Act 3: Rehabilitation Stage

ACT 3 Rehabilitation stage




A familiar voice was heard in the receiver.


“Eh? Uncle Gwon Hwa-rang?”


“Yes, it’s me.”


“Did something happen? Why are you calling at this hour?”


“I’m near Cairo………”




For a while, Hyun-woo couldn’t understand Gwon Hwa-rang’s words.

He had been called just as he was about to fight alongside the raccoons and all his thoughts were focused on that.

Therefore he had forgotten about the appointment he made with Gwon Hwa-rang a couple of days ago.


“We were supposed to meet in Cairo.”


“Yes? Ah, ah ……..I did. I mean, I was there for a while.”


“Tsk, young fellow.”


“You didn’t get in touch with me for a while so I forgot.”


5 days had passed since Hyun-woo met the ex-convicts.  5 days was a fortnight in the game. Even if they travelled in a straight line from Jackson to Cairo, it would still take some time.


“Hey, you don’t say.”


Gwon Hwa-rang sighed and explained the situation.

In fact, when Hyun-woo had stopped by Gwon Hwa-rang’s house.

Gwon Hwa-rang and the other probationary members had already been heading towards the capital.

To time, only 4 of them went to meet Hyun-woo in Cairo.

However, there was a problem that they hadn’t considered.

At that time, the average level of the rehabilitation members was at best 35. However the stretch of forest before Cairo produced of lot of level 100 monsters.

They didn’t know anything and just entered the forest where they were smashed.


“Oh, Yes. I had not thought to warn you.


Of course, if you go the roundabout way, even for a level 35 there shouldn’t be that much difficulty.

Because a lot of low-level players also came to Cairo.  However the ex-convicts who had obtained the location of Cairo from Ark, just moved straight forward in ignorance.


“What do we do? The hyungs are sorry.”


“I’m sorry to ……..ok any dead?”


Gwon Hwa-rang chuckled. The rehabilitation members aren’t trying to live through the game like Ark was.

People were playing it purely to enjoy the game. But to Gwon Hwa-rang who was caught up in the game because it made him feel free, inwardly it was quite frustrating.

All of a sudden monsters had appeared in the jungle and it was so dense it seemed like a new world.

They were high level monsters but the rehabilitation members just cheered.


‘I also wanted to see the Amazon so this is like my dream being achieved.


‘No, this is Jurassic Park.’


‘I never thought I could see dinosaurs directly. This is a hundred times more fun!’


But although the cheered, their abilities were not enough to get through the jungle.

In the end, at Gwon Hwa-rang’s request, the rest of the ex-convicts joined them.  And invaded the jungle while attacking like crazy.

If it was any other party, they would have quickly given up on hunting in the jungle early on.

But the rehabilitation members didn’t care, no matter how strong the opponent was.  No, instead the stronger the opponent was, the more the desire to knock it down burned inside them.

Roco also joined the attack.

When Roco left for her part time job they would set up camps and wait until she returned to continue hunting, and after this repeated for four days they finally arrived near Cairo.


“Kukuku, now I…….when I killed the Allosaurus I received a lot of bonus experience. Thanks to that, I went crazy for a few days.  Besides, after I helped rescue the Migu Migu clan I received a bunch of strange items.”


Gwon Hwa-rang told his story with a proud voice.

Like most people playing the game.

Gwon Hwa-rang now seemed like a fully-fledged gamer.

Even though he crossed the same jungle as them, their game experience was different.

Although Ark was higher level than them, with Sid there were only two people so he didn’t dare touch the intermediate boss monster, Allosaurus

But the number of people in their group was 12.

Also recovery was possible because they had Roco and the passionate will to fight was flowing in every one of them.

The Allosaurus was a monster that was blocking the way into the wilderness that consisted of fallen trees and wheat.

Although Hyun-woo also met the Migu Migu, they didn’t give him any quests.


‘Is the quest only given to parties with a certain number of players?


In New World, the quest scenarios always changed depending on the time and situation Therefore, he listened with interest to Gwon Hwa-rang’s story even though he had crossed the same area.


“By the way……….”


Hyun-woo who had listened for a while spoke in a pained voice.


“Actually, I can’t go and meet Uncle at the moment.”


“Huh? What do you mean? Did you already go to a different area?


“That’s not……..there are circumstances where I can’t go outside to meet you.”


“Hum, I don’t know what’s going on but it seems a bit difficult.  The guys were so excited to see you they were cheering like little kids……in the game it’s been a long time since we’ve met. Well, if that is the situation then there’s nothing we can do.  So how long should we wait? ”


“But it is possible to give you the food immediately.”


“What? How?”


“Please wait outside Cairo for the moment.”




“Yes. When you reach Cairo you’ll understand.  Cairo is only for chaotic players. So if you are interested just wait outside and I’ll give you the food through somebody I know.  He is a hobbit merchant named Sid.  And did you collect a lot of japtem in the jungle? He’ll also organize and sell it for you.”


