Act 6: Marine Chase

ACT 6 Marine Chase

“Phew, they are persistent bastards.”

Sand fell from his head as he shook it. The thieves who he met in the swamp were so persistent that it was scary. Usually chaotic users would only chase for a maximum of 1 hour but these guys stuck to him like leeches. The 70 people separated and searched so it wasn’t easy to escape them.

‘In addition, their chasing abilities are just as good as JusticeMan and the rehabilitation brothers.”

He also didn’t know how 70 of them managed to be gathered. It had been 1 year since New World opened and most people had formed groups by now. Many guilds were made from the beginning and a lot of users stayed with the people the met in the early days. These days, the recent trend in New World was to form groups or clubs instead of guilds. In the case of such groups or clubs, they didn’t have the organizational skills of a guild.

‘If this was a survival game then there would clearly be a military club’

This gathering showed a strong organizational ability. The military club was those that would enjoy playing mock combat survival games in the mountains. In addition, their physical bodies were comparable with their level and combat abilities. With these characteristics, the thieves ran after Ark tightly.

“That’s because it is Ark-nim.”

Buksil also dropped down onto the sand and whined.

“If you just ran away then they wouldn’t have followed you. But you killed their leader and grabbed an item so now they want to pursue you no matter what.”

“Weren’t you the ones you brought them?”

Anyway, it was a bit annoying but there was an unexpected benefit.”

-Burikand’s Combat Helmet (Rare)

Armour type: Shell Helmet

Defense: 80

Durability: 90/90

Weight: 60

User restriction: Level 200

The combat helmet of Burikand, the leader of a mercenary group. In the past, Burikand was a mercenary who defeated a legendary monster and made a helmet from its shell. Thanks to its attribute, it tolerates magic. If it suffers damage then the durability will gradually recover over time.

Option: Magic Resistance +10%, Strength +20, Stamina +10.

Special Option: Even if durability is damaged, it will automatically recover.

This was the helmet that Jepeteu had dropped. In fact, Ark didn’t have huge expectations when he picked up the helmet. A chaotic player had a 100% chance of dropping an item when they died. So it was common sense that chaotic users would wear trivial equipment. But the reason that Ark had taken the risk to kill Jepeteu was because he expected the leader of the bandit group to wear a magic item.

‘Yet he dropped a rare item!’

Rare items were incredibly good but scarce items. It was enough compensation for risking his life. Thanks to Radun and Baekgu carrying them, they managed to arrive at Haman Fortress before the group caught him.

‘Huhuhu, now I can say goodbye to those guys.’

Of course, most of them were normal users except for Jepeteu. There were no restrictions on entering the city but they couldn’t follow him to Haman Fortress. Although they couldn’t attack inside the city, the 70 people could watch the entrance and wait for an opportunity.

‘But I have no more business in Seutandal.’

That’s right. Ark had finished all his business in Seutandal. He had found all his pets and also changed to his 2nd profession. He might as well leave Seutandal and return to the continent. Then the 70 thieves in the vicinity couldn’t act.

“Come, let’s cross to the continent before those guys bother us.”

“Are we returning to Schudenberg Kingdom?”

“No, this time the destination is the magic kingdom of Bristania.”

Ark laughed at Buksil’s question and replied. Ark chose Bristania as his next destination because of the quest item he received. It was the Lord of Darkness Valderas’ Insignia which gave him the quest. He had completed 3~4 quests during that time and this was the only one remaining.

‘The quest is restricted to level 120 so the reward might not be that great…..’

Yet he didn’t like the idea of giving up a quest reward. A low level quest given from a quest starting item might give him a special item. Who knew what kind of compensation he would get or if it would lead him to a new quest?

“Anyway, I’ve explored almost all of Schudenberg and Seutandal now. Even without a quest, it would be good to explore a new area. Although I can accept quests from the same area, Bristania would give more difficult quests to users from different kingdoms.”

Ark already felt anticipation at the thought of a new kingdom and quests. Then Buksil asked with a worried look.

“Don’t tell me we’re going to ride the dolphins?”


“Why? Seutandal is 4 hours away from Schudenberg but it will take 7 hours to reach Bristania. Riding a dolphin for that long would throw out my lower back! Ark-nim can ride the dolphins. And I will ride the ferry with Baekgu.”

“Who will take the dolphin? I’ll ride the regular ferry.”

