Act 3: Double Agent

ACT 3 Double Agent


The soldiers marching in the lead cheered. After Haverstein captured Pabiun Fortress with 30,000 troops, another 15,000 had joined the main army. That was because the earth around Pabiun Canyon had been cleansed with Sanctuary.  While 45,000 troops had died during the 10 days capturing Pabiun Fortress, most of the users revived and only 5,000 NPCs actually died. It was finally possible to march towards Silrinad.

“Doesn’t it resemble Giran in Schudenberg Kingdom?”

Shambala asked as he looked around. Wide plains stretched out in all directions while various roads headed to the city like spider webs.  Like Shambala said, the terrain surrounding Silrinad was similar to that of Giran.

“Are you a fool? That’s why it was selected as the stopping place of the expedition forces.”

Ark scowled at Shambala and muttered. That’s right. The reason why Silrinad was the stopping place was because like Giran, it was the biggest commercial city in the Sinius Principality. As the commercial city, it had a lot of roads stretching in all directions. If the expeditions stayed at Silrinad then they could move anywhere in the Sinius Principality in a short time. But it wasn’t the only reason the city was selected. When the Schudenberg and Bristania joined together, there would be 130,000 troops! It was natural for that many soldiers to gather at a large city. They needed meals and lodging for 130,000 people. Moreover, if they blew their nose then 130,000 tissue paper was necessary. A massive amounts of supplies were needed. Especially when starting the Demonic War. The problem was carrying a massive amount of supplies over land was limited. And that problem would worsen the further they marched. Therefore the expedition armies needed to secure a supply route and both kingdoms agreed to stop at Silrinad.

“You came all the way here and you didn’t know?”

“What? Why are you in such a bad mood?”

“Do you need to ask? Why do you think I’m like this?”

Ark retorted with an angry expression. Just as he was about to say something else, the rough sound of a horse hoof could be heard. It was the advance party that had entered Silrinad first to scout and returned. Haverstein hurriedly asked the advance party leader.

“What is Silrinad’s current situation?”

“It isn’t different from the other areas. The surrounding villages are ruins while the residents were either killed or took refuge somewhere.”

“Any news about the Bristania expedition?”

“We encountered the Bristania advance scouting party on route. They were quite surprised to see us. It seems like they will reach Silrinad tonight.”

The leader replied with an elated smile. Then the leader blew a sigh of relief.

“Oh, now I can feel at ease.”

Despite rushing from Pabiun Fortress, they didn’t know the situation with the Bristania expedition and had been inwardly worried. Of course, the Schudenberg expedition had obtained the Ark of Creation so they didn’t need to worry about having the control taken away. But reaching the place first was still a good thing. Haverstein also looked relieved and asked a question.

“The demons?”

“They seem to know that the expedition forces are gathering here. The demonic monsters spread throughout this region are gathering. I can’t grasp the correct number yet but there are around 70,000 demons gathered.”

“Then they should have more than 80,000 monsters if they keep on gathering.”

Haverstein thought for a moment before ordering.

“If more of them start gathering then it will become dangerous. Move to the western region and construct a camp there. As soon as the Bristania expedition arrives, we will use the Ark of Creation to purify the black fog and start the invasion!”


The soldiers cheered at the command. And they resumed the march and murmured with expectant faces.

“We can see the goddess again tomorrow?”

“Huhuhu, I can’t wait to see the faces of those in the Bristania expedition.”

“Anyone who isn’t stunned after seeing that appearance isn’t human.”

“If they see the goddess then those Bristania guys will have to hand over the leadership without a sound.”

The goddess they were thinking about was Lariette. After using Sanctuary to capture the Pabiun Fortress, the military expedition really viewed Lariette as a goddess. The effect of Sanctuary was so overwhelming that it was enough to make users and NPCs kneel down. Lariette was praised as a goddess so it was difficult for Ark to meet her anymore. Anyway, that was the reason Haverstein wanted to wait for the Bristania expedition before beginning the battle. Even if the Schudenberg expedition arrived first, it was unknown if Bristania would concede the initiative. They could use the excuse that the Bristania border was further away to try and take the initiative. But if they saw Sanctuary being used then the situation would change. Sanctuary’s effects were overwhelming.


