Act 6: Attack X

ACT 6 Attack X

“Elemental Sword Ice property, Flash!”

A bolt of light swept through the Nakujuk. At the same time, the surrounding chill slowed down the movements of the Nakujuk dramatically.

“Dark Dance!”

Ark used complicated foot movements to move through the gaps in Nakujuk. Then he attacked the Nakujuk with his Dark Blade chain skill. ‘Dark Strike’ and quickly inflicted critical hits. Ark used the element of surprise to inflict the constant critical hits, making the Nakujuk run around in confusion.

“Ugh, what, what the?”

It’s just one person! Just surround him and seal his movements!”

“Heung, do you think I’ll let you act freely.

At that time, Dedric flew down from the sky. Dedric shot at the Nakujuk like an arrow and exclaimed.

“Disciple, do it now!”

“Okay. I call on the Holy Land, don’t allow them to become corrupt. Innocence field!”

After buffing them up, Lariette used a wide area magic. An intense light swirled around the area.  It was the Innocence Knight’s wide area magic which deals continuous damage and decreases the opponent’s defense. So the group of Nakujuk dissolved under the combination of Ark, Lariette and Dedric’s attacks.

‘I hope Razak is holding up well……’

Ark had come up with a solution before attacking the Nakujuk. How could he rescue Beseutyu from the valley village? Ark had been troubled by that until he remembered something Buksil said in the past. Buksil was lacking sleep thanks to Ark so he tended to doze off while moving. Then he would suddenly say ‘ugh, Ark-nim please save me.  Although you might not listen to me, please stop making the zombie foxes!’ He was talking while sleeping.

Talking during sleep was a hint.

‘Right, come to think of it…..Dedric ‘Vampirism’ skill was also effective on users. Then perhaps Razak’s skill could also be applied to a user? Can he control that guy…..?’

Ark looked at Duke’s body and visualized a brilliant manoeuvre. He could revive Duke using Razak’s ‘Death’s Equations.’ The current number of enemies Ark had to face was the 400 Nakujuk and Jewel’s group. But the situation would change if he could lure Jewel’s group and some Nakujuk from the village. Of course, using ‘Vampirism’ on a user had a low probability of success. ‘Death’s Equations’ was also the same. In addition, Duke was high ranking so he had to use 3 ribs in every try. It was a huge damage. But there was no other way.

“Razak, use ‘Death’s Equations!”

Clack clack clack, clack clack clack clack…….

Razak sighed deeply and slowly removed his ribs. The unexpected profession he evolved to caused Razak to become gloomier. Anyway, 3 times……he used 9 ribs before the skill barely succeeded. Yes, the Duke who lured Jewel out was a zombie.

‘In the beginning it was a little vague, but isn’t it an unexpectedly useful skill?’

Ark never dreamed that he could take advantage of ‘Death’s Equations’ in this way. Anyway, Ark’s operation to storm the village was a success. However, there were still 150 Nakujuk left in the village even after Jewel took some out.

‘I can handle it if I attack small groups but……’

He didn’t know how long Jewel would be tricked. In fact, ‘Death’s Equations’ had some limits. The distance that the zombies could move away from the controller was quite far but it wasn’t indefinite. So Razak hid and directed Duke to take Jewel’s group around the area of the village. Thus there was a time limit on tricking Jewel’s party.

‘I have to quickly save the residents and get out.’

Ark was determined to take a risk. While Jewel was missing, he would focus on attacking one place with all his power. The place Ark aimed for was……


“Surprise attack, surprise attack!”

The Nakujuk in the watchtower spotted them and sounded the horns. At the same time, a hundred Nakujuk flocked like a cloud. But Ark’s eyes just searched the corpses without paying any attention to the gathering Nakujuk.

“Radun, quickly pack the items dropped by the Nakujuk.

Ssak ssak ssak ssak!

Radun ran boldly and examined the corpses. The list of all the japtem Radun swallowed appeared before Ark. After a while, Ark finally found the item he was looking for in the list.

-Radun had acquired the ‘Nakujuk’s Crude Key.’

“That’s it Radun. Give it to me!”

Radun vomited out the key it swallowed on Ark’s command. Ark picked up the key and held it to the iron door. The iron door opened and all the children of the village came pouring out. Yes, Ark attacked the jail where the children were being imprisoned. The children were the weapons Ark prepared to defeat the Nakujuk. The kids came out and rushed towards Ark who had food prepared. It was the dish that he cooked for Hae Gyeol-sa, the founder of the intimidation skill in order to increase his voice.

