Act 3: New Hobby

ACT 3 New Hobby

Pa pa pa pa! Pa pa pa pa!

Dust rose in the endlessly stretching wilderness. Crossing the wilderness at a tremendous speed was a lizard kicking up dust! It was Radun transformed into Radunma. Of course, riding on its back was Ark, Lariette and Buksil.

“How long do we have left?”

Ark checked the map and answered Lariette’s question.

“We’ve gone about 1/3rd of the way. We should arrive in a day.”

“That’s awesome. It took a fortnight when we were going to the Forest of Life…..”

“It’s all thanks to this guy.”

Ark patted Radun’s neck with a proud look. Lariette also sent an admiring look to Radun.

“But I never imagined that your snake could change. He can store items and also change into a mount. Dedric and Razak…..are also uncommon. I’ve seen a lot of people summon but this is the first time I’ve seen such pets. Where did you get them?”

“How many times do I have to say it? This body is not a normal summon. I’m a nobleman! And what do you think I am? A bonus gift that can be given away? Those remarks are species discrimination!”

Dedric lost his temper and pulled Lariette’s hair.

“Yayayaya, sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Shut up, humans are just……”

Dedric shouted in a rough voice. However, Lariette just poke her fingers into Dedric’s stomach and laughed.

“I said I was sorry. This child, don’t be upset. I’ll be careful next time.”

“Ugh, ugh, ugh! W-where are you touching? Don’t, don’t touch there! They are sensitive areas. That tickles! Ugh, ugh!”

“Then tell me you’re not angry. Or do you want me to continue tickling you?”

“This is really…..ugh, ugh understood. I understand!”

“Hohoho, thank you.”

“Huk huk huk…..there is no respect for adults these days.”

Dedric crumpled and gasped for a short time. But although he complained, his face seemed strangely satisfied. In fact, this was the part that surprised Ark lately. In the past, Lariette would hesitate whenever Dedric spoke meanly. However, Dedric had been training her in tactics for a fortnight. Now Lariette didn’t even lift an eyebrow at Dedric’s harsh tone. No, sometimes she dealt with his pet better than Ark. And he realised why Lariette dealt so well with his summons.

“My parents used to raise many pets at home. Ark-nim’s summons are similar to those pets.”


“Yes, Dedric resembles a Chihuahua and Razak doesn’t speak so he resembles a Siberian Husky. And Radun looks like a chameleon.”

Luxurious names of animals worth millions of won emerged from her mouth. Ark never had a pet so it was incomprehensible to him why people would raise one. Of course owning a pet would be useful. He heard that it soothed loneliness and helped children talk. However, he couldn’t comprehend spending a few million won on one and then wasting money buying pet food for it.  Besides once they were tired of them, they would discard it like old handbags. Humans were indeed despicable. Oh, his thoughts were wandering.

At any rate, it wasn’t a problem he would think too deeply about.

‘Well, Lariette-nim isn’t such a person……’

Then, he sensed some movement as they passed a group of trees.

“Radun, stop.”

Ssak ssak, ssak ssak ssak ssak!

Radun stopped moving and breathed harshly. Razak was transformed while Dedric was in his bat form, but Radun had to carry Ark, Lariette and Buksil and became completely exhausted.

“Dedric, take a look at that copse of trees. I think I see some Tuntun?”

Ark immediately commanded Dedric once they stopped. Dedric checked out the thicket and flew back in amazement.

“Whoa! That’s amazing. How did you see them amongst all of that?”

“It’s money.”

Ark replied with a wide grin.

If they wound back the time a little bit…..a few days ago, Ark though he had finally complete the quest.

In wasn’t necessary to say, but dealing with the sense of loss after all his expectations wasn’t easy. But Ark had found a clue so he was positive he would solve it soon.

Magaro had written in his diary that the ‘phenomenon happened a long time ago in the Netherworld.’ Didn’t that mean there would be more people who knew about what occurred in the laboratory? And Beseutyu was an expert in the history of the Netherworld. It must’ve been a great global event that happened all across the Netherworld. There had to be a record associated with it. So Ark was determined to hurry back to the valley village. His mind became really impatient to solve the quest. He couldn’t afford to be distracted from completing the quest. However, this was different.

