Act 7: Canyon Escape Operation

ACT 7 Canyon Escape Operation

The climate of the Pabiun Canyon was similar to that of the Albana Mountains. There were points where the wind would cause a snowstorm while intermittent earthquakes would occur and cause chunks of falling ice.

“It really is horrible.”

“The environment here was never comfortable but it never reached this degree before. It’s been like this since the darkness covered the Sinius Principality. Apart from the unidentified monsters, the climate also seems to be affected by the darkness. Why did this thing happen……?”

The Nuran village mayor looked at the black sky as he blew out a white breath. He suddenly had his village taken away from him so it was appealing to an old man to complain. There was a possibility that Ark could lose everything as well so he could understand the feeling of the village mayor.

“I’m going crazy because of these effects!”

Racard’s voice shook Ark’s eardrum. Ark looked at the black sky with astonishment and shouted.

“What, what the? Why did you suddenly shout into my ears?”

“Damn, I’ll rather have my eardrums torn. I have no senses left…… Hiiiik, uwaaaah, I’m freezing. Ohhh, why do I have to suffer like this……?”

Racard complained in a trembling voice. Racard’s complaints weren’t for nothing. The current temperature was so cold it felt like they were being cut with a knife every time the wind blew. Racard was flying dozens of metres in the air and being battered by the snowstorm. Despite equipping the scarf and gloves So-mi made, it still wasn’t enough to protect him from the cold.

‘It’s not just Racard.’

Ark sent a look to the special forces marching. Then he tightened his collar as the icy wind hit him.

-Due to the cold your body temperature has fallen by 10%!

It was the cold penalty that applied once the temperature fell below a certain level! The White Tiger clan and the Nuran residents weren’t greatly affected but the special forces had their body temperature gradually fall. Ark had already prepared the appropriate protective equipment to pass through the Albana Mountains, the ‘Purified Water’ tablets were barely maintaining their body temperature.

‘There is a limit to how much they can endure with the winter equipment and Purified Water.’

There was a reason Ark exited the base despite such bad weather. It had been two days since they crossed the Albana Mountains, encountered Alan and hid in the underground base. The quest had a time limit of three days. In other words, there was less than one day left. If Ark didn’t destroy the Black Obelisk Forest within the time limit then it was over for him.

‘I no longer have any choice. If this strategy fails then everything is finished. Alan can’t notice……’

Ark felt frustrated as he thought of his plan.

“Ah! Master, I found it!”


“At the end of the road at your 3 o’clock.”

“Are any monsters around?”

“Not much. Around 150 or so?”

“That is enough to handle within 10 minutes. You said the passage on the right side?”

“Yes, there are no monsters until you reach your destination. By the way Master, I’m so cold……”

“Understood. Keep an eye on the situation and contact me immediately if something occurs.”

Ark thought about Racard’s words and looked at his group. It included Ark, Shambala, Lariette, the 120 special forces and the 60 White Tiger clan and Nuran residents. And the self-proclaimed genius inventor Wormer. They were the NPCs and users following Ark.

“Residents and special forces will fall back while the White Tiger Clan will lead the way.”

Ark organized the formation and headed towards the path that Racard indicated. Thanks to Racard’s instructions, they were able to navigate the complicated canyon within a short time and appeared at an empty lot the size of a football field. A stone pillar was lodged in the centre of the empty lot. It was a black stone pillar with a black aura around it! It was the black obelisk which caused chaos on the continent. It was unnecessary to say but the power of the curse depending on the size of the obelisk. A larger obelisk meant that larger and more powerful monsters would appear. But the obelisk that Racard found was only 5 metres at most. Usually an obelisk would be dozens of metres so this one was quite small. Therefore the monsters gathered around the obelisk weren’t that strong. The 150 Tallons were only level 250~270 at most. Ark surveyed them using Eyes of the Cat.

“We have to wipe them out quickly and retreat.”