“Huh? Why?”

Buksil’s eyes widened at Ark’s reply. The ferry to Bristania was more expensive than the Schudenberg one and cost 18 gold! However, Ark who feared wasting even one gold was expectedly riding the ferry. But Ark couldn’t help it this time. The sea route between Seutandal and Bristania was quite rough. The last time he visited the vampire estates, he received motion sickness. What would happen if he rode the dolphin on waves that were several metres high? In addition, Ark had never been to Bristania. Without geographic information about Bristania, it was likely that he would wander off to some ridiculous place.

‘Well, that isn’t the only reason…..’

“Anyway, we’re going on the ferry. There’s still some time before the ferry will arrive so I’m going to make some preparations. You have some time so go visit a few places.”

“Yes. Let’s go Baekgu.”

Buksil headed to the shopping district with Baekgu. Buksil’s bag was basically bursting with japtem. He hadn’t visited Haman Fortress since they headed for Oberium from the vampire territory. So it was packed with the decorations he took from Racard’s castle, the cursed items from Oberium, the various miscellaneous items he received from hunting the Mould Zombies and the various food ingredients. Except for the curse items and food ingredients, he needed to sell the other items in order to clear some bag space. While Buksil was conducting business, Ark headed to Haman Fortress. It had been one and a half month since he visited Haman. The fortress had changed unimaginably and was still changing. Ark aimed for the trading post he completed shortly before leaving. But in contrast to the remarkable development of the fortress, the atmosphere was a little messy.

“The pirates have been attacking merchant ships so the atmosphere is a bit rough. A merchant fleet was attacked last time and there were a large number of casualties.”

Beseutyu spoke in a concerned voice. These days the pirates were the topic of conversation between most NPCs in Seutandal. When considering Seutandal’s previous rate of development, it should’ve grown more. But because the cargo ships had been attacks, there was a shortage of construction materials so work had slowed.

“It’s not easy to find the lawless port.”

“Are there a lot of users coming and going?”

In fact, Ark hadn’t thought that the lawless port problem was that serious. If general users as well as the Hermes guild and Nakujuk were using it then information must be leaking somewhere. Wouldn’t someone with a loose mouth write it on a notice board or something?

“I thought like that as well. But the guys managing the lawless port…… They’re probably from Hermes but they are very strict about the users who can enter the illegal port. If they suspect the person can’t maintain confidentiality then they wouldn’t be allowed in. Well, only chaotic users are allowed in there so the chaotic players are being careful.”

“Those Hermes members are very determined.”

“Yes, so we decided to go after them ourselves.”

The problem had become so serious that Isabel had invest a huge amount of money to build a battleship. If Seutandal possessed a combat ship than the pirates won’t be able to run wild. So the leaders of the autonomous group, JusticeMan, the rehabilitation members and Lariette were busy training the Baran clan in sea battles. Beseutyu said that even now they were training offshore.

“By the way, if you go to the continent then when will you come back?”

“Well, I’m not sure yet. But it won’t take long.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

After exiting the information centre, Ark had wanted to visit the training camp but shook his head.

“JusticeMan ajusshi and the rehabilitation brothers are busy so they won’t have time to meet me. In addition, it is a little troublesome meeting Lariette-nim after what happened before. If they created a battleship just for the pirate problem then there is no reason for me to go.”

So Ark went searching for Isabel. If he offended her then he wouldn’t receive any more compensation. He also wanted to hear news about Shambala. Currently Shambala was on a mission to rally the residents of Eastern Nation. If Shambala completed the Eastern Nation rallying mission then Shambala would receive the Saint Assassin’s 2nd profession.

‘But why does it feel like his task is easier than mine? Plus……’

Isabel’s face flushed every time she met Shambala which meant that Shambala’s work was painless.

‘It is a good thing but I don’t know if I should celebrate.’

Ark frankly still couldn’t understand how Shambala could feel a romantic love for a NPC. It didn’t matter how real the NPC seemed. Furthermore, New World wasn’t a girl entertainment simulation game…… Why would NPCs in the game flirt? He didn’t know what she wanted.

‘Well, it’s not my life to be concerned about.’

Ark didn’t have the energy to care about things unrelated to him. He even avoided Roco and Lariette since he didn’t know how to deal with the problem….. Anyway, he finished his business in Haman when the eyeball attached to him shouted.

“Ark-nim, hurry. The ship has arrived!”