Of course Ark was impatient. He wanted to return to the village as quickly and avoid combat if possible. But if he saw a monster with a high probability of dropping the best items then it was different.

“Radun, let’s take a break here. Buksil, wait here while Lariette will come with me.”

Ark got off Radun and approached the thicket. While he called it a wilderness, it wasn’t simple an empty plain. In some copses, there were many monsters that lived together. Ark discovered that monsters called Tuntun were gathered in those thickets.

Puswi-! Puswi-!

They were huge boar like monsters with sharp fangs and a blackened snout. The Tuntun wandered the wilderness in groups and possessed enormous attack and stamina.

“Huhuhu, I’ve found some good guys.”

Ark mumbled as he confirmed the Tuntun and drooled. It was challenging to hunt the Tuntun but they gave a lot of experience. In addition, the fangs dropped by the Tuntun were items that the Baran clan liked a lot. It was possible to exchange 3~4 fans for the ‘Umma’s Sap,’ which was equivalent to an advanced recovery item. They would be worth 20 gold in middle earth. The quality of the leather and meat was also better than other monsters.

“Discovering 6 Tuntun at the same time is lucky.”

“Are we using the same tactics we used last time?”

Lariette asked in a manner that showed she was accustomed to battle.

“Yes, me and Razak will enter from the front and strike first. Lariette-nim and Dedric help out from behind.”

“What buffs?”

“Well…..6 of them won’t be a burden so go with set of three offensive buffs.”

Ark thought for a moment and replied. Ark and Lariette had already become used to playing in a party. After training with Ark, Dedric and Razak, her skill proficiency and level had steadily risen. Lariette had changed professions at level 150 and now her Innocence Knight skills rose every time she levelled up. She was now level 180 and had achieved all the buffing skills previously shown by Alan. Ark had access to a large variety of buffs depending on the situation.

“You should organize your buffs and have a system for them.”

Ark suggested to Lariette.

An Innocence Knight was a similar profession to Holy Knight. The biggest advantage of a Holy Knight was that its buffs could be stacked up 3 times. The characteristics of the party would be determined by how they utilized the buffs. Stacking defense buffs would make a party strong in an endurance battle while stacking magic amplifiers would create a party strong in magic combat. An Innocence Knight was an all-rounder profession with almost all types of buffs. Then shouldn’t they be properly utilized?

Ark tested various kinds of buffs and the ones associated with them for research. He divided them into 3 types, offensive, defensive and average. After Ark’s command, Lariette immediately used the offensive type buffs.

“The great warrior’s soul……Hero’s Spirit, Warrior’s Concentration, Storm Breathing!”

Hero’s Spirit increased damage by 10%! Warrior’s Concentration increased the probability of a critical hit by 20%! Meanwhile, Storm Breathing increased the attack speed of his weapon by 10%! When armed with those 3 buffs, his abilities quickly rose.

‘Well, I would rather use Dark Lamp but……’

Ark looked down at the Dark Lamp hanging on his waist. It was an item that gave him the 40% dark attribute bonus during the day! At first he fell for its charm and used it recklessly. It consumed 10 magic ingredients but he didn’t think it was that important since he gathered a lot. But when continuously used, it was a surprisingly expensive burden. In addition, he became so familiar with Dark Lamp that battles become more difficult if he didn’t use it.

‘This is not good. The addiction is hard to break.’

Ark sensed the looming crisis. People who played the game would understand that it was like having good equipment and then suddenly changing to worse ones. Using the Dark Lamp was no different. It wasn’t an easy habit to break once he got a taste of it.

‘It’s difficult. Unlike food, magic ingredients can be sold in stores. Magic ingredients can be obtained in the fields but it is still wasting money.’

On the other hand, Lariette’s buffs raised his stats less but it was free. Besides, she had recovery magic so there was no reason to use the Dark Lamp.

“I’ll go first, Demonic Opening!”

Ark used demonic opening and immediately plunged into the copse of trees. That was the good point of Lariette. When he used Demonic Opening, it drained his health so he could only use it for a few minutes. Considering the damage dealt by the enemies, he could fight for approximately 5 minutes? However, it was different if there was a recovery user behind him.


