Act 4: Working Part-time at the Village in the Valley

ACT 4 Working Part-time at the Village in the Valley

“Phew…..we’ve finally arrived.”

Around dawn, the skyrays finally set down at the village entrance. Even then Lariette was still clinging tightly to Ark with her eyes closed. Her arms wrapped around his waist still trembled even when they landed.

“Lariette-nim, it’s fine now. We’ve arrived.”

Lariette opened her eyes and looked around quickly. After seeing the ground, she let out a relieved sigh and said in a quivering voice.

“S-s-scary. It was really scary.”

“…..You endured it well.”

“I’m never riding double again. I’m getting off.”

Lariette dismounted from the skyray with a pale face. But she couldn’t even walk a few steps before her weak legs collapsed.

“The heavens and earth is spinning…..ah, I still feel sick…..”

‘Well, isn’t it reasonable?’

Ark scratched his head with an embarrassed expression. In fact, riding the skyrays wasn’t that great. If he looked at the appearance of the skyray, the whole body was its wings. In other words, the whole body would shake every time it flapped its wings. Furthermore, there weren’t any safety devices attached like amusement park rides. Even holding onto the reins, your body would still rock up and down with every flap so of course someone afraid of heights would fear for their life. That wasn’t all.

The Netherworld wasn’t a place where someone could rest peacefully while flying through the sky. Storms would randomly occur and they were even attacked by wild skyrays once or twice…..they experienced all of that during a 1 hour flight. In order to escape the many crises, the have to fly using complicated manoeuvres which tortured Lariette. Thanks to that, Lariette had a new phobia of skyrays and heights.

“Scary… you know how scary it was? Really, really, really scary. Sob, I’m never riding it again. Never ever. Do you understand? Sob.”

Lariette muttered tearfully like a maniac. She was probably quite serious. But……she looked like a little kid whining……and he thought it was kind of cute. Anyway, she was in a panicked state for a while. In fact, this was actually an opportunity. Anyone would know that their impression would become more favourable if they spoke comforting words during this situation. Unfortunately, Ark didn’t have a knack for such things. Dedric was much better at it compared to Ark.

“Sheesh, they can’t understand the romance of flying…..women….”

Dedric pouted and muttered as he passed by.

“Well, I’m sorry for what happened a while ago. Although you’ll be accompanying Master from now on, I’ll recognize you as a colleague. But you better not mess with the number 2 person.”

He seemed like a 4 year old apologizing to the girl he teased. Ark burst out laughing. But the childish words were unexpectedly accepted by Lariette. A faint smile appeared on Lariette’s pale face. At the same time, her impression of Dedric which was at the very lowest 1 hour ago skyrocketed.

‘Eh? What scene is this? That apology actually worked?’

Ark couldn’t comprehend it. If Ark was in Lariette’s position, he would immediately punch Dedric the moment he said something sassy. Men and women really were shaped differently.

‘Well, at least Dedric and Lariette reconciled.’

“I’m going to take the skyrays to their kennel. Teacher is waiting so Ark and Bona should go there first.”

Guran said before herding the skyrays to their kennel. Ark and Bona entered the village. When they entered, Beseutyu who had been waiting anxiously in front of his house rushed towards them. His complexion was haggard from a night of worrying without any sleep. Bona had been behaving calmly so far, but he burst into tears when he saw his grandfather and ran towards him.


“Sob, oh…..ooh…B-Bona!”

Beseutyu and Bona embraced each other while shedding tear. It had been two long days….eh? Come to think of it, it had been 16 hours since Ark arrived in the village which was 2 days game time. Their reaction made it seem like it had been a whole week. Well, anyone would be thrilled that their grandson came back alive after being kidnapped.

“I’m glad.”

Lariette muttered as her complexion seemed to return to normal. She felt a lot of affection for Bona since they had been captured together. Of course, Ark was also thrilled about the reunion. He had rescued the baby smurf from being eaten by Gargamel. Now it was time to be rewarded by Papa Smurf. Why wouldn’t he be thrilled? After a few moments, Beseutyu collected his feelings and led them towards his house.

“I’m sorry. They said that they wanted to help you. I didn’t realise they were villains targeting you… heart was so worried that I couldn’t see the motives.”

He was referring to when he leant Jewel’s group some skyrays. Ark just smiled and shook his head.