The special forces and White Tiger clan nodded and pulled out their weapons. Presently a huge number of monsters were scattered around the Pabiun Canyon. The Tallon were at least 100 levels lower than the special forces but their numbers was inferior. And there was also Alan. If they were caught by Alan then Ark’s group would be wiped out.

“Lariette-nim, 3 piece offensive buff set please!”

“The great warrior’s soul……Hero’s Spirit, Warrior’s Concentration, Storm Breathing!”

Hero’s Spirit increased health by 10%! Warrior’s Concentration increased the probability of a critical hit by 20%! Meanwhile, Storm Breathing increased the attack speed of the weapons by 10%! Lariette’s buffs spread among the troops and the abilities of the soldiers quickly ascended. The special forces then ran up to the Tallon wandering around the obelisk and attacked.

-Kakao, kakao, marimudo!

“We should finish this quickly but the troops can’t take more damage. First form a defense formation to stop their attacks……”

Ark gave the order to the warriors in the front. The warriors created a barrier with their shields while a white shadow passed over their heads. The shadow that flew over the warriors was the White Tiger clan.


The White Tiger clan completely changed from what he saw inside the underground base. Although they resembled a tiger, the White Tiger clan covered in fur looked quite cute. However their atmosphere changed 180 degrees after meeting the enemy. Their thick fangs protruded between the lips and they looked like beasts placed in front of their prey. And their sharp claws increased by 10 centimetres. They were the type to transform after encountering a monster.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The White Tiger clan quickly narrowed the distance and collided with the Tallon. The combat power of the White Tiger clan exceeded Ark’s imagination. The Tallon that were head-butted by the White Tiger clan went flying like a bowling pin. Their claws and fangs easily tore through the monsters that had fallen to the ground.

“What the, this is?”

Ark felt his jaw drop as he stared at the White Tigers fighting. In fact, Ark had expected that the White Tigers would be quite strong. He knew that the Meow, merpeople, raccoon clan and the Wolrang were stronger than normal monsters with the same level. But actually seeing them fight was beyond imagination.

‘This degree of damage is equivalent to a level 400 user. And their movements are faster than the Meow and Wolrang. No wonder why Hero Maban asked them to protect the prophet clan.’

It was natural that the White Tiger clan would be strong among the beast clans. The tiger was king of the cats so of course they would be stronger than a normal cat and a wolf. Anyway, the White Tiger clan were stronger than he though so he didn’t need to be careful with his troops. Ark drew his sword and shouted as he ran towards the Tallon.

“Okay. These guys have scattered. Attack and exterminate them!”


“Follow behind the White Tiger clan!”

The soldiers cried out and ran forward. Above all, warriors were required to have strong power. Until now they had just been trembling in the cold and hiding from monsters so their morale had fallen. But now their fighting power rose after seeing the White Tiger clan.

“Go. Heroic Strike!”

“Arrow which pierces through the enemy, Piercing Arrow!”

“Flame, swallow the enemies! Fire Storm!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Swords, arrows and magic washed over the Tallons like a tidal wave. There were deafening sounds and flashes and the health of the Tallon quickly fell. Meanwhile Ark used Dark Dance and approached the black obelisk in the centre of the vacant lot. Then he took out a piece of iron the size of a soccer ball. It was the Starlight Bomb associated with the quest.

‘It will take 20~30 minutes to destroy the black obelisk even if we wipe out all the Tallons.’

An information window instantly appeared as Ark neared the obelisk.

-Black Obelisk (Special)

A magic structure created by the dark curse magic.

When it is driven in to the ground, the magic of the powerful curse will automatically be invoked and it will call ancient demons into this world. Even if the obelisk is destroyed, as long as the land is still contaminated then there is no way to get rid of the obelisk completely and it will eventually be restored. The black obelisk will invalidate all magic and sword attacks by 90%.