Ghostly wails emerged from Gwisal’s sword. The eerie aura caused the Tuntun to jump and become aggressive. At the same time, five of the Tuntun rushed towards him. The huge wild boars ran up to him and it seemed like he would be tackled by a mountain. However, they just looked like a flock of lucky pigs to Ark.

“Okay, I’ll eat well. Elemental sword, Fire attribute. Flash!

A flash of light penetrated the Tuntun and they were engulfed in flames. Ark was especially fond of the Warrior’s Concentration buff. Ark’s critical hit probability was originally very high. When he attacked three or four times, it was highly likely that there would be at least one critical hit. When the additional 20% was added, two or three hits was likely to be a critical hit. The critical hits combined with the extra damage of Demonic Opening and Elemental sword was no joke.

……Such skill combination was an basic example.

‘As expected, the effect of combining skills is greater with hero related professions.’

Ark realized that fact once again. The Saint Assassin Shambala, Holy Knight Alan, Dark Walker Ark…… So far, Ark had confirmed three hero professions. They were unable to wreck as much havoc if they grouped up with unrelated professions. The power of a hero related profession was only shown 100% when they partied with other hero professions. Of course that applied to other professions as well, but the synergy effect for hero professions was stronger as demonstrated in the Evil Silrion. And Lariette also had the Holy Knight hero profession!

‘I don’t know if it was intentionally created but the skills of the hero professions really complements each other. Indeed, the legendary 7 heroes grouped up during the Dark Century so it is natural…..’

“Razak, stop the Tuntun’s attacking from behind!”

Clack clack clack clack!

Ark trusted his back to Razak and plunged into the group of Tuntun.

Kweeeeek, Kwaeeeeek!

His sword swung all over the place and the pigs squealed as some of them collapsed. It was at a level where he could stand picking his nose and still win. However, Ark deliberately drove two Tuntun with half of their health left towards Lariette. A mentor could not overlook their pupil’s growth. He had time to give Lariette more hands on practice.

“Lariette-nim, take care of those two.”

“Yes, I understand!”

Lariette had experienced this many times and replied calmly. She grasped her shield and stood, with Dedric shout coinciding with the timing.

“Now, Shield Stroke!”

Tak, daeng kang-!

The correct timing! The fiercely rushing Tuntun was stuck by the shield and retreated. But the eyes of the training assistant still saw it as lacking. Dedric lifted her curtain of hair and yelled into her ears.

“You idiot! How many times do I have to say it? Your weight was tiled too far forward. Then you won’t be able to connect your later movements quickly enough!”

“Oh? Ouch!”

Dedric’s comment was indeed very keen. While Lariette’s weight was tilted too forward, the other Tuntun rushed in and crashed into her side.

“Look, what did I say? You must always anticipate the enemy’s movements and calculate your next movement based on that. Hey, what are you doing now? You really haven’t learnt! Hey, pig. Look at me! Come one~”

While Lariette was on the ground, Dedric provoked the Tuntun. Of course it fell for the taunt. When the Tuntun snorted and turned towards him, Dedric instantly ran away. In fact, Dedric was only level 140 while the Tuntun was level 200 so he couldn’t face it 1-on-1. But he didn’t forget to show off.

“Okay, I’ll take care of this guy for now. Can you handle the other one?”

“Yes, thank you. I can do it.”

Lariette got up and wiped off the dust. Ah, what a complete attitude change! It was a big development compared to when she would become embarrassed about the situation. Seems like…..she truly grew up strong. But honestly, it was still difficult to expect much from Lariette in a warrior’s role. It was not simply a matter of battle sense. In fact, Lariette received an enormous penalty when she changed to Innocence Knight. Even with getting 50% of her skill points, her stats were still fixed based on her previous profession. In other words, the points that she invested in wisdom and intelligence were still intact even after she became a knight. Of course, she needed strength, agility and stamina for close combat. Even after pouring all the points she got from levelling up into strength, agility and stamina, it still wasn’t enough strength for close combat. That’s why she fell down after the Tuntun just slightly rammed her. This problem wasn’t something that Ark could solve. She had no choice but to level quickly and raise the stat points.

‘Still, her force is pretty good compared to the first practice. But that’s a little…..’

Ark smiled wryly as he stared at Lariette.

“Yap, yap, yap, yap!”

