Act 4: March, Raccoon Troop!

ACT 4 March, Raccoon Troop!


“Wah ah ah!”


Bang bang double bang!

A dark valley was filled with roaring and shouting.

Several hundred people congregated with their swords, the sound of their swords and shields echoing in the ear.

Subarutalp……..a battle situation was occurring with the raccoon clan facing off against the monsters underground.

A few nights ago, Ark had finished the training of the raccoons and they set off. At first, a small reconnaissance unit wander around and built up hands on experience.

Even small forces were formidable against the level 150 Kanggeul. With 300 raccoons fighting against the Kanggeul, there were around 20 casualties.  However, the more they fought the more experience they gained. Even if a small amount of raccoons were sacrificed, Ark also grew a little bit. And soon they would be able to take down the Plant Golems.


“Let’s do it!”


“First we must attack and finish off the Plant Golem!”


So far, the level 250 Plant Golem had been considered an impregnable enemy by the raccoons.  However, after beating their enemies the raccoon clans began to gain confidence.  And their levels rose as they continued beating strong enemies.  In New World, NPCs who gained experience would also level up.

However, there was one notable change that he paid attention to.  After the battle ended, the raccoons noticed something and muttered.


“Well, I use this trick for the sword.”


“That’s right, I also understand how to use a shield now.”


“Is this a more effective way to use the cannon?”


If a raccoon used a weapon, a related skill was generated by the user.

The attack power for the sword and shield as well as their defensive powers went up. They received destructive skills for the artillery cannon, or an engineer would receive skills to increase the performance of profession items such as potions.

He realized that NPCs could also learn new skills.

Of course, it wasn’t the raccoon group wasn’t the only reason that he grew. The current commander of the raccoons was Ark, in New the commander also receives a bonus to all experience.  Thanks to the bonus experience, Ark’s levelling speed increased.  Of course, being commander didn’t only have good points.

The raccoon clan NPCs such as the craftsman NPC were also eating the Warrior’s cookies.

Well, thanks to the scam it decreased their understanding of tactics. Therefore Ark had to give orders one by one in groups of ten.


‘Crazy, the 300 raccoons are so stupid that they have to move one by one……”


In the beginning, there was no spirit.

However, he had gradually become used to tactics and came up with a new interpretation. In the past, Ark had read JusticeMan’s manual many times.  But since Ark never went to the military, it was difficult for him to understand.  After leading 300 soldiers and directly experiencing through trial and error, it began to make more sense.


‘There is a limit to how much I can learn with just Uncle JusticeMan’s book.’


Ark came up with new tactics that could be applied to the raccoons. And when the same action is repeated his understanding would deepen, that was the system of New World!


[You have learnt a new skill.Tactics (Beginner, passive): You have led the troops and gained a deep understanding of tactics based on your experience. In large-scale battles, it is important to pay attention to tactics.Excellent tactics would cause the situation to become more favourable to you and your allies.  You will also learn how to lead your troops more effectively.

If your troops are made of 100% NPCs, you will be able to apply additional tactics.

<Allies morale, offensive power and defensive power +10, Strategy accomplishment rate +5>

* Beginner additional tactics

Unconditional assault: Order the troops to immediately attack one target.

Unconditional retreat: Order the troops to immediately retreat from combat.]



‘This is the tactical skill that Uncle JusticeMan was talking about!’


However, some of the strategies contained in JusticeMan’s manual were different to the ones Ark used.

Meanwhile JusticeMan was on Tactics III.

On the other hand, Ark only wrote down the new tactics he learnt during the day as well as his bonus tactics.

It was the inevitable result.

JusticeMan had an entire lifetime of tactical related work therefore Ark couldn’t possible have the same understanding.

However, even though Ark primarily played solo he was not satisfied learning just one skill. They were skills that were necessary now.  When the skill was used, it was felt by the movements of the raccoons which seemed to grow.

If the user’s tactical skill was used then it could buff their troops.  Other users could move with care.

However, this mission required the competence of the NPCs which means that the effects applied by the commander could vary the movement instead.

The effect was revealed in the current battle in the Valley of Darkness. Dozens of Kanggeul with lined up with the axes raised.


“They’re throwing weapons! Lieutenants, gather your power and defend it!”


When Ark raised his voice, the lieutenants immediately lifted their shields.

The axes flew out of the dark and hit the raised shields.

In the old days, if Ark raised his voice then the raccoons were slow to respond. Some raccoons even ran forward straight into an axe.  However, after the tactical skill was used that rarely occurred.


“No, the Nazis, no!”


When their surprise failed, the Kanggeul shrieked and ran wild.

