Act 6: Vampire Castle

ACT 6 Vampire Castle

“Ugh, my waist is so sore.”

Ark moaned as he got off the dolphin. Using the dolphins was good because they don’t cost any money. But it was different from riding a comfortable sailing boat, with the spine being constantly bent over. In addition, he had to ride them for quite a distance. Yuzuria said that the fragment of the Three Marvels was 700 km away from her in a straight line. However, Ark had to travel around the coast so it was more like 1,000 km. Of course, the distance was different from reality but it still took him 5 hours to get to his destination.

“Phew, I’m glad we arrived before my waist broke.”

Ark looked around with tense eyes. He had left in the evening and it took 5 hours so it was now midday. But the land around him was enveloped in a thick darkness. An information window had appeared when he arrived near the coast.

-You have entered the ‘Dark Earth’ area.
-You have been affected by a mysterious magic ‘Dark Blood’ created by an unknown source!

The area was veiled in a lifelike black fog. Not even the moonlight could shine through the thick darkness. It was truly the land of the vampires.

‘By the way, it was under his nose the whole time……’

Who would’ve thought that the final piece of the Three Marvels was hidden in the area that Dedric lived in?

‘It’s worked out well. If I find Dedric then it shouldn’t be that difficult to find the final piece. First I have to find Dedric and receive information about the terrain.’

But he couldn’t be reassured about finding Dedric. If this was the land of the vampires then there would be other vampire apart from Dedric. There was no guarantee that those other vampires would be friendly to Ark. In normal fantasy worlds, vampires possessed powerful magic and great intelligence. Fortunately, he had the dark attribute so ‘Dark Blood’ hadn’t affected him but he couldn’t be careless.

“Oh Ark-nim, isn’t this atmosphere unusual? My stats have decreased. What on earth is this area?”

Buksil asked Ark in an uneasy voice after landing.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? This is the land of the vampires.”

“Huh? V-vampires? I-I’ve suddenly remembered that I’m really busy so I have to go……”

“Do you want to die?”

“Huk huk, it’s really scary. I’ve always been scared of the vampire Dracula.”

Well, Buksil’s fear was understandable but he wouldn’t be the one at risk. No matter how scary they were, a vampire was still a monster.

He would just hunt it like normal if it appeared.

“Stop talking nonsense and follow me.”

Ark used Eyes of the Cat and entered the forest next to the shore. The map cleared up and confirmed that the forest located in the east was enormous.  And the bushes in the forest were really dense.

‘Apart from the black mist, what else is special about the land of the vampires?’

But Ark started feeling really uncomfortable after entering the forest.

‘What the? This feeling?’

Ark once again checked the area with tense expression. However, he couldn’t see anything different apart from trees and grass. It was quiet. No, it was too quiet. Yes, that was the source of his uncomfortable feeling. The forest was dense but he couldn’t feel any signs of life from it. No matter where he went he couldn’t see any signs of monsters, small animals or even birds. It was so silent that even the sound of Buksil swallowing his saliva could be clearly audible.

‘Weird, something is weird.’

“Hieeek, hieeek! Ark-nim, Ark-nim, over there, something is over there…….!”

“What? Where?”

Ark tensed and turned around after pulling his sword out. However, there was nothing at the place Buksil indicated.

“There is nothing!”

“B-b-but something clearly touched the back of my neck……”

“Calm down! You surprised me for no reason.”

Ark once again started looking around the forest. Thanks to Buksil’s commotion, Ark also started to feel more anxious. It really felt like something was following them through the forest. It was the same feeling that occurred when walking home alone at night…….

Occasionally Buksil would shriek and collapse onto the ground. He later learned that Buksil was weak to ghosts and demons.  Buksil seemed to consider vampires as another form of demon.

‘Although Buksil is overreacting, there might be something here.’

Therefore Ark used Radun’s Stalking to check if there were any traces. However he couldn’t find anything.

‘I don’t know so I should just use Stalking continuously.’

Anyway, if he removed the uneasy feeling then travelling through the forest was okay. There weren’t any monsters or animals around but he thick forest had abundant fruits and herbs. Ark had disposed of all the japtem in his bag so he started gathering any ingredients he ran across in the forest. How much time had passed?

Ssak ssak ssak? Ssak ssak ssak ssak!

Radun who had been using Stalking flicked his tongue and pointed towards one spot. Some footprints were going between the bushes.

-You have searched for information about the target tracks.

“A normal NPC? What the? There are also normal residents here?”