Unlike the soldiers, Ark’s face was permanently in a frown. Haverstein’s words about the Ark of Creation had reminded him of a huge problem. If you want to use the Ark of Creation then Sacred Blood was necessary. In other words, before the Bristania expedition joined……. It meant the competition for the Sacred Blood would need to be resolved by tonight.

‘Is it possible to rewind time?’

Sid’s betrayal was a fatal blow to Ark. Sid’s betrayal meant the Sacred Blood he had would be given to Nadin. Fortunately, he was able to direct JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members to secure the Sacred Blood. But the time given to Ark was three days. In this situation, there was no telling how long the required Sacred Blood would take to get here.

‘There’s no guarantee that I will arrive even if the items arrive in time.’

In fact, he had received no contact from JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members even after reaching Silrinad. So Ark had been hoping that some problems would occur and the Schudenberg expedition would fall behind schedule. But that didn’t happen. After the expedition passed through Pabiun Fortress, they hadn’t really encountered demonic monsters. That’s why Ark’s features were unpleasant.

“Damn, nothing is going my way!”

Ark scratched his head with annoyance. No matter how much Ark pouted, there was no way for him to slow down the 45,000 troops. After 2 hours, the expedition army had managed to arrive at the western region and construct their camp. The fated time he wanted to avoid had finally arrived.

“Who will go first?”

They were in the tent at the centre of the camp. The troop leaders were lined up while Haverstein asked Ark and Nadin. Ark held his tongue and avoided their eyes. The items hadn’t even arrived yet so how could he report first? Nadin seemed to grasp the circumstances by looking at Ark’s reaction and replied with a smug expression.

“We will go first.”

At the same time, 10 merchants entered the tent holding a large box. They were Ark’s competition from the merchant’s guild in Selebrid. The merchants placed the box down with a flash gesture and greeted Haverstein.

“How are you doing? I am Tito, Selebrid’s branch manager. We are grateful for the commander of the Schudenberg expedition for this opportunity. We were confused by the sudden proposal, but we’ve done everything possible to obtain the items required. And……”

He continued blabbering on like he was writing a long novel. Ark felt anger well up inside him as he listened to Tito’s blabbering.

‘Confused by the sudden proposal? They made every effort to obtain the Sacred Blood?’

They knew about the competition from the start thanks to Sid’s betrayal. And Sid, Nadin and Tito were all accomplices! Obviously Tito bought all the Sacred Blood from Sid that was supposed to belong to Ark. It was like they were toying with him. Shamelessness might be a basic skill of merchants but wasn’t this guy too excessive?

“Shouldn’t I see the things first before judging?”

Haverstein interrupted with an uncomfortable expression when Tito didn’t seem to stop talking. Tito finished his speech and opened the box.

“….. I hope this meets your expectations.”


The unit commanders exclaimed as the box was opened. The box was filled with an absurd number of Sacred Blood. For a long time, the Sacred Blood had been just like stone in the side of the road to the unit commanders. But now the Sacred Blood stones were more valuable than thousands of soldiers. Therefore the ordinary stones now seemed like shiny jewellery.

“Is that everything?”

“It is 1,000 like you ordered.”

Tito replied with a proud expression.


Ark felt a heavy feeling in his chest. In fact, Ark had thought Sid wouldn’t be able to obtain 1,000 of the Sacred Blood. Because of the Demonic War, martial law was enacted so users couldn’t trade or hunt properly. So the connection rate to the game was low and there weren’t many users in the villages. In such a situation, finding 1,000 of a rare item like the Sacred Blood wasn’t an easy task. And that had been Ark’s only hope. But Sid had managed to obtain it.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Nadin laughed as he looked at Ark. However, Ark’s items still hadn’t arrived. Ark chewed on his lips before letting out a long sigh and accepted defeat.

