Act 6: Salrin’s Descendant

ACT 6 Salrin’s Descendant

“Huk, huk, huk!”

Alan gasped and ran breathlessly through the forest. When he used the [Warp] scroll, he thought that he had completely lost Ark. But hardly any time had passed before Ark and the rehabilitation members started chasing him.

‘Does he have the [Track] scroll?’

[Track] was a scroll that could find the designated target within a 1km radius! Ark was dangerous if he had that scroll. Alan continuously used [Warp] until he was out of the maximum distance of the tracking scroll. But once again Ark’s party narrowed the distance in a short time. That was when Alan realised there was something strange. Ark’s party clearly guessed the exact point Alan teleported to. But they don’t know his exact location once they narrow the distance.

‘Do they just know the approximate direction?’

If they weren’t using a scroll then it must be a racial special skill. When he thought about it, Alan realised that he had a little leeway. Once Alan moved to a direction and the encircling net got closer, he would use the scroll to escape from the crisis. But this was Alan’s mistake. If Alan didn’t use the scroll after 1 hour, Snake would not be able to use ‘Stalking’ to determine the direction. Since Alan continuously used the scroll, Snake was able to update the information. And eventually he only had one scroll left after the relentless chase.

‘Damn, I thought one bunch would be enough…….but it’s okay, my destination is right around the corner.  All I need to do is get there…….and watch them eliminate Ark!’

Alan looked at the ridge in the distance. It was a place where he could rest safely even though he was chaotic. No, they would definitely help him for a chance to kill Ark! There was only one such force in New World. The Dark Brother organization! Yes, the reason Alan had risked coming to Selebrid was to make contact with the Dark Brothers. Just like Ark, Alan had no intention of forgiving Ark.

‘If it wasn’t for Ark, I wouldn’t have been deprived of my castle or branded a criminal! All the things I earned in New World crumbled into dust because of that child……Even if I have to spend hundreds or thousands of gold, I’ll definitely make you quit the game!’

He didn’t know if it was fortunate or unfortunate that he couldn’t lose Ark.  Now the Dark Brothers didn’t have to use a lot of effort to find him.

‘Whether in the game or reality, the ultimate winner is the rich man.  Someone like him can never win! I’ll engrave that fact into his bones!’

Alan used his resentment as energy and finally reached the ridge. When he searched the forest, he finally found the small cave hidden by bushes. The cave led to the location of the Dark Brothers. He followed the passage until he arrived he saw a red palm painted.  However, the atmosphere was different from before.  Previously, the assassins had hid in the darkness until he raised his shining sword to see them.

“Who’s that? Is it that guy……?”

‘That guy?’

There was something strange but Alan was in no condition to question it closely.

“Dark Bothers? I have come with a job request.”

“What? Do you think this place will accept requests from anyone?”

“I’m Alan. I’ve already commissioned a job before.”

“Alan? Holy Knight Alan?”

“I’d like to meet the person in charge.”

The assassins secretly spoke among themselves before Alan was shown inside. When he entered, the form of a man stood up and his features became visible. He had a large red palm on his flapping cloak. It was not the old man he saw the previous time, but the assassin’s attitude made it seem like he was in charge.

“Leader-nim, Alan has come with a request.”

The leader was silent for a moment before asking.

“………The opponent?”

“Ark? The Lord of Silvana?”

“He already had the castle take away so he’s not the Lord anymore.”

“Is that so? He fought so persistently for the castle just to throw it away?”

He murmured while the leader laughed and shook his head.

“Well that doesn’t matter to me. But since the famous Alan is requesting it so urgently, that Ark fellow doesn’t seem so insignificant.”

“It doesn’t matter how much money it takes. I don’t want to hire all of the Dark Brother organization. The purpose is the infinite assassination of Ark! The period is until Ark disappears from New World.”

“What’s the condition if you can’t pay the price?”

“I already said it doesn’t matter how much money it takes.”

“Hrmm, this could become quite messy. However, I already know about the relationship between you and Ark.  Didn’t you originally have it out for each other? And now with users and NPCs after you, the only place you can lean on is the Dark Brothers.”

“Are you going to accept or not?”

