Act 1: Underground World

ACT 1 Underground world


-Summon Warwick from the Magic Sword.


The sword which was formed from a person’s spine began to vibrate and hum. After a moment, the sword fell from his hand.


“Eh?”What, what the?”


The sword was stuck vertically into the ground and rotating in thin air.

Oduduk, Odududuk, Crunch!

An eerie sound rang out and the sword started to change.

Bones like a saw tooth started to extend out from both sides of the sword.  The extended bones started swelling up and move from side to side, top to bottom until they joined together like a complicated cubic puzzle. It was similar to the robot transformation scenes frequently seen in animated cartoons.

The result was the same as well.

The sword formed a black torso with wild hair, and decorated with armour made from the metal parts of the saw blade and an old sword. After seeing the transformation scene with his own eyes, he couldn’t understand how the blade could transform itself into that figure.  Well, the transformed robots on cartoons were also the same but ……..

Anyway, the Saw Blade transformed into a level 60 Skeleton Knight.


‘The explanation for the Saw Blade said that the spine came from someone abandoned in hell.’


He had seen many things travelling in New World.

The marvellous special effects weren’t amazing anymore.  But to transform with such a method.  He felt caught off guard.

Ark stared with dumb surprise.

When the skeleton knight Warwick raised his body, a deep blue flame burned in his hollow eye sockets.  The flames moved as he turned his head and gazed at Ark.


‘Is this guy also someone with no manners?’


Ark recalled the first time he met the owner of the Magic Sword, Dunphil. However, Warwick was a completely different type from Dunphil.

Warwick opened his jawbone and began to talk.


“Foreigner………..You kraken ……..defeated it?”




Warwick abruptly knelt down and bowed.


“To you………I express my thanks and respect.”




“My name is Warwick … ….At one time I respectfully swore my allegiance to the monarch …….I fought with barbarians and became an Honourable Knight. However, after I unintentionally died ………an evil spirit captured my soul on the Hills of Dawn and sealed me to this sword so that I was unable to leave.”


“Hills of Dawn?”


Ark was puzzled as he belatedly noticed the meaning.

It was a name that he had occasionally seen in the history books of New World.


”Is it the Hills of Dawn in Valhalla?’


It was common sense! Valhalla was the palace of the dead in Norse Mythology.  A warrior who died honourably in battle would receive an invitation to the Holy Land by the supreme god Odin.  They would train their skills and wait there until the Final Battle, Ragnarok.

New World was a fantasy game with different myths applied in each region from all over the world.  And in the Northern continent, a lot of the myths applied were about the Nordic World.

Getting back to the back, Warwick had wanted to get directly to the afterlife but had been captured by the Kraken.

Warwick showed regret in his eyes as he continued talking.


“From then on, for hundreds of years……….my spirit was corrupted and I became a devil…….my honour had been disgraced. It was a nightmarish time. To end the nightmare……….you have delivered the light of salvation.  You naturally have my thanks.”


Unlike the other guy, Warwick was unexpectedly polite.

Ark’s face became elated as he scratched his head.


“Well, since you’ve told me your thanks………..”


“I know”


Warwick nodded and produced a body.


“You’ve released the curse from the magic sword………..Now you have the power to summon me………The reason why you summoned me is easily understood………And I too……….I was waiting for this!”


“You were waiting?”


“I’ve already been to the Hills of Dawn ……..that invitation was also corrupted. ………….However, meeting a truly honourable opponent has fired up my soul like in the past ……..If you can duel ……..My soul can be saved … … …And my strength and experience can be a foundation for you……..It would be delightful! Now ……..who will be my opponent……..Who are you? Of course, if your summon defeated the Kraken………His abilities must be better than expected! Oooh ……… fighting spirit is kindled!”


Warwick couldn’t hide his excitement and shouted, shaking his sword.

His bones came alive at the subject.


“Now, I’m ready ……….my fighting spirit …….call them before I disappear!”


“It has already been summoned?”




Warwick scanned the place with baffled eyes.  His burning gaze found Dedric standing to one side.


“Certainly……..I can feel the spirit of the Netherworld on this child……..but…….it is difficult! Even though I am corrupted………this body is an honourable knight! How can I against a young child………wield my sword?”


“What the? A child? Hey, dude! How old are you?”


