Act 4: Radun

ACT 4 Radun

“Deimos, block the other side!”

Clatter, clatter! Deimos’ bones shook as he ran. He slid on the icy path, turned and raised his shield. Something bumped into the shield as a blurry form emerged in the darkness. They disappeared again but it was clearly a mongoose. It was a mongoose with black fur.

“That’s it. We ran it down. Dedric, lure the other mongooses and gain some time.”

“Understood Master. I’ll leave it to you.”

Dedric provoked three mongooses by shaking his hips. Meanwhile Ark stood and blocked the other side of the passage.

“Mind’s Eye!”

It suddenly became dark. But in a moment, sound waves just like the sonar waves used by deep sea submarines emerged and he clearly saw the shape of the passage. It was the special effect of his rare ring, Mind’s Eye.  When the sonar scanned an area, he immediately knew where the black mongoose was. On one side was Deimos and since Ark was blocking the way, the mongoose used a special skill called ‘Shadow’ to hide its body in a crack. It was aiming for a chance to escape.

‘This time I won’t miss!’

Ark had spent 2 weeks exploring the cave and making his map. His primary goal had been to complete the Mongoose Essence collection. While sweeping through the cave and fighting mongooses, he had seen several with different attributes such as the one with blue fur or the mongoose with yellow fur…….they each possessed a different attribute that matched them. In addition, they were never alone. He was lucky that he accidentally caught the first fire mongoose by itself. Usually he would have a life and death battle with four or five mongooses. Of course, at first he couldn’t handle it. So he used the system where Dedric and Deimos lured the special mongooses while he fought the normal mob and ran away using ‘Sprint’ if he was close to dying. The battles were always like walking a thin plank of ice. But over time he managed to raise his levels. Not only that, his skill levels also become better and he became more accustomed to using Gwisal’s sword.

‘Without the Sword-Hand Combat skill, I wouldn’t be able to use random weapons.’

Ark knew that he hadn’t used 100% of Gwisal’s attack power. It had different characteristics from a normal sword or dagger. Of course he needed time to adapt to the characteristics after changing weapons. It was the ‘Adaptation’ system. After he changed weapons, the impact was too intense and unexpected. But once he continued to use Gwisal’s sword, he could sense the attacks become increasingly stronger. And he also corrected the disruption to his balance that he felt when he first used it. Thanks to that, Ark was able to use 100% of Gwisal’s damage and there was no discomfort when he used kicks. He used Gwisal’s sword like a razor while the kick would deal a terrible blow!

Ark used that combination and had fun fighting the monsters. So 2 left……..after fire, he had collected 4 more mongoose essences, the Earth, Wind, Ice and Lightning. And now the special mongoose in front of him had the darkness attribute.

‘Damn, haven’t I already wasted a few days because of this guy?’

He had found the mongoose with the darkness attribute a few days ago. However, this mongoose was different from the ones with other attributes. While Ark was fighting the normal mobs, the dark mongoose hid using ‘Shadow’ and fled. It was irritating because its ‘Shadow’ skill was different from stealth. Unless it attacked first, ‘Shadow’ wouldn’t be released even if Ark managed to hit it. Because of that, Ark repeatedly missed it and then he would spend several hours searching for the mongoose again. It happened 5 times before Ark finally managed to corner it.

‘The duration of Mind’s Eye is 1 minute. It must be a quick fight!’

“Demonic Opening!”


The seal on Gwisal’s sword was loosened and the demons appeared on the blade. Ark quickly narrowed the distance and struck the mongoose in the side with Dark Blade.


The darkness mongoose fell down. But once he finished hitting it, the shape was once again assimilated into the darkness thanks to ‘Shadow.’

“Dark Dance!”

Ark ran close using fast movements and continuously used the chain skill Dark Strike. The darkness mongoose was a professional in escaping so it was faster than the other mongooses. But its attack and defense was lower than a normal mongoose. Once he caught it, it was just a matter of time before the mongoose would be defeated. Its health quickly decreased as it was hit by the sword. The mongoose felt the crisis and used ‘Darkness,’ but Ark was impervious to the magic since he was using Mind’s Eye. Ark captured the mongoose and persistently swung his sword. When the mongoose was driven to a critical condition, Ark’s vision suddenly became lighter and the shape of the mongoose disappeared. One minute had passed and the effects of ‘Mind’s Eye’ disappeared.

“Sheesh, I almost caught it…….!”

