Act 1: Invade Rwigenberg

ACT 1 Invade Rwigenberg

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

1,200 W speakers let out a burst of violent sound in Global Exos Planning Department. The bass made it feel like the air was vibrating. It was a storm of sound! However, the staff of the Planning Department didn’t care about that sound anymore. Rather than listening to the sound, they were watching the overwhelming images on the 120 inch LED TV. The staff of the Planning Department such as Ha Myung-woo, Kim Gwon-tae and Ho Myung-hwan had been staring blankly at the large TV screen for a few hours. They weren’t the only ones staring at the TV. Korea……No, perhaps millions of people were in the same situation all over the world. The TV was showing the real time battle of the Demonic War at Kwarian Island. Currently, similar images were being broadcasted from 5~6 different channels. Shortly after the Legend Quest was triggered in New World, each broadcaster mobilized to broadcast the combat situation in Kwarian in real time. And a large number of personnel from Global Exos were also monitoring the situation. They were watching the TV broadcast in the Planning Department. However, the Global Exos’ Planning Department staff wasn’t watching the broadcast comfortably.


“Damn those demons!”

“The expedition army is being pushed back!”

“Aw, the lead fleet has been wiped out by the demons’ counterattack!”

The staffs’ faces changed every moment because of the military situation. The outcome of this battle affected a lot of people. If the expedition army failed to stop the Dark Lord from resurrecting then there was no guarantee what would happen to New World. Global Exos would completely lose control of New World. Then they wouldn’t be able to give the normal game service anymore. It was truly a crisis for Global Exos. And the crisis in the workplace was also a crisis for the staff. If Global Exos had a financial problem then they would be transmitted down to the employees. That’s right. The outcome of the Demonic War didn’t just affect the contents of the game. Their livelihood also depended on it. If New World was occupied by the Dark Lord then the users might not be able to play the game anymore. They might lose their jobs altogether.  The Demonic War felt even more urgent to the staff of Global Exos then the players.

“Ugh, three combat ships have sunk!”

“Dammit, we can only look at his situation……”

Despairing voices emerged as they watch the expedition’s battleship being destroyed. In fact, Global Exos gave a special holiday for the staff playing New World so that they would join the expedition army. Most of the staff was monitoring them. However, that was only possible if the staff had reached a certain level. The low levelled staff had no choice but to watch the screen blankly. But the military situation was different from their expectations and they became gloomier by the minute. The combined expedition from the Bristania and Schudenberg kingdoms had approximately 100,000 people! They rode the ships and arrived at Kwarian Island. However, the power of the demons present at Kwarian was beyond imagination. There were hundreds of thousands of demons prepared to stop the expedition army! And there was also a huge amount of magic concentrated on Kwarian so their revival speed also quickened. Therefore the expedition was in danger of being destroyed within a few hours.

“Is there really no way?”

“Do we just have to watch the destruction of New World?”

Everyone moaned desperately.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Then there was a flash of light and an abrupt roar from the TV. The spacious office was filled with a lot of light. The staff flinched and lifted their heads.

“Is that…..?”

“There’s no doubt, it is the airships of the Magic Institute!”

That’s right. The airships had appeared in the dark sky! The airships used the Spear of Thor to melt thousands of demons. They immediately began to support the expedition army by air.


The light coming from the Spear of Thor was like a light of salvation to the staff of the Planning Division.

“They’re just in time!”

Ha Myung-woo clutched his fist tightly and shouted. It was the presence of the 2nd expedition force. But after the 2nd expedition force joined, it couldn’t afford to support the naval battle anymore. When the airships appeared, the gargoyles and Drakens instantly appeared from the Rwigenberg. The flying monsters gathered like vultures and the air battle started.

“Damn, the airships have low manoeuvrability so it will be difficult to deal with them!”

“Is it possible?”

The staff once again watched anxiously as several hot air balloons crashed.

Buaaaaa! Buaaaaa!

Then there was the sound of engines and thousands of flying boats emerged from the 30 airships. They began attacking the gargoyles and Drakens in an orderly fashion.


“I didn’t know that the Magic Institute possessed flying boats!”

“The users controlling the flying boats don’t seem to be ordinary either…..”

“……What on earth? The person commanding the flying boat in the lead?”

All the employees’ eyes were focused on the user who took control of the aerial combat. The user was commanding the flying boat formation and killing demons with amazing skill! Then Ho Myung-hwan in the back jumped up and yelled.