Dedric who had changed into the form of a young child said angrily.

At that time, Ark pointed to Skull rolling along the floor.


“Do not worry about it, Warwick. Your opponent is here”


Warwick’s gaze followed Ark’s fingertips.  And witnessed Skull looking proud at receiving Ark’s nomination.

Seems like ……… embarrassing and awkward silence flowed.

Warwick looked stunned as he peeked at Skull and then looked at Ark.

A joke? His glowing eyes seemed to ask.

When Ark shook his head, the normally polite Warwick shouted.


“I’ve been polite to you. But now you’re insulting me!”


“I’m sorry but this is the situation. So can’t you try and fight?”


“I can’t endure it anymore, not matter how much you’ve saved me!”


Warwick threatened with his sword as he approached Ark.  At that moment, Skull jumped and crashed into Warwick.

Warwick flinched and retreated. Skull had roughly interrupted him.  He had a rarely seen angry countenance.

Warwick looked at Skull with surprised eyes.

He did this for a while as some form of dialogue seemed to pass between the both of them, before Warwick sighed and nodded.


“Right…….that was what happened? I’m sorry ……….although only the skull remained……….you are also a warrior who knows honour…….I only looked at the surface and ignored you………I apologize.”


Clack clack clack!


After he was told that, Skull naturally held up his chin.

However, Warwick shook his head.


“Your fighting spirit and courage …… fully realized…….but I still can’t accept the duel……..after looking at me you will notice…….for now, you’re still lacking too much…….unless the difference is filled up…….I will never accept a duel with you.”


Clack clack clack!


“You can say it as many times as you like, the answer is still the same…… heart won’t burn against a weak opponent…… isn’t possible to go to the Hills of Dawn with such a duel……..summon me again…….if you improve your skills enough to fight me.”


Skull seemed shocked as he closed his mouth.

Warwick sighed and looked at Ark.


“I am indebted to you…….However, no matter how many times you summon me……..I cannot fight an opponent that doesn’t stir me ………..your pet also……..and you wouldn’t want to win in a dishonourable way.”


“No, I suppose not?”


Ark quickly replied.

Dishonour? Are you joking?

After all if Skull wins then he can evolve.

Also if the fight against Warwick wasn’t difficult, then he would be thankful.  However, Warwick was more rigid than he imagined.


“I wish? Fu……..For a while I thought you were going to insinuate the idea ……..however, I was excessive………..that the guy who beat the Kraken would have such thoughts……..I apologize ………after all……….that is why I cannot accept this duel ……then……..”


“No, there seemed to be some misunderstanding……..I’m not someone as out of touch as you think. Good, that’s good? Hey, Hey! Are you listening? Ya! I said wait.”


However, before Ark could speak Warwick had already transformed back into a blade.

Dedric snorted and muttered.


“He isn’t a funny guy”



He never imagined that the owner of the magic sword would refuse to duel.

The owners of the magic sword really come in different types.

Ark sighed and picked up the Saw Blade.

Anyway, since he could only summon once in a 24 hour period, there was no way to resummon him. And even if he summoned Warwick again, the result would be the same with him refusing to duel.


‘Then again, the present Skull would have no chance of beating the level 60 opponent……’


Currently, the average level of his summons was around 45.  However, the average level was higher because of Dedric.  In fact, Skull was still around level 40.  Moreover, he has no offensive skills. He wasn’t in a state where he could fight Warwick and win.


‘Maybe it was better that he had refused the duel.’


In Skull had died, then he would also be unable to summon him for a 24 hour period.  Therefore he would not be able to fight for 24 hours and would experience no growth.  He summoned Warwick in order to see his stats, and he determined that there was no reason to duel.


‘For the time being, I have to think a little bit more.’


Although it was disappointing, Ark soothed himself and snatched the sword.

The damage of the Saw Blade was higher than Lancel’s Sword. However if he considered the attack bonus when fighting with Dedric the owner of the Magic Sword then Lancel’s Sword was more useful.


“Eh? What the?” Skull, what’s wrong?”


Ark had been about to move when Skull pulled at the hem of his clothes. Ark squatted down puzzled as Dedric muttered.


“Ooh, really? Really? Ha, those words?  I’m good”


“What do you mean?”


