Act 3: Rehabilitation Treatment

ACT 3 Rehabilitation Treatment

“Phew, yesterday was really dreadful.”

His eyes were half-closed and his hair was like a magpie’s nest. Hyun-woo finally crawled out into the living look looking like a shabby person after the sun had already risen for ages. He was always in such a state thanks to the chaos space in New World. It was a life where he played the game for 20 hours before sleeping for a little bit! It wasn’t an exaggeration to say it was a hellish relay. The physical and psychological damage wasn’t small. It had reached the point where he felt sick after seeing the colour red because it reminded him of lava!

“…… But it’s still not there yet.”

This was what made Hyun-woo different from other users. Most users thought of it as an online game while Hyun-woo thought of it as a different dimension. A few hours? A few days? That was a level where it was just enjoyment. In the first place, Hyun-woo had no concept of time. Once he started an area, he would stay until he judged that there was nothing left for him. It was squeezing out everything he could from his labour. And he was able to.

“Why so far……?”

Some people wondered this. But it was to get ahead of others. He considered New World his job so he needed to get ahead of other people. He had to be stronger and receive a lot more than other people.

“Yes, I don’t have time to be doing this. I have to quickly exercise and enter the game.”

Then he heard the sound of his front door opening. When he turned around, Gwon Hwa-rang was entering while pushing his mother’s wheelchair.

“Oh, you came to visit?”

“Did you just wake up?”

“Before I noticed it was already 5 o’clock in the morning.”

“Act moderately…..I will not say that.”

Gwon Hwa-rang grinned and muttered. Recently Gwon Hwa-rang had been visiting once every two days, and he alternated with Hyun-woo to help take his mother to the hospital for treatment. When Gwon Hwa-rang first visited, Hyun-woo had accompanied them daily. But when Gwon Hwa-rang’s eyes seemed to indicate ‘Hey, are you trying to interfere?’ then Hyun-woo only accompanied his mother every second day. She didn’t say it but his mother’s expression indicated that she liked it too. But it was slightly strange today. His mother was silent and Gwon Hwa-rang was looking perplexed at his mother.

“What have you been doing?”

“That….. Let’s have a cup of coffee first since you seem tired.”

At Gwon Hwa-rang’s suggestion, the three of them sat down in the living room. Hyun-woo was reminded of something while sipping coffee and suddenly asked.

“Ah, did you find what I was looking for?”

“What you was looking for?”

“I asked Gwon Hwa-rang for something.

“Then you must be referring to New World.”

His mother smiled wryly and lowered her mug. When thinking back, he should’ve noticed it at the time. However, Hyun-woo didn’t notice his mother’s subtle expression change and continued looking at Gwon Hwa-rang. Again he didn’t know why but Gwon Hwa-rang hesitated for a long time before replying.

“Are you talking about the evidence from before?”

He was referring to evidence that there was a relation between the Hermes alliance and the lawless port.

‘There is no doubt that the Hermes alliance is associated with the lawless port. And there’s bound to be some traces left in New World. An agreement between Hermes and the Nakujuk or some proof that they were receiving the pirates’ goods……’

If there was even one of those things then he would be able to prove a relation between the Hermes alliance and the lawless port. Previously Hyun-woo had found a link between Alan and the secret religious society of Ankh, causing them to be ruined. The reason that was possible was because laws also existed in New World. In New World, ‘everything was possible.’ It was a game which offered infinite degrees of freedom. In the game there was the ability to become a general or help NPCs in a coup against the King. Of course it was also possible to harm soldiers……But just because anything was possible didn’t mean that it was recommended. Laws to defend the balance of New World also existed and those that broke the laws would be penalized. And the penalty was proportional to the size of the crime. That was why Alan had been ruined and lost his followers.

‘If I find some evidence of a coalition between Hermes and the lawless port then their fates will be similar to Alan’s. If they are branded as a criminal group then they will also lose their rights to the Lordship of Silvana.’

So Hyun-woo had asked Gwon Hwa-rang to find evidence while sweeping through the lawless port. However, Gwon Hwa-rang just shook his head.

“I couldn’t find it. Those fellows thoroughly hid it.”

“Hmm. As expected, it couldn’t be settled that easily. Was there anything different?”


“The amount invested into the lawless port by the Hermes alliance should be significant. They would dispose of the pirate’s stolen goods and then take the profit. If the lawless port collapsed then they should’ve lost their investment fund. That kind of damage would not be enough to make them resign.”

