Act 4: Magura’s Stone

ACT 4 Magura’s Stone


The crystal temple was locked in a bizarre silence. Ark and the rehabilitation group even forgot that they were fighting. The secret behind the slabs was shocking. No, such a thing didn’t matter. The problem was that Magura’s health and stats had been restored. When slowly chipping away 5% of Magura’s health, Ark’s group had lost an average of 30% health. It was the inevitable result when facing an elite level 600 boss with 12 people. But it was enough in a battle where Magura only had 15% health left. However Magura had recovered his health after eating Hae Gyeol-sa. Wasn’t it comparable to Dragon ball where a person managed to transform themselves to quickly increase their power?

“Damn, this dog wants to eat us?”

Isyuram rushed towards Magura angrily.

“Teacher! W-wait a minute……!”

-You fool… is too already too late……keuaaang!

Magura opened his mouth and roared. There was a sudden huge storm and Isyuram was thrown back. Isyuram immediately impacted with the ground. Hundreds of tentacles then wound around him.

“Teacher! Dark Blade!”

Ark attacked the tentacles wound around Isyuram. But hundreds of tentacles once again emerged from Magura’s body and formed a barrier. Dark Blade was blocked by the barrier and Isyuram was sucked in Magura’s mouth. The eerie sound of crunching flesh and bones followed. This time Magura managed to restore 10% of his health. Magura’s original health was 15%. His stats were also only at 15%. Now after eating Hae Gyeol-sa and Isyuram, his health and stats increased by 18%. In other words, he had recovered 33% of his abilities.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

The effect showed straight away. Hundreds of tentacles crossed the space at an incredible space. The speed and power couldn’t be compared to before. Moreover, ‘Howling’ which was used on Isyuram was used again so Ark and the rehabilitation members couldn’t maintain their balance and stumbled. When in that state, the tentacles were certain to deal damage.


Ark quickly lost 20% health from the continuous attacks of ‘Howling’ and the tentacles. The rehabilitation members also lost 30% health and some of them were on the verge of death. It was truly overwhelming!

‘If this is what Magura is capable of at 33%, imagine 100%……!’

Ark had forgotten Magura’s true identity. Yes, Magura was the legendary devil who devastated the Jackson region and drove the Fire Draconians to their extinction. If he recovered 100% then his power would transcend imagination! No, even reaching 100% wasn’t necessary. Ark and the rehabilitation members couldn’t even deal with Magura when he was 33% recovered.

‘Did I travel all this way just to become that guy’s meal?’

Anger immediately surged at the idea. The important thing wasn’t if he died here or not. The reason Magura hid here was because he couldn’t heal his body. This meant that he wouldn’t stay here once his flesh was perfectly recovered. The legendary devil which devastated Jackson hundreds of years ago would once again be set free in the world. The world would become an ocean of fire wherever Magura walked.

‘Of course, I really don’t care that much if the world becomes an ocean of fire…..’

The problem was the entrance to the dungeon was on Silvana. So the first place Magura would turn to ashes was Silvana. Right now Silvana was rapidly developing in order to be promoted to a B ranked estate. In addition, Silvana was also the core place in his triangular trade route. If it was turned in an ocean of fire then Ark would lose everything. He had to stop Maura from resurrecting.

“Ark, do something!”

He heard Bul-kkun’s voice from behind him. When he raised his head, dozens of tentacles had surrounded the party. Ark freaked out and swung his sword wildly. At the same time, there was a huge pressure on his sword and Ark was thrown into a wall. The tentacles had become as strong as a hammer after Magura recovered 33% percent.

‘Oh my god! How can I win?’

The current odds of winning were only 1%. As more time passed, the chances were slowly reaching 0%.

‘Dammit, I can’t just give up like this!’

Ark spat out blood and raised his body. The battle with Magura wasn’t just a life or death situation anymore. If Ark’s group died here then Silvana would be at risk. Even if he wanted to, it wasn’t possible for him to give up. Ark bit his lip and got up.


A sharp sound resonated from behind him. The crystal wall had cracked where Ark’s sword had hit it and a small splinter had fallen down.

‘What the? Why is the crystal……?’