The twenty crickets that had climbed to attack the rear of the raccoons froze.


“2nd division artillery, Plan A-3! Intercept the crickets!”


Ark commanded the artillery who immediately turned their cannon.  Ark used the same tactics to command the raccoons as the ones he used on his summons. Plan A-3 was a tactic where his summons would attack on Ark’s order. When plan A-3 was applied to the artillerymen, they would launch an artillery barrage at the target.




The cricket and its rider were forced to the ground.

Ark ordered them to narrow the distance for a double critical chance.


“1st division lieutenant, plan A-2 surround the Kanggeul and attack in waves!”


Again, the movements of the 120 lieutenants flowed as they changed formation and attacked the defenceless Kanggeul.

The other Kanggeul rushed to the rear to rescue their colleagues. Ark switched to the B-3 plan with a ratio of 30:70 attack and defense to block the attack. And he switched to the B-1 plan and rushed forward as the Kanggeul began to weakly withdraw.


“Huhuhu, they’re not the previous raccoons anymore. Now they respond to Ark like soldiers!”


Like someone possessed, Ark controlled the battlefield using tactics and combat.  At first the raccoon units moved together, but after fighting the Kanggeul, he became familiar with giving orders to different troops.  Such a thing was possible because of Dedric.


“Master, should the raccoons on the right side start fighting?”


“Well, tell them it’s changed to the D-1 plan. And make the 3 engineers at the back support them! How is the left side?”


“There is a setback.”


“Plan A-1. Tell them to settle the siege quickly and then help the right side.”


“Understood. I’ll visit them now.”


With the battle situation examined, Dedric took to the sky to deliver the messages. Thanks to that, he could freely use different tactics in battle.  So the raccoons were clearing the Kanggeul in the valley.

However, Ark had to pay attention to things other than the combat.


“Snake, it’s now. Swallow it!”


Ssak ssak ssak!


Ark commanded Snake as he threw it from his waist.

When he thought about a way to send Snake to Sid, Ark realised that there was a very easy method of utilizing Snake.

So, the ability to swallow items and spit it out when curled around his waist was a feature that he could utilize.

At Ark’s command, Snake swallowed all the items on the battlefield at a tremendous rate. The item drop during the battle wasn’t high. Therefore, Ark was determined not to abandon even one piece of japtem.  Even if he had to sacrifice the raccoon soldiers to pick up the item……..

Was it too horrible? You’re welcome!

The raccoons or the japtem that will belong to Ark when the quest ends.

Is it necessary to think about which is more important?

Ark’s biggest purpose to play the game was money!

When it comes to making money, Ark could push his conscience down at any time.

Ark would survey the battlefield and if he spotted any raccoon trying to pick up an item he would immediately shout at them.


“Hey, that 1 person there! What are you doing? Do you want to die? If you have time to pick up an item then swing your sword!”



So the raccoons would flinch away while Snake quickly swallowed the item.

Soeeeeeek! Double bang!

Then, suddenly a giant vine flew through the darkness. At the same time, his side formation collapsed with a loud roaring sound.  Ark and the raccoons headed towards that side.


“Plant Golem!”


“It appeared!”


From the other side of the valley, a huge presence was approaching.

A Plant Golem that was 10 meters tall was approaching. Its level was 250!

The raccoons to the right of the Plant Golem’s vine instantly lost 40% of the health and fell to the ground.


“1st lieutenant division, Unconditional Retreat!”


Ark activated his additional tactical skill.

The additional tactical skill was applied to the troops without Dedric having to convey the orders.

Then the raccoons shouted and dispersed like ants.  When the formation collapsed, the Plant Golem didn’t know who to chase after so it stayed still.

Then, someone behind Ark shouted.




He turned around and saw that Popo had shouted.


“This is ready.”


“Okay, Dedric, inform the whole army.  We’re going with plan A-4.”


“Hey, raccoons! Plan A-4!”


Dedric shouted as he flew in the air. And the scattered soldiers retreated to one side.

When the target was narrowed to one side, the Kanggeul and Plant Golem immediately pursued it. They chased after the soldiers for a while until the earth started shaking. At the same time, the chasing monsters fell through a hole that appeared in the ground.


‘It’s a success!’


Popo yelled and jumped out. Popo was responsible for destroying the land along with the engineers of the 3rd division, so when the Kanggeul ran about nothing would happen but once the Plant Golem who was 10 times heavier stepped on the ground it would collapse.  Therefore, the Kanggeul and Plant Golems who were lying intertwined on the ground was a bridge for the raccoons to climb on.  The Plant Golem who was stuck halfway in the ground gave a shriek.

Of course, Ark wasn’t just calmly watching.


