Act 4: Mentor and Disciple

ACT 4 Mentor and Disciple

Isyuram reflexively hid himself. When he peeked stealthily at them, he saw that the person definitely resembled Hyun-woo.

‘That face is definitely Hyun-woo’s. Damn, to meet him in a place like this!’

He never even told Ark that he was playing the game. The reason he was hiding it from Ark was because he didn’t want him to know that Isyuram was a merchant.

“What did you say?”

Then Garam spoke in an intimidating voice. But Ark didn’t even blink and just muttered.

“Are you deaf?”


Garam’s face hardened.

“Hmm, do you have a facial muscle disorder? Or maybe a person with disabilities. If I knew beforehand then I would’ve conceded.”

“Disabled person? H-h-how dare this bastard say that?”

“A stutter? This is serious. Oh, I am sorry. I never knew it was that serious.”

Isyuram marvelled at the sarcasm rolling off Ark’s tongue.

‘He had this sarcastic side to him?’

Isyuram had thought of Ark as a reticent person. Had Ark’s character changed in the game? Anyway, the situation was quite bothersome. In fact, Garam’s nature meant that he angered easily. And he had started fights a few times. Isyuram had thrown his whole body and managed to prevent the previous ones. Of course, it wasn’t because of Garam. Currently Isyuram was using Garam to infiltrate and investigate the suspects. If Garam killed someone and became chaotic then all his efforts would go to waste. It was also the same if Garam died. Luckily Garam called Isyuram a friend of his heart so he always stepped down when Isyuram interfered. But it was different if his opponent was Ark.

‘If Hyun-woo calls my name then I’ll be unable to infiltrate the group…… However, I can’t just watch them…… Damn, what should I do?’

Isyuram looked at Takosu and Rokon to try and request help. But the nature of humans was for similar people to flock together. They just watched the scene with interest. So Isyuram was on his own.

“This mannerless brat!”

Ark had fully incited Garam’s rage, making Garam throw a punch at him. Garam was a warrior who used knuckles with blades attached as his weapon. Wasn’t the feeling of punching someone more exhilarating? Garam had proudly recited that in his jail cell. Garam was a hooligan familiar with street fighting. Isyuram remembered that Garam’s criminal record was attempted murder after swinging his fist at people. As expected, that power was also applied to New World. The speed and power of that fist couldn’t be underestimated.


Ark’s jaw was forced upwards as he was hit by the fist. At that moment a spark sprang into Isyuram’s eyes.

‘What is he doing? He was hit by a fist like that? What has he learned so far?’

No matter the situation, Ark was still Isyuram’s disciple. Naturally he would feel angry after seeing his student being hit. Garam’s fist was beyond ordinary, but it wasn’t to the extent that Ark couldn’t avoid it after training in the gym. He had the capabilities but he didn’t avoid it. All he could think was that Ark had become dull because of fear. But why would Isyuram’s disciple be afraid of a mere hooligan? It was because Isyuram still didn’t know New World that well.

“You hit me?”

Ark rubbed his bloody mouth and laughed. The first attack had an important meaning in New World. The person who attacked first and killed the opponent would 100% become chaotic. However, the person who was attacked first wouldn’t become chaotic if they killed that person. That’s why Ark didn’t avoid the attack. As expected, Garam’s name became grey after he attacked Ark. Now it was counted as self-defence if he killed Garam.

“I hit you, what about it?”

Garam rushed back and threw a punch again. Ark instantly used some quick footwork and the punch missed. In a blink of an eye, he had managed to get behind Garam. At that moment, Ark used rapid-fire kicks. Low kick, high kick and spinning kick!

“Heok, t-this bastard…!”

Garam wobbled and grabbed Ark. But Ark had trained in wrestling against a bronze medal winner of a national tournament. The moment Garam’s hand touched his shoulder, he instantly counterattacked by rotating his body and knocking Garam down onto the ground.

‘Right, right, well done. He is indeed my disciple. He must’ve been playing around earlier.’

Isyuram had forgotten the circumstances and inwardly clapped.

“Kuaaak……. Okay, now let’s do this properly!”

“Properly? That’s good.”

Ark smiled at Garam’s words and took out his sword. Isyuram suddenly remembered when he saw the gleam of the sword.