“Okay, I understand.” Then tell him to meet me at the bear rock near Cairo.




Hyun-woo hung up and connected to New World again.







“What the?”


Flames blew from someone’s mouth as they slammed the table. He was sitting in front of the hobbit who freaked out and hunched his shoulder.

The scene seemed like the little suspect was being questioned by detectives in an interrogation room.  It was reasonable.

The one who had yelled was the former detective, Justiceman.

And the hobbit sitting in front of the group was none other than Sid.


“Is that the reason why Ark couldn’t come and meet us?”


“Tru, it is true……..”


Sid restlessly said. Then the rehabilitation members lined up against the wall growled.


“This is the real issue isn’t it?”


“This, after a long time this really got me fired up.”


“How dare they touch our dongsaeng?”


“That organization will be forced to taste bitterness.”


‘Uhh, what on earth? Ark-nim being who he is, how does he even know these people?”


Sid turned pale as more threats emerged.

Those who played the game would feel a certain sense of realism.

Interestingly, if you look at a character’s alignment it would seem like you were looking at their real natures.

Should he point that out? But a conversation would interrupt the subtle mood in the room.

Judging from Sid’s experience, the rehabilitation members weren’t ‘ordinary’ people.  Furthermore, he could tell that there was offensive power just from the impression of their faces.

At the same time, the impression they gave caused Sid’s heart to beat so fast it felt like it would burst out of his chest.

Sid had a worried expression.

Even Lorenzo who was a delinquent avoided the eyes of the ex-convicts and pretended ignorance.  The violent atmosphere of the rehabilitation company reached such an extent that he shrunk and retreated to the NPC.

That…… was because it was Ark that Justiceman that the rehabilitation company got so angry.

A little while ago, the atmosphere was okay at Bear Rock. Justiceman and the ex-convicts had a good impression of Sid because of his cute looks, and it was a relief for Sid who had been hiding a while to meet reliable users.

However, after he confessed the whole story about Ark and Andel, the atmosphere went through a 180 degree change.

Anger welled inside Justiceman and the ex-convicts until they were spewing out profanities.


“I know Andel. He was the one that was hit by Alan.”


JusticeMan growled in a low voice.


“I knew that he didn’t get along with Ark…….”


“But defending the Quartermaster so Ark can’t revive is going too far. Why the hell would he do such a thing?”


Roco also muttered in an angry voice. Although Ark thought number 1405 was the most calm, he was actually the violent former boss of an organization……..Bul-kkun clenched his fist as he asked what was known.


“There’s no water. Because he’s a bad guy.”


The rehabilitation members were simple. It wasn’t a matter of learning more. Violence was a key part of the world for them. The distinction between good and evil was clear in their world.  The inner circumstances were irrelevant.  If someone bothered them, they were a bad guy.

It was a clear and simple way of thinking. Justiceman and the rehabilitation group were generous to villains.

However, to the fellows who touched their side there would be no forgiveness. The police were also committed to that idea.


“Hyung-nim, do you know?”


Number 1401 looked at the others with serious eyes. Number 1401 was a former con artist in the rehabilitation group called Jjak-tung.


“It’s not an issue that we can let him get away with.




JusticeMan nodded with a serious face.

Justiceman, Roco and the rehabilitation members knew about Ark’s situation. Ark was not simply playing the game for enjoyment. He joined the test for Global Exos to find a way to live.

For Ark, the costs of living expenses and hospital bills came from New World.

Yes for them it was a simple game but for Ark, New World was reality.

In fact Justiceman, Roco and the other members previously wanted to play the game with Ark. However, Ark had a distinct purpose.  However they were unable to bring it up, and now this fellow came along and bothered Ark?


“Ark. He didn’t say anything when I called……..”


“Well he probably didn’t want to worry us too much.”


He wilfully pretended not to know.

They were mistaken.  In fact, Ark had completely forgotten about Andel.

His memories were of the ☆ ☆ ☆ and + C quests from the Underground World.

He poured all his spirit into training the raccoon clan.

The training occurred for 5 days and thanks to this he had already forgotten that Andel was waiting for him at the Quartermaster. Sort of………when looked at from someone else’s point of view, Andel seemed more pathetic.

However, the rehabilitation group didn’t know that fact.


“Kuk, Ark is also human.”


“When he acts like that, I feel like I want to help him even more.”


“Naturally. When it is like this, we should help out?”


“Oppa, I will also help!”


“Heh, when the Prince is in a crisis, even the Princess helps out.”


“Let go, let go!”


A rehabilitation member had grabbed Roco in a headlock while she kicked him.


“It’s not that simple. Do we know why Ark didn’t talk to us?”


“He didn’t want to trouble us……..”


“So, there might be a reason why he didn’t want worry us.”