“Now! 2nd artillery division, A-2 plan!”


The artillerymen turned their cannons and fired wildly.

The A-2 plan was one to get rid of the weakness in its slow reloading speed.

In the past, a rifle unit of Napoleon’s used the strategy of dividing into groups and then alternating firing. The continuous cannon attack fired and exploded into the Plant Golem’s body.  It was a large monster, so there was additional damage when caused the Plant Golem’s health to be noticeably reduced.  Meanwhile, the engineers eagerly used potions to treat the seriously injured.


“Master, recovery of the 1st division is finished.”


“Ok, let’s finish this.  The unconditional assault!”


“Wha Ah Ah Ah! Attack!”


Ark used his additional tactical skill again.  Then all the raccoon soldiers brandished their weapons and gathered at the Plant Golem.  Swords and axes attacked the Plant Golem while there were flashes as the cannons continuously fired at it. The engineers also frantically poured potion after potion.


“Keu Ah Ah Ah!”


The Plant Golem finally collapsed with a cry of distress.

Over 60 Kanggeul and a Plant Golem had been defeated. If you think about how they used to struggle against a Kanggeul, it was a big development.


-Your level has risen.


When the battle was over, the amount of experience was added with the commander’s bonus. 5% of the total experience. The experience of a level 150 and 250 monster was a considerable amount.

Thanks to that, Ark steadily went up a level every time a battle ended. After this battle, his level again rose by one until finally……..!


“Stat Window!”


Character Name Ark Race Human
Alignment Good+200
Fame 1695 Level 100
Profession Dark Walker
Title Cat Knight, Caretaker of All, Jackson’s Hero
Health 1855 Mana 1570 (+100)
Spiritual Power 100 Strength 232 (+ 5)
Agility 262 (+ 15) Stamina 362
Wisdom 41 Intelligence 305
Luck 42 Flexibility 32
Art of Communication 33 Affection 55 (+ 10)
Special stat: Knowledge of Ancient Relics 83
Equipment item effects
Guardian Armour of the Merpeople: Water Attribute Resistance +100%, Penalty based on water is nullified.Cat Paws: Attack Speed +10%, Agility +15, Critical Hit +10%Crystal Golem’s Head: Mana + 100

Improved Norad Boots: Movement Speed + 15%, Evasion + 10%

Veil of Fire: Fire resistance + 50%

Adelaine’s Necklace: Def + 40, Affection + 10

Resurrecting Spirit: Strength + 5, Mana Recovery + 5%

* All abilities will increase by 30% in the dark* You have the ability to hide in the darkness (15 minutes duration. Cancelled when you get into combat)* Resistance Fear, Darkness, Blind, and Seduction spells is increased by 50%.

* You can bring out the true abilities from all types of tools.



‘I finally reached level 100!’


…………..He thought back to just 30 hours before.

At level 100, not much changed.

However, like most people Ark liked a tight number. Once he confirmed that he reached level 100, he felt a sense of satisfaction.

And it only took 30 hours to gain 6 levels.

There more the number of advancing enemies increased, the faster his level up speed became.

Thanks to that, his levelling up speed was even faster than when he did the Event Quest in Jackson.


“Ark-hyung, we did it. Now we’ve occupied the Valley of Darkness.




Ark nodded and used his cartography skill.

At first, it seemed black until 1/3rd of the space brightened and was opened.  In the Underground World, there were 14 raccoon villages.

Among them, 13 had already been corrupted by Yggdrasil.

However, Ark had led the raccoon troops over a period of four days.

They had marched into and occupied 6 of the opponents’ strategic camps.

It was reclaimed.

And regaining the villages meant that they were moving closer to Yggdrasil.







Ark led the raccoon troops into the newly reclaimed town.  Like the other villages, blackened wood had been turned to ruins underneath a tangle of vines.  And it clung to tree trunks or nearby clusters of buildings.

They were now familiar objects.


“Division 3, get rid of the cocoons!”


“Yes, Commander!”


Ark gave a command and the engineers immediately left to get rid of the cocoon of vines.  They scratched it roughly with their claws and when it was peeled back a raccoon fell out.

They were the raccoons fed to the Plant Golem. The raccoon was put in the cocoons by the Plant Golem and goes through a transformation into the Kanggeul.  If the raccoon undergoes a transformation then the Plant Golem is accepted by Yggdrasil.

Fortunately, in this village there weren’t many that had transformed to Kanggeul. When treated with a purification potion, most returned to their original form.

Of course, those raccoons were recruited into the army using the Warrior’s cookies and relegated to the back for training where they were transformed into warriors.  This means that every time they occupied a village, they were decreasing the enemy’s forces while increasing their own.