When he hurriedly ran to the docks, the ferry to Bristania was making preparations to depart. It was ahead of schedule so Ark barely made it in time thanks to the eyeball.

“Wow, look at that!”

The gazes were focused on Ark’s group after they boarded the ship. Although some users recognized Ark, the users’ eyes were focused on Baekgu.

“Look at that glossy hair.”

“Isn’t the size also considerable?”

“Is his owner a merchant? Where did he get a pet like that?”

While users could select the Wolf Clan when creating their characters, Baekgu was a Wolrang and looked quite different. The silver fur made Baekgu look quite beautiful compared to other dogs. The owner of the dog attracted the envy of other users. Baekgu pricked his ears and listened to the words of the surrounding users as he ascended the boat behind Baekgu. Baekgu gathered strength into his neck and tilted it with a proud look.

‘If the Wolrang clan could see this then they would cry.’

The Wolrang who lived and died with honour would’ve been offended to be considered a pet, but Baekgu was already a pet dog.

‘Well, this turned out well.’

Anyway, the captain made a speech after Ark boarded the ship.

“Thank you for using this ferry. This is the regular ferry between Seutandal and Bristania. It might take a lot of time compared to travelling to other kingdoms, but just relax and we’ll make this as comfortable as your own home. We are now departing. All sailors to their locations!”

The sails opened and the ferry started moving.

“I’m finally leaving Seutandal. I’ll see you again Seutandal!”

Ark gazed at the gradually receding Seutandal with a look filled with deep emotion.

‘There’s no doubt about it. He got on the ship just then!’

There was a person spying on Ark from the corner of a building near the port. His hood was pushed back and revealed Sunfish who had the X scar on his cheek. Sunfish was a member of Jepeteu’s organization. After tracking Ark’s movements, they learned that his last destination had been Haman Fortress. So Jepeteu made Sunfish sneak into Haman beforehand in order to follow Ark.

‘They took the Bristania ferry. Huhuhu, did you think it was possible to escape from us just by taking the ferry? You stupid fool. We won’t let you escape from Seutandal.’

Sunfish pushed down his hood and took out the Feather of Whispering. At that same time, someone else at the port was also acting similarly to Sunfish.

‘I’ve found him! He’s on Seutandal as expected. But now that guy is screwed!’

A vague smile spread on the man’s mouth.


The ferry parted the water and flowed forward. It was already summer so the cool foam of the water felt refreshing. Once the ferry set sail, the users immediately took out their fishing rods.

‘It is regretful but……’

Ark clicked his tongue as he looked at the people fishing. When he headed towards Seutandal from Schudenberg, he had made a profit cooking and selling dishes to the people fishing. He would’ve liked to engage in that business again. But Ark shook his head. When heading to Seutandal, it had been mainly warriors on the ferry. But there was a higher ratio of merchants when returning to the continent. The warriors headed towards Seutandal to hunt but the merchant’s purpose was trade. They bought things from the continent to Seutandal to sell and then would sell goods purchased from Seutandal on the continent. So there was a ratio of 70% merchants when leaving. And a lot of merchants had learned to cook. While the effects and taste of Ark’s survival cooking was superior, merchants were apprehensive to eat food they couldn’t make. So it was unreasonable to expect them to pay him a fee to cook.

‘Besides, I have no time to earn some petty cash.’

Ark laughed and entered the cabin. Then he pulled out the pot and arranged his ingredients. There were 200 bunches of 20 ingredients. It was the Skin of the Dead and the Heart of the Dead. That’s right. This was why Ark bothered to use the ferry.

‘It takes 7 hours to reach Bristania so it is impossible to play earnestly.

The sea route took a minimum of 7 hours. That was different from the previous 4 hours. Other users would leave their unit on while conducting other business. Thus most users would engage in other business while leaving the unit on. So he thought about making the Necromancer’s Immortality Pill.

‘The Immortality Pill takes a lot of time to create. It doesn’t matter after reaching the maturation process, but the mixing and crystallization process requires watching. Anyway, I can’t do anything on the ferry so I might as well start the process. By the time we reach Bristania, it will be in the maturation stage and I’ll leave if in the vault at the Magic Institute.’

There was also a desire to finish it as quickly as possible because he had been waiting for so long.

‘I can finally make the rank A immortality pill!’