They asked again absentmindedly. At that time, JusticeMan folded his arm and said.


“Jjak-tung is correct.  Hey, former hoodlum.”


“Yes? Yes? Me?”


Lorenzo was surprised suddenly and replied.


“Would you say that Ark had a hard time when he fought against those guys?”


“Yes, the Dark Brothers’ profession is assassinating foreigners. Even 1 of them was too much for Hyung-nim to handle.”


JusticeMan nodded and said.


“It is like that. Jjak-tung, you saw Ark fighting in the Event Quest, so you would understand that he’s not an ordinary guy. Our levels aren’t even a comparison. But if he had trouble with one assassin then their levels must be equivalent to his.  Even the user is sticking to those three.  Do you understand?”


“Ark determined that we wouldn’t be able to win. But after listening to Lorenzo’s words, we actually do stand a chance.


In the jungle Justiceman, Roco and the rehabilitation group had significantly raised their levels.

They had fought through a dense jungle against monsters over level 100, so it was a natural result.

Thanks to that, Justiceman had long since surpassed level 60, while others had reached level 60 a few days ago.

Recovery was also possible as Roco was level 40……..It was a party of 12 with formidable power.

However, their opponents were three assassins level 120.


“In the words of Jjak-tung. In reality we would unconditionally win. But this is a game. It is hard to win with such a huge level difference.

Our offensive power and defense is too different.

The level difference between us and Ark who fought the assassin 1 on 1 is approximately 2 times as big.

If it was just one or two of us, we wouldn’t stand a chance against the four guys including Andel.”


JusticeMan was now a gamer.

JusticeMan pushed down his past definition of unconditional evil, and now understood the difference between ability and level in the game.

If it was just skills, JusticeMan was confident that no one could push him. But in the game if a level 10 attacked a level 100 with a sword, he wouldn’t even do any damage.

On the other hand, if the level 100 attacked then the level 10 would certainly die.  It was an impossible match.

The only way for a low-level to win against a high-level was to have overwhelming numbers.

However with 14 against 4, it couldn’t really be called overwhelming numbers.


“If we die here, then we’ll just be giving Ark more baggage.”


“If it continues like this, he might end up saying why?


“We have to look for a way.”


JusticeMan thought for a while before he looked at Sid and asked.






“What was he doing before Ark encountered those guys?”




Sid looked at Lorenzo and spoke about the former circumstances.

The General Store owner’s quest which involved Lorenzo. After they heard the quest contents, JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members had warm smiles on their faces.


“That guy Ark……..he was doing such quests?”


The ends of Justiceman’s mouth rose.

JusticeMan was a former detective and had seen that situation many times.

The former hoodlum couldn’t escape the demands of the organization and would become a criminal again………

Thanks to the sense of realism, JusticeMan easily accepted Lorenzo’s situation.

The rehabilitation members who had experience the situation directly didn’t speak.

However, they accepted Lorenzo like he was one of them.


“Lorenzo, I guess your mind was troubled as well.”


“Yes? No……….just……….”


“By the way, Ark also……..”


If a pretty guy does something good, the law looks prettier.


Although it was a quest in the game, the fact that he was trying to help Lorenzo wash his hands of the organization only made the rehabilitation group’s respect for Ark grow even more.

Then after Jjak-tung considered something for a while, he opened his mouth and began to talk.


“Hyung-nim, there may be a way.”




“Ark’s work was urgent, but isn’t it possible to do something for Lorenzo?


“Hum, yes. That is what we need to do.”


“Then how about finishing the two things together?”


Jjak-tung spoke to JusticeMan about something secretly.

Then liveliness entered Justiceman’s eyes.


“Ohu, that sounds good! Hey, Sid? Ark’s quest, can we also do it?”


“Yes? Then……..Please invite me to the party.”


After Sid joined JusticeMan’s party, he fiddled with the system window.  And after a while, the quest information window flashed in front of JusticeMan.


-Sid-nim’s party has requested to share the ongoing quest <Clear Lorenzo’s name>. If you allow it you will share the reward but if the quest fails then you will receive a penalty.  Are you sure that you want to share?


“Oh, fortunately it is a quest that is able to be shared.”


“It is decided so let’s complete it immediately.”


“What do you say?”


The rehabilitation members all replied to the question with decisive voices.






“Lorenzo you might get annoyed with those guys.  But in the end, they are your hyungs so you should listen to their commands.  We have to do everything we can to help someone change his heart just like Lorenzo. We were also given such a chance.  Therefore, I am going to rehabilitate them.  And make them join the side of justice.”


JusticeMan smiled and said.


“Of course once they joined the side of justice, they would have to prove themselves. For example, catching an assassin without shedding blood…….”


It was the plan that Jjak-tung suggested.

Despite their numbers, the people that bullied Lorenzo didn’t have a level higher than 60. The first hooligans would be lured in and forced to change sides. Then, the numbers of the rehabilitation group would double by 2.