At the same time, he couldn’t hear the sound of footsteps anyone. The mongoose was cunning and killed the sound of its footsteps once Ark clearly couldn’t see it anymore.

‘I don’t want to spend another few hours searching. Where is it?’

Ark surveyed the area. Deimos was blocking the entrance so there was no room for the mongoose to squeeze past. It might be thinking of going to the relatively wide side where Ark was. However, he couldn’t just blindly swing his sword. If he moved in the wrong direction then it would run away.

‘Only one chance……then……..’

“Where are you hiding? You beep-beep-beep bastard!”

Ark’s voice echoed through the cave. Intermediate ‘Intimidation’! Some icy powder instantly dropped a few metres away. Ark’s eyes started glittering.

“There you are, Sprint!”

Ark shot forward like an arrow and swung his sword. There was an exhilarating feeling in his fingertips. At the same time, some blood appeared in an empty space. And slowly the black fur of the mongoose was revealed…….the mongoose let out a groan as it was split in half.

“That’s it, I finally got it!”

“M-Master. Please help me. It is impossible anymore!”

Then Dedric came flying from the other side. His wings were torn by the mongooses and he was in a critical condition.

“Good work. You can rest now. Deimos, let’s go!”

Ark grinned and rushed forward with Deimos.

“Eyes of the Cat!”

He spent 2 weeks in the ice cave. During that time, he’s killed thousands of mongooses. Every time he killed 100 of the same monsters, he received an addition 5% on the special effect of Eyes of the Cat. After hunting thousands of them, the probability of the enemy’s attack being foretold by ‘Line Designation’ was 70%. When the mongoose lifted its arm, a solid red line appeared on Ark’s chest like a laser. Ark instantly turned his body and the mongoose’s arm shot past him. He also brought down his sword at the same time and dealt a critical hit, cutting off the arm.

“Yes, it’s a success!”

He had cut off a part of the enemy’s body. It was a new skill he learned after ‘Drastic Measures’ reached intermediate. It was possible to instantly kill them when the enemy was in a critical condition! Furthermore, the amount of experience and probability of dropping a magic item increased by 1.2. Once he levelled the skill then wouldn’t he receive even more experience and items? It was indeed a rare skill that could only be learnt with a two-handed sword. Ark couldn’t miss the opportunity. After that, Ark kept on trying to use Drastic Measures whenever a mongoose was in a critical condition.  But the probability of success wasn’t high and it was a difficult skill to grow.

‘But I have 60 skill points!’

Ark invested 40 of the 60 skill points and raised ‘Drastic Measures’ to intermediate.

Drastic Measures一Sword cutting into two (Intermediate, Passive 100/300): When using this technique, your blade has become sharper.  The probability of cutting two pieces at once has risen.

* Additional effect (Cutting): If you target a part of the enemy’s body and succeed in a critical hit, there is a 5% chance of cutting it off.

There was an additional cutting effect! If he cut off the arms or legs then he could slow their movements.  Obviously it required a lot of concentration to target a particular part and land a critical hit. But because it was so difficult, he felt a tremendous pleasure when he succeeded.

“Now, let’s get started?”

The 3 mongooses weren’t even considered as snacks to Ark. Ark began to practice cutting off parts using the mongooses. While some mongooses had 50% health left, all their limbs were cut off so they were unable to fight.

“Ugh, Master. You’re becoming increasingly cruel.”

Dedric was appalled as he looked at the mongooses from a distance. Ark was being a bit cruel, but didn’t he need practice in order to use the skill properly?

So Ark literally sliced the mongooses to pieces.

“That’s it. I got everything I need so let’s go back to the hideout.”

Ark packed the items and leisurely walked back to the cave’s entrance.





-You have returned to the camp.

Ark had completely adapted to life in an ice cave. The first thing he did was make a camp in the cave. It was necessary to create a safe place since he couldn’t release his summons. So he gathered some vines and used it as fuel. Of course it wasn’t simple to light a fire using just that. He didn’t have a flint, so he had to create friction the old fashioned way and rubbed two sticks together for a while before he could get some embers for the fire. Once he lit a fire and used the camping skill, a campsite was immediately created. Monsters kept away from it once the camp was created. Furthermore, the campfire restored his health and body temperature so it was possible to relax. So Ark used the campsite as a base to attack the cave.

“Ah, it’s warm. I was starting to get cold……”

Ssak ssak ssak. Clack clack clack, clack clack clack clack.