Lariette hopped around the Tuntun and brandished her sword.  The problem was the movement. Taekwondo was the style Ark frequently used. He didn’t know when but Lariette had somehow picked it up and her style of swinging the sword and evading attacks resembled Ark. Well, it was inevitably seeing as Ark was the only close combat warrior she had observed……it was impossible for Ark’s face not to become hot.

“Kyaaa, I did it!”

Lariette had finally defeated the Tuntun. However, she couldn’t rejoice before Dedric who was being chased by the Tuntun shouted.

“Late! And slow! Huk huk huk, hurry up and deal with this guy!”

“Understood. Leave it to me! Yap, yap!”

Lariette couldn’t recover her breathing before she was forced to swing her sword. At that time, Ark and Razak finished killing the rest of the Tuntun. And they leisurely sat around watching Lariette fight.

“What do you think Razak?” Hasn’t it become a lot better from the first time you saw it?”

Clack clack clack, clack clack clack clack!

Razak folded his arms and nodded.

“Huhuhu, it’s all thanks to hammering it into her body.”

Then Lariette had transferred the monster off Dedric who puffed up and pretended to strut. And he threw sympathetic glances towards the last Tuntun.

“What a poor thing.”

Kweeeek-! Kweek-!

The Tuntun was bleeding heavily after the desperate struggle with Lariette. If Ark was his opponent then it would’ve already died multiple times. But unfortunately (?) Lariette’s damage was low. Her swordsmanship was shabby. The Tuntun’s level was also higher so she could only deal 50~100 damage with each attack. Thus she had to stab it a lot more than Ark before the Tuntun would collapse. Thanks to that, the Tuntun was hacked until it resembled mangled rag. Didn’t it seem like the Tuntun was sending glances at Ark asking to liberate it? But Ark didn’t see the pitiful look in the Tuntun’s eyes. Lariette skipped around and imitated Ark. Ark laughed involuntarily and murmured.

“Isn’t it quite cute?”

Then Dedric opened his eyes and winced.

“M-master, your character is gloomy….. No, frankly it is too evil. Being happy when you’re not tormenting us…..somehow it is not normal. Anyway, now I know for sure! Master has indeed changed……

“…..Say one more thing about my character and you’re dead.”

Ark declared sharply, making Dedric jump and mutter.

“What the? What normal person would look at the mangled dying Tuntun and find it cute?”

“This idiot! Who would consider the boar cute? I mean…….”

“Kyaaa, I did it!”

Lariette’s joyful shout was heard over the fierce scream.


Ark wore an unpleasant smile. The Tuntun had completely stiffened while its blood was scattered all over the trees. And in the middle of that bloody scene was a woman rejoicing while holding a sword. If dark and dreary music was used then it would seem like the climax of a horror movie. Yet she still seemed pretty…..was his head slightly off?

“What are you talking about?”

Lariette rubbed the blood off her face and approached. Damn, it’s a foul. Why does that still seem pretty?

“No big deal. Just discussing how Master’s personality……hah!”

Ark grabbed Dedric’s snout and awkwardly laughed.

“No, we were talking about how Lariette’s skills has become a lot better.”

“Really? You see that?”

Lariette blushed at the praise. A little bit of Ark’s soul was gone but he fiercely nodded.

“Yes, with a little more practice you can travel anywhere alone.”

“Alone ….”

Loneliness shone in Lariette’s eyes for a moment. Ark was puzzled by the abrupt change in her mood.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah, nothing. By the way…..perhaps Ark-nim……”

“Hey, thanks for the good work.”

Lariette hesitated before opening her mouth.

“Wipe off the blood with this.”

Buksil had been watching the battle from afar and quickly ran over with a towel. The pig clearly intended to flatter her.

“You were wonderful once again. In particular, Lariette’s skills has become noticeably better. All I could do was admire it.”

However, Ark ignored him and asked Lariette.

“What were you planning to say? You were wondering?”

“It’s nothing. Will we continued resting her before going?”

“Huh? Ah, yes….. Radun needs to rest for a bit and I need to recover my mana…..”

“Then I’ll go with Buksil to collect some branches.”

Lariette acted strange as she dragged Buksil away.

‘Eh? Why all of a sudden? Did I do something wrong?’