Ark looked somewhat bewildered. This was the land of the vampires. Yet there were normal NPCs within this area? Didn’t that mean that the NPCs lived harmoniously with the vampires?

‘If there are NPCs then it’s not that bad. If there are NPCs then there must be a village. I can find information about the vampires from there.’

“Radun, track the footprints.”

Ssak ssak ssak, ssak ssak ssak ssak!

Ark ordered Radun and followed the footprints through the forest. They ran through the thick forest for approximately 30 minutes. The small village appeared in front of him.

“What the? This is the village?”

There were 100 residents living in the village. Ark and Buksil sighed with relief and looked around the village.  But the atmosphere here was also somewhat strange. Both the men and women were burly and oversized. Their faces were also as hard as rocks that it was almost frightening.

‘Aren’t they all wearing leather clothes? There are no beasts around so why are they wearing leather clothes? And what’s with their expressions? They look like soulless people.’

Anyway, meeting the NPCs was difficult. For example, Ark had entered the village and spoken to a villager near the entrance.

“Excuse me.”  “Huk, you…..!”

The villager looked like he had seen a ghost and ran into the village. It was also the same afterwards. No matter how hard he tried to ask for information, the people would run away with a fearful expression.

“Why are they all like that? Do they think I will eat them like a wild boar?”

“Ah Ark-nim! This village is strange for some reason.”

Buksil spoke with a trembling voice.

“It really is strange. The women are all like the Hulk……. Ah, I just remembered.”


“These people have clearly been bitten by vampires. It’s just like in a movie. A person bitten by a vampire will turn into a strange monster. That’s right, clearly that’s the reason. There’s no other reason for people to live close to vampires. Oh, I see that they’ve all hidden their necks. Maybe hiding a bite mark? They also have anaemia…… Perhaps they bite according to the right blood type? I have Rh blood type…… Surely there won’t be any vampires with Rh blood type?”

……Ah, he really was playing around. Ark didn’t know why he was so afraid. But when taking into account that it was the land of the vampires, such talk couldn’t be discounted.

‘After thinking about it, I’m also feeling a little bit jittery?’

“You’re the ones who came from the out of town.”

Then he suddenly heard someone’s voice from behind him. Ark and Buksil turned around with an aggressive stance but the voice just laughed.

“Hahaha, I seem to have surprised you. I’m sorry.”

“Who are you……?”

“I’m Albert. I live in this town.”

The person who introduced himself as Albert was a 20 year old man. His face also looked tough so it was a serious problem in the genes of the residents. Albert smiled and still looked scary.

“Please don’t be offended by the attitude of the villagers. They’re just scared since this is the first time they’ve seen outsiders. You look different from us.”

“Then you are?”

“Well, it depends on the people you talk to.”

Albert shrugged and replied. Ark still wasn’t satisfied but it was fortunately that he found someone willing to talk.

“By the way, I heard that vampires live here…….”

“That’s correct. Is it a problem?”

Ark became even more lost at Albert’s words.

‘Eh? What the, what’s with this reaction? Isn’t it a vampire? Don’t vampires suck a person’s blood? But how can he look so casual talking about vampires? What on earth is going on? Perhaps?’

“Then are you possibly a vampire?”


Buksil freaked out and retreated at Ark’s words. But Albert just laughed and shook his head.

“That’s impossible. Vampires are the aristocrats. It’s impossible for them to live in a village like this. If you’ve asked such a question then I guess there are no vampires outside.”

“Then you live alongside the vampires?”

“Of course.”

Albert nodded and replied.

“Well, this is your first time here so I’ll explain it to you. The fact that vampires are our saviours. All the residents of this place are protected by the lord.”


“The Vampire Lord.”

Albert turned his eyes towards the forest and continued talking.

“You probably don’t know this, but a big incident occurred in this region a long time ago. The sky and earth were abruptly divided and fire covered the world.”

It was probably when Seutandal was separated from middle earth and engulfed in the dimension storm.

“At that time, many people died without knowing why. Then a Vampire Lord led his clan here.  And he used powerful magic to set wards around this area. We’re alive thanks to those wards. In addition, the Lord drove out all the monsters that inhabited this area. Thanks to that, the forest became abundant and we don’t have to worry about our lives. Well, we’ve lived without fear for a long time so they’ve become a bit cowardly.”

