Act 6: Grab Hold of the Enemy

ACT 6 Grab Hold of the Enemy

-Kuraka, kuraka, beldram!

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa, ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A huge number of demonic monsters were shrieking while running. The number of demons running while causing a dust cloud numbered in the tens of thousands! Armed with swords and spears, the Tallons riding ugly horses were leading them. There were so many different types of monsters roaring that it could fill a museum. The number of demons was enough to step on a city! Anyone facing those many demons would shudder with fear……


But Ark just snorted as he laughed. Then he spoke to JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members on either side of him.

“Hyung-nims, it’s begun!”

“Archer units, aim at the monsters in the lead!”

The rehabilitation members on either side of him simultaneously shouted. Then a huge dark cloud appeared in the sky behind Ark. The huge dark cloud……

That’s right. It was tens of thousands of arrows. It flew into the sky like a dark cloud before falling like a shower of rain.

Syu syu syu syuk, syu syu syu syuk!

The tens of thousands of arrows fell over the heads of the demons. The Tallons in the lead fell to the ground like a hedgehog and were trampled to pieces by the charging demons. It was hundreds of them. But it didn’t feel like the number of demons had even decreased.

-Kuraka, kuraka, beldram!

When their colleagues fell down, the demons just shrieked and ran forward even more.

“JusticeMan ajusshi!”

“Okay. Shield units, prepare for a collision!”

JusticeMan lifted his left arm and shouted. Thousands of warriors behind Ark raised their shield. They advanced 10 metres, placed one knee on the ground and raised their shields vertically. It was a shield barriers made of thousands of warriors.

“Spear units should stand behind the shield units to prevent their attacks!”

This time JusticeMan raised his right arm. The spear units got into position and positioned their spears diagonally. The spears were raised at a 30 degree angle above the shields. In moments a wall made of shields and spears were built. It was the ultimate defense position to prevent a charge. It was the formation he thought of when fighting monsters in the secret dungeon.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

A roaring sound shook the space. The demons hadn’t reduced their speed and collided with the spears and shields. The shields were firmly anchored and they prevented the assault while the spears pushed through the gaps in the demons’ leather. Ark’s eyes shone at the sight.

“Now. Go forward, every unit intercept the demons!”


Like an enormous dam had discharged, the protective barrier split to the left and right. And thousands of soldiers ran through the gap in the protective barrier. The infantry tangled with the demons and a fierce battle began.

‘I didn’t think I would gather this much!’

Ark looked at the fighting soldiers with a warm look. They were tens of thousands of soldiers with remarkable armour and weapons! They were all the users that Ark had collected in a mere day. They numbered 60,000!

…….How had Ark managed to gather that many users in just one day? Ark found the method after Yapsab turned on the TV yesterday evening. The TV had been broadcasting a guerrilla concert. An amateur singer had managed to attract 10,000 people for a concert. Ark looked at the broadcast and considered.

‘The singer gathered that many people just from PR?’

The singer was excellent but it was because of the power of the TV that people gathered. They were interested in appearing on TV and showed up. No matter if it was Korea or the world, the influence of television was enormous.

‘Why didn’t I think of it before?’

Ark thought about the game exclusive news. Ark had used the broadcast to influence users to protect Lancel village. But he couldn’t use such methods this time. These days the biggest topic on the game exclusive news was the Demonic War. So the videos of the Schudenberg and Bristania expeditions were being played every day. In such a situation, appearing on TV wouldn’t garner a lot of attention.

‘However, if it is associated with the war then that will change.’

“I have a scoop related to New World. Can you broadcast it right now?”

“If it is Ark-nim’s scoop then we will broadcast it anytime!”

Ark was guaranteed to increase the ratings so the game exclusive news immediately accepted. Ark sent a video he took a few hours ago and it was broadcasted on TV. The video shoed Ark entering the History Crystal in Shangri-La and finding the secret about the Hell River. After the video ended, the host continued talking.

“It is clear that there are other secrets entangled with the Demonic War. The demons are plotting to unseal the Hell River hidden underneath Silvana and flood all of Nagaran. Yet the Schudenberg and Bristania kingdoms are taking no action.”

The host spoke with an excited voice.

“On Dark Wolf-nim who is supported by our game exclusive news is trying to smash the demons conspiracy on his own.  But no matter how strong Dark Wolf-nim is, it is impossible for him to defeat 100,000 monsters by himself. So Dark Wolf-nim is recruiting heroes to crush the conspiracy of the demons! If you visit the game exclusive news’ homepage then you can find out more details!”

The impact of this broadcast was enormous. Tens of thousands of people instantly connected to the website as soon as the broadcast ended. And several users left commands on the special bulletin board that Ark requested.