Alan retorted with a nasty expression. But the very next moment, Alan realised that something was wrong. The Dark Brothers was an NPC organization. But the leader just used the words ‘user’ and ‘NPC.’ Those two words were taboo for NPCs in New World. Then why did that person talk about users? And how did he know about the relationship between Alan and Ark? Alan became wary and withdrew a few steps.

“Who are you?”

“Now that we’re face to face, we should greet each other.”

The guy slowly turned his body around. He had black hair and black eyes.  Although he was wearing a mask, the overall impression was familiar somehow.  It was certainly not the first time he saw that user. Where had he seen him……..he searched his memories for a while before suddenly spluttering.

“Huk, you……..Jackson………!”

“I’m thankful that you remembered.”

Of course he knew! In Jackson he was always by Ark’s side, the name……!

“………I’m Shambala.”

“W-what are you doing here?”

“I won’t speak for long. The conclusion is that I reject your request.”


“I still have something to do with Ark. Well, it’s not just about that…….the Dark Brothers is in a situation where it can’t accept any requests right now, even if the target isn’t Ark.”

“If you need money. I’m willing to pay it separately. How much do you want?”

Alan shouted in a desperate tone. He didn’t understand it completely, but Shambala seemed to have a strong influence in the Dark Brothers. But if he paid the NPC organization then it wouldn’t enter Shambala’s wallet. Alan thought that Shambala refused the request because it wasn’t profitable.

“………..You’re irritating me now.”

Instantaneously Shambala’s eyes became freezing cold.

“I don’t like people. In particular, I despise humans who would betray others for money. But I also have contempt for a human who won’t let a grudge go. Do you know who I am?”

Shambala showed his teeth as he growled.

“Guys like you who throw money around just invite betrayal.”


“Well that’s enough. I still have something to settle with Ark. I was worried about how to pay Ark but……he might consider you to be worthy of a trade.”

“You bastard!”

“Capture him alive.”

The assassins gathered after Shambala gave the order. When the situation suddenly changed, Alan immediately turned around and took out his shield.

‘I didn’t come here just to die in vain!’

Alan fled from the daggers coming from every direction. The opponents were assassins who mastered the assassination technique. The assassins gave Alan abnormal states such as ‘Slow’ or ‘Paralysis.’ But Alan was also a Holy Knight. He immediately overlapped his three auras to raise his defense and resistance. And he endured the rest using recovery magic. A Holy Knight had intermediate recovery magic and high defense so Alan’s health was similar to a cockroach’s.  Alan maintained his defensive posture and gradually escaped the encirclement.


Then he heard Shambala’s voice from the rear. Shambala used the skill to instantly move beside him. Alan jumped and swung his sword.  However, Shambala used ‘Burning Mirror’ and drove the dagger into him. After the dagger was removed, he swung it again and Alan was pushed back a few metres. It was Shambala’s chain skill! Alan lost 500 health with one attack.

“God dammit……..!”

So far while playing the game, he had not been pressed so hard by somebody. But recently he had experienced a lot of defeats. First he had been beaten like a dog and then pursued by Ark and now Shambala was beating him up. Of course he would be able to defeat Ark and Shambala if he had some properly equipped troops.  No, if he had is original fame then he wouldn’t suffer like this. It would be easy to deal with these miserable guys……it was so unfair that he was on the verge of tears. But no there was no other way. With the assassins attacking alongside Shambala, they were too powerful for Alan.

“Defense rise, Movement rise!”

Alan activated both options attached to his items.  Then he hit an assassin while in a defensive stance and ran away. It was pathetic but that was Alan’s only method of resistance.  But even with his defense increased, it wasn’t possible to ignore the damage. His health continuously decreased until he only had 10% left.

‘But the encirclement has relaxed for the moment! I can drink a potion…….’

At that time Alan had a little bit of hope. Then like a scene from a ninja movie Shambala ran up and across the wall, landing in front of Alan and blocking his path.

“I’m sorry but it ends here. ‘Capture’!”

Something that looked like spider webs poured out from Shambala’s mouth. It was an assassin exclusive skill that could only be used when the opponent was in a critical condition.

‘Ah, no! If I get caught by him then he’ll give me back to Ark……!’

Beodduk, seokeok!

At that moment a rope wound around Alan’s waist! Then multiple swords emerged from the darkness and cut the rope to pieces. At the same time, a number of masked men attacked Shambala.  Surprisingly they also had the mark of a red palm on their masks. Shambala’s forehead wrinkled at their appearance.