“Oh Ark-nim, those fellows are right in front of you!”

“Wait a minute. Have you ate everything?”

The children became quite hungry in prison so they nodded after the food disappeared in an instant. Ark waved his hand like a conductor and said.

“Now, do you remember what you have to say when I make this signal?”


“Daddy! Ark-nim saved us!”

“Okay, good. One, two!”

“The Nakujuk are coming! Save us!”

The village shook with the children’s’ cries thanks to the food which increased the volume of their voices. Its effect showed immediately.

“What, what the! This sound is?”

“Children, the children’s’ voices!”

“Ark? Who is Ark?”

“He is the foreigner who rescued Bona not so long ago. He came back!”

“Oh, that person rescued the children?”

“But it’s seems dangerous. They need help!”

The adults involved in the construction of the Reception Tower stopped moving. Then the Nakujuk supervisor ran to them and swung the whip with a perplexed expression.

“This fellow, you’re not behaving? Do you want to die?”

“Shut up!”

“What, what the? Are you crazy?”

“You’re the crazy ones! Locking up our children and threatening us…..! Bolkanasu, strike!”


The Bolkanasu shrieked at its trainer’s command and crashed into the supervisor. He was not the only one. The other trainers also used their monsters to attack the supervisors.  The Baran members also picked up pickaxes or shovels and swung them. Thanks to Ark rescuing their children, the Baran caused a riot at the construction site making the Nakujuk panic.

‘Yes, it was successful!’

Ark clenched his fists when he saw the disorder in the village. Yes, this was what Ark came up with. The Baran said that they weren’t warriors. However, Ark felt like this was just a simple excuse. While their strength and stamina couldn’t compare to the Nakujuk, they had the trained monsters as weapons. Yet they never thought about fighting back because of fear. They would still be the same even if Ark helped them.


Ark knew. Parents would become so much braver when their child was at risk.  His father who passed away was like that. Although he usually never got into arguments, if Ark returned after being hit his father would become furious and fear nobody.  Despite her illness, his mother never lost her smile for Ark’s sake. And he learned that the hearts of the NPCs in New World was no different from humans. They would be willing to die against the Nakujuk for their children.

“That’s it! Buksil, Bona, take the children to a safe place.”

“Yes Ark hyung. Now, follow me!”

Bona nodded and retreated with the children.

“Come with me Lariette-nim!”

Ark led Lariette and the flock of Nakujuk towards the construction site. A fierce battle was being waged at the construction site. However, there were a limited number of monsters that the Baran could use to deal with the Nakujuk. When the Baran rushed in at the beginning, it seemed like the Nakujuk was pushed back. After the formation remained intact and the battle prolonged, the Baran clan and their monsters were the ones collapsing. Reality was still reality. Despite fighting for their children, they couldn’t become Superman. Currently there were 100 Nakujuk troops there.

On the other hand, there were 70 Baran and 120 monsters. Despite the Baran clan’s overwhelming numbers, their combat power was a lot weaker. Furthermore, their only weapons were shovels or pickaxes. On the other hand, the Nakujuk were heavily armed with armour and weapons.

“Everyone please listen to me!”

Ark shouted towards the Baran clan.

“As you heard earlier, all the children are safe. But if you fall back here your children will be in danger again. You have to defeat the Nakujuk. You won’t stand a chance at this point so rally to me!”

“That person is?”

“It’s that person. That’s Ark!  The one who rescued the children! Didn’t I tell you? The friend that worked for me once? At that time I already knew he wasn’t an average person!”

The stable owner Ark had worked for jumped forward. Then the Baran clan flocked to Ark.

“Okay, follow my instructions.”

“We’ll do anything since you’ve rescued our children!”

“We’ll do anything since you’ve rescued our children!”

Ark quickly took control of the Baran clan. However, Ark actually delegated the Baran to Lariette. That was all he needed to do to achieve victory in battle. And that simple action showed its enormous power. It was because of the special characteristics of a Holy Knight and Innocence Knight. A Holy Knight’s true strength shone on the battlefield. He was able to stack up 3 buffs on all his subordinates. But was that all? Thanks to the influence of the Holy Knight, the troops moral would also rise. It was indeed a profession that existed for war, a maestro of the battlefield!