“I also think so as well……”

“Hmm, we won but I am still slightly uncomfortable.”

“There’s no need to worry. The strategy to clean up the lawless port is a success and we can turn it into a military base for Seutandal. Those guys won’t be able to use the same scheme again.”

“Military base?”

Hyun-woo asked with curiosity. The change in Seutandal was important for Hyun-woo. Seutandal was one of the places in Hyun-woo’s triangular trade scheme so he needed to build a trading post there. But he had been so busy hunting the wendigoes that he hadn’t had a chance to ask what was happening in Seutandal.

“Ah, you still don’t know yet. Although it was originally the lawless port, when I looked around the terrain conditions were very good. The cave can easily store 50 battle ships we can use the buildings that the Hermes alliance has already built. So it will be converted to the headquarters of Seutandal’s navy.”

“Navy Headquarters?”

“Seutandal is an island so it requires a navy to protect it. Even with the lawless port gone, we will still need to deal with the pirates from the continent. If we increase the navy then the current harbour won’t be able to hold it. Separating the headquarters from the harbour will make it easier to manage.”

As expected, Gwon Hwa-rang’s tactics were completely different from Hyun-woo’s ideas.

“The lawless port is a natural fortress. Well, the Hermes alliance is familiar with the surrounding terrain but if we take precautions then it won’t be an easy place to attack. At least it is a hundred times better than Seutandal’s current harbour. Budget is also no problem thanks to the profit we got from sweeping up the lawless port.”

At first Gwon Hwa-rang hesitated a bit but then he started babbling on. Then his mother who had been quietly listening moved her wheelchair.

“……I’m tired after going to the hospital. I’m going to rest for a short while.”

Gwon Hwa-rang flinched and jumped like a frog.


“No.  Just continue. I don’t understand entirely but the criminals sound important to Hyun-woo. I’ll be fine by myself.”

His mother moved her wheelchair and went to her bedroom.

‘Eh? What’s this? Didn’t Mother just say something that seemed really stinging?’

Hyun-woo turned his head to peek and winced.

“Ow, ow, ow, w-what have I done……?”

Gwon Hwa-rang squeezed his head while muttering helplessly.

“W-what happened?”

“It’s just…. In fact…..”

Gwon Hwa-rang trembled and explained the circumstances. Something had happened when Gwon Hwa-rang took his mother to the hospital. He was talking happily with Hyun-woo’s mother when he received a telephone call. Like Gwon Hwa-rang said, Seutandal was currently in the midst of turning the lawless port into the Navy Headquarters. Gwon Hwa-rang was an expert in tacts so of course he was in charge. If there was even a small problem then the rehabilitation members would call him.

“What? The fort installations are insufficient? Did you consult Isabel? Then return to the entrance for the necessary materials since completion of the fort is the most important thing.”

After it disconnected, the phone rang again. While at the hospital, he received over 6 telephone calls. It interrupted Gwon Hwa-rang’s conversation with Hyun-woo’s mother. But his mistake was after that.

“Isabel? Navy Headquarters? What’s going on?”

“Ah, So-mi ssi doesn’t need to know about it.”

Gwon Hwa-rang unconsciously said. He belatedly noticed what he said but it was too late to take it back.

“No, I mean….. It’s really complicated…… That is…..”

“That’s okay. Please drive.”

Hyun-woo’s mother replied normally. But his mother was a person as well. Gwon Hwa-rang’s insensitive words definitely hurt her. So he kept his mouth shut while heading back to the house. That’s why Gwon Hwa-rang’s expression wasn’t good when entering the house. It was also why he hesitated when Hyun-woo asked about New World.

“Wahhh, what did I do……?”

Gwon Hwa-rang whined like a puppy while looking at the firmly closed door.

“Ohhhhh. I just…… Information about the Navy Headquarters is so complex that I thought it would be inconvenient for So-mi ssi….. Really. Then…… Ah, no, it’s my fault. How stupid must I be to talk about the Navy Headquarters as soon as I enter the house…… Of course she would be angry.”

‘She’s angry?’

Hyun-woo scratched his head. Honestly, Hyun-woo’s mother wasn’t really angry. Gwon Hwa-rang didn’t know how his mother would really behave if she was angry. But Gwon Hwa-rang insensitively mentioned those things so of course she would get prickly. She had deliberately acted angry in order to point out Gwon Hwa-rang’s mistake. In fact, Hyun-woo had often received ‘education’ like that when he was younger.

