Act 2: Deception

ACT 2 Deception

TL Notes: I’ve changed Dueraken to Draken.


Guran, Bona, Lariette and Buksil were gathered on the 2nd floor. Guran and Bona were talking about what happened in the previous days while Buksil was looking at the footage on the magic projector. And Lariette was still organizing her skills, with the relevant information window open.

“Ark-nim, have you finished your business?”

Guran stood up when Ark approached.

“Yes, it is finished.”

“I have to thank you once again.  If it wasn’t for Ark-nim….Bona-nim.”

When Guran looked at him, Bona immediately bowed his head.

“…..Thank you for saving me.”

Although he hadn’t noticed it before, Bona was quite a cute-looking boy. But when he wore a white hat, he really looked like a smurf.

“Are you uninjured?”


“Then I am even more thankful. I’m glad you’re safe.”

Ark gave him an affectionate look and ruffled Bona’s head. Dedric looked like he was going to vomit at Ark’s words, but Ark was being 100% sincere. Since Bona was safe then Ark would be able to receive the compensation for the B difficulty quest.

‘Huhuhu, now I can obtain items from the smurfs.’

Ark seemed to drool as he looked at Bona. However Bona didn’t know Ark’s true feelings and blushed so red that he could be mistaken for a Nakujuk.

“I…..I…..I’ll be a great warrior just like Ark-hyung. I’ll defeat the Nakujuk that threatens my clan.”

He had no interest in that. But treating NPCs well was Ark’s slogan. Ark nodded his head as if he was proud of Bona’s words.

“Yes, if you stay strong then you’ll be able to become a great warrior and hunt the Nakujuk. But shouldn’t we reassure your grandfather first?”


Bona nodded excitedly and quickly hugged the embarrassed Guran.

“Come, let’s get out of here.”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Buksil finished with the magic projector and got out of his seat. However, Lariette was still looking at the skills window and couldn’t hear Ark’s voice. She had been a magician, but once she changed to Innocence Knight then all her magic was deleted and new skills registered. She was so preoccupied distributing the 50% stat points that she paid no attention to her surroundings. Ark knew the circumstances but couldn’t wait for her.


Ark approached Lariette who became surprised and jumped.

“Ah, Ark-nim.”

“Have you still not finished redistributing your skills?”

“I took a bit of time checking every skill. But I’ve just finished.”

Lariette smiled and replied.

Ark was speechless for a moment. He had been too busy fighting the boss to pay attention, but Lariette was really beautiful. Of course, all females in New World altered their appearance to become prettier. Roco had also altered her character to the point that she could be in a CF (commercial). But Ark knew. Unlike the other users, Lariette didn’t have a big difference between reality and the game… other people might not understand, but Ark felt like her beauty was even more special.

‘Are we really going to continue together in the future?’

Even though Ark had promised to let her accompany him, he hadn’t realised he would feel this way. He had been caught up in completing the quest and beating the boss. However, Ark was still a healthy Korean man. It was impossible not to like going forward with a beautiful woman. No, it was what he had been dreaming of since he first saw her in Jackson. But when it became real like this, it was actually a burden. His heart felt on edge like it was being stabbed.

‘That’s strange, why do I feel like this around you?’

Although he questioned it, there was an obvious reason. However, 99% of his brain was occupied with making money so he couldn’t work it out. Nevertheless, the world seemed extremely fair. If someone became too cunning then he would end up being excessively stupid.

‘But I don’t know how to treat Lariette-nim.’

Ark was worried about it since he was inexperienced with girls.

‘Well I’ll work it out somehow.’

Ark eventually gave up on finding an answer and turned towards her.

“That….what is your new profession like?”

“I’m not sure yet. Luckily it doesn’t seem that different from Alan’s Holy Knight. A lot of the skills I looked at seemed similar to a Holy Knight. Ah…..”

Lariette covered her mouth and studied Ark’s face.

