujuk and looked at the distant sea.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Seutandal’s combat ship was engaging the other two pirate ships. It was a complicated fleet battle where the bombardment never stopped! He could clearly see that JusticeMan was being slightly pushed back by the two pirate ships. However, this was within JusticeMan’s calculation of the situation. While it looked like JusticeMan’s ship was receiving most of the attacks, he used his manoeuvrability to target the rear of the pirate ships. When the pirate fleet returned to the lawless port, they would be more easily tracked. Anyway, the intention of the attack was to aim for the weak point. But it was still a 2 against 2 naval battle so they couldn’t afford to come help the ferry. As a result, even if they managed to disconnect the pirate ship from the ferry then the ferry wouldn’t be able to escape it.

‘I can’t expect help from JusticeMan ajusshi.’

Unfortunately, there was no way to save the passengers of the ferry. But that result might even be better for Ark.

‘The two pirate ships have been caught by the combat ship.  And the other pirate ship has collided with the ferry. I can run away without a pirate ship stopping me!’

The reason Ark hadn’t called the dolphins was because he couldn’t escape without being fired on. But now all the pirate ships that would’ve stopped him were caught. He needed to escape while the pirates were distracted by the sailors and passengers. Ark quickly determined his course of action and shouted.

“Buksil, where are you?”

“O-over here!”

Buksil’s voice was audible from above him. How did he get up there? Buksil was unexpectedly clinging onto the top mast. Anyway, he managed to escape by climbing up.

“You idiot, what are you doing there?”

“But the pirates….heok!”

“Heheh, die!”

Buksil screamed as two pirates climbed up. Then Baekgu jumped up the mast and bit the Nakujuk’s neck, tearing the flesh and dropping them.

‘I don’t need to worry about Buksil while Baekgu is there.’

“Buksil, Baekgu, plunge into the sea when I give the signal!”

Ark said and quickly took out the Flute of the Merpeople. Just as he was trying to blow it, a tremendous energy surged in front of him. Ark felt a cold feeling and instinctively moved his body.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

A huge bayonet smashed into the deck, causing it to explode. The destructive power was like a bomb had gone off! The fragments of wood flew into the air and fell like a shower about the burly physique of the man standing there. It was the player who had said Ark’s name. From afar, he had looked like a larger than normal person but it was a lot different seeing him up close. This man’s muscular body was twice the size of ordinary people and the leather armour he wore made him seem like a beast……he was like a brute.

“I finally met you Ark.”

The brute laughed and looked at Ark.

“You avoided my attack just then so don’t you have moderately good reflexes?”

“Who are you?”

“Me? Oh, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Bread.”

Yes, the big, burly warrior was Bread. Together with the magician, he was a user who had a grudge against Ark. After visiting Silvana and receiving Raiden’s full support, they had returned to Seutandal. With Raiden’s support, he offered them some pirate ships from the lawless port and intelligence from his spies in Haman Fortress. One of the two men spying on Ark at the harbour was from Hermes’ intelligence network. The news reached Bread and Redian who were waiting at the lawless port. The two of them rallied the pirate fleet and chased after the ferry.

“I am not interested in your name. Why the hell are you chasing after me?”

“You don’t know me but I’ve been looking for you for a while.”

“Looking for me?”

“The explanation is a little complicated…….”

Bread scratched his head and laughed.

“Why don’t you just let me relieve my stress on your body and die?”

“Are you joking?”

“So you’re not going to die? Frankly, I like that it’s not boring. You’re the one who raised Seutandal? Just like Raiden said, your original look isn’t a black wolf.”

“Raiden? What? Are you from the Hermes guild?”

“No. Well, we did receive a bit of help from Hermes to look for you but they are unrelated to our reason to kill you. Anyway, do you have the same capabilities as the wolf who raised Seutandal? It’ll be boring if you die too easily.”

Bread smiled and asked with a strange expression.

“By the way, I’ve been interested for a while but why are you shaking that pot?”

“It’s not your concern. I can shake the pot or even catch the pot while dancing.”

“……I don’t know why you’re doing it, but wouldn’t it be better to put it down? Or you’ll regret it.”

“Shall we see? If I will regret it. You might be the one leaving with regrets.”

Ark continued shaking the pot while smiling. Then Bread laughed and said.

