Act 6: The Dark Piece

ACT 6 Dark Piece

“What are you doing? Miners! Dedric, Deimos, quickly bring the miners!”

Ark shouted at the lifeless raccoon soldiers.  Popo’s health was rapidly decreasing.

Popo lifted his trembling hands.

“Ah, Ark-hyung……….”

Ark shouted as he grasped Popo’s hands.

“Yes, I’m here. Hold on and wait. This wound will heal quickly enough.”

“Hyung……did we fail? Eventually…… stop the plans of evil people…….isn’t it possible?”

“It’s not over yet!”

“Master, I’ve brought the engineers.”

Then Dedric and Deimos appeared, dragging one behind them.

When the engineer poured a potion, Popo’s health was instantly restored.  But the symptom where his health constantly decreased didn’t improve. No, instead it seemed to be accelerating.

The confused engineer poured a detoxification potion to try and cleanse it out but the result was the same.

“Mum……Dad…….Sobbing. Subarutalp is…….”

Popo was in a delirious mental state and burst into tears.

“Damn, what is happening to you?”

He had thought everything was resolved just a few moments ago.

But in a short time, the situation immediately became worse. The raccoon troops fell into a state of panic and lost their souls and the seal destruction was still continuing. And now Popo who he thought of as a little brother was dying.  There are so many things happening at once that it wasn’t possible to contain them all.

‘Let’s try to save Popo.’

Surprisingly, the thing that Ark chose was Popo.

And of course, it was not the result of logical judgement.

He knew that it was only a NPC. And once the seal was broken it would be difficult for Ark and the raccoon troops to survive as well as Popo. If he used a rational judgement, he would have decided to move the raccoon troops and figure out a way to stop the seal from being destroyed.

But………..he couldn’t let Popo die in front of him.

It was an emotional judgment, not a logical one.

……….That is a human.

There was nobody that would sacrifice their life for world peace.

But there were a lot of people who would sacrifice their life for a person they held affection for.

Even if he was good at simple maths, it was one that was full of contradiction. But affection wasn’t a matter that could be calculated using pros and cons.

“Popo, stay with me. You’re not going to die. I will not let you do so.”

Ark grabbed Popo’s hand and used his nursing skill.

At that moment, a phenomenon he was unable to understand took place in the vicinity of Ark. The shared time was stopped. The shaking ground and trembling raccoons, even the dust floating in the air……..everything went perfectly still.

‘What, what the?’


Ark turned around as the green light emanating from Popo’s eyes became more intense.  And on one side of the wall, a picture was drawn like a projector screen. It was an image that was stuck in places like the noise in old film.

An image of Yggdrasil, holding u the ceiling of the underground world with its giant trees showed.

In the vicinity of the town, smoke rose and showed raccoon families living peacefully. It was showing a comforting image from the mind. In the video, Popo was visibly laughing while holding the hands of his parents.

At that moment, a close up appearance shed light.

‘Author…….Red Man?’

The face was masked but he was recognizable at a glance.

The man had red eyes, red hair and a red aura.  He wielded a red sword and made the raccoon village a sea of blood. Overwhelmed raccoons fell one after another.  Among those, Popo’s parents barely hid Popo.  The Red Man had killed all the raccoon families and came to the interior of Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil used all its strength but was not able to resist him. The Red Man proposed something to Yggdrasil. However, Yggdrasil refused and the Red Man aimed at Yggdrasil with his sword.

Then, one raccoon attacked the Red Man from the side.  It was Popo who had to hide and watch his parents’ deaths.  For vengeance, he had grabbed a dagger and ran after the Red Man. However, Popo collapsed bleeding with one blow.

Yggdrasil was protecting its own spirit was a defense boundary. However, the death of his clan had disturbed the defense enchantment.

The Red Man did not miss the opening.

He allowed Popo to chase him for the sake of this moment! The Red Man squeezed the Heartsoul Bead and tore through the enchantment.  And the Heartsoul Bead had powerful magic that was swallowed by Yggdrasil.

A humiliating defeat!

However, even in that desperate moment Yggdrasil didn’t give up.  Using the last of its strength, Popo was warped to a safe place.

This was an arrangement to protect the ancient vow.

………..The video ended there.

At the same time, the brilliance in Popo’s eyes disappeared and the time that had stopped restarted again.

Suddenly, Ark heard Popo’s voice in his ear.


“Popo…….what is it?”

“I think it’s all over now.”