Ark was confused by her attitude at first before shaking his head.

“You don’t have to worry. My feelings against Alan have been settled.”

It was true. Killing Alan last time was sufficient. He had gotten enough payback that it didn’t really matter to him anymore. Although Alan might still hold a grudge against Ark…..No, there was a 100% chance but Ark had no emotions left about Alan.

Yes, after the business ended then Ark was an easy-going person who won’t pay any regards to other people’s grudges.

‘Alan is also in prison. He won’t be able to move even 1 muscle in the next month. And there will be a huge difference between us once he leaves. Huhuhu, it has ended perfectly. There is no reason to pay him any regard.’

Online games were an endless competition. No matter how high the level, someone else would catch up if the user was careless.  This wasn’t a one or two day difference, but a whole month spent in jail. But was that all? Although Ark was a fool in regards to women, he was about a 100 in regards to the game. Based on the conversation between Ronian and Lariette, there was a penalty applied to his profession of Holy Knight. One month of prison and a penalty to his profession! In conclusion, Alan had surely reached his end. Paying attention to that sort of guy was a useless waste of calories. However Lariette had no way of knowing what happened.

‘I know that he received a lot of damage from Alan…..but it is wonderful that Ark-nim is able to shake off that grudge.

Thus……the misunderstandings just deepened. Lariette send him a subtle look of respect.

‘What the? Why is she looking like that?’

Ark was confused about her expression.

“…That’s right, I remember now! You were the girl always with Alan!”

Dedric shouted after staring at Lariette.

“Even if Master is fooled, my eyes won’t be deceived. What the? Why are you trying to approach Master? You couldn’t have approached Master for no reason. Obviously you’ve received orders from Alan!”

Clack clack? Clack clack clack!

Ssak ssak ssak ssak!

Razak and Radun both looked at her with wary eyes after those words. Lariette had no idea what to do after Ark’s pets suddenly became cautious towards her. Then Dedric approached Ark and started cursing.

“Master, you didn’t know? Look, it’s the girl who was with that sissy! That beep-beep from the siege who used her -beep- magic!”

Ark was appalled and blocked Dedric’s mouth. But his bad words had already been spoken and heard. Lariette became pale as this was the first time she heard such words. Guran, Bona and Buksil couldn’t understand the situation and just observed with bemused expressions. Then Dedric who hadn’t grasped the situation just pushed the hand back and continued talking.

“Pah, Master! Why won’t you let me talk? Don’t you understand? I said…..”

“Please shut up and stay quiet, yes?”

Ark muttered with a murderous gaze. Just like usual, Dedric flinched and shut his mouth.

“I’m really sorry. For my pet to say such words…..”

“Ah, it’s nothing.”

Lariette struggled to smile with a stiff face.  Ark was silent for a moment before sighing.

“Hrmm, well let’s return to the village in the valley for the moment.”

“You don’t have to explain. Because I’ll just follow Ark-nim for the moment.”

Thankfully, Dedric’s rant hadn’t changed her mind about accompanying him.

“…..Ah, yes. Then let’s go.”


So Ark led the group and headed upstairs. However, the atmosphere was a bit tense unlike before. Needless to say, the atmosphere had gone down to -100 with Dedric’s words.

‘Damn, the atmosphere was so good and now because of this guy……’

Ark glared at Dedric. Dedric was still unaware of what he did wrong as was wondering ‘What mistake did I make?’ Dedric’s attitude worsened even more.  But he had keen senses and kept quiet after noticing Ark’s mood. Then Buksil approached from the rear.

“Ark-nim, this scene might be worth more than I thought.”

“What do you mean?”

“What am I talking about? The brave warrior who risked his life jumping into the enemy’s hideout in order to rescue the kidnapped girlfriend! This scene isn’t easy to produce intentionally.”

What was he saying? Ark became uncomfortable at those words and bluntly said.

“My relationship with Lariette-nim isn’t like that.”