That was the Holy Knight.

Compared to the Holy Knight, an Innocence Knight was stronger in holy magic.

“Oh, my courage is rising quickly for some reason!”


The monsters of the Baran clan also had their morale increased. They weren’t the only ones who changed.

“Everyone attack!”

Lariette lifted her sword and shouted. She rushed towards a Nakujuk and struck it with her shield. Yes, she had finally fully awakened to her profession. An Innocence Knight who couldn’t lead her troops into battle and death would be considered useless. Ark’s dark attribute bonus increased his stats by 40% while another Hero profession, the Innocence Knight applied stat bonuses to her allies. Currently her level was 180. However, she was the leader of a 70 people attack group and her level reached the mid-200s. The Holy Knight characteristics of Alan that had once pushed Ark to despair was now a strong ally.

“Yap, yap, yap, yap!”

Thanks to the small space, a Nakujuk fell to her attacks. With her black hair flying while fighting the Nakujuk, it looked like a scene from Joan of Arc. She was the embodiment of an Innocence Knight. Thanks to her, the situation was in their favour.

‘But the problem won’t be settled even if I win this battle. If Jewel’s party and the Nakujuk return, everything is screwed. I have to save Beseutyu before that happens.’

However he was unable to find Beseutyu at the construction site. A Baran member replied when he asked about Beseutyu’s whereabouts.

“Beseutyu-nim? He was caught shortly after he tried to escape and dragged back. The foreigners who came with the Nakujuk stayed at Beseutyu’s house so he’s probably trapped there.”

‘Beseutyu’s house!’

Ark looked at the large house located in the centre of the village.

‘I’ll leave this place to Dedric and Lariette. I don’t know how the situation will change so I have to rescue Beseutyu first.’

“Lariette-nim, I’m going to rescue Beseutyu.”

“Huh? Ah, yes!”

Lariette replied while still fighting. Anyway, Ark left the battlefield and headed towards Beseutyu’s house. Most of the soldiers were concentrated on the construction site so there were only a few sporadic battles inside the village. Ark assisted the Baran a few times while crossing the village. So Ark was able to arrive at Beseutyu’s house after a few minutes. The mansion contained a maze of shelves and bookcases densely packed together.


A familiar voice was heard after Ark entered the house.

“Ah, Ark’s voice… it Ark? This way, this way!”

He followed the voice and saw a prison cage hanging from the ceiling. Beseutyu and Guran were trapped in there. Ark began to release the chains of the cage that were tied to a pillar. The Beseutyu touched an iron cane and shouted.

“How did you get here?”

“The explanation is too long.”

“Perhaps, have you perhaps seen Bona?”

“Don’t worry. Bona is taking the children to a safe place. There’s a lot I would like to ask…”

Ark tilted his head to one side. Usually a key obtained in a specific area could be used to open all locks there. The key to the children’s prison also unlocked their shackles. So Ark thought the key would be able to open the cage. But the key didn’t match when he tried to use it.

‘What on earth is going on? Another key is necessary?’

Ark thought with an unbearable expression. Guran had been looking around with an anxious face and suddenly burst out.

“Ark-nim, behind you! Be careful!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

At the same time, the bookcases at the entrance collapsed like a domino and Ark was attacked. The bookcase was several metres high and had a tremendous weight! He would be completely flattened if it fell on him. Ark reflexively pushed the cage back and climbed on top of it. The cage tied with chains swung back like a swing and then swung forward and smashed into the bookcase. The hundreds and thousands of scrolls poured out like water.

“What the hell is this…?”

Ark asked with a bewildered expression when the shaking cage finally came to a halt. Then he saw a shadow approaching quickly before he felt a tremendous impact on his side. Ark flew back a few metres and crashed.


Beseutyu and Guran called out from the cage. However Ark couldn’t hear their voices.

‘Oh my God…!’

Ark lifted his head and swallowed his saliva. The shadow was a giant armed with thick steel armour and a huge two-handed axe.  The face peering out from the helmet gave off a terrible impression.

“Kukukuku, I thought you would come here.”

A warning message flashed as soon as the giant spoke.

-The Nakujuk Commander Kaljapeu has appeared!

But he didn’t have time to confirm the warning message.

“You dared hinder the cause of the Nakujuk……die!”