“You’re full of self-confidence. Why don’t you show me your skills?”

Bread shot forward like a knife and swung his bayonet. Ark moved his body reflexively and the bayonet struck the ground. Just like before, the deck exploded. It was enormous damage!

‘This guy…..!’

He had a sense of how dangerous the attack was just by being in the proximity. Ark stayed away from Bread and checked his information using Eyes of the Cat. Bread’s profession was a Beast Master. It was a class he never heard of before. Well, he assumed that there were hundreds of professions in New World….. It was Bread’s level that made Ark amazed.

‘Huk, what, what the? Level 402?’

Although he was immersed in the game while lacking sleep, Ark was only level 366. But he was already over level 400? Was that guy even sleeping while playing the game? He hesitated after discovering Bread was over level 400 but it wasn’t enough to make him despair. In fact, Ark was more worried about the pirates boarding the ferry than Bread. If the pirates controlled the ferry then it would be difficult for him to escape.

‘I have to defeat him quickly and get out of here!’

“Radun, turn on the Dark Lamp!”

Ssak ssak ssak, ssak ssak ssak ssak!

Radun quickly vomited out some magic ingredients and lit the lamp. The lamp vibrated and the surrounding area turned dark. At the same time, the 50% dark attribute bonus was applied and Ark reached level 548. Even if that person was level 400, it was possible with Ark’s dark attribute bonus.

“Okay, if you want a fight so badly. Dark Blade!”

Ark ran to Bread and used Dark Blade. Bread hurriedly raised his bayonet and defended himself. However, Bread’s face was still relaxed as he laughed.

“Hmm, you’re level seems to be quite close to mine, no. Did you stats grow after using the lamp? It seems like you receive a dark attribute bonus? I did think that your battle scene was a bit different in the day and night when watching the video.”

Bread had abundant experience and figured out the Dark Lamp and his attribute fairly quickly.

“Although it is a bit disappointing, you seem moderately proficient. But the skills and items you use are fairly interesting. This is a game. Okay, if you appear like this then I’ll accept it without reservations. ‘Beast Spirit Possession!’ Strength of the Bear rise!”

‘Is it a bear like power? Is he a space sheriff?’

Ark laughed at the ridiculous gesture. Then the form of a huge bear appeared around Bread and he almost cried. As soon as the shape was absorbed in Bread’s body, he really was covered in brown fur like a bear.

‘Eh? What the? Transformation?’

Bread jumped forward with a huge momentum and swung his bayonet. Ark instinctively ducked at the last moment. The air parted from the bayonet’s tremendous momentum. And a mast was cut with one blow.

“T-this is……!”

“Hey, it’s just starting. It will be difficult if you’re already surprised.”

Bread smiled and swung the bayonet again.

“Dark Dance!”

Ark used complicated footwork to avoid the bayonet. It cut the mast with one blow. A strength which transcended imagination. However, there was a limit to how much stat points received when levelling up. If he had that much power than his other stats would be low. A warrior who increased strength and stamina would have low agility, so Ark thought to use Dark Dance to draw him into a high speed battle. However, Bread already knew what Ark was thinking.

“Eh? This time it is a speed battle? It’s no good, ‘Beast Spirit Possession,’ power of the Cheetah rise!”

This time the form of a cheetah appeared around Bread. Just like when Ark used Jump, the cheetah was absorbed into Bread and his thighs became two times thicker. Then he rushed forward at an absurd speed and brandished the bayonet.

Kwa kwang!


The violent impact pushed Ark back 10 metres. Dark Dance had reached 70% completion so his defense automatically increased by 30% thanks to Dark Scale, but he still lost 800 health.  If Dark Scale wasn’t triggered then it would’ve been 1000 health. However, Ark had no time to scream at the damage.

‘Damn, this is really dangerous. I almost ruined it!” In this situation, it is okay to shake the pot for the mixing process but I will fail if it reaches the crystallization process.’

Ark sighed with relief as he caught the pot and shook it. After shaking it so many times, the slight muddy colour had gone away and it was becoming glossy.

‘But what is with this monster like guy? What on earth is that strange skill?’

Ark avoided the following attack with Sprint and used Skill Penetration.