-I am Aramis, the Lord of Radon. I asked for help as soon as the demons invaded but both Bristania and Schudenberg refused. If Dark Wolf is moving than the 4,800 people of the Aramis alliance will join him.

-I am the Lord of Beiku, Saruman. You should know my position so I won’t write a lot. Those of the Golden Cross alliance will join with Dark Wolf-nim!

-I am Pejito, the Lord of Granada. If Dark Wolf-nim’s information is correct and the Hell River will flood all of Nagaran then it isn’t just the problem of one territory. The 4,900 members of our Union alliance will fight with Dark Wolf-nim……

This was what Ark had aimed for. That’s right. If the Hell River flooded then various problems would form, but the ones most affected would be the various local lords and their alliances. When removing the direction connection with Alan, their circumstances were similar to Ark’s.

‘What will happen if they know the situation in Nagaran?’

Of course they would try every method to stop it like Ark. And Dark Wolf was already a name known throughout New World. If Ark appealed to them directly then the lords and their alliances wouldn’t hesitate to help! The results were exactly what Ark expected. After the broadcast was viewed, the lords of each territory rushed like wild boars to apply There were quite a few alliance members in the expedition but their territory was at stake so they flew to Nagaran without questioning it. Users spread all over the continent used the Letter Movement to move among cities and ran to Nagaran. In just two days of game time, the alliances of the 12 territories had assembled in Nagaran.

“The assembly of the 4,800 Aramis alliance members from Radon territory is complete!”

“The assembly of the 5,200 Golden Cross alliance members from Beiku is complete!”

“The assembly of the 4,900 Union alliance members from Gurana is complete…….”

The final number was 60,000 people! It was the birth of 60,000 allied forces consisting entirely of users that had never occurred before in New World’s history.

“Don’t back off! If you retreat then your territory will be lost!”

“Kill as much monsters as you can before you die!”

The biggest advantage of this alliance was that they weren’t afraid to go through fire or water. Who cared about death if their territory would be lost if the Hell River flooded? It was the same for the 1,000 Dark Eden members led by JusticeMan and the rehabilitation group. They received an income from the triangular trade and the munitions supply so if they lost the territory then their income would fly away. They became resolute in following Ark to defend Silvana. But JusticeMan’s case was slightly different.

“Dammit! It just had to happen now!”

JusticeMan yelled as he knocked down some demons to the ground. He was angry because they had interfered in his proposal to Park So-mi.

Of course, Ark wasn’t just leisurely watching the situation.

“Okay, shall I go too? Summon Demon. Racard, Purital, Shambala!”

“……Do you want to die?”

Shambala glared threateningly as he was summoned (?). But Ark just ignored it and gave his summons (?) and order.

“Racard, watch the military situation using satellite surveillance mode!”


Purital, Clad Armour!”

Clack clack clack, clack clack clack clack!

Purital was taken apart like a robot transformation and incorporated himself around Ark’s body. Racard’s voice was heard in his ear at the same time.

“Master, the Dark Loaders are moving on the left side while being escorted by Heavy Walkers.”

“Over there?”

Ark’s eyes looked at the demons through the bone armour and he ran lightly across the area. The demons wearing black robes surrounded by armoured Heavy Walkers caught his eye. In fact, even Ark wasn’t able to do that much in a situation where thousands of soldiers and users were fighting. If he killed 10 monsters among the 10,000 then it was just like a ratio of 1000:1. That type of number wouldn’t have a huge influence on the military situation. But there was a way for one person to have an influence on the military situation. It was to intercept enemies with special abilities! If he took out demons with wide area abilities or healing magic then it would reduce the burden. The Dark Loaders were demons who could restore health like priests. Ark focused on them and shouted.

“Hook Explosion!”

The hooks at Ark’s shoulder and knees crossed the space. It grabbed the bodies of two Dark Loaders and pulled them to Ark.

“Shambala, now!”

“Can you stop ordering me around?”

Ark drove his sword into one of the monster’s chest. Thanks to the damage from Hook Explosion and Ark’s attack, the Dark Loader stumbled and its spell was cancelled. Then Shambala shot forward like an arrow and drove his dagger into the neck of a Dark Loader. There was an eerie sound and the Dark Loader’s neck was cut. It was a perfect critical hit to the neck of an enemy made defenseless by his partner. Ark and Shambala finished up the Dark Loaders and cruised the battlefield for more enemies. Therefore the allied forces could minimize any unnecessary consumption of supplies and ran down the demons.

“Knock down the demons no matter what!”

“Archers aim for the legs of any that are escaping!”

“Destroy the black obelisks!”

The voices of the allied forces shouted from among the monsters. After a while, there was the sound of a horse’s hooves and one of the allied members attacking a monster collapsed. Each of the leaders expressed their confusion at the same time.


“The Dullahan Knights are coming!”