Albert smiled and pointed to the village. When Ark turned to look, the villagers who had been peeking through their windows instantly hid. Anyway, Albert’s explanation was startling. According to him, the vampire that appeared here wasn’t the one that he knew about. It wasn’t a vampire who indiscriminately sucked blood but one who lived in harmony with common NPCs. And thanks to the powerful enchantments placed by the Vampire Lord, the residents were unaware that Seutandal had risen.

“Oh! That happened outside? But it has nothing to do with us. This is a paradise with no threat from monsters and abundant resources. We are satisfied with our lives here.”

The surrounding forest was definitely rich in fruits. And according to Albert, there are many wild beasts deep in the forest.

‘Ha……. There really are many surprising things about the area. I never thought there would be people living near a vampire.’

Anyway, it wasn’t bad news for Ark. If a gentle vampire was living here then wouldn’t he have no problems finding Dedric and the Three Marvels?

“By the way, why have foreigners like you come here? You’ve clearly misunderstood the vampires so what reason did you have for coming here?”

It was like Albert had scratched an itchy place.

“I actually came to find something.”

“I might be able to help.”

“I’m looking for….. No, I’m actually looking for two people. One is a vampire called Dedric. He is an aristocrat.”

“Ah, Dedric. I know him. He is a vampire living nearby.”


“Yes, I can guide you to his residence.”

“Please guide me.”

“I’ll do that. And the other person?”

“They are a beast clan. Have you ever seen any beast clans in the area?”

Albert started frowning at Ark’s question. After a moment of thinking he shook his head.

“I’m sorry. I have no memory of seeing any beast clans. Excuse me, but can I ask why you’re searching for a beast clan?”

“That’s a little….. I’m sorry.”

The Three Marvels was also a treasure to NPCs. How could he excessively give out information about it?  Ark refused and Albert just waved his hand casually.

“No, it’s okay.  I just have a curious nature…… Anyway, I’ll guide you to Dedric. Oh, before that…..Perhaps you’ve heard rumours and came to kill a vampire…..”

“Absolutely not. Dedric will be very joyful after meeting me again.”

“Hahaha, it was just a joke. If you came to kill vampires then you would’ve never gotten through the wards. Now, follow me. When your business ends, please come talk to me about the outside world.”

Albert laughed with a pleasant voice and started walking. Indeed, a vampire had the dark attribute so a priest with the ‘light’ attribute was needed to fight it directly. However, the Dark Blood ward sealed off all light skills and would constantly damage them. In other words, the vampire’s natural enemy couldn’t enter here.

‘How powerful is the Vampire Lord to erect such wards?’

But Albert who lived here had never seen the Vampire Lord. Vampires who lived here had their own hierarchy. The Vampire Lord lived in a castle in the centre of the area and never leaves the castle, with only high ranking vampires allowed to visit. Of course, Dedric lived around the outskirts of the area.

“Ark-nim, isn’t there something strange?”

Buksil whispered in his ear while they crossed the forest. Ark sent him an irritated glance.


“You know. A vampire and humans living peacefully….. Obviously that person is being controlled by a vampire.”

“I told you to calm down. Look at that guy’s throat. Do you see a bite mark?”

Ark pointed towards Albert’s neck as he spoke. Of course Ark had considered it. But there were no marks on his neck after checking. Ark also wasn’t afraid of vampires like Buksil was. Wasn’t Ark’s summon also a vampire? After thinking about Dedric, he highly doubted that the vampires in New World were that scary. The vampires sucked blood of course but who knew if they even had a skill to control people? And even if such a skill existed, he doubted that the vampire could use it excessively.

‘I’ll just kill it if it turns out badly.’

“This is Dedric’s castle.”

After walking for 30 minutes, Albert indicated a towering castle in the woods and spoke.

“T-that is Dedric’s castle?”

Ark and Buksil’s mouths dropped. The castle was located on an enormous cliff. It looked like an old castle that would appear on the tourist brochures of France and the UK. It was dark and looked gloomy but that was natural for a vampire’s castle. Anyway, Ark instantly became angry as he saw the castle.

‘What, what the. That brat Dedric….. He was that rich?’

But after thinking about it, it was natural. After all, Dedric was an aristocrat. Moreover, he inherited all of Dunphil’s property after evolving. Despite his behaviour, Dedric was still an aristocrat.

‘Son of a bi*ch. So it’s like that. My pet possessed such an extravagant castle?’

“What’s wrong?”

Albert asked after seeing Ark’s expression.

“Ah, it’s nothing.”

“Then please follow carefully. The place we’re climbing is steep.”