-Bread’s profession skill: Beast Spirit Possession

Beast Spirit Possession is the profession-specific skill of the special class Beast Master. When Spirit Possession is used, it is possible to contract the soul of animals to elevate certain stats. A Beast Master can contract a maximum of three souls at the same time.

* Current Beast Spirit Possessions:

【Bear】The bear’s soul can amplify power by 50%.

【Cheetah】 When choosing the soul of a cheetah, it is possible to increase agility and reaction rate by 50%.

‘Spirit Possession? What kind of cheat skill is this? In addition, it is possible to contract up to three spirits? Then couldn’t this guy become even stronger?’

In fact, Ark had no right to say that. In Bread’s case, he could only increase three stats at the same time but the limit was only by 50%. But in Ark’s case, his dark attribute bonus would increase all stats by 50%. Ark also had some cheat like qualities. However, Ark had never encountered a user who received similar stat bonuses as him. It was similar to Alan’s overlapping three buffs and Shambala’s dark attribute bonus.

‘Wait? Does he also have a hidden profession?’

But now wasn’t the time for such thoughts. Bread was far higher levelled than Ark and his skill was no joke. Even if he used all his power to fight, there was no guarantee of success. On the other hand, Ark had to shake the pot while fighting. In addition, he was using the level 50 Lancel’s sword instead of his primary two-handed Gwisal’s sword.  But that wasn’t all. All the pirates were running wild in the vicinity.

‘If I don’t defeat him immediately then it will be difficult. If I defeat this guy then the situation will be resolved. It is best to press him back and somehow escape.

But I have to increase my stats before I push him back… it time to use that?’

“Glory of the Night!”

Ark was forced into a corner and pulled out his trump card. It was the area declaration skill of his 2nd profession! Glory of the Night required 2000 mana. It was an enormous skill which even consumed 400 Spiritual Power. Once he used it, he had to give up summoning his pets. In return, his defense and damage increased by 50% while his magic resistance increased by 20% for 10 minutes. Although he hadn’t realized it at the time, Shiva’s Proclamation which the Red Man previously used was also an area declaration skill. He had thought it was a ridiculous skill at the time, but he learned that anyone could learn it after changing to a 2nd profession. And just like Shiva’s Proclamation, Glory of the Night showed an enormous effect. When Glory of the Night was used, the dark space widened. It was a summoning of the spirits of the night! At the same time, a message window appeared in front of Ark.

-Glory of the Night has been used.

The extra 50% was added to his dark attribute bonus and his damage ascended! A 100% bonus was added to his basic attack.

“Now, let’s see if you can keep laughing!”

Ark brandished his sword and ran towards Bread. Bread retreated with a slightly surprised expression and murmured.

“Eh? This guy has also changed to his 2nd profession?’

‘What? This guy too? Then……?’

Ark flinched as Bread slammed his bayonet vertically into the ground and shouted.

“Land of the Beast!”

Then a coloured totem rose in front of Bread. A light continuously spread in front of the totem and turned the ground into a blue grass. It was an area declaration skill! But the more surprisingly thing occurred when the blue grass collided with the dark space. When contact was made, the totems sparked and broke at the same time.

-The Area Declaration skill has encountered another one and disappeared!

Ark exclaimed with astonishment and Bread just laughed.”What, what the?”

“How much time has passed since you’ve changed professions? This is how to stop the Area Declaration skill.”

“Area Declaration? As expected, you…..”

“What is it so startling? Did you think you were the only person with a 2nd profession?”

He thought he was the only one. Now he had invested 2000 mana and 400 spiritual power only to have the Area Declaration skill vainly disappear…… It was a really good skill which was why it had a weakness. In the end, was it impossible to use that skill when fighting against users with a 2nd profession?

‘Damn, then I can’t use Area Declaration against the Red Man…..’

He felt furious thinking about that. Well, it would have an effect when fighting monsters.

“Now I’ll demonstrate my power properly. Beast Spirit Possession, power of the Hawk rise!”

Bread really was a space sheriff. After being empowered with the spirit of the bear and cheetah, his agility, strength and reaction rate had increased. Now the spirit of the hawk increased his critical hit probability and he rushed at Ark. On the other hand, Ark’s area proclamation skill had failed and he couldn’t summon his pets.

“You’re still not putting down the pot? Are you trying to imply something?”