There was a light of conviction in Popo’s eyes.

“I already died then.”


“Because a part of my living body came from Yggdrasil.”


“Yggdrasil already knew then. It couldn’t stop the Red Man with its powers. Before being hit with the magic, a part of its spirit moved to me. In order to find the saviour that would stop that guy’s ambitions… knows now.”

Popo looked at Ark with new eyes.

“Yggdrasil’s awaited saviour was the descendant of Hero Maban… was Ark-hyung. Then he told me to bring him here to Yggdrasil. Now it is my turn.”

“Your turn…….?”

Ark asked with a worried voice.

Popo nodded with a pale smile.

“You know. The power of Yggdrasil is necessary to protect the seal. Now, I’ll give back the power that Yggdrasil gave me.  It should be enough to prevent the resurrection of Nídhöggur.”

Popo pushed Ark and slowly raised his body.

And he approached the place where the seal was located with weak steps.

Ark looked at his form and tried to talk many times, but only closed his mouth. He would like to ask but was afraid of the answer. Popo lowered his head to the seal for a while and murmured in a low voice.

“I wanted to live a little bit more.”


“I met hyung and discovered the outside world…….I would like to hear more things. This world…..and hyung……what adventures hyung had……how he lived……I wanted to know. And if possible…..If it is possible to say……..”

Tears fell from Popo’s eyes.

“Now, wait a minute! Wait, there has to be another way!”

When Ark raised his voice, it surprised him.

His partner was a NPC. The NPC would clear up the situation.

Normally, it would be welcomed with open arms.  But it wasn’t possible to do that.

He didn’t see any other way. But……..this was different. He didn’t want it settled in such a way. It was a NPC but he didn’t want the NPC to disappear forever.

However, Popo shook his head.

“I’m sorry. Hyung………The promise to go to the outside world together…….I can’t keep it.”


An enormous light emerged from Popo’s body. Like a metal of metal put into a flame, it was red before it started turning white.

-The current rate of seal destruction: 99%, 98%, 97%…………..

The number that had continuously ascended started going down.

Once it spontaneously recovered, the magic was drawn down to a huge circle on the ground.


The devastated Ark looked at Popo with blurry eyes.  That was when almost all the cracks returned to its original state.

Suddenly a deafening cry came from the ground as flames emerged.  Popo’s health was reduced to 50%.


“Giggling, impertinent raccoon child! This body is an emperor of Niflheim. At best you will just be sealing me again!”

It sounded like a voice was coming out from hell!

It was Nídhöggur.

After Nídhöggur attacked Popo with the flames of hell, the seal’s destruction rate started climbing again.

“The hundreds of years. If you though I’ve would leave politely after being sealed for hundreds of years then you miscalculated.  Before Yggdrasil fuses with you, you will die without a trace from the fires of hell.”

“No…….I stop……I’m……….I………Underground World and Ark-hyung…….I’m going to save you!”


“Ah ah ah ah ack!”

When the fire became stronger, Popo’s health decreased even more.  However, clenched his teeth lightly and endured.

“I………I’m going to……..I am from a clan of raccoon warriors…….support……..I’ll do!”

“Kukuku, you dare defy me?”

Once again, the explosive flames became stronger!

“Yes, Popo. You can do it.”


Ark plunged into the flames.

At the same time, he felt a shock as he immediately lost some health. Ark only felt a degree of the impact, as an NPC Popo would truly feel the pain as the flames burned him. Even so, Popo had not given up.

He was a little boy who had stomached such pain.

If so, it was time to show the will of Ark who was a user!

Ark took off his mantle and used it to block the hole where the flame was emerging.  And he closed the lid with his own body.

The mantle which had 50% fire resistance properties, the Veil of Fire.  When he switched to a Dark Walker, he gained a 50% resistance to the dark. Fortunately fire and darkness, with the two properties the damage of the fire in the darkness fell by 50%.  And 50% of it was all Ark.

“Ah, Ark-hyung……..!”

Popo flinched and stiffened as he watched Ark.

As he looked at Ark, tears flowed down his face.

“Popo, do it.  Please do! Discard that dragon and throw it back into hell! You can do it! No, it is only possible if it is you.  Remember when we first met and you said you wanted to live like a hot foreigner? No, the foreigners aren’t so hot, you’re a few times hotter. This situation is too hot.  Damn, do you understand? Popo, when you try you’re a guy that can do anything.   And…….if possible, live.  You’re going to live.  Become the hero that seals that worm in hell and live.”