Once again, the durability of the obelisk was no joke. Even if hundreds of people attacked it, the power of the curse invalidated most sword and magic so it would take at least 20~30 minutes to destroy. If it took 10 minutes to kill the Tallons then they total time required was 30~40 minutes. Alan was watching the canyon so he couldn’t stay in one spot for 30~40 minutes.

‘But if install the Starlight Bomb in advance then we can kill the Tallons while it is charging!’

The Starlight Bomb was the expedition’s secret weapon which could deal 5,000 damage to the black obelisks. It took 10 minutes to explode. Killing the Tallons would also take 10 minutes. So Ark came up with the ‘Starlight Bomb operation’ where he would install the Starlight Bomb at the commencement of the battle.

That message popped up with Ark installed the Starlight Bomb. The Tallons instinctively sensed the crisis and gathered around Ark.

“Heh, you really think I can’t defeat you? Flash!”

Ark snorted and flashed through the Tallons. When he moved in a zigzag pattern like a lightning bolt, the Tallons that were pierced instantly lost health. And that was just the beginning.

“I can finally get a small taste of fighting. Torrential Sword Cyclone!”

Shambala immediately plunged in after Ark used Flash. Hundreds of daggers swirled like a cyclone around Shambala.  The concentrated attacks on the Tallons dyed the snow blood red. After Ark and Shambala’s attacks, the number of Tallons was noticeably reduced. With the White Tiger clan running wild and Lariette using her buffs, it was a one sided battle as the Tallons were stepped on. But the special forces didn’t kill them.

“Don’t touch the Tallons when they have less than 3% health. Demonic Seal! Demonic Seal! Demonic Seal!”

Ark jumped around all over the place and used Demonic Seal to clear up the situation. Ark was currently almost out of cursed japtem. If he could’ve used Demonic Manifestations against Alan then the situation would’ve turned out a bit better. When considering the future, the replenishment of the cursed japtem was indispensable. So Ark had everyone give them the japtem they had before leaving the underground base.

-Demonic Seal was successful.

After 10 minutes the last Tallon was finally sucked into an item.

“Any casualties?”

“3 warriors died.”

“……Remind them to pay attention to their health……”

Ark said as he frowned. He only had 120 special forces remaining. Every soldier was important in order to escape the canyon and destroy the Black Obelisk Forest. But in this situation casualties had appeared. When Ark had started this mission, the ratio of the troops was meticulously selected but quite a few priests had died in the Albana Mountains. So there were presently only 15 priests remaining. It was impossible for them to heal all of the 120 special forces.

“It can’t be helped. We don’t know what is going to happen. Tell them to concentrate on their health and mana recovery.”

“I understand.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

It was when one of the soldiers replied. A huge flash occurred in the centre of the vacant land. The Starlight Bomb Ark planted had exploded. When the Starlight Bomb exploded, light started to wind around the black obelisk. Thick cracks spread on the surface of the black obelisk and it collapsed like broken glass. The fragments changed into small particles like sand.

“Ohhhh! Fuel, it is fuel!”

Wormer’s huge frame ran over. Wormer looked at the pile of black sand with shining eyes and pulled out a machine from his bag. He opened a magic stone that looked like a diamond at the bottom of the machine and poured in the black sand.

Chelkong, chelkong, chelkong, tturururu!

The machine started to emit smoke like a kettle. The kettle was a machine Wormer created to use the power of the black obelisk to charge the magic energy. But this machine wasn’t exclusively for the black obelisk. The original use was to dissolve magic items to obtain the magic energy which would be changed to MG. In other words, it was intended to be operated with equipment. But the problem was that the item would be destroyed if used in that way. In addition, one magic item would only give 5~10 MG. Wormer’s invention required 5,000 MG so it would take 500~1,000 magic items to charge it.

“What is this impractical invention?”

Ark murmured with outrage after he saw the results. Then Wormer retorted.

“Are you making fun of my invention? Do you think it is easy to extract the magic energy in equipment which destroying it?  When the power is extracted, it is subjected to the law of entropy…..”