Ark swallowed his saliva and put the ingredients into the pot. When the Necromancer’s Essence was dropped in, it instantly melted and changed to a dark glue like liquid. Next the Skin and Heart of the Dead was added, the dark liquid turned to a black soot and a message window appeared.

-You have gathered all the necessary ingredients to create ‘Necromancer’s Immortality Pill.’

Now it is time to start the process of creating the immortality pill.

Immortality Pill Mixing = Crystallization= Maturation.  Once it goes through these 3 stages then it is complete.

Estimated required time is 96 hours.

-You have entered the stage 1 mixing process.

The ingredients in the Necromancer’s Immortality Pill have magical qualities that are contrary to each other.  If there is a slightest mistake in mixing then all the efforts so far would be wasted. Special attention is required to ensure that all ingredients are mixed correctly until the process is finished.

=Time remaining in Mixing process: 3 hours.

’96 hours…..!’

Ark’s mouth dropped after reading the information window. Didn’t that mean it would take 4 days?

‘But I just have to finish the mixing and crystallization process and the rest is just waiting. It only took 8 hours to create the Slime’s Immortality Pill. Although the A rank pill takes longer, it I start it now than I can finish the crystallization process by the time we arrived. As expected, it is good that I took the ferry.’

After looking at the information window, he realized he wouldn’t waste any time. Compared to the time it took to collect the ingredients, 4 days wasn’t a problem. When considering the bonus an A class immortality pill would give, who cared about a little boredom?

“Now let’s get started.”

Ark stretched his joints and grabbed the pot.

“I have to ensure the best degree of completion! Nothing can go wrong.”

Ark shook the pot at an absurd speed. Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang! Suddenly there was an audible roaring from far away and the hull tilted to one side.

“Ugh, what, what the? I almost ruined it!”

Ark looked at the pot with a stricken face. Not all the immortality pills were the same. The added bonus depended on the degree of completion in each process. That’s why he hunted 20,000 Mould Zombies and found enough ingredients to create two Necromancer’s Immortality pills. If it spilled over the side then the percentage of completion would fall!

“What is going on? Didn’t they promise to make this as peaceful as my house?

Ark murmured with irritation. Dangtangtang. When the sound was heard, Buksil opened his door and shouted.

“Ark-nim, it is serious!”

“I know. They almost made my spill it!”

“No, that’s not it….. It’s the pirates, pirates!”


Kwa kwa kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

After running onto the deck, the roaring sound was instantly heard again. At the place where the roaring sound was heard was a ship with a black hull and skeleton flag rapidly approaching

“Emergency, emergency! A pirate ship is approaching closely!”

When the pirate ship appeared, the sailors ran around the deck making noises.

“Oh my god! Why are the pirates attacking a passenger ship?”

The captain muttered with a pale, stricken face. Typically the pirates only targeted merchants. There was no point engaging a passenger ship in sea battle when there wouldn’t be much profit. There was the method of attacking the users directly but it wouldn’t be easy and a variety of scrolls would have to be used. In addition, Seutandal couldn’t produce that many supplies for trade yet so the merchants aboard the ferry often had empty bags.

On the other hand, the merchants’ fleets had a lot of economic power and rich merchants. It was to the extent that they couldn’t hold it in their bags and had to leave it in a warehouse. If they sank a merchant fleet then 20-50% of the warehouse items would float in the sea. So the pirates were more likely to attack the merchant fleets arriving at Seutandal.

‘Damn, pirates? No way!’

Ark shook the pot and frowned. He really had no luck. He was saying it again but there was only a 1~2% chance of pirates attacking a ferry. So why was he among the 1~2%? In addition, if he died then he would lose all the ingredients he gathered with difficulty.

‘My degree of completion can’t fail because of pirates or I’ll go crazy!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Once again projectiles flew from the pirate ship. However, it still wasn’t enough to reach the ship and the bombs exploded in the water. “Port to maximum height! We’re screwed once we’re in the range of the ships!” The ferry rotated heavily at the captain’s command.

However, this was a peaceful ship created for carrying passengers so the pirate ship was superior in speed and turning capability. The pirate ship moved in a slanted line and fired warning shots again, making the ferry shake.

‘Hik, pot, my pot!’

Ark clenched the rail firmly and shook the pot. Then he suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Kuahahaha. It’s better to stop the flimsy resistance!”

‘Eh? This voice is…..?’