“Ark, that user is Ark-nim!”

That’s right. The user that the camera and the Global Exos staff were focused on in the battlefield was Ark. Ha Myung-woo looked at Ark on the screen after hearing Ho Myung-hwan’s words.


Of course, Ha Myung-woo had heard the name Ark a few times. But he had always appeared as Dark Wolf in the videos so this was the first time he saw Ark’s actual appearance.

“That’s right, that user……”

Ha Myung-woo hadn’t become the chief of the Planning Department of a big company at a young age because of luck. He got this position because of his ability to judge the situation and respond faster than other people. Ha Myung-woo instinctively sensed that the core of this battle was Ark.

“Okay, tell all the candidates participating in the Kwarian battle to support Ark as much as possible!”

Ha Myung-woo judged the situation and directed. Well, he couldn’t know how useful the instruction was just by watching on TV. But that was all he could do now. Thanks to Ark, the battle tilted towards the side of the expedition army. The cheat like scorch cannons installed on Kwarian were expected by Ha Myung-woo after hearing about it from several staff members and he watched as Ark annihilated them after much struggles.

“Did you see? Did you see? That is Ark-nim!”

Ho Myung-hwan shouted excitedly as Ark soared up from the lava like a phoenix and destroyed the scorch cannons. Ho Myung-hwan felt a deep emotion for Ark so he had been watching him since Ark was level 150.

“Ohhh, as expected of Ark!”

“As expected, Ark is immortal!”

The Planning Department instantly became excited after seeing Ark’s moves.

“Now, let’s go. Ark!”

“Take out that stingray quickly!”

“If the Rwigenberg is destroyed then it will be the expedition’s victory!”

The staff shouted as Ark finished destroying the cannons and approached Rwigenberg with the airships. But the next moment, their faces stiffened.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The attack launched by the airships hit the Rwigenberg. The Planning Department staff and the millions of viewers thought it was all over. However, the scene revealed was different from their expectations. The Rwigenberg didn’t even have one scratch. Only the transparent shield surrounding the Rwigenberg was scratched.


The staffs’ faces became puzzled just like Ark’s. A huge number of demons once again appeared from the Rwigenberg. And that was just the beginning. The scorch cannons that Ark had barely managed to destroy once again reformed on top of the castle walls on Rwigenberg’s back.

“That is ridiculous!”

The staff stared at the scene with shock and despair. Ha Myung-woo hurriedly shouted.

“Kim Gwon-tae, something…..isn’t there another way?’

“If there was another way then would we just be watching this?”

Kim Gwon-tae sighed and shook his head. Ha Myung-woo slammed his fist against a desk.

“Damn, we are the game publisher! Does it make sense that we can only watch New World be smashed? Isn’t there something we can do? If only we could stop the Dark Lord’s resurrection by hacking the main server!”


The Planning Department staff trailed off. Then Ho Myung-hwan’s eyes widened as he watched the TV.

“Team Chief-nim!”


Ha Myung-woo was about to shout angrily when he suddenly shut his mouth. A giant object had appeared on the 120 inch screen. A white tower in the centre of a huge land mass was crossing the sky.  The giant land mass had dozens of g*n turrets installed that fired towards the flash bombs heading towards the airships. That wasn’t all. Then thousands of people riding on the back of skyrays shot arrows and 100 armoured battleships attacked the sea demons.

“Shangri-La and the Eastern Nation, the merchant’s guild…… They are Wormer, Shambala…..Ark’s clan!”

Ho Myung-hwan shouted at the sight.

“Ark’s clan?”

“Ark-nim is the centre of his group. But Wormer is the inventor who helped Ark-nim in the Demonic War and he had fought in life and death situations with Shambala. The relationship between them is a little strange but Sid is the one who helps Ark-nim financially and he has a vast amount of influence in the merchant’s guild.

“They entered the war to help Ark?”

“That’s right!”

Ho Myung-hwan replied in an excited voice. Ha Myung-woo nodded after hearing those words.

“As my intuition said, the core of this battle is Ark. Wouldn’t we understand the situation more if we closely watch Ark?”

“Ark-nim has a deal with the game exclusive news. While the other stations are also broadcasting this in real time, the game exclusive news will be showing the video taken by Ark.”