“Aye, it’s completely obvious…..”

“It’s not like that.”

“Huh? But………’

Buksil was still disbelieving. But after thinking for a moment, he seemed to firmly grasp the situation.

“Then Ark-nim and Lariette-nim don’t often meet?”

“I’ve only met her once last year. And there were a few more times in New World.”

“Aha, I see.”

Buksil grinned and nodded.

“What are you saying?”

“Huhuhu, Ark-nim is surprisingly slow.”

“What the?”

“Please watch this.”

Buksil pulled out the magic projector and played a recorded scene. It was the fight scene between Ark and Tamura. Since he forgot about the filming while fighting, the footage looked fairly plausible. However, that wasn’t the reason Buksil showed him the scene. Buksil stopped the scene on an image of Lariette and muttered quietly.

“Take a good look.  Now do you see what I’m trying to say?”

“Am I meant to see something?”

“Ah, it’s really frustrating. If you’re this slow then it’s rather pitiful.”

“What? What did you say? Huh?”

Ark was still in his Dark Wolf form.

When the black furred wolf showed his fangs, Buksil freaked out and explained.

“Ah, no. This is what I’ve been trying to say. Look here. Ark-nim, please look at the way Lariette-nim’s expression changes. Look at the feelings being expressed. I don’t know how Ark-nim feels, but there is a 100% chance that Lariette has a good impression of you…..”

Ark blocked Buksil’s mouth with an astonished face. He had no idea of what would happen if Lariette heard those words in this atmosphere. Fortunately Guran, Bona and Lariette were 10 metres behind the two of them and couldn’t hear their conversation. Ark sighed and glared at Buksil.

“Stop talking nonsense you idiot. There is no such possibility.”

At the same time, Ark sneaked a glance at Lariette’s image still showing on the magic projector. Lariette’s silky hair flowing down her back……feelings of worry as well as delight and surprise was expressed on her face, and it was all directed towards Ark. The obsidian like eyes never looked away from him. His face became hot as he noticed what Buksil was saying. At the same time, his heart was thumping in his chest.

‘Perhaps Buksil’s words are correct…..?’

Ark muttered before shaking his head.

“No. Lariette-nim…’s definitely not like that. After being kidnapped to a place like this, it is natural to look at your rescuer like that. And you would feel anxious if the person who came to help you is in danger. Such reactions are normal…..”

“Well of course it wouldn’t be visible to you.”

‘What? This bastard!’

Ark frowned at Buksil’s words.

Why was his attitude so irresponsible? But Buksil was uninterested and just scratched his head before muttering.

“In fact I don’t really care. The most important thing is the ‘atmosphere.’ Although Ark’s current form is good, it leaves a somewhat dreary impression.  But the atmosphere changed after Lariette-nim decided to accompany you. Even if the two of you aren’t in a relationship, it’s fine as long as there’s a good impression between you. Like I said, I need a ‘plausible’ atmosphere.”

‘This cheeky bastard….!’

Ark became upset but he didn’t show it. Since somewhat unrelated spoke about the relationship between Ark and Lariette, wasn’t it natural to become upset? Furthermore, the video was very important to Ark. In fact, there was a reason Ark was actively cooperating with the filming.

“The battle against the Nakujuk to rescue the boy and the fight against the Draken in the rain! I got better shots than I thought I would.  If I put this on the official site then it might enter the top 10.”

Buksil said in an excited voice just before they entered the Abyss of Despair.

“Official site?”

“Yes, the official site of Global Exos. The videos of the game on there are ranked every month. If it reaches the top 10 then it has at least 50,000 hits. It is only a matter of time until Ark-nim is a big star.”

Ark felt a lightbulb light up as he listened. It was unnecessary to say again, but Ark’s final goal was to join Global Exos. Although the exact acceptance criteria was unknown, it was clearly evident that he had to be better than other users.

‘If my video becomes popular on the site then it’ll help my entrance examination.’