“I still……”


No, he was about to acknowledge defeat. Some users suddenly ran into the headquarters and shouted. Ark’s head instantly shot up like a spring. Just moments before disaster, the ones who ran into the tent were members of Dark Eden. They were JusticeMan’s supply troops. They breathed roughly as they put down the box.

“We have the Sacred Blood!”

“How many?”

“1, 000!”

The coalition members opened the box and replied. There was also a huge number of Sacred Blood in their box. He had only contacted JusticeMan three days before so he didn’t know how they managed to obtain that many Sacred Blood. But he didn’t question it too closely. The important thing was that Ark also managed to obtain 1,000 Sacred Blood! Yet Ark still couldn’t be relieved.

‘It is still a tie.’

Nadin started at the Sacred Blood with surprised eyes before smiling and speaking.

“I also respect Lord Ark’s ability. I’m honestly amazed. But did you forget?

If both sides manage to secure 1,000 Sacred Blood then victory is decided by the purchase price.”

That’s right. If didn’t matter how much Sacred Blood he obtained if the price was too high. If he was defeated in the competition then he would suffer a huge loss.

“That’s right. This is the detailed statement of the dealings.”

Tito handed over the transaction statement to Haverstein. When a merchant bought specific goods,  a detailed statement of the transaction could be issued.

“We bought each Sacred Blood for 10 gold and the total purchase amount of 10,000 gold.”

After that Ark handed over his transaction statement to Haverstein. Haverstein skimmed through it and his face stiffened. A look of joy spread over Nadin’s face. Ark had bought the Sacred Blood within a short time so Nadin was sure that he had purchased it at a high price. But Nadin’s face turned an ashen colour at Haverstein’s next words.

“Lord Ark bought each Sacred Blood at 1 gold for a total purchase price of 1,000 gold.”

“Huh?  What are you saying…..?”

“Look at it yourself.”

Haverstein handed over the transaction statement to Nadin who turned to stone. Surprisingly, the words that Haverstein said were written on the transaction statement.

-Transaction Item: Sacred Blood

Price: 1 gold  Total purchase price: 1,000 gold


Nadin stuttered and shook his head.

“T-this…. It is ridiculous. The market price for Sacred Blood is currently 10 gold.

Even if you buy it cheaply, it will only be a discount of a few silver. This must be some trick!”

“Those words are serious.”

Ark frowned and declared sharply.

“I participated in the competition that Lord Nadin thought of. And I used my best efforts to get this result. Isn’t it horrible to say these results are the because of a trick? Do you have any evidence?”


Nadin winced and looked at the transaction statement in his hand again.

“T-that’s right. This statement. This statement has obviously been manipulated!”

“Why would I do such a thing? I bought it for 1 gold while Selebrid bought it for 10 gold so the delivery price for the Sacred Blood would only by 5 gold and 50 silver. If I bought the Sacred Blood for 10 gold and manipulated it to say that I bought it for 1 gold then wouldn’t I be receiving a loss of 4 gold and 50 silver?”

“That loss could be recuperated if you continue to supply the munitions!”

“Bah, you’re really going too far. Then look at it properly. You’ve been a supply officer for decades so shouldn’t you be able to judge if that trading statement is genuine or not?”

“Bah! Okay, then I’ll appraise it properly!”

Nadin snorted and started to examine the transaction statement. It was unnecessary to say but the ‘Counterfeit’ skill existed in New World. But it was possible for ‘forged’ papers to be detected by users or NPCs with a high ‘accounting’ skill. As a supply officer, Nadin’s Accounting skill had probably reached Master level. But sweat just dripped from Nadin’s mouth after examining the trading statement for a while. Ark asked Nadine with a challenging expression.

“Is there anything strange?”

“T-this is impossible……”

“Lord Nadin, your attitude is too excessive!”

At that moment, Haverstein shouted in an angry voice.

“Lord Ark is an honourable knight with many achievements. Although this competition is necessary, your attitude towards Lord Ark is too much. You should control your emotions.”

Nadin opened his mouth silently a few times before sighing and leaving. When Nadin left, Tito also bowed and exited the tent. When the situation put in order, Haverstein looked at Ark.