Ark flinched as he saw the person yelling from the pirate ship. He surprisingly knew the face of the captain of the pirate ship. It was the boss of the bandit group that Ark had killed in the swamp, Jepeteu! Jepeteu had a subordinate magician use ‘Voice Amplification’ magic and shouted.

“If you surrender then I won’t sink your ship. We only want one person. If you cooperate and surrender then we’ll only look for that person!”

‘What, what the? They really chased me to here?’

Ark was surprised and hid himself behind the railing. Then Buksil glared angrily at Ark and declared sharply.

“Look, they chased us all the way here because you took their helmet!”

“The person we want is a dwarf merchant who looks like a pig!”

“Eek? Me? Me? H-how come?”

Buksil screamed and hid behind the railing as Jepeteu continued. Ark was also puzzled. Ark thought the bandit group was chasing them because he killed Jepeteu and snatched his rare helmet. But he hadn’t done anything and Jepeteu was looking for Buksil? Why?

“Did you do something to those guys?”

“I don’t know. I just kept running away!”

Buksil replied with a perplexed expression. However, this was not the time to be thinking about that. The passengers who were panicked by the warning shots became disturbed by Jepeteu’s words.

“What the? They’re chasing after someone?”

“Then they’ll leave us alone if they find the person they’re looking for?”

The passengers muttered with a hopeful expression.

‘Shit, if this continues then won’t the passengers drag us to them?’

Ark hid under the rail and continued shaking the pot while shouting.

“Don’t be fooled! That is the modus operandi of these guys!”

“What? Fooled?”

“Do you think they would shoot a ferry just to get one person? Once they board the ship, they’ll just rob everyone’s bags. Obviously they had a lot of [Robbery] scrolls.”

“I see. That’s right, that person is right!”

“That pirate is a weak bastard!”

By the end of Ark’s words, the passengers were glaring at Jepeteu. Then the captain grabbed a loudspeaker and shouted.

“Do you think I will surrender to pirates who are trash of the sea? Even if your words are true, this ship is owned by the King of Bristania. There is no way I will pass a passenger of the King’s to pirates! I will uphold the honour of Bristania and resist until the end!”

“Bah, I can’t communicate with them. It can’t be helped. Approach them!”

When Jepeteu laughed and raised his hands, the sails of the pirate ship instantly unrolled. Then the pirate ship accelerated and approached the ferry.

“Port side! Starboard!”

The captain shouted but it wasn’t easy to ferry to escape the quick hull of the pirate ship. After a short time, the pirate ship finally managed to line up beside the ferry. The strongest weapon of the pirates was the cannons. And cannons were mounted on the side of the pirate ship. That was why the pirate ship moved in a slanted line and approached from the side. That was the best attack range of a pirate ship! Once lined up side by side, the cannons could fire dozens of artillery. If an ordinary ferry was attacked by dozens of cannons fired from close range then it would sink.

“S-stop them. Prevent them from bombarding us!”

The captain shouted frantically.

Then archers and magicians on-board the ferry attacked the pirate ship. But the range of the bombardment was from dozens of metres away. Most of the arrows and magic fell into the ocean, and the attacks that reached barely damaged the hull.

“Hahaha, you fools! Do you think attacks that shabby would damage this battlefield?”

“Damn, port side! Port side! We have to escape from their range!”

“Not a chance. You think that slow ship can escape us?”

No matter what direction the ferry moved to, the pirates quickly overtook them. Meanwhile, the dozens of cannons on the side of the pirate ship were loaded.

‘Damn, what do I do?’

Ark tightened his lips and felt like his insides were burning. If the artillery hit the ferry then if would suffer extravagant damage and sink. But the problem was not the damage. If Ark died now then his immortality pill creation would be cancelled. All the ingredients in the pot would be lost. But Ark couldn’t think of a method.

‘There is a method to escape.  Fortunately it is just one pirate ship. Before the bombardment starts, I have to jump into the ocean with Jepeteu knowing.’

Even if the ferry didn’t sink, most users wouldn’t have a way to survive if they fell into the ocean. However, Ark had the ‘Flute of the Merpeople’ and could call the dolphins. If he called the dolphins before escaping into the ocean then he could escape Jepeteu. But he was also taking a risk. Right now Ark was concentrating his energies in shaking the pot!

‘Riding the dolphin and completing the immortality pill at the same time will be difficult.’