Ark continuously used his nursing skill.

He had no choice but to scream out all his feelings.

At the moment, Ark saw a mysterious light pour out.

The light seemed to dance in the darkness around Popo’s body before descending. Popo’s mental power went down to the bottom of the flames before ascending.

“Goodbye, Hyung…….”

A smile formed around Popo’s mouth.

However, in a short moment Popo was enveloped by an even stronger light.  At the same time, the destruction rate of the seal went down at an incredible rate. Until finally!

-The current rate of seal destruction: 0%

The seal was fully recovered.

Chwarararak, crunch, double bang!

Suddenly huge thick branches stretched out.  The branches intertwined together into several layers and formed a ball and chain on the seal.

Then the crack disappeared and a magic circle finished appearing.

“Kuaaak, this, unbelievable! No……!”

Nídhöggur’s voice faded as he was sealed.  And ……..Popo changed into light and scattered.

[The Miracle Nursing was successful.True nursing is careful exchanges with your partner.Caregivers are not therapists. Although you can heal the patient’s wounds, you can’t stop death. However, if it was what they truly wanted.You can infuse courage and understanding into them.

You understood Popo’s behaviour, who had the courage to sacrifice himself.  And you learnt about the sacrifice’s courage by yourself. You understood your partner’s true sacrifice and respected his intentions.  You didn’t want to lose Popo, but you did your best to respect his intentions and fulfil his wish.

The true sacrifice of Popo and your sacrifice for each other formed a great rapport that moved Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil will shed everything about Popo and he will be born again into a new existence. If you want to meet Popo again, grow as you meet the millions of foreigners.

* Due to the success of miracle nursing, all stats increase by 1.

* Affection increases by 10.

* Fame increases by 50.

* Increased the alignment to good by 50.]

[You have acquired the title ‘Caregiver of Sacrifice’ from the success of Miracle Nursing.Fame as a Caretaker has increased, so you will receive praises from many patients.* As a title bonus, all stats increase by 1.*Fame increases by 50]

Suddenly a dim light fell into Ark’s hands as a crowd gathered around him.

[Yggdrasil’s seed.A soul crystal created with the power of Yggdrasil.This seed contains the soul of the boy hero who sacrificed himself to save Subarutalp.  It is Yggdrasil’s soul and if planted in an appropriate place then roots would take hold and a new Yggdrasil would grow.]


A ringing sound appeared in Ark’s head.

He flinched and looked up as a hologram appeared of a man that was Yggdrasil’s representative. It was in the form of a Buddhist priest with a white beard hanging down to his chest.


-I am Yggdrasil, the ancient worlds that are already forgotten as well as Popo.  Foreigner, first I would like to show respect to you.  I have already seen all your achievements through Popo’s eyes.  If it weren’t for you, I would’ve never been able to stop the resurrection of Nídhöggur. And Popo would’ve had no choice but to face death in vain.

“Death in vain? Then Popo?”

Yggdrasil looked at Ark with gentle eyes and nodded.

-Popo’s death was inevitable.  But at the last moment, a miracle surpassing the magic occurred.  It was the result of your affection towards Popo and his towards you.  Hope is really the mysterious power of life.

“Then Popo is still alive?”

-Thanks to the miracle, Popo has received permission to live again from the powers that govern the world.  That seed is my alter ego, and Popo. In accordance with Popo, I give that seed to you. Please find a new land with hope and plant the seed.  It is the seed of a new era and Popo will finally be able to see the wide world.

Ark looked at the seed with bemused eyes.


He heard Popo’s voice from the seed.

And a little image rose up from the seed.

“Po, Popo?”

-Ah, it’s really embarrassing.

With an embarrassed expression, Popo scratched his head.

-Well, it is like you heard.  Now I can accompany you like this. Please look after me in the future as well.

“Ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha.”

Ark was taken aback and laughed as he sat down against the tree.

That’s right. He often forgot, but it was a virtual reality game.

If you truly want something to happen then it wasn’t impossible.

“It has ended.”

“Ended? What do you mean?”

“Event quest……it has been cancelled halfway through.”

Kim Gwon-tae looked at the monitor with a soulless expression.

Just a few moments ago the monitor had a crazy amount of data. But now only a few pieces of data came up.

It looked like it had been engaged in a long war and was now cleaning up.

“I can understand that by looking at the monitor!”

Ha Myung-woo shouted in a raspy voice.