“That’s it. Stop!”

Ark shouted as thoughts swirled in his head. He was to blame for trusting the dwarf.

‘What kind of invention requires at least 500 magic equipment to move?’

Ark thought with amazement after calculating it in his head. He didn’t know what to expect for Wormer’s inventions. But no matter how wonderful the invention, Ark had no intention of wasting 500 magic equipment. No, his heart had no intention of sacrificing it. ‘Wouldn’t all the special forces have to be stripped of their equipment?’ None of them would be willing to give up equipment for a quest. Ark was the same. He couldn’t even think about giving up magic items when he was already on the verge of bankruptcy. Of course, compared to the cost of failing this quest then giving up equipment would be cheaper. But what if they didn’t succeed even after giving up the equipment?

‘Wait? Magic items? Then perhaps……?’

That’s when Ark recalled what he heard the court magician said not long ago.

‘Didn’t the court magician say the obelisk was powered by curse magic? And curse magic is still magic energy. Couldn’t Wormer invent a machine that extracts energy from that?’

A formula appeared in Ark’s mind in that moment.

‘Magic of the black obelisk=fuel’ was the formula. Ark spoke to Wormer after coming up with the idea. Then Wormer’s eyes glittered and nodded.

“Ah, that’s right.The black obelisks use magic to summon the monsters. Then it is possible to absorb the magic from the obelisk.”

Wormer started frantically muttering to himself and making something. It was the kettle that Wormer was holding now. So Ark risked danger and entered the canyon. ‘I need to somehow gather MG……’ If MG couldn’t be extracted from the black obelisk then everything was finished. After the smoke appeared, there was a beeping sound and the message window appeared.

-The Magic Convertor’s job has been completed.

You have succeeded in extracting the magi form the remains of the black obelisk and converting it to MG. The MG extracted will be stored in the magic battery.

“It is a success! As expected. I’m a genius!”

Wormer jumped with excitement and bragged after he checked the message window. Ark sighed with relief but his expression didn’t look that bright.

‘I’m glad but we haven’t gathered as much as I thought……’

Ark looked around and sighed again. There were quite a number of black obelisks lodged in the canyon. If he wandered around and broke the black obelisk then it would be somehow possible to collect the necessary amount of MG. These 5 metres obelisk gave 200 MG so larger obelisks means it should be gathered faster. But including the White Tigers and excluding the residents, Ark only had 130 people that could fight. A large obelisk would have a huge number of monsters.

‘It will take one day if I only capture small obelisks…..’

As expected, the problem was Alan. Alan had yet to track down Ark’s whereabouts in the canyon. In fact, there was a reason why Ark would wander around the canyon somewhat freely. Alan judged that Ark was hiding somewhere in the canyon so he moved many monsters to block the 5 exits. So there were fewer monsters inside the canyon and it was possible to go after small obelisks. But Alan still had a troop of monsters and was going around the canyon. The amount of obelisks he could destroy before being found by Alan was limited. Ark’s group would be wiped out the moment Alan found him.

“Fortunately Alan wasn’t visible after leaving the underground base……’

Ark sighed and mumbled.

“Master, I’ve discovered another black obelisk.”

Racard said through the wireless communication.

‘Despite what could happen, there is no other way. I have to try it. I have to fill the MG before Alan strikes……’

“Let’s go. Thieves and magicians should erase traces of any fighting.”

Ark then moved through the canyon to find another black obelisk.


“I’ve found him!”

Ark smiled and murmured in the darkness.

“That fool, he’s been caught.”

2 video screens floated in front of Alan. One screen showed the Dark Elf Timosi and the monsters gathered in front of him. And the other one showed approximately 200 people marching through the canyon. That’s right. The people visible on the other screen were Ark, the special forces, the White Tiger clan and the Nuran residents. Alan could see them despite being far away thanks to the Vampire’s Eye. The Vampire’s Eye was the special ability of vampires which allowed them to freely control their eyeballs.