“No. I received their help anyway.”

He wouldn’t have been able to overcome Tamura without the help of Jewel’s party. Beseutyu’s head tilted but he didn’t question it. He only cared about the fact that his grandson was rescued.

“……Honestly, I thought I was making a mistake when I heard that he was captured by the Nakujuk. I thought I would never see my grandson’s face again…..I don’t know how I can repay the favour.”

“It was my pleasure. I couldn’t just stand by and watch as a little boy was sacrificed by a wicked group. But I won’t reject Beseutyu’s sincere heart.”

Ark replied modestly. He was mindful of his words since Buksil was filming it on the magic projector. He didn’t want to make it obvious that he was aiming for a reward. Ark was smart and danced around the subject. Beseutyu nodded with an impressed face.

“You really are like the incarnation of Rarukan.”

“Rarukan? I’ve heard Guran say that before…..who is Rarukan?”

Ark didn’t ask this because of mere curiosity. Guran had mentioned the name Rarukan once. When an NPC mentioned something, there was a high possibility that it was important information. For example, it could be related to a quest or related to a quest compensation item. That’s right. It was similar to the bold letters in the NPC’s dialogue in the old RPG games. Beseutyu waited a moment before answering.

“Rarukan is a legendary warrior in our tribe.”

“Legendary warrior?”

“To be more precise, Rarukan is the god of abundance in our clan.  But a long time ago we were driven from the North by the Nakujuk clan who tried to exterminate us.  Then a warrior appeared and saved us. Although we tried to reward him, he disappeared without even telling us his name so we just called him Rarukan.”

Disappearing without compensation?

“Ah, indeed. That’s right!”

At that moment, Beseutyu jumped up. Then he began to rummage through a pile of boxes in the corner.

“It should be somewhere here…, it’s not. Somewhere…..oh, here it is!”

Beseutyu returned holding a small jewellery box.

“I was wondering how I should repay you, but I remembered thanks to you asking about Rarukan. This will be useful for you.”

Inside the jewellery box was a ring. It seemed quite old but a faint light was shining from the stylish ring.

“This ring was specially designed with gratitude and respect towards Rarukan. Although our Baran clan is now scattered, we once had a lot of influence in the North.  And this ring was created using the best materials we could find and the best workmanship. But Rarukan did not receive this ring. After that we kept it with the family of the Baran’s record-keepers…….as the incarnation of Rarukan, I think you have the qualifications to receive this ring.”

It must be a requirement to hear the story before receiving the ring. Although it was the latest technology, the common sense from old RPG games was really useful! With the words ‘ancient’ and ‘legend,’ it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the item should be one of the finest.

‘Huk, a level 200 unique ring!’

Rarukan’s Ring (Unique)

Item type: Ring

User restriction: Level 200 and more

A ring specially designed by the inhabitants of the Netherworld for the legendary warrior Rarukan.

This ring was designed a long time ago when the Baran clan still prospered. The size is small but it was made with a special type of ore that contains the rare magic of the Netherworld. In addition, the ring possesses a jewel which has the power to protect the wearer from darkness. The inside of the ring is carved with ‘Homage to Rarukan.’

Ark’s mouth dropped at the information window. He didn’t need to explain it, but it was definitely a jackpot. This was his ring. Unlike weapons and armour, normally rings didn’t have a secondary option. In fact, even the rare ring Ark was wearing now only had the skill ‘Mind’s Eye’ without any added bonuses. However, three options…..2 of them were valuable options which increased his attack speed and critical hit.  Those two options were difficult to find in magic items.

‘My attack speed and critical hit probability dropped once I changed to Gwisal’s sword…..but this ring increases my defense as well…..!’

But was that all? It even had ‘Dark Protection’ as a special option.

This increased his defense and magic resistance by 20%. The standard of the skill wasn’t that high, but it only had a 2 hour cool down time. It was a skill that could be utilized actively.

‘As expected, it was good to ask about Rarukan! It gave me a unique ring!’

Ark was delighted. He would explain it briefly, but there were 5 types of items in New World. General, magic, rare, unique and legendary. Anyone who played the game would know about these 5 types. General items were considered as japtem, magic items more common and it was extremely difficult to find rare items with a good option. A unique item was definitely unique. Unique items were similar to rare items but the performance was slightly better. In some cases, it might even have a lower performance. The reason it was more expensive on auction sites was became of its scarcity. While several of the same rare items could exist, there was only 1 of every unique item. In other words, Rarukan’s ring was the only one that existed in New World.