“What I want to hear is why? The class B event quest started and now it just suddenly cancelled. Even if something is stopped, don’t I still need reports?”

“I’m really sorry. There is no way to figure it out now.”

“Hell, that fellow is really tedious.”

“I agree. We might be fed up with him but.”

Kim Gwon-tae blew out a huge sigh.

He started computer related work 10 years ago, but it was the first time he was ignored by the computer.

The operator doesn’t have to lift a finger to run the game. It even rejected the operator’s interference.  It moved depending on the program that seemed alive, and that was often a fearful idea.

‘Can such a game even exist?’

He had a sudden urge to blow up the main system to stop this thing.

However, New World’s main systems worth was equivalent to the budget of a small nation.   If New World was blown up, the whole world would shake. Because the service had started, he had no choice but to go all the way.

“I can guess one thing…….”

After a while, Kim Gwon-tae spoke in a cautious voice.

“The whole process that started the B class event was something likely to be caused by artificial errors. And some sort of restoration program was operated to block it.  This means that two programs that oppose each other coexist in New World.”

“But……artificial? Contradiction? What does that mean?”

“The two programs running at the same time in its basic form is perfect. If the first program is invoked followed by the triggered program then that means is not just triggered by system errors.  It is clear that someone must have built the program with a specific purpose.  Do you understand? The two programs were made by two people with conflicting thoughts.”

At the moment, Ha Myung-woo’s eyes went back to him.

His turned head seemed to say that he wanted Kim Gwon-tae to make it simpler.

“Either way, one of them would be related to the main programmer Park Woo-seong. But who is the 3rd person? He created a program to counteract Park Woo-seong’s?”

“It’s like that.”

“Ok, let’s put it in order. We don’t know who was the one that started the event quest and who stopped it…….and we don’t know who would be favourable to Global Exos. Right? But looking at the circumstances, their performance must be equivalent to that of Park Woo-seong. Am I wrong?”

“No, that’s right.”

Ha Myung-woo’s eyes narrowed.

The reason why operators trembled was because of Park Woo-seong’s genius.

Even if he searched the world, there was nobody that could match him. But now there was a person that planted a program that could oppose Park Woo-seong.

If they were able to find him then he might have the key that Ha Myung-woo was looking for.

“Ok, then send an email to the developers to find ‘him.’ If the material is identified then track down his location. I don’t care how much money it takes.”

“……..And in this case, you got another one.”


“Don’t forget that intentional or not…..No, I think there is a 90% chance it was intentional.”

Kim Gwon-tae organized the date files while muttering.

“The anti-program that solved this problem wasn’t perfect. Although it is an amazing program, like I said earlier there are several layers of code missing. It is too blatant that they couldn’t have missed it by mistake.  Instead, there was an indirect variable.”

“Indirect variable?”


Kim Gwon-tae pulled the data file onto the monitor and spoke.

It was a summary of the anti-program from a little while ago.

“Please look. Do you see the most important keyword? This is part of the indirect variable. Here there are some of the choices being presented, depending on your choice, the rest of the program was to act like as if the quest branched out. And the indirect variables are only accessible inside the game.”

“You mean this event was stopped by a user?”

“That’s right.”

“It looks like clues have been solved.”

Contrary to expectations, Kim Gwon-tae was very surprised. Ha Myung-woo thought of something and said.

“I guess you know better than I. Before Park Woo-seong covers up his traces, send a mail to headquarters.”

“Park Woo-seong directly?”

“Yes, the content of the mail should be a challenge to the user. The user isn’t a part of Global Exos. But it isn’t accepted so seriously at headquarters. When develops put out new games, it is common for them to judge the results.  But Park Woo-seong immediately disappeared without a trace, and there was a huge lock on New World.

Now he realised that the problem was serious.

Therefore, he left the contents of the email for Park Woo-seong to identify.

Eventually, the conclusion reached by the headquarters was that Park Woo-seong hid a clue inside the game to unlock it.

It was the reason that Ha Myung-woo used the company entrance examination as a pretext to drag users in. The conditions of the company examination meant that millions of users should stick to the game.  And they worked out a plan to dig up the secrets of the game through the regular reports.

“In the end, the millions of users will hand you the key?”

“I was a little sceptical at first but now I’m convinced. And this user is the person I desire.  The users that can participate in the system…….the information they have is needed. The user’s gaming system, if we know this then we could possibly undo Park Woo-seong’s lock. What are the coordinates where this incident happened?”