Ark looked at the crack in the wall with stupid eyes. The strength of the crystal in the temple was close to steel. It didn’t even crack when hit by one of Magura’s tentacles. Then why did a fragment fall off when his sword touched it?

‘Wait? That reminds me, the crystal…..?’

Ark recalled the situation from a moment ago and had an idea. After carefully looking at the structure of the temple, Ark sent a whisper to Tazza.

-Tazza, I have a request!

-What? Now?

-Yes, right now!

Ark shouted in an urgent voice. He explained the plan that he had just come up with. Tazza made a strange expression before smiling and nodding.

-Ohhh, that’s brilliant?

-Is it possible?

-It’s possible, no I will make it possible. But the situation is difficult since he already had two people. If you guys die before I’m finished……

-I’ll somehow hold out until your preparations are finished.

-I understand. I’ll do as you ask!

Tazza rolled and escaped from the tentacles before suddenly running away. When Tazza ran away, dozens of tentacles instantly aimed for his back. But Ark had expected Magura’s behaviour and spun his sword like a windmill to block the tentacles.

“Everyone gather around me!”

Ark explained his plan when the rehabilitation members gathered.

“From now on don’t drink potions. It is better to have less health now. Don’t attack the tentacles unless they wind around you.”

“What? What are you saying?”

“I don’t have time to explain. Just do as I say and you’ll soon understand.”

“Damn! What is this……?”

The tentacles flew towards where Ark’s group was gathered. Ark and the rehabilitation members scattered in different directions. Ark ignored the flying tentacles and only attacked the ones that wound around him. Their health decreased and all the rehabilitation members were instantly in a critical condition.

“Eh, I don’t know. Just kill me!”


Suddenly Magura’s movements changed. Yapsab only had 2% health left when the tentacles suddenly flew sharply towards him.

‘Huhuhu, indeed…..he’s been waiting hundreds of years so he can’t just let his prey be killed.’

Yes, that was the reason Ark told them not to care about health. Magura’s tentacles were made from intestines and other internal organs. Magura’s goal was to devour Ark and the rehabilitation member. With ‘Piece of Flesh,’ he could eat humans and restore his body. Naturally the tentacles aimed to restrict their movements so that Ark and the rehabilitation members could be swallowed. But Ark and the rehabilitation members just kept running and ignored the tentacle attacks so they couldn’t grasp the timing to wind around them.

-T-these guys…..!

After the situation was repeated, Magura started to realize Ark’s goal.

-For sacrifices to act so daringly…..playing cheap tricks…..

Chwa chwa chwa chwa chwa chwa!

At that moment, hundreds of tentacles intersected and seemed to form a huge net. The net was cast out and thrown over Yapsab and Ddeok-dae.


Yapsab and Ddeok-dae became puzzled and quickly stepped on it. But once caught by the net, the tentacles just became even more intertwined. Ark and the other rehabilitation members tried to tear the tentacles but more just appeared. In the end, Yapsab and Ddeok-dae were dragged like fish in a net into Magura’s mouth. At the same time, Magura’s health recovered by 14% and his left side and hind legs healed. Magura’s stats had recovered close to 50%.

-Kukukuku. You guys….postponing it is useless!

Magura once again made a net with the tentacles. Then he heard Tazza’s voice from the back.

“Ark, it’s done!”

Ark’s eyes flashed and he shouted.

“Everybody run out of the temple!”


-You fools… can’t get away!

Hundreds of tentacles wound around the pillar pursued them. The hundreds of outstretched tentacles was like a scene from a horror movie. Ark who had escaped to a corridor smiled and said.

“Tazza hyung, now!”

At the same time, Tazza took out a large hammer and shield. Then he struck it and the sound of a gong seemed to resonate through the temple. And the whole temple started to buzz and vibrate. The crystal was a material which reflected sound well. But here was another reason the whole temple vibrated. It was due to the effect of what Tazza did. That was……

Pejik, pejijijik, jjejjejjaejjaek!

The humming continued resonating through the temple and the crystal pillars the tentacles were wrapped around started cracking. At first it was just a small crack until it suddenly accelerated and spread at an incredible speed.

-What is this…..why……?

Magura looked at the cracking pillars with confusion. Ark who had escaped into the corridor turned around and laughed.