Around 100 knights had appeared and were trampling the allied members. The knights had exposed bones through various areas of their black armour. They were also holding their heads in their left hand. Holding a sword in the right hand and blowing flames from the mouth of the head being held in the left hand, it was the knight called Dullahan.

“Kukukuku, show these ignorant humans the power of the darkness! Become a dead person in hell!”

The Dullahan shouted while blowing hell flames. When the high ranking demons appeared, the defense line of the allied forces suddenly collapsed.

“JusticeMan ajusshi, rehabilitation hyungnims!”

“Understood. The Pejito and Gurana troops, move to the right side!”

“Golden Cross troops, rotate in a semicircle to the left!”

JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members shouted towards the surrounding allied forces. Then the allied forces fighting split to the left and right.

“Magicians, connect your magic using Willpower Exchange!”

The magicians simultaneously started chanting spells. The intense light covered the bodies of the magicians like a net. It was the spell which connected magic to make higher ranking magic available.

“Light of the world which swallows the darkness…..anger of the Thunder God!”

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

At the same time, hundreds of stems of lighting struck from the ground. It was a dominant wide area magic with attacked the targets within 8 circles! The magicians were completely exhausted afterwards but the Dullahan were vaporized by the thousands of hundreds of strikes and were on the verge of death.

“Smash their heads!”

The thousands of allied forces simultaneously attacked at Ark’s command. Thanks to the magicians’ 8 circles, the Dullahan were unable to resist. Several hundred spears penetrated its body while hundreds of swords and maces slammed down on the Dullahans’ heads.

“The Dullahan Knights have been exterminated!”

“Run and destroy the black obelisks!”

The allied forces had their morale increased from killing the Dullahans and instantly charged the other demons. This time 30,000 demons were in front of the allied forces. The allied forces number 60,000 troops. The momentum was with the allied forces thanks to the wide area magic and the crushed the demons. Several hours later, the allied forces swallowed the demons like a huge wave and advanced. After a while, the demons received enormous damage and were forced to retreat.

“We’ve regained Beiku territory!”

“Let’s advance to Silvana!”


The tens of thousands of soldiers stood on the piled up dead bodies of the demons and cheered with their weapons raised.



A curse automatically emerged from Ark’s mouth. Ark was standing on the hill looking down at Silvana. But the sight that caught his eyes was different from the Silvana he remembered. The wide farmland was pitted with holes like bombs had exploded and the villages were ruins.

‘The estate which I raised……’

Ark grinded his teeth together. After obtaining Silvana from the Hermes alliance, he had used the secret funds from the Continental Commerce Firm to develop the territory. Thanks to his efforts, a B rank promotion had been just around the corner. But the demons had stepped all over his territory.

The B rank promotion was set aside and it had fallen to D rank.

He had already known this but the sight made anger well up inside him. Ark took a deep breath and pushed it down.

‘Calm down. Now isn’t the time to be thinking about that.’

That’s right. If didn’t matter if it was a B or D rank territory if he couldn’t protect Silvana. Silvana would disappear if the Hell River flooded.

“……This can’t continue.”

Ark muttered as he looked down at the territory. After forming the allied forces, they had instantly retaken Beiku and Radon. They were then able to advance into Silvana. It was a series of consecutive victories for Nagaran’s allied forces! On the other hand, the demons had received successive defeats and retreated to Silvana. Even so, it wasn’t possible to say that the present situation was good. The reason was the existence of the black obelisks. 80% of the black obelisks that fell in Nagaran were concentrated on Silvana castle and the surrounding areas. The demons that occupied Radon and Beiku also moved back to join those at Silvana. While regaining Beiku and Radon, they had killed a large number of demons but only destroyed 20% of the obelisks. In other words, the number of demons had only decreased by 20%. The other demons would be restored by the black obelisks around Silvana. Therefore, there were 70,000~80,000 demons left as a last line of defense around Silvana. This was also the number that could be resurrected in the future. However, the allied forces were also able to resurrect at well.

‘With the power of Nagaran’s allied forces, it is possible to exterminate the demons over the next few days and regain the territory.’

That’s right. Nagaran’s allied forces currently had 60,000 people! They weren’t ordinary NPCs and users. They were the alliances that had fought in New World’s largest battlefields and won the territories. Personal combat power, organizational abilities, experience and equipment……it wasn’t an exaggeration to say they were all experts of the highest level. There were 60,000 of those experts. Killing 70,000~80,000 demons should be no problem for them. The allied forces were already on schedule to retake Silvana. But Ark’s biggest worry wasn’t this battle’s victory or defeat.

‘The problem is time!’

After Ark used the TV to gather the allied forces, they finally reached Silvana three days later. Forming the allied forces took 2 days while it took a week to capture Beiku and Radon and advance to Silvana.

‘That means one week has passed since Alan entered the secret dungeon.’