However, if they don’t occupy a village then those cocoons could transform into Kanggeul and then hit them from behind.  This was the first reason why a town should be taken over.

The closer they get to Yggdrasil, the number of casualties increases while the number of Kanggeul and Plant Golems also increases.

And the second reason why the town should be occupied…….


“Popo, what was the specialty of this village?”


“This town had many craftsmen who created cannons.  These cannons had a longer range, making the projectile damage even stronger.”


“How many of the cannon craftsmen can we rescue?”


“Around 10 people.”


“There are 70 people in the artillery division. Assign seven to each person.”


“When you only focus on recovery, it’s not going to take long.”


“Popo, tell the third division to rush the recovery of the cannon craftsmen.  And when the craftsmen recovery, ask them how long it would take to upgrade the cannons.”




Popo hopped away and ran across the town.

The battle of the Underground World was similar to the classic arcade game three O.

Ark’s initial power was the 300 raccoon soldiers and common equipment. However if he won a battle and occupied a town then things were different.  When he entered a village, although the casualties increased, by purifying the raccoons confined to the cocoons then his numbers once again increased.

But there’s even more. The original craftsmen NPC who originally owned artisan workshops were still present in each village.

When he recaptured a town specializing in leather items, the raccoons were able to contribute leather armour to the troops. And if they were armed with better swords then sword damage would increase. One village offered a special potion that would increase the damage.

Therefore depending on the specialization of each village retaken, it was possible to repair, upgrade or even replace equipment.  Of course, a lot of the military funding was provided by the war chest of the raccoon elders.


‘As Popo said, it is possible to increase the range and damage of the cannons.’


Artillery was a core part of the raccoon troops.

If it was upgraded, the damage of the raccoons would rise by leaps and bounds.  The standard of upgrading was also rising as he approached Yggdrasil.


‘I was worried the first time I walked into a village……..’


As expected, nothing was impossible in New World.


‘The march of the raccoon troops has risen recently.’


If he was doing it alone, the quest would be impossible but with just one change all his problems were solved.  Raccoon troops! Thanks to them, monsters over level 200 were being subdued and Ark was gradually occupying the Underground World.


“Fortunately, I also got some pretty useable items………..’


Ark gave a heart-warming look at his equipment window.

Ark had changed 2 of his equipment at the leatherworking village he stopped at not long ago.


[Veil of Fire (Magic)Armour type: MantleDefense power: 20

Durability: 67/80

Weight: 5

Use restriction: Level 90 and higher

A mantle made from the scale of the Fire Draconian. This mantle made from hardened scales is strong enough to deflect a decent weapon. In addition, it contains the characteristic high fire resistance common to fire draconians living in lava.

<Option: Fire resistance +50>]



[Improved Norad Boots (Magical)Armour type: Leather ShoesDefense power: 40

Durability: 36/50

Weight: 5

User restriction: Level 60

Good quality footwear made using skin from the Great Worm. The Great Worm is an ancient monster that only lives in special environments.  The epidermis is piled up in swamps or volcanoes or even in the stomach to avoid being harmed.

<Option: Movement Speed +15%, Evasion +10%>

<Special Option: You will not receive a penalty if damaged on the ground>]


It was another harvest obtained from the Underground World.


‘I never thought I would be satisfied leading raccoons.’


When Ark first entered the leatherworking village, there was a NPC called Norad.

Ark had heard the name Norad somewhere before.  After a long time he finally remembered.  Ark remembered it was in the description of the boots he picked up from Jackson.

A long time ago the armour maker that had disappeared, Norad!


“Yes, my grandfather made this.  Every generation of my clan has inherited the name Norad.


After he showed him the shoes, Norad nodded.

Then, some materials surfaced to Ark’s head.  There were materials that he didn’t trust to other users and kept locked in his bag.

The scale from the fire draconian and the skin from the great worm. After he showed the materials to Norad, a mantle was made from the scale while the Great Worm skin was used to modify the Norad Boots.

The performance was the highest quality.


‘Even though the processing fee was 500L, when it is this degree of performance then it was profitable business!”


He gained ore through the steady sale of cookies.  After looking at the distribution sales he increased the price by 100% to 2L but the cookies still sold instantly. Furthermore, the japtem in his bag from the battlefield also sold at a higher price in the subterranean world and ore piled up in his bag.


‘Huhuhu, The war of the underground one is one that I quite like? At the rate everyone is defeating the monsters in the underground world, it wouldn’t be a dream to reach level 120 within the week!”


It was difficult to find a light representative hunting ground.  And how many days had he invested into training the raccoons?