Well, a legendary item had the best performance and options but it was so rare that none had been seen yet……anyway, a unique item was also hard to obtain. Of course, it was the best selling items on the auction site.

‘The Netherworld is the land of opportunity!’

Very few people had come to the Netherworld. A lot of the quests were being completed for the first time by Ark. It meant that he could grab the best rewards from the quests. It was natural. NPCs couldn’t get rid the items.  So the first person to complete the NPC’s quest would probably receive his best item. Since it wasn’t possible to receive the same reward, other people who complete it would just receive a similar one. That’s why the biggest rewards were given to users who discovered a new area. Of course, such opportunities weren’t just given. If he hadn’t asked about Rarukan then it would’ve been replaced with another item. That’s why he had to pay attention to receive the best reward. Discovering the backstory was the whole point of a game.

“Omo, it’s a pretty looking ring.”

As a woman, Lariette was also interested in the ring.

“Uh-hum, thank you very much. I will use it well.”

Ark coughed and hurridly packed the ring into his bag.

-The quest has been completed

He increased 3 levels after the message appeared. Thus he completed the first quest he received in the Netherworld.

“By the way, the information I wanted you to check…..”

“Oh, about that person called Magaro?”

Buksil jumped when he heard the name Magaro. However, Ark deliberately pretended not to notice and continued talking.

“Yes, did you find anything?”

“I’m sorry. I’ve been so worried about Bona that I haven’t checked yet.”

Beseutyu pointed towards the large stack of scrolls.

“I’ll start looking for it now. But what you see here is all the records form the past hundreds of years. If it was related to a special event then it’ll be indicated separately and I could find it immediately. But looking for the record of a simple visitor is more difficult. So please wait 3 days.”

‘Three days…..but waiting is not the problem…..’

There was no doubt that Jewel updated her resurrection point to this village. It had been 11 hours since those guys died in the Abyss of Despair so there was still 19 hours until resurrection, but 24 hours in reality was 3 days in game time. Jewel would eventually resurrect here. Ark was worried for a while before he thought of a method.

“I understand. I will wait three days. But I have one request.”

“Request? What is it? I do whatever you say.”

His intimacy with Beseutyu had soared after rescuing Bona. And he grinned and nodded at Ark’s words.

“That won’t be difficult. Understood, 2 days later did you say? I will do it.”

“And there is something else I want you to check.

Ark briefly explained about the Red Man who appeared after he defeated Tamura.

“A man with red hair wearing a white mask. He also crossed into the Netherworld from middle earth. There is a high possibility that he had entered the Netherworld before. Please see if you can find any data on it.”

He was behind the events that happened in the Underground World. So he had been in middle earth until then. If he entered the Netherworld immediately then it would’ve been a couple of months ago. Ark was convinced that the Red Man held the key to passing the entrance examination. And he might have some ulterior motive if he ran away. He would continue to look for information while completing Magaro’s quest.

“I see. Don’t worry and just rest comfortably.”

Beseutyu raised his arms and headed to the stacks of scrolls. After summarizing the situation, Ark headed outside.

“Ark-nim, will you wait here until you receive the information? I’m going to log out for a little bit. Because of the earlier flight……”

Lariette said with an unsteady face.

“Yes, you can enter at this time tomorrow.”

“Me too……I’ve been playing the game for 15 hours so I’m sleepy…..”

Buksil had stayed up all night following Ark so he also quit the game.

“So what will I do now……?”

Ark murmured after being left alone on the street. He had stayed up all night so it was dawn in reality. Normally at this point it was time to go to the gym. But yesterday, Ark had received an unexpected phone call from Lee Myung-ryong.

“Hyun-woo, I won’t be able to go to the gym for a while due to various circumstances. So don’t come back to the gym until I contact you. Don’t just play around and make sure to exercise properly. I’ll get back to you after a couple of months. Don’t ever go near the gym. Okay?”

The police agency had spread rumours of Lee Myung-ryong’s demotion to the Special Crimes Countermeasures squad. Lee Myung-ryong wanted to prevent Ark from hearing those rumours at the gym. Thanks to that, Ark didn’t have a set time to sleep or exercise.