That’s right. Ark’s problem wasn’t retaking Silvana. Even if they retook Silvana, if they couldn’t stop Alan then Nagaran would be flooded with the Hell River. If he couldn’t stop Alan before he arrived at the Hell River then everything would end. So while the allied forces were marching towards Silvana, Ark had ordered the Dark Eden members hiding in the secret dungeon to monitor Alan’s movements. And just now…..

-I’ve spotted Alan’s group.

A Dark Eden member hiding in the secret dungeon whispered. The place the coalition member was watching was the entrance to the Abyss on the 51st floor. Alan, the Avenger guild and 10,000 demons had entered the Abyss. Ark thought about the situation after hearing the report.

‘The Abyss is different from the 50 floors before it. It is the size of a huge maze and was just as complicated. Unimaginable traps are laid out everywhere like spider webs. No matter how many troops there are, it won’t be easy for them to penetrate the Abyss.’

Ark remembered his experiences in the Abyss. But at that time monsters were swarming the dungeon. On the other hand, the monsters in the secret dungeon were reduced after Dark Eden’s training and wouldn’t revive for a few days. While there were monsters in the previous 50 floors, there weren’t any in the Abyss yet.

‘If Alan doesn’t have to worry about the disruption from monsters then he can pass in 2~3 days.’

In other words, Ark only had 2~3 days left! Of course it was possible for Nagaran’s allied forces to recapture Silvana in 2~3 days. But the problem was they would have to go down from the 1st floor of the secret dungeon after recapturing Silvana. Alan had already passed the 50th floor. Even if they didn’t sleep and ran with full speed forward, there was no guarantee that Ark could catch up with Alan. Silvana also hadn’t even been regained yet. Alan would reach the 60th floor by the time Ark regained Silvana! Silvana would be flooded with the Hell River.

“…….I have no choice but to use that method.”

Ark returned to the camp and muttered. Ark had expected a situation like this in the first place.

‘Alan had already entered the secret dungeon by the time I learnt about Silvana’s occupation. No matter how fast I regain Silvana, won’t I still be too late to stop Alan?’

Ark had some expectations from the elite monsters in the secret dungeon. The experienced Dark Eden now only hunted in the Abyss. So the 50 floors before that were left alone with a lot of monsters.

‘Alan’s group would have to clear them while going down. Hopefully it will take them a few days and we can catch up.’

But Alan was entering the Abyss with the Avenger guild and 10,000 monsters. The monsters in the ancient maze wouldn’t be able to stop those many troops. And Alan had already entered the Abyss.

“I thought you were elite monsters? You’re all just boring monsters!”

Ark cursed the elite monsters in the secret dungeon. But Ark wasn’t naive enough to believe that the monsters could stop them. He was able to predict this and made some preparations.

Ttukttuk, ttukttuk, ttukttuk!

Ark heard some hammer sounds as he entered the camp of the allied forces. He turned his head and saw a huge device among the tents. It was an odd machine with old TVs and antennas placed here and there. And 1 balloon like user was busily going around with various tools, tightening screws and hammering in nails.

“Are you there yet?”

“Phew…..what? Ah, it’s you?”

The balloon like user wiped the sweat and raised his eyes as Ark approached. The user covered with oil spots was Wormer. Wormer tapped the big machine and laughed.

“It’s almost done. I need to finish increasing the stability.”

“What about the performance?”

“Don’t worry about it. The performance will fall a little bit with the stability but it will still work. Because this is the work of the genius inventor Wormer. If you doubt me then you can test it out. The functional parts have been built so you can check it.”

Ark put his hands on the machine after hearing Ark’s words. Then the information about the machine rose in front of him.

-Quantum Material Transmission Device

Type: 1st grade invention

Design and Production: Wormer

A machine that converts a person or object to quantum material and transmits it to another place. However, a receiver is required in order for the machine to return the person or object to their original form. The magic necessary for the quantum transmission is proportional to the volume of the target and the distance between the transmission machine and the receiver. If the volume is big or the transmission distance is far then it will consume more magic energy.

That’s right. This machine was one of the precautions Ark thought of. The Quantum Material Transmission Device! It was a mobile device that could move a person anywhere! While Ark, Shambala and JusticeMan were arguing about a way to enter the secret dungeon, Wormer had explained about the machine. When Ark heard the explanation of the machine, he instantly supplied Wormer with the materials and commissioned him to produce it.

“How is it? Are you positive about the performance?”

Wormer asked Ark with an elated expression after the information was confirmed. Then he muttered with vexation.

“But I’m dissatisfied with some parts since I had to create it in a hurry. The design….. Damn, the quantum machine I left in the underground base had a better performance and design……”

This wasn’t the first time Wormer had made a Quantum Material Transmission Device. He had made one with better energy efficiency and reliability and placed it in the underground base. However, Wormer’s underground base had been used to trap Alan and the demons. When they had visited the underground base after Pabiun Fortress was captured, they discovered that all the inventions were shattered. This was why the hermit like Wormer was helping in the war.