Ark was currently in his Dark Wolf form. But Ark mistakenly thought that Global Exos was reading his reports and would know that Dark Wolf and Ark was the same. In other words, if the movie became popular then he would secretly appeal to Global Exos without other users knowing his identity.

‘This chance doesn’t come along every day. Now that I know the benefits of the video, it won’t be easy for me to send him away.’

Therefore, Ark changed his mind about sending Buksil away one he had an opportunity. Accompanying him to the destination should have a satisfactory result. So instead of delaying the shoot, he cooperated with Buksil while filming. Come to think of it, Buksil seemed to have become a little cocky since then.

“Did you hear what I just said? Anyway, atmosphere is the most important thing. But Ark-nim doesn’t have to worry about that. I’ll make it so that both men and women have a good impression of you. I’ll take care of it through careful editing. Oh, and please don’t mention this to Lariette-nim. Because I’ll start filming secretly from now on.”

“What? Why?”

“Does Ark-nim want Lariette-nim to become a celebrity as well? If Lariette-nim becomes uncomfortable towards Ark-nim while filming then it’ll feel awkward. Furthermore, scripted films are common nowadays. These days the realistic videos are the ones that become popular. The magic projector is still not widely known. I’ll take the videos carefully so Ark-nim shouldn’t pay any attention to me.”

Buksil was surprisingly an expert in this area. According to Buksil’s words, the movie-like videos were extremely popular. But people soon tired of the same contents and now realistic videos were the trend. Well, even variety shows were the trend on TV.

‘In the end, Lariette-nim will have no idea so I’ll be acting the fool by myself?’

Ark looked uncomfortable as Buksil confirmed this.

“All this work is for Ark-nim. Making a cool video that will reach the top 10 isn’t an easy thing.”

“…..I understand, I’ll be careful.”

Ark sighed and nodded. Although he agreed without thinking, it had suddenly become much bigger. And now he had to conceal it from Lariette while they were filmed secretly. However, Buksil’s words made sense.

If he explained then the relationship between the two of them would feel even more awkward.

‘Yes, it’s not a bad thing…..and Lariette is also a candidate. It won’t be bad if both of us catches Global Exos attention with the videos. But can I do well?’

Ark turned and looked at Lariette. It was unnecessary to mention it again, but Ark had more than a crush on her. Every time he met her during the game. His heart trembled. But those sentiments weren’t feelings of love. It was similar to the feeling that the general public felt when watching celebrities…..Ark had been thinking that all along. Lariette was very beautiful. If Buksil saw her in real life then he probably wouldn’t be able to act so calmly. And her education was enough for her to have a job at Global Exos. Meanwhile Ark was struggling with medical bills and living expenses every month. It was the reason why he hesitated in her presence.

‘Lariette-nim suits a guy like Alan.’

A biter sigh emerged from Ark’s mouth. In New World, Ark had removed Alan’s position as the Lord. But in reality, Alan was still nobility while Ark was just a common person.  And Lariette was a woman more suited for nobility than a general person. In fact, at this point Ark still believed that Lariette and Alan were dating. She was probably wandering around alone because Alan was in jail.

‘Yes, I don’t need to have complicated thoughts. The reason I have a crush on her is because she was the only one to reach out a hand to me when I was feeling nervous about the interview. That’s it. Lariette-nim is probably kind to me for the same reason. Since meeting acquaintances inside the game is not that common. Of course, what other reason would there be?’

Ark had that thought and finally cleared his mind. Like it was mentioned earlier, Ark only used 1% of his brain on such worries.  Since Buksil’s words had made his head all complicated, Ark had been worrying about it too much. He had to quickly finish his quest.  He had to complete it to proceed with his quest. And there was also the Red Man who appeared after defeating Tamura. Although he couldn’t pursue him, he needed to find out more information about why he was in the Netherworld. But that would be a problem for later. He had a more realistic problem to think about after exiting the Abyss of Despair. In order to complete the job, he had to return to the village in the valley. But all of Ark’s skyrays had been wiped out by the Draken.  Fortunately they could still walk back to the village. It was a straight path when flying through the sky, but navigating the complicated terrain would take a considerable amount of time.