‘At any rate, my mother really seems mischievous after seeing this. Is she already starting her husband education?’

However, Gwon Hwa-rang didn’t know this and he was completely panicked. Hyun-woo felt like giggling after seeing his panicked features.

‘But should I leave it like this? Hwa-rang ajusshi has been neglecting Mother lately for New World. Since it is also therapy for him……’

Hyun-woo was thinking about the circumstances when he realized something.

‘Wait? Which reminds me, these days I also…..’

Hyun-woo was living with his mother 24 hours a day. However, it felt like he talked to his mother more when she was at the hospital. They were always in the house together so he didn’t think about starting conversations. So it was quite negligent. In addition, recently his conversations with Gwon Hwa-rang after the rehabilitation was always about New World. His mother didn’t play New World and she felt a sense of isolation. While his mother wasn’t seriously angry, her dissatisfaction had built up over time.

‘I’ve been so insensitive.’

“Uh, what should I do? Hyun-woo?”

“Even if you ask me……”

“Isn’t there something you can do? You were the one who brought up Seutandal……”

“I didn’t know about what had happened previously. If I knew then I wouldn’t have mentioned it. You’re the adult who couldn’t grasp the atmosphere and continued talking away.”


Gwon Hwa-rang sighed and his shoulders slumped.

“…….I’ll repent.”

“…….I’ll also repent.”

Hyun-woo realized that he also had to reflect on his actions. He never knew that he had been lacking in the time spent with his mother before this. But New World was like work for Hyun-woo. The cost of living, his mother’s medical expenses, loan payments, etc…..the money that went into it was 5 million a month. And Hyun-woo earned all that money through New World. The money was earned for his family. But while trying to earn money, he had neglected to spend time with his family. It was a dilemma that everybody in the world experienced, not just Hyun-woo. Anyway, it was true that Gwon Hwa-rang and Hyun-woo had offended his mother by talking about New World. The two men drank coffee and reflected quietly. How much time had passed? Suddenly Gwon Hwa-rang raised his head and shouted.

“That’s it!”

“What? What are you saying out of nowhere?”

“The solution is surprisingly simple. So-mi ssi should also play New World!”


Hyun-woo asked in an astounded voice.

“Really? Isn’t she still sick?”

“That’s right! Hah, why didn’t I think of that before?”

Gwon Hwa-rang described with a heated look.

“Think about it. What was the reason you made me play New World in the first place?”

“For rehabilitation……”

Hyun-woo answered without thinking before it felt like he had been hit in the back of the head. Then Gwon Hwa-rang’s eyes lit up and he nodded.

“Have you finally realized? That’s right. Didn’t the doctor also say it? So-mi ssi has physically recovered 90% and the remaining obstacle is mental. So these days she has been spending more time in psychiatry treatment. Just like the old me.”

Gwon Hwa-rang’s words were right. Now his mother was almost completely physically recovered. Although there were several issues with muscle recovery remaining, the biggest problem was that her body was stiffened from lying down for so many years. The best way to treat that was to move her body. No, to be more accurate it was to get her brain familiar with the sensation of moving like a normal person. However, his mother still hadn’t recovered her muscle and physical strength so she was limited to rehabilitation.

‘But if its New World…..’

It gave orders to the brain to move but it didn’t drain the actual physical strength! There was no danger of injuring something while training! And the best thing……

“If So-mi ssi enters New World then I can be with her 24 hours a day!”

……That was it. Gwon Hwa-rang’s ambition wasn’t completely selfless. These days Hyun-woo, Gwon Hwa-rang and the rehabilitation members spent most of their time in New World. In other words, it was possible to spend more time with her if his mother came to New World. And the issue of her being unable to understand the conversation would disappear. Why hadn’t he thought of making his mother play New World?

“Ohhhhh! Dating in the game! Okay, I have to start quickly. Buying the unit immediately……!”

Gwon Hwa-rang snorted like an excited wild boar and stood up.

“Wait a minute!”

“Eh? Why?”

“It’s good but we have to check one thing.”

It was his mother’s health problems. They couldn’t just decide with their feelings. The virtual reality game had a huge effect on Gwon Hwa-rang but his mother’s situation was different. After the traffic accident several years ago, she had undergone brain surgery. New World directly connected with the brain so who knew how it could affect her? Hyun-woo made Gwon Hwa-rang calm down and called the hospital. But unlike his worries, the doctor gave permission.