Kaljapeu’s two handed axe fell downwards and caused a storm. Ark quickly rolled his body and narrowly managed to escape the attack. But he only had 50% of his health left. After leaving the construction site, he had been too busy to recovery his health. He never thought he would meet a mid-level boss.

‘But even so…..’

He still had 60% health when entering the house. He had only been hit by the surprise attack, meaning that one strike reduced 10% of his health!

‘Does that mean I can only endure five of his direct attacks? Damn, he’s only level 350 but he has tremendous attack power. But he seems slow. With such incredibly high damage, his agility should be quite low. In addition, that thick armour will make him even easier to deal with.’

He had initially panicked but now Ark showed a confident expression. No matter how high, damage wasn’t enough. In fact, Ark had no trouble with opponents that had high damage and defense but were slow. Andel and Leo were the first people he PKed and they were both warriors.  It was because he could grasp the weak points even if the armour was very thick.

“Dark Dance!”

Ark used dazzling footwork to confuse Kaljapeu. As expected, Kaljapeu’s movements were slow. Every time he took a thick armoured step, the whole house would shake. He couldn’t overcome Ark’s movements with such a heavy weight. However, it wasn’t as easy to win as Ark thought.


He took advantage of the opportunity and swung his sword. A sound suddenly rang out and his wrists became heavy and dull. On the other hand, Kaljapeu only lost 1% of its health. The armour was too thick to deal any damage. In the meantime, Ark used his taekwondo skills which had defeated countless knights. He used a low kick to hit a place that would normally stun knights. However, the thickness of the armour was beyond his imagination and his kicks couldn’t penetrate it. Kaljapeu just ignored the kicks and swung his axe. Ark had been careless and he became cornered in a few blinks of an eye.

‘I’ll get hit if I don’t move!’

Ark used Riposte to push Kaljapeu back for the moment. No, he was trying to push. But a giant was the opponent. He was also a giant wearing several tons of armour. Rather than being pushed by Riposte, Ark flew back through the air.

‘What is this bastard?’

Indeed, it was a tank. But there was still a way to defeat it.

‘Even a tank has weaknesses. I just have to attack the place and this durable armour won’t matter!’

He looked using Eyes of the Cat and spotted a red light in a gap in Kaljapeu’s armour. It was Kaljapeu’s weakness. Once Ark confirmed the weakness, he changed his strategy and used Dark Dance to spin around Kaljapeu with his sword. Once he reached Kaljapeu’s back, he stabbed the sword in a gap in his armour. Then Ark witnessed an unimaginable scene.

In fact, Ark felt like something was wrong ever since Kaljapeu appeared. It was strange…..normal armour had different front and backs. However, Kaljapeu wore a rustic armour that looked the same in the front and back. It was a funny looking armour…….


When Ark tried to stab his sword, the armour completely twisted around and blocked the gap. There was a ringing sound and Kaljapeu’s head turned 180 degrees. Not only that, both arms completely turned to the back. In a moment, the front and back were completely changed.  And the moment Ark thrust his sword, Kaljapeu grabbed the blade with his glove and smacked him.

-You have received a critical hit, 550 damage!

Ark flew in an arc and hit the bookcase. The impact made his spirit feel like it was flying to Andromeda! But he was lucky that Kaljapeu was overflowing with strength. If he had fallen right in front of him because of the counterattack, he would be subjected to continuous attacks thanks to his stunned state. Fortunately he was released from his stunned state by the time Kaljapeu reached him but the situation had become worse. He had no chance in a frontal confrontation. The only way Ark could win was to attack the gap in the armour. However, if Kaljapeu could switch his front and back then Ark would have no chance of attacking the gaps. In addition, he would be vulnerable to a counter attack.

‘Shit, is he the T-400 Terminator or something?’

There was no point in standing around complaining. Since he couldn’t attack the gaps in the armour, Ark had only dealt 3% damage at most. However, Ark was hit by the counter attack and lost 10% health. With his 30% health, if he took three more hits or counter attacks then he would definitely die.

“Kukukuku, have you run out of techniques?”

Kaljapeu started swinging his axe. But……it was true. He had no chance in a frontal confrontation and his taekwondo didn’t work either. Even his strategy to attack the weak point failed. Truly overwhelming! All Ark could do was run around. Fortunately he could avoid most of Kaljapeu’s attacks thanks to his high agility. However, New World’s combat system meant that he would still receive damage in a certain range even if he avoided the attack. Thanks to that, Ark’s health slowly dripped down lower and lower. In fact, it was natural that he would suffer. Kaljapeu was the commander of the Nakujuk Jewel’s group met when they crossed the northern mountains. Although he was only level 350, Jewel’s group needed 10 people to defeat him.