Ark was thinking that when something interrupted him. One of the soldiers on the mast shouted with a shocked voice.



“P-pirate ship!”

“Are you joking? Why are you talking about a pirate ship that we’ve already seen?”

“No, that’s not it….. A different pirate ship has appeared from the left. And there are three of them….. It is a pirate fleet! They’re approaching at a rapid pace!”


The captain ran to the left deck with huge eyes. Just like the sailor said, three pirate ships were approaching. While everyone was distracted by the pirates on the right, a pirate fleet had appeared on the other side. The three pirate ships were on a completely bigger scale that Jepeteu’s pirate ship.

“This is a ferry! A ferry! Why are four pirate ships attacking us?”

The captain muttered with a devastated look. Then a voice that was using ‘Amplification’ magic was heard from the pirate fleet.

“Hohoho, we’ve caught him!”

“Listen up, don’t bother with the weak fellows! We only want Ark who is riding that boat! We’ll only leave after we take him out!”

Ark focused his gaze as soon as his name was mentioned.  The person yelling on the flagship of the pirate fleet was a woman wearing silver chain armour and a big burly man wearing leather armour. Even though he turned over every corner of his brain, Ark couldn’t remember those faces. Buksil looked at Ark and asked.

“This time they’re definitely looking for Ark-nim. What did you do?”

“Damn, I don’t know. I don’t know those faces!”

“People you don’t know are chasing after you and threatening you with a pirate fleet?”

“How should I know what those guys are thinking?”

Ark and Buksil were busy arguing. Then the woman wearing the magician’s clothes hit the man on the back of the head and said.

“You idiot, do you think he will come up obediently? Just sink them for the moment!”

“What? But…….”

“We’re positive he is present. Even if he sinks, he’ll just revive at Haman Fortress. Then we can just wait there.”

“Ah, that’s right. That means sense. Pirate fleet! Head to that boring ferry!”

The three pirate ships over took the left side of the ferry. Thanks to that, the ordinary ferry was sandwiched between pirate ships.

‘What is this? Doesn’t this mean I can’t escape on the dolphin?”

The pirate ships were lined up on the right and left side. Although Jepeteu’s reason was unknown, he definitely wouldn’t leave it alone if he saw Ark getting away on the dolphins. If Ark was too obvious when running away then the cannons of all four ships would point to him. Riding a dolphin while shaking his pot and avoiding cannons was impossible.

‘W-w-what can I do? I’m trapped like a prey about to be eaten.’

Just the thought of it was enough to make him sag.

‘I can’t die like this. But both sides are blocked……’

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t think of a way to escape the pirates. Then he heard the captain’s completely panicked voice.

“Ugh, no. This is the end. Should I have accepted their request? Maybe they really are just aiming for the dwarf merchant and that Ark fellow.”

‘What? He can’t have that thought…..!’

“Captain, that’s not possible at all. Just like Captain said, doesn’t the King of Bristania have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all the passengers?”

While Ark was frowning, a sailor spoke with an unaccepting expression. The sailor was a person who with a righteous character. The captain sighed and nodded at the sailor’s words.

“Uh, you’re right. I was so scared that I forgot about my obligation. A true sea man is someone who handles himself in a moment of crisis. I have to follow that motto.”

“Yes, Captain. We’ll act like that as well.”

The captain and sailors had completely forgotten about their previous thoughts. Ark was saved thanks to that.

‘Lucky those guys stopped. That danger has disappeared.’

Ark was thinking when someone suddenly shouted.

“Hey, look at that. Another ship has appeared!”

“What? A pirate ship again?”

“No. That flag is Seutandal! It is Seutandal’s combat ship!”

‘Seutandal’s combat ship?’

Ark raised his head and looked over the railing. 2 combat ships were approaching at a fast speed from behind. The symbol of the Eastern Nation which was already representing Seutandal was drawn on the flag fluttering at the top mast.

“Hahaha, they’re pirates. We’ve finally caught up to them!”

A heroic voice was heard from Seutandal’s combat ship. These days, using ‘Amplification’ magic during naval battles seemed to be the trend.

‘Isn’t this voice JusticeMan ajusshi?’

That’s right. The people on the combat ship weren’t just JusticeMan. Standing next to him were the rehabilitation group and Lariette. A look of relief appeared on Ark’s face. But it turned gloomy again after a few seconds.