‘Ah, now isn’t the time for this. Damn! That Hyun-woo, he’s stronger than I thought…… I’ll be in trouble if Garam dies! Without Garam, Roco and Takosu would never bring be to their colleagues’ meeting place. But it’ll be over if I’m found by Hyun-woo……’

Isyuram held his head and frantically worried. Suddenly an image of a thin merchant was reflected off an onlooker’s shield. Isyuram looked at the shield for a long time before realizing that it was his image. Yes, he had forgotten since there were no mirrors in the game but Isyuram’s features were completely different from his real life image. Of course, there was no way for Ark to recognize him.

“Stop, stop, Garam!”

After having the thought, Isyuram immediately ran between the two of them. But Ark and Garam were already exchanging fists. The two of them tried to stop attacking when Isyuram got between the two of them but it was already too late.

“Heok, what is this……?”

“Isyuram, it’s dangerous!”

Ark and Garam both shouted with confusion at the same time. But what happened afterwards was the truly confusing part. Isyuram smoothly parried Garam’s fist with one hand while raising one leg to raise Ark’s wrist upwards. Even though Ark and Garam had tried to stop their attacks, it was still a merchant intervening between two warriors. In fact, sometime of this degree wasn’t difficult for Isyuram. Although his attack and defense couldn’t compare to a warrior’s, he was unmatched in terms of technique. Of course, it was a game so 100% of his real life skills weren’t applied. Thanks to the situations he had gone through, Isyuram had long ago mastered the evasion skill ‘Parry.’ Unlike other users, he felt the pain and consequently figured out how to parry with the least force while investigating the skill.

“A-are you okay? You’re not injured?”

Garam hurriedly asked Isyuram.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“What are you doing? Why would a merchant interfere in a fight? Fortunately you were lucky this time, but it the blows landed then your life would be at risk. How could I live with killing a friend of my heart?”

Garam never even considered that Isyuram had managed to evade both of the attacks. That was because a common gangster knowing such a high standard of technique was impossible.

“I’m sorry but let’s stop this. Hey you, why don’t you let it go?”


Ark gave Isyuram a funny look before shrugging his shoulders. However Garam roughly shook his head.

“No, this time you can’t stop it. That asshole, I’m going to smash him!”

“It is a request. If you cause a disturbance here then you can’t meet your colleagues.”

“B-but that bastard……!”

“Are you going to give up or fight? I’m a little busy.”

“Look, look! Did you hear him? That bastard keeps on insulting me!”

Garam’s shoulders moved up and down as he shouted while Ark yawned.


At that moment, the harbour guards broke through the crowd and came running up.

“This is the harbour that Lord Reuben manages. If you cause a disturbance then you’ll be immediately arrested.”


Garam frowned and spat out curses. Now Takosu and Rokon finally approached them.

“Garam, let’s end it here. I said that Jepeteu hyung is waiting. It’ll be annoying if you’re confined here.”


Garam stared at Ark for a moment before heading onto the ship. Ark also nodded and retreated when the guards looked at him. Thus the situation was cleared up for the moment. The other users also started to board the ship. When all the passengers finished boarding, the ship captain appeared and laughed as he spoke.

“Young ones, everybody listen up. My sailors won’t get involved in any fights on land. But they’ll tie you up and throw you into the sea if anything happens on the boat. Now we’re going to depart. Plot the course!”

The ship’s crew responded to their captain’s command and hurriedly rushed around. The sails were then opened and the voyage to Seutandal had begun.


“Sheesh, I feel dirty. If only the guards had come a little bit later.”

Garam grunted with dissatisfaction while sitting on the deck. Then Takosu grinned and muttered.

“You didn’t have to get so angry.”

“There are many schoolkids like him who don’t have manners. If I disregarded a schoolkid then wouldn’t you make fun of me? Ugh, I get mad every time I think about it.”

“It’s not the end.”

Takosu approached Garam and spoke in a low voice.

“We have the same destination as that guy. Do you understand? Even if the guards hadn’t appeared, if you killed him then you wouldn’t have been able to take the ship. But it’s different once we arrive in Seutandal.”

“What? Then?”

“Huhuhu, The harbour is separated from Haman Fortress, which is the heart of Seutandal. And there aren’t that many guards at the harbour. If we attack him as soon as the boat arrives, we can kill him before the guards show up. Anyway, Jepeteu hyung is in the field so it isn’t necessary to enter a city. Besides, if he’s killed in Seutandal then wouldn’t that guy be even madder when he is resurrected in Reuben?”

“Oh, that’s quite good?”

Garam laughed with sparkling eyes.

“So in the meantime, let’s get down to our cabin and play poker. We’ll leave the revenge for later.”

“Okay, as expected from you. Huhuhu, let’s look forward to it.”