‘They are definitely somewhere in the canyon.’

Alan was convinced that Ark was hiding somewhere in the canyon. But he couldn’t find any traces of Ark despite sweeping through the canyon for a day. So Alan had devised a plan.

‘If I come out directly then I won’t be able to find him.’

So Alan discontinued the canyon search and hid himself. He also dispersed the monsters inside the canyon. If Ark was hiding somewhere here then he would definitely be watching for an opportunity to escape. If Alan wasn’t visible then Ark would try to escape. Not long after Alan hid himself, Ark was spotted on using the Vampire’s Eye.

‘I don’t know why he is destroying the black obelisk instead of escaping but it is over now that he has appeared!’

“He showed up? Then we should quickly go beat him up!”

Timosi fussed next to him. However, Alan just shook his head with a relaxed attitude and replied.

“There’s no need to worry. There is nowhere for that guy to run away.”

Alan raised his body and laughed.

“Now, shall I start the hunt?”

Flames shot from Alan’s hand towards the sky.


“Master, look there!”

Ark raised his head after hearing Racard’s voice.

Syuuuuk, pepepepeng!

At the same time, an intense light from a flare lit up the darkness. It wasn’t just one. Several more flares continuously followed the first one. Ark felt his heart drop at the sight.


There was no way that the monsters were smart enough to shoot flares. Such methods could only be used by players and NPCs. If flares were launched then the only possible cause was Alan. Ark understood the current situation intuitively.

‘I thought it was strange that Alan and his monster troop suddenly disappeared from the canyon…..’ As expected, Alan hid himself in order to lure me out.’

Ark had expected something like this. But there was less than 24 hours left for his mission. No, the Schudenberg expedition still had to wipe out the monsters and capture the fortress after Ark blew up the Black Obelisk Forest.

……..Ark didn’t have a lot of choices.

‘If I hide in the underground base then the situation will still be the same.’

Alan was firmly watching the canyon so there was no chance for Ark to escape back into the underground base.  He only had a few hours left before the mission was 100% failed. But it was impossible to escape like this.

‘Dammit, what is another method?’

Ark bit his lip and started thinking.

“M-Master, the monsters are coming! 3 o’clock, 4, 6, 9, 11 o’clock…… They’ve blocked everything up tight!”

Racard shouted urgently as he looked around the surroundings. The exits were sealed and the monsters were surrounding Ark’s group. It meant Alan clearly knew Ark’s location. Ark thought for a while before asking urgently.

“Is the entrance to the underground base clear?”

“There is…..the monsters haven’t reached the corner yet.”

‘Do I have no other choice?’

Ark sighed and shook his head. Fortunately it was possible to return to the underground base but if they returned now then the mission would fail. But Ark didn’t have many options now. If they were surrounded by monsters then they would die. Even if he gave up on the mission, is he survived then couldn’t he still complete the and quest?

‘There has to be a strategy where we can survive!’

“Everybody return to the underground base! Racard, keep on reporting the movement of the monsters.”

In the end Ark chose to survive.

“Okay, monsters are closing in from the 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock direction!”

“This way!”

Ark listened to Racard’s real time traffic information and ran across the canyon. After a short time, Ark’s group was luckily able to reach the dead end entrance of the underground base without conflicting with any monsters.

“Hurry! If those guys find the location of the underground base then we won’t be able to hide from them!”

“U-understood. Wait a minute!”

Wormer took out the device that would open the entrance.

“That’s far enough. You rat bastard!”

A cold voice was suddenly heard from behind him. Cold sweat flowed down Ark’s temple as he turned around.


What on earth? Behind Ark was Alan, Timosi and 500 monsters blocking the exit. That’s right. Alan realized that there was only one place where Ark could run away. The place Ark had disappeared before. Alan still didn’t know about the underground base but he realized that Ark would run to this corner While the monsters moved and narrowed the siege, Alan had waited in this area for Ark.