Ark was still shaking the pot even in this situation so Bread murmured in a nasty voice.

‘Damn, I would do it if I could but I can’t throw away the pot!’

“If you don’t exert your skills then I don’t have any more business with you!”

Ark barely avoided the critical hit and retreated. Then the eyeball attacked to the back of his head screamed.

“Ark-nim! Behind, behind, behind!”

Ark listened to the eyeball and hurriedly turned away. An immerse fireball was heading towards him. It was flying from the female magician wearing white chain mail called Redian.

‘That’s right, didn’t this guy also have a magician? Didn’t she just move the pirate ship by herself so how does she have enough mana? I’m screwed. Even if I somehow defeat Bread, there is no way I can escape that magician! No, I can’t even stop Bread’s attack while avoiding the fire magic!’

Ark groaned. However, Bread’s bayonet changed course and impacted with the fireball.

‘Eh? What’s with this guy?’

“What are you doing?”

Bread cut the fireball in half and shouted towards Redian. Then Redian frowned and shouted back.

“What am I doing? Isn’t that obvious? I was going to fry that guy.”



“You don’t understand? I am dealing with this guy. Although it is funny that he is shaking the pot, this guy’s skills are real.”

“Don’t make me laugh, I also have a grudge against that guy.”

Redian snorted and chanted a spell again. Then Bread looked serious and muttered in a low voice.

“I…..will really get angry.”

Redian flinched and looked at Bread. After a short time, the ball of magic deflated and Redian muttered.

“Sheesh, you stupid bear. Okay, but make sure you definitely deal with him. And then I’m next. You understand?”

“Yes, I understand. You’re as charming as always.”

Redian blushed and turned her head. Bread looked at her with a charmed expression before she turned around again.

“I’m sorry. Anyway, now no one will disrupt the fight.  Don’t worry about the pirates either.  She’ll stop any pirate that tries to interfere with a warrior’s battle. So why don’t you put down the put and fight seriously.”

Ark stared blankly at Bread. He didn’t know what type of grudge they had but Bread was different from the people he encountered so far. He admitted to Ark’s skill and wanted to fight warrior against warrior to the death.  He even declined his colleague’s help. For there to be such a person……

‘An idiot, he is an idiot!’

Yes, Bread really was stupid. Then Ark could use this.

‘Hehehe, a warrior’s battle.’ I have no intention of talking foolishly like that guy. Don’t make me laugh. Didn’t he also crash into the ship to chase him? Who knows how the situation will change? In addition, don’t I also have to compete with that magician when Redian finishes? Then the pirates? In the end, nothing will change even if I win. Are you crazy? Why would I do such a thing? In addition, shaking the pot? Damn, I’m risking my life to shake this pot!’

However, Ark murmured with a deliberately impressed look.

“You’re a real warrior!”

“No, well, you don’t have to go that far…..”

Bread scratched his head with an awkward expression.

“No, I’ve never met a true warrior in New World. Okay, if you’re that resolute then I will oblige and fight you warrior to warrior. But I’ll apologize first. I’m ashamed to be fighting a warrior like you while holding the pot. I understand. Now I’ll face you with all my power.”

“Oh, really?”

“Definitely. But can you give me a few minutes? A man against man match. I need time to prepare and to pack the pot again, and this place is also in the middle of the ocean. So let’s turn our backs and walk ten steps like in a western movie before attacking.”

“Ah? R-really? Well, if that’s the case…….”

Bread nodded and turned his back to Ark with no hesitation. Then he took a deep breath and his shoulders moved up and down. Bread really was admirable. He had decided on a man against man fight. Then he coolly turned his back to the enemy…… This guy is sincere! That’s what he thought. However, Ark had a wicked smile on his face as he turned around.

‘An idiot, he really is stupid!’

In fact, Ark had blown the Flute of the Merpeople as soon as he turned around. After Bread walked a few steps, he turned back around and exploded a sword.

“Blade Tempest!”

It was the Blade Tempest which activated with a dark property! The fragments with a black aura around it swirled around Bread.

“Eh? What the? Cancel power of the Hawk. Beast Spirit Possession, defense of the turtle!”