“Crystal is just like glass.”


“Yes, glass. You’re a dog so you might not understand but it is a substance weak to vibration.”


Magura looked like he couldn’t understand anything Ark was saying. He then belatedly became aware of the small objects lodged in the bottom of the pillars. It was a bent metal in a U shape. That’s right. This was the core part of the plan Ark had Tazza prepare. The reason there was a small crack in the crystal wall when Ark’s sword hit it was because it was a material weak to vibration. He hadn’t felt it at the time but when Ark was slammed into the wall, the attack had caused his sword to vibrate and crack the crystal. Ark had devised the plan after recalling a simple law of physics.

‘Then can’t I deliver a stronger vibration towards the pillars in the temple?’

Couldn’t he break the entire pillar? The problem was how to focus a strong and continuous vibration on the pillar. Then he thought of the U shaped metal lodged in the pillar. Once there was a resonance, it would continue vibrating continuously. So he had Tazza who changed to a Guardian=Engineer to create the bent pieces of metal. While Ark and the rehabilitation members were running around, he had lodged it in the crystal pillars. Then the gong was hit and the intense sound wave rang out through the temple. The sound struck the metal which changed it to a vibration which passed into the crystal pillar.The result was what happened. The cracks spread over the crystals as they were weak to vibration. Once the cracks spread, it couldn’t be stopped. When the cracks spread on the pillar, it couldn’t withstand the heavy weight of the ceiling and started crumbling.

Ku ku ku ku, ku ku ku ku, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Magura looked up with puzzled eyes after hearing a roaring sound.

-Ugh! U-unbelievable……!

Magura wound his tentacles around a pillar close to Ark. The tentacles on the pillars in the rear unwound and Magura’s body flew towards Ark. A huge monster was flying towards him! But Ark just laughed and raised his sword. Then he lightly hit the pillar that the tentacles were wound around. A clean sound rang out and there was a smashing sound. The metal lodged in the pillar vibrated even stronger. With the tentacles coiled around it, the cracks spread even quicker. The tentacles fell from the pillar and Magura who was flying towards him was forced to the ground.


“Now get ready to become flattened like a rice cake.”

Kang, kang, kang, kang!

Ark turned around and ran around the temple knocking the pillars with his sword. More cracks spread until they couldn’t resist the weight of the ceiling and the pillars collapsed. With so many pillars collapsed, the weight of the ceiling was a burden on the other pillars in the temple. The pillars were broken like a chain of dominoes while would soon lead to the collapse of the entire temple. It was the end once cracks started to spread on the solid crystal temple. The temple would shatter into thousands of sharp fragments. There was no chance Magura could survive that.

‘With the pillars broken, Magura can’t use the tentacles to move. The rehabilitation hyung-nims have taken shelter outside the temple so I should escape soon!’

Ark used Sprint and ran down the corridor. At this point, the temple was already started to collapse as some debris fell from the ceiling. Even just a graze from a crystal splinter decreased his health by 200~300. Being hit by a large crystal would be instant death! While only small splinters had fallen so far, if he looked at the ceiling then he could predict when a large chunk would fall. However, if he ran while checking the ceiling then he wouldn’t escape the temple in time.

“Racard, time to do your job!”

“Understood. I’m so lucky to have such a cool Master!”

Racard who had been busy avoided Magura’s tentacles during the fight landed on Ark’s shoulder. Then he kept an eye on the crystal ceiling.

“Hik! 3 o’clock, there is a large crack in the ceiling! A huge crystal will fall 4 metres from here!”

Ark quickly avoided the crystal thanks to Racard’s words. So Ark ran down the corridor with Racard and avoided the crystals.  After a while, he arrived at the entrance to the temple and saw the rehabilitation members who had escaped first.

‘That’s it! Now we just have to wait and it is out victory when the temple collapses!’

Ark was inwardly convinced of his victory.

“Ark, behind you, behind!”

Tazza pointed to something behind Ark. Ark’s face stiffened as he turned his head.  A bloody Magura was quickly approaching Magura. Although Magura had recovered 50%, his lower body was still injured. He was also bleeding heavily from following ark through the falling crystals. Since he couldn’t use the pillars to move himself with the tentacles, he was dragging his body along using his paws. It really was a dreadful scene.