Garam, Takosu and Rokon all smiled wickedly before standing up. Indeed, a bad guy in reality was still a bad guy in the game.

“Isyuram, do you want to play poker?”

“No, the inside is slightly uncomfortable for me. I’ll prefer to stay on the deck where there is the wind.”

Isyuram made excuses to separate from the group and headed towards the deck. Takosu looked at his back and asked in a slightly suspicious voice.

“That guy, isn’t his behaviour suspicious? Doesn’t that guy know our plans now?”

“What are you saying? I told you that Isyuram is a friend of my heart. There is no reason for you to doubt him.”

“…..Well, I suppose we’ll know if he’s a reliable guy when we arrive. Let’s go.”

Once Isyuram confirmed that they entered the cabin, Isyuram immediately acted like Takosu suspected and searched for Ark. After looking around for a while, he saw Ark waiting by the rails.  Ark naturally glanced to the side when Isyuram approached.

‘Hrmm, what should I say?’

Isyuram worried for a moment before muttering.

“That kick before was quite acceptable. What martial arts have you learnt?”


‘Eh? What a short reply.’

It was Hyun-woo’s face so Isyuram became angry when Ark spoke such curt words.

‘Well, he does only know me as Garam’s colleague. Huhuhu, yes, so this guy really doesn’t recognize me? I suddenly have a funny idea. Yes, this situation makes me want to try it out.’

“It seems like you’ve been practicing for a long time. After seeing that posture, did you stop for a while? Then you’ve started receiving training from a mentor for one year. Am I correct?”


Ark flinched and turned his head around as he nodded.

“Well, I’m at a standard where I can tell just by looking at your posture.”

“Then it wasn’t an accident when you interrupted the attack before…….?”

“Oh, you noticed it?”

Isyuram looked startled. Although it was slightly exaggerated, he was still surprised. Isyuram used an advanced technique because he knew that Garam wouldn’t recognize it or become suspicious. Only people with keen eyes could recognize the technique. He honestly thought that Ark hadn’t noticed.

“Although receiving no damage might be because of a skill, but isn’t the movement unrelated to the skill? Haven’t you also learnt martial arts?”

His words had instantly become longer. Isyuram deliberately shivered before replied.

“Well, I didn’t learn as much as other people.”

“Then why did a person like you pick a merchant?”

“Isn’t the warrior originally strong? I wanted to completely rule over my mind and body in the worst situation. My mentors are Ryu and Ken, Chun-Li and Zangief…….”

Isyuram once again started talking nonsense. Yes, Isyuram was putting on his crazy act that normal people would yell at him to retire already. But Ark listened seriously and immediately his gaze brightened when Ryu and Ken were mentioned. Ark loved street fighting games so he absolutely knew those names. Anyway, Isyuram became embarrassed and coughed before speaking.

“Hum hum, well anyway, your steps still seem a little weak.  The foot which you are using as an axis to turn is more important than the kicking leg. It isn’t bad now of course, but your kicks will become more powerful when your legs are more stable. Didn’t your teacher also say this?”

“How did you know?”

“Huhuhu, any good teacher would’ve mentioned it.”

Isyuram answered playfully with a smirk.

“If I look at the disciple then I can determine the teacher’s skill. You apparently have a wonderful teacher. The accuracy and sharpness of your techniques is beyond the usual level. There aren’t that many people in South Korea with this degree of technique. What kind of person is your teacher?”


Ark suddenly looked at the horizon with vague eyes. It had already been 3 months since he had seen Ark in reality. Although there was no time to consider Ark while playing game, occasionally he remembered Ark. Since Hyun-woo couldn’t recognize his face, Isyuram half-jokingly asked Ark how he felt about his teacher. But that feeling didn’t even last 1 minute.

“My teacher is a cruel man. His hobby is blindly beating me up and he won’t even raise an eyebrow if his student sheds blood or tears. Ever since I started at the gym, I’m constantly amazed that I’m still alive.”

“B-but all that is to forge the student. Isn’t that right?”

“That’s right. The problem is that he’s trying to turn a human into a superman.”

‘This, is this how that child normally thinks of me?’

Isyuram inwardly fumed at Ark’s answer. Isyuram now wanted to suddenly shout ‘your teacher is here!’ and beat him to death. Although his fury was like a big bang inside his head, he was forced to push it down.

“Isn’t there any good points? Think closely. There should be at least one. There is no way he has no good points.”

“Let’s see?”