“Guran, how long will it take to return to the village from here?”

“I don’t completely know but it should take approximately 4 days.”

He naturally sighed at Guran’s words. 4 days was approximately 1 day in reality. But Ark just looked gloomy. He forgot for a while but this wasn’t a situation where he could afford to waste time. Ark had wiped out Jewel’s party who came to the Netherworld. It meant that Jewel would resurrect after 24 hours.

‘If Jewel followed my path then they probably updated the resurrection place at the village. Then they would have resurrected before I reach the village.’

It was a serious issue. He was lucky before but Ark couldn’t deal with Jewel, Duke and their group by himself. He wouldn’t stand a chance if he encountered them in the field. No, he was unlikely to succeed and they probably wouldn’t let him run away either.

‘But there isn’t another way to return to the village….’

He couldn’t cram his 4 companions on Radun’s back.


Then Ark suddenly heard familiar cries from above his head. He looked up and saw skyrays flying above him.

‘Skyrays? Wait, the Myutal living in the Valley Village are the only monster trainers.’

Ark looked expectantly at Guran.

“Guran, can you tame those skyrays?”

“Monster taming is a special talent only a few Myutal have. Bona also has the talent. But taming a monster requires a lot of time. Even an experienced trainer would take one month to tame a monster. Even if Bona managed to train one, it would take some time to tame two.”

Bona nodded at Guran’s description.

‘Damn it, I’ll grow old before that monster will be tamed.’

“But it’s strange. This area is the habitat of the Draken so normally the skyrays wouldn’t approach… Wait, that is…..?”

Guran focused his attention and seemed to have found something.

“Indeed, these skyrays have already been trained.”

“They’ve already been trained?”

“Yes, it is definitely hooked up to some reins. There are approximately 10 of them? Why are 10 trained skyrays here……eh? Perhaps Teacher……”

The circumstances suddenly became clear in Ark’s mind.

‘That’s right, Jewel’s group arrived at the abyss shortly after I did. They must have taken 1 hour to reach the abyss from the village. Even if they knew my position thanks to the curse, they wouldn’t have been able to reach me so fast by foot. If that’s the case?’

Jewel’s group must have chased him using the skyrays.

‘They must’ve stopped by the village while chasing me.’

Now the circumstances made a lot more sense. And a way to solve his problem emerged.

“If the skyrays have already been trained then perhaps they can take us?”

“It is possible but….the seal on the skyrays has loosened.”


“Yes, originally the monster and the trainer wouldn’t be able to move a certain distance away from each other. That’s because the dominance would weaken and they would return to the wild.”

“Eh? But we came here riding the skyrays.”

“That is the effect of the seal.”

Guran rolled up his sleeves and demonstrated. There was a black pattern on his wrist. Before they left the village, Beseutyu had stamped the pattern on Ark’s and Buksil’s wrist.

“The person stamped with the pattern will be recognized as the monster trainer for a certain period of time.  Therefore the effects of the dominance won’t disappear if there is this seal. Now the people stamped are dead so the skyrays are in a state of confusion. It is impossible to tame them again……”

Then Bona interrupted.

“They haven’t fully returned to their wild state yet. If we update the seal before they return to the wild state then it’ll be fine.”

“But the seal of the original owner…..ah, that’s right!”

Guran tilted his head and shouted.

“That’s right. If these skyrays are Teacher’s then we can renew the seal. Because we have one if Teacher’s seals. Of course we need to update every person’s stamps, but it shouldn’t be hard for Bona since he has the makings of a trainer. The problem is how we can catch the confused skyrays…..”

Guran muttered in a small voice while staring at the skyrays flying above. The rest of this situation was up to Ark.