“That bastard Alan, he dared to turn my inventions that are artwork into scrap iron? I’ll make you experience how terrible these items are with your own body!”

Wormer trembled as he thought about it again. Then he suddenly remembered something and asked Ark.

“But is it really okay? Like I said, this quantum device is like junk compared to my other one. But it still requires the receiver to be used. The receiver is easy to use but don’t you want to move to the secret dungeon?”

That’s right. The quantum machine couldn’t be used yet even if it was finished. The Quantum Material Transmission Device couldn’t be used to transfer people anywhere they wanted. Just like the Letter Movement built by the Magic Institute, the quantum machine was paired with a receiver. And Ark wanted to use the quantum machine to move to the 60th floor of the secret dungeon.

‘That is the only way to stop Alan in the present situation.’

This was a situation where there was no way to catch up with Alan even if he quickly captured Silvana. So Ark wanted to use the quantum machine to move directly to the 60th floor where the Dark Eden members were hiding and join with them to catch Alan’s ankle. It was a way to stop Alan while the allied forces regained Silvana!

‘If I block Alan then it will be easy for Nagaran’s allied forces to catch up. Stepping on Alan and the 10,000 demons won’t be a problem.’

But in order to use the quantum machine to move to the 60th floor, he needed to install the receiver onto the 60th floor. It was the situation where he had to install the receiver on the 60th floor in order to go to the 60th floor! It was the reason why the quantum machine couldn’t by used when they were hiding in Wormer’s underground base.

‘But there is a way!’

“Is the receiver easy to make?

Ark asked after a short time. Wormer nodded and replied.

“How many times have I said it? Anyway can create the device if they have my genius design.”

“Good. Please finish everything and prepare to use it at any time.”

Ark smiled and headed towards the garrison JusticeMan, the rehabilitation members and the 60,000 members of Nagaran’s allied forces were gathered. They all looked at Ark and he began to talk.

“There is no more time for resting. I know that you’re exhausted and suffered a lot but it is all for the sake of protecting Nagaran. Our goal is to crush the ambitions of the demons so please exert yourself a bit more.”

“Don’t worry. Our alliance members are prepared to fight at any time!”

“Yes. Staying up a few nights is no problem if it is to protect Nagaran!”

The alliance leaders spoke in an expression filled with determination. They would receive a huge monetary loss if Nagaran disappeared so there was no room to consider other matters. Ark looked at them and nodded.

“Okay. Everything is right before our eyes. There are a lot of them and the demons occupying Silvana are strong. The battles would become fiercer than before but there is no doubt that we can crush these guys!”

Ark pulled out his sword and indicated Silvana.

“Now, advance!”


At Ark’s command, the 60,000 users shouted in unison and rushed towards Silvana. Nagaran’s allied forces ran down the hill and towards the demons gathered around Silvana. There were shouts and shrieks as thousands of feet shook the earth. After a while……

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, pepepepeng!

It was a conflict between more than 100,000 humans and demons. The allies wielding shields and swords tackled the demons. But the swell enveloped the resisting demons and they were torn to pieces. The maces broke the heads of the demons and the swords cut off body pieces. It was a hellish scene where thousands of lives were lost and the ground was filled with pools of blood. The allied forces had an average level of 350. On the other hand, the demons had an average level of 400. But the allied forces were equipped with rare equipment and special skills. It was the reason for their victory when capturing Radon and Beiku. However, the demons that were Silvana’s last line of defense weren’t insignificant.

-Nadan, nadan, baramud, nadan……kuranosu!

An spell suddenly came from behind the demons. Huge black flames swept all over the place and hundreds of allies were turned to grey powder. Dozens of huge demons appeared through a gap. At the same time, red warning messages flashed before the eyes of the allied forces.

-The boss monster, Hell Lion ‘Soul Crusher’ has appeared.
-The boss monster, Creature of Despair ‘Gorgon’ has appeared.
-The elite boss monster, King of Despair ‘Moraid’ has appeared……

They were dozens of bosses and elite bosses between level 500~600! When they appeared, several units were instantly wiped out.

“Magicians and archers to the rear concentrate on support fire!”

“Don’t attack without reason! Use your battle formation to confront them!”

“Priests focus on restoring the troops fighting the bosses first!”

The unit commanders ran back and forth while shouting. Thanks to the appearance of the demonic bosses, the war became even more confusing. But Ark’s eyes didn’t look at the opposing bosses

“Now. Demonic Manifestations. Spear, spear, spear, mace and mace!”