‘I can’t just wait around town…..should I get some sleep or hunt in the area? Oh, before that…..”

Ark took out Rarukan’s ring from his bag. He couldn’t wear it while Lariette was still present. Ark contemplated for a moment before removing ‘Mind’s Eye.’

‘Mind’s Eye’ was a rare ring but it only had a skill and no other options. On the other hand, ‘Resurrecting Spirit’ boosted his strength and mana recovery. So using the magic ring would be better.

‘I don’t use Mind’s Eye that frequently so I should only wear it when necessary.’

With an excited expression, Ark moved Rarukan’s ring towards his finger. And just as he was about to put it on….!


Ark suddenly heard a voice from behind him and dropped the ring.

“Huk, my ring! My ring! Ah, here it is. My ring!”

Ark scrambled for the ring on the ground and grasped it tightly. He looked like a hungry beggar picking up a three day old piece of bread. He had acted instinctively. When he raised his head and blinked, he realised that it was Bona who had sneaked up on him.

“Hum hum hum, the soil here is pretty good.”

“Do you like pretty rings?”

Bona asked while Ark smiled awkwardly. Ark’s face turned red at the sight of Bona’s friendly face.

“Ah… the number 2 I am so ashamed.”

Dedric sighed.

Ark awkwardly grinned and nodded.

“Well, that, that is…..”

“Ark-nim, please follow me. I’ll show you around the village.”

“Visit the village?”

Ark said with an uncomfortable look. Ark was a human. What person would be able to play the game for 20 hours without getting tired? But now he had to go around the village instead of hunting? But Bona just grabbed Ark’s arm and dragged him along. Ark didn’t dare reject Bona so he was inevitably dragged along.  However, it wasn’t a bad choice to follow.

‘Eh? There was something like this in the village?’

Ark hadn’t even explored 50% of the village.

“This is a sap refinery. There are a lot of trees with special characteristics in the forests near here. We extract the sap, refine it and then barter with other villages related to us. In addition, we have a variety of plants in our fields.”

Bona guided him to a workshop he hadn’t seen before. Since it was concerned with the village’s production, outsiders were forbidden from entering there. However, he was able to access most areas if Bona accompanied him. After touring, Ark’s opinion of the Myutal changed a little bit. The Myutal…, the Baran tribe was not as uncivilized as Ark thought. The Umma’s Sap and Nadingka’s Fruit that Ark bought were items produced by the village. Since most of the products were used to trade with other tribes, they only had a few of them.

‘Is money not used because of the limited trading?’

If someone was trading multiple items from many places then it was recommended to use money. However, if the exchange was limited to the tribe and 1-on-1 then there was no reason to use money.

‘They have no problem with production, but they are unable to sustain a large production system so the economy couldn’t develop. If they were able to move freely between middle earth then they could develop a large profit…..’

Ark connected everything to making money. And there were definitely a lot of ingredients scattered around that would make money. The Baran tribe was not limited to just this village in the valley. There were a large number of them spread out over a wide area. If he was the intermediary for the villages which produced items, or create a currency exchange between the Myutal then the fees he could collect for doing it would be 3~4 times what he would earn from a castle. But that was only if he could freely move between middle earth and the Netherworld. Since he was stuck in the Netherworld at the moment, he decided to contemplate the idea later.

‘Well, it’s not possible at the moment. I’m just fortunate to be able to monopolize the dungeons and quests.’

“Here’s the monster kennels.”

Bona said as he guided Ark towards a sparse cave with walls.

In fact, the biggest feature of the valley town was the tamed monsters.

“Ah Ark-nim, you have come?”

Guran waved his hand from inside the kennel.

“Guran helps look after the skyray for Grandpa.”

“Actually, that’s my day job.”

Guran laughed and nodded.

“There are a lot of monsters.”

“Yes, we have 20 trainers here including Teacher. Each trainer tames around 10 monsters so there are approximately 200 altogether.”

“Managing something like this must not be easy.”

“But if there were no monsters then we wouldn’t’ be able to settle in a place like this.”

Guran looked at the monsters with proud eyes. Of course, training monsters wasn’t cheap since they had to be fed and taught.

“You’ve seen it already but we use the skyrays to barter with other towns. And these monsters are good for field work.”