‘Damn! At that speed…..’

Even though Magura was significantly injured, he would be able to escape from the temple before it collapsed. And presently Ark and the rehabilitation members only had 5% health left. They wouldn’t survive if Magura escaped from the temple.

‘I have to stop him here!’

Ark turned around and ran towards Magura.

“Racard, take the Saw blade and go outside the temple!”


He handed the Saw blade to Racard who picked it up and flew out of the temple. Racard never even considered saying something like ‘No, I won’t leave Master!’

-Kuaaaah, disappear!

After Ark blocked him, Magura tied the tentacles into a bundle and attacked him. Ark had no time to worry about the collapsing temple. Just as the bunch of tentacles was about to strike Ark’s body. Ark smiled and shouted.

“Area Declaration, Glory of the Night! Divine skill, Descent of the Fire Draconian!”

It was the only way for Ark to stop Magura’s rush. The dark spirit rose from the ground when he used the skill. At the same time the area was wrapped in darkness. But then flames burst upwards after a short time. The flames formed a Fire Draconian! The Fire Draconian flew upwards before falling like a lightning bolt towards Ark’s head. Ark was wrapped in the flames.

-You have used the Divine Skill Descent of the Fire Draconian!

The effect will be applied for 10 minutes.

* 300 Fire damage added to all attacks.

* Attack speed, Movement speed and Reaction rate will increase by 50%.

* All enemies that attack will receive 10~100 fire damage.

* Fire resistance increases to 500% and all party members’ fire resistance will increase to 100%.

* When activated, all enemies within the area will receive 1000 fire damage while 50% of the user’s health will be restored.

-D-dragon warrior!

Magura was astounded after seeing the Fire Draconian wound around Ark. Magura was the one who caused the extinction of the Fire Draconians years ago. Naturally he knew the techniques that the Fire Draconians used.

“This is the revenge of the Fire Draconians! Jump!”

Ark kicked the ground and flew towards Magura like a bullet. A line of flames followed Ark as he shot forward. Magura hurriedly used hundreds of tentacles as a shield.

“Not a chance. Dark Blade! Adol!”

It was the chain attack using Jump and Dark Blade, Adol! It was Ark’s skill with the strongest breakthrough power. Magura’s tentacles were unable to withstand it and broke. At the same time, the sword wrapped with the flames of the Fire Draconians pierced through Magura’s chest. Magura let out a tremendous roar and was pushed back 10 metres.

-You won’t be able to defeat me even if you become a Dragon Warrior!

“Of course I know I can’t kill you with just Descent of the Fire Draconian. But it is possible to catch your ankle using it.”

Ark muttered while blowing flames out. That’s right. If Ark had used Descent of the Fire Draconian from the beginning then the battle against Magura might’ve been easier. But he was still a level 600 boss so Descent of the Fire Draconian wouldn’t be able to deal decisive damage. So he had planned to decrease Magura’s health to less than 5% before using Descent of the Fire Draconian. But Magura managed to recover his health and stats using ‘Piece of Flesh’ so Ark had lost the timing to use it.

-Kuaaaaaah! Get out of my way!

“What will you do if I said no?”

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Magura wildly swung his tentacles and attacked. Even if Ark used Descent of the Fire Draconian, in a 1 on 1 fight against Magura he was instantly driven into a corner. However Ark’s purpose was to stop Magura from escaping. Thanks to the 50% increase in movement speed and reaction rate, Ark avoided the tentacles and concentrated his attacks on Magura’s ankle. After a while, a huge crystal dropped from the unstable ceiling and blocked the entrance.

“Now it’s over.”

Ark smiled and muttered. At the same time, there was a large split in the ceiling above his head. The crystals fell like hail and Ark immediately died.



The rehabilitation members who had escaped the temple looked at the wreckage with surprised eyes. The huge crystal temple had been changed to a ruin with dozens of bent iron.

“……..Is it over?”

Tazza breathed out slowly.

“To be honest I never expected to survive that.”

“But Ark is buried together with it.”

“Well, it was a beautiful sacrifice.”