Once Ark started, he wasn’t going to pull back. So even though he could just head straight to Yggdrasil, he travelled around in circles to recapture the towns. All for the purpose of making a fortune!


“If you can find the source of Yggdrasil’s corruption and fix it then everything will return to normal. Therefore is it necessary to reclaim all the villages instead of advancing?”


Sometimes an elder would also start protesting.

However, if he gave them a bag of cookies then everything was fine.

When Ark called him with a whistle, Popo returned.


“Arc-hyung, it will take half a day to upgrade the cannons.”


‘Half a day……so about 2 hours in real time?’


This was one thing he didn’t like about the Underground World. When a town is occupied, it is good that the troops increase and equipment was upgraded, but until all the tasks were complete then it wasted a lot of time.

Ark didn’t want to rest because the time it would eat up was too valuable in gaining experience.  Although the time was precious, he also couldn’t abandon increasing his troops or upgrading.


‘It can’t be the soul’s bane.’


“Popo, I’ll be along for a while so tell me when the preparations are complete.”


“Eh eh? Again? Where are you always going? Come play with me.”


“Hyung is busy. Please play by yourself.”


Ark lightly poked Popo who grumbled and headed towards the outskirts of the village.










“This is the patella?”


Ark took a hollow bone with joints.


“It fits perfectly. So ……..Because the pelvis is F, this would be number F-4.”


Ark labelled the patella F-4 with a pen before putting it back in the bag and picking another bone. He looked carefully and carved a number and repeated the work.

He had been doing it for a few nights and at the bottom of the bag, bones with different sorts of numbers were recorded and piled up.

How much time had passed?

After a while, Ark found a bone as small as a pebble. Soon it was mixed with the other bones and joined together like a puzzle as Ark stated with a confident voice.


“Okay, this is definitely the 3rd cervical vertebrae. Now everything is gathered!”


Ark threw away the remaining bones and summoned Skull.


“Skull, now everything has been equipped!”


Clack, clack clack clack!


Skull moved back and forth, thrilled.

Now he was ready. Only half was left.

It had been a week since he entered the Underground World…….in the meantime, Ark hadn’t forgotten about Skull. In order to defeat Warwick the owner of the Saw Blade and finish the evolution of Skull, summoning him in the Underground World was the optimal condition for his growth.

First there was an excess of ingredients all around.

Ark collected the ingredients and every time he arrived at a village when the raccoon troops advanced, he would instantly cook a new dish. And of course, Skull was dedicated to verifying the dish.  He ate the food with enthusiasm and within a few days, Skull was already level 60.

Ark immediately summoned Warwick and challenged him to a duel.


“For sure…… became better than before……..good…….the duel is accepted.”


The stats were accepted by the stubborn Warwick and he consented to the duel.

However, the result was a total failure!

Unlike the excited Dedric, Skull’s battle unfolded calmly.  Still, Warwick’s health was only at 50% before Skull got forcefully recalled.


‘Well that is a problem.’


24 hours later, Ark sighed as he looked at the grumpy Skull rolling about.

Ark also knew the reason for Skull’s defeat.

The crucial difference between Warwick and Skull was that Skull had no limbs.

The battle understanding of Skull was quite high.

Because it had trained with Ark many times.  However, the only movement Skull could do without limbs was rolling and jumping forward for a head butt. Such simple attacks weren’t going to defeat Warwick.

When he took part in operations with Ark and Dedric, it was able to accomplish its role, but when 1-1 with a goblin it was more difficult.


‘Even if Skull was level 70, he wouldn’t stand a chance of winning against Warwick.’


Now Ark began to seriously explore ways to defeat Warwick. Then, a scene suddenly came to Ark’s mind.


‘Polluted Skeleton!’


In the underground labyrinth, he had fought against Polluted Skeletons.  Even if they were broken once, they had the special ability to use the surrounding bones and reform themselves.  Skull’s body was a skeleton. Then wouldn’t it be possible to make arms and legs for Skull in the same way?

Ark immediately went back to the underground labyrinth and collected the surrounding bones.  But when the bones were collected, it wasn’t possible to know which bone went where.

Ark discussed with JusticeMan about this issue, who handed him a judo textbook.

Since judo specialized in joints, the textbook had an appendix with illustrations of the bones in the human body.  Since then, Ark had sorted through the bones and now everything was ready.  It was a body created with blood and sweat!

It was to the extent that he was now able to close his eyes and draw the bones of the human body. When he placed the bones according to the numbers written on them, a plausible skeleton was formed.

The only part left was the head.


“Skull, get ready.”


When Skull was placed on area of the head, like a transformation robot the skeleton was complete.  But now there was an important task.