“Okay, change to the game exclusive news channel.”

The staff switched channels on the TV at Ha Myung-woo’s command. The game exclusive news was also broadcasting the Kwarian battle as a special story. As expected, they were broadcasting the video Ark took using the eyeball.

“Ho Myung-hwan, watch carefully since you know Ark the best.”

“I understand.”

Ho Myung-hwan answered with an excited expression.


The other staff stuttered as they looked at Ha Myung-woo. He had just been yelling about finding another method while watching the battle and now Ha Myung-woo’s attitude had completely changed. They looked at Ha Myung-woo before turning back to the screen as he exclaimed.

“If you have nothing to do then cheer!”

“I understand.”

“Play, play, Ark!”

The Planning Department staff entered cheering mode.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The roaring sound resounded through the dark space again and again. It was a sound that shook the brain through their eardrums. However, that deafening sound through the video was nothing to experiencing it in real life. The battlefield considered of several kilometres with Kwarian Island in the centre and thousands of flashes covered this space. 1,000 armoured battleships were fighting against the sea demons while the airships were engaged with thousands of demons in the sky. However, the most intense battles were coming from the flying boats that Ark commanded. Ark fought fiercely in the forefront while riding Burning Soul.

“Hmmm Burning Soul, let’s rearrange the formation!”

Kurarara, kurarara!

Then Burning Soul who was transformed in Pendragon spewed out flames and retreated. There was no time to rest once stepping foot on a battlefield. As soon as he left, a flying boat approached him and shouted.

“Ark-nim, the 21st squadron has been encircled by the demons!”

Ark couldn’t take a break as he gave out new orders.

“Tell the 13th and 14th squadron to support them!”

“If the 13th and 14th squadron leaves then there will be no one to protect the hot air balloons on the right side.”

“I know that. But if the 21st squadron doesn’t survive then the demons will penetrate the right defense line. The whole defense line will be at risk. How the hot air balloons retreat and concentrate on rescuing the 21st squadron!”

“I understand.”

The messenger who received Ark’s order turned the flying boat around and flew back into battle. However, other messengers arrived and shouted before the other one had even disappeared.

“Ark-nim, the 8th squadron is requesting support!”

“There is no room to support them at the moment. Tell them to retreat from the front lines and recover!”

“Yes, I’ll communicate the orders!”

The messenger replied before flying back.

“Damn, it feels like my head is about to burst……”

Ark sighed after looking at the complicated tangle of flying boat squadrons and demons. When looking at the military situation, there were several painful scenes. If he focused the troops here then it would be possible to somewhat improve the military situation. Why couldn’t the Commander see it?

…..That was what he had thought once or twice. In fact, that was the reason why Ark accepted the position of the 2nd expedition’s commander. But he realized it was different once he actually became the commander and looked at the military situation. Of course, this wasn’t the first time Ark was a commander. He had experience in conducting the raccoons in the Underground World and the Baran clan in Seutandal. He also had experience in the siege to recapture Silvana. However, that was in a limited area with thousands of people. This time the size of the troops and battlefield was different. The battlefield was several kilometres of sea and sky and there were hundreds of thousands of people fighting. With an enormous battlefield like this, it wasn’t to simple to give out instructions. He couldn’t afford to worry about one individual or squadron. He had to grasp the overall military situation and make moves according to that.

“A best choice in a large scale battlefield that changes every moment doesn’t exist!”

Ark realized this after commanding the military expedition. In order to minimize serious damage, Ark had to determine when to send reinforcements or when to leave the squad alone. Of course, if he worried over it then there might be another way. However, there was no time to think on a battlefield that was always changing. But there were other reasons why Ark was experiencing difficulties.

‘The important thing in a commander is to quickly confirm the entire military situation.’

However, it wasn’t that easy to move the troops. In fact, previously Ark had used a Feather of Whispering to convey the communication to the troops after grasping the situation. But if there were a lot of troops then that was impossible. The reason was because the Feather of Whispering didn’t overlap. In other words, it was impossible to communicate with other leaders when he was already talking to someone. If they weren’t many troops then that wasn’t a problem. But it was different when commanding tens of thousands of people. Moreover, the Feather of Whispering could only be used between users so he couldn’t communicate with the NPC captains of the airships. In order to avoid confusion, Ark only used the Feather of Whispering with the major leaders like JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members and used messengers for everybody else. Therefore Ark had to make commands within a few seconds so there was a considerable burden on him.