“Ohehehe, Master. Skull asked when you would create a new dish to feed him that would unconditionally change him? Whatever you’re making would soothe him.”


“What? Skull, really?”


Skull nodded his head.

Ark also knew the feeling.

In fact, Ark was worried that Skull would be depressed after the duel wasn’t accepted.  However in contrast to his worry, enthusiasm seemed to overflow from Skull. Although Skull had now lost all memories of the past as well as his body, he was also an honourable warrior.

Perhaps the conversation he had with Warwick was about that content.  He must have felt the desire to win fairly after remembering his days as a warrior.  In the past, Dedric would eat like crazy in order to get vengeance on Dunphil.  However, Skull was a warrior who wanted to eat food for his and Ark’s honour.  The magic sword played a motivating role in inspiring the growth of his summons.  And that will make his pet grow several times stronger.


“Okay, Skull. Then you’ll need to be prepared for even harder training in the future.”


Once he outlined the situation, Ark crossed the bone room.

The room where the Kraken was located had a side blocked by a huge iron door.

The residents of the Underground World had carved this sentence on the iron doors.

But the lever to open the door was broken.  However, just after Ark defeated the Kraken.  He figured out how to open the door.


“Snake, the ectoplasm glue!”


At Ark’s order, Snake opened its mouth and spat something out.

It was LPG gas cylinders with green slime twitching inside the transparent tubes.  After the kraken disappeared, this was the item that Snake found among the piles of bones and items.


[Spirit Body Glue (Special)It was glue made out of ectoplasm capable of sticking body and spirit together.From a long time ago, numerous bodies had been abandoned in the hell.  The souls of the dead bodies in the labyrinth were collected by the evil spirit, which mixed the impurities together to form the ectoplasm.  The instinct to stick to the ectoplasm was very strong. Also, once the ectoplasm was touched it recognises the body and you would be unable to get away.

The ectoplasm would stick to each other and form a huge lump, which would spread into its surroundings and corrupt everything.  That was the result of the corruption from the Kraken.  However, now that the nucleus of the Kraken had disappeared, the souls of the people have become simple ectoplasm again.

When the ectoplasm is used, any object would be able to stick to it.  In essence there is no limit on the size and length of the spiritual body.  In addition, once an object is joined it won’t fall off unless it is destroyed.  Using it as a joke was prohibited! Someone might have to live their whole lives with the hands or feet attached.

{The number of uses: 5 times}]


That is to say mixing fallen souls together would create an adhesive like glue.


-I’m lonely and bored.Isn’t there anything to be attached to?


-Woo-ssi, what are you looking at? Sometime to stick to?


-Hahaha, I’m glue. Put me on everything!


After shaking the tubes, voices mumbling could be heard.

Ark looked at the tube with a strange expression. Even if it was a fantasy game, using ectoplasm as a glue was like a horror movie……..

Furthermore, if the adhesive was shaken even a little bit then it would endlessly complain. It is an item which your common sense wasn’t sure if it should laugh or be afraid.


‘Where on earth would such a thing be used?’


When he first checked the item, he wasn’t able to think of a use for it.  Jeez, even though glue could be used everywhere, why did he find such a strange item at this time.

But after a while, Ark could quickly see why.

The exit of the bone room was the broken lever.


‘Aha, so if I hadn’t defeated the Kraken then I wouldn’t have been able to open the door.’


Ark approached the level with a bone of a suitable size.  And he opened the tube containing some murmuring voices and let it flow out.


-Uoooh, It’s outside!


-Awesome. Stick! Let’s stick!


After the bone was applied to the lever, the viscous liquid flowed over and stuck it together.

It was one performance.  Once stuck together, the bone and lever looked like it had originally been like that.  The ectoplasm was also satisfied and didn’t mutter anymore.


‘Now I finally ……..’


Ark glanced nervously at the iron door.

Only one thing left to do now!

Just open the iron doors to the Underground World.  It was a new world no one had seen yet, just like the Undersea world!

He wondered if there was a mountain of treasure beyond the iron doors.  Or a legendary unknown monster. Ark checked his equipment before pulling the lever.

He organized the items in his bag and repaired the equipment whose durability fell beforehand. And last but not least, he scrupulously checked his character information window.