“I don’t know whether to celebrate that you won the competition or not. I don’t know how you managed to get the Sacred Blood for 1 gold when Tito said the market price was 10 gold. If the merchant’s guild says so then it must be true. Doesn’t that mean you will suffer a loss of 4 gold and 50 silver now every time you deliver the Sacred Blood?”

That’s right. He won the competition but he couldn’t be pleased about it. In order to win, he had to play a trick which would cause him to lose money from now on. He had somehow protected his position as supplier but there would still be a deficit every time he delivered the Sacred Blood. But it had been like that since the competition was decided.

“That will somehow by solved with the delivery of munitions. The reason I took the position of supplier wasn’t for my personal benefit. Even if I have to suffer a loss, I want to help the Schudenberg Kingdom somehow.”

His words wasn’t much different from the novel Tito was spouting before. But when Ark spoke such words in this situation, the weight of the words were different.

“As expected from Lord Ark……!”

Haverstein and the unit leaders looked at Ark with impressed eyes. After a while, Haverstein handed him the contract for the Sacred Blood delivery with an apologetic expression.

-Schudenberg Royal Agreement

The Schudenberg expedition will entrust the supply of Sacred Blood to Ark’s Corporation.

The delivery price for the Sacred Blood is fixed at 5 gold and 50 silver.



Nadin cursed harshly as he left the tent. There was a reason Nadin had tried to remove Ark from the supplier position. Duke Sarkin and Tito of the Selebrid branch had worked together for a long time. And Tito had given Duke Sarkin and Nadin considerable bribes in order to become the exclusive supplier of this expedition. But Haverstein had become the commander and Ark had snatched the supplier position. Therefore Nadine who had accepted the bribe was in a difficult position. Nadin had to removed Ark from the position no matter what. But the result this time was a failure! It was like he had been slapped in front of Haverstein and the unit leaders. But that was not the problem.

“Lord Nadin, how did this happen?”

Tito ran up to him as soon as he left the tent.

“Do you know how much damage we received from this? How did the result turn out like this? Didn’t you say that Lord Ark would definitely fail to obtain the Sacred Blood? Yet he managed to get the Sacred Blood for a ridiculous price of 1 gold?”

“T-that is……”

“That’s okay.”

Tito didn’t want to listen to Nadin anymore and interrupted.

“Didn’t you say that you would bear the expenses if this competition failed? Please pay the 2,000 gold in shipping costs. And also return the 5,000 gold that I gave you.”

That was the problem. Nadin had been 100% sure that he would win this competition. Sid was the reason why Nadine was so sure. Sid had been Ark’s agent to buy the Sacred Blood. Yet Sid had betrayed Ark and attached himself to Nadin before the competition started. And the Sacred Blood Ark ordered in advance had been given to Nadin. At this point, Ark’s defeat had already been finalized. Therefore Nadin never even considered the probability of him failing and had offered to pay the expenses for Tito.

“Just listen to me.”

“I don’t want to. If you don’t return the shipping expenses and the fee then I will disclose that Lord Nadin accepted bribed in exchange for the exclusive supply contract.”

“Are you really going to be like this?”

“A long talk isn’t necessary. Are you going to give me the money?”

Tito threatened him like he was a private money lender. Nadin eventually sighed and nodded.

“I understand. I will send you the 7,000 gold.”

“So we will be leaving.”

Tito snorted and left. Nadin looked like he was about to collapse from despair. He had to pay the shipping expenses and return the bribe money to Tito. That was 2,000 gold flying away for nothing.

“Dammit! Where will I get that money right now? If I delay the payment date then I don’t know how that Tito will act……”

Nadin stood there sighing. Suddenly a small hobbit ran out from behind a tent. He looked around restlessly before running to Nadin.

“Lord Nadin, what happened? Of course it worked right?”

The hobbit whose eyes shone with anticipation was Sid. Anger snapped inside Nadin. This guy. It was because of the hobbit that Nadin lost 2,000 gold. If it wasn’t for him then a situation like this wouldn’t have occurred. Nadin wasn’t able to stomach the anger inside him and grabbed Sid’s throat.