“There is no way you can kill all the monsters and run away.”

Alan muttered as he looked at Ark with sharp eyes. Ark felt his last hope disappear. Now he could no longer hide in the underground base. If he hid in the underground base then Alan would know the location. Alan would do everything possible to capture the entrance to the underground base. Ark and his group would be trapped in the underground base and they wouldn’t be able to move a muscle as the entrance was destroyed. His neck had been perfectly caught by Alan. However……

“I’ve won this game.”

Aran muttered with an arrogant look.

“You think you’ve won this game? You never thought that I lured you into a trap?”

Ark asked in a sly voice.


“It’s true. You’re the one who fell into the trap.

Ark smiled and shouted.

“Demonic Distortion! 40 offerings!”

Cheolkeok, tung, tung, tung, tung!

At the same time, Ark’s bag automatically opened and various equipment started quickly flying into the sky. Gloves, sword, spear, armour……it was dozens of cursed black japtem. The japtem which flew from the bag formed a pentagon between the special forces and the monsters. It was a pentagon made of cursed japtem! Alan belatedly realized that something was wrong and exclaimed.

“T-this bastard, what are you planning……? Charge! Step on all of them!”

“It’s too late. You’ve already fallen into the trap.”

Ark said with a smirk. At that moment, the cursed pentagon floating in the air exploded simultaneously. The huge explosion caused the whole space to warp. At the same time, a message window appeared in front of Ark.

-You have used Demonic Distortion.

The released demonic energy from the equipment will distort the space, changing the location of allies and enemies.

Please designate an enemy target when changing locations.

“The user and monster 100 metres ahead and within a 200 metres area! Activate!”

Ark indicated Alan, Timosi and the 500 monsters while shouting. The space warped by the explosion started to rotate at a quick speed. The energy instantly turned into a giant vortex. It spun fiercely and swallowed up the monsters and special forces.


“What? Why is leader’s skill attacking us as well?”

The special forces couldn’t understand what was going on and burst out. However, they couldn’t move even one finger once they entered the vortex. They could only endure the sensation of the vortex rotated at a quick speed. After rotating hundreds of times within a few seconds, the confused special forces emerged on the snowfield.


“What, what the? Where are we?”

“What on earth is going on? Our health doesn’t seem to have decreased? Eh?”

“Here…..isn’t this where we were before?”

The soldiers murmured with an absurd expression. Dozens of cursed japtem had exploded! They thought it was an emergency and checked their health after exiting the vortex but there were no changes. Their health and mana was the same. After exiting the vortex, they were just standing 300~400 metres away from their previous location. But the problem was the place they moved to.

“Eh? How did they get there……?”

The special forces looked at Alan and the monsters with amazed eyes. The special forces had been gathered in a dead end corner of the canyon. And Alan and the monsters had blocked the passage. But suddenly a vortex appeared and the positions of the two parties had changed. Alan and the monsters were at the cliff while the special forces were at the exit. The special forces were at the location where the monsters were and vice versa……

That’s right. This was the effect of Demonic Distortion! It was a skill of Eternal Soul which exploded the sealed equipment and reversed the spaces on either side! Ark smiled after changing his position with Demonic Distortion and said to Alan.

“Didn’t I tell you? You’re the ones who fell into the trap.”

“Do you think the situation has changed just because we’ve swapped locations? You fool, even if you somehow escape here the monsters have blocked all the passages in the canyon. You’ll never get away!”

Alan’s words were true. Ark had sacrificed 40 items and all it did was swap their locations. The monsters might’ve panicked and felt anxious but that was all. Neither their health nor combat abilities were decreased. If a battle against the monster begun then the special forces would be killed. Of course, Ark could now escape from the dead end by changing locations. However, Alan and the monsters were only 300~400 metres away from him. The distance wasn’t enough to avoid their attacks. But Ark still had an unconcerned expression.

“Do you think I would waste 40 equipment for a skill that changed nothing?”