‘This can’t continue. Sometimes he was already too late when he gave the order. If I visualize the military situation in my mind then I can estimate the moves of the demons beforehand. But it a large battlefield like this, the slightest error will cause more damage to the troops! In order to avoid the large damage, I have to willingly submit to the small damage.’

Ark came to that conclusion. For example, if unit A advanced then there was a high probability that unit A would be attacked by the demons. Before making unit A advance, he had to command the troops on the left and right side beforehand. If the demons attacked unit A then the flying boats on the left side would attack and wipe the demons out. He lured the enemy within a certain area and attacked! Those sorts of tactics were effective. If they responded flexibly to the situation then it would be possible to minimize the damage while dealing huge damage to the enemy. Since Ark used these strategies, the 2nd expedition received less damage than the 1st. But in some cases, the demons didn’t move as expected and the unit was isolated before being wiped out. He had expected that when thinking of ways to minimize the damage. While Ark was surveying the battlefield, he had to look at a 3D field consisting of land and air that was several kilometres wide. Therefore Ark felt like his head was breaking.


Ark sighed as he observed the battlefield.

“…… The situation isn’t good.”

Ark had used a large number of strategies while enduring the headaches but the military situation was still dark. In fact, the situation had improved with the appearance of Shangri-La, the Eastern Nation and the merchant’s guild. However, the battle didn’t move as expected. The timing was also bad. By the time the merchant ships joined, almost half of the 1st expedition fleet had already sunk. The power was reduced by half. Of course, the sea monsters also suffered a lot of damage but their strength was restored thanks to the black obelisks. If the merchant ships had arrived earlier then it would be different but the 1st expedition had received a lot of damage. It was the same for Shangri-La and the Eastern Nation who were helping with the aerial combat. Shangri-La had interrupted the flash bombs that were heading towards the airships. In the end, the flying boats and the skyrays were the ones taking care of the thousands of enemies. Unlike the expedition, the demons would resurrect once a certain amount of time passed.

“If I don’t find a way to change the current military situation then it will be hopeless.”

Ark made a pained face and bit his lip. The best way to move away from this status quo was for the expedition to retreat and attack again once they were in their best condition. If the dead users revived then they could concentrate everything on killing the demons faster than they could revive. Unfortunately, there was a time limit on this battle.

-Somewhere in the darkness of the world, the Dark Lord’s resurrection ceremony has begun!

That’s right. The Dark Lord’s resurrection ceremony! He had gained some time by destroying the scorch cannons on Kwarian but now there were only 17 hours left. Even if the warriors had revived and were waiting on the continent’s coast, there was no time for them to reach Kwarian.

“In the end, I have to somehow stop the resurrection with these troops.”

But they were barely able to maintain the present position with these troops. They had to be able to penetrate Rwigenberg’s shields in order to stop the resurrection ceremony……


At that time, there was a loud cry and a surge of monsters. He turned his head and saw some Drakens rushing towards him. The 8th squadron had retreated like Ark commanded so the demons had reached the rear.

‘Che, these jerks. They don’t even give me a gap to think. Burning Soul!”

Ark bit his lip and grabbed Burning Soul tightly. Then Burning Soul rotated his body and fired some skills.

“Dark strike! Dark strike! Dark strike!”

The dark blade penetrated their necks. Pendragon had the special effect of increase his defense and attack by 20%! When he hit the Drakens’ vital spot, they lost 20% health and stumbled.

“Burning Soul, this time attack the right Draken!”

Kurarara, kurarara!

Burning Soul turned and grabbed the Draken. The Draken struggled but its smaller body was no match for Burning Soul. The Tallon riding on the Draken lost its balance and fell. But Burning Soul continued embracing the Draken and stuck his claws in its chest. Meanwhile, Ark had stayed firmly on Burning Soul and continuously struck the other Draken with Dark Strike. After a while, the Draken’s health was reduced to 3%.

“Bah, now it is ready to eat. Demonic Seal!”

Ark shouted as he shoved his sword into the Draken’s chest. At the same time, the Draken’s body was sucked into the blade. The black aura strengthened and a message window appeared.

-Shining Darkness has been charged with demonic energy.

* Shining Darkness can be used.

“…..That’s it.”