“Virtual reality game? Ah, yes I know about it. In fact I firmly recommend it. I can’t guarantee the therapeutic effect in So-mi’s case but I’ve never heard of any side effects. Some doctors do look at it a bit negatively. But in my opinion, it has a significant stress relieving effect.”

Hyun-woo then connected to the internet and searched for hundreds of similar cases. Fortunately there was nothing about side effects.

‘……Instead it is quite helpful?’

Now Hyun-woo could start the plan without any worries. Of course, he realized the price wasn’t small once he made up his mind. But if it was even a little useful for his mother’s treatment than the price of the unit wasn’t a problem. In addition, he didn’t want Gwon Hwa-rang’s help for this matter.

‘I want to help my mother with my own strength. And now I can do it.’

Gwon Hwa-rang was willing to help him but Hyun-woo had been working non-stop to earn money. When he scraped together the money had  saved in the meantime and the gold from Ark’s Comprehensive Store, he had enough funds to buy the game unit.

‘I’ve earned quite a bit of money in the meantime. I can easily buy the unit…..’

He had enough money in his passbook after half a day. If his mother needed something then he would do whatever it took to get it for her.

“Now it’s time to speak to So-mi ssi and go buy the unit!”

“No, that won’t work.”

“Eh? Why?”

“The biggest problem is still left.”

“The biggest problem?”


Hyun-woo answered with a serious expression. Yes, the biggest stumbling block in this plan wasn’t money but his mother. Hyun-woo knew his mother’s character better than anyone. After Hyun-woo had been born, she never bought a set of new clothes. She was a person who would wear the same clothes for 10 years while repairing them. Even if the game had a therapeutic effect, the unit cost millions of won so it was impossible she would agree.  If Hyun-woo pressed it on her using force then she would just secretly get a refund.

“T-then what do we do? Even if we recommend it, won’t it be pointless if So-mi ssi doesn’t agree?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

Hyun-woo smiled slyly and replied.

“Leave it to me ajusshi. I’ll handle this matter.”


“Hyun-woo, what’s all this?”

His mother asked with a puzzled expression. The reason for her confusion was the huge box occupying the living room. With the trademark of Global Exos clearly labelled on the box, it was the unit for New World.

“Ah, you’ve arrived. This is a unit for New World.”

“Then why is it being delivered to our house?”

“Eh? “Oh, didn’t I tell you?”

Hyun-woo trembled and attempted to talk. While the unit installation person tore the box, his mother shook his head.

“Wait a minute, why is the box being cut open…….?”

“It’s okay. Because these is an item from a Global Exos event.”

“Event item?”

The installation person interrupted at his mother’s response ad explained.

“Yes, not long ago Global Exos held a commemoration event for its 2nd anniversary among users. Ark-nim applied at that time and won 1st place. The unit is the prize for 1st place. Congratulations.”

“But our house already has a unit…..”

His mother muttered with an awkward expression.

“Well, I was also slightly burdened when I heard that I won the prize from the event. But after thinking I realized I didn’t need to worry. Because Mother should use this.”


His mother shook her head at his words.

“Me playing the game? I don’t know anything about it so how can I play the game?”

“It does not matter. Since this is an event prize, you can just comfortably lie down and relax in New World. Your doctor also said that it wouldn’t be a problem and that it might even be helpful in treating you. That’s great. It’s a free unit and it can even help treat you.”

“But even with the unit, won’t you still have to pay money for the game every month?”

“Well, a little bit.”

“Then it’s okay. Couldn’t we receive money from this?”

His mother’s reaction was like Hyun-woo predicted. But Hyun-woo had already thought of a way around this. Hyun-woo stealthily winked at the installation technician who nodded.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you in advance. When he applied, Hyun-woo nim agreed to the terms and conditions which stated that this prize is unable to be sold or given to someone outside the family. You also can’t return it.”

“Huh? You’re not giving it to us?”

“It is a conditional lease. The purpose of this event is to bring in new customers. If you use the unit for more than 800 hours in 1 year than we will give you the rights to the unit. Think of it as similar to a cell phone contract.”

The installation person smiled and added.

“As you know, the unit for New World is a fairly expensive product. In my position, I would recommend you use the unit for 1 year and then receive it.”

“That’s right.”

Hyun-woo laughed and nodded.