“Sheesh, these guys are still…….!”

‘What the? Why are the assassins attacking Shambala? What the hell is going on?’

Then while Alan was contemplating the situation he suddenly heard someone’s voice from the other side.

“This way Sir Alan!”


It was an old man beckoning with a desperate face. It was the old man called Nabein who answered Alan’s request last time.

‘I don’t know what is going on, but this is a chance for me!’

Alan struck an assassin who was approaching with his shield and reached Nabein.

“Now, retreat!”

The newly emerged assassins flocked Alan and Nabein and blocked the entrance. An intense fight took place while Alan exited the cave with Nabein. There were 10 assassins waiting outside the cave.

“Nabein, what is happening?”

“I don’t have time to explain in detail. Although the urgent fire is put out for the moment, we can’t hold them off much longer. In addition, others are going to appear soon. We have to quickly get out of here.”


“Stop foolishly wasting time talking!”

Nabein shouted in a harsh voice.

“Anyway come along! It won’t be a bad talk for you.”

Alan hesitate but eventually ran alongside Nabein. Anyway, Shambala was still in the cave while Ark was tracking him. He didn’t have anywhere else to go.

“Where the hell is that bastard hiding?”

Ark grumbled while looking at the cliffs high above him. As Alan predicted, Ark had tracked Alan until he was right underneath his nose. However Snake’s information from ‘Stalking’ only told him the direction. Snake indicated that Alan entered a complicated cave system underneath the cliff. It wasn’t able to determine anything else.

‘Although I went around the cliff, Snake is still indicated towards it. There is no way he is stuck on a rock so there must be an entrance around here……..’

Ark pursed his lips. The duration of stalking was 1 hour, he either had to find Alan before that or find the [warp] location to update the information, but there was not much time left now. If he couldn’t find any clues on Alan then he wouldn’t be able to chase him anymore.

‘He want into a confusing place like a dungeon.’

Ssak ssak ssak!

At that time, Snake licked him using its tongue and demanded attention. For the first time he pointed to a direction away from the cliff.

“What the? Snake, did Alan leave the cave?”

Ssak ssak! Ssak ssak ssak!

Snake’s eyes brightened as it nodded.

“Dedric, to the south! Search!”

Ark quickly commanded Dedric to fly in the direction Snake indicated.  Ark followed behind him for a while until Dedric quickly flew back.

“M-master! I found him.”


“300 metres ahead. But he’s not alone.”

“Not alone?”

“Yes, he’s going someone with 10 masked people.”

“Masked? Perhaps…..The Dark Brothers?”

“That’s right, there’s a picture of a red palm on the mask.”

‘That’s right, the Dark Brothers……..that explains it.’

Now he could understand why Alan took the risk and fled here. He had forgotten for a while. Assassins from the Dark Brothers………..

Even during all of this, Alan hadn’t discarded his idea of revenge on Ark.  The Dark Brothers wouldn’t care if Alan was chaotic and would accept the commission regardless.

‘Damn, I never thought that the Dark Brother organization would be in this area.’

The situation became desperate. If Alan commissioned an assassination from the Dark Brothers then it would be Ark and the rehabilitation members being chased.  Moreover, it was the Dark Brother’s domain so there was no guarantee that they could escape.

‘Alan has already contacted the Dark Brothers. There will be no way if kill Alan if they’re protecting him. But since the assassins haven’t made any sudden moves, he might not have made the request yet.  Okay, I have to check it out properly before leaving.’

“Dedric, keep a suitable distance and follow those guys.”

Ark ordered Dedric to secretly follow Alan.

“They entered over there.”

Dedric pointed to a cleverly hidden cave.

“Any assassins around?”

“I didn’t see any.”


Ark carefully approached the cave. There weren’t any idiots who would disguise the cave and then not leave a guard. He assumed that there were assassins guarding the inside. Ark made Dedric wait by the entrance and entered the cave. When he entered, the effect of a dungeon was applied. Ark immediately hid with ‘Stealth’ and breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Now I don’t have to worry about being discovered.’

Ark silenced his footsteps and explored the cave. The cave was divided into several areas, just like a secret base. There were considerable amounts of assassins gathered in each area.

“If Stealth is detected then I would definitely die.”