The rehabilitation members nodded with a deliberately solemn expression. Racard picked his nose and murmured.

“It’s okay, he will just appear again like nothing happened after several days.”

“What? Aren’t you Ark’s summon?”

“Che, that’s right. Don’t forget that.”

Racard indicated the temple with one wing and said.

“That dog would’ve dropped loot when he died. Master will be more thankful if you collect the loot than if you mourn him.”

That was correct. The time Ark took to feed and raise his pets wasn’t in vain.

“Well, you’re not wrong. Ark might’ve even dropped equipment as well.”

“At any rate, let’s search the ruins.”

The rehabilitation group sighed and approached the ruins of the temple. But the rehabilitation members had forgotten one important fact. 7 people had survived the battled against Magura. In other words, 7 people had defeated a level 600 elite boss. In normal circumstances, the rehabilitation members would’ve received a windfall of experience and levelled up like crazy. Even so, the experience hadn’t been given yet……

Tuduk, tuduk, ku ku ku ku!

It was at that moment. The crystals among the ruins started vibrating and a huge presence rose. The rehabilitation members exclaimed with surprise.

“Huk! What, what the, that guy?”

A huge bloody shape had appeared among the crystals. The presence was so torn and bloody that it was difficult to recognize.

“Don’t tell me…..Magura?”

Yes, the blood smeared shape was Magura who had been buried underneath the rubble of the temple. Despite being buried, amazingly he was still alive. Magura looked at the depressed form of the rehabilitation members and laughed.

-Kukukuku, inferior humans…..this body is immortal…..this much…..

After being buried by the crystals, Magura only had 2% health left. However, the rehabilitation members only had between 1~3% health. That’s because they had deliberately lowered their health in order to limit Magura’s attacks. But it was a serious problem now that Magura hadn’t died.

“T-this monster!”

-This much….give me your flesh and blood….it is your fate.

Magura dragged his body and the internal organs towards the rehabilitation members. Creepy tentacles wriggled here and there between pieces of skin. Magura brandished the tentacles and was about to hit the rehabilitation members.

“That’s not it. Your fate is to die.”

A voice was audible from behind Magura. Both the rehabilitation group and Magura flinched and turned their heads.


“Huhuhu, did you think I committed suicide or something?”

Yes, the person behind Magura was Ark. Ark had been crushed by the crystals when the temple collapsed so how was he still alive? The answer was simple. Razak’s Pledge of Death. It was the reason Ark had Racard escape with the Saw Blade. It was in order to be able to use Razak’s Pledge of Death. If the sword was still inside the temple then Razak would also be crushed to death and he wouldn’t be able to use Pledge of Death. So he had intrusted the Saw blade to Racard and sent them out of the temple. The reason Ark had prepared for the resurrection in advance was simple.

‘Magura is a level 600 elite boss. If 7~8 people kill it then they will get enormous experience. But that won’t be applied if I die. In order to receive the experience after Magura dies, I need to use Pledge of Death!’

It was the reason he had deliberately ran into the temple and died from the crystals. Anyway, if he was alive when Magura died then he could get the experience. So he had resurrected after being buried by the crystals.

‘I didn’t receive the experience so Magura is still alive! Was his defense that high after recovering 50% of his stats?’

Anyway, he really was a tenacious monster. Well, Ark had also revived so he couldn’t really say anything.

-T…..this bastard!

Magura angrily muttered and moved his tentacles. But Ark just laughed and shook his head. Magura definitely was a strong monster. Currently Ark and the rehabilitation members only had 2% health left. Fighting an opponent in that state wouldn’t be easy.

‘But I don’t have to fight with Magura.’

“Demonic Seal!”

An intense light shot out from Ark’s hands and hit Magura’s body. Yes, Magura had less than 3% health so Demonic Seal could be used on him! It didn’t matter if Magura had 1,000 or 10,000 health remaining. The only thing that matter was that it had less than 3% health.

-Kuak! What? This is….!

Magura yelled and shook his body as a chain of light coiled around him. But that just made the chain of light tighten even more. After a while, a black jelly like lump rolled out from Magura’s mouth. It was his soul.

-You have succeeded in extracting the demonic aura. Please select a destination for the seal.