This was the chance Ark aimed for as his eyes flashed and he shouted. The equipment chosen jumped out from his bag and appeared above the heads of the 1,000 Dark Eden members. The shape of a spear was formed and shattered before being absorbed into the soldiers’ bodies.

-Demonic energy has been extracted from the offerings (Spear, spear, spear, mace and mace).

The effect exercised by this combination is .

Power Charge: The users will gain the effect of ‘Power Charge’ for 10 minutes. However, this effect only applies to the enemy in front. When Power Charge is in effect, assault speed will increase by 50% and there is a chance of pushing the opponent back 5 metres.

However, this effect only applies to the enemy in front.

“Dark Eden, avoid the bosses and charge the demons on the left!”

“Ohhhh, everybody charge!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Thanks to the effect of Power Charge, the demons flew everywhere as the Dark Eden members rushed forward. Ark and Dark Eden approached the outskirts of Silvana castle. Then a bush with a small gap between the rocks caught his eye.

“That’s it, Racard!”

Ark’s eyes brightened as he spotted the rock gap and shouted. Then Racard who had been watching the battlefield using satellite surveillance mode flew towards Ark. Ark pulled out a scroll from the bag and said.

“Do I need to explain the situation again?”

“No, I understand. Master.”

“Now the fate of Silvana depends on you and your wings.”

“Y-you don’t need to say it. Y-you will increase my burden.”

Racard stuttered with a tense expression.

“Now go.”

Racard grabbed the scroll and turned his body. Then Ark looked at Racard’s trembling wings and hugged him.

“There is no need to be too tense. I know how hard you work to perform the missions. If this mission fails then it won’t be your fault. I won’t blame you. And……if possible, please survive and return. Because you are the pet that I prize most.”


Racard stuttered as he heard Ark’s embarrassing words. Tears flowed from his eyes before he made a determined expression.

“I won’t say goodbye!”

Racard answered and flew between the crack in the rock. This was the reason why Ark disregarded the military situation and sneaked to this place. No, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that this battle was all for allowing Racard to fly between the rock gap. The gap in the rocks contained the entrance to the secret tunnel into Silvana! Previously he had used the raccoons to make this secret tunnel into the dungeon. That’s right. This was the method Ark came up with.

Even if he moved the troops through the secret tunnel, there was no way to catch up with Alan. If he sent a large amount of troops then of course the demons would notice the existence of the tunnel. But there was no worry about being discovered with just 1 bat. Racard also thoroughly knew the terrain of the secret dungeon so he could reach the 60th floor before Alan. Ark had given him Wormer’s design before infiltrating the secret dungeon. The raccoons were down there so they could easily make the receiver.

“I believe in you!”

Ark saluted towards the rock that Racard disappeared into. Then Shambala next to him snorted and said.

“Are you just playing around?”

“No. Now, let’s enter the battlefield again before the demons notice!”

Dark Eden attacked the demons at Ark’s command and he stepped out of the bush. Now the fate of Nagaran hung on Racard’s wings.


“I’ve found the stairs going down to the next floor!”

Magicians were scattered all over the place when one of them shouted. The magician wearing a black robe……

He was the main magician of the Hermes alliance, Jewel. But after his attack on Lancel and Ark failed, he had become trapped in Jackson’s underground prison. Then Hermes’ leader Raiden banished Jewel and he became like dog food. At that moment, Andel visited in order to recruit Jewel into the Avenger guild. That’s right. Jewel was currently in the Avenger guild. Jewel reported to a knight wearing black armour…….

“Okay.  Gather the scattered troops. We will head to the next floor as soon as they are assembled.”

The person who gave the order was Alan. Jewel nodded and gazed at the other users.

“Yes! Communication soldiers, connect with each unit and tell them to join us.”

10 people simultaneously used the Feather of Whispering. And they communicated Alan’s order to their colleagues scattered around the dungeon.

-We’ve found the entrance. Bring the demons and return!

This was the reason Alan brought the Avenger guild into the secret dungeon. It was in order to control the demons! While Jewel was gathering the scattered troops, Alan looked around at the surroundings.

‘The work is progressing as scheduled but something is strange.’

Alan had started to feel uneasy after entering the 51st floor and the Abyss. It was a secret dungeon with elite creatures. Alan led the Avenger guild and the 10,000 demons in order to capture it as quickly as possible. But the circumstances were different from what Alan expected after he entered. The first 10 floors were similar to what he remembered but afterwards it felt like the number of monsters had reduced. Usually there were more monsters the deeper they entered the dungeon. Yet this phenomenon worsened after he came down to the 51st floor where the Abyss was. It was difficult to see any monsters at all.