“Stat window”

Character Name Ark Race Human
Alignment Good+200
Fame 1695 Level 95
Profession Dark Walker
Title Cat Knight, Caretaker of All, Jackson’s Hero
Health 1925 Mana 1520 (+100)
Spiritual Power 100 Strength 232 (+ 5)
Agility 282 (+ 15) Stamina 362
Wisdom 31 Intelligence 275
Luck 42 Flexibility 27
Art of Communication 23 Affection 55 (+ 10)
Special stat: Knowledge of Ancient Relics 83
Equipment item effects
Guardian Armour of the Merpeople: Water Attribute Resistance +100%, Penalty based on water is nullified.Cat Paws: Attack Speed +10%, Agility +15, Critical Hit +10%Crystal Golem’s Head: Mana + 100

Norad Boots: movement speed + 10%, avoidance rate + 5%

Adelaine’s Necklace: Def + 40, Affection + 10

Resurrecting Spirit: Strength + 5, Mana Recovery + 5%

* All abilities will increase by 30% in the dark* You have the ability to hide in the darkness (15 minutes duration. Cancelled when you get into combat)* Resistance Fear, Darkness, Blind, and Seduction spells is increased by 50%.

* You can bring out the true abilities from all types of tools.



After hunting the Kraken, his level increase by 2 to 95!




Ark took a deep breath and pulled the lever.

Kkurururu, with a ponderous sound, the iron doors were pushed out and rose up.

At the same time, Ark’s mouth opened absent-mindedly.


“What, what the?” This is the subterranean world? ”


An incredible spectacle unfolded in front of him.








The place where Ark had entered was on top of a mountain of great height.

Mountain, yes, it was a mountain.

In Cairo, he had fallen through thousands of metres before hitting the ground.  From there, he had descended tens of metres through the underground labyrinth until he had reached the iron doors……..yet there was a huge mountain of extravagant height.


“What on earth is going on?”


Ark looked around with a perplexed gaze.

At the base of the mountain, a dense forest and deep ravine stretched to the horizon.  There was nothing different about the landscape compared to the Brandt Mountains.


“Jeez, did I make a mistake? Even the stars in the sky……..Ara? The stars are close………..? ”


Ark looked up at the sky puzzled.

The dark night sky was clear and there were numerous stars floating like jewels.  But strangely, he felt as if he could stretch out his hands and catch the stars at any minute.  No, it was not just a feeling. The stars were really not far away.


“Strange? Dedric, check it out”


“Ah, okay.”


Dedric flapped his wings and flew away.  And after a few minutes, he grabbed a star.


“This is…………it’s not a star? Stones, shiny stones!”


“Shining stone? Then the shine from the ceiling was because of ores?”


“Yes, everywhere else is also covered with these stones.”


Ark’s mouth widened. There was no longer any room for doubt.

The ceiling was so thick that an ore mine had developed.  It was clear that Ark had correctly found the Underground World.  But there was another reason Ark was surprised.  Ark had misunderstood the extravagant amount of ore as stars!

Low-grade ore could be used to produce various kinds of jewellery.

One finger-sized ore was worth approximately 20-40 silver.


‘But when it is a big ore like that…….! ‘


Ark swallowed his saliva and asked.


“De-Dedric. Is it possible to take it out?”


“Ugh, no. It is unbelievably hard. I can’t even move it.”


Of course, it doesn’t matter how hidden the area is if he couldn’t deplete it for jewellery. Even if Ark could fly with a pickaxe, he wouldn’t be able to remove the ore.  It was a one of-a-kind jewellery, but stuck to the landscape.


‘I have to walk past it even though it is such a huge chunk of money………’


Ark stared at the ore with bloodshot eyes before eventually turning away.  Walking away from the sight in the sky felt like digestive juices causing a sore stomach.


‘Anyway, this place is apparently the Underground World.  If so, a fragment of the Three Marvels is hidden somewhere here.  And there would also be the residents of the underground world, the beastmen.  Guess I have to find them first.’


Ark checked his equipment again before heading down the slope.  The area was underground and dark, but the ores embedded in the ceiling made it brighter than general dungeons.  He continued heading down the steep slope to where the forest stretched out.  When he entered, the forest immediately captured Ark’s gaze.  In the forest, the trees and plants were something that he had never even seen outside.  It was probably isolated from the world for a long time so a unique ecosystem developed.  That is why fruits that couldn’t even be imagined were scattered around the rivers.