Luckily, Ark was level 252 with the darkness bonus so the assassins couldn’t detect him. However, he couldn’t be assured. If the sound of footsteps makes them suspicious then the chances of ‘Stealth’ being detected would increase. As assassins, their ability to see through ‘Stealth’ was much better than normal assassins.

‘Even if I’m undetected, the duration is only 20 minutes. I have to collect as much information as I can before time runs out.’

Ark carefully grasped the structure of the cave and the number of assassins. When he was almost at the end of the cave, he suddenly heard a familiar voice.


‘Alan’s voice!’

Ark quickly attached himself to a corner and looked inside. Alan and an old man were sitting facing each other under the light of a candle. The old man……Nabein nodded and replied.

“Yes, Salrin…….although it is not widely known, but he was Seinan, one of the 7 heroes.


It was a name that was often discussed in New World’s history books. He was the most secretive of the 7 heroes. There weren’t 7 heroes originally. But when a hero collapsed in the middle of a fight against the darkness, he suddenly appeared like a comet and helped the hero. In the Final Battle, he showed incredible skill and was given the title of Hero afterwards.

“Why did you suddenly mention the name Seinan here?”

Alan asked the question that Ark was wondering about. Nabein replied in a low voice.

“Seinan…….no he is Salrin, a Master Assassin.”

“A Master Assassin?”

“Yes, the person who reigned over all the assassins was the Assassin Salrin.”

Nabein casually told Alan a shocking story about the continent’s history. Salrin was the head of the prestigious Dark Brothers during that time.  And at the end of the Dark Century, the Dark Brothers got the most prestigious commission in his life. The enemy was threatening the continent which led to a request to assassinate the Dark Lord……. After a few days contemplating he eventually accepted the request.

The Dark Brothers judged that the existence of light was necessary to live in the darkness. That was how the 6 heroes became the legendary 7 heroes.  And at the end of an intense battle, the 7 heroes finally defeated the Dark Lord. Salrin was praised as a hero even though he was an assassin and became the ruler of a dukedom that eventually became known as Sinuis Principality.

“But what does this have to do with the Dark Brothers now……?”

“Once Salrin became a hero, he mistakenly thought that the Dark Brothers could emerge from the darkness. Centuries of history couldn’t be undone by one person. The Dark Brothers eventually helped the Sinius King from the darkness. But once it became peaceful after the Dark Century ended, the need for the Dark Brothers became smaller. After Salrin was killed, the Dark Brothers broke away from the Sinius Principality. When the Dark Brothers left, their main treasures also became scattered.”


“The Dark Brothers were originally nomadic people from a distant country. When they came to the continent, they brought three treasures with them. The foundation and strength of the Dark Brothers was based on those treasures. Salrin was called a Master Assassin because he had those three treasures.”

Nabein said while letting out a sigh of relief.

“One of them is the Dark Veil, a cloak that can stop the forces of darkness. An elder in the Dark Brothers has it at the moment. Without that, the Dark Brothers would’ve vanished a long time ago.”

“Then the remaining two?”

“According to the legends, it is a dagger quenched in the blood of a thousand people and a armour made from the leather of the corpses. All of them have an incredible power, but if all three were collected then the person would unlock the ability of a Master Assassin. But I don’t know where they are. They disappeared in to history along with those of Salrin’s blood.”

Nabein made a disgusted face and continued.

“That’s why it is impossible for Shambala to appear with the items!”


The hairs on Ark’s neck rose. In fact, before Ark left for Nagaran he sent a letter from Shambala requesting help.  But there was still no reply. The quest must be taking longer than expected……..was what he thought. But to hear Shambala’s name in a place like this!

‘Then Shambala’s quest is associated with the Dark Brothers………’

Was the quest to obtain Salrin’s treasures from the Dark Brothers? When he thought about it, everything made sense. The symbol of the Dark Brothers was carved on Shambala’s dagger. If so, the blade that Ark sold Shambala was one of the treasures.  Shambala then completed the dagger quest that was triggered. One of the treasures of Salrin, a member of the 7 heroes!

‘Shambala had a quest relating to his profession. His occupation and skills are somewhat peculiar…….his Saint Assassin profession has something to do with the 7 heroes. Finally, if he finds the three treasures then he’ll unlock the ability of a Master Assassin.’