Ark gazed after her and scratched his head. This wasn’t the only time. A few days ago……Lariette had also acted strange after exiting Magaro’s laboratory. She would study Ark’s face before suddenly changed the topic in the middle or running off to avoid him.

‘I thought we’ve become friends so why is she suddenly acting like this?’

Ark’s poor imagination could only think of one thing.

‘Maybe I’ve acted too freely and made her uncomfortable? That might be it. We’ve been travelling together due to various circumstances but Lariette-nim has a boyfriend. I’ve tried to be careful but I might’ve done something unknowingly which made her uncomfortable.’

However, it was a misunderstanding. Of course, Ark had a crush on her but it was far from romantic. At first she was a person to yearn after and then she became a reliable colleague……he never imagined anything other than that. And Ark thought that Alan was Lariette’s boyfriend. Although Ark didn’t like Alan, he wasn’t going to act presumptuously. So Ark never said a word about Alan to Lariette. It would be impossible for Ark to say anything good about Alan. He didn’t want to become a person who talked badly about her man in front of the woman. In addition, talking about her boyfriend could also lead to a misunderstanding.

‘I don’t know if she had misunderstood my instinctive behaviour. When Lariette-nim returns, it is better to tell her indirectly.’

“Then shall I pack the loot?”

Ark went over to the Tuntun holding the Butcher’s Knife.

-You have succeeded in gathering the ‘Tuntun’s Leather.’ However, the leather had been too damaged so it will not be a useful product.

‘Of course……’

Ark sighed as he looked at the tattered leather. Whenever he skinned the leather of monsters Lariette killed, it was highly likely that he would receive this message. The leather had been damaged because of too many injuries. However Ark didn’t mind that much. Although he was pained that the leather couldn’t be used anymore, skinning the leather still raised the experience for his skill. Ark would rather raise Leather Extraction then earn money because he wanted to make the Necromancer’s Immortality pill.

“We’re back.”

After a while Lariette and Buksil returned. Ark had finished gathering all the leather and meat so he opened his mouth.

“That…..Lariette-nim, what you wanted to say earlier……”

“Oh god, it is already this time. I have to stop playing now.”

Lariette suddenly said. Then Buksil who had been building the campfire jumped and said.

“You’re leaving already?”

“Already? It is 3 a.m.”

“……Okay. I’ll be waiting here.”

Ark once again missed the timing to talk and sighed before nodding. Then Lariette hesitated just before disconnecting.

“I’m really sorry.”

“Huh? For what?”

“Isn’t it inconvenient because of me? You’ve been teaching me and you have to wait for a long time whenever I disconnect…..”

“Aye, stop saying those things. I told you. You don’t have to worry.”


“I really don’t mind.”

Ark scratched his head as Lariette smiled and nodded.

“Thank you. It’s really lucky that I met Ark-nim. Then I’ll see you this afternoon.”


“It is the weekend.”

“Ah, it’s already the weekend. I’ve lost track of time. Then I should go for a run this afternoon.”

“Hohoho, okay. I’ll see you as soon as possible.”

Lariette laughed and exited. After Lariette left, Buksil studied Ark’s face and jumped up.

“Oh Ark-nim, I’ll go and collect ingredients!”

“What? I have a lot saved so I don’t urgently need ingredients.”

“Then what will I do? I’m not helpful in a fight so I must do something to help out.”

“That attitude is quite desirable but…..”

“I will go straight away!”

Buksil ran into the forest without waiting for an answer. Then Dedric muttered with confusion.

“What’s up with that guy lately? He flatters you generously and trembles whenever you talk to him…… Master, did you beat him up again?”

“Am I a bully? Always beating people up?”

“Then why is he acting like that with you? It’s shameful to see.”

“Leave it alone. There’s no need to stop it.”

Ark laughed and shook his head since he knew the reason. A few days ago, Buksil had been full of complaints but now he was the model of a pig. The reason he changed was because of what appeared on the broadcast. This was why Buksil became strained. He was afraid that he had exposed his ulterior motive in Magaro’s Laboratory. In fact, Ark already knew about Buksil’s ulterior motive beforehand. He also guessed what Buksil tried to do. However, Buksil never dreamed that Ark already knew and thought that he had made the mistake of a lifetime.