14 against 4 would become 28 against 4.

Even if there was a large level difference, if they had 7 times the number then it was enough to try!


“Very good”


“Now it’s time to do the right thing.”


New World was a part of the rehabilitation program for the ex-convicts.

Their social adaptation program was justice!

At last, they hit their goal for the quest.







“7 people are headed to the appointed place.


Lorenzo said in a low voice.

JusticeMan nodded and looked at the old building.


“Ok, approximately 10 people remain in the hideaway.”


After they came up with the plan in the cabin, JusticeMan entered Cairo using the [Lie] scroll.

JusticeMan acted for the group. When he was a detective in South Korea, Justiceman was used to jumping into a group of armed criminals under orders from above.

Of course, every criminal was too scared to relax in their own homes…… least JusticeMan lived like that.

But that did not mean that JusticeMan never relaxed his body.

No matter how outstanding his skills, no superman was invincible.

In addition, sometimes detectives spent years battling gangs in the field.

It didn’t matter if he was alone.

He also had a responsibility to command other first line officers.

Because of him, the south piled up tactical knowledge, he was also a part of a special task unit that looked for countermeasures for terrorism and also served as a training instructor in South America, where it just built on his legend.

And the hero of that legend used his ability in the game.


‘The gangsters in the hideout are level 60-70.’


On the other hand, the average level of the rehabilitation members was late 50s.

If the difference between users was 10 levels, the chances were slim. However, if the opponents were NPC then it was likely that JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members would win.


‘The problem is how many of these guys there are.’


The number of hooligans was around 17-20 people.

On the other hand, including JusticeMan, Roco, Lorenzo and Sid, the rehabilitation side only had 14 people.  There was a 10 level difference plus they were outnumbered so it was difficult.

Furthermore, JusticeMan’s objective was not just to win. He wanted to subdue them without killing, in order to rehabilitate them. And needless to say, the difficult thing was capturing rather than killing.


‘There is no way to increase our numbers. If it is like that, there is one method.  I’m going to reduce the numbers of those guys.’


That was the conclusion JusticeMan reached.


“The purpose of these guys is to force Lorenzo back into the gang. The others might not understand, but they would have no choice but to move if Lorenzo called them.”


A few minutes later, Lorenzo’s letter arrived at the hideout.



I will return to the organization.

But before that, there is a problem so please meet me at the cabin.



And not long after, 7 gangsters headed towards the appointment place.  Those remaining inside were just 10 people.  He was sure that they could subdue those numbers.


“Okay, before the other guys notice and return. Let’s get started! ”


“Hummm, how would you like to practice justice?”


“Think about it before going out.”


“Ya, get extensions.”


The rehabilitation members took out their weapons with eerie smiles.

Iron pipe, sashimi knife, chain …If it appeared in gangster movies then they had it.

They had obtained it from the restricted area in Jackson, the rotting bogs.

Well, the form wasn’t special but the members were used to such weapons so they held it steadily.

Furthermore, it was also a magic weapon.

The iron pipes increased attack speed, the sashimi knife increased the probability of a critical hit and the chain had a side effect that caused stuns.

And as a bonus, Sid had the effect of inflicting fear.


‘As expected, these people are ordinary.’


Now the rehabilitation group were carrying crowbars to the fight the gangsters just like it was seen in a movie. No, the actual situation wasn’t that different.

Double bang!

When he kicked the door and entered the building, the delinquents inside turned their head to look at it.

The door roughly shook and scattered dust……it showed JusticeMan in the background laughing.


“You guys, arrest them all.”


“Eh? Arrest?”


“What did you say? That old person?”


The gangsters said in an amazed voice.


“Ah………..Embarrassing. Hyung-nim should get a better grip of the atmosphere. Was now the time to recite those lines?”


JusticeMan was sullenly pushed back as another member stepped forward.

When a former leader of an organization stepped forward, the atmosphere was different.

Suddenly he growled in a deep voice.


“Kneel down. We will receive it as your surrender.”


Indeed, the experience of the person was clearly shown in their choice of words. There was an immediate response from the gangsters.


“What, what the?”


“Hey, it’s a raid!  Get them!”


“Fearless scum, pull out their tongues!”


The hoodlums in charge got up.

However, the movements of the parole group were a few times faster.


“Ha ha ha! How stupid do they have to be to think they could win against justice?


And the table fell with a crash. They jumped over the chairs flying from all directions and swung their sashimi knives at the gangsters.

It truly unfolded like a scene from a gangster movie.

Also as expected, the hooligans were slightly stronger than the rehabilitation members.  However, thanks to Lorenzo and JusticeMan helping out, the situation was easily controlled.

Lorenzo was level 80 and could fight to opponents sufficiently by himself.

On the other hand, JusticeMan was able to help with his absurd stats, since he was armed with the deceptive stat of Justice.