Isyuram endured his anger while waiting for Ark’s reply, but he was still furious.

‘In the future, I’ll call him to the gym and flatten him into a rice cake!’

“I caught something! Oh, isn’t this a big fish?”

At that moment, someone shouted from one side. It took 4 hours to arrive at Seutandal. After observing the stunning scenery for a while, most players became bored and started fishing. Ark pricked his ears as he heard and waited for the fish to be reeled in before approaching.

“Wow, what a great scup. Could you entrust this to me? I’ll make sashimi and spicy seafood stew in an instant. Originally I would get a small fee for the labour but you’re the first guest so I’ll do it for free.”

“Eh? Really?”

The user expressed their joy and extended the fish. Fishing was a common skill learnt by users. That’s because a groundless rumour spread on the information site that master fishermen had rare accessories. On the other hand, a lot of ingredients were required for cooking and the dishes produced weren’t that much different from the ones sold in the stores. Therefore there were many users who learnt how to fish but hardly any who knew how to cook the fish. Ark had waited on the deck because he was aiming for this market. Ark took out his knife and showed amazing workmanship as he sliced it into sashimi before boiling the rest. Start-ups were the most important thing in running a business. Thanks to the use of fresh ingredients and skill, he was able to create amazing sashimi and spicy seafood stew.

-The Survival Cooking dish ‘Best Scup Sashimi’ has been created.

Sashimi created from freshly caught scup. It is a relatively simple dish that heavily relies on the abilities of the chef. Thanks to the skills of an experienced chef, the best taste and sensation of the flesh has been produced.

-The Survival Cooking dish ‘Best Scup Spicy Seafood Stew’ has been created.

A dish using the boiled freshly caught scup and various other ingredients. It is a dish that can have an intense fishy smell, but the taste is simple thanks to the experienced chef.

“Now, please eat.”

“Wow, this is no joke.”

The user immediately exclaimed after trying Ark’s sashimi and seafood stew.

“Wow, this is unbelievable….. Although he dismantled the scup at an amazing speed, the flesh isn’t damaged at all! The scup tastes as sweet as caramel! And this spicy seafood stew! Although I saw him put so many ingredients in, they’re all perfectly balanced! It’s also good for the body. What’s with these astounding stat bonuses after eating the dish? I’ve never seen such a large stat increase from food!”

The user who caught the scup clamoured away like he was the judge of a cooking show. The users watching started panting as they smelled the enticing scent.

“Hey, could you make it into sashimi if I catch a fresh fish?”

“Of course. Apart from sashimi and spicy seafood stew, I’ll make anything such as sweet and sour fish and fresh fish soup. If you need the stat bonus then you can also carry it around as dried seafood. The spices are also easy to add.”

“Oh, then you can create shark fin soup if we catch a shark?”

“Tuna? Tuna sushi?”

The questions from the players poured out. In fact, Ark had learnt all methods of cooking fish while travelling in the underwater world. There were no dishes made from fish that he couldn’t produce. Ark smiled and nodded.

“All the types of cooking you asked are available.  However, I need to use various ingredients and spices while cooking. So ordering the dish will cost 20 silver while any extra condiments will cost 10 silver.”

Most of the players heading towards Seutandal were level 200 or higher. 10~20 silver was like the price of gum to them.

“That’s not a problem.”

“Fish, let’s catch some fresh fish!”

The users started taking out their fishing rods. Since the users had no cooking skills, there was nowhere they could use the fish they caught. Although it was possible to sell it to a store, they would only get a few silver at best. Plus seafood had a quick expiration date so there were many times when it became trash ingredients. Now that Ark could cook it instantly, the users started frantically fishing.

“A fresh fish. I’ll pay 30 silver for it!”

“I’ll give 50 silver.”

“2 gold for a red sea bream and halibut!”

The users who hadn’t learnt fishing frantically ran around the deck buying fish. Thanks to that, the silver value of the fish jumped by 10 times. Ark had timed his business strategy for the evening when the users were hungry.

‘What’s all this fuss?’

Isyuram looked at Ark with a perplexed expression. Due to the users constantly fishing on the deck, there was no time for Ark to rest at all. Thus 3 hours passed like that. The users on the boat had finally filled their stomachs. During that time, Ark had created over 200 dishes. He had earned 30 gold just from cooking the fish.

“Huhuhu, as I expected.”