It was most likely why their skills were so compatible. In the past, the 7 heroes had fought together against the darkness. Thus it was impossible for abilities that Ark and Shambala inherited to not work with each other.  In addition, the Master Assassin and Hero Maban were the only ones with the darkness attribute among the 7 heroes. He didn’t know what happened during that time, but their relationship couldn’t have been trivial. The descendants of those two heroes had transcended time and space to meet. Although they didn’t know each other, their skills still remembered the past.

‘It really is an amazing coincidence.’

Ark was once against amazed at the world of New World.

‘Seizing control of the Dark Brothers is also similar to the way I controlled the Meow and raccoons. Does that mean I won’t have to worry about the Dark Brothers anymore once that happens?’

Ark licked his lips with anticipation. Alan was also thinking that and asked with a doubtful expression.

“Shambala has Salrin’s treasures……that is why he appeared at the rendezvous place. But why did you rescue me? If he has Salrin’s treasures then the Dark Brothers should……….”

“I can’t accept it!”

Nabein suddenly shouted.

“I respect Salrin. But Salrin lived hundreds of years ago. It’s not even a part of his lineage, yet now the Dark Brothers has to listen to some child just because he has the treasures……..does that make any sense? We’re the ones that have defended the Dark Brothers for a century!”

“Then Shambala hasn’t become the leader of the Dark Brothers?”

Alan’s question made Nabein snort.

“Leader? It’s not that easy. No matter how sick I am, who could accept a child as the leader? But the elders have accepted him.”


“Yes, the Dark Brothers has weakened since the treasures scattered. But Shambala suddenly gathered one of them. So he has justification to gather the descendants of the Dark Brothers that have scattered. Well, it’s not just that……..”

Nabein’s voice rose with annoyance at the end.

“Anyway, the elders still have a vain hope that the Dark Brothers can emerge from the darkness. So Shambala was recognized as a candidate for the leadership and will be given a trial. If he passes then Shambala will be recognized as a Master Assassin.”

Although it was a long explanation it could be simply summarized. Shambala changed his profession to one of the 7 heroes related classes. Just like Ark had to find the Three Marvels left behind by Hero Maban, Shambala also had to find Salrin’s three treasures to change to his secondary profession. Once he obtains the 3 treasures, he will unlock the key to become a Master Assassin. However, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. It wasn’t easy for Ark to get the recognition of the Meow and raccoon clans. If he failed then he wouldn’t be able to change his occupation to a more advanced one. That probably applied to all hero related classes.

Speaking of the trial to change to the 2nd occupation…….in Shambala’s case, that guy Nabein was the one standing in the way. The game made a complicated relationship that Shambala would have to clear up. In that case, how will Nabein interfere with Shambala? Just as Ark became curious, Nabein stared answering his question.

“But I can’t follow that vain dreamer of an Elder anymore. If it was impossible for Salrin then that young child definitely can’t accomplish it.”


“Not long ago Shambala passed the trial the Elder gave him. Since Shambala passed the test, the elders will soon reward him with the Dark Veil. I can’t possibly allow those treasures to remain in the hands of a foreigner.”

An eerie light shone in Nabein’s eyes.

“This is the only chance. Shambala will have to activate the dagger during the ceremony to receive the power of two treasures. That is the only chance to steal the dagger.”

“Are you rebelling?”

“It is not a rebellion. I’m just taking back the treasure while squashing Shambala and the elders in the process. And I will revive the glory of the Dark Brothers after I own the two treasures!”

Nabein exclaimed.

“But won’t there be a lot of assassins?”

“I’ve already put in measures to deal with them. Since they are aware of a potential attack, many assassins will be defended the outskirts just in case. And the headquarters of the Dark Brothers……..there are a lot of brothers sympathetic to our ideas. If we take action then they promised to fight together.”

Nabein smiled and approached Alan.

“But there are also a lot of foolish guys who support the elders. Our victory is assured, but it won’t be an easy fight. That’s the reason we decided to take a risk and save you.”

“Are you asking me for help?”

Alan had already anticipated Nabein’s request.

“It’s not a bad thing. I already know your circumstances. You have no place left in the Schudenberg Kingdom. Your guild has been disbanded while hunters are chasing you so you can’t get any rest. But if you help us and we succeed then things will change.  The Dark Brothers will grant you sanctuary and the power needed to hold off your enemies.”