His summons flocked to the fire as soon as they reached the campsite.

“Fortunately there is still a spark burning. Dedric, gather a lot of vines while I revive the fire a little.”

“Yes, yes, always giving orders. Sheesh, I get the bad jobs as usual.”

Dedric complained but quickly gathered the vines to revive the fire.

“Then I’ll start taking out the items.”

Ark walked towards a corner of the camp. After spending 2 weeks in the ice cave, the campsite had already become like a house. After crossing through the red wilderness, Ark’s bag had become nearly full. Since he also lived here for 2 weeks, he had long exceeded the capacity of his bag. But his pride wouldn’t allow him to give up on the japtem that fell. So his campsite was used as a temporary item storage.

“I’ve gathered quite a lot in the meantime.”

The Seolmocho, Icecap’s Decisions, Mongoose leather and bones, cooked dishes……..these items were piled up like a mountain. It was a sight that warmed his heart whenever he saw it. However, Ark sighed and his face became gloomy.

“The amount I can carry out of the ice caves is only what my bag can hold. No matter how much I gather, more than half of it will eventually be gone.”

Even if the leather and bones could be sold together, he would only get a few gold. But tears clouded his eyes at the thought of throwing it away.

“I have to be reasonable and pick the ones that will earn a little bit more money. Anyway, I’ll worry about it once my business here ends……….”

Ark searched among the pile of items for some ingredients. It was the ingredients needed to create the immortality pill. While his summons played around, Ark finished the mixing and crystallization stages.

“Now, I’ll leave you guys while I take a short nap. Eat the food and don’t let the fire go out.”

“Okay, stop nagging me.”

10 hours later, Ark came back to the ice cave.

“Master, it is finished.”

Dedric approached him holding the pot. Inside the pot was a black immortality pill that let out a mysterious fragrance. When Ark swallowed it, an information window appeared.

Mongoose’s Immortality Pill (Darkness) (Immortality Pill rating: D, Degree of Completion: A)

The immortality pill is enchanted with the special attribute of the mongoose that lived in a special environment. You have been granted the ability of the mongoose.

*There is an added bonus according to the degree of completion.

Compared to Slime’s Immortality Pill, this was the only effect the mongoose pill gave. When he first ate ‘Mongoose’s Immortality Pill,’ Ark could not hide his disappointment. But he soon realized that it was not a small bonus. Although the Mongoose’s Immortality Pill only had a D rating, it was still an immortality pill. In other words, he would receive the bonus 7 times.

“Every immortality pill gives me 3 extra stats. That is an 18 stat bonus. Then multiply it by 7…….”

Wouldn’t he receive 126 stat points? He would also get a bonus for the Degree of Completion. Until now, it had been bonus stats like strength and agility. Due to the immortality pills, his stats increased tremendously.

‘This time it is a Spiritual Power bonus! That means I can summon Dedric and Deimos at the same time!’

Although it was impossible to summon or release at the moment, it will become very useful once he returned to middle earth. And there was a necessary bonus as well. His resistance increased according to the attribute! Once Ark ate the pill with a fire attribute, he thought of a way to defeat Galgashi.  The red immortality pill gave him 25% fire resistance. In other words, the other pills will increase his resistance according to their attributes. If he ate all 7 kinds then his resistance would increase by 25%.

‘It was difficult to deal with Galgashi because of its magic. But I didn’t receive an abnormal state when it used fire magic. That was because the Veil of Fire has a 50% fire resistance. If my resistance increases then it might make dealing with the effects from Galgashi’s magic easier.’

When affected by a magic state, it was difficult to avoid any attacks. But those magic states could be invalidated by increasing the resistance to an attribute. It meant that he had to eat all the immortality pills to defeat Galgashi!

“Immortality Pill information window!”

Mongoose’s Immortality Pill (Fire) (Immortality Pill rating: D, Degree of Completion: A)

* Completion bonus: Strength + 10

[Mongoose’s Immortality Pill (Ice) (Immortality Pill rating: D, Degree of Completion: A)

* Completion bonus: Intelligence + 10

[Mongoose’s Immortality Pill (Earth) (Immortality Pill rating: D, Degree of Completion: A)

* Completion bonus: Stamina + 10

[Mongoose’s Immortality Pill (Wind) (Immortality Pill rating: D, Degree of Completion: A)

* Completion bonus: Agility + 10

[Mongoose’s Immortality Pill (Lightning) (Immortality Pill rating: D, Degree of Completion: A)

* Completion bonus: Wisdom + 10

[Mongoose’s Immortality Pill (Darkness) (Immortality Pill rating: D, Degree of Completion: A)

* Completion bonus: Spiritual Power + 100

When he made them appear all at once, it seemed sufficient. But how did he end up obtained 176 stat points? Every time he ate an immortality pill, an extra association bonus was applied and he received an extra 30 intelligence, fame + 1,200 and his Survival Cooking skill increased to 55. Therefore the effect of the immortality pills increased his level by 18~29. His level also increased dramatically while fighting the mongooses.