“Hyung-nims, I’ll make something good so take out some equipment!”

Tazza listened to Ark and took out a piece of armour.

“Now, you’re screwed! Demonic Seal!”

Ark moved the chain of light towards the armour. Then the demonic energy which had been changed to a piece of jelly shrieked.

-Kuuuack! What, what the? This power…..I can’t resist…..!

“It is natural. This is the technique that Hero Maban devoted his life developing to kill guys like you. It is impossible for you to escape once caught!”

-H-Hero Maban? T-then you are……!

“Oh, you know about Hero Maban? Well, usually what happens now if that you begin to tell boring stories about your previous encounters with Hero Maban…..I don’t have time for that. Just hurry and be sealed!”

Ark twisted his hand and the jelly was sucked into the armour.

“That’s it. I did it!”

Ark clenched his fist and exclaimed. Suddenly the armour that had absorbed Magura began shaking. Then there was a roaring sound and it split open. A black spirit flowed from the shattered armour.

“What, what the?”

-Kukukuku…..this body’s power… think it can be locked up in something like that?

Ark realized what had gone wrong. When a demonic monster had their health below 3%, he could seal them in an item. But Demonic Seal had its own requirements. Demonic energy could only be sealed in items that could handle the energy. If he forcibly shoved the soul of a high ranking demonic monster into a shabby item then it wouldn’t be able to handle it. It was the reason why the durability of a cursed item was extremely weak.

Until now, his success rate for Demonic Seal had reached 80~90%. However, the failure rate would increase when the difference between the level of the item and the monster became more than 100. When it was more than 100 levels difference, the chance of Demonic Seal failing was almost 100%. In other words, he needed an item with a minimum level of 500 to be able to successfully deal the level 600 Magura. However Ark and the rehabilitation members had no equipment that was level 500. It meant he couldn’t use Demonic Seal!

‘Dammit! I failed….but it’s not too late. When the soul tries to re-join with the main body, he’ll have 2% health left. I’ve resurrected from the dead so I can used Descent of the Fire Draconian again.

Ark glared at Magura’s main body and prepared to use Descent of the Fire Draconian. Then Magura’s soul seemed to explode and began to be sucked in by the island.


-Kukukuku…..I said it before…..this body is immortal…..and this is my resurrection place……as long as I’m here I can remake my body as I want…’ll take me hundreds of years to gather the strength to remake my body but…..I will eventually come back after hundreds of years.

“Wait! You’re running away?”

-Kukukuku, hahahaha……! I’ll see you hundreds of years later… youngling!

The whole island seemed to shake with Magura’s laughter. Magura’s soul had already been integrated into the island. Ark felt like all his power had left him. They had lost thousands of soldiers coming down to this floor and Isyuram, Hae Gyeol-sa, Yapsab and Ddeok-dae were even eaten by Magura. Yet Magura didn’t even give them one useable item or even experience. Now that Magura was integrated into the island, there was no way for Ark to catch him. In the end, they would have to return without any loot or experience. In a game it was just like being defeated.

“That damn dog……”

It was at that moment. Ark had been staring at the ground with annoyance when something flashed through his head.

‘Wait? Magura is now a part of the island itself? In the end, it is like the earth has absorbed Magura’s power.  Then perhaps?’

After thinking for a bit, Ark took out a bunch of small stones from his bag. He used Excavation all over the place and buried the empty Hearthstones into the holes. That’s right. That idea which came to his head was to use the Hearthstones. According to what Magura had yelled, he had returned to the earth.  And the Hearthstones had the power to absorb the surrounding power. Then wouldn’t it be possible to suck Magura’s soul into the Hearthstones? Furthermore, there was no level restriction on the Hearthstones. It could be used to make rare or unique hearthstones. It was a crazy idea.

‘It’s absurd but I have no other choice. This is the only way!’

Ark finished burying the Hearthstones and took out the Phantom Hourglass. After choosing the maximum amount of Time Acceleration, the sand quickly began to fall. After half of the sand had disappeared.

-Ack! What…..why is my power being dragged into the stone……

The island vibrated and confusion seemed to emanate from it. It was Magura’s voice. The moment he heard Magura’s voice, a smug smile spread on Ark’s face. Didn’t Magura’s confusion mean that Ark’s idea was correct?