‘It’s become easier but……’

Previously Alan had only reached the 4th floor of the secret dungeon when he occupied Silvana. It was the limit since Alan and his guild were around level 150 at the time. Even though Alan was the Lord of Silvana, he had little information about the secret dungeon. The terrain and the special abilities of the monsters were something he had never experienced. It was the reason why Alan entered the Abyss with 10,000 demons. When first arriving at the Abyss, Alan had faced the same situation as Ark. They received quite a bit of damage from the traps laid everywhere.

‘If there were monsters here then I would be delayed even more.’

Alan thought it was fortunate that there were no monsters in the Abyss. He never considered that this wasn’t the normal situation. So although Alan thought it was lucky, he still felt uncomfortable.

‘Well, I’ll find out eventually. I won’t be interrupted as long as Silvana is occupied by the demons!’

Alan smiled as he looked at the demons that were gathering. No matter the enemy, they had 10,000 users and demons. Nagaran would disappear from the map the moment Alan entered the bottom floor of the secret dungeon!

‘Huhuhu, I wonder what Ark will look like when he sees Nagaran submerged by the Hell River. But this is only the beginning. If I conquer New World then there will be nowhere for him.’

“Let’s go down to the next floor!”

Alan commanded and ran across the dungeon. At that moment, Jewel who had been using his magic to search for traps raised his head. He had seen a white object floating in the darkness.

“What the, that is? Second Sight!”

Jewel immediately used long distance viewing magic. And his face became confused as he determined the identity of the white object.

“A bat? Hik! W-wait? He is Ark’s summon! Alan-nim, Ark’s summon is here!”

That’s right. The white object near the ceiling was Racard. No, to be exact it was Racard with his back covered in a white glittering powder.

“What? Gargoyles, catch him!”

Dozens of gargoyles flew towards Racard.


Racard freaked out and started running away. Although Racard was no match for the gargoyles 1 on 1, thanks to Ark’s training he could easily escape from them. Dozens of gargoyles shot rays at him but Racard used acrobatic flight manoeuvres to avoid it. And he ran way to the stairs leading down to the next floor. No, he tried to run away.


“Okay! Matanyi Shooter no. 2, Devil Chasing Arrow!”

The Dark Elf behind Alan started shooting arrows. But the Dark Elf was more than 100 metres away from Racard!

“Bah, not a chance!”

Racard checked the direction of the arrow and snorted before changing directions. Yet the arrow followed Racard’s movements? That’s right. This was the Dark Elf’s special skill that gave even Shambala a hard time.

“Eek? What, what is this….kuek, kuek, kuek!”

In the end, Racard’s chubby belly was studded with three arrows. While he was stumbling, he became surrounded by 10 gargoyles. Racard was caught by the gargoyles.

“D-dammit! Ugh, my stomach…..”

“How did Ark’s pet get all the way here?”

Alan asked as he approached Racard. Then he spotted something that Racard was holding.


Alan asked as he verifying the contents of the scroll. Racard just scratched his neck.

“What? Silvana is occupied by demons so you shouldn’t be able to enter even if Ark knows about the secret dungeon. But who are you trying to pass this scroll to?”

“D-damn! What are you saying after shooting my stomach with arrows! I am Ark’s pet! I won’t talk! I won’t talk even if I die! Get lost you loser! Chwe, chwe, chwe!”

As expected from the dirty Racard! He had daringly spat in Alan’s face.


Alan took out his sword as his face became covered in saliva.

“Alan-nim, leave him to me.”

Alan flinched and turned his head as he heard an eerie voice. A huge figure wearing a hood approached Alan. A smile spread on Alan’s face as he saw the figure.

“That’s right. You’re also here”

“Bah, don’t make me laugh. I am a vampire. Everyone here is useless.”

“…..Is that right?”

The man giggled at Racard’s words and pulled down his hood. Fear filled Racard’s face.


“Dark Strike!”

Pepepepeng, pepepepeng!

Shining Darkness flashed and launched a series of chain explosions. It penetrated the demons gathered in a straight line and their health was reduced by 20%.

“Now. Destroy the black obelisk while they’re delayed!”

The allied forces flocked to the obelisk while Ark struck and distracted the demons. After Racard had gone through the tunnel, Ark and Dark Eden had immediately re-joined the allied forces. And they’ve been battling the demons for almost a day. But they couldn’t even approach Silvana thanks to the black obelisks. On the other hand, the allied forces were slowly destroying the black obelisks and the tide was turning in their favour.

‘But the limit has already been reached.’

Ark surveyed his allies gasping for breath and sighed. The allied forces were users. They could leave to restore health and mana but the fatigue would continue piling up. Moreover, they had little rest while quickly advancing to Silvana. No matter how much they wanted to keep their territories, their stamina was still limited.

‘They might be completely wiped out if this continues. We should retire and take a break……’

Ark was thinking that when something interrupted him. A message window had appeared in front of Ark.

-Your connection with your summon Racard has been stopped!