The skeleton couldn’t be a body just by lining up the bones. It must be firmly attached and able to move to Skull’s will.


‘What can make it successful?’


Snake, Spirit Body Glue!”


Ssak ssak ssak!


Snake opened its mouth and spat out the Spirit Body Glue.

Ark had first thought of this plan the moment the description called it a spirit body glue.

He could attach the bones and Skull with the glue.  Moreover, it was not a simple adhesive. The spirit was set to the body using the ectoplasm, and then the ectoplasm could be used like nerves to move the body according to Skull’s will.


‘The only way to know is to try.’


Ark attached all the bones using the Spirit Body Glue. And after attaching Skull, he retreated.


“Skull, everything now depends on you. How is it? Can you move?”


There was no response from Skull.

He concentrated on all the nerves in his new body.

How much time had passed? Ududuk, the finger bone moved with a strange noise. Then the wrist and arm lifted up.


‘There is a reaction!’


Skull tried to raise his body by pushing his hands against the ground.

Ark even forgot to breathe as he looked at the skeleton.

Geppeto the maker of Pinocchio would probably understand how he was feeling.


“Skull, you can do it. Think about the body you had before! Then you’ll remember how it feels!”


Ark nursed him using the sentiment of a father.

At that moment, Skull clenched himself and stood the body up.


“It was successful!”


Clack….Clack clack clack!


Skull looked at his arms and legs with a strange attention.

And once he starting moving his body, he adapted immediately.

Skull moved his body regained after hundreds of years like a newborn foal, and became so familiar with it that he was able to run and roll on the ground.  He did this for a moment, before Skull looked at Ark with a gaze that seemed to want something.

He desired a rematch against Warwick.


“Okay, now the condition is the same. If the conditions are the same then there is no reason for you to be defeated.  You are different from Dedric as you don’t speak. In the meantime, don’t forget experience when you fought with me.”


Ark gave simple advice before summoning Warwick.

When he saw the changed Skull, Warwick spoke with a surprised voice.


“That body……..right……..we have met great masters…….yes, if you have a body then this body should be more satisfactory…… more words are necessary………come, warrior!”


Soon the two skeletons clashed violently.

Unprecedentedly, Warwick pulled out a shield and rushed forward.

Until now, there was no way that Skull could deal with such a simple attack. But now he was not the past Skull. Skull quickly withdrew to the side and stretched his arm.

Unlike Warwick, Skull did not have a weapon.

His summons couldn’t wear equipment.  Therefore, a finger bone was changed beforehand by Ark to compensate for this weakness.  Fortunately, there was a little attack bonus attack to the considerable damage received and Warwick retreated.


“Ack……..certainly…….it is different from before.”


Warwick happily muttered.

In fact, Ark didn’t have big expectations for this duel.

Even though he only had bones left, Warwick still remembered the memories of his life.  In addition, he was armed with a sword and shield. On the other hand, Skull who had no memory of his past before he was beheaded had only gained a new body.


‘Well in order to get acquainted with the new body, some fighting experience would be nice to see.


That was Ark’s honest thoughts.

However, Ark was a good way off the mark.


‘That kid Skull……..!’


Ark looked at Skull with bemused eyes.

It seemed as though Skull was using the same movement as Ark. Using evasive action to avoid the enemy’s attack, then countering through the gap were all specialties of Ark.

Even the manoeuvre of stepping to the side and kicking…….he mimicked all of Ark’s attacking techniques.

Of course, in terms of completion it didn’t compare to Ark. However, Ark had perfectly trained Skull in his battle techniques.

With movements exactly the same as his, the existence was different.

He felt like he was watching his child or student.


“Indeed……..after defeating the Kraken………..You will be able to summon the answer!”


Warwick’s exclamation clearly praised Ark.


“Go, skull!”


Ark clenched his fist tightly and shouted.  The longer the battle was the more familiar Skull became with his movements.

Although it seemed a bit early, when confronting each other they were almost at the same level.

However, Warwick was also getting stronger while Skull’s movements were gradually getting better.  After 10 minutes……..!

Skull’s health was at 20% while Warwick had 25% of his health left!

After both sides clashed again, their health dropped by 10%.


“It is great! For a sense of honour……I will put everything into the next blow.”



Warwick shouted and raised his sword.

Skull felt the desperate resolution and stepped back.

He stepped back and moved behind Warwick. There was a tense silence like the static that rose from the end of a needle……


“It’s now!”


Ark, who was Skull’s master instinctively, read the timing.

Skull narrowed the distance and quickly struck with his hand. The technique to read the perfect timing to attack needed to be learnt by the body.