“It worked? Did you just ask whether it worked?”

“Hik! W-why?”

“Are you asking whether it went well? When I was embarrassed in front of the Commander and the unit leaders? When a mere merchant like Tito threatened me? Or when Ark managed to secure the Sacred Blood?”

“Oh, Ark-nim managed to obtain the required amount?”

“Yes. He also bought it at 1 gold!”

“T-then the competition?”

“If you know then don’t ask!”

Nadin shouted and punched Sid. Sid fell to the ground with a bloody nose. But Sid just raised his head like he didn’t feel any pain and asked.

“Then what about the store permission in Selebrid that you promised me?”

That’s right. This was the reason Sid had done something as perilous as betray Ark.

It was the price he received for betraying Ark! While working at the Continental Commerce Firm, Sid had obtained a lot of money. With that much money in his hands, the greedy Sid started to dream of independence. And the place Sid wanted a store was in Selebrid. However, Selebrid was the capital city of the Schudenberg Kingdom. All the rights to the stores had been swept up by other users a long time ago. Then Ark directed Sid to buy the Sacred Blood. And Sid had come up with a brilliant idea. Nadin wanted to take the supply group position away from Ark. So he exchanged information about the Sacred Blood in return for permission to a store in Selebrid. Of course, Nadin was just the supply officer for the expedition so he didn’t have such authority but he could ask Duke Sarkin for it. Although he couldn’t deceive Ark forever, the thought of obtaining his own store in Selebrid made it worth it. That was Sid’s plan. Sid was sure that Nadin would win and dreamed about his rosy future as the owner of a store.

“Fail? It failed? Then what about my store permission? “Huh?”

Sid sporting a bloody nose clung onto Nadin’s pants.

“Do you really want to die?”

Nadin raised a sharp sword to his face with a cruel expression. But Sid had already abandoned is life after betraying Ark.

“Then just kill me already. Just somehow give me the shop permission.

You might’ve been defeated in the competition but didn’t I do as promised?”

“This guy is still making sounds…..!”

The furious Nadin started to step on Sid.

Kung kung kung, jeok jeok jeok!

The sound of someone being pounded continued. Sid was completely kneaded like pasta dough and lost consciousness.

“Che, that unlucky hobbit bastard!”

Nadin spat and left Sid. Sid finally regained his spirit and looked up. When he couldn’t see Nadin anymore, he walked away while dripping tears.

“Huk! I’ve been prepared to be killed by Ark in order to obtain my store permissions.”

Nadin had been defeated in the competition. Yet his store permission had flown away so the only choice left was to go and die. Then someone stepped in front of Sid. Sid who was still dripping tears flinched and looked up. And his face instantly turned black.


Standing in front of Sid was Ark and Shambala. Ark looked at Sid’s face which looked like a bloody flattened rice cake and smiled pleasantly.

“Follow me.”


Sid’s eyes rolled around anxiously. The place Ark had taken the captured Sid to was Ark’s tent. It was obvious what would occur now. Although Ark ended up winning the competition, he had been about to lose his supplier position. Even if he received 10% of the commission, he would still suffer a loss of 4 gold and 50 silver every time he delivered the Sacred Blood. All of this was because of Sid’s betrayal!

“Now, where was I? Ah, what did you get in exchange for betraying me?”

Ark muttered with narrowed eyes. Then Sid winced and once again shed tears.

“Huk, please kill me.”

“Oh? You want me to kill you?”

“Huk huk huk, nothing I say will change anything. I understand. I know I was wrong. Huk huk huk, then just kill me. I’ve already been prepared for it.”

“Okay, since you’re prepared then I don’t have to say anything.”

Ark gave a bloody smile and approached Sid. Shambala just looked at the scene where it seemed like a tiger was about to eat its prey. And he waited for the screaming.

“Huk huk huk, huk, h…… Huhuhu, hahaha!”

Why did Sid’s cries suddenly turn to laughter?

“What, what the? Has this guy became crazy?”