There were stone spiral steps carved into the cliff that the castle was located on. After climbing up the stone steps, soldiers guarding the gate could be seen. It was natural to have guards with a castle this size. But that just offended Ark even more.

‘What is this? He even has guards? Ya, Dedric really has grown.’

“Please wait a minute.”

Albert talked to the guards for a while before returning.

“The guards checked with the Lord after I said your names. They told me you can go in. The guards will guide you. So I’ll be leaving……”

“Follow me.”

The guards approached Ark’s group after Albert left. Ark and Buksil felt their eyes widen as they entered the castle. It was extraordinary from the outside but it looked even more amazing inside. It really looked like a medieval nobleman’s castle, with the walls decorated with various works of art and dozens of soldiers and servants wandering around. Some of the servants were even dressed like typical maids. Of course, the women’s faces looked like the ones in the village so it was a bit disturbing…… Anyway, a dark feeling began to rise up inside of him.

‘Damn, his Master is going through all this suffering while he gets to live in luxury every time he dies? Indeed, no wonder why he wanted to go home so much. He’ll see soon. After registering him to the port, I’ll make him constantly work!’

Ark walked up the stairs. The staircase went up to the 10th floor. Ark soon arrived in front of a door with images of bats clumsily carved into it.

“Come on in.” The thick doors opened and the room Dedric lived in finally appeared. Although he knew that his summon lived here, the luxurious room made Ark hesitate for a bit. On the opposite side, a shadow sitting in a large chair with his back to Ark could be seen.

“Lord, we have brought them here.”

‘Lord? Then Dedric is sitting down there? That guy? He heard my name and didn’t even bother to turn around? His Master has arrived yet his attitude is still like that? Isn’t this like a stray dog entering the house and taking advantage? He must’ve become bold after being away from me for a few days. Okay, I’ll see how smug he’ll feel after I punish him!’

“Hey, you! You…..”

Ark shouted before wincing and shutting his mouth. The chair had slowly turned around and revealed the Lord of the castle. It was a youth with neat hair. He stared at Ark and curled his lips. Sharp fangs were slowly revealed….. Anyway, he knew it was a vampire so Ark wasn’t that startled. The problem was that it wasn’t Dedric.

“I gladly welcome you to my castle Foreigner.”

“Eh? Who…..?”

“I am the Earl of the vampire clan, Karakul.  You can call me Earl.”

Karakul’s fangs were proudly revealed as he laughed.

“Earl Karakul? T-then Dedric?”

“Dedric? I remember hearing that name somewhere but I can’t recall where.”

“Eh? But I thought this was Dedric’s residence……?”

Karakul suddenly burst out laughing.

“Hahaha, the intelligence of humans who are lower animals still hasn’t changed over hundreds of years. They’re still stupid. You’re so easily tricked after becoming a little anxious.”


“You still don’t understand? You weren’t led to my castle by mistake. Huhuhu, it was lucky. I’m really lucky that I was surveying the area and spotted you. I’ve been watching since you stepped foot into my territory. With my eyes.”

It was at that time. Something floated up from behind Buksil. To his surprise, it was an eyeball! When the eyeball appeared from his neck, Buksil screamed and flopped down onto the ground. Meanwhile, the eyeball flew towards Karakul. Karakul grasped the eyeball and shoved it into his left eye before laughing.

“What a noisy pig. Well, he’ll be quiet soon.”

‘What, what the? Eyeball? Then the uncomfortable feeling in the forest……?’

Ark was finally able to determine the source of his uncomfortable feeling in the forest The eyeball flew in the air so it was impossible to Radun to detect it with Stalking. Then it was hidden at the back of Buksil’s neck by his hair. So of course he never knew about it.

‘Then the vampire has been watching me since I arrived on the coast and lured me here? Why?’

Karakul instantly laughed when Ark retreated a few steps.

“Heh, this slow human has finally grasped the situation.”

“What on earth are you after? Why would you……?”

“Ah, you really are very stupid. The first human I met after hundreds of years is such a fool. I hope I don’t become stupid after sucking his blood.”

“Suck my blood?” You’re so slow! Can’t you tell by the atmosphere? Is this a joke? Why else would I lure someone annoying like you here?”

Karakul sent Ark an irritated glance. But Ark still couldn’t understand the situation. Of course he knew. It was natural that a vampire sucked blood. However, what about the people he met in the village? And Albert? The castle’s guards and employees?

“Vampires living with humans…….”

“You idiot, isn’t it impossible for humans to live with vampires?”