“Near Brandt Mountains.”

“All personnel should focus on that area and monitor its surroundings.  Alternatively, examine if anything has happened in Cairo.  If there was an event quest, then obviously something big has preceded it. And find out the identity of the user who stopped it.”

“I understand.”

Ha Myung-woo commanded who immediately passed the information down to the monitoring agents.

However the incident happened in the Underground World, thousands of metres underneath Cairo.  The monitor personnel who wandered the Brandt Mountains couldn’t have known that.

However there was a chance that Kim Gwon-tae and Ha Myung-woo could figure it out. If they had paid a little bit more attention to their selected examinee’s reports.

However as soon as Hyun-woo’s reports arrived, it was instantly sent off to the shredder. It was bad luck for both Hyun-woo and Ha Myung-woo.

At that time, New World was entering a new era.

New World’s main scenario proceeded over time. In New World, the scenario was divided so the contents of <Episode I: Foreigner’s appearance> was in progress. However after a few years of game time, it would automatically change to Episode 2.

-The main system requires a data update for Episode II.

<Episode II: Pioneering age of the Foreigner>

“What decision?”

“Yes, I think we’ll like it just as it is……..what I mean is that it is too hard to say yes.”

“That’s right.”

Ark nodded.

Nídhöggur was once again sealed and the peace of the Underground World restored.  Ark had organized the survivors and led them back to the closest village.

First by changing the taste of the Warrior’s cookies, the raccoons returned to their original state.

Fortunately, there are a lot of other herbs he could blend with the cookies that made the addiction not as strong.

‘Appetite Killing Stew’ was fed to them and they were quickly restored.

The raccoons then realised that they had been addicted.  But it wasn’t regarded as a big problem.

Because if he hadn’t done so then the Underground World would have perished. However, his intimacy with them couldn’t help falling a little bit.

‘Well since I won’t come to the Underground World again, it doesn’t really matter…….’

However, there were still a few problems that remained.

Once Yggdrasil regained its power, the Underground World returned to its original state.  The Kanggeul and Plant Golems changed back into raccoons.  The problem was just that. They still had the memories of their time as a monster.

“What we have done so far……..”

“Alas, I……..I…….”

The raccoons suffered from killing their own species with their own hands.

In addition, the raccoon troops also killed a lot of Kanggeul and Plant Golems. They remembered that they had killed each other.  Even if they were controlled by an irresistible force, it wasn’t easy to pretend like nothing had happened.

To solve that problem, the Elder had a meeting with representatives of several villages. And he wanted the raccoons that had been turned into monsters to leave the Underground World.

The Elder was embarrassed, but Ark thought about it in a positive way.

“There are too many raccoons to be isolated and it isn’t possible to live together and not confront them. So this is an opportunity to widen their field of view. When the heart is settled after living apart for several years then they can come back and talk about it.”

“But how would they live if they have no knowledge of the outside world……..”

The elders muttered in a concerned voice.

Then a brilliant idea shone in Ark’s eyes.

That’s right. Ark called up a concerned heart. He quietly looked at the raccoons that were to be expelled standing to one side.

“Do not worry.”

“Is there anything you can do?”

“There is a way but it is far…….but I know a pioneering village. Lancel Village is a great place that is happy to accept anyone as a resident.”

“But we are a beast species.”

“Yes, it is fine. The Meow is already living there.”

“Meow? Huh, the Meow didn’t like socializing with people……….”

“It is a great place to live. It is also a pioneering town so it would welcome anyone skilful like the raccoons are. The raccoon clan would prefer a place that requires good artisans right?”

“Yes, it is as you said.”

The elders nodded and replied.

And he went over to communicate the plans to leave to the raccoons.

“If the Truthseeker recommends it then we would like to go there.”

Ark talked to 70 raccoons and they accepted immediately.

[‘Find New Settlers’ quest has been updated.You have made the raccoon clans who can’t stay in the Underground World any longer move to Lancel Village. The raccoon species are naturally born with high dexterity. If they move to Lancel Village, than the village would grow faster and become richer.<New settlers found: 60% complete>]
[You have found new settlers with special skills.With the migration of the raccoon clan, the commerce of the town will increase by 50%.However, since the nature of the raccoons means they are reluctant to communicate with outsiders, the unity of the town has temporarily decreased by 30%. If it drops below 50%, it may cause the residents to leave the town.<If you invite a settler with a special ability, trade, safety, and the food situation values will increase.  Depending on the values, you will be able to receive a bonus reward upon quest completion>]

“So now the problem is all resolved.”