Ark tapped his pocket and smiled happily. In fact, Ark hadn’t felt that good until now. It was because he had to waste 1,400 gold buying the Summoning Port from the Magic Institute in Giran. That wasn’t all. Initially it cost 7 gold for a trip to Seutandal but now it had increased to 12 gold. The price had gone up a lot thanks to all the users flocking. Therefore Ark only had a few copper coins left. Thus the weight of his pocket had changed. If he fell into the ocean when his purse was heavy then he wouldn’t be that angry. Of course, he would still be mad but he wanted to avoid attention so he would’ve endured it. Anyway, he now had 30 gold in his pocket so he was in a better mood.

“I’ll give you this fish so please make sashimi for me.”

At that moment, Isyuram extended a flatfish towards Ark. Once Ark made the sashimi, Isyuram tried it and instantly exclaimed in his head.

‘Ohh, who knew this guy had such a talent? Huh? What the?’

Isyuram suddenly tilted his head while eating the sashimi. After the customers had all disappeared, Ark crouched down and his gaze was riveted on the flatfish sashimi. While he was watching, an audible growling sound was heard from Ark’s stomach. Although he had cooked hundreds of pieces of fish, Ark had been unable to eat even one piece.

“What the? Are you hungry?”


“Couldn’t you also buy a fresh fish to cook?”

“I don’t have any money.

Isyuram’s face contorted at Ark’s answer. He had just seen 30 gold enter his pocket so how could Ark say he had no money? Isyuram was already angry at Ark so he shoved the remaining pieces into his mouth. Ark just sighed with an even more pitiful expression. The idea had been petty so Isyuram felt even more sorry after he did it.

‘Did I have to act so petty? That reminds me, isn’t this guy playing the game to pay for his mother’s hospital bills? Ah, damn. Of course it’s not possible for him to part with his money…….’

Isyuram clicked his tongue with an uncomfortable expression at the idea that he hadn’t behaved like an adult. How much time had passed? The sun had started to set and the horizon was dyed with red.

The starving Ark grabbed the ship’s rail, looked at the sunset and spoke in a sentimental voice.

“…….That’s it.”


“The answer to the question you previously asked. Teacher’s good points. Rather than a good point, it had been 3 months since I’ve gone to the gym. Teacher called and said there were circumstances. Now I’m just waiting for the day that Teacher will return. ”

Isyuram’s face became serious after hearing Ark’s words. He could see the sincerity in the eyes and facial expression.

‘Damn, this guy….. Being serious all of a sudden……. I feel even sorrier……’

Isyuram roughly scratched his head and turned around. Then he spoke like he just remembered.

“Oh, I had something to say. The guy you fought a while ago and his friends will ambush you in Seutandal. It will be difficult for you to handle three people alone. If you don’t want to die then you should stay on the ship when it is docked. If you’re with the sailors then they won’t attack you. Please trust me. I’m not their friend.”

Isyuram went to the railing after he spoke. Then he handed over 1 gold where a user was still fishing.

“Did you see the person cooking a while ago? Please give two fish to him and don’t tell him it was from me.  Just say it’s a gift.”

Isyuram then hid next to the cabins and watched Ark. Ark instantly cooked the fish and ate it. In fact, Ark hadn’t bought the fish because of a lack of money. Even if they were inexpensive ingredients procured nearby, it was still wasting ingredients. In addition, eating inside the game wouldn’t fill his belly. One fish cost 20 silver so it was better to just eat rice in real life. Anyway, Isyuram also became satisfied after seeing Ark eat the food happily.

‘As expected, a mentor has to look after his disciple. Huhuhu, I really am a good guy. I’ve also warned Hyun-woo about Garam. Huh? Which reminds me, what was Hyun-woo’s ID? How did that happen? Well, I’ll just ask for his ID later.’

Isyuram headed towards the cabin with a cool expression. When he reached the cabin Garam, Takosu and Rokon were still playing poker. Garam was frowning as he already lost a lot of money.  But Isyuram wasn’t interested in poker and just sat in the corner.

How much time had passed?

“All passengers please gather on the deck, we have arrived in Seutandal!”

“There it is!”

“Let’s go!”

Garam rose and ran to the deck.

“Wait a minute, that guy might sense we’re targeting him if he sees us. We’ll hide near the corner and attack once we confirm he got off the boat.”

Takosu hid his body behind the door of a cabin and looked carefully. Meanwhile, the ferry finally entered Seutandal’s port.

“Okay, all passengers prepare to leave the ship!”

The captain’s loud voice had the crew moving. As soon as the plank connecting the ferry and pier was lowered, the players began entering Seutandal. But Ark hesitated and looked around.