Ark was level 200 when he first entered the ice cave. The mongooses were level 250. Because 10% experience was added every 5 levels, he earned more than 100% experience when hunting. He also used the Drastic Measures skill so sometimes his experience increased by 1.4. Therefore Ark’s current level was 227! When he applied the darkness attribute bonus, it was 317……..that meant he had a little leeway to play around with the mongooses and practice Drastic Measures.

The ingredients in the cave also increased his summons to level 120. It was a really crazy growth rate!

‘How much would I get it I could mass produce these immortality pills?’

But even though he had lived in the ice cave for 2 weeks, he still hadn’t found the mongoose with red fur again. It seemed like the respawn rate of the special monsters was as slow as a boss monster. In addition, the ice cave was the only place he could find the mongooses but there were thousands of crevasses underneath East Moon. There wasn’t a signpost so he wouldn’t be able to find the cave again after he left.

“Anyway, I have to leave here soon.”

Even though it was a good hunting ground, he couldn’t stay here forever. When there was still a level difference with the mongooses, he received an experience bonus of 40% but now his experience didn’t go up as quickly as before. And he wouldn’t be able to obtain all the items here, no matter how much he wanted to.

“All that’s left is the Light attribute Immortality Pill.”

But he could already guess which monster had this attribute. Ark had used his cartography skill to make a map of the dungeon. While exploring the cave, his map was now at 99% completion. The remaining 1% was the behind the ice wall where the boss was. So it seemed like he had caught all the mongooses except for the boss. But he still had one attribute missing.

‘The Light attribute Immortality Pill must be with the boss. It might be one of the beads embedded in its forehead. Okay, let’s complete the collection and leave the ice cave!’

Ark began preparing for the fight against Galgashi. He used ‘Magic Restoration’ to repair his equipment and ‘Blade Maintenance’ to increase the damage of his sword. He also used purified water while washing his clothes to increase the defense. After filling his belly, he finally got out of his seat.

“Character Attributes Information Window!”

Character Name Ark Race Human
Alignment Good +350
Fame 8,875 (+ 500) Level 227
Profession Dark Walker
Title Cat Knight, Caretaker of the Battlefield, Jackson’s Hero, Great Adventurer
Health 3,580 (+150) Mana  3,745
Spiritual Power 200 Strength 437 (+28)
Agility 587 (+35) Stamina 667 (+20)
Wisdom 81 (+10) Intelligence 720
Luck 87 (+30) Flexibility 92
Art of Communication 46 Affection 109 (+10)
Resilience 254
Special stat: Knowledge of Ancient Relics 138
[Health Regeneration]: 100 (Amulet of Vitality +5 health every 10 seconds)

[Mana Regeneration]: 100 (Resurrecting Spirit + 5%)

[Attack]: 110-122 (Advance Sword-Hand Combat +40%)

[Defense]: 292 (Adelaine’s Necklace + 40, King’s set + 20)

[Attack Speed]: 146 (Cat Paws + 10%, Wind Spirit’s Boots + 10%)

[Reaction Rate]: 293

[Movement Speed]: 100 (Wind Spirit’s Boots +30%)

[Critical Hit Success]: 337 (Cat Paws + 10%)

[Evasion Success]: 184


* Elemental Series Resistance
[Flame resistance]: 25% (Veil of Fire + 50%)

[Ice resistance]: 25%

[Earth resistance]: 25%

[Wind resistance]: 25%

[Lightning resistance]: 25%

[Dark resistance]: 25% (Profession characteristics +50%)

* Spirit Series Resistance
[Fear resistance]: 50%

[Confusion resistance]: 50%

[Bewitchment resistance]: 50%

* Nature Series Resistance

[Poison Resistance]: 20%

* Environmental resistance
[Water resistance]: 0 (Guardian Armour of the Merpeople+100%)

[Cold resistance]: 16%

* Other resistance
[Shock Absorption]: 20%

[Blunt Force Resistance]: 0 (Resilience +25%, 4%)

[Fall resistance]: 50%~80%

The attribute information window could confirm the combat power of the character. When he levels up then the numbers didn’t change that significantly. But since he hadn’t checked it in a while, he was able to confirm that it had grown steadily. However, he wanted to confirm the elemental series resistance. The numerical value was necessary to determine if he could fight against Galgashi who used magic freely.