Ark smiled and looked at the elders with a coy look. Of course, the law was there should be compensation for his effort.

‘Well, I remember receiving a promise of compensation, so if they are grateful but don’t stop to wipe the mouth then it could be considered a betrayal.’

Ark blatantly used his eyes to pressure the elders. The elder who belatedly understood his meaning nodded.

“Ah ah, yes. In fact, I have something I had thought to give to you.”


Ark grinned as the elder looked through his bag with a burdened expression.

“This has been handed down to the raccoon clan…….I thought you might like it. Anyway receive this as a token of my sincerity.”

The Elder extended one crude leather helmet.

[Raccoon Pith (Magic)Armour type: Leather HelmetDefense power: 60Durability: 50/50

Weight: 5

User restriction: Dark Walker profession, Level 80 and over

It is a helmet that has been passed down from generation to generation in the raccoon clan.

The ancient raccoons made it from the material of a mysterious species that enables it to transform the user’s form.  Ever since Subarutalp was isolated, the outside world has forgotten the ability. However, the power passed down from the ancient raccoons was still used.

The raccoons used the ability of the helmet to trade with the outside world while hiding their identity.

<Option: Agility +10, Wisdom +10>

<Special option: Transformation is possible once a day. Duration is unlimited. However, once the transformation is released you have to wait 24 hours before you can transform again>]

-Quest ‘Prevent the resurrection of Voltaire and the Immortal Legion’ has been completed.

The quest had automatically been completed once he received the quest item.

However, Ark had a little look of disappointment.

‘Ara? What? There’s no experience?’

Because none of the quests received in the underground world were easy to complete. Besides, the completion of the quest wasn’t even mentioned in the information board.

He had expected to gain 3~4 levels when the quest was completed. However, there was no experience at all?

Then, the sound of the information window popped up.

[‘Victory Quest’ has been completed.The completion of the Victory quest has accumulated 3☆ information window.In New World, a ☆ is a decoration provided for the player who has achieved a historical and great achievement which has an influence on the world.The player who receives a ☆ would be a legend in that area. In addition, the accumulation of a certain number of ☆’s would receive a very special reward.

Currently owned ☆ (3)]

There was something mediocre about the message since it didn’t even give experience.  Frankly, he wasn’t satisfied.  But are there other ways to add stars in the system?

‘Hah……However, no matter what I solved the quest but the only reward is one old pith? No, it’s still possible an incredible reward would be given later. And the difficulty of the quest compared to the not so great looking helmet……..well, as long as I got the necessary thing.’

……….If he didn’t, he didn’t know if he could endure it.

In fact, the performance of the helmet was slightly vague.

Ark was still using the Crystal Golem’s Head that he obtained early on. Of course, he found a few more helmets.  It had superior defense, but he needed options with mana.

The Raccoon’s Pith also had a mana up option.

However, its defense was 20 points higher than the Crystal Golem’s.  Also, his summon demon skill used a lot of mana and that would increase even more.

‘Yes, the Crystal Golem’s Head usage limit is too low now.  If I sell it later for an appropriate price, it probably wouldn’t be popular.  And now I need more agility than mana.’

Ark was satisfied to some degree and put on the Raccoon’s Pith.

But the Raccoon’s Pitch had an unexpected bonus that Ark hadn’t considered.

[The set items’ effect has been applied.New World has a number of items that are closely related to each other throughout history. The items are associated with a famous event or legendary hero and so on.  Once you have a certain number of these sets of items, an additional bonus will appear.* Currently equipped set items: <King>'{Raccoon’s Pith} {Cat Paws} {Guardian Mermaid Armour} {??} {??}

Equipped with three items from the set <King> and the effect of the set will be applied.

<Wild Ability: Strength, Agility, Stamina +10. Defense +20>]

‘Set items effect!’

Ark’s eyes widened.

The bonus added from the set items was enormous. It indicated that when Ark equipped the set his strength, agility and stamina increased by 10, while his defense also increased by 20.

‘In addition, there are still two more items.  If I can find everything and complete the King set……?’

He couldn’t even guess how much bonuses would be added.

‘Set items…….they were often seen in other games, but I didn’t know New World had them. So far, he had never heard such information…….after all, it is only when you possess at least 3 of the set that you can tell? Does that mean I now have to be careful when I sell an item?’