There was a satisfied smile on Ark’s face. Ark had sealed as much demons as possible using Demonic Seal. Of course it wasn’t that easy. Shining Darkness had to be plunged directly into the demon before it could be sealed up. However, that was difficult while fighting in the air. Even so, Ark had several reasons for using Demonic Seal. He could use Demonic Soul when the demon’s health fell to 3%. It was possible to take care of the demons and secure the energy in order to use the skill Shining Darkness.

‘I can’t guarantee what will happen in the future. So I should have a strong special move available. Shining Darkness becomes stronger as more energy is charged so I should gather the energy when there is a chance.’

And there was another advantage to using Demonic Seal. There were a large number of black obelisks around Kwarian. And a huge amount of magic was concentrated thanks to the resurrection ceremony. No matter how many demons they handled, they would just resurrect after a certain amount of time. The black obelisks were on the Rwigenberg so it wasn’t possible to destroy them. However, there were other ways to prevent the resurrection of the demons. That was sealing them into the sword using Demonic Seal! That’s right. Demonic Seal didn’t just kill the demons. It was used to seal the demons within equipment. Therefore the demons affected by Demonic Seal couldn’t be resurrected. Of course, the amount of demons that Ark could seal was limited. There were hundreds of thousands of demons on the battlefield so Demonic Seal might be insignificant. But if he sealed dozens of them then wasn’t that better than killing them?

‘If the demons decrease by even one then that will decrease the damage to my allies!’


Meanwhile, another two Drakens rushed towards him on both sides.

“Burning Soul, take the left Draken!”

Burning Soul quickly turned and grabbed the wings of the left Draken. Then Ark threw his body off Burning Soul and shouted.

“Summon Demon, Purital. Clad Armour! Hook Explosion!”

At the same time, bones reformed around Ark. And the hooks grabbed the neck of a Draken. Ark was pulled 10 metres towards the Draken. The Tallon riding the Draken flinched and lifted its spear.

-Bakum, bakum, boramarad!

“Shut up! Riposte!”

-Kurama, nohumnira…… Karak….. Kuaaaa….

Riposte pushed the enemy back 10 metres! When Ark perfectly connected Parry with Counterattack, Riposte was used and the Tallon was thrown off. It fell into the sea with a scream.

“Now, shall I check how hard the back of your head is?”

Ark smiled and muttered while on top of the Draken. The Draken started sweating and tried to throw Ark off its back. However, Purital’s hooks were solidly fixed on its body and Ark kept on attacking its head.

“Dark strike! Dark strike! Dark strike!”

Pepepepeng, pepepepeng, pepepeng!

The Draken soon had huge lumps on the back of its head. He turned the Draken towards Burning Soul. He used the Draken to approach Burning Soul.

“Hook Explosion!”

Ark used the hooks to transfer his body. Then something shrieked and a Draken fell down like a lightning bolt above him.

“Ack, what the? Damn, Riposte!”

Ark rotated while flying through the air and used Riposte like mad. The falling Draken was hit by Riposte and wobbled.

-Makum, baramada!

Ark conquered the crisis and barely managed to reach the Draken. The Tallon that was riding the falling Draken shrieked and grabbed Ark’s waist. Thanks to the sudden weight of two bodies, one of the hooks fell.

“T-this bastard! Dark Stri…..damn!”

-Baram, kuradara, kuram!”

Ark tried to wield his sword but the Tallon kept on shaking his body. The demon wasn’t smart but it was determined what to do in this situation.

…….It intended for both of them to die together.

“Who would want to die with a demon like you? Dammit, go away! Away!”

Ark stepped on the Tallon with his foot but it wouldn’t budge. Meanwhile Burning Soul was struggling with the Draken so the remaining hook was also coming loose.

“Matanyi Shooter no. 1, Devil Penetrating Arrow!”

There was a sharp voice and a bolt crossed the space. It hit the wrist of the Tallon holding onto Ark. With its wrist cut in half, the Tallon instantly fell.

“Phew…… I-I lived!”

Ark sighed with relief after the Tallon fell and turned his gaze. The person who shot the arrow was Timosi. She was a solid ally when they were on the same side. When it was an aerial battle, the magicians and archers could exert a more powerful effect than the warriors. And she had superior firepower among the archers! While she was equal to Shambala when fighting on the ground, Timosi was like a fish who met water in the air. While Ark had a hard time taking care of three or four Drakens, Timosi was easily dealt with four or five while also helping Ark. Of course, Timosi wasn’t fighting in order to help Ark. She stayed close to Ark because she thought it would be a chance to get revenge on Maseutyu and the Red Man. However, helping him was a separate problem.