Bread flinched and used Beast Spirit Possession, with his skin changing into the shell of a turtle. It was a Beast Spirit Possession which increased defense. Although the turtle skin was able to prevent some of Blade Tempest’s attack, it was limited. Some of the shrapnel managed to penetrate Bread and caused enormous damage. After the storm subsided, Bread jumped and shouted.

“Y-you! What are you doing?”

“Hahaha, did you think I would fight an ignorant bastard like you? Goodbye!”

Ark’s voice came from below the ship. Bread hurriedly ran to the railing and saw a large number of dolphins gathered. Ark was riding one of the dolphins and shouted to the deck.

“Now! All passengers jump down and ride any of the dolphins!”

“Eh? What’s with the dolphins?”

“The person who commanded the ferry a while ago. He called them!”

“Oh, it’s an opportunity, run!”

The users and sailors who had been cornered by the pirates jumped into the sea. When the sailors and passengers grabbed them, the dolphins caused a tremendous splash and scattered. Ark had urgently called a herd of dolphins for this reason.

‘This isn’t my style……’

In fact, Ark had originally planned to get away by himself. However, the pirate fleet had appeared so now he reluctantly needed the passenger’s help. If so many people escaped then they wouldn’t be able to find one person. Just like the event quest in Jackson where JusticeMan led other users or using NPCs in the siege, Ark was willing to use players or NPCs to achieve his goal.

‘If one person escapes alone then it isn’t possible but there is a way if everyone escapes together. And it will also benefit me if everyone escapes too!’

“You cowardly bastard…..!”

“Bah, you should’ve listened to me you idiot! Hellfire!”

Redian cursed and aimed the magic towards the back of Ark who was escaping. The tremendously powerful magic tore through Ark’s back and he died straight away. But the next moment. Ark who was hit by magic scattered like smoke.

“No way…..illusion?”

“Over there! He fled to the other side!”

Bread discovered Ark who was escaping among the passengers.

“Cancel shield of the turtle. Beast Spirit Possession, power of the dolphin rise!”

Bread used the spirit of the dolphin and quickly caught up with Ark before attacking. However, this Ark also scattered like smoke and disappeared.

“What the? Another illusion? If that’s the case……?”

“There is! He’s escaping there!”

Redian shouted after discovering Ark who was gradually getting further away from the ship. Then she chanted a spell before cancelling it.

“Incorrect, he had already escaped my range.”

“This, unbelievable…! I’ve never seen such a cowardly person! He dared insult the principles of a duel….I can’t forgive him! I can never forgive him Redian. I’ll chase after him. Jump down!”

Redian held on to Bread and they chased after him at enormous speed.

‘Huhuhu, those stupid bastards.’

The original Ark looked up from the sea bottom and laughed. That’s right. The Arks who had disappeared like smoke was the Moonlight Illusion. While Redian and Bread attacked two and chased after the final one, Ark had hid on the ocean floor.

‘This is the benefit of sharing the escape with other users.’

Ark had called the dolphins for other users to help himself. It was in order to hide his illusions among the other users. If there were only 3 illusions of Ark floating in the huge ocean then they would see through it. So Ark called dozens of dolphins and mixed the illusions among the survivors. Bread and Redian’s reaction was delayed because of that. In the meantime, Ark had bitten the Mermaid Scale and waited on the ocean floor.

‘Huhuhu, it’s good that the liquid in the pot isn’t affected by water. By the water, I had completely forgotten about Buksil.’

Ark clicked his tongue and murmured. He had been so preoccupied that he had no time to worry about Buksil. Fortunately, Buksil and Baekgu were also riding the dolphins but Ark couldn’t track them. In order to deceive Bread, Ark had ordered the dolphins to scatter and head to Bristania. Therefore, Ark had no way of figuring out which way the dolphins went. Although Ark tried to talk to the eyeball attached to him, the distance between the main body was too far for communication.

‘Well, I’ll just contact Buksil later and arrange a meeting place.”

Ark carefully looked at the outside situation from underwater. Just as planned, JusticeMan had pretended to retreat. The battle ended like that so the other ships towed the pirate ship attached to the ferry. Although Ark couldn’t confirm it, he expected that the rehabilitation group was following the pirates.

“The situation has been sorted. So, shall I go?”

Ark called the dolphins and rode across the sea. Even with all that, Ark’s left hand was still shaking the pot.

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