Alan’s eyes shone. After he lost the Lord’s position, he was reduced to a fugitive. Even the Asyeosu church that promised him a secondary profession had been ruined. In such a situation,  it was difficult for Alan to refuse the temptation of the offer.

No, there was no other choice.  If he didn’t get help from the Dark Brothers then it wouldn’t be possible to avoid Ark’s sword.  Since he had a hostile relationship with Shambala, he might even be chased by his assassins. Besides…….

Nabein wasn’t being kind when he made the offer. The message was also a threat of what would happen if he refused.

“Okay, I’ll cooperate.”

“I thought you would accept.”

Nabein laughed as he replied. There was a reason Nabein took the risk of saving Alan……although Alan would’ve been beaten up by Shambala and Ark, the situation had now gone through a 180 degree change. The Holy Knight’s skills became more useful when he had more troops. He also affected the skills of his whole unit The presence of a Holy Knight in a war equalled to the power of a dozen troops.

“I want to check my equipment before resting…….do you have someone who can look at the equipment?”

“Of course. Just rest comfortably until it is time.”

“When is the action taking place?”

“Tomorrow, tomorrow at midnight.”

‘Tomorrow midnight…….!’

Ark stored the information in his head and left the cave.  Tomorrow midnight was in approximately 10 hours, which fortunately meant that he still had time.

‘I have to consult with JusticeMan ajusshi.’

Since he knew about it, it wasn’t possible for Ark to let them get away with it.

After he left the cave, Ark gathered JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members. They had to crawl on the ground in order to avoid the attention of the assassins. Meanwhile Roco screamed when she saw Ark who looked like a beggar and made them wash and do laundry. Because the situation was so rushed, Ark briefly summarized what he heard in the cave.

“You can’t pretend that you didn’t hear what they said.”

JusticeMan said in a serious tone.

“They’ll have a lot of power if they attack from the rear…….if they’ve made preparations in advance then they would’ve definitely prepared a way to attack from the rear. If there are also forces ready to revolt then it is likely to succeed.”

“Alan also has an aura of leadership, if they are influenced by that leadership……..”

“It is game over.”

Alan would become a lot stronger even if there was only one person in his unit. If Alan helped the war, then the difference would change from 5:5 to 7:3. Since he was chaotic his skills decreased, but Holy Knight was still one of New World’s strongest occupations.

“The problem is after that.”

Ark said with a serious expression.

“If Shambala is defeated then it is likely that Alan with seize a lot of power in the Dark Brother.”

“……..If that happens then it’ll be a big threat to us.”

When Alan lead Dawn Blade, he still wore the mask of hypocrisy. Even if there was a problem, he had to act like a knight on the surface. But now Alan had no more fame to lose. He didn’t have to pay attention to others.  Ark didn’t know what Alan would do if he took over the Dark Brothers. Only thing he could be sure of is that Ark and the rehabilitation members will be the first target. They’ll become the target of all the assassins in the Dark Brothers!

The assassins were different from normal NPCs. Even if a user had a hostile relationship with the guards, they could still play the game. But they were assassins, and if they orders from Alan then the assassins definitely wouldn’t hesitate. That was the worrisome part.

“That Alan, he’s still so persistent until the end.”

“It is simple.”

At that time, Jjak-tung shrugged and summed up the situation.

“If Alan succeeds then he’ll have a way to step on us. If we succeed then we’ll step on Alan.”

“Hrmm, he is a huge mortal enemy.”

Tazza was one of the intellectual ones and nodded.

“We have to prevent Nabein’s rebellion in order to stop Alan.”

“We urgently need to inform Shambala first.”

“But I can’t get in contact with Shambala. Since it is happening at midnight tomorrow, he might not get a letter in time. Without knowing the Dark Brothers headquarters, there is no way to visit them……..”

“Let’s take a look at this.”

JusticeMan took out some scrolls. JusticeMan arrived late because he was purchasing some scrolls. He bought the [Track] scroll in case Alan used [Warp]. However, Shambala’s name did not trigger the [Track] skill. The Dark Brothers headquarters was either more than 1km away or it was classified as a city.

Within a city, there were many constraints on the use of scrolls. The [Track] scroll could only find a user if they were not in a city.