“Bah, don’t misunderstand. I didn’t help you because I’m interested in you!”

Timosi snorted and turned her head when Ark smiled to thank her. What on earth? They were on the same side but she really was a strange woman.

‘Well, if she’s useful then her personality isn’t a problem. Now…..’

“Dark strike! Dark strike!”

Ark safely got on the Draken and got rid of the Tallon. The combination of Burning Soul and Ark’s attacks made the Draken quickly lose health and it was sealed inside his sword. And he moved back to Burning Soul before whispering to JusticeMan.

-JusticeMan ajusshi, what is the situation?

-We’ve lured the demons as planned.

He then heard the voices of JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members who were leading the 11th squadron. Ark mainly used JusticeMan’s squadron to lure the demons for his prediction tactics. Ark’s actual combat ability couldn’t keep up with JusticeMan’s experience. JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members showed their skills but continuously luring the demons and surviving.

“Admiral Jabel, turn the airships in the 4 o’clock direction and launch the Spear of Thor!”

Ark shouted into Curio’s ear. He couldn’t use the Feather of Whispering to talk to NPCs. Therefore Ark used Curio’s Summon Stud and placed the subordinates with the captains of the airships. This was in order to give quick commands during the battle. Therefore the airships turned right away after receiving Ark’s order.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

This was the reason for luring the demons to one place. In fact, the flying boat squadrons alone weren’t enough to reduce the number of demons. The only way to quickly reduce the number of demons before they could revive was to use tremendous firepower. And the power of the Spear of Thor was enough to melt hundreds of demons.

“That’s it, now I have some leeway again.”

Ark looked around and muttered. However, it was just a temporary break. With the black obelisks, the demons could revive infinitely. And every time the expedition would suffer more damage. The Eastern Nation members that Shambala led wouldn’t be able to last forever if the demons kept on reviving. No, already 1,000 warriors on the flying boats and the Eastern Nation members have already been killed. Therefore it became more difficult to face the demons that kept on proliferating.

“And even if I destroy all the black obelisks……”

Ark sighed and gazed around. The armoured ships in the sea and the airships were dealing with tens of thousands of demons. However, a powerful battle was still continuing that made the ones on the sea and sky feel boring.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Dozens of shells were fired from a large land mass! And the giant stingray fired the scorch cannons in retaliation! That’s right. The aerial combat between Shangri-La and Rwigenberg! The battle on Kwarian wasn’t just to drive the demons back. The purpose of the expedition armies was to stop the Dark Lord’s resurrection. And the resurrection ceremony was currently taking place on Rwigenberg. In other words, the number of demons they killed didn’t matter if they couldn’t penetrate Rwigenberg’s shield. Currently the expedition could compete equally with Rwigenberg thanks to Shangri-La. Despite them being 1 kilometre apart, an intense bombardment was continuing.

‘The offensive power is 6:4, with Rwigenberg being slightly stronger.’

This was what Ark concluded from seeing the engagement. Therefore Shangri-La was using all its firepower to stop the attacks from the scorch cannons.

‘But the biggest problem is its defense.’

That’s right. That was the problem. The cheat like shield surrounding Rwigenberg! Despite the close battle between Shangri-La and Rwigenberg going on for a few hours, the shield was still holding strong. Of course, most of the firepower was used to intercept the flash bombs but quite a few attacks still hit. Therefore Shangri-La was receiving more damage as the battle became longer. If this continued then Shangri-La would eventually become battered and destroyed.

“…..There is only one way left.

Ark muttered and bit his lip. In fact, he knew this from the beginning. Despite that, Ark had focused his strategies on reducing the number of demons. But now he had no choice. Ark looked at the flashing message window on the right corner again.

-Somewhere in the darkness of the world, the Dark Lord’s resurrection ceremony has begun!

There was no time left.

‘If I miss this opportunity then I don’t know when there will be a chance to try again.’

Ark worried for a while before finally making his decision.

“Admiral Jabel, the airships and flying boat squadrons will use the last strategy!”

“I understand. The entire fleet!”