“I never thought I would meet such a tough ambush. The results of this encounter will be inevitable!’

Ark tightened his lips and felt like his insides were burning. The problem had become really serious once he encountered Kaljapeu. If Ark died then Razak’s Death’s Equations would be broken. So Jewel’s group would return to the village once they realised they’ve been deceived. It was obvious what would happen to the battle at the construction site.

‘My resurrection location is at the valley village. Jewel will not miss such an opportunity. Once the town is occupied, a constant watch will be set on the totem. If Lariette or I die then we won’t be able to resurrect again!’

Ark used Umma’s Sap and endured. However, Umma’s Sap only recovered 400 healths.

He only had 4 left so he would only be able to recovery 1,600 healths.

“Kukukuku, it’s no use even if you run away!”

While Ark was thinking, Kaljapeu had backed him into a corner and swung his axe. Ark lowered his body and hurriedly used Slide to escape between Kaljapeu’s legs. He would do anything it took to live. But Ark surprisingly realized something thanks to this humiliating act.

“Ugh, this bastard…..!”

Kaljapeu jumped and showed signs of panic. Then he looked around briefly before finding Ark and approaching.

‘What the? That response just now?’

Kaljapeu’s reaction time was normally very fast. It was similar to Ark never missing a target when he used Dark Dance. Because of that, he could immediately switch back and forth if someone attacked from behind and then counter attack. But Ark sliding through the crotch, for a brief moment he could not determine Ark’s location.

‘Perhaps that guy……?’


Ark once again used Slide to pass underneath Kaljapeu’s crotch. Although he showed less signs of panic than the first time, he still had difficulty finding Ark’s location.

‘There’s no doubt. That guy……can’t see properly near his feet!’

Yes, Kaljapeu was wearing an armour of great thickness. His helmet was also very thick! With such a thick helmet on, he naturally wouldn’t be able to see properly around his feet. So his blind spot wasn’t his back but his feet.

‘Aha, that’s it!’

Ark devised a plan and immediately communicated with Dedric.

‘Dedric, what is the situation over there?’

“This… is a little cumbersome…..the battle is proceeding as planned…..over!”

‘Okay, then fly towards Beseutyu’s house right now!’

Ark commanded before running all over the place and pushing down bookshelves. The many bookcases filling up the mansion collapsed and scrolls came pouring out. The amount of scrolls was enough to fill up to his ankles. Then Dedric flew into the house after crossing the village.

“Master, I’m busy so why couldn’t you wait to call….huk! What is that?”

“You’ve arrived?”

Kaljapeu who had been chasing after Ark turned his head and swung his axe. But Ark was one step ahead and grabbed Dedric before diving into a roll. After avoiding the attack, the axe slammed into the ground and damaged it.

“This bastard, where are you? Cowardly bastard!”

Kaljapeu brandished his axe all over the place but Ark had already run far away. Dedric panted in another room and muttered.

“M-master, what is with that huge guy?”

“Shut up, there’s no time so listen to me.”

Ark quickly explained the operation. Dedric understood the majority of the situation and smiled before nodding.

“Oh, so that guy is just big and dumb?”

“That’s right.”

“Understood. I’m an expert.”

Dedric swam out among the scrolls. Even then Kaljapeu still couldn’t identify Ark’s location. His eyes had no way of reaching his feet and the scrolls also reached his ankle. Then he saw something rolling a few metres away.

“Are you there? You rat bastard!”

Kaljapeu approached and his axe fell. At the moment the scrolls scattered and a bat flew up to the ceiling. Dedric escaped the range of the axe and touched the ceiling while sticking out his tongue.

“Over here~.”

“What, what the? A bat? Ugh!”

Kaljapeu’s face stiffened as something attacked his sphincter. While Kaljapeu had been concentrating on Dedric, Ark dived between his legs and stabbed his crotch with a knife. Even though Kaljapeu realised the attack, he couldn’t do anything about it.

“This…this bastard…!”

Kaljapeu immediately tried to attack but Ark and Dedric had already dived among the scrolls. After that Kaljapeu became completely stupid. Ark and Dedric hid among the scrolls and would emerge at different times to attack Kaljapeu.

“Over here stupid!”

Dedric would run away and yell while Kaljapeu concentrated his gaze on him. Then Ark would close the distance and attack X. Kaljapeu wasn’t completely stupid so after a few repetitions, he would swing his head 180 degrees in the opposite direction that a shadow jumped. He determined that Dedric emerged first so Ark would attack from behind. But of course Ark would’ve thought of that response.

“You’ve misunderstood. I’m real this time.”

This time Ark smiled and ran away.

“Oh, that Kaljapeu didn’t even move a muscle!”

“Ark-nim is the descendant of Rarukan like expected!”

Guran and Beseutyu exclaimed from where they were watching in the cage.

…..To be honest, it wasn’t a nice enough fight that they could exclaim like that. They just stuck like a cockroach to the scrolls before emerging and either attacking or running away.

But this method had the best effect. Using this strategy, Ark was able to drive Kaljapeu into a critical condition. Then……..

“Time to finish this!”

Ark once again attacked Kaljapeu’s sphincter. A dreadful scream emerged like a patient had haemorrhoids! Kaljapeu let out a huge scream and grabbed his ass as he died. The Nakujuk commander had pushed Ark into a corner several times and now looked pathetic as he died after having his sphincter attacked multiple times.

-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.

Despite the difficult, he only rose 2 levels.

“Isn’t it slightly pitiful now that I’ve seen it?”

However, Dedric just kicked his feet against the knife stuck in the Kaljapeu’s ass.

“Hahaha, that’s what you get for swinging your axe all over the place.”

Then Kaljapeu dropped two items.

-Kaljapeu’s Key
Plated Gauntlets of Corrupted Hatred (Magic)

Armour type: Plated Gauntlets

Defense power: 55 (+15)

Durability: 55/90

Weight: 40

User restriction: Level 200 or more Knight

Plated gauntlets used by the Nakujuk commander Kaljapeu. The Nakujuk clan has a history of intense hatred for other races. Their hatred is so dark and depraved that it seeped into the equipment they used. Moreover, Kaljapeu’s hatred increased beyond imagination in his final moments and has created a special option.

Special Option: You can use ‘Berserk.’ When Berserk is used, your hatred is amplified and your offense will increase by 5% for 20 minutes. Not available for those without the ‘Hatred’ stat. Cool down time: 2 hours>

“Eh? What is this?”

Kaljapeu was a boss monster so of course he would drop a magic item. But Ark discovered something different when reading the information window. Kaljapeu died while he was furious and created a new special option. Didn’t that mean an item’s properties could vary depending on the circumstances of death?

‘Does that mean I can receive better items if I kill the Nakujuk while they’re furious? Then I might be able to create special items in the same way with other monsters.

Items with better side effects would be sold at a higher price.

‘I’ve discovered some good information!’

Attacking the X was a strategy which ensured the opponent would become furious. Ark become determined to refine his newly learned skill to attack X and picked up the key.


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Ark’s Flash skill is certainly powerful. Everytime he uses it, it lets him move within a 40 meter diameter (20 meter effect radius) zone. Ark had used multiple different skills simultaneously while flashing and that those skills were either magical or physical skills. The Flash skill also allowed him to travel thru brush vegetation without being impeded although light novels typically ignore terrain whenever it becomes inconvenient. Ark utilized inventory items fast although I haven’t seen him chain two healing potions together while in Flash (a healing potion has a 60 second cooldown). Ark avoids skill precast delay times as because Flash sets precast to zero time needed as shown by Ark using separate skills upon multiple targets while flashing. That skill also sets post-cast time of skills to zero time needed since he has used separate magic skills on different targets. Flash also sets global skill cooldown time to zero because if cooldown existed, that would have stopped Ark from using all those skills on different targets.


You seem to be misunderstanding the skill Flash. It allows Ark to attack all enemies in a certain AoE. If you are familiar with DotA, then it’d be similar to Ember Spirits’ Sleight of Hand. Ark does not whizz through all of his opponents then spam skills during the cast period but because Flash synergizes well with his Dark Walker class’ high critical rate + the passive of elemental damage (that goes through armor defense) + if he casts Eyes of the Cat skill which allows him to see “weak points” makes it a very good Crowd Control skill, only it uses up quite a bit of mana so it’s not exactly sustainable in a long fight.

It does not render skill cool downs to 0 nor allows Ark to ignore “cast animation” since he still needs to swing his weapon to damage opponents… I’m not sure if you’re actually reading the same thing I am… He’s never used it on a single target before so I’m note sure where you’re getting all this… And there’s no such thing as global cooldowns since none of his skills share one.

And about terrain, really…? Where in the whole novel has battle terrain and its various elements been fully described? So you’re imagining the skill actually allows him to phase through objects? Haven’t you realized the entire game melee system is user input based and automated commands don’t exist? It’s not like SAO with its Sword Skill. It’s actually a VR user actually thinking “I’m going to swing my sword/weapon at this angle, at this speed, and at this strength”… If it weren’t like that then the merchant Iselus wouldn’t be getting warning message that says “you’ve done something beyond your character’s ability, so injury…” Of course current technology isn’t anywhere near that phase, and I very much doubt it that it’ll ever be that intuitive, but the author has planned the system mechanics very well and there isn’t a lot of inconsistencies (other than Ark’s seemingly being at the middle of everything happening always, which totally unrealistic).

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Ark’s courting trouble if he sells equipments that needs a HATRED stat. Knowing what the game is like he should be smart enough to realize what kind of people will buy it. Like what some had said before, it’s going to bite him in the ass later on.


I’ve been thinking about this for a while but “Innocence Knight” is kind of awkward.

It’s just my opinion, but I think “Virtuous Knight” or “Knight of Virtue” would fit better.

I think I’ll suggest it in the Terms section. Can anyone guide me to it?


I went with Innocence Knight because that’s what the Korean romanized is: In-no-sen-su. It’s one of those words that sounds the same in Korean as it does in English. With terms like these I prefer to keep it as close to the korean as possible.


OK. If the author romanized it that way, then keep it that way.
I agree with keeping it as close to the original as possible.

BTW Thanks SO MUCH for the updates. Really, thanks a lot.


Damm more items for Allan, too bad his affection stat doesn’t seem to do anything…


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I wonder if Ark can figure out the person who buys the gauntlets is the same person who bought that shield earlier. If he can connect the two, he can get info on Alan. He still thinks Alan is in prison.

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Well the info in aution site is 100% secret and it would be hard to link a Holy Knight with item that have Hatred stat.


I don’t think Ark (even majority players) know Alan already converted to Ruin Knight. Maybe he think Alan still Holy Knight and sell it without worries only to be bitten back later.

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even if he knew he’d still sell it. You’re all forgetting he needs the money, this is his job and he can’t slack off on making profit because of personal hatred


No one knows Alan is a ruin. ark personally is certain that Alan is inprison. i know the seller on the auction site is anonymous but is the buyer? If it shows the buyer he can know that Alan bought the shield and these gauntlets. Funny thing u think he would still sell it to Alan thinking he is in prison. He would think by the time Alan gets out if prison ark will be so high level he won’t have to worry about Alan and the gear he sold him.


The buyer and seller are using different ID (explained when Alan showing his new shield). He can use different ID to buy the item if Ark decided to sell it. And don’t forget the Hate stats that raise his status, combine with Berserk option from the gauntlet will make him great boost. I hate Alan, but his new class really damn good


Ark will know that Alan bid for the item because he had previously bought the shield with the same user id. so he asked his friends to jack up the bid price. heheh. he really milked alan for the gauntlets.




any chance we will have a double chapter today? 🙂

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So that’s what X mean? Thanks for the chapter.


To put it politely, it’s “that hole” where waste comes out of.


and allan will buy this item


That’s what I was thinking too blaze.


The equipment has the Hatred Stat.
The only one we know who has that stat is Alan.
Everyone has already made the connection.


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Omg,,this chapter was so funny i,m still laughing. Thank you so much for going through the trouble translating this for us


Ark has officially became the biggest pain in the butt for people everywhere😄


ark! breaker of balls! destroyer of men’s future children!

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But was that all?
When he get hatred stat Item he’ll sell it in the auction site and Alan will buy it since Alan is full of hatred, lol.


I wonder if he damaged the scrolls to the point where he won’t be able to get his quest info out of them?


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What is attack x?


Stupid Ark will sell that gauntlets for sure, and Alan will buy it… geez


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Seems like ark is going to make the same mistake and selling again to alan u.u at the very least he doesn’t know Alan could wellcome the hatred stat