“Whoa! Look, master! The fruit thrown around!”


Dedric curiously tackled the strange fruit attached structure.

After he finished exploring the underground labyrinth, his stores of ingredients was running low.  In addition, seeing an ingredient for the first time means that new dishes could be prepared.

Ark rushed to gather the fruit. However, as soon as it fell from the tree, a sound was heard and the fruit broke.


-Harvesting failed.


After many failed attempts, he had only managed to pick one fruit.  And after ingredient identification failed twice, he finally managed to obtain information about the food.


[Bao Fruit (Food)The Bao Fruit is a special plant that only grows in the Underground World.  Because the size is different and it is a very sensitive plant, advanced foraging skill is required.  When picked, it can be used in a dish or as a magic ingredient and if it is dried and powdered then it can be used as a spice.]


His foraging and ingredient identification skills were intermediate level.

Even so, the fact that it was so difficult to pick meant that it was a high level ingredient.  Indeed, after he managed to pick one, his skills rose by 1. Of course, some of his ingredients couldn’t be used anymore because it became stale, to the extent that if he left ingredients lying around it would spoil.


The ingredient level would also mean higher food effects? Such ingredients were scattered around the area.  Ouhahaha. It is a paradise for Survival Cooking!’


The fruit as a fruit, herb as an herb, poisonous plant as poisonous…….

Even if it was poisonous, Ark’s style of cooking was to not throw any ingredients away.  Ark slowly gazed at the ingredients and crazily collected it.  It was to the extent that he forgot the reason why he came to the Underground World in the first place.  How far did he walk?

By the time his empty bags were filled with ingredients……..

A bush to the side began to shake and the sound of a person was audible.

Ark reflexively held his breath.

He had been in the underground world for 30 minutes.  He would’ve been relieved at the sight of a common wolf. But there was no monster. Soon two monsters appeared in the bush behind him.  It was the first time he had seen such a monster.

It was a cricket like monster with 2 legs that smashed the branches as it walked.  And the monster was wound around its body like a plant was riding the cricket monster.


“Enemy? Eyes of the Cat”


After checking the information with Eyes of the Cat, Ark took a deep breath.


‘Kanggeul? Level…….Huk, 150?’


“Aid! Kara! By the nose!”


When the monster riding it shouted, the Kanggeul attacked Ark.  When a thorny branch hit him, he instantly lost 300 health.  There was also a strong bleeding effect which made him lose more health.


‘Oh my god, the first monster I encountered here was a level 150 monster!’


Ark’s current level was 94. With his dark attribute bonus he reached level 120.  However, no matter his ability or level Ark was a strong opponent.  Especially if he used a pre-emptive strike.

Ark quickly judged the situation.


‘The risk in this fight is too big.’


Even more than usual, Ark could not die here.

He hadn’t updated the resurrection place yet. If he died, he would have no choice but to resurrect in the place where Andel was waiting.

Is such a risk worth fighting against a level 150 monster?


“Dedric, Skull. Emergency plan D. Buy some time while I run away!”


“Sheesh, master. Should I let it hit once?”


“Shut up! There is no time to be playing around.”


Ark shouted and turned his body.

Then Dedric and Skull stood on both sides, blocking the Kanggeul.  If there were two opponents, the use of plan D in this case meant at least an 80% chance of escaping.  This was because monsters usually looked to the front to attack. But………!


“Chic! Chic! Woo-ramba!”


The one riding Kanggeul had noticed him and grabbed wildly at the reins while shouting. And the cricket’s body flew into the sky.  And it flew 10 metres until it was in front of Ark.

A sharp spear rushed in front of him.


“Pant, what is this …!”


Ark rolled to the floor to avoid damage from the spear.


“Master, this isn’t our fault!”


“Shut up and move! The C-3! Do everything you can to stop this guy!”


Ark raised his voice angrily.

The mobility of the cricket Kanggeul was unthinkable.

He knew that crickets could jump up several times their height.  With the trees and bushes in the way, it wouldn’t be easy to escape this guy.  But he still had his summons to even the odds.


‘Yes, the pets should take care of one opponent. I have no choice but to see the game through.’


Quick decision! A rapid assessment of the situation led to an action.