Curio conveyed Jabel’s voice. At the same time, dozens of signals shot from the deck of the Silver Arrow. Then hundreds of hot air balloons, 20 airships and thousands of flying boats rose and formed a line between Rwigenberg and Shangri-La.

“Shangri-La and the airships will concentrate on charging their weapons! Meanwhile the flying boat squadrons will defense against the demon attacks!”

The flying boats used their engines and scattered. Their strategy to exterminate the number of demons had succeeded so the flying boats could easily defend against the attacks. Of course, those demons would obviously be revived.

‘It will be 10~20 minutes before the demons revive. We have to defend and make sure that Shangri-La and the airships don’t receive any attacks. The problem is the flash bomb from the Rwigenberg. But the scorch cannons just unleashed a barrage so it will take some time to recharge.’

This was why Ark had reduced the number of demons. It was the blank period where the thousands of dead demons hadn’t revived yet! While the flying boats interrupted the attacks from the demons……

“Ark, all the g*n turrets on Shangri-La have finished charging!”

“Ark-nim, the magic g*ns and the Spear of Thor has finished recharging!”

He heard Wormer’s words and then Jabel’s. All of the weapons aimed towards the Rwigenberg.

Ku ku ku ku, ku ku ku ku, ku ku ku ku!

Meanwhile, the scorch cannons had finished recharging and were ready to resume the bombardment. Then hundreds of flying boats headed towards Ark. The leaders of the squadrons saluted.


“Hum…..then please.”

Ark nodded with a resolute face.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The scorch cannons exploded from the Rwigenberg at the same time. Dozens of black masses were fired. If they hit the airships then enormous damage would be suffered! Then Ark’s eyes flashed and he shouted.

“Suicide corps…..!”


“Ohh, my will is a powerful shield!”

At that moment, 30 flying boats flew towards the front and scattered. The magicians in them faced the approaching flash bombs. The 30 of them used Willpower Exchange to share magic and used the shield spell. When the magicians used their shield magic, dozens of shields appeared in front of the airships and Shangri-La. The flash bombs collided with the defense shields.

“It has collided. Everybody focus!”

Ku ku ku ku, ku ku ku ku, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The dozens of flash bombs stopped moving. However, that was just a temporary phenomenon. The magicians’ magic wasn’t enough to stop the attack. It wouldn’t even be able to stop the g*ns from Shangri-La or the Spear of Thor from the airships. Cracks started to spread on the shield until it broke. In fact, Ark hadn’t expected the shields to stop the flash bombs.

‘…..But now’s the chance!’

The magicians pulled something small from their bags.

-Magic Bomb

Type: 1st grade invention Designer and Producer: Wormer, Magic Institute

In the past, the Magic Institute created a power Magic Bomb that was unstable. But thanks to Magaro’s research notes, that problem has been fixed. Wormer has also improved the bomb using high level techniques. But since the magic is now stable, the explosive power is slightly reduced.

-The timer of the Magic Bomb has been started.

It was the Magic Bomb that the Magic Institute designer and Wormer improved. In fact, Shangri-La’s g*n turrets were actually made using technology that Wormer had adapted from this bomb. It was also because of these bombs that Ark thought of involving Shangri-La. When the magicians operated the bombs, numbers quickly appeared on the surface. And the time remaining was 0 seconds!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Hundreds of flying boats shook from the shock. 30 Magic Bombs had exploded at once. The explosive power far exceeded the g*n turrets. The flash bombs that had been delayed by the shield magic exploded in the air. This was the main reason why the magicians acted to delay the flash bombs. They sacrificed their lives to interrupt it! And immediately after their sacrifice……

“Now. Focus all the firepower on one spot!”

The Spear of Thor and g*n turrets fired at once. There was an intense roaring sound and flash of light that blinded their eyes and deafened them. All of these attacks were heading towards Rwigenberg!

‘This powerful attack should be enough to penetrate Rwigenberg’s shields!’

That’s right. Ark had reduced the number of demons and sacrificed the magicians in order to stop the flash bombs! It was in order to save Shangri-La and the airships’ firepower so they could concentrate 100% of their attacks on one point of Rwigenberg’s shield.

“Take this! This is the maximum firepower of the military expedition. Try and stop it!”

The dozens of shots fired from Shangri-La and the airships struck Rwigenberg’s shield. Rwigenberg shook as it was struck and there wrapped in a wave of heat.

After a while……

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