Shambala looked at Ark with confusion after seeing Sid’s strange behaviour. But Sid wasn’t the only strange one. After Sid began laughing, Ark also couldn’t hold it in anymore and started giggling.



“Weren’t we going to act until the end?”

“What about Ark-nim? Nadin, Haverstein and Shambala fell for it.”

“Huhuhu, in order to deceive the enemy we must first deceive our allies.”

“It is wonderful.”

Sid twisted both hands and trembled. Shambala couldn’t understand what was going on.

“What, what the? Are you both crazy?”



Shambala looked at Ark and Sid rolling around the floor laughing with confusion.

“What? Is there something I don’t know? What is it? I’m getting really angry?”

Shambala frowned with anger and shouted. Ark and Sid barely held in their laughed and sat down.

“You still don’t understand?”

Someone would pay 1 gold to buy the Sacred Blood! The rumour spread among users and they gathered at an auction room. So Ark had bought 20,000 Sacred Blood for 20,000 gold! It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he had bought most of the Sacred Blood in New World. But he started feeling regretful after buying so much.

‘If I receive a 10% commission for 20,000 gold then that is only a 2,000 gold profit.’

2,000 gold wasn’t a small amount to most people.

‘Isn’t there a way to gain more profit from the Ark of Creation?’

While he was mulling over it, a brilliant idea came to Ark’s head.

‘Nadin will use any chance to remove me from the supply position. What will Nadin do if information about the Sacred Blood and Ark of Creation was given to him beforehand? And if I mention that I’ll have difficult retrieving the Sacred Blood? Nadin will undoubtedly use that chance to think of a scheme. And if I control Nadin’s scheme then it will be possible to obtain more profit for the Sacred Blood!’

This was the special mission Ark left to Sid. So Sid had approached Nadin with information about the Ark of Creation and incited him to think of this competition. That’s right. Ark was the one who planted the idea of having a competition over the Sacred Blood in Nadin’s head. While Ark used Sid to incite Nadin, he was using the Dark Eden members to drive up the prices in the auction.

‘Selling Sacred Blood for 10 gold.’

Ark wrote that sentence but he didn’t really intend to sell the Sacred Blood. No user would spend 10 gold to buy a useless stone. However, users were surprisingly simple. Just a day ago, somebody had bought huge amounts of that worthless pebble for 1 gold. And now there was a user selling it for 10 gold. The phenomenon led the users to believe that the Sacred Blood could be used somewhere. For example, the Sacred Blood might be a necessary material to make a rare armour. A competition instantly started because of that situation. It was at that point that the merchant’s guild in Selebrid started moving to buy the Sacred Blood. So when the merchant’s guild contacted the users, the price was an unconditional 10 gold. It was the reason why Nadin and Tito thought the price for the Sacred Blood was 10 gold.

“There was no way anyone could buy it for cheaper. That’s why Nadin and Tito firmly believed they would win the competition.  They didn’t realize that I had bought all the Sacred Blood from the auction a few hours before. Nadin and Tito couldn’t know about that situation and believed that Sid had betrayed me so they bought 1,000 Sacred Blood for 10 gold.”

“Then how did Tito manage to buy the 1,000 Sacred Blood if you bought all of it?”

Shambala asked in a voice that indicated he couldn’t understand. Ark waved his finger and clicked his tongue.

“Tsk tsk tsk, didn’t I just say it? Of course it is Sid who sold the Sacred Blood.”

Tito had to somehow obtain the 1,000 Sacred Blood in order to obtain the supplier position. So they bought the Sacred Blood that Sid bought for Ark for 10 gold.

“He bought 1,000 Sacred Blood for 10 gold while I bought it for 1 gold. That means a profit of 9,000 gold.”

Shambala’s mouth widened as he heard Ark’s words. It was enormous profits all at once! But 9,000 gold wasn’t the only profit Ark received from this strategy.