However, Warwick who was also experienced in combat read Skull’s movements.  Warwick’s sword quickly moved from side to side.

Rattle, rattle!

Warwick struck and hit Skull’s hands like lightning.

And ripped the chest open with his sword.


“A brave attack……..But this time…….it is my victory!”


Ark’s eyes shone.


“Skull, now!”


Clack clack clack! Clack clack clack!

At the same time, Skull’s scapula split open and a sharp bone rose. It rose up through Warwick’s side.  Into Warwick’s eyes………………………flames erupted as he received a critical hit.


“This……….My goodness………How……….!”


“I assembled Skull’s body. It wasn’t impossible to give the body an unexpected weapon.”


Ark said with a smile.

Yes, there was a sharp bone hidden behind the scapula. It was a bone that wasn’t originally for humans.

However, when the bony part was assembled he installed something unique because Ark wanted a secret weapon.

It was a risk to determine whether Skull could utilize a bone that wasn’t originally human. However, in a desperate situation Skull showed a strong will and exceeded Ark’s expectations.

Warwick understood the situation and nodded.


“Right………with the master who believed in his summons……..he rewarded the summons………hu hu hu, you and your master……..are beautiful………I will hand over my power………with the power………..serve your master.”


Warwick said one final thing.


“Already……… is possible for me to go to the hills……..thank you…….blessings for your future……….”


Warwick lifted his head as his body slowly crumbled. A message window popped up in front of Ark.


[The player’s summon ‘Nameless Dead Man’s Skull’ has defeated ‘Warwick.’You can now fuse the summon to evolve it. Please choose one familiar to be the main. The Familiar created by the fusion evolution will have the main Familiar’s stats with the auxiliary Familiar’s stats after consideration.]


It was a no-brainer.

Warwick was a knight with a good balance between offense and defense.

However, Skull had received Ark’s training and a body that was specially made.  Warwick was a subject that couldn’t even been compared to Skull.


“Main, Nameless Dead Man’s Skull. Secondary Warwick.”


At the end of the decision, Skull’s body was enveloped in light.

The body of Skull began changing inside the light. The light also became more intense to look at.  Warwick had an old sword and shield, with ragged chain armour affixed to his body.


[The Familiar’s fusion evolution has successfully finished.After fusing with ‘Warwick,’ Nameless Dead Man’s Skull had become a Skeleton Knight.  With the mighty will to control the whole Netherworld, he has received the name ‘Deimos’. Therefore, Deimos has earned a low-ranking noble status in the Netherworld and has gained the right to bear an artifact.The Saw Blade is now Deimos’ artifact.

<By owning the artifact, Deimos can use an additional skill>]


DeimosA resident of the Netherworld who has inherited the spirit of Warwick and promoted to an Undead Knight.  As a knight, honour is his strongest value and he swears absolute loyalty to his owner.However, if his master engages in dishonourable behaviour, his loyalty can be decreased.
Race Undead Inclination Dark
Ranking Lower Class
Health 870 (+ 200) Loyalty 270 (+ 200)
Strength 96 (+ 15) Agility 63 (+ 15)
Wisdom 38 (+5) Intelligence 59 (+5)
Luck 35 (+15)
* Deimos hobby is ‘Bone collector.’* Learned the nature of the ‘sword’.<Sword: Deimos can transform into the Saw Blade. The transformed blade has two different uses, as a sword and as a whip. If you want to use as a whip, although it is possible to attack multiple enemies at the same time, damage is reduced by 30%. Spiritual Power consumption: 100>





Ark knew about Deimos.

Among the two moons of Mars, one was the master and the other the vassal.

In other words, this means Ark’s familiar contained one of two shapes.  His stats had also grown.


‘His stats were raised by 65~70 points.’


His elevated stats were similar to Dedric.  The unusual thing was that his health and loyalty increased tremendously.  His health had increased to 1070! His body was compatible to be a bread. Also, his loyalty rose so he didn’t have worry about disobedience like Dedric.

Rather his return as a bread would probably make him even more eager to serve Ark.


‘But what is this ‘bone collector’ hobby?’


Ark looked at the information window and shook his head.

Deimos’ eyes suddenly lit up and he run to the remains of Warwick’s body.

He searched through the bones until he found a rib with no flaws.


“Ara? Deimos, what are you doing?”


Clack clack clack! Clack clack clack!


Deimos pointed towards the ribs and touched it.

It’s not Morse code…..Ark couldn’t possibly understand so he summoned Dedric. He explained that he needed Dedric as an interpreter and they communicate for a while before Dedric said with a strange look.


“Master, this guy is surprisingly cheeky?”