Galgashi’s magic is not that high ranking. The problem is the abnormal states.  But a 25% resistance can defend against most states.’

“Okay, now it is time to get revenge!”

Ark led his summons and turned towards the boss room.







Ark leisurely traversed the ice cave. Now it wasn’t easy to find a mongoose in the cave. That’s why Ark was determined to leave. Once the gap had widened between him and the mongoose, his gains had started to slow down. And he used a lot of time hunting the mongooses.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter if I leave once I defeat the boss.”

Ark soon arrived at the place where Galgashi was waiting.


-The nightmare boss monster of the East Moon ‘Galgashi’ has appeared.

There was a ringing noise as the message window once again appeared. Galgashi was fiercely jumping about the room. In these 2 weeks, Ark had become stronger. But Galgashi had just been playing around. It didn’t increase its level or develop new attack patterns.

“Eat this! Dark Blade!”

Ark forcefully stabbed it with his sword and then used ‘Slide’ to retreat. Chiing, there was a ringing sword and Galgashi slipped on the ice. Galgashi stared at Ark and started baring its fangs. The eerie red eyes became cold. But Ark just stared at the eye on its forehead.

‘That’s it, that’s where the light attribute immortality pill is!’

Ark looked at the bead imbedded in the forehead with blazing eyes. Then Galgashi stepped backwards at his face.

“Huhuhu, it’s too late. I’ll dig out the ball stuck on your forehead. Go, Dedric, Deimos!”

“Take this!”

Clack clack clack clack!

The earlier part of the battle was similar to before. Dedric attacked from above while Galgashi jumped and roared. Then Ark and Deimos waited until it landed before bombarding it with attacks. However, this time Ark was concentrated on one point on Galgashi’s body.

‘If that guy uses its magic, it’ll still be annoying even if the resistance has increased. Deimos and Dedric have no elemental resistance so I’ll have to take care of it first.’

Ark didn’t blindly decrease Galgashi’s health. The previous time Galgashi only used its magic when its health was less than 50%. In other words, it won’t use magic until its health falls below 50%.

‘I’ll have to succeed before Galgashi uses its magic!’

Ark used ‘Slide’ to go around and attack the tails. After a dozen attempts, one tail was finally cut off. He used the cutting ability of Drastic Measures. The tail that he severed was the tail that could use wind magic. Now the weapon threatening Dedric had disappeared.

‘Okay, I’ll aim for the Earth magic tail next!’

Ark set his next target and concentrated his attacks again. The damage and abnormal state of the earth magic was not important. It was annoying because it could raise Galgashi’s defense.

Seokeok, seokeok, chiing, seokeok, chiing!

Dedric and Deimos distracted Galgashi while Ark used Slide to move around it and attacked the tails. At first it was difficult, but once he got used to the movements then the success probability increased.


In the end another tail was cut off. Galgashi stumbled from the pain and rolled away on the floor.

“Hahahah, isn’t this exciting?”

Once two tails were cut off, Galgashi started to earnestly use its magic. Ark tensed up and grasped his sword firmly.

‘The real fight is from now on!’

Once Galgashi shook its tail, the ground turned a deep blue and sparks flew. But Ark deliberating stood still and let the sparks hit him.

‘I have to check to see if I’m right!’

-You have received lightning damage.  75 damage!


A satisfied smile appeared on Ark’s face. His lowest resistance of 25% worked against Galgashi’s magic.  In fact, Ark had been inwardly anxious since it was only 25%. His resistance was relatively low. While Ark’s Sword-Hand Combat relied on strength and agility, magic also increased because of skills or weapons. In other words, if the opponent had a skill that boosted spell damage by 200% then he would still receive 175% damage, even with 25% resistance. In fact, magicians actually used skills like ‘Amplification’ while increased basic damage by 200% and applied it to skills like ‘Explosion.’  It would be 300~500% effective. In addition, the elemental series was the most common kind of magic used.  If the magician also had resistance to physical damage then attacking them wouldn’t help. That was the reason why magicians were scary. He wouldn’t be assured even if he had 1000% magical resistance. Indeed, raising a warrior was easy but magicians required more of a balance. Well, let’s put that talk aside for the moment.