That stat doesn’t do anything when fighting solo, but in a group battle it had absolute power.

However, the user that had a decisive influence on the outcome.  Minstrel Roco!

When Roco earnestly joined the battle, the odds quickly shifted to the side of the rehabilitation group.

In the early stages, the minstrel was a job that most would want to quit since it was useless.

The minstrel had low damage and defense so they couldn’t solo, while most parties weren’t looking for weaker recovery or secondary magic.

There was also a penalty applied to the minstrel for not being battle affiliated, so the experience they received in battle was similar to a merchant’s.

They couldn’t fight and their growth rate was low.

It was an occupation which didn’t really seem like one.

However, Roco always had an affection for musical instruments so raised her minstrel with love.

Anyway, Roco had never played solo.

When she entered the game, she immediately met JusticeMan and the parole group.

Instead of fighting against a fearsome monster, Roco had more fun using her magic to save her oppa.

And recently, the Minstrel passed level 40.

She gained a skill that no one expected.


[This skill can only be learnt after the Minstrel satisfied certain conditions.<Condition: Minstrel level 40, Artistry stat 150, Intermediate skills in three types of musical instruments>Gentle Reverberation (Beginner, passive): You have been deeply worried about real music for a long time. You have handled numerous instruments and listened to their beautiful voices with your heart.  Therefore, it has increased you understanding of music. Your music will now develop the same depth and power. The gentle music will dwell in the soul and heart of those who listen to it, and a reverberation will remain long after the performance ends. Even if other music is played, this gentle reverberation will not disappear but rather improve the effects of the music.<If the same kind of music is played continuously, 3 buffs can be piled up due to the synergy with gentle reverberation. The duration is subject to the duration of the final performance>]


If it was good, without stopping.

That was Roco up to now.  However, after the level 40 skill the situation changed.

The effect of Gentle Reverberation was terrific.


“It became one strong wind that split the grassy plains……..”


In order to raise attack speed and movement speed, Roco would sing the ‘Song of the Gale.’ The ‘Song of the Gale’ only raised the speed by 5%. The magician’s skill that raised speed by 10% was far more attractive.  However Gentle Reverberation allows buffs to be stacked three times, which changes the situation.

‘When ‘Song of the Gale’ is stacked three times, it increases speed by 15%! In addition, the duration of the minstrel’s song was much longer than the acceleration magic of a magician.

The same applied to the ‘Song of Life’ which is used to restore health.

For 3 minutes, health was recovered by 200 but now ‘Song of Life’ recovered 600 health recovered in 3 minutes. If health was recovered in a fixed duration, the effect was stronger than recovery magic.

Although the slow growth was a weak point, the results could be favourably compared to a magician’s magic.  The minstrel who had no exclusive boards dedicated to them in information sites, and the users who did choose minstrel received a cold shoulder from other players and because it was lonely, cancelled their profession.

However the laws of the game descended, just like in a legend……..

The weak and troubled character in the beginning would change into a formidable character.  We don’t have to tell you what games are people who know that we talk about grunge.

It was a fact that everyone who played games should know, even if they don’t speak it out loud.

Although a hoodlum noticed Roco’s participation and rushed forward, the parole members wouldn’t let him attack their mascot.


“Does this child think we’re going to let him touch our cutie with their dirty hands?”


The hoodlum quickly collapsed under the attack of 3~4 rehabilitation members.  The violence continued for 10 minutes.

Eventually there was an overwhelming victory for JusticeMan.

Although there were 3 who resisted to the end and died, the rest were in a critical condition. JusticeMan and one of the guys took turns to stun them.


“Once you put all these guys together, tie them up.”




Number 1402, also known as Fixer used his racial special skill ‘Bound’ to tie them up and threw them into a room. With the situation settled, the 7 hoodlums who went out had returned.


“Damn, that Lorenzo! He screwed us…..! Eh? What are you doing here?”






The parole group shouted in unison.

Pepepek! Gwadang! Snap! Crunch!

Soon, the faces of the rest of the hoodlums were crushed.

Once again, 1 warrior died but 14 hooligans were captured.


“Now, let’s cut to the chase?”


JusticeMan entered the room with the hooligans and started the ‘rehabilitation’ operation.


“Well, Lorenzo has told me about every one of you.”


JusticeMan coughed and opened his mouth.


“Every day squeezing someone and threatening them, and even threatening a fellow colleague who wants to live more sincerely for money………! You guys are really the same. Nonetheless, I don’t think your foundation is bad. Anyone can make mistakes for survival and once you choose the wrong path it is difficult to go back. But life is long. Although you might think it is too late, it is still early. Now, this is an opportunity. Do you want to be reborn as a new man and wash your hands clean?”


“Sheesh, you’re playing.”


“I don’t know what you’re doing but don’t think it would end like this.”