Guran explained the many ways the Baran tribe used the monsters. The Predator that Ark defeated while crossing the wilderness was used for field work. These monsters had similar attributes to earthworms. Their excretion made a good fertilizer for the fields. The Predators were the reason why the Baran could harvest the crops in the barren land. In addition, a monster called Hellhound was a guard dog that protected the village. Since the Baran tribe’s combat ability was low, the Hellhounds were the reason why they could repel attacks by other monsters.

“The relationship between the Baran tribe and the monsters is inseparable.”

But Ark was full of wild ideas while looking at the monster kennels.

‘These monsters are suitable to make a safari…..low level users can spar against them as practice…..and the skyrays could be used to create guided tours of the Netherworld….’

He came up with a brilliant business plan. However, Ark soon sighed and shook his head.

‘I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself.’

This business idea is under the assumption that people can move freely between middle earth and the Netherworld. And just the initial investment into the business would be astronomical. It would require far more money than Ark’s 4,000 gold.

‘I wouldn’t even be able to attempt it with that much money……’

Ark sighed as he stood inside the kennel. Then Bona looked at him strangely.

“Ark-nim, what happened?”

“A child doesn’t need to know.”

Ark muttered in a pained voice. Then he heard a rough voice not far from the kennel.

Meeeeeeeeee, meeeeeeee.

“This guy, why can’t he hold still?”

He turned around and saw a Myutal holding a knife and chasing after a sheep-like animal. Bona saw Ark’s curiosity and quickly explained.

“That is the barn. It is where we raise edible livestock called Pepe. Ajusshi!”

Bona waved towards the barn owner who turned his head.

“Ah, isn’t that Bona? Guran told me what happened. Wasn’t it pretty serious? There is a lot I would like to ask but I’ll have to leave it to later. My stupid assistant got the payment date wrong so I have to catch two hundred of them by tomorrow. He couldn’t even come today so he became ill. It is really serious.”

The barn owner murmured in an irritated voice.

“Two hundred?”

“Yes, I need to deliver 200 meat and leather to Sandstorm Village in 4 days. Since I have to carry it there, I need to catch everything by tomorrow evening. Oh! Yes Bona, will you help me? You can’t groom the Pepe but you can hold them still. I’m so desperate that I would use any free hands.”

“Of course I would like to help…..”

Bona studied Ark’s face quickly. Then Ark had a brilliant idea.

‘Wait, meat and leather? Then perhaps……?”

“Can I help Bona as well?”

“Huh? You are?”

“He’s the person who saved me.”

“Oh, yes!”

The barn owner looked at Ark with surprise and nodded.

“Good, right now anyone is welcome. Do you have any experience dealing with cattle?”

“No, but I’ll work hard if you teach me.”

“Well, you have the right attitude. Understood. Then I’ll catch the Pepe while you peel off the leather and parts of the meat. When you finish then Bona will take it to the drying room. If we finish within the time limit then I’ll reward you generously.”

A quest window appeared after the barn owner’s words.

Catch the Pepe in the Valley Village.

The owner of the barn in the village is in big trouble because of a mix up with the delivery date. You must obtain 200 Pepe meat and leather within the next two days. If you don’t finish in time for the delivery then you will lose the barn owner’s respect.

Difficulty: –

So Ark began a part-time job. In fact, the novice villages normally had such easy quests. They consisted of carrying stuff, cleaning warehouses or looking after a store for the owner. There was also significantly less compensation for the simple quests. But there was a reason why Ark accepted the job even though he was tired.

‘Damn, who knew that I would need such a thing?’

Anger welled up when Ark thought about it. After defeating Tamura, he had received the ‘Necromancer’s Essence.’ After making Razak evolve, he had taken out his pot and checked the necessary recipe.

‘Necromancer’s Immortality Pill’ recipe.

Shining Jelly Necromancer’s Essence 1/1

Heart of the Dead 0/2000

Skin of the Dead 0/2000

Ark was unhappy after seeing the information window. ‘Heart of the Dead’ or ‘Skin of the Dead’ were items that sometimes dropped from undead monsters. Since the drop rate was so low, he had collected them initially. However, they were just japtem. Even the stores wouldn’t buy them. So he just disposed of the item whenever it dropped.  But now he needed 4,000 of them?

‘Dammit, I’ve already thrown away 1,000 of them…..’