“Like he said, one machine costs millions of won. If we sell it then you can get 2,3 million won. If you use the unit for 1 year then we can get an unit costing millions of won for free and Mother can also receive treatment.”

“Yes, but……..”

His mother was unable to say anything. The situation made too much sense. To receive a unit worth millions of won out of nowhere and to have the condition that it should be used for 800 hours in one year was strange. It was all leading to her playing the game. She didn’t know everything but she couldn’t argue. Then the installation person handed her a business card and said.

“The contract has gone through the formal procedures. If you have any questions about the contract then please call. If you directly call this number then you won’t have to go through the reception desk. Just ask for Ho Myung-hwan.”

The installation technician raised his hat and laughed.  The person who showed his shiny teeth was Ho Myung-hwan who worked at Global Exos. Yes, it was unnecessary to say but this was all Ark’s plan. A unit worth millions of won! In order, he also had to pay thousands of won to play the unit every month. When the game cost 100,000 won every month, there was a 100% guarantee that she wouldn’t accept the unit. So Hyun-woo made up the contract and created a situation where his mother couldn’t possibly refuse. He called Ho Myung-hwan for two reasons. The first reason was that a staff member of Global Exos could purchase the unit for a slightly cheaper price. While he was willing to spend millions of won on his mother, wouldn’t it be good if he could purchase it for a little cheaper? Since Ho Myung-hwan was a fan of Hyun-woo, he bought the unit for 30% cheaper. The second reason in using a Global Exos staff was to stop the return of the unit. Hyun-woo knew there was a high chance that his mother would call the company later to return the expensive product. But there was no event. Then the unit would clearly be 100% refunded. He requested Ho Myung-hwan’s help to prevent such a situation from happening. He had met Ho Myung-hwan a few times so they had already become quite familiar with each other. Since the contents wasn’t anything bad, he willingly joined in the play. Therefore, the unit occupied a corner of the living room with pride.

“I’m looking forward to the video.”

Ho Myung-hwan said to him in a low voice after finishing the installation.

“Ohh, it came! It came!”

Gwon Hwa-rang ran in with a satisfied smile and grabbed his Hyun-woo’s mother’s hand.

“Now So-mi ssi can also play New World. That’s good.  It might seem a little strange at first but I think you will do well. No, I’m sure of it. I’ll guide you through everything. Well, there are some monsters but you don’t need to hunt them. Just walking around will be good for your body. I’m sure of it.”

“But I……”

“Hah, Mother, didn’t the installation person say it a while ago. If you use this unit for 800 hours in one year then it will be ours. And I already have a unit registered. If Mother doesn’t use it then should I return it? We can do that.  I’ll call and request to return the item…..”

“Ah, stop it!”

Hyun-woo who was holding the telephone stopped at his mother’s words. A 100% South Korean mother wouldn’t’ be able to give up the unit worth millions of won.

“Huhuhu. That’s right. It is no different from throwing money on the road if we return the unit. If you play the game then you don’t have to spend any money. It is also possible to make money in the game. And if you try to play the game then it will come naturally. Just try it once. Come, come.”

“Hwa-rang ajusshi is right. Come, come!”

The two men pushed his mother towards the unit. HIs mother eventually gave up from exhaustion.

“U-understood. I’ll give it a try. It is done. Now leave me to try it!”

“Huh? But it is your first time so I should teach you……”

His mother blushed and scratched her head at Gwon Hwa-rang’s words.



The woman sat on a bench and sighed. Her name was So-mi and she was Ark’s mother who had recently connected to New World. In fact, she had actually been interested in New World before. Everybody around her was always talking about the game so it was impossible not to be interested. And the game was beyond her imagination after she connected to it. The ambient scenery, the sky and the earth was amazing. However, there was something else that surprised her.

“The appearance is no different……”

It was so realistic that she felt distanced from it. Once connected, a person in a wheelchair could stand without any support! So-mi stared spellbound at her legs and started walking slowly. It had been so long since she could stand using her own strength. Was that all?

Sway, totter.

So-mi couldn’t maintain her balance properly and sat down. Naturally it wasn’t a physical disability. The muscles wasn’t moving the character. It was the idea of walking. So-mi had spent so long in the hospital bed that she had a fear of walking. Therefore her behaviour towards walking had become passive.  So it wasn’t necessarily easier to move in the game. Ark had found many cases on the internet of near vegetable people enjoying the virtual reality game. Regardless of what body they had, people could do anything in a virtual reality. That was the reason why he encouraged So-mi’s will.