“What the, why isn’t that guy getting off?”

“Did he notice? Or maybe someone told him beforehand while we were in the cabin……”

Takosu looked at Isyuram with suspicious eyes. Then Rokon who had been staring at Ark shook his head.

“He’s going down!”

“See, I told you to trust Isyuram.”

Garam complained towards Takosu who coughed and nodded.

“Okay, I’m sorry I doubted him.”

“No, its okay since today is the first time you’ve met me.”

Isyuram replied but his thoughts were confused.

‘Jeez, didn’t that Hyun-woo listen to what I said before? Why the hell is he descending? Damn, Hyun-woo won’t be able to survive against Garam’s group no matter how high his level. Furthermore, in such a situation I can only quietly watch.’

“Now, let’s go!”

Then Takosu, Garam and Rokon proceeded as planned. Isyuram had no choice but to go with them.

‘This is impossible. I’ll feel sorry if Hyun-woo gets injured but I have no choice but to stick with them.’

The group took out their weapons as they crossed the deck.  Then they tried to stab his back as Hyun-woo stepped foot on Seutandal. It was the backstab attack of four high levelled users! Ark quickly flew back and lost 40% of his health.

“Hahaha! Take that you bastard!” “Then let’s see you take this…… Eh?”

Garam had approached Ark and was raising his fist when he suddenly stopped. Takosu and Rokon also looked around with confusion. 100 people had gathered by the dock. This wasn’t the regular group made of passengers. Armed with armour and sword, the people with blue skin were the Baran clan of the Eastern Nation. They were the inhabitants of Seutandal. The Baran clan of the Eastern Nation were holding a sign saying ‘Welcome Commander!’ and shaking it.

In fact, Ark hadn’t paid any attention to Garam. Although normally he would be wary of Garam, Seutandal was Ark’s home ground these days. If Ark was attacked then the residents as well as the guards would notice. And even if they weren’t there, Ark was confident that he could deal with Garam alone. The reason that Ark had hesitated and remained on the ship until the end was because of the Baran clan. Ark had called JusticeMan before leaving for Seutandal. He conveyed the necessary information to Beseutyu beforehand. After hearing the news, the Baran clan wanted to come out and greet him. In order to avoid the attention of the other users, Ark had waited until all the passengers scattered. But then Ark suddenly collapsed while they were cheering. The Baran clan paused in their trumpeting and their pupils’ shone.

“What the, what’s with those guys? Are they crazy?”

“How dare they swing their swords at Seutandal’s saviour!”

“They must want to die.”

“We don’t need to see anything else. Attack them!”

The soldiers flocked in front of the collapsed Ark.

“Huk, what, what the?”

Damn, what on earth is going on?”

“What is that guy’s identity? Ahuk! Ugh!”

Garam, Takosu and Rokon were surrounded by soldiers and died in a blink of an eye. The 100 eyes then turned towards Isyuram. Isyuram flinched and hurriedly raised his hand before shouting.

“W-wait. I’m not an enemy!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, we saw you attack with the others!”

“Kill him, he is their accomplice.”

“I-it’s true! If you don’t believe me then ask him!”

The soldiers approached Ark after hearing Isyuram’s words. Ark just sneaked a glance at Isyuram and tapped his stomach before laughing pleasantly.


“W-what? Huk, I…… Don’t tell me you’re still hung up about that?”

“Grudges over food can be frightening.”

“Wait, I’m the one who asked that fisherman……”

Isyuram quickly tried to explain but the soldiers didn’t listen. Although Ark and the soldiers had a high degree of intimacy, NPCs wouldn’t randomly attack users. If it was a normal user, they wouldn’t attack even if Ark commanded them to. However, Isyuram had attacked Ark so his name was grey. That alone was justification for the soldiers to attack Isyuram. As the target had been Ark, there was no need for the soldiers to discuss the situation.

“Attack because of the flatfish!”

“I don’t know what the commander is taking about but there’s clearly a grudge!”

“He is clearly the enemy!”

The angry soldiers gathered around Isyuram. The captain of the number 1 SWAT team? Representative of the national taekwondo team? None of that mattered. Isyuram couldn’t do anything to prevent being killed by the 100 soldiers.

‘Oh my god, I’ve been stepped on by followers of my disciple……’

However, Isyuram was lucky that he died. Although his death was delayed, Garam still trusted Isyuram after he died.  If Isyuram had survived then he would’ve been suspected by the others after they resurrected. Anyway, Isyuram’s infiltration mission was still continuing!


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