He had just thrown away 1/4 of the ingredients necessary. Although the results would still be the same even if he hadn’t thrown it away. The drop rate for these two ingredients was really low. Ark had killed a significant number of undead but had only found 1,000 of them. If he used simple calculations then he would need to kill forty thousand to make the immortality pill. A few days…, it would surely take months to make.

‘Oh, I don’t know. I’ll complete it someday.’

So Ark had given up halfway when he saw the recipe. But that changed after hearing the barn owner’s words.

‘Wait, if I work here then wouldn’t I be able to learn butchery and leather extraction?  So it might be easier to collect the ingredients.’

Yes, Ark hadn’t accepted the job for no reason. Of course, it was possible to obtain leather and meat from monsters without these skills. However, the probability was only 20% while it would increase to 70% if he used these skills to collect meat and leather from dead monsters. He actually had the chance to learn these skills before but he chose to learn Ingredient Foraging since it was more useful for Survival Cooking. But now things had changed.

‘Heart of the Dead is meat while Skin of the Dead is leather. Learning the leather extraction and butchery skills will make my ingredient collection a few times faster.’

He had a lot of downtime so now was the perfect time to learn it.

“Come, let’s start straight away.”

The barn owner handed him a knife. Then Ark sat down and began to work.

“This one!”


The barn owner grabbed the first Pepe, cut off its head and peeled off the leather. He thought it would be simple but it wasn’t that easy when he first started. He learned how to dismantle from the barn owner, but if he didn’t do it properly then the leather would tear or the meat would be damaged. Indeed, doing the job without the skills was impossible.

-You have made a mistake using the dismantling knife and ruined the Pepe leather.

-You have made a mistake using the dismantling knife and the Pepe meat has become spoiled.

The barn owner’s face fell every time the messages appeared.

“Dammit, are you going to eat up my entire farm?”

“I’m really sorry.”

“You can’t decrease the commercial value of my goods. Don’t you know how much I treasured them while raising them? Ugh, they’re just cattle but I’ve raised them like they were my children. I shed tears every time I have to catch one. Yet now you’re spoiling the precious leather and meat?”

Ark clenched the knife as he held it to the cattle’s neck…..he felt like exploding but he endured it.  It wasn’t easy to meet NPCs that could teach these techniques. Luckily Ark also had some support.

“Ajusshi! Why are you saying such things? Ark-hyung is just trying to help ajusshi out. But the work is difficult which is why he is clumsy. In addition, Ark-hyung is a warrior. It is natural for him to be clumsy.”

‘Oh Bona, I’m really glad I rescued you! This hyung is strongly impressed!’

Bona’s words were effective. The barn owner sighed and scratched his head with an uncomfortable expression.

“Yes I see. I’m sorry. I was irrational for a little bit…..”

“No. It is because I am lacking. My chest also hurts after I ruined the leather and meat of the Pepe. Can you teach me some more tips?”

“I understand.”

The barn owner sat near Ark and explained to him the way to use the knife. Ark listened obediently to the barn owner and his understanding went up.

The only requirement to learn skills like these in New World was ‘Understanding.’ It was a number which showed how much he understood the work. If he repeated the work then it was possible to raise this number. However, learning from NPCs specialized in the work would increase the understanding at a much faster rate. Ark cunningly took advantage of this system.

“Whoops! Another one ruined! Damn, I’m really rubbish! I once again spoiled something that ajusshi raised like his child…..waaaah, someone like me should die!”

Ark blamed himself and crazily waved the knife when he failed again. The barn owner was so surprised that he couldn’t even be mad.

“What? Even though I taught you again….eh? Hey, please calm down. The Pepe is like my children but is it worth dying over them? Okay, I understand your heart. It is impossible to get used to it the first time. Sit down and I’ll teach you again from the beginning.”

The owner made Ark sit down and began to explain the tips from the beginning. Thanks to that, Ark’s understand rose quickly and 5 hours passed……

You have learned a new skill.

Leather Extraction (Beginner, Passive): You can use a dismantling knife to extract leather from domestic animals, wild animals and monsters. The leather obtained can be used as material in the creation of leather armour. However, the probability of success depends on the skill level and the monster’s level.

You have learned a new skill.