“When you meet Hyung-nim you’ll understand……..huhuhu, Lorenzo. The same goes for you, too. Yes, you’re going to be buried alive along with the old man.”


He had given them sincere advice, but where was the expected reaction? A thick vein popped on JusticeMan’s forehead.


“Yes, is this friendly atmosphere to your liking? Jjak-tung.”


“Yes! Hey, the guy who talked just now.”


Jjak-tung gave a satisfied smile as he pulled out the hoodlum.

The hooligans stiffened with tension. Looking at the atmosphere, anyone would imagine that some violence was about to occur. However, their faces soon oddly changed.


“Open your mouth!”


Jjak-tung forcefully opened his mouth and ladled food in, and began feeding the hoodlum.

What on earth was he doing?

A gag? Is he being gagged?

The hooligans all laughed with a silly expression. But at that moment, a bloodcurdling scream emerged from the mouth of the hoodlum eating the food. A different hooligan who ate the food reacted the same way.


“What, what the?”




The hoodlums looked at each other with confused eyes. The only ones who could explain just trembled hollowly once they ate the food.

Without knowing what the poison was, they were certain that it was something incredibly horrifying. And Lorenzo who had experienced it before, could only shudder as he imagined it.

The food being fed to the hoodlums was Ark’s special medley.

JusticeMan had ordered it after he asked Lorenzo for any prior information, such as the effectiveness of the chowder medley.

The gangsters were frozen at the unknown torture.


“Now, it is an atmosphere where I can talk.”


JusticeMan laughed in satisfaction before speaking again.


“Everybody close your eyes and look back at the past. See what manner of life it was. The method to start a new life is surprisingly simple. You have to regret any mistakes and make amends. Then I’m sure a new life would unfold in front of you.  Then you’ll be living for justice.  Now, the definition of justice is……..”


What followed was JusticeMan’s theory course on justice.

The hooligans listened with an annoyed expression, but they endured it. But that was just the beginning. The course finished after 10 minutes before someone else said.


“………Ashamed of justice.  Then how would you practice justice and live? Although the way that you guys live your life is dire, if you open your eyes to justice then you are already walking along the path to being reborn. Now, Jjak-tung. You begin!”


“Yes, I understand.”


Jjak-tung stood on the podium with a small uncomfortable face.


“Eh, so I’m number 1401, called Jjak-tung. In order to not be like an android production number, when I was young I was determined to be an artist. However when I was six, my mother passed away and my father started drinking…….. ”


Jjak-tung’s biography began to flow out.

It was about a kid who walked on a dark path and participated in an enormous fraud of an organization which cherished ambition friendship and betrayal.

Finally prison life caused him to fall to the bottom, and one couldn’t hear the epic tale without bursting into tears.  However, it was too long.

3 hours …in the game, the story was told for a whole 9 hours. However, the hooligans strained their ears and listened eagerly. They weren’t impressed.

But if they dozed off for a short time, then a chowder medley was immediately shoved into their mouth.




“Come on, applause!”


Loud applause shook the room.

It finally came to an end. Although the hooligans tears flowed like they were upset it ended, it was a trick.

At the end of Jjak-tung’s speech without any breaks, number 1402’s speech ‘I’m so alive’ followed.

It was followed by the ‘If I’m stuck’ speech by number 1403. ‘The prison’s bean rice’ was the topic for number 1404………the speeches was to achieve the original goal but by the time it reached the end of number 1406’s speech, two days had passed in reality.

In the game it was six days.

Of course, the rehabilitation members had a good sleep but if the hoodlums dared doze off the would be met with the chowder medley. This occurred so many times that they now had bloodshot eyes.


“Come on, now it is number 1407.”


“Wa-wait a minute!”


The hooligans cried out in surprise.


“We’ve had enough.”


“That’s right.” Uhh. What have we done……I regret it so much that I just want to commit suicide!”


“Now we have washed our hands and became new men.”


“Yes, we do not need to hear anymore.” We only live for justice! ”


“So please stop now……..”


The hoodlums with red bloodshot eyes cried and tearfully begged.


“Hum………You regret it right? You will live for justice?”


“Yes, of course.”


“So one question remains.”


JusticeMan scratched his beard and opened his mouth.


“The people who tried to kill a good fellow are around here.  How do we deal with these guys? If you guys give a hint to the assassins then we won’t consider you rehabilitated and feed you more grub.


“The bad guys should have justice withdrawn from them!”


“Who should do it?”


“Yes? Ah, of course it must be us!”


“Do you also know whether it is dangerous?”


“Justice is willing to spare no lives!”


The hooligans shouted like they were recruits in a cult.

It was sincere.

They had stayed awake in dark rooms, listening to the speech of the rehabilitation members for 6 days.

The hoodlums were completely brainwashed.

And frankly, after being tortured and hearing the speech they were probably happy about the possibility of fighting and dying.

JusticeMan was revived…….he looked at the brainwashed hooligans with a pleased smile.