Karakul suddenly waved his cloak and a black storm appeared. Then, someone grabbed Ark’s wrist from behind. He flinched and looked back at the guards. No, it was something that looked like a guard. The guard’s body abruptly started splitting.


The mouth was torn from left and right and a snout appeared. Sharp fangs emerged from the mouth and there was the smell of a beast. At the same time, the skin tore apart and changed into an eerie red monster.

‘Huk, this, this is?’

Ark reflexively attacked the guard with his sword. Then the guard who turned into a monster did a flip backwards and avoided his attack. In the dark, its eyes burned red! Ark quickly used Eyes of the Cat and confirmed that they were called Bloody. Soon the other guards also tore off their skin like leather and transformed.

‘Oh my god, are the guards and employees of the castle also Bloody?’

Finally he realised how he had walked into the vampire’s fangs. Karakul said there were no humans here. In other words, Ark was a delicious meal that had appeared after hundreds of years. Karakul had been afraid that Ark might flee which watching him and sent Albert to lure him in. He was even stupid enough to listen to the vampire’s speech.

‘I never thought that I would be outsmarted by a monster.’

Yes, that’s why he believed Albert’s words. Vampires were also monsters. He never thought that monsters in the game would use cheap tricks. However, there was something Ark hadn’t considered. Dedric was somebody who sometimes helped him with his cheap tricks.

‘It would be okay if there was only the Bloody……’

Ark looked at the Bloody who were approaching in the darkness. The appearance of monsters the colour of blood in the dark was just like a horror movie. But if the visual effects were removed, it wasn’t a situation that would make Ark afraid. The average level of the Bloody was 350. On the other hand, Ark’s level was 314. Dark Blood applied a penalty to other players but it was a bonus to Ark. With the 40% bonus applied, Ark was level 439! Even with a lot of Bloody around, it was somewhat possible to run away from them. However, Ark felt despair after checking Karakul’s level.

‘Oh my god, level 500…..!’

“Huhuhu, shall I appreciate the power of a foreigner who I finally met after a long time?”

Karakul smirked and laughed.

“Arghhh, I knew it, I knew it! I told you it would be like this!”

“Shut up, would you like to become the first blood donation? Dark blade!”

Ark grabbed Buksil’s collar and randomly fired off a Dark Blade.

‘If Karakul helps then I’m screwed. Fortunately that guy seems to consider the battle as entertainment. I have to push those guys back and somehow escape!’

Then the Bloody avoided his Dark Blade and swiped a claw at Ark. Ark felt a dull shock in his side and quickly retreated. Then the remaining two monsters ran up to him. Ark had been thinking about waiting for a chance to escape but there were no such opportunities once the fight started.

‘What, what the? These guys….. Are they really level 300?’

The Bloody were more powerful than he imagined. The attacks from the claws and fangs steadily decreased his health while they were really agile. There were only three of them but Ark couldn’t 100% guarantee that he could win! His stats had increased thanks to Dark Blood. But the ward was created by vampires so it would also apply to vampires and the Bloody.

‘I calculate incorrectly. After all the bonuses are applied, it’s like me level is still 314!’

“Dark Protection, Sudden Increase in Power!”

Ark activated the special skills of his rings. His defense and magic resistance increased by 20%! With his stats increased to the maximum, Ark blindly rampaged using Dark Blade and Dark Dance.

“Fresh, very fresh!”

Karakul laughed and clapped at the sight. After firing all those skills, he was barely able to defeat one Bloody. While focusing on one, the other two had managed to get behind him. He received quite a lot of damage from the backstab attacks but it was within Ark’s calculations. The entrance was now wide open thanks to them being behind him.

“Now! Buksil, run!”

Ark grabbed Buksil’s collar who screamed and started running. However, at the moment something appeared in front of the door. Surprisingly, Karakul had managed to get all the way there.

“Huhuhu, after hundreds of years the humans had developed a bit of slyness.”

Karakul laughed and muttered.

“I’m glad you’re not the brainless guy I thought you were. Your skills are also not bad. The blood of a strong fellow will taste even nicer. I’ll finally be able to soothe my hunger for human blood after a long time. Ah ah ah, I can’t stand the thirst anymore. Unfortunately, this is the end of your tricks.”

Karakul instantly disappeared. Ark winced and turned his body before he suddenly felt a tremendous shock.

-You have been attacked by Karakul.

500 damage!

‘Hik, what is this…..?’

He had become dizzy from the blow. Even with his various defense buffs, he still received 500 damage! That meant the hit would’ve normally dealt 800 damage. As expected, a level 500 monster wasn’t ordinary.