‘Seutandal’s combat ship…… It was completed? However, it is too late. The pirate ships have already surrounded the ferry. It will be sunk before the combat ship can help. Is there some way to delay the time until the ship arrives?’

Ark pulled his hair and looked at the pirate ships on both sides. Jepeteu’s pirate ship was 50 metres away and preparing for bombardment! There were as many as 30 cannon muzzles protruding from the doors! Just one round of firing would be enough to sink the ferry. But the even more menacing thing was the pirate fleet approaching on the other side. The three ships contained a total of 90 cannons aimed at the ferry! If the cannons were fired simultaneously then the ferry would disintegrate into powder. There would be no way for Ark to survive in the midst of the explosions.

‘Then I have no choice but to suffer? No, wait? The pirate fleet only arrived a short while ago, but Jepeteu had already prepared his bombardment a while back so why hadn’t he attacked yet?

Perhaps……ah, that’s it. There might be a way to survive.’

Ark suddenly remembered something and headed towards the bridge.

“It was an honour to sail with you.”

“Huk, Captain!”

The captain and crew were embracing each other with teary eyes when Ark arrived. They were surrounded by four pirate ships so it was natural to give up hope. However, Ark had no intention of sinking into the sea with them.

“Captain, there is a way to penetrate the siege!”


The Captain hurriedly wiped his tears and turned around. Ark told the Captain his thoughts. The Captain’s face changed often while listening but he eventually nodded.

“Yes…… There is that method….. Maybe…… No, there is no other way. I understand. Gather all magicians from the sailors and passengers to one place! They’ll be given orders depending on the reaction of the pirates.”

“I understand.”

While the Captain gathered the magicians and explained the plan, Ark climbed to the roof of the bridge. Still shaking the pot with one hand, Ark amplified his voice using ‘Intimidation’ and shouted.

“Hey you bastards!”

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skill unlocked: haunting u can stay online and follow the people who killed you and cuase them 4 random debuffs and drain 20 health per 10 sec for 24 hours


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Thank you~ can’t wait to see what ark’s plan is (,,•﹏•,,)


Cliffhanger. Yes. Thanks for that 😛


Dude thats so weird. I mean imagine it, Ark with one hand on a pot shaking it like crazy while yelling at the pirates. Even going around telling the people his plan with a pot in one hand. Author just casually mentions it but think about it lol.


and the funny part is that none of the npc’s find that weird


wow, a chapter a day?))) thank you sooo much Turtle, this is amazing, you are back to insane release speed mode, appreciate it highly…


Can’t he just speed it up with the hour glass?


only the maturation stage. the mix and crytalisation stage require attention and the hour-glass makes a LOT of time pass


Besides, as seen previously, it’s best used to charge/create Hearthstones.

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muhaha but how ark can act so in peace like and nobody is questioning his stiring the pot^^ really weird 😀


Maybe ‘stiring the pot’ will become a new trend after this?


Arrrrggh, Prepare to board! *picks up pot*
[During Battle] Yaaargh! Ye rascals scare, Attack! *starts shaking pot*
[During Battle-Defending Captain] Ah! The enemy captain is using a pot, so Must I!
Force all the Hostages to walk the plank *continues shaking pot* and says to Enemy Captain
“Ye did not shake fast enough, yarrr a failure as a Captain!”


I’m hungry…


thought that said Yorikun..


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Gracias por la traducción 😀


ty for this great chapter , it’s funny how ark walk on top of ship with a pot in his hand lol


Thanks for the chapter 😀 I can’t wait to see what he realized 😀


Thanks for the chapter~

Just wondering should this:
‘There is a method to escape. Fortunately it is just one pirate ship. Before the bombardment starts, I have to jump into the ocean with Jepeteu knowing.’

be this ?
‘There is a method to escape. Fortunately it is just one pirate ship. Before the bombardment starts, I have to jump into the ocean with(out) Jepeteu knowing.’


Thank you for the chapter.


Thanks for the chapter


♥Thank you for the chapter my wonderful friends♥
Written by: Yoo Seong
Translated by: BlackandRedTurtle


why He doesnt change how he look? He does not have to change to only DarkWolf. He have magic Helmet of Racoon Clan…?


Thanks for the chapter. Making a A inmortality pill while there is a Naval battle. Man. It looks more like a ++S pill to me xD


Thank you for the chapter Turtle-nim!


I swear Ark is an idiot.