‘What the? Did Alan catch Racard?’

The last method Ark devised had been blocked. But a small smile still spread on Ark’s face.

‘Huhuhu, it is proceeding!’

“All troops, concentrate on defense and retreat while maintaining battle formation!”

Pweeet, pweeet!

Ark commanded and the alliance leaders blew a whistle in unison. The allied forces swiftly retreated from the demons. There were also quite a few demons injured so they gave up chasing and returned to Silvana. Ark quickly gave some orders once they had retreated.

“Divide the troops into two. One half will be prepared for ambushes from the demons while the other half will get some sleep. The amount of time to sleep is 4 hours. We will gather and attack Silvana again in 8 hours. So far we’ve destroyed 1/3rd of the obelisks so we can win back Silvana in the next battle!”

“I understand. But……”

One of the tired alliance leaders showed signs of insecurity.

“We need a break but is there enough time? We still have to catch up with the demons even if we capture Silvana……”

“Just leave it to me.”

Ark replied with a grin.

-Boramae-nim has used a [Feather of Whispering] to whisper to you.

Boramae was the leader of the unit guarding the NPCs in the secret dungeon. Ark accepted the whisper and Boramae’s voice rang in his ears.

-Ark-nim, Radun has arrived.

-The blueprint?

-It was received.

-How long will it take the raccoons to make?

-The device itself is simple so 1 hour. Radun had brought all the necessary materials and the raccoons have already started working.

-Get back to me as soon as it is completed.


‘It’s a success!’

Ark clenched his fist as the whisper ended. That’s right. This was the reason Ark had panicked when he received the disconnection message. From the beginning this plan wasn’t based on Racard. Wormer’s design wasn’t complicated but the raccoons still couldn’t make it. Special materials were needed to create the receiver. So Ark had left it up to Radun to carry the items. But a problem had occurred in the execution stage.

‘Alan is accompanied by 10,000 monsters. There are also 1,000 users. Despite Radun’s Protective Colouration skill, there is no guarantee he will go unnoticed. And if he gets caught…….’

The operation would be unsuccessful and Hell River would flood.

‘…….What if Alan’s attention is drawn elsewhere?’

The real thing was Radun. And Racard was the bait! That’s right. Ark was the one who coated Racard’s back with the shiny powder. He had stealthily done it when embracing Racard at the rocks. Thanks to that glitter, Racard drew Alan’s eyes and Radun successfully reached the 60th floor.

“Devilish child!”

Shambala muttered as he heard the explanation. Well, Ark also felt a little bad this time. But was he the type to listen to his conscience?

“I can bring troops into the secret dungeon and stop Alan. However, the quantum device can’t move a lot of troops. There are 1,800 people hidden in the secret dungeon. They’re no match for Alan. But it will be enough to tie his ankles until Silvana is captured and the other troops enter the dungeon. Please.”

“Oh, as expected from Dark Wolf-nim!”

The alliance leaders exclaimed as they heard the secret strategy. After Ark explained the strategy, he left and visited Wormer.

“Wormer, are you ready?”

“The MG is charging now.”

Wormer was charging the quantum machine with a machine that looked like a kettle. The allied forces had gathered the fragments of the destroyed obelisks and he was using them to charge the MG. After a while, the MG was full and the quantum machine started to make noise. Wormer examined the dashboard before nodding.

“Okay.  The frequency is captured. 720 metres underground…… Isn’t it good? It wouldn’t have been easy to assemble even with the design…… Anyway, the receiver is good for being created in a short time. Let’s see….. Ark, it can move 500 people with the MG charged now.”

“500? That’s less than I expected.”

Ark sighed and muttered. 500 people. When combined with the troops in the secret dungeon, it was only 2,300 people. Wormer replied petulantly.

“Damn, do you think that spatial movement is that simple?”

“I understand. Then prepare for the move.”

Things wouldn’t change even if he complained to Wormer. And whether it was 1,800 or 2,300 people, they still couldn’t confront Alan. All they had to do was find a way to ‘stop’ Alan. So Ark picked out the troops to enter the secret dungeon. Considering the circumstances, Ark only selected members of Dark Eden. Now everything was organized.

The success or failure of this war hung on Ark, Shambala, the rehabilitation members, Wormer and Dark Eden.

“JusticeMan ajusshi, please take command of the allied forces here.”

“Understood. Contact me soon.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Ark left the allied forces to JusticeMan and moved to the quantum machine.

“Come, let’s go!”

Wormer started the machine as soon as all the preparations finished. And sparks flew from the antenna attached to the top of the machine. The sparks intensified and wound around the 500 coalition members. Then the coalition members turned into light and were sucked into the antenna.

Jiiiiiiiik…..kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The antenna began spinning and shot out a beam of light into the ground. The 500 soldiers who had been changed into particles entered the ground.

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