‘That Ark bastard is quick to understand. Obviously he noticed something suspicious. What should I do? If he starts wondering about the situation then it will become complicated…… In the worst case situation, my ‘secret weapon’ might not even be used. That absolutely can’t happen!’

He had sacrificed his two brothers and his liver to accompany Ark. If Ark abandoned him then it would all be useless. Buksil felt the crisis so he was trying not to offend Ark. And he would avoid Ark as much as possible whenever they were left alone. Truly….it really was a painful effort. However, Buksil wasn’t only afraid of that.

“Then shall I begin?”

As soon as Ark was alone, he opened his bag and took out some colourful materials. Ark had started a new hobby. Yes, it was inconvenient that Lariette was an office worker so she would often disconnect. But Ark truly didn’t care. It might’ve been annoying hunting in the same area for several hours but that wasn’t a problem with his new hobby. His hobby was the Herbal Decoction that he learned from his Food Worshipper sub-profession!


“Huhuhu, this surprisingly has a lot of depth.”

Ark started making herbal medicines. At first he considered it a skill to make potions. But he changed his mind after trying a few tests. The results of Herbal Decoction could be divided into three types. The first time Ark used Herbal Decoction, he created a sticky mucus. Since it wasn’t possible to eat it, Ark checked the information window.

-You have successfully made a ‘Salve’ for the first time.

Salve: a herbal remedy which can treat the simplest of trauma. Depending on the type of salve used, you can treat sprains, bruises, arthritis, bleeding and other status effects.

“A treatment that can cure abnormal states!”

Ark’s eyes popped out. Bruises and sprains decreased his movement and attack speed. In addition, states like arthritis usually lasted for a few hours and were a nuisance. Of course, using potions would heal those states but the price wasn’t cheap and he couldn’t always carry the potions around with him. So Ark just suffered through it.

“But it’s another story if I can make it directly. And I can also sell it.”

The salves had different effects depending on the colour. Red and yellow, white, black etc… respectively, it would work on bleeding, bruises and sprains. Unfortunately, he couldn’t really utilize it yet. They also had ratings. Of course a treatment would have ratings. Ark’s current salves could only cure lower ranked injuries. On the other hand, the monsters in the Netherworld inflicted advanced status effects.

“I have to raise the skill proficiency before I can create higher level salves.”

Since then, Ark created salves every time there was a break. Then he managed to create another form of medicine. It was a herbal medicine which gave off a sweet, fragrant smell.

-You have successfully made a ‘Tonic’ for the first time.

Tonic: A herbal extract that was created after boiling the ingredients for a long time. A tonic is an effective supplement which can give long-term effects. However, you won’t see much of an effect if you only take it for a short time. In order to see the effect properly, you must continue taking it over a long period of time.

“Huk, what the? Herbal medicines can also raise stats?”

Ark really felt like he had found a treasure. It was possible to make medicines that would raise stats? He never imagined it. In fact, there were alchemy recipes for drugs that would boost strength or stamina by 1~3. But such drugs were incredibly expensive because of the amount of magic ingredients required to create them. The expensive price was set at 100~500 gold. But he could create tonics using common ingredients!

“But it’s a little vague.”

Ark scratched his head and muttered. He wasn’t able to create a useful tonic yet. Since his skill was still at the beginners level, Ark was only able to create tonics that raised his attack by +1. And taking it for a period of 30 days……that was 10 days in reality. He had to produce it 30 times in 10 days in order to raise his damage by 1. In addition, he couldn’t take overlapping tonics. He could only take one type at a time.  But there was no need to be disappointed.

“After all, I can create it for a much lower price than alchemy potions. And once the skill increases then I will be able to make tonics that increase strength or agility. Then I can sell it in sets of 30 or 180 at the auction for a lucrative price.”

Ark was already excited by the thought of selling the tonics. Of course, Ark registered all the tonic recipes before eating one. Eating it for 10 days would only increase his attack by 1, but it was still better than nothing. And the most problematic was the herbal tea.

You have successfully created a herbal tea for the first time.

Herbal Tea: One of the simplest and most convenient ways to create a herbal medicine. Unlike the tonic, the effect will immediately show after drinking the herbal tea. In addition, you can overlap and it is possible to drink several different types. However, the effect is only temporary and runs out quickly.