“Okay. Then let’s go practice justice?”




The hoodlum’s eyes turned round and round.


[Chaotic NPC ‘Rehabilitation’ was complete.Punishing the guilty was an easy task. However, you will need a lot of time and effort to convince them to repent for their sins. The people who cherish life and not begrudge them of that life will receive a reward. <Rehabilitation Bonus: Rehabilitated NPC X 5000 Alignment experience: Good +50>]









During the rehabilitation of the gangsters, JusticeMan had sent a few people to monitor Andel and the assassins.

And received the information that the 3 assassins slept in shifts.

The rehabilitation group had 14 people and that number increased to 28 people, but the assassins were level 120.

If they attacked from the front then they should expect to receive considerable damage.

In addition, the situation might become more difficult if they used scrolls.


‘It would be better to receive less damage.  Anyway, it isn’t necessary to take risks.


JusticeMan decided to defeat each assassin.

The first opponent was the assassin sleeping in the camp close by. You couldn’t build a campsite adjacent to the village. Because of that, the assassin was sleeping quite a distance away from the Quartermaster.


“Ja, can we really do a sudden attack?”


“It’s a little cowardly to attack a sleeping person……..”


A hoodlum asked with a worried expression. But JusticeMan replied without hesitation.


“It’s okay. We don’t have to choose the methods and means of true justice.”


“That, that is what you’re doing?”


“That’s right.”


In fact, even in reality a detective would attack sleeping criminals.  There was no reason to feel uncomfortable.

JusticeMan’s party surrounded the assassins.

The distance was quickly narrowed and the assassin was attack from various sides.

The sleeping assassin received a critical hit and woke up.


“Huck, yes, you…….what!”




“Now, the group!”


“Ah ah ah, justice!”


Like a dog, the group listened to JusticeMan and attacked.  Nevertheless the level 120 assassin was powerful.

Although he received at critical hit while sleeping, his health only decreased by 15%.

His basic stamina and defense was high level.

On the other hand when the assassin attacked, the hooligans each lost 25% health and each hit was likely to be a critical hit.

At level 50~60, it felt like they were facing a boss monster.

However, even if the level difference was 2 times as much, it was 28 against 1. In other words, the assassin had to defend against 28 attacks coming at once.


-The attack failed.


As the level difference was so huge, half the attacks missed.  But Roco played the ‘Song of Focus’ and increased the hit rate of their attacks by 60%.

In order words, if JusticeMan’s party swung simultaneously at least 16 attacks would hit. The assassin fell to a critical condition and took out a scroll.

Number 1406, also known as Yapsab was waiting for a chance and it was at that time.




-You have stolen the warp scroll from the assassin.


Yapsab’s hands moved like lightning and quickly stole the scroll from the assassin.


“What is this……..!”


The assassin looked stupidly at his empty hands.

At that moment JusticeMan who had withdrawn, released the battle state. At the same time, he applied his justice stat.

JusticeMan’s various stats rose in leaps and bounds.

Eventually, the assassin was a victim of the group and fell to the ground.

The assassin disappeared leaving behind black leather armour.

It was a high quality armour as it was dropped by a level 120 NPC. As a result, the group played rock paper scissors over the armour.


“Huhuhu, only a man of my size could wear it.”


The one who won the popular armour laughed at the others clenched their fists.


“We’ve dealt with one guy. All that’s remaining is Andel and the two assassins!”


“Now I’m sure that we will be able to handle two assassins And Andel wouldn’t be high level yet.  2 people should be enough to handle Andel while the others take care of the assassins.”


“Okay, let’s go!”


JusticeMan led his remaining followers to the Quartermaster. On the other hand, Andel and the assassins were still waiting near the Quartermaster.  Ten days of real time had already passed since Ark fell into the hell. Although the wait was horrible, Andel endured it by spending time in reality. Although the assassins were cooperative at first, after ten days had passed and then a month the assassins began to show dissatisfaction.


“Are you certain that the guy will return here?”


“For sure. He must be quite impatient by now. Just wait”


“But we can’t wait aimlessly around without a commitment?”


“You made a contract.” Are you going to take the 300 gold and then complain?”


“Sheesh, at this rate we’ll grow old and die first.”


The assassin murmured with an annoyed voice.  JusticeMan and his group then arrived at the Quartermaster’s.  When they heard people approaching, Andel turned around indifferently and say JusticeMan.


“Eh? You were with that child Ark…..?”


“If you remember my face, then I don’t have to tell you why you’ll get hurt?”


“That child Ark…….why he didn’t come here……..did he ask you for help?”



“Jeez, I’d say so. Crush them!”


“Ah ah ah, justice!”


“Stop them! We can’t let them snatch the Quartermaster away from us!”


Andel shouted and quickly pulled out his sword and shield.


“Rehabilitated group, take the guy on the right. The rest take the left side. I’ll take Andel.”