That’s right. No matter how much he was pushed in a corner, Ark wouldn’t lightly waste 40 equipment. The reason Ark used Demonic Distortion in this situation……


“Damn, I worked so hard to make that underground base……”

Ark glared at him and Wormer sighed. He looked at Ark and the monsters with an irritated expression and pushed a button on the remote control.

Ku ku ku ku, cheoldong!

It was at that moment. The space underneath Alan and the monsters suddenly vibrated and a mechanical sound could be heard. In the next moment, the ground flipped and Alan and the monsters were swallowed up.

“What, what the?”

“Huhuhu, cool your heads in there for a while.”

Ark laughed and waved his hand towards Alan who disappeared into the darkness. That’s right. This was the plan Ark came up with to tie up Alan’s feet. Currently Ark had three quests to completing that required Alan to not interfere. The odds weren’t in his favour if Alan and his group of monsters showed up. So Ark had come up with a way to ‘trap’ Alan.

‘I knew your scheme from the beginning.’

He knew that Alan had hid himself in order to lure Ark.

‘But I need him to think that I’ve been completely trapped. You idiot, you were the target.’

That’s right. Ark had to time it perfectly in order to catch Alan. The reason Ark came up of the base despite knowing about the trap wasn’t to collect MG. It was in order to gain the necessary japtem to use Demonic Distortion. And then lead Alan here. Ark had always planned to switch locations and the trap them in the underground base. As it could be seen, the plan was a great success!

“Wormer, are you sure the equipment inside is broken?”

“I’m sure.”

Wormer looked at the underground base with a regretful expression. Before leaving the base, Ark had naturally destroyed all the equipment that could open the entrance from inside. The only thing that could open the entrance was the remote control that Wormer held.

‘Huhuhu, the entrance is quite durable so it should take at least an hour to destroy even with 500 monsters attacking it. That is plenty of time to escape from the canyon.’

“Come on, let’s hurry! It is time to escape from the canyon!”

Ark turned around and ordered Racard.

“Racard, search for the shortest route to escape from the canyon!”

“Looking…..looking……complete. If you turn to the 5 o’clock direction and take the right side then you can escape from the canyon.  But there are 600 monsters in the middle part.”

“Okay.  Let’s go there!”

Ark instantly ran across that canyon after hearing Racard’s explanation. After moving for 10 minutes, hundreds of monsters appeared in front of them. It was 600 level 350 monsters! There were 200 people but only 130 of them had combat abilities so it would be quite tough to defeat all the monsters. However……

“Demonic Distortion! The target location is in front of those monsters!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, hwiriririri!

Ark used Demonic Distortion as he ran. The 40 japtem exploded again and changed the location of the monsters and the special forces. The monsters hesitated as it was the first time they experienced the vortex. However, the special forces were already used to Demonic Distortion and ran straight for the exit. Once a certain distance was exceeded, the monsters couldn’t determine their location anymore thanks to the complicated gorge. Without Alan grasping their location and giving the orders, the demonic monsters were just like ordinary monsters and lost Ark’s position. Just as they cleared the obstacles and almost escaped the canyon…. Shambala suddenly thought of something and said.

“Wait? Will we be able to collect the necessary MG if we leave the canyon?”

“…..Are you stupid?”

Ark looked at Shambala with disgusted eyes.

“Hey, do you remember why we came here in the first place?”

“Why we came? That…..”

Shambala was about to answer when he stopped and closed his mouth. They had almost escaped Pabiun Canyon so a huge number of black obelisks caught his eye. That’s right. The black obelisks were the reason Ark and the special forces had come to this place. The Black Obelisk Forest was 1 kilometres away from Pabiun Fortress.

“We can charge the MG even without the canyon.”

Ark laughed as he looked at the Black Obelisk Forest. There were 50 obelisks in the Black Obelisk Forest! Their size also exceeded 10 metres. If he used the Starlight Bomb then he could easily charge between 5,000~10,000 MG.