Anyway, even Ark’s lowest resistance was able to completely resist Galgashi’s magic. After a couple more tries, Ark confirmed that he could resist 90% of the abnormal states caused.

‘Now there is no reason to be scared of the magic. That guy would do more damage to me with physical attacks that magical. But I will be able to face it alone.’

“Dedric, Deimos. Stay out of the magic damage range!”

If his summons stayed and fought then it would just become annoying. Ark dived into the reach of Galgashi’s wide area magic. While he received additional damage every 30 seconds, his resistance settled the situation.  Ark invalidated all the abnormal states and just swung his sword. Then Galgashi finally noticed that Ark was different from before. He wasn’t affected at all by Galgashi’s magical assault.

“This foolish fellow, you became aware too late.”

Now Galgashi was just like an oversized mongoose. And Ark had spent the last two weeks killing thousands of mongooses. If he closed his eyes then he would be able to predict the mongooses’ movements.

“Come, let’s finish this. Demonic Opening!”

When he used Demonic Opening, the ghosts’ wails shook the ice cave. Gwisal’s sword turned black and was immediately plunged into Galgashi’s underbelly. Galgashi tried its best to run away but it ended up being stabbed over and over. In the end, Galgashi became bloody and was in a critical condition.

“Now’s the important part!’

Ark took a small break to recover his breathing. Galgashi only had 3% health left so it would end in one or two attacks. But he shouldn’t carelessly kill it. He had waited 2 weeks to catch this boss monster! He wanted to suck every last drop of oil from Galgashi.

‘If I succeed, this is a x1.4 chance of more experience and the best item dropping!’

But his opponent was a boss monster. It wouldn’t be easy to find the chance to use Drastic Measures. However, Ark avoided the attacks and held out. After 20 minutes……. Galgashi finally wrapped its body in flames and rushed forward in a desperate attack.


“It’s now, Sprint!”

Ark ran forward and swung Gwisal’s sword from top to bottom. Galgashi and Ark met in a head on confrontation and a roaring sound rattled the area. And after a moment, Ark moved back. He had pierced the body and split it in half. Galgashi was severed with one stroke!


-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.

The messages continuously popped up after Galgashi died. He had defeated a level 400 boss monster while level 227 and gained 7 levels. This was because the x1.4 experience effect was applied. However, Ark was not interested in his level.

“Items, items!”

Ark drooled like a hyena and ran over to Galgashi’s body.

Mongoose Essence (Light)


Galgashi’s Fur (Rare)

Armour type: Mantle

Durability: 13/50

Defense power: 25

Weight: 30

User restriction: Level 180 or more

The fur of a snow demon called Galgashi, it can be cut to a suitable size and wound around the body. While wearing this fur, your body temperature won’t fall regardless of how cold the environment is. The remnants of Galgashi’s magic will also protect you.


Galgashi’s Claws (Special)

User restriction: Level 180 and more

Item type: Modification (Shoes)

You can attach Galgashi’s sharp claws to your shoes.

<Additional Effect of Remodelled Shoes: These sharp claws can be used to dig into the ice and not slip. You can climb an ice wall at 90 degrees for 3 minutes. In addition, users who have mastered Hand-to-Hand Combat and use the claw-equipped when kicking will deal 10~15 additional damage.

* Hover the item over the desired footwear to equip it (Removable)


It was worth waiting 20 minutes for Drastic Measures to succeed. Even though the Mongoose Essence was a basic drop, a rare and special item had appeared. The mantle gave him 100% cold resistance! He immediately felt warm after he wore it.  In addition, the special option would automatically use a spell. While the magic was not that strong and would be ineffective against a player, it would be quite useful against monsters. And Galgashi’s claws also caught Ark’s eyes. The items gave new skills and additional attack damage to his shoes. In addition, it was removable so he could wear it with new shoes.

“Hahaha, it was worth coming to a different dimension!”

Ark enthusiastically packed the loot.

“I’ll test the performance later so let’s make the immortality pill.”

Ark took out his pot. Once he killed the boss, it was like Ark owned the ice cave. It was pointless to go back to the entrance just to make the immortality pill.

“Snake, give me the necessary ingredients.”