“Now I can deliver the remaining 19,000 Sacred Blood for 5 gold and 50 silver each. I bought it for 1 gold and will receive 5 gold and 50 silver for it. So that means the actual amount I will receive is 4 gold and 50 silver. In the end, I will receive 85,500 gold for delivering 19,000 items. Along with the 9,000 gold received from selling to Tito, that is a profit of 94,500 gold for the Sacred Blood. Do you understand?”

94,500 gold!

…..This was Ark’s true purpose.

“Y-you scammer!”

“It is a scam. But all business is just a successful scam.”

Ark laughed and muttered. That’s right. The whole competition with the Sacred Blood was just a scam with Ark as the director and lead actor!

“Although my face ended up as a rice cake……”

Sid muttered as he rubbed his swollen face. In this scam, the star actor was the double agent. Sid who played the double agent had perfectly tricked Nadin and Tito. Furthermore, Sid had acted like a gold digger until the end and received a beating from Nadin. But a laugh just spread on Sid’s face. Sid received 20% of the profit from the success of this scam! That was 18,900 gold from the delivery of the Sacred Blood. Who care about a bloody, swollen face with that much profit?

“But what will happen when you run out of the Sacred Blood? You made a contract with the expedition to supply Sacred Blood.  But now the market price has increased to 10 gold. Then won’t you suffer a loss if you keep on delivering it?”

“The Sacred Blood can only be used for the Ark of Creation. The price has soared to 10 gold but no user will buy it. And I’ve secured 19,000 Sacred Blood already. No matter how fast they use it, I won’t need to purchase the Sacred Blood for a least a few months. If no one buys it within one month then the price will fall again.”

That wasn’t all. Ark had mobilized his coalition members to buy the Sacred Blood for 99 silver on the auction site. The present market price was 10 gold but if no one bought it in one month then the users would accept 99 silver as the market price.

“I am the only person who will purchase the Sacred Blood.”

It wasn’t an item that would become popular.

“So the price will fall continuously. My aim is to make it eventually fall to 1 silver. Then the profit when I deliver the Sacred Blood is 4 gold and 49 silver.  Wuhahaha!”


Shambala shook his head and muttered. But no matter what Shambala thought, Ark and Sid were dancing with joy. Just as Ark was enjoying his happiness.


Suddenly a messenger shouted from outside his tent.

“It is serious! Nagaran has been attacked by a huge number of monsters!”


……. It was like a lightning bolt had struck from the heavens.

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Unlike other novels, Ark has a lot of skills so the author tends to forget stuff, ( like what happened to the lamp of darkness?) Other novels have a few very powerful skills and they are organised very well and used when needed but Ark has too many to keep track of.


So somehow Ark was able to trick himself into even believing that Sid had betrayed him…?


Probably immersed in his role as an actor lol.


Mind Ninja’d…..again.


I have but a few words “That %@*^ snake” Ark fool everyone D: including the readers LOL

oh and it look like it wasn’t just Silvana being attack but all of Nagaran


Totally didn’t expect this.
Way to go Sid!!


Oh sh!t!!!
I fell for it!
I really thought that Sid betrayed Ark


If you think about it, the trade from the triangular trade is hundreds time better than a store even in the capital, plus sid is the slave he has had the longest there is no way he hasn’t seen what ark does to his enemies.


Holy shit, that plot twist would make M. Night Shmalamadingdong proud


Ark and Sid are really both allies and rivals at the same time.. But still, Sid upped him by one on the buying of goods first, but then again the profits of this is much much bigger.


wow until the chapter title i even thought that sid truly betrayed ark. i was got good. some people even guessed it in last chapters comments though….. kudos to them.


You guys do remember the promise sword isn’t complete, right? It’s still missing a hilt. I wonder what Ark is going to do about his trade route being threatened. He just can’t leave. His job is supplier.


Oh wow, such a genius scheme! amazing,amazing!


thank you awesome Turtle….excellent plot on Ark’s side…


I didn’t see it coming even after reading the title.


Honestly, if Sid is a double agent, then don’t give them both internal thoughts supporting the fact that Sid is a traitor…

Thanks for the chapter.


Man this plot twist cheated. I’M NOT BUYING IT.