JusticeMan commanded and shot forward.

However, Andel kept running away and it took time for JusticeMan to do any damage.

Although Andel had stopped levelling in the mid-60s, he used money to arm himself with high level warrior gear.

He ran around trying to escape and prayed that the assassins would take care of the situation. He ran away trying to escape and prayed that the assassins would take care of the situation.

However, the battle situation didn’t turn out like Andel expected.

First, the assassins were handled by the rehabilitation group that was supported by Roco.

With their hit rate increased to the maximum, the assassin could not handle their strikes and collapsed. The hooligans joined in and concentrated on the remaining assassin.

The assassin blindly used a scroll but his opponents numbered 28 people.  Since the scroll could only be applied to one person at most, it was meaningless.


The scrolls could reverse the balance of a fight or even give an advantage.

However, it wasn’t possible to last against that many guys and soon he was collapsed on the ground.  When the assassin was killed, the rehabilitation group immediately surrounded Andel.


“Now, it is time for you to die!”


“Eat this, you lousy bastard!”


Andel clenched his teeth and hurled profanities.


“You shouldn’t say those words.”


“Let’s leave!”


Andel took out a scroll and shouted.

At the same time, Yapsab ran up and used a skill.

However, the pickpocket skill only worked on opponents in critical condition. The skill came back as a failure.

Andel used the [Warp] scroll and disappeared.

JusticeMan tried to grab his collar just as he disappeared and fell to the ground.


“Damn, rat-like child!”


“……….The solution is settled for the moment.”


“Yes, but we cannot guarantee that this guy has given up. Since we don’t know when Ark will return, we’ll have to take turns guarding it. The rest will stay at the cabin or hunt.”


“What about the Lorenzo related quest? I got the keys to the warehouse…….”


“Well when Ark returns we’ll complete it together. Anyway, because of that Andel fellow we’ll have to spend some time here. And it’s good that useable hunting grounds are nearby.”


“Okay. Now, you guys wait here while the rest of you will return to the cabin.”


And JusticeMan recaptured the quartermaster’s place just like that.

In addition, they also gained the items the assassins dropped as a bonus.

After that, JusticeMan left 2 sentries there and became immersed in hunting while using the cabin as a central point.

Of course, he dragged along the delinquents as well.

One of the ways they could contribute to humanity was to kill monsters.

The path to true rehabilitation was distant and steep.


“Damn, those guys…….!”


At that time, Andel who had used [Warp] to run away had returned to Cairo.


‘I never thought that Ark would call his colleagues here. But they made a big mistake. I don’t know why Ark in this situation still hasn’t come back. The opportunity is still there. Even if it takes hundreds of gold, I’m going to make everyone a beggar along with Ark!’









Andel logged out and picked up the phone.


“Alan? It’s me.”


“What’s going on? Do you know what time it is right now?”


An irritated voice was heard over the telephone.


“There’s no time. The situation has hit a roadblock.”




“The assassins have been killed.”


“At his level, Ark shouldn’t have the ability to beat them!”


“It’s not Ark.”


Andel was prepared and explained the situation.  And in a resolute voice, he added.


“I need your help.  Ark is also your enemy.”


“Damn…….I told you. I cannot lose my fame with the guild.”


“You do not need to come. The levels of these guys were only around level 60.  Just send me more assassins. I’ll transfer 5 million won to your account right now. If it isn’t enough then I’ll send you more money later.


“5 million won? Isn’t that too unreasonable? Isn’t your new car in need of tuning?”


“It does not matter. I’ll just get it off my father.  Rather, those children…..I’m going to keep on stepping on them.”


“………I understand. The additional payment is unnecessary. Please step on Ark because I feel the same. I don’t care if there is a lack in money.  Instead, please clearly step on Ark. Would you do that?


“Naturally. Even if I have to sell the car, I’ll completely step on Ark!”


It was the subject of those humans who were flush with money.

Andel was an example of the pathetic bourgeois that was common in the world.


“Yes, this is the service.”


A voice within the company was heard over the telephone.


“It’s Lee Myung Ban


“Oh, what brought Doryun-nim here?”


“I was looking for a person?”


“We don’t specialize in that? As you know….. ”


“I only know their ID in the game New World. But the guy recently took the entrance examination for Global Exos. He is using the ID Ark, can you do it? ”


“Well. In such circumstances, I cannot guarantee that we can figure it out.  As you know, it is difficult to hack into a virtual reality game and Global Exos has very good security…….”


“You can do it. Can’t you? If not then simply say.”


“I will try it.”


“Ok, so I’ll send the deposit sometime tomorrow.”


Andel………….Lee Myung Ban hang up the phone and gnashed his teeth.


“You’ll see soon. If you’re not in the game then I’ll hire a solver to find you and beat you up in real life!”


Reality PK, it once was social issue which caused blood to be spilled.


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