‘Just like when I investigated earlier, there are no monsters in the Black Obelisk Forest!’

All the monsters had moved to Pabiun Fortress. Pabiun Fortress was completely sealed so no one would’ve expected that the obelisks would be attacked. Besides, the monsters were just running back and forth now that Alan had disappeared. Now there was no longer anything blocking Ark and the special forces.

‘I can destroy the Black Obelisk Forest, collect the needed MG and allow the expedition to capture Pabiun Fortress!’

“Now let’s exit the canyon and install the Starlight Bomb!”

Ark shouted and was about to leave the canyon when he heard a sound.


Something shrieked from the sky and a huge shadow fell and blocked the exit. The huge presence shrieking and blocking the exit was…….

“W-what is going on?”

“D-Dragon? A skeletal dragon?”

The special forces stared with surprise. The huge body blocking the exit was a skeletal dragon. Ark also panicked at the sight of the unexpected monster.

“Fortunately I arrived in time.”

Then someone’s voice was heard from the dragon’s neck. Ark flinched at the face he saw.

“Damn, it is like running into a goby after escaping a grey mullet… is Andel this time?”

That’s right. The person who was riding on the dragon’s neck was Andel. He had thought it was strange that Andel wasn’t with Alan. Sure enough? Of course he showed up. And it had to be in a desperate situation like this.

“Goby? You can confirm whether I am a goby or not.”

Andel snorted and murmured. A red warning message floated in front of Ark at the same time.

-The elite boss monster, Bone Dragon ‘Chromatin’ has appeared.

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[…] Ark volume 21 chapter 7 is released. Read it here. […]


Thank you!


“Ark smiled and murmured in the darkness.”

“Aran muttered with an arrogant look.”

I think those should both be Alan.


Wuu been waiting all day! Thought turtle will rest today. Thank you so muuucchh!!


Woo new record 2nd!!! Wait, I thought Ark was aware of the magic eyeball :O then everything Ark did was useless if Alan can still track him with it.


He’s aware that there’s a skill like that, but he did not know that Alan had that skill.


Ah… A named elite boss monster, Razak will have new useful bones to collect.


Oh! I didn’t even think of that! Let’s just hope Razak can find a bone small enough lol.


ty~ this story getting better how Ark finish his mission against dragon?


And here’s Andel… there’s still Jewel left iirc, among the named characters that appeared before anyway; unlike Mr Tiramisu. Yes, I know it’s Timosi but I’ll be calling him Tiramisu 😀


Thank you! Damn another cliffhanger hehe

Charles Bascombe

I think this boss would finish his eternal soul. since every demon boss gave 2 parts.






Found a typo: “Ark smiled and murmured in the darkness.” Should be Alan instead of Ark.

I’m confused now. Is the dark elf a man or a woman? And is position switching the only thing Demonic Distortion can do? If not Ark could have just teleported all the monsters 500m into the air and let fall damage kill/stun them…


I think he’s only allowed to switch allies and enemies places. He would have needed to be in the air to make them teleport to the air


Ohohoho. I wonder if Jewel has a levitation spell? They could combine their two abilities and kill anything and everything.


The thing is he switched the positions of 150 people got switched with the position 500 monsters so we know that its not a 1:1 ratio sort of thing for position switching. The textbox says that “it is possible to change the position of friends and foes in a 500 metre range.” Notice how it says “change” not “switch”.

Of course this could just be a translation error but even an ability like position switching is really overpowered if your creative enough. e.g. You could teleport enemies in the air like I mentioned before or you could switch the position of the enemy with the dirt 500m underground effectively, burying them alive…

It kind of reminds me Law’s Room ability from OP… Wow thinking about that skills potential was actually kind of fun… shame that i don’t think the author will use it in such a manor though…


Thanks for Chapter!

Thanks to Translator and Editor and Proof Reader for doing this Chapter !!