“I’ll take care of it. Dedric, it’s your turn.”

Ark ventured forward with a smile. The skyrays were flying dozens of metres above him but it wasn’t a problem with Dedric. However……no answer was heard. Dedric was looking at the distant mountains and couldn’t seem to hear anything.

“Hey you, what are you doing? Can’t you hear me?’

There was no reply……

Dedric yawned and scratched his neck.

‘This guy, is it because I beat him earlier?’

Ark’s eyes sharpened. It appeared that he had to train his pets first before the skyrays. However, one or two beatings wouldn’t work when Dedric was rebelling so openly. His ego was so strong that beating him wouldn’t fix the habit. Dedric had to be in a critical condition three or four times before paying attention. But now there were too many eyes watching. Not only was Lariette watching, but doing violence in front of Bona might make him lose respect for Ark…..In addition, there was no time to waste on beating him so much.

‘Damn, this guy must be aware of the urgency in this matter.’

Ark glared at Dedric.

‘Wait? Wasn’t his bad mood because Razak succeeded in the evolution? Then……’

What should he do……Ark concentrated for a bit before he smiled and said.

“This time I’ve gathered so many ingredients that I’ll probably be able to make at least 10 new dishes. Unfortunately it’s not possible anymore.”


Dedric tilted his head in confusion. Normally he would beat them until they ate new food but now he said it wasn’t possible?

“Aren’t most of the ingredients gathered good for the body? Well, at least 70% of them will have a good effect. But I can’t force you if you don’t want to. I’ll just feed all of it to Razak. I will probably continue like that in the future…..but then wouldn’t Razak become even stronger?”

Then Dedric pricked his ears and began to look around.

“What, what the? It will also be like that in the future?”

“Yes, I’ve changed my policy. After thinking about it, I realised that I’ve been acting terribly. I’ve reflected deeply. If you don’t want to eat food in the future then I won’t force you. I’ll only feed Razak who wants to become stronger.”

“It’s a different story!”

“Why is it different? It’s what you always wanted.”

“It is, but…..”

Dedric stuttered with embarrassment. He certainly didn’t want to eat disgusting new dishes. But not eating at all was a problem. Since Razak stats increased after going through his second evolution, wouldn’t the difference become even bigger if only Razak ate the food? His position might even fall beneath Radun and Razak. No, it was almost certain. Then wouldn’t it go back to the days when he was bullied as a bat? Ark smiled like a wicked adult while watching Dedric shake his head.

‘Huhuhu, he really is childish.’

Ark actually learned this approach from his mother. As a child, Ark never took his medicine even when he had a high fever. He was so stubborn that his mother couldn’t force him. His mother abandoned it half-way and used a trick.

“If you don’t eat this then there is no possibility of becoming an adult… chance. I’ll just give it to the children next door. The children next door will grow rapidly while Hyun-woo will stay as a little kid. When the neighbourhood kids are playing at school, Hyun-woo will be playing by himself. Ah, our Hyun-woo is so pitiful.”

Then his mother burst into tears and Ark took the medicine. It was a bitter pill. Ark was also aware of this. That’s why he decided not to eat even if he died. But there was a movie that said loneliness was the hardest thing for a child. Since then Ark was a good child who took his medicine. He hated it, but he wanted to become a man…..

Anyway, Dedric wasn’t that different from when Ark was 4 years old. He didn’t like eating new dishes. But if he was ignored and everything given to Razak then he would become lonely. Then just like his mother, Ark approached Dedric and whispered in a gentle voice.

“I’m only saying it now, but don’t you think its better that Razak evolved first?”


“Think about it. Who do you think had really been useful so far?”


“You frustrating guy, of course it is you. In fact, I actually regard you as the number 2.  That is why you’re punished when there is a problem. It is standard for the boss to punish the upper rank as a demonstration to the subordinates. Then the rest would also follow. Why you ask? In their hearts, Radun and Razak also think of you as number 2.”