Ark extended his hand. However, Snake was not at his waist. Once the battle with Galgashi ended, Snake crossed the square as if it was spellbound.

“Eh? Snake, what’s wrong?”

Ssak ssak ssak!

Snake moved and pointed towards the hole in the barrier.

‘Oh, that reminds me……’

Ark remembered the first time he came to this place. He had found the boss room because of Snake.

‘There might be another item behind the barrier!’

Ark considered this and followed Snake to the barrier. When he entered the hole Galgashi made, a wide space appeared. Then there was a ringing sound and a message window popped up.

-You have finished the map of the ‘Snowy Mountain’s Hidden Ice Cave’ with a 100% completion rate.

It is now possible to sell the ‘Snowy Mountain’s Hidden Ice Cave’ map.

As expected, it was the remaining 1% of his map. However, Ark was puzzled when he saw the space inside.

“What the? Ugh, it is freezing. This is……a refrigerator?”

Dedric muttered as he followed. It was a very accurate statement. Inside the large icy space, there were all kinds of monster corpses piled up like a mountain. The bones of the corpses were piled on one side while the other side had the half eaten remains left behind from eating. It was similar to beef hanging in a frozen storeroom. No, it was clearly a refrigerator. The mongoose must’ve collected it from hunting in the snowy mountains. Perhaps the reason monsters weren’t seen on the snowy mountains was because of the mongooses.

‘What the? Did Galgashi spend the whole time in here eating?’

Since the passage was too small for Galgashi to leave, it must have spent it all in here. No wonder why it was huge……

Ssak ssak ssak!

Then he heard Snake’s voice inside. Without thinking, Ark moved closer to where Snake was. Snake was wriggling into a place where the corpses of snakes were piled up like a mountain.

‘All my questions are answered.’

The mongooses had caught an absurd amount of snakes as food. Snake probably came to the cave because it scented its kin from the cave.

‘Wait? Isn’t something strange? So far, haven’t I hunted a lot of serpents with Snake? There was no reaction at the time so why would it suddenly be so sensitive now?’

When Ark thought about it, something was strange. Then a blurry light suddenly appeared from the pile of dead snakes. Something huge was moving among the pile.

“What, what the? For there to be a monster here……..!”

Ark reflexively took out his sword.


A distance voice emerged from inside.

 -There is still an Alamone alive…….but how is that possible…….?

In the darkness, the thing asked with doubt as it moved about. It was a giant constrictor, much larger than the one he saw on TV crushing its prey. However, the huge snake looked miserable as giant chunks of its flesh was torn out. There was no sense of threat coming from it. Somehow it seemed rather friendly.

 -I see, you chose this person.

 The huge snake stared at Ark and nodded.

 -You don’t have to panic. Foreigner, I am not your enemy. My body is already dying. I won’t be much of a threat.

But Ark was surprised for a different reason.

“The snake is talking……..?”

 -I am not a snake.

“Eh? Then how are you speaking?”

 -I am an Alamone. The last remaining Alamone in this world…….or so I thought.


Ark burst out with surprise. It made sense…….was Snake drawn by instinct to return to its kin? But there was some doubts remaining.

“I thought the Alamone was extinct?”

That was written in the information window when he met Snake for the first time.

 -That’s right. The Alamone was very curious and had a habit of collecting things. So the Alamone had always been targeted by other races and became nearly extinct. The Alamone barely avoided the threats and survived, travelling a long way until we finally arrived at East Moon.

The Alamone sighed and replied.

 -But this place did not become a haven for us. It was the place where our natural enemy the mongooses lived…… one by one we were captured by them and used as food. I got trapped in this place by the cursed devil Galgashi and used as a living food source.

The Alamone twitched as it relived the pain.

 -When I disappeared, the Alamone clan disappeared from history.  But now…….I have met an Alamone descendant after hundreds of years! To the great power that rules this land……thank you.

The Alamone looked at Snake with a gaze filled with deep emotions.

Ssak ssak ssak!

Snake clung to Ark’s legs with a frightened expression. Then it just gawked at the Alamone. Snake had been drawn by instincts, but Snake never thought it would find a relative. Indeed, Snake had been with Ark from the time it hatched. Although Ark was a human, Snake considered him as its parent. But the Alamone just said happily.

 -I’m glad that you met someone you could cherish. All Alamones long to find a master that they can serve and love. I can relax and close my eyes now that I’ve confirmed a descendant of the Alamone still lives!

The Alamone stared at Snake endlessly.