“Ok, let’s see where it is attached. That vine child will be begging! Snake, sword! No, the best cheap sword!”


Ark was looking for a cheap sword.

Due to Ark’s training, Snake could now determine the value of items and pulled out a battered sword.  As soon as he caught the sword in his hand, he prepared to unbeatable skill.


“Blade Storm!”


The battered sword shattered to pieces and struck Kanggeul.  However, Ark’s habit of thinking about profit or loss in a crisis only worsened the situation.  The sword shattered into dozens of pieces at best.  Each fragment only did 5 damage.  The damage dealt by dozens of pieces could have been done with one Dark Blade.  Blade storm used flashy special effects and took out a little bit of nature and struck Kanggeul for no reason.


-Critical Hit 500 damage!You are Bleeding and will receive 10 damage every 10 seconds for 1 minute.


For a short time after he used the skill, he was defenceless.

Ark received a critical hit and was in a bleeding state.  Thanks to that, his health was quickly reduced by 40%.


“Eat this!


Profanities once again emerged from his chest after a long time. He swallowed tears of blood and pulled out a pretty decent sword. It was worth a surprising 1 gold!


“Batarat! The offensive of ten thousand won!”


It was like a stretched out scene where he realised that money was just as important in the game as it was in society.

Once money was involved, the special effects were different.  When the sword shattered, it was with a loud boom and violent crack that spread out.

And a tornado like storm was raised and attacked Kanggeul.

A little while ago, Kanggeul had laughed at the same attack.  But right now, it couldn’t be compared.  The power of a 1~2 thousand won attack and a ten thousand won attack couldn’t be the same.

It was the power of cash!

A roaring sound was heard as Kanggeul’s vitality was reduced by 40%. And there was a double critical chance as the cricket fell down and Ark moved quickly.


“Damn, what kind of money do you think I’m made of? Snakes, deadly poison!”


The sword glowed green from the poisonous effects as he used Dark Blade.  The deadly poison damage was also added to the damage that occurred from ignoring the defense.  Kanggeul stumbled back and hurriedly lifted a spear.

However, Ark’s fury was terrifying.  When he ran up with bloody tears, Kanggeul was astonished.  And in his madness, he laid down a flurry of continuous attacks.


“Ma-Master! You’re alive!”


Dedric and Skull were struggling behind him.

It was a daunting opponent for two summons that were only level 45.  In addition to the cricket’s mobility, if it wasn’t for the combination with the enemy opponent then it might have defeated already.

Ark’s eyes burned red.


“I’m going to get as much experience as I can!”


His ten thousand won anger was indeed terrifying.

Ark shrieked and ran at Kanggeul who was on the defensive. And using the A-2 plan, which was a concentrated wave of attacks with his summons, the opponent was eventually in a critical condition.


“The grudge of money is scary!”


Ark swung his sword and made a finishing attack.

At the moment, Kanggeul shrieked and tried to escape into the sky by jumping over the trees.


“There! Dedric, stop it!”




Dedric opened his wings and flew into the sky. But unlike what he thought, Kanggeul did not run away.  Been on a thick branch River is an abrupt and say pause began bustling atmosphere. Kanggeul perched on a thick branch and started talking.


“Eric, I, Noraness!”


“Pant, Master!”


Dedric was astonished and stumbled back.

Crunch, wadeudeuk! Kwajak!

The forest moved. No, to be precise it was the wood.

A big tree several metres in diameter slowly rose up and was it approaching Ark? And in the darkness, a few strands of ivy whipped out.

He reflexively stopped it with his sword but his health was still decreased. At the same time, Ark’s face lost colour.

He stuck up his chin breathlessly.  The monster that appeared before Ark was a giant tree.  It was like the ancient spirits of the tree that occasionally appeared in fantasy movies.

But this monster appeared many times more terrible and threatening.  Dozens of vines hung from the old tree trunk and swayed in every direction as it threatened Ark.

Plant Golem……..It was a monster that was a whopping level 250.


“It’s a fraud!”


It wasn’t even a boss monster but a general monster that was level 250?


‘Was it a mistake to come?’


Ark began to wonder if something was wrong.

It was a situation that anyone who played online games would have experienced.  The experience where you adventure all over the place and then accidently enter a high level area.