“Of course. That is why only you can such crude language.”

Was it really like that? No, Radun and Razak simply couldn’t talk.

“Anyway, you evolved first so you’re higher up in the hierarchy. Since you evolved first you were even more helpful in battle.  Do you understand? If you don’t help this time then it won’t be possible to catch the skyrays. Razak is no use even though he evolved. I couldn’t give up the opportunity for Razak to evolve but I didn’t really feel like it.”

Ark shook his head in regret.

“So I wanted to make you even stronger than Razak by feeding you new dishes……but I can’t help it if you don’t want to. You can just give up your number 2 spot to Razak. I’ll also only give food to Razak from now on. How about it?”

“Who said I didn’t like it?”

Dedric shouted loudly. Then Ark silenced Dedric and whispered in a low voice.

“Shh, please speak quietly. Radun or Razak can’t hear this.”


“You fool, those guys don’t realize that I’ve been treating you in a special manner.”


“Yes, special.”

Ark enunciated it clearly. Then Dedric smirked and laughed.

“If Master says so……okay, Razak is useless even though he evolved right? Huhuhu, of course it is like that. It is a skeleton that evolved. It is incomparable to a noble vampire. I didn’t know that Master was aware of it. Huhuhuhu, as the number 2 I’m supposed to show an example to the lower ones. Will you give me a new dish from now on?”

“Of course. You are special.”

“Okay, should I lure those guys towards Master?”

“As expected, I can only rely on you. I don’t have to explain it.”

“I’m not number 2 for nothing.”

Ark was laughing when a message window appeared.

Your pet ‘Dedric’ is looking at you with more respectful eyes.

The effect was immediate. Dedric behaved himself and flew up at an incredible pace.

“Hahaha, I am the number 2! Take this!”

Dedric narrowed the distance and quickly approached the skyray. And boldly…..after digging his fingers into his nose, he flicked it at their face. He fiercely used his ‘Taunt’ skill. The skyray instantly rushed towards Dedric with angry cries. However, the opponent was Dedric who was in extremely good spirits! Dedric avoided the attack and led the skyray towards Ark.

“Master, the number 2 guy has attracted a skyray!”

“You’re indeed the best! Razak, transform!”

Razak’s body transformed into a sword like a robot. The blade that Razak changed into also had a different appearance. There were some vertebrae sprouting from both sides and a black aura covered the blade. Ark picked up the saw blade, changed it into a whip and threw it towards the sky.


Thanks to the evolution, the whip became 5 metres longer and shot into the sky. Even though Razak evolved into the saw blade, he was still conscious. It was the reason why Ark could use the whip to wind around things even when he didn’t know how to use the whip. Razak knew Ark’s intent and aimed towards the skyray before winding tightly around it.


The skyray shrieked and twisted its body.

“Now. Please help!”


When Ark called out Guran, Bona, Buksil and Lariette who had been idly watching rushed forward and helped pull.  However they were facing a flying monster. It wasn’t easily taken down even with 5 people.

“We shouldn’t just blindly pull. When it tires from struggling then we’ll quickly pull. Please control the pace according to my commands. Release…..pull!”

“Heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-ho!”

5 people tugged on the saw blade.

“This bastard, where are you looking? A skyray dares defy me? I am the number 2 summon!”

Dedric also helped by stepping on the skyray from above. After a few minutes…..the skyray became exhausted and was dragged down. Using Dedric as bait was a great success.

“Huk, huk, huk, be good now. Bona, it’s your turn. Please change the stamped pattern.”


Bona said while gasping. He brought Ark’s wrist with the pattern close to the skyray and chanted a spell with his eyes closed. After a while, a message window floated in front of Ark.

-The trainer’s seal has been successfully renewed.

The skyray will continue to follow Ark for the duration of the effects of the sealing.

“Okay, we can’t take a break!”

Ark grabbed the reins and got on the skyray. The now docile skyray flew obediently into the sky.

“Dedric, lead the skyray to me coolly just like before!”

“Was I cool? Hehehe, okay. Master!”

He danced like a fool from the praise. Dedric felt good and shot across the sky like an arrow. Then he led them towards Ark who immediately wrapped his blade around them and drew the skyray to the ground. It wasn’t easy for 5 people pulling, but it wasn’t a problem if Ark utilizing the tame skyray. So Ark immediately caught all ten skyrays. Only 3 people were stamped so the skyrays could only follow their commands.

“Hehehe, how was it Master?”

Dedric strutted forward and said after capturing the skyrays ended.

“Yes, as expected from the number 2. I’ll feed you new dishes until your stats climb higher than Razak’s. You have the appropriate qualifications.”

“Really?  You promise?”

Dedric confirmed a few times. He was truly deceived. If a monkey was fed 4 times in the morning, he would be upset when only fed 3 times in the evening.  But if he fed the monkey 3 in the morning then he would be satisfied with 4 in the evening.

“Somehow this seems not right…..”

Dedric was more intelligent than a monkey so he was a little cautious. But when Ark mentioned the number 2 position and flattered him again, Dedric immediately forgot and laughed again.

He was indeed simple… was really pitiful.

“Ark-nim, I’ve finished updating all the seals.”

Guran approached after he finished stamping.

“Then let’s leave quickly.”

Ark and his companions walked towards the 10 skyrays. Guran and Bona were familiar with them and got on their backs. Buksil had suffered through the skyray dying during the storm and hesitated, but he eventually got on. But Lariette just stopped a small distance away.

“What’s wrong?”

“No…..are we flying in the air on these creatures?”

Lariette shuddered and shook her head.

“I, I’m……because I’m not familiar with this…, flying in the sky…..”

“It isn’t very risky.”

Ark murmured to try and calm Lariette down.

“It’s not that…..I…..this might be bad……I’m a bit afraid of heights…..”

Surprise showed in Ark’s expression. The skyrays were trained to obediently follow commands. Buksil was a merchant who would often travel long distances and had the riding skill. Ark also had the riding skill and was used to travelling on Radunma. It was possible even without the riding skill, but asking someone afraid of heights to fly on a skyray was definitely impossible. Then Guran shrugged and made a suggestion.

“It is okay.  Lariette will just have to travel with someone since she’s afraid. There are 10 skyrays so we can’t afford to change when it gets tired. But as you can see, Bona is not yet familiar with the skyrays…..”

Bona was seated in front of Guran. Ark looked at Buksil who pretended to stare at the distant mountains. Buksil didn’t want to travel with someone afraid of heights. Ark scratched his head before shrugging.

“Then please get on behind me.”


Lariette hesitated for a moment. However, she had no choice. Eventually she grabbed Ark’s hand and got on the skyray. And just like a girl riding on her boyfriend’s motorbike for the first time, Lariette grasped the edge of his shirt with a red face.

“Now, let’s go! Guran, please guide us.”

“Yes, hiyah!”

Guran grabbed the reins and ordered the skyrays into the sky. It rose in an almost vertical line!


Lariette screamed and hugged Ark tightly. Ark was so shocked that he almost dropped the reins.


Ark burst out in embarrassment but Lariette was already in a state of panic. All she could do was bury her head and scream. Meanwhile Buksil was filming the whole thing. He flew sideways holding the magic projector and made the OK sign with his fingers. But Ark was also falling into a panic.

‘If I laugh then I won’t be able to stop.’

Lariette had switched to a knight but she was still wearing a robe. Her soft touch and warm body temperature was clearly transmitted to him. Apart from his mother and Roco, Ark still had 0% resistance against women. Ark’s brain became paralyzed from the situation. Meanwhile the skyray was flying through the Netherworld’s spinning sky. Ark’s head was also spinning.

“I’m a little bit uneasy……”

Dedric was following behind him while still being confused.


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