‘I have to play 800 hours in 1 year!’

If she spent all her time inside the game then she could easily fill 800 hours. However, New World had a monthly subscription fee. Although the subscription fee was several thousand a month, she had no choice. If she had to pay something then she should get the most out of it. Wouldn’t it even help with her rehabilitation treatment? In addition, she heard from Ark and JusticeMan that she could also make money. So-mi wanted to pay the amount for the subscription fee with her own hands. After thinking about it, So-mi once again stood up. Despite her anxieties, she was able to walk around the village using her own power after a few days. At first So-mi just cared about the price but she became filled with deep emotion at the experience.

“Ah, really…..I’m really walking.”

Other people took walking for granted but she was just grateful she could do it. But no matter how it looked like reality, it was still a game. However, she was unable to repress her emotions after being able to walk under her own power after several years. Now she started to look around.

“No. It is natural to walk in a game. I can’t be satisfied with this degree. What do I do now?”

It was natural since So-mi didn’t know anything about New World  so she left the village after a while. Ark and JusticeMan had talked about New World every day. Through her second hand knowledge, So-mi knew that levels was one of the most important things in New World.  And she knew that she had to raise levels through monsters. But So-mi quickly abandoned levelling up after going outside the village.


“They’re coming. Avoid it!”

“You retreat to the back. Surround that fellow on both sides and beat it to death!”

Outside the village, beginner users were jumping in all directions and fighting wolves. Beating, escape, beat, escape……. After many repetitive actions, the user finally defeated a wolf. So-mi had barely just got used to walking so there was no way she could fight against the wolves like that.

“I can’t catch monsters like that.”

So-mi sighed and returned to the village. After seeing how difficult it was, So-mi sat down on the bench.

‘Hunting is the most important thing here…… How can I hunt in this condition? My body is in bad condition and I can’t play the game directly. As expected, New World isn’t that superficial. How can I make money? I have no chance.’

So-mi was despondent.

“Yet another failure!”

Suddenly a girl sat down next to her with a tearful face and whined. So-mi saw that there was a crumpled piece of cloth in the girl’s hand. So-mi was interested so she asked in a friendly voice.

“Excuse me…… Are you trying to create something with that cloth?”

The girl pouted as she looked at the cloth and answered.

“I was trying to create gloves but it isn’t working.”

The girl showed her the several layers of cloth and some kitchen gloves. The problem was that the gloves were torn in half.

“The gloves are my mum’s prized possessions. I ruined them while baking this morning. Mum said it was okay but….. I wanted to make her the same ones……”

The girl indicated the cloth that was in pieces and sobbed. The girl’s fingers were wounded by her attempts. Despite the pouting lips and wounded fingers, the girl was cute so So-mi stroked her head.

“Do you want me to make it instead?”

“Huh? Really? You know how to make it?”

“This much is easy.”

The girl seemed to consider it before speaking.

“Excuse me…… Then unni, please make this for my mother.”

“Of course.”

So-mi replied.

-The Mischievous Girl Laura’s Request

Laura who lives in the settler’s village of Harun played a trick while baking and ruined her mother’s important gloves. Laura tried to make her mother the same gloves but she was unable to. Laura would like you to make her some new kitchen gloves. However, you have to keep it a secret that you made the gloves from Laura’s mother.

‘What’s this?’

So-mi’s expression was confused.

“Give it to me. I’ll make it immediately.”

She didn’t pay the information window any regard and started making the gloves for the girl. In fact, she had been interested in the girl because she saw the cloth. So-mi might not know anything else but she specialized in sewing. It was a distant memory but her hobbies in high school was knitting and cross stitching. It was to the extent that she made Ark’s clothes when he was younger. Well, she did it until Ark was embarrassed by his friends in junior high. After being released from the hospital, she had started the hobby again. Thanks to that, her needlework skill was almost at a professional standard. It was easy for her to make the kitchen gloves.

“Now, all done. How is it? Is it similar?”

“Wah. It is just like it!”

The girl skipped around with surprise and indicated that she liked the gloves.

“Thank you very much unni. Like I said a while you, you can’t tell my mum that you made these. Okay? I don’t need this so I’ll give it to you instead.”

“W-wait a minute, I……”


Laura handed her a needle and thread and ran away.

quest has been completed.
-Fabric: Cotton cloth (10th rank general sewing material) has been acquired.
-Thread and needle (10th rank general material) has been acquired.