In that case, if the user meets an enemy with ridiculously high level and stats, they would be forced to turn tail and run or lie down and die.  Of course, Ark often experienced this in other games.  This was such a situation.  Before he entered the Underground World, he had fought the level 100 skeletons in the underground labyrinth.

The slime was level 130 which suggests that it was an intermediate boss.  But as soon as he entered the Underground World, he met a level 250 monster?

It was not an ordinary monster. It was the same degree of difficulty as a tentacle wielding monster!


“What the hell! I only came through the iron gates yet what is with this absurd level difference?”


Ark swore as he attacked the vines flying everywhere.

Even while he did this, his health which was at 20% declined and he fell into critical condition.


‘No! Even when my health was 100%, I wouldn’t be able to beat the Plant Golem!’


“Skull, Dedric.  D-4 plan!”


“Damn you,Iunderstand!”


At Ark’s order, his summons scattered in different directions.  Dedric and Skull would attract the monster’s attention until Ark was out of the combat zone ………..If possible, he had not wanted to use this strategy.

After Skull and Dedric overcame danger and attacked like in the plan, he turned tail and ran away.  Then the Plant Golem shrieked and chased after the skull and bat.

Meanwhile under the adrenaline effect activated by his critical condition, Ark did his best to run away.

How much time had passed? Suddenly red light flashed and he received damage.


-Skull has been forcefully recalled to the Netherworld.  You have received 50% of the Familiar’s Health as damage.


Skull who wasn’t agile was the first to be killed by the Plant Golem. And not even 1 minute later, Dedric was forcefully recalled as well.  If he hadn’t run away and drank a potion, he would have died from the damage.  However, the situation was still worse. Because his pets had died faster than expected, his battle state still hadn’t gone away.


‘I can’t afford to die so I just have to run away as much as possible.’


It was a mistake to pay attention to the money.

Fortunately, Kanggeul and the Golem still hadn’t discovered Ark. However, with the cricket’s mobility it was only a matter of time. There was no way to escape once he was noticed.


‘Did I come here just to die?’


Ark was desperate as he heard Kanggeul behind him. As he turned his head to check, something tugged at his feet.  At the same time, his body was pulled through the ground and it was dark.


“What, what the?”




Ark turned perplexed, when something stepped in front of him.

At the same time, he heard the voice of the cricket right above him. The footsteps of Kanggeul and the Plant Golem passed over his head a few times before eventually disappearing when they couldn’t find Ark.

Ark let out a breath as the battle state disappeared.  Then he heard a voice from behind him.


“You are a foreigner?”


“I…….eh? Your appearance…….perhaps are you……..”


“Heheh, that’s right. I’m a Beast”


In the dark, the chubby boy replied with a grin.

Yes, the boy was not an ordinary person.

He was a NPC that resembled a beast.  However, his appearance was different from the Mermaid or Meow clan he had met previously.

The boy had dark circles around the eyes with a ringed belly that popped out.  And swaying from his hips was a short round tail with stripes along it.

As soon as he saw it an animal popped into his head.



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Just want to say a huge thank you to you for doing this! I couldn’t wait for Japtem to translate so I tried reading bing/Google translate and eh.. It was quite horrible. Thank you again for doing this.


No problem. The same thing also happened to me and I couldn’t get through one chapter. But I was so impatient that I thought I would try it out. It was hard at first but once I found the correct method its a lot quicker.

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is this really machine translation ? please share the correct method .


I’m not sure what you mean. Why wouldn’t it be machine translated? And I have shared the method I’ve used. I use a program that splits the korean raws into smaller sentences and then I translate it using 3 or 4 different translation programs such as google and systran. I compare the translations and write the final sentence using most accurate translations.

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what program ,share it please? i only tried using babylon + BT + GT for translating then try to make a sense of it . usually take 3hrs to finish 1 chapter.


My way takes a while as well because I’m going through individually translating each sentence. But I use Memsource for splitting and Lingoes for translating

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oh , thank you bro , ill try it for LMS .


Thanks for the chapter
Much appreciated


Thanks for another great chapter!
Keep up the fantastic work.


Still waitng for a heroine for Ark ….


Thank ya very much for the translation translator! Many thanks towards the Author!


was the item snake grabbed not supposed to be revealed until after the kraken was defeated?


Reminds me about the anime where they fight with money