It was difficult because the items looked different from the other ones in the set.

However, he could get a significant amount of money if he sold it on the auction.

Every one of Ark’s thoughts was about making money.

“Thank you,”

“Huh? Well, it is lucky that you like it.”

“Then I’ll take this and go. Since I am meeting Yggdrasil, I’ll say goodbye in advance.”

“I see.”

Ark turned to the elders and bowed.

And outside the Town Hall, hundreds of raccoons had gathered.

When Ark came out, they lined the road.

“Serve, Hut!”

The soldiers raised swords while the artillerymen pointed their g*ns at the sky. Finally, each leader saluted Ark while the cannons fired simultaneously in the air.

At the same time, colourful fireworks appeared in the dark sky of the Underground World. It was like a spectacular Olympics opening ceremony!

“Ark commander, Hooray!”

“Well, you have worked hard and we achieved such peace thanks to you. As a group, the raccoons are thankful to you. Anytime you want, we are willing to lend our strength to you. We have learned how to muster courage thanks to you.”

The Elder hit Ark’s shoulders as he spoke.

Ark looked at the raccoon soldiers with deep emotions in his eyes.  In the words of the Elder. They were actively conscripted and trained by Ark, and he had fought together with the NPCs.

How much did it mean?

He also felt affection for the soldiers of Jackson.

‘That’s right…………Now the Underground World is at peace I have to say goodbye.’

Ark looked at them one by one as he left the town.

And after a while, he went to find Yggdrasil. Once inside Yggdrasil, Ark saw that the inside had already been turned into a shrine.

The vines weren’t seen and small lights floated around like it was daylight. And everything Yggdrasil willed it, the tree trunks would split and a new path formed.

Thanks to that, Ark could arrive at the centre in a straight line.

-Welcome. Have you finished saying goodbye?

Yggdrasil welcomed Ark in the form of the Buddhist priest.


-Now the only thing left is your original purpose for coming here.

“I heard that I had to undergo a test to receive the Three Marvels.”

Yggdrasil lightly asked with a smile.

-Do you know what piece of the Three Marvels is here?

“I haven’t heard it yet. The raccoon elders also don’t know…..”

-The Three Marvels that I kept is the ‘Dark Piece.’

“Dark Piece?”

Yggdrasil nodded.

-As the name suggests, the artifact contains the powers of darkness. According to legend, the piece fell off the Lord of Darkness but I don’t know whether that is true or not. Anyway, it is the most dangerous piece among the Three Marvels.  In the past, even the Truthseeker had trouble controlling its power. There was a possibility of being inadvertently misled by the powers of darkness and straying from the path. Therefore, a test must be passed before receiving the Dark Piece.

Yggdrasil sent him a soft look.

-But you have already proved everything you needed to in a moment of desperation, the courage to embrace the dark without losing your courage and overcome the hardships.  Because of the previous vow with Hero Maban, I will give you the Dark Piece.

Yggdrasil gripped his fist tightly. When he opened his hand, there was a stone sculpture emitting a black strength. His Knowledge of Ancient Relics needed to be 50 to confirm the item. However, Ark’s Knowledge of Ancient Relics was at 83.

Taking the piece automatically opened the information window.

-Your Knowledge of Ancient Relics has confirmed ‘The fragment of stone filled with an ancient power.’

[Fragment of stone filled with ancient power (Dark Piece)The Dark Piece pulsates with an aura of deep darkness.The Dark Piece is the reason you will feel the touch of a deadly temptation. Making this your own power won’t be an easy task. But I hope that you find a strong will and courage in the darkness to make it a part of you.Using Knowledge of Ancient Relics, you have confirmed that it is one of the Three Marvels that Hero Maban used in the Dark Century.

Hero Maban has left his power inside the Three Marvels for later.  If the Truthseeker obtains the Three Marvels, it is possible to obtain Hero Maban’s power.

*The owner of the Dark Piece can use Hero Maban’s techniques.

<Experience +30,000. Knowledge of Ancient Relics +15. Intelligence 10, Fame has increased by 20>]

[New Profession-specific skill.The gift of darkness II (Beginner, passive): The power of the Dark Walker in the dark is slightly increased. All abilities are increased by 40%. The duration of ‘Stealth’ is raised to 20 minutes.  However, this skill cannot be raised.]
[New Profession-specific skill.The Dark Dance (Beginner, active): The second half of Hero Maban’s power increases your vision in the dark. By hiding yourself in the darkness, you can use quick movements to make the enemy’s attack collapse.  The player’s success rate depends on the level of the skill. The higher the skill, the more damage received would be reduced and in some cases, you can even reflect the enemy’s attacks. <Mana consumption: 300>]
[New chain skill has been registered.* Currently available chain skill-Dark Strike (Dark dance + Dark Blade)Evade enemy attacks and counterattack with a critical hit.