“Huhuhu, I’ve now got my hands on the devil so it’s not possible for you to escape!”

-What the…..? This bastard, what did you do……?

“Stop talking nonsense and enter the stone!”

-No….you can’t do this…..I am immortal….wahhhhh!

Magura let out a cry of distress as the last of the sand fell down in the Phantom Hourglass.

-The number of uses is finished and the Phantom Hourglass has been broken.

At the same time, several message windows appeared in front of Ark.

-Your level has risen.

-Your level has risen.

-Your level has risen…….

As expected, he received a huge amount of experience after defeating Magura. Ark gained 7 levels while the rehabilitation members gained the maximum 9 levels. Well, the experience was an inevitable result…..Ark quickly dug out the Hearthstones and checked them. He had buried around 70 Hearthstones 30 of them had shattered while the remaining 40 had turned black. When he checked the name had changed to ‘Hell Stone.’ When embedded on an armour or shield then it had the effect of increasing demonic resistance by 10%. But one of the Hearthstones was emanating a huge amount of energy and seemed different from the others. He grabbed the Hearthstone and the information window appeared.

-Magura’s Stone (Legendary Hearthstone)

The soul of an ancient devil Magura has been sealed into this Hearthstone.

In the past, Magura was an ancient existence which caused the destruction of many species. The ancient history books called him the Guardian of Hell and his power and wickedness was compared to the strongest devils. While Magura was deprived of a lot of power when sealed, the power of this Hearthstone is incomparable to others. But since Magura’s curse is also in this stone, a person with no resistance to the demonic element won’t be able to use it.

<Used in socket (Weapon exclusive use): When the Hearthstone is inserted into a weapon, there is a 20% chance of manifested Magura's power and dealing 1~1,000 damage to enemies in front of you.

* Additional skill (Summon Magura):  For 5 minutes you can call upon the spirit of Magura.

Magura's intense anger will display a continuous 'Taunt' effect which will lure in the enemy. Magura is so obsessed with his anger that he will attack all enemies regardless of friend or foe. But Magura's soul is deprived of his power so he will only show an ability equivalent to a level 300 elite monster. When Magura's soul is summoned, the special effect of the stone can't be used.

‘A legendary Hearthstone!’

Ark read the information window with wide eyes. It was the first time he had seen a legendary item. Well, it was a natural result since Magura was the devil who caused the Fire Draconians’ extinction. It had a 20% chance of dealing 1~1,000 extra damage! Well, there was a chance to deal 1 damage but there was also the possibility of dealing the maximum amount of damage.

And Magura’s Stone even had an additional skill attached. It was the ability to summon the sealed Magura! The power was equivalent to a level 300 elite monster. Well, Magura would attack everyone regardless of friend or foe but it would still be quite useful.

“Ark, look over there!”

Jjak-tung pointed towards the hollow shell of Magura’s body. It had started to rot as soon as Magura had been sealed. It finally completed melted and changed to a dark liquid with some items on top. It was the loot that Magura had dropped. Magura had dropped 5 items. There was one unique, one rare item and the remaining three were magic items.

-Hell’s Shoulder Blades (Unique)

Armour type: Leather Shoulder Blades

Defense: 45 (+10)

Durability: 35/70

Weight: 60

User Restriction: Level 450 and more

The Hell’s Shoulder Blades made from the interior of Magura’s body. It possesses the strength of hell. The equipment contained the spirit of hell can deal fatal damage to any enemy’s defense. The Hell’s Shoulder Blades is made from a material stronger than steel. While it has powerful defense, it can also be used as a weapon in emergency situations.

<Special Option: When the enemy attacks or you use a head-butt, the horns on the shoulder blades will pop out and you will deal 100 addition damage. There is only a 30% chance of inflicting a 'curse.'

-Eyes of Chaos (Rare)

Item type: Staff

Attack: 45~50

Durability: 56/100

Weight: 45

User Restrictions:  Level 400 Warlock

A staff that Magura took from a powerful warlock a long time ago. The Eyes of Chaos is a staff inlaid with the eyes of an ancient hell monster ‘Balmaradon.’ When the opponent stares into it, the eyes will cause fear and hallucinations.