“What? The effect is similar to Survival Cooking? Then why would I bother to make a herbal tea?”

Ark asked with frustration. Ark’s survival cooking was at the master level. Once his skill rose, the effects of his dishes also rose. There were a few additional effects such as strength +20, magic resistance +20% and etc.  It was to the extent that the battle would become easier once he ate some dishes. There was no reason to consume ingredients to create the low ranking herbal tea. However, Ark found a strange area in the explanation of the herbal tea.

“Eh? What is this? Why are my eyes drawn to the additional effects section?”

The side effects attached to the herbal tea was not raising strength, agility or damage. Thus his eyes stared at the description.

“What does this mean?”

Ark struggled for the moment while thinking. However, Ark knew from experience that variables in items existed. He couldn’t determine what it was until he drank it. Therefore Ark tried an experiment using livestock. The target was the pig he was raising…..Buksil.

“How is it? Do you feel anything different?”

Ark asked after Buksil drank the herbal tea. However, Buksil just shook his head.

“Let’s see? I don’t feel like anything has changed.”

“Really? Strange? I understand. Tell me if you fell anything different.”

“Huh? What! Something strange? Did you feed me something suspicious?”

“No. It’s good for the body.”

Ark said with disappointment.

‘Damn, what the? Then it was just a standard tea?’

But after a while the effect of the herbal tea was clear.

“Huh? What’s this? What the? Why is it so easy to gather ingredients? Ohhhhh, and I can pick it this quickly…..! It doesn’t seem like my hands!”

Buksil burst out as he quickly gathered ingredients. When Ark went to look, he saw Buksil’s hands frantically move as it gathered ingredients. In addition, he continued digging without hesitation despite the high failure rate. With a flash, Ark realized what was happening.

‘This is the effect attached to the herbal tea!’

Ark finally discovered the secret of the herbal tea and immediately created another one to feed to Buksil.

“Oh, what is this? All of a sudden the ingredients look really good? There are even delicacies hiding in the shade of the tree. Ugh, what? Why have my steps become so fast? The ingredients are also very easy to dig. I feel like I’m the master of Ingredient Foraging!”

Buksil ran around all over the place like Superman and collected ingredients. Thanks to him, Ark’s supplies started to accumulate in his bag. The effects attached to the herbal teas was truly for beggars!

‘The herbal teas allowed Buksil to gather all the ingredients in the vicinity. Okay, in the future Lariette will continue her training while I leave the ingredient foraging to Buksil.’

Ark decided to use the herbal teas after learning of its effects. However…..there was a side effect Ark never expected from this skill. He made Buksil drink herbal teas for the whole day. After drinking the herbal tea again, Buksil started to feel a tingling spread around his body.

“Eh? What is this? Ugh, itchy! Itchy! Ugh, I’m going crazy!”

Buksil screamed as he frantically clawed at his body. Ark examined Buksil’s body with surprise and a message window appeared.

You have used the special nature of Food Worshipper to feel Buksil’s ‘pulse’ and made a diagnosis.

Buksil’s symptoms is due to poisoning from a drug overdose.

The herbal tea is weak but it is still a medicinal drug. If someone consumes too many varieties in a short period of time then they will suffer some symptoms until it is cleansed from their body. In the worst case scenario, it can permanently destroy a certain stat. Fortunately, Buksil’s symptoms are not serious and he will recover in 8 hours.

‘The effects are so severe it can damage a stat? Lucky I tested it out on Buksil.’

Ark really admired his foresight.

“Ah Ark-nim, what did you learn? My body……Aigoo, why is it doing this?”

“Huh? Ah, it’s no big deal. You should recover in approximately 8 hours?”

“Huk! ……8 hours? I have to stay in this state for 8 hours?”

Buksil turned pale at Ark’s answer. Then he truly experienced hell for 8 hours. From then on. Buksil became even more afraid of Ark. Well, it’s not like Ark made him abuse the teas after that. Buksil was sick in the heart…..but it didn’t make a difference. Despite his illness, Buksil was still forced to gather ingredients. The important labour needed good management after all.

‘Huhuhu, this is just another weapon to intimidate Buksil with.’

So Ark’s wickedness increased even more.


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