 -It looks like he hatched you from an egg. Am I right?

“That’s right.”

 -Indeed……..the Alamone seemed strange the first time I saw it…….Like this, the child will be unable to grow into a real Alamone. This is because it could not learn from its parents or siblings.

 “Yes? Then………?”

 -Now I know why I’m still alive. I am the only survivor of the clan. Now, please send the child over here.

Ssak ssak? Ssak ssak ssak!

Snake became frightened and shook its head. However, Ark separated Snake by force and pushed it towards the Alamone. After listening to the words, Ark sensed an opportunity for growth. Although Snake looked uneasy at first, it finally made a decision as small crystals fell from the Alamone’s mouth. Snake became curious and approached the Alamone. When the Alamone nodded, Snake stuck out its tongue and swallowed immediately.


At that moment, Snake’s body bent and there was an intense light. Then Snake’s skin started to crack apart like a shell.

The Alamone Larvae has successfully completed its growth.

The last survivor of the Alamone clan has given Snake the knowledge to grow. The crystals contained a part of the experience and knowledge of the Alamone. The Alamone has evolved into an adult by absorbing this knowledge. By becoming an adult snake, the Alamone is able to obtain one additional skill. Under the will of the Netherworld, the adult snake has been granted the name ‘Radun.’



Snake has absorbed the knowledge of an adult Alamone survivor. It has fully manifested as an adult Alamone called Radun. It can store more items and many skills can be used freely. Once more experience and knowledge is accumulated, it will learn the skills instinctively.

Species: Netherworld Creature

Alignment: Dark

Ranking: Adult

Health: 1,000

Loyalty: –







* The equipped skills slot has expanded to 2.

* Item storage capacity is doubled.

* It is possible for Radun to transform.

Radunma: For a certain period of time, Radun can transform into a mount called Radunma.Radunma is able to move as fast as the wind while still keeping its ability for item storage. However, in order to maintain Radunma’s body who will become hungry after transforming, 5 mana is consumed every 10 seconds.

* Radunma’s health once transformed: 2,000

* Player’s movement speed when mounted on Radunma +500%

* Attack and Defense of player will increase by 10% when mounted on Radunma.

‘Huk! Radunma? A mount?’

Ark’s eyes widened at the sight of the information window. He didn’t have that many expectations about Snake’s growth. He would be grateful even if the bag storage expanded a little bit. Since Snake only had 1 skill slot, he had been unable to utilize the poison skill properly. But now that problem had disappeared. Two skill slots! Double the bag space! This meant that he could use the item storage along with the poison skill. But what was even more marvellous was the Radunma skill. Now Ark also had a mount! It could also be used in combat, instead of only transportation like the Unicorn. He got a mount normally worth thousands of gold for free!

 -The descendant of the Alamone has been seen again after hundreds of years. Maybe a king of the Alamone might even be born again. Then the Alamone clan would rise again. Foreigner, please take care of this child until the end……..

The Alamone closed its eyes for the last time.

Ssak ssak ssak? Ssak ssak ssak!

Radun had finally begun to consider the Alamone family so it cried sadly. Now it really was the last survivor of the Alamone clan.

Mongoose’s Immortality Pill (Light) (Immortality Pill rating: D, Degree of Completion: A)

* Completion bonus: Luck + 10

Ark finally swallowed the last Mongoose pill. Suddenly he felt a cold feeling and he sank heavily to the ground…….Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Darkness and Light all started fighting. After a moment, he sat quietly and stared at the information window in front of him.

The Mongoose Attributes Set has been completed!

The immortality pills have harmonized in your body and a new skill has been awakened. You can choose one of two skills.

  1. 7 Attributes Fusion: It is possible to fuse the 7 attributes and increase your body’s stats dramatically.
  2. 7 Attributes Balance: It is possible to maintain the 7 attributes and use its power when needed.

‘Ugh! W-what is this?’

Ark looked at the information window with a gaping mouth. The bonus for completing the set was more than he expected. However, he could only pick one bonus. Either receive bonus stats or learn 2 new skills………

‘Damn…….why did it show me…….ugh, what should I select?’

A bonus 20 points to all stats! That was 120 extra stats. He would be able to climb 12 levels with just the bonus stats alone. Naturally he would drool……, the bonus was so remarkable that he would freak out over it! But that would mean throwing away the chance to learn 2 special skills.

“Dammit, this is torture!”

Ark pulled his hair and shouted. It was as if someone has shