Act 5: It is War!

ACT 5 It is War!

“Whew, Oppa, I’m going now. I’m late for my part time job.”

“Okay, I understand. Go and I’ll take care of the rest.”

Going straight from Lancel to Selebrid would normally take 4 days. That was 32 hours in reality. However, his movement speed increased by 1000% thanks to the unicorn. They could also ignore the monster’s attack. But was that all? When the speed fell even a little bit, Ark would threaten it and the unicorn would run like a wild boar was chasing it. Thanks to that, Ark only took 3 hours to arrive in Selebrid.

“Pururuk, puruk, purururuk!”

Once Roco disconnected, the unicorn stared at Ark before leaving. Once he threatened the horn, his intimacy with the unicorn plummeted to the very bottom. But Ark didn’t pay any regard to the childish horse. Ark immediately searched for the cathedral.

“Stop, what do you want?”

Two guards blocked the access to the dungeon.

“I would like to make a brief visit to someone trapped in the dungeon.”

“Visit? With whom?”

“Sid……I received a message that he was locked up here.”


The guard frowned as he rummaged through the ledger.

“This fellow’s crime was very bad. I received special instructions from the bishop not to allow anyone to visit. Go back.”

‘It appears to be very serious!’

After listening to the guard’s words, Ark’s worry was rekindled. New world was a game. Even if a serious crime was committed, the NPCs wouldn’t lock up the user for more than a few days. If they were incarcerated in jail then of course they couldn’t play the game. But he had been locked up for how many days and denied bail, now even visitation rights were prohibited? If it was an NPC then freedom was never guaranteed but such cases were rare. The system might release him of course, but Ark couldn’t afford to wait for that to happen.

‘What on earth did he do?’

“Please look into the circumstances. It should only take a short time.”

Ark took out 2 silver and asked about the circumstances.

“You dare to ask such a thing? For only 2 silver? Are you joking?”

‘Damn, was the amount too small?’

He has 5,500 gold taken away so now 2 silver was all he wanted to part with…….even in urgent situations he always remembered to use the lowest possible price. However, they wouldn’t budge for 2 silver. He also couldn’t use his intimidation skill on the guards. It was very unlikely that such skills would work on the guards. Besides, he wouldn’t be allowed close again if it failed.

‘Since I invested gold into extending my cabin, I only have 5 gold left.’

Ark retreated for the moment while thinking. And he racked his mind in a dark alley.

‘With that atmosphere, even bribing with 5 gold is unlikely to work. I should look for some other ways……if I want to enter the jail secretly then I have no choice but to use Stealth. But………’

If he used ‘Stealth’ to get past an NPC and was discovered then the penalty would be equal to being caught using the [Lie] scroll. He wold become chaotic for a certain period of time and his intimacy would decrease.

‘But since the circumstances are like this then I have to take the risk. However, if I use ‘Stealth’ when the guards were at the door then there is a 100% chance of being caught.’

That was the problem. The guards blocked the door completely so there was no space for one person to slip past. Of course, if he made contact while using ‘Stealth’ then he was a 100% chance of being detected.

‘Is there a way to remove the guards from the door for a moment?’

Ark worried about it until he came up with a brilliant idea.


There was a sudden scream in the dim evening. The relaxed guards flinched and turned their gazes. At the same time a boy ran out of an alley dripping blood.

“H-help me!”

“What is going on here? Why are you bleeding?”

“A demon, a demon is coming!”


The guards didn’t know the situation and when they turned their heads to where the boy pointed, they flinched. Something leisurely emerged from the alley the boy had ran from. A monster made of bones holding a shield and sword! It was a skeleton.  However after it saw the guards, the skeleton quickly fled to the alley.

“Huk, eh, how come there is a skeleton in Selebrid……?”

“The wicked summoner called it here!”


“Yes, I was just walking along when he suddenly appeared. Since I’m too pretty his intention was clearly to kidnap me. But I was smarter and suspected as soon as I saw him and ran away. Then he summoned that demon to kill me!”

“Pretty? Smarter?”

At the boy’s words, the guards muttered with a strange expression. Then the boy yelled and shook the guards.

“That’s not important right now!”

“Oh, yes. How dare someone try to kidnap and murder you in Selebrid……!”

“You have to catch the skeleton and summoner right now.”

“But shouldn’t it be empty?”

“Ugh, is ajusshi stupid? Since the skeleton ran away, the summoner will soon get away as well!”

The boy shouted as if he was dying.

“Yes I see. Do you know where the summoner is?”

“Yes, he was just behind me in the alley.”

“Fortunately it’s not far away. Okay. Lead the way!”

With their sense of justice overflowing, the guards ran to the alley.  And after a moment, a blurry shape went through the door that they had been blocking.

‘Jeez that Dedric. Isn’t he normally mean and vicious?’

The person who entered the prison was none other than Ark. Of course the boy was Dedric and the skeleton was Deimos. They put on that play in order to get the guards away from the door.  He didn’t have to worry about Deimos since he was recalled early on. And Dedric…….he was a cunning fellow so he would finish it well.

‘It is possible to use my summons in such a way. I should utilize it more often.’

However, it wasn’t over once he entered the jail. Since there were guards in the prison, it wasn’t easy for him to relax. Ark maintained his ‘stealth’ status and explored the dungeon. After avoiding the guards and exploring the dungeon, he finally saw a familiar face in a corner. The person sitting with a soulless expression was the hobbit Sid. Ark approached and muttered in a low voice.

“Sid-nim, Sid-nim.”

After he called a couple of times, Sid raised his head. His eyes were fat and swollen from crying. Sid looked around with swollen eyes before sighing and looking down again. Since Ark was using ‘stealth’ he couldn’t be found.

“Sid-nim, it’s me. Ark.”

“Ah, Ark?” Ark-nim?”

Sid approached the grate.

“I’m using ‘Stealth’ right now. So lower your voice.”

“What the? Why is it so noisy?”

At that time a guard that was patrolling turned his head. But he didn’t see anything at the grate so he shook his head and turned the corner. Sid blew a sigh of relief and once again came to the grate. Then he murmured with a tearful voice.

“Huk………Ark-nim, you’ve come.”

How could he say that? Since Sid had his 5,500 gold, why wouldn’t he come? Anger welled inside Ark but he firmly pushed it down. While he wanted to berate him for 4 days and 3 nights, there was no time. The duration of ‘Stealth’ was only 20 minutes. 5 minutes had already gone by so he had 10 minutes left before he had to leave.

“There is no time so speak clearly. What on earth happened?”

“I was tricked.”

“Tricked? By who?”

Sid sighed and explained what happened. Due to circumstances he had to move to the border of Nagaran. He sold chaotic scrolls and protection scrolls and made a lot of money……..

“The atmosphere was really good. I thought that I could double the capital.”

Ark nodded. Ark would’ve also used that method to engage in business. The method to barter scrolls for consumables wasn’t bad. It was common sense since someone could raise the price and gain even more profit. That’s why he thought it was good to leave selling in Sid’s hands. But he became furious after listening to Sid’s words.

“After I exchanged the scrolls for consumables, I headed to Nagaran. There I luckily met a user who was in charge of a fairly large guild. And I was asked to deliver the materials to a camp on the outskirts of Nagaran.”

“Why did you enter Nagaran with all that luggage?”

Ark’s voice became cold and Sid immediately shrunk away and made excuses.

“Uh, you can’t use scrolls inside Nagaran. I also hired NPC mercenaries so I thought it would be okay to head to the outskirts. The warrior also offered to escort me.”


“My first few transactions were okay. But when the third trade was occurring, the guild had to urgently move the camp. So they asked me to procure the necessary materials for them. Since it was an urgent mater, they would increase the price.”


Although the outcome was obviously, Ark stayed patient.

“But when I entered carrying the required materials, masked thieves showed up. There were a lot of them and they were also high levelled……..the NPC mercenaries were instantly killed…….”

“Were the items lost?”

“No. I didn’t drop any items. Nagaran is a PK free area so the probability that an item would drop was extremely low. But I was resurrected in Selebrid with those guys blocking me. Because I was late and broke the contract, the violation set by the contract was money…….”

“How much?”

“3, 000 gold……….”

It was like a thunderbolt had instantly struck his head.

3, 000 Gold! 3, 000 gold! Since Ark had a 58% share, 1740 gold was from Ark.  That hobbit had lost him 1,740 gold, which he could’ve used to buy 8,700 kimbap. He went through a variety of emotions from shock, feeling like he was going to collapse, disappointment and then murderous. Ark wanted to enter the prison and strangle him. But the prison bars blocked him. When Ark started breathing heavily, Sid quickly continued talking.

“B-but you only lost 500 gold from the principal amount.

“Only 500 gold? Why are you talking shit like that? Aren’t you a merchant? What else is there aside from the principal? The principal amount came from my hands. Sid you will pay the principal amount and the 3000 gold!”

At the end of Ark’s words, Sid’s complexion became pale.

“What the hell? Why are you yelling at yourself? Are you crazy?”

Then, the annoyed voice of a guard was heard. Ark and Sid closed their mouths for a moment. After the short silence, Sid’s expression became sulky.  However, Sid might’ve died from a heart attack if Ark hadn’t been using ‘Stealth.’ An evil spirit! Ark’s face while glaring at Sid definitely looked like an evil spirit. In his mind, he really wanted to discard a hand like this.  No, he should break it a little bit but not discard it. 3,000 gold. It wasn’t a fact that could be forgiven. Even if he had to use Hae Gyeol-sa, he would extract it all from Sid. To do that, he had to remove Sid from the prison.

“……..I understand the situation for the moment. But why on earth are you imprisoned in jail? Since you still have the principal amount of money left, you could pay off the breach of contract and I also heard from Nein that you weren’t allowed a bail…….

“It’s because of that!”

Sid punched his fists together in resentment.

“I was tricked from the beginning!”


“Yes, when I was attacked by the thieves I accidentally saw the symbol that was engraved on their clothes. It was covered by a cloak but I clearly saw it. I saw it at the guild camp as it is the symbol of the guild that traded with me.”

After Sid’s description, all the circumstances became clear in Ark’s mind. Those guys were making fun of Sid from the beginning. There were few merchants who didn’t like money. However, it was easy to persuade and trick naive merchants.  After winning their trust, they would make the naive merchant sign a huge collateral contract and then stab them in the back. They aimed for a scam from the beginning! Sid then continued talking.

“It’s an obvious scam. But the Merchant Guild is the one that is supposed to have jurisdiction to  pass judgement. Although I tried to plead with the cathedral, the situation was the same.”

It was true that the whole thing was written on the contract.  On the other hand, there was no way to prove that the robbers were a member of the contracted guild. Even if the situation had happened in real life, there was no way for the police to intervene. But for Sid it was a matter of life or death.

‘If I leave it like this then Ark-nim will kill me!’

Sid was determined and began to protest even through his embarrassment.  Day and night, he ran around the cathedral actively appealing to senior NPCs to their chagrin. He called for a fair investigation and a punishment for the guild leader………After holding signs and demonstrating for several days, he was suddenly captured by guards and imprisoned in the dungeon.

“Huk huk huk, the leader of ‘Dawn Blade’ accused me of libel. I tried to explain the situation but it was no use. He was a leader and a lord. So what rights did I have? Huk huk huk, do people without any power have to suffer like this in the game? It’s not fair. But no one even listened to my words…….So I had to ask for help from Ark.”

“Wait, what?”

Ark approached the bars closely.

“Dawn Blade? That person was the leader of that guild…….?”

“He was the Holy Knight Alan. I didn’t understand until later but he is a fairly well known user. He also appeared on TV. So I was relieved……a guy like that……I didn’t think that he would trick a person like me for money…….”

After Ark heard Sid’s words, he became deep in thought. Organizing a guild required considerable amounts of money. Well, it would probably be more than 3,000 gold. And since the guild was famous, if news of a scam was spread then the guild’s public reputation would be harmed.  But such a large guild actually went to Nagaran and carried out a scam. Why? However, Sid’s next words answered his question.

“Did Sid-nim say that the money was from investments?”

“Yes, but why?”

Ark’s face stiffened as the last question was solved. Since Sid didn’t participate in the Event Quest, he didn’t know about the relationship between Ark and Alan. On the other hand, Alan? Of course, he didn’t know about Sid’s relationship to Ark. But what if Andel had been there? Andel would remember Sid’s face from Cairo. That’s right. It wasn’t Sid or money that triggered Alan’s scheme. It was Ark!

‘Son of a bi*ch……it was because of their grudge towards me……!’

Ark ground his teeth together.

“I understand. I’ll check it out more so just hang on for a while.”

“Ah, Ark-nim. Will you be able to get me out?”

“You have to get out. Because your body has to pay off the 3000 gold.”

Sid’s face paled even more at his cold words. He blinked in chagrin. Money was a dreadful obsession for Ark! The hobbit’s real suffering would start when he got out of the prison. Even if Sid escaped from the wolf’s mouth, he was forced to enter the tiger’s.

‘My future game life…….’

Sid’s tears were flowing at the thought of his future.

Ark used the same tactics to leave the dungeon. After talking with Sid it was clear what he had to do. Alan was a Holy Knight. Ark as a Dark Walker was supported by the beast clans, however Alan had a significant support base with the Cathedral. He had a lot of status to be able to have Sid captured for an ambiguous crime like defamation and to not even get bail.  In addition, there was the Cathedral…..the fact that Alan and the Cathedral had a close relationship was something Ark had to consider.

‘Alan…….why couldn’t he just leave it alone?’

Since Andel had appeared with the assassins, he was able to guess what had happened. Andel lost in PK and couldn’t have hired the assassins from the Dark Brother organization alone. Without a doubt there was someone backing him. And the person behind Andel was probably Alan.

‘I don’t have to pay any attention to Andel. Alan is my opponent.’

Currently, Alan had a considerable power with the lords and he also occupied Silvana castle. In other words, he had to completely smash Alan in order to rescue Sid and get back his 5000 gold And if he found evidence of the scam then he would be able to get back his 3000 gold. He had to settle things with Alan once and for all. If he just stepped on him without making things clear than the same situation would happen again. And since it was a fight then he had to win using any method.

‘Alan, I’ll say this once.  You’ve touched the wrong opponent.’

Fire burned in Ark’s eyes.

‘But it doesn’t just depend on my motivation. Alan is powerful. While taking on Alan I can’t overlook the people in the ‘Dawn Blade’ guild or the Cathedral. Moreover, Alan now occupies a castle…….I don’t stand a chance if I use foolish guerrilla warfare. A head on confrontation is inevitable.  I need to be prepared. I need to collect information about Nagaran.’

In New World, Alan had built up a lot of friendships with senior NPCs and even commanded lots of users. However, Ark wasn’t being idle in that time!

‘Since it’s come to this, I have to rally everything. Yes, this is war!’

Alan had taken 3000 gold while Sid had 5000 gold confiscated.  It was 8,000 gold at stake. No matter what he had to recover that money. The question was how.  Ark became resolute and left the game unit.

“What the? That rascal Alan?”

Gwon Hwa-rang shouted. After leaving the unit, Hyun-woo had immediately called him to tell him the situation. In reality, JusticeMan also believed in justice so his anger was incredible.

“That child dared to do that…….”

“I don’t need to tell you why Alan targeted Sid.”

“I can guess.”

Gwon Hwa-rang growled as he replied.

“He knew that Sid managed our money and did such a thing. We won’t stop until he dies.  So, have you thought about how to deal with him?”

“Do you want to try to reason with him?”

“Are you joking?”

“Then there is only one method. War!”

“That’s how it should be Ark.”

Gwon Hwa-rang laughed. However, Hyun-woo voiced sounded heavy over the phone.

“But it’s not an easy problem. Alan was briefly shown on TV the other day. He is also the leader of the ‘Dawn Blade’ guild that has occupied a castle. Of course, the number and level of people in the guild is also significant. Well, I would be able to figure out a way somehow but the problem is money. Since we’ll be fighting a war in Nagaran, we’re going to need quite a lot of consumables.”

“War is originally a consumption competition.”

It was an unavoidable law that war was a consumption competition. New World also followed that rule. Hundreds gathered on the battlefield. Of course, the necessary supplies were incredible. They couldn’t fight the opponents without drinking potions like water. Therefore a colossal amount of money would be spent on potions. In a sense, it was more important than levels or equipment. Unless it was a 1-on-1 fight, the more economical and durable side would win.

Alan was very rich in funds since his force overtook the other guilds and occupied the castle. He didn’t know if he would be able to mobilize that much in the fight against Alan. There was nothing Ark could do about that part. Then, he heard Bul-kkun shouting from far away.

“You don’t have to worry because we’ll take care of that part!”

“That rascal, he dared to touch the nose of a sleeping lion? Originally we considered the game as a form of training……but this is a matter of pride. Money? Ha, that fellow has money? Hyung-nim, while we promised not to do more than necessary, this time is an exception.”

Jjak-tung also made a face and looked at JusticeMan.

“…….We can’t not do it. Because this is not related to the game but is simply retaliation.”

“Okay. Hyung-nim gives permission. Hey, you guys prepare some cash for tomorrow. I’ll show them clearly what money is.”

“I understand. Is 10 million won enough?

The rehabilitation members were people who have lived their lives with pride. However, a little child was hitting the back of their heads. Therefore, the rehabilitation group’s eyes were completely open and they couldn’t see anything else.  They went home and grabbed some documents.

“I got it. The funds have been secured. However the troops…….even though we have the thieves, isn’t the level of Alan’s guild quite high? It isn’t possible to just fill our head count with low level guys…….there are only 30 high level thieves.”

“I have an idea for that.”

Hyun-woo explained the method that he had already imagined.

“Hrmm, it might work.”

“If it goes as I expect then it should work. I’ll head there while ajusshi should take care of Lancel Village.”

“I understand. Good luck.”

The next day, a storm struck the auction site. 10 users logged in as guests without any IDs and stockpiled various items. They purchased various level 100 weapons and armours and well as consumption items like crazy. Thanks to inflation, the prices quickly rose from 2 million won to 4 million won. The auction site was accessed thousands of time a day. In just a few hours, those 10 people made the prices skyrocket. Without caring about the market price, they just blindly bought items.  A special price range was systematically formed and spread in their wake.

“What the hell, who are these people?”

“Don’t they know the market price? Are they just buying blindly?”

“Damn, the price of another item has suddenly skyrocketed.”

“Ugh, I was about to buy that item……”

The users visiting the auction site were stunned. But the cash storm was over in just a few hours. They suddenly appeared and bought dozens of items at random before disappearing.  All that remained of the storm that hit the auction site was a bunch of inflated prices.  The aftermath was challenging because it would take a few days before it would return to its original state.

“What the hell. Those people?”


“That’s right, clearly those people are preparing for a siege.”

“But if they’re preparing for a siege then why did they only buy level 100 items?”

“…….Indeed, shouldn’t they be at least level 130?”

“But what would be the alternative reason…….”

After all no one could figure out their identity. In the end, what happened in the three hours at the auction site became a legend……..

“Huhuhu, the quality is as good as expected.”

Jjak-tung smirked as he organized the newly acquired items. To be honest, he had wanted to obtain equipment using money immediately. They were already deeply immersed in New World. But JusticeMan’s rules was ‘it is necessary to obtain it yourself’ and banned the use of real money. In addition, conservative Roco also disagreed.

“The quality is more horrifying than gambling. If you use it just once than you won’t be able to stop.”

However, even JusticeMan and Roco changed their minds in this situation. The gold they lost wasn’t the problem. Their pent-up anger broke over Ark losing his money. They knew better than anyone why Ark was obsessed with money.

“That kind of money……the money that Alan stole is for Park So-mi’s hospital bills…..!”

“How many times has Ark Oppa slept with an empty stomach to save money……!”

“I’ll beat that kind of guy with the hammer of justice! But with my current strength I can’t uphold my principles……Park So-mi’s hospital charges……If Ark doesn’t receive that money then he’ll have to go begging! This time is the exception. Just this once, I’ll allow it for 3 hours.”

If Alan was going to steal the money for the hospital bills then he was going to kill him.

“This is for Park So-mi……..No, it is a crusade for justice! It isn’t necessary to worry about the means!”

“Yes, for my future mother in law…….No, it is a crusade for justice!”

There was no way the rehabilitation members would miss this chance. As soon as they got the cash they headed straight to the auction site!

“There is no time to relax. Before Hyung-nim changes his mind, we need to buy all the necessary items!”

“Hahaha, this is not a joke? This is the warmth of shopping for luxury items.”

“Yes, I see a potion that is available to buy.”

“Good. Because this is for justice and our little brother!”

“Of course.”

“He is just an ignorant guy. Hyung-nim will educate him.”

“Ha? This guy put 500,000 won here? There is no time so I’ll bet 1 million won!”

The rehabilitation members became irrational and created a legend in those 3 hours. But thanks to that, they were able to obtain the finest equipment. Since they poured money into it their defense, attack and various stats increased dramatically.  The equipment was enough for them to crush users 20~30 levels above them! Alan’s provocation ended up making the rehabilitation group stronger.

“Okay, I have the necessary equipment so now it is time to gather the troops!”

JusticeMan immediately summoned the thieves at the training camp. They numbered 300 people! But he couldn’t take all of them. During that time, they continuously trained and hunted so their levels rose tremendously. But since they were already avoiding the eyes of the Dark Brother organization, it would be a waste to use potions on low-level thieves. JusticeMan selected Wangnuni and the best 30 people. The problem was how to make them participate…..

“Ark-oppa is in a crisis. Please help!”

The situation was resolved with just those words.

“Ark hyung-nim found a new home for use!”

“Oh, now it’s a chance to repay the favour!”

“Let’s go!”

So he secured 30 people just like that. But that wasn’t enough. It was a large scale battle and it might even become a siege. Aside from numbers, they also needed the appropriate troop configuration. But Ark had already made a rough summary of the configuration. JusticeMan also agreed when he was told. JusticeMan explained the situation to the residents in Lancel Village.

“Ark is in a crisis?”

Hassan pulled his beard and tightened his stomach.

“A Meow never forgets the favour it once received. If our friend the Truthseeker is in a crisis then of course I have to run and help. Okay while I have to protect the village, I can send 10 Meow warriors. Hired mercenaries can’t even be compared to them.”

“We’ll help.”

It was the raccoon clan representatives.

“Ark saved our clan. Since he planted Yggdrasil here we want to return the favour. Although we won’t be able to fight, we can help in other ways.”

Although they were better craftsmen than fighters, their levels were over 100. In addition, they had various techniques that exerted a lot of power on warriors.

“Thank you all!”

JusticeMan accepted the raccoon clan as well as the 10 Meow warriors. But the real problem was from now on.

“Thieves and Meow warriors. Depending on their use, the raccoons could be better than regular NPC mercenaries. Since there is a high degree of intimacy then they will follow commands well.  But they still lack a collective combat experience. The combat troops need people familiar with a strategy against guilds!’

JusticeMan sighed with anxious eyes.

‘Ark must succeed as well…….’

At that time, Ark got off a carriage that arrived at Jackson castle.

“Ark, it has been too long!”

The young Lord gladly stood up and greeted Ark.

“What brings you here so suddenly?”

“I came because I wanted to ask a favour from you.”

Ark sighed and explained the entire situation. The young Lord was silent for a while before sighing.

“You’ve experienced a difficult thing. So what do you need me for?”

“There are two things. One is to ask My Lord to use your power and investigate the case properly.”

“Since the Cathedral is involved I can’t guarantee anything, but I will try. The second thing is?”

Ark gulped and said in a low voice.

“Soldiers…….can I borrow them?”

“Is that it?”

The young Lord looked serious as he nodded.

“I understand the situation. Sir Alan……Yes, the Cathedral would get involved to protect his reputation. But the world will not just blindly believe your words. You’ve gained my trust.  And Alan does deserve punishment for his crimes. But……”

“Does the Cathedral weigh on your mind?”

“Of course it would weigh on my mind.”

The young Lord turned to Ark and said firmly.

“Ark, I think very highly of you.”

“I know.”

“I want to help you. This is serious. In addition, the hearts of the soldiers are also with you. The Cathedral is a problem. But no matter what, I can’t oppose the royal family.”

“You’re talking about the rules of Nagaran.”

“Yes, the Three Powers have no influence in Nagaran. Therefore, the entrance of soldiers is prohibited. If I break the rule then it would be considered a revolt against the Schudenberg royal family, and the Bristania and Sinius Kingdoms would consider it a declaration of war.  The problem isn’t something that a mere Lord like me can solve.”

“That’s right.”

Ark had also gathered such information in Selebrid about Nagaran. Still, he had been wondering if there was another way. But the results were as expected…….the same laws that applied to medieval times also applied to New World. There was no way a Lord would defy the laws of the nation for a mere foreigner.

“I’m sorry.”

Ark instinctively knew that being stubborn wouldn’t work.

“It’s not possible. I have no choice but to fill the headcount with the thieves, even if the overall abilities would decrease.’

“Instead I’ll try to figure out as much as possible about that incident.”

“Thank you. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Ark nodded as he prepared to leave. Just as he was leaving, the young Lord said.

“Ark, are you convinced that Alan orchestrated this incident?”


“I see. Ah! Thanks to that issue I forgot to warmly welcome you. I’m sorry, but in order to avoid the gazes of other people please leave through the back entrance.”

Ark was secretly disappointed at the young Lord’s sober tone.

However, when he left through the back door he was soon able to understand the attitude of the Lord.


“Sir Cross?”

Ark looked at the approaching people with surprised eyes. It was Sir Cross, 4 guards and 15 people from the Sylphid Knights. They surrounded Ark and muttered in an upset tone.

“This person, were you really going to leave without seeing us?”

“I’m really sorry. There is urgent work that needed to be finished…….”

“Really? Then we’ll go with you.”


“Hah, this is really amazing…… fact, the Young Lord just dismissed us. Thanks to that we’re unemployed. Well, we’ll probably be reinstated in the near future but at the moment we need to find a way to eat. If it’s possible then can you hire us? We don’t require a lot of rewards.”

Sir Cross and the soldiers laughed as they hit the backpacks they were carrying.


Ark suddenly raised his head. The young Lord was looking at Ark from the second floor balcony above the back entrance. His friendly face was different from before. The young Lord didn’t say anything, he just shook his finger and grinned. He didn’t need any words. His face explained it all. Sir Cross murmured in a subtle voice.

“This is the young Lord’s message. I called you Jackson’s Hero. And the hero shouldn’t receive that kind of hospitality. Well, I don’t know what he is implying with those words.”

Jackson’s Hero, the title that Ark forgot about! But the young Lord had remembered.

‘Yes, so far my choices haven’t been wrong!’

Tears gathered. Ark trusted NPCs more than users.  They had never betrayed him when he gave them his trust. Although it might cause difficulty, he never regretted it. His trust was rewarded. Even though he received the title of Jackson’s Hero, the young Lord’s decision wasn’t an easy one. Ark bowed towards the 2nd floor balcony.

Now the preparation for war was over.

Ark, JusticeMan, Roco and the rehabilitation members were carrying advanced equipment. The total was 13 people.  There were 30 reformed thieves, 10 Meow warriors, 10 raccoon clan craftsmen and 20 unemployed soldiers. The result was that an unprecedented group consisting of 80% NPCs was formed. Ark and JusticeMan was ready to attack!

‘I have collected everything from my time in New World. If this attack doesn’t challenge Alan then I would’ve been stepped on twice!’

“Let’s go, to Nagaran!”

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[…] This was a fairly short chapter so Volume 7 chapter 5 is released. You can read it here.  […]


Thanks for the chapter
Much appreciated




Faster than I thought. Cheers dude. If there’s anything that we, the can do to help you out, feel free to ask. I think some of us would love to help if we can, considering how fast you crank this stuff out.


thanks a lot for a new chapter rainbowturtle

Monta _

Amazing suprise, you made me super happy! Thank you very much! Have a wonderful day!


Dayum. Ark doesn’t do anything halfway. I sure hope those raccoons are coming with the heavy artillery so that he can raze that castle. Alan is probably gonna end his friendship with Andel after this. (And if not he should after Andel actually tries to attack Ark in real life and finds himself facing a SWAT team)

Also liked the righteous rage of the detective and ex-convicts. Although Ark would have been sad at how much money was lost by not properly manipulating the market, it should be worth it.


I think that Ark would have been more happy rather than sad, because Ark himself was one of the guy selling rare stuff. Since inflation rises, it means he could sell stuff at higher prices. Inflation is a result of supply and demand. Since demand rises as supply goes down, then Ark would make more money since people will still have the same demand.


Whoo!! Thanks for new chapter
much appreciate dude!

Lantos Spaniel

Thanks a lot.


Wow! Thanks for the chapter.
Things are heating up. This is going to be one epic battle. I wonder if Shambala will join the group too. They could fight like they did in the arena and make everyone flabbergast.

World Traveler

I have a feeling shambala will bring an army of his own! Wink wink 😉


nope,, you are wrong… 😀


Thanks for the chapter. I have a doubt.


thanks again for your speed ; dont overdo it 😉


Thanks for the chapter


I. am. so. friggin. addicted…. Thanks for the chapter!!!

Faust Voncleave

Same. Been re-reading random chapters while waiting for the updates


thank you sooooo much for the quick update,


Thank youbvery much Turtle, to be honest it didnt feel short at all.
Nice chapter, next onenshould be even morebinteresting.
Keep up the great work….


Thanks for the fast translations, it’s the highlight of my day.


You are a god with your updates. Thanks so much for your hard work <3


man thx again…


Thank you ^^.

Even if its machinetranslation i am quite happy abotu the qaulity~
Ark was dropped so long… this feels good.


Thanks for the chapter, I am really looking forward to the upcoming battle. Don’t overwork yourself though!


no1 is wondering y he didn’t go to the marmaid people?


Not sure if you’re really stupid or just trolling lol

World Traveler

I think what he is originally asking is why he didn’t ask the mer-people for help as well, since they were also helped immensely by ark. But i don’t think they’d be much help on land either way, so oh well.


If I remember correctly Nagaran has a beach on the back side. an army of merman and a Wale larger then a mountain appearing on your back door its quite intimidating since you don’t know what they’ll do. unfortunately they are wandering the bottom of the ocean for now :/


Didn’t they pack up there city and leave further into the ocean? I’m sure Ark had some way of getting into contact with them, but it would have taken too much time for them to join up.
Certainly there’s no time limit, but vengeful justice waits for no man.


no their Guardian moves pretty fast:

Gallic rolled his building-like eyes to gaze at Ark and let out a roar that resounded through the ocean. Then he raised a tsunami-like current as he cut through the ocean.


Neeeeeeeeeeeed Mooooooooooore

Naofumi Echizen

Alan Literally just took 3000 gold from Ark… A demonic greedy Merciless God who Loves money more than anything…
*thnx for the chaapter*


Thaks Turtle ~_^

I see a win-win.

This is ……..….. not Sparta.




Thank you for the fast so excited right now..


Bro you are amazing, I’ve never seen someone this fast before, every time I visit this sight its like there is a new chapter or the next chapter is already 80% done, i truly enjoy this story and as a side note I’ve never seen a comment section without some negative remark anywhere but here as a testament to just how freaking awesome you are.


OH OH that was so good! My heart is racing for the upcoming battle! Thanks for the translation


Man, you dont learn? Never touch Ark money!!!!! Thanks turtle – sensei!!!! ohhhh the cliffhanger………… I want more!!!!!


any of you remember the cape he got in the beginning when he fought the immortal monster with the king?
what was its powers? and why is he not using it nowadays
i remember there being a pretty good option on it. something like full revival or immortality not sure.
he could have used it at all the near death situations and escaped but he never used it again.
did the author forget about it?


He ended up selling it.


Any idea on the chapter in which he sells it?


It was somewhere in the last chapter of volume 1.

That one bruh

He sold the fire club at around 10 mil won iirc, since the weapon was profession restricted he can’t use the weapon at it’s utmost potential and using it for bladestorm is such a waste.




The power was once a day he would be healed completely, but it lowered all stats while he wore it.


Didn’t it have limited uses? He may still have it in his backup can’t remember if he lost it or not. With such a powerful ability it would certainly be balanced due to the game aspect.


no it had the option that gives illusion and makes you invincible for 10 sec but i think it makes your stats go down when wearing it and he sold it on auction


It had both actually. Remember ark’s first Andel massacre? He used the cape to heal himself completely.

Silver Ray

I’ve become addicted to this because of you!
Thx for giving us the translations so fast!


Thank you very much for the translation translator! Many thanks towards the Author!!


The shield that Ark found is literally perfect for Alan. Will be hilarious if Ark fights him and he has the shield he placed on auction.


Ark should consider leaking Information to the brotherhood so that they would appear befor during the war.


Thank you for the translation !

Pablo AS

um, isnt 80 NPC and 3 players against a hundred players a suicide??… if i remember correctly the guild of alan has a few hundred players not counting the npc that the castle have… and a full frontal assault is also a suicide… maybe he will make a tunnel and attack from the inside?

Tyrone Xiang Chun

haha ikr, I’m a bit dissapointed they didn’t bring all 300 bandits

Tyrone Xiang Chun

The build up for Alan’s shrekoning is getting me so hyped >:3 Thank you turtle!


Alan is so screwed….