Butchery (Beginner, Passive): You can use the dismantling knife to obtain meat from domestic animals, wild animals and monsters.  The resulting meat can be used as an ingredient in various dishes. However, the success rate depends on the monster’s level and the skill level.

‘That’s it!’

He was finally able to learn the desired skills. Since the cattle was only level 1, he could peel off the Pepe’s leather immediately. After that Ark’s hands flashed as he successfully obtained the Pepe’s meat and leather. In addition, the value of the leather and meat didn’t fall at all.

“Oh, now you’ve got the hang of it.”

“Huhuhu, it was thanks to ajusshi’s teachings.”

Ark could even communicate as he stripped the leather. Thus the production speed increased and he finished the remaining Pepe in 3 hours.

“Phew, I’ll be able to make the delivery date thanks to you and Bona. I want to give you a gift since you’ve helped me with my work…..ah, right. I’ll give you this. It is the dismantling knife although it is also good as a long knife. And this is the Pepe’s meat.”

The barn owner gave him the dismantling knife and meat as a reward.

Butcher’s Knife

A professional knife used to obtain leather and meat.

Pepe’s Fillet (5)

The meat of the cattle Pepe who was raised in the Netherworld. The meat is so fresh that you can eat it as sashimi


The quest has been completed.

At the same time, the quest had been completed. Since it was a production quest, the bonus was always skill experience or proficiency.

‘A food item and bonus skill proficiency! The part time quest was really useful!’

“Thank you.”

“Hahaha, I am even more thankful. Please grill the Pepe meat and eat it. The taste is really amazing. That reminds me, shouldn’t I get going? I should eat before completing my delivery.”

Meeeeeeee, meeeeeeee!

The barn owner turned wicked eyes towards the Pepe who cried out and trembled.

Hey, hey, wasn’t that his children? Didn’t he shed tears everything he had to catch one? So he would eat it even while shedding tears?

Ark wanted to get up but his calves were too tired. After receiving the quest to rescue Bona, he hadn’t had a chance to shut his eyes.

“Then I’ll take this and go.”

Ark said goodbye to Bona and the barn owner before terminating the connection.


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Maybe he can combine it with Drastic Measures.. That would be really good


That would be something like: Living Sashimi (beginner, active) after learning butchery and drastic measures you have evolved a keen eye for cutting meat!
This skill allows you to finely slice the skin and meat of a living enemy.
Mana cost, 40


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[…] Volume 10 Chapter 4: Working Part-Time at Village in The Valley […]

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Ark the Dark Walker

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[…] Volume 10 Chapter 4: Working Part-Time at Village in The Valley […]


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The whole Global Expo is retarded. They want to select 5 or 10 ppl(not sure) out of 2000 testers and as far as I understand their only way of observing player is reading their reports??
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that’s because Global Exos doesn’t have control of the game and are looking for the main control components that they think the main programmer hid within the game. they think that the players they select will be able to acquire it, unfortunately the applicants are too many that they choose the applicants that excelled in the first few weeks to monitor thinking that those higher level players will have a higher chance to obtain what they were looking for…
too bad for them deciding impatiently that they miss the chance to spot few players that have legendary hero class like ark and shambala just because they’re a little too low leveled at that time. serves them right though belittling the MC, so they’ll be shock once they know his real value cause he had a lot of influence in the game that even changed an almost occurring events caused by the red man

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Well i think that it is because Ark and Shambala started out poorly.And to be honest if they hadnt started out poorly (ofcourse with god-like tenacity and luck) they wouldnt have obtained the legendary Hero class. Remember that Ark needs to kill about 300 job that soly kill mouse which only give 1 EX. Shambala must have been in the same situation. Alan is special since he is rich, flashy and his class can gain enormous EX if he leads troop. And after they have become strong , they cant get in spotlight due to their class that love darkness and fear of gaining unecessary attention which result in their file that once in the trashbin to forever be forgotten.I also think the Exo in the top is too lazy,They pay 3 million a month for the attendant so at least carefully judge them.


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I agree they are similar and u also agree I like ark more. I tried to figure out why I like ark More. I think it has to do with adversity and being an underdog. LMS was they best and he came prepared to continue being the best. Ark stumbled around and no one expects him to win or even do well. I think I just like the underdog ark more then the former champion Weed.


Ark actually came out first from what I understand. LMS is based off it some people have stated.

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it said that LMS volume 1 was published in 2007
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