“Isn’t this awesome?”

Ark’s mouth dropped as he confirmed the information on the loot. The staff was quite creepy as it was covered in black hair with a large eyeball stuck in it. The items were the ‘Hell’s Shoulder Blades’ and ‘Eyes of Chaos.’

The Hell’s Shoulder Blades was a unique item with 45 defense. It seemed like a low number, but it was quite high when considering that most shoulder blades had defense below 30.  In addition, it gave 10 extra defense as an option so it was quite good for leather armour. There was also the probability of dealing additional damage or causing an abnormal state when attacking with the shoulder blades. It was very good for Ark who preferred close combat.

‘That option is 100 times better than having to keep on activating a special skill.’

But when looking at the performance, the rare Eyes of Chaos seemed better than the unique Hell’s Shoulder Blades. The option to give +20% dark magic attack power was a rare option. The warlocks would go crazy for it in the auction room.

“Can I take these leather shoulder blades?”

Ark grabbed the Hell’s Shoulder Blades and asked.

“It’s your choice.”

The rehabilitation members just nodded. Ark was hunting with the rehabilitation members so he couldn’t just take the items. But if a leather item appeared then the rehabilitation members knew to concede it to him. It was the reason why Ark liked hunting with JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members. Of course, Ark still wasn’t able to monopolize all the items.

“The Eyes of Chaos and the magic items will be sold in the auction room and the profits divided.”

That was how he decided to distribute the loot. So Ark packed all the loot into his bag.

Ssak ssak ssak, ssak ssak ssak ssak!

Then Ark felt Radun’s tail touch his leg. When he looked down, there was a book underneath a crystal. He had discovered the item and tried to swallow it and failed, so Radun had asked for help from Ark.

“A book? Wait? Come to think of it…..”

Ark was reminded of something and quickly picked up the book. Once again an information window appeared.

-Immortal Book (Special)

An ancient book that had been housed in the shrine of the Fire Draconians. But Magura wanted the secret to immortality and ended up stealing the book from Dragonian. However, so far no one had discovered the secret of the Immortal Book. According to legend, only those who don’t desire immortality will be allowed to access the book.

“This is the Immortal Book that Lumines mentioned.”

Ark also wandered about the contents of the book which contained the secret to eternal life. But like the information window said, the book was sealed and he couldn’t open it.

“Hmm, what do I do with this? Lumines has already died so I probably won’t receive anything but the book as compensation. Well, I got the book through an important quest so I will probably be able to use it somewhere.”

Ark put the book away. There was a ringing sound and the quest information window appeared.

-The Lore quest has been completed.

You have gained ☆ 3 in the character information window. ☆ is a reward provided to players who had achieved a great historical achievement which can influence New World.

The player who receives a ☆ would become a legend in that area. In addition, the accumulation of a certain number of ☆’s would receive a chance to gain a very special reward.

Currently owned ☆: (10)

After the information window appeared. Ark’s head was enveloped in a bright light which shot towards the sky. The light exploded and dispersed, forming 10 stars. It was the stars awarded by the lore quest. The stars revolved around Ark’s head before they suddenly disappeared. After that the quest information window was updated.

-Witness the Legend

10 ☆’s are only conferred upon a hero who has changed history through the Lore quests.

You have uncovered ancient history that ordinary people will never know or understand. However, a historian from a great prophet clan in ancient times knows about your work. According to the ancient prophecy, a brave warrior will be selected to gain the power to fight against an evil power.

* This quest can only be performed once.

“Eh? Quest?”

Ark’s eyes popped out the information window. In fact, Ark hadn’t really paid attention to the stars received after completing a lore quest. He had simply regarded it as a medal of merit. But he never imagined he would get a quest from it. After reading the contents, didn’t it seem like it would give enormous compensation? Ark quickly opened his mouth after receiving the quest. The red dot pointed towards an area near the border of the Sinius Principality.

‘I can’t possibly postpone this quest.’

Ark had determined his next destination. It was to finally collect the reward for his stars. Anyway, he had managed to 100% clear the dungeon after a fortnight. Now he just had to worry about getting back from the 60th floor.

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