<Chain skill success: 50% chance to give the enemy a 200% critical hit>

<Chain skill failure: There will be a 50% chance that Dark Dance is released and a critical hit received.>]

Once again, pleasure has come at the end of suffering.

By completing the quest to reclaim the peace of the Underground World, he has received the second piece of the Three Marvels. As soon as he sealed up Nídhöggur, compensation started flowing out.

In particular, the main purpose of the Dark Walker was to find the Three Marvels so the compensation was tremendous.

First was the Gift of Darkness II. Since he had already received the Gift of Darkness, it was somewhat expected.  But a 40% increase in abilities in the dark……..! Isn’t that like being level 140 when he was level 100?

It was his new skill Dark Dance that was unexpected.

When he read the information, his expectation was different.

Unlike other professions, Ark didn’t have a good evasion skill yet.  He wished for it but there was a reason he didn’t like it.  The problem was that Dark Dance consumed mana.

‘If I use it once then it consumes 300 mana?’

It also does not damage, so he would waste 300 mana just for teleportation…….! If he used 100% of his mana, he could only use the skill four times? In addition, a chain skill was created with the Dark Dance skill.

‘Dark Strike…..I don’t know how effective that technique is since it uses 400 mana in one go. I could use Blade Storm once with that mana.’

Blade Storm was his strongest attack that consumes a sword instead.  On the other hand, Dark Strike only increased the damage of his critical strike.

The Dark Strike was also risky so he would rather use Blade Storm once and lose a sword.

‘Well, I still increased my skills so it isn’t too bad.’

Ark decided to be satisfied with it. After all, he had achieved the purpose of coming to this world.

“But the way can I ask you something?”


“Do you know the location of the remaining Three Marvel?”

Ark recalled the description of Yggdrasil from Norse mythology. Yggdrasil was the symbol of wisdom rooted in nine different worlds.

Of course, there was no guarantee that the number of worlds in the myth and in the depth of the earth was the same.  Especially since it existed in ancient times and met Hero Maban, it may give him a clue.

However, Yggdrasil shook his head.

-I have spread my roots through most of the northern continent for a long time. So I see a lot of things. The rumours I heard about the location of the Three Marvels was from a long time ago. Maybe…… is in a world that you don’t know about.

“Another world? Then has it been destroyed?

Yggdrasil laughed at Ark’s question.

-No, it’s completely different. The middle earth is the world that you know. If spoken in our language, Midgard is just one of the nine worlds. In other words, humans exist in a world on this system.  The Lord of Darkness and his followers lived on a different system.

“Then I would find the remaining Three Marvels in a different system?”

-I don’t know either. However you are the Truthseeker, didn’t you come here in accordance with the guidance of a greater will that governs everything? If you try, it might be possible to detect its presence.

‘Do I have to go back from the beginning?’

Ark sighed. At that time, Yggdrasil spoke again.

-This is a bit of grandmotherly advice but…….be careful.


-The Red Man weighs on my heart. Nídhöggur has been sealed in this place for hundreds of years, with the secret only being told to a few people.  His reason for trying to resurrect Nídhöggur is unknown……..but if my guess is correct……..

Yggdrasil murmured and sighed.

-His purpose might wake up the darkness.

“What on earth is the darkness? A person? A malevolent deity?

-Darkness…….it is. The existence that every being on the continent fears that would bring disaster.  Nothing more and nothing less.  And if the purpose of the Red Man is really to wake the darkness……..his biggest goal is directly linked to the heritage of the 7 heroes. So pay attention and don’t overlook him.

“I will keep that in mind.”

-Then this is it.  Now, you should go back.  To the place that requires you……..

Yggdrasil approached him and stroked Ark’s head.  Then Ark’s body was engulfed in light.

Small particles of light rose up in the heart of Yggdrasil and followed the passage.  He followed the capillary of moving water along the stem until in his range of vision, a blue sky appeared.

His adventure of commanding the raccoons in the Underground World had finally ended.

Diririri, diririri.

At that time, his phone ringtone was audible from far away.

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