“The master went to all that difficulty to make my body. But it is not especially pleasing. The master has difficulty with his sense of beauty. I’m insincere yet he says such bad things? A bad one? Isn’t it?”


Clack clack clack!


Then Deimos grabbed Dedric and shook him.


“Uhh, this child! Just because he happens to have a body he dares……..snap! Ah, I understand. Please don’t pull my wings. Should I convey what you said? Ouuuk, don’t shake me while I’m upside down! Unlike a bat, my hobby isn’t being upside down. I have motion sickness! I understand! Keuk, Master. I was being abused.  This guy says that……the bones collected by Master aren’t good.  So it is difficult to exert his power?”


Ark was convinced by Dedric’s words.

Ark also knew that.  When he collected the bones from the underground labyrinth, they were useable but most of them were dull or cracked. Although a body was made using such bones, he had no confidence in their performance.


“Well, I wanted to make it out of good bones too………..”


Uduk, Pakak!

Ark breathed out a sigh.

Would Deimos suddenly pull out one of his ribs? He didn’t mind injuring himself?

Ark looked at Deimos who seemed to understand as he shook his head.

He picked up the bone from Warwick and placed it in a vacant spot.

Curiously, Warwick and Deimos’ ribs had become a perfect fit.

After he assembled the rib, Deimos skipped and jumped delightedly.

Suddenly a message window appeared in front of Ark.


[Deimos ‘bone collector’ skills have reassembled the ribs.You will be able to summon a skeleton with an intense love for bones.The bones you used to make the body was shabby. This is reflected in the dissatisfaction of Deimos, who found himself with the ability to reconstruct his body. He will search for bones that meet the special criteria according to Deimos and readjust his body. In addition, it has a low probability of improving the abilities of the blade.

<Warwick’s 5th rib: Defense +10, Luck -5>

<The Blade: Maximum Durability +10>]


“What kind……….”


A bizarre skill to change the bones.

It was a strange situation, but the effect caused some surprise.

Once a bone was changed, the ability also rose.

There was also a penalty but he didn’t pay much regard to it as it only decrease luck by 5.

Of course he could also use the bones of monsters so there was another way to raise the stats other than food.


‘If this kind of thing occurs in the future, Deimos may be able to grow even faster than Dedric!’


The body he went through much difficulty to create was going to be changed.  It wasn’t a pleasant feeling, although Ark was a utilitarianism person. If there was a benefit then it was fine.


“Okay, Deimos. Bone collecting, I like it.”


The one unfortunate thing was that it wasn’t possible to use the Saw Blade and Deimos at the same time.  The characteristic of Warwick that Deimos inherited was his ability to transform into the Saw Blade.


‘I can use the saw blade as a whip?’


The best thing to do was to try it out himself in order to understand it.


“Skull……..No, Deimos. Sword!”


Ark commanded Deimos who folded his body and turned into the Saw Blade.

He swung it but not much changed.  But it had a metal object running along the handle.  It was just like a switch. Ark pressed the metal object and swung in the opposite direction.


Cheolkek, Chwarararak, Double bang!


“What, what the?”


Ark freaked out. The moment he swung the sword, the vertebrae bone extended like an elastic cord and hit the tree 5 metres in front.  Ark was stunned for a while before swinging it to the opposite side, towards the rocks. The distance was approximately 6 metres. But the sword blade extended and directly hit the rocks.


“This is great……..Awesome!”


Whenever he swung the sword, it extended!

Ark wielded the sword with enthusiasm. While swinging his sword, he discovered the range to be approximately 7 metres.

It wasn’t so great compared to the distance of long-range weapons. However, if he could attack an enemy 7 metres away with his sword then it was a different story. And that wasn’t all.


Pak, Pak, Pak, Pak, double bang!


Ark lined up branches and they were each cut off in order.

In addition to long distances, he could hit multiple enemies at once! Unfortunately, the damage was reduced by 30% but if utilized correctly it could be used to tremendous effect. In addition, it wasn’t hard to use the whip.

If he set a goal and swung the sword then it would probably hit.


“This is a weapon!”


It was worth the many days he spent troubled while reading about the human bones.  So Ark was glad that it could help him.


Kkurururu, Bang! Kwa Kwa Kwa bang!


He felt the change and stood up. Suddenly the earth shook as the underground world erupted.  And thick cracks began to split the road.


“Eh? What, what the?”


When his foot collapsed underneath him, Ark hurriedly threw his body and rolled across the ground.  He turned his head back to see the split ground.


“What is happening?”




At that time, Popo ran from the village with a desperate face.


“Popo, what is happening?”


“I, I don’t know.  The elder is looking for Hyung!”




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