‘Maybe it’s because Karakul’s stats also rose thanks to Dark Blood. Of course a ward created by a vampire would profit vampires the most.’

In a 1-on-1 fight, there was no way Ark could face him. With the Bloody there as well, the odds weren’t in his favour.

‘Damn, I can’t become a vampire’s meal!’

“Dark Blade! Dark Strike! Riposte!”

Ark fired the skills towards Karakul who just laughed.

“Nice move. But your destiny was decided the moment you stepped foot in my territory.”

The two Bloody ran up and flanked Ark on the right and left and Karakul’s command. Ark rapidly turned and used Riposte on them. Then he took one step back and felt a stinging sensation on his neck.

Ark panicked and saw Karakul rubbing at his mouth.

“It’s been hundreds of years since I’ve tasted human blood…… It’s as good as expected.”

At the same time, a red warning message appeared in front of Ark.

-Karakul has used Blood-sucking.

The effects of Blood-sucking will vary depending on the vampire. Karakul’s Blood-sucking has a ‘Restraint’ property. When ‘Restraint’ is encountered, your attack and defense will decrease by 10%. In addition, three random skills will be sealed for 10 minutes.

‘Hik, w-what it this?’

Ark’s face turned pale at the information window. In such a tough situation, his attack and defense was reduced and his skills Dark Dance and Dark Blade were sealed as well? Wasn’t this the sound of Ark dying?

“Hahaha, I’m going to squeeze every last drop of blood from you!”

While Ark was wobbling, Karakul bared his fangs and ran up again.

‘It’s the end if he bites me again!’

“Radun, sword. Blade Storm!”

Ssak ssak, ssak ssak ssak ssak!

Ark received a sword from Radun and made it explode.

“Ugh, this bastard….. Where did he go…..? Catch him!”

At that moment, Ark had used ‘Sprint’ to run through the door and down the stairs. Then he heard a voice screaming from behind him. It was Buksil who he had forgotten about.

“Hiiiik, A-A-A-Ark-nim!”

When he flinched and looked back, he saw Karakul inserted his fangs into Buksil’s neck.

“Ah ah ah ah! Ah ah ah ah! Grandmother who passed away……”

Buksil’s plump body instantly became drained like a mummy and he collapsed.

“Huhuhu, that’s one fellow handled……. Bloody, catch the remaining fellow!”

“Ooh oh oh oh!”

The Bloody started tearing off their skin at Karakul’s command. While all the guards and employees were turning into the Bloody, Ark ran down the stairs. There were 50 of them! Ark had truly been invited into the devil’s castle.

‘Oh my God!’

Ark moaned desperately. Then a large window in the middle of the stairs suddenly caught his eye.

‘Okay, I have to rely on a plan of desperation now!’

Ark used ‘Sprint’ to run towards the window. The Bloody closest to him swung its claw. At that moment, Ark used advanced Intimidation to make it freeze and stepped on its body before jumping. It was like a scene in a Hong Kong movie as he threw his body through the window. As soon as he tried to jump through the window……!


Ark was hit by an opposing power and was thrown back.

“I won’t let you commit suicide!”

Karakul had used his cloak to block off Ark’s escape path then ran towards him. Ark raised his body and swung his sword. However, a Bloody threw its body and was stabbed by the sword instead. Meanwhile, Karakul had approached Ark and bit his neck. His health was already low so he fell into a critical condition! His health rapidly lowered as more blood was sucked out. At the mPoment, he felt his eyesight becoming dark. Just like Buksil, Ark turned into a mummy and collapsed.

‘Damn…… Dying in a place like this…… Do I have to ride the dolphins here again?’

But the situation was far more serious than Ark thought.

-‘Chain of Blood’ has been activated by the vampire’s Blood-sucking.

The user’s soul has been captured by Karakul’s Blood-sucking. Users whose soul has been captured by the vampire will have their resurrection place forcibly changed. In addition, all your abilities are sealed. The ‘Chain of Blood’ will last until Karakul dies or you escape from his sphere of influence.

* Your resurrection point has been forcibly changed by ‘Chain of Blood.’

* All equipment has been switched off by ‘Chain of Blood.’

* All stats reduced by 80% by ‘Chain of Blood.’

* All special qualities and skills have been switched off by ‘Chain of Blood.’

* The use of a bag has been forbidden by ‘Chain of Blood.’

‘W-what is this?’

This time the blood drained from Ark’s face in reality as he lost consciousness in the game.

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