So-mi involuntarily received the thread and needles. So-mi picked up the needle and thread with a wry smile.

“Hmm, I don’t know what happened but it worked out. Anyway, I can also do needlework in the game……”

It was good since she didn’t have to spend the 800 hours hunting. After searching through her bag for the basic equipment of a knife, she made some gloves out of the cloth. After some familiar movements, an information window appeared.

-Common Cloth Gloves (A class production item)

Armour type: Cloth gloves

Defense: -  Durability: 5/5

Weight: 1 User restriction: Level 1 and higher

Gloves made of ordinary cotton gloves that can be found anywhere. However, this item was made with experienced workmanship.

‘Oh, it is also possible to make something I can use.’

The fact that she could make something like this in New World was fascinating.  So-mi became interested and started making more things using the cloth. Aside from the gloves, she also made a hat and scarf. She used the leftover cloth to make it. But after making it, she thought it looked somewhat lonely.

‘It looks a bit flat….. Ah yes, I have enough thread.’

So-mi excitedly turned over the gloves to the back. She used her experienced sewing skill and created a colourful flower shape in seconds. She also placed the same design on the hat and scarf set. Suddenly she heard someone’s voice in front of her.

“Excuse me unni. Are you selling that?”


So-mi raised her head and inadvertently flinched. While she was distracted by the sewing, dozens of people had gathered around her. When So-mi made a puzzled expression, the previous girl ran up to her and asked.

“Would you sell this to me? No, please sell it to me!”


“Yes, it’s a request. It’s the first time that I’ve seen gloves I liked so much!”

“Eh? You’re selling?”

“T-then sell that to me! The hat, sell me the hat!”

“No, sell me the hat instead! How much is it? 50 silver? 1 gold?”

The girls surrounded her with bright eyes. Once again, items created in New World could be classified as clothing. And creating armour and robes required more advanced sewing skills. In other words, the gloves created by So-mi was just a decoration. Naturally a man would feel the charm of armour but women were more interested in beautiful clothes. So simple decorations were important for women. Honestly, what girl wouldn’t like jewellery if she could get it? It was the natural instincts of a woman to like something beautiful. Furthermore, it was possible to layer general clothing on top of armour. In other words, it was possible to wear flashy attire on the battlefield! So clothing was the number one desired item for some female users. Those females couldn’t miss the chance to obtain So-mi’s unique clothing.

“W-what is happening?”

So-mi looked down at her hands with a foolish expression. After selling the gloves, hat and scarf, the people surrounding her disappeared.  And So-mi held 3 gold in her hand. The money was gained in a truly unexpected way.

“I can get money like this?”

Then she visited the general store and bought 30 cotton cloths.

“It is also possible to make money this way!”

So-mi grabbed her bag filled with cloth and became motivated.  She didn’t know how much 3 gold was in reality. However, this was something for her to do in New World since she couldn’t catch wolves. It was something for her to do after spending so long in the hospital. It happened after making dozens of flashy clothing.

-Sewing (Beginner, Passive): You have gained the sewing technique and can produce various types of clothing.

When the level increases, you can handle more sophisticated designs and high grade cloths. In addition, you can create clothing with the ‘charm’ option that will increase the probability of creating luxury items.When your sewing skills reached the Advanced stage, you will be able to produce armour and robes with defense. However, you need to acquire the relevant recipe to create the armour.


-Embroidery (Special, Beginner, Passive): Technique to embroider clothing.

This technique is a special skill which requires dexterity. When embroidering clothes, there is a high probability of adding a special option. The type of option added by embroidery depends on the degree of completion.The use of high grade materials and embroidery will improve the option.

However, if it fails then the durability of the clothing can be decreased.

When the clothes were completed, the skill proficiency bonus was applied to the clothes. And when she used the embroidery skill, options such as ‘courage +1’ and ‘recovery rate +5%’ was added. Although it was a beginner skill and not that many options were applied, it was a starting village so items with those items were quite attractive. No, it was already attractive since embroidered clothes in New World. Thanks to So-mi, a new trend in fashion was created. After a week had passed, So-mi became a well-known costume designer in the starter village of Harun. She was also happy since it was the first time she didn’t need anybody’s help after leaving the hospital. And she was excited for users to wear her clothes so she poured hard work and sweat into it. Thus So-mi began to increasingly log into New World.

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