“What now?”

“There is only one way left.”

JusticeMan replied after Ark asked in a worried voice.

“We don’t know the location of the Dark Brother’s headquarters.  But we know that those guys are going to do a surprise attack.”

“Ah, then…….?”

“Didn’t they say the surprise attack on Shambala was at midnight tomorrow? It isn’t possible to stop them with our power. So we’ll stay concealed and put surveillance on them, and when they attack Shambala then we’ll attack from behind. It’ll be more effective if we attack from behind while Shambala attacks from the front.”

“So we’re going to strike the bastards in the back of the head.”

“That’s right.”

JusticeMan laughed and nodded. Then Ark started monitoring the assassins’ lair. But he couldn’t just waste time.

‘The Dark Brother assassins are strong.’

Ark had fought the assassins several times so he knew to be afraid of them. Of course, Ark became so much stronger that it wasn’t possible to compare to that time……..

‘But the levels of NPCs isn’t fixed in New World.’

NPCs could also level up. He knew that fact for a long time. But with a battle against NPCs ahead of it, Ark found it quite stressful. The first battle he experienced with NPCs was with Viscount Haverstein and the Sylphid Knights. He didn’t know it at the time, but the Sylphid Knights seemed to be about level 50. Ark was level 20 at the same so they seemed distant to him. But when he participated in the quest at level 70, he was a lot stronger than them.  However the Sylphid Knights were still strong. Ark had raised his level.  But the NPCs also raise their level according to the average level of the users. There was no guarantee that he could deal with 3~4 assassins alone.

‘The Dark Brothers will also be different from the last time we fought.’

While Ark watched, he also made a variety of survival cooking dishes with different buffs. So 10 hours passed and it was finally midnight of the next day…….

“That’s strange?”

JusticeMan’s head tilted.

“Isn’t it already midnight? Even if the Dark Brothers’ headquarters was nearby, there still should’ve moved a while ago if they want to make the deadline……why is it so quiet?”

“Come to think of it……..”

Ark’s heart dropped as he remembered something. He also couldn’t see the assassins that had been patrolling around a while ago.

“I’ll check it out.”

Ark used ‘stealth’ and entered the cave.

‘What, what the? What happened?’

There should’ve been 100 assassins but he couldn’t see any. Something was messed up. Ark hurriedly searched the cave but he could only find 3~4 assassins.

‘Don’t tell me…….It’s already started? But I’ve been keeping an eye on the cave entrance………how did so many people go unnoticed……..’

Once he considered Nabein’s words, Ark finally figured out why.

“Oops, I was wrong. The old man wasn’t going to surprise attack the troops defending the outside. He never planned on a frontal assault. There must be a path that leads inside the headquarters. And since they didn’t leave, there must be a secret passage in here somewhere!’

Then Alan and Nabein were already heading towards the headquarters of the Dark Brothers.

“Damn, hurry up and look for the secret passage!”

JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members plunged into the cave.

“What, what? Who are you?”

“Can’t you tell by looking? The side of justice!”

Kwajik, peuk, dangtang!

The 3~4 assassins were smashed in an instant. Hae Gyeol-sa then tied up an assassin who was in a critical state with his ‘Chain’ skill.

“Ugh……..did Shambala send these guys?”

“Tell me! Where did they go?”

“Kukuku, it’s too late. The Liberation Army has already left.”

“The Liberation Army will fall. Where is it? The passage that connects to the Dark Brothers’ location?”

“Do you hear what you’re saying. It is useless, you won’t be able to kill them!”

The assassin glared at him. But such courage couldn’t even last for a few seconds against Hae Gyeol-sa.

“Ah, would you like to beep-beep you son of a bi*ch beep-beep?”

Advanced Intimidation!

The assassin’s face paled and he stammered.


Hae Gyeol-sa quickly glanced at Ark. Come to think of it, he previously saw a candlestick that was slightly different than the others. A sound rang out and the wall shot back when Ark twisted the candlestick in the opposite direction. Then the intimidated assassin started talking in a distant voice.

“Kukuku, it’s too late.  By now, the elders and Shambala should’ve died already……..’


Before the assassin could finish talking, he became a bloody rice cake.

“There’s no time. If Shambala dies then everything is finished!”

Ark ran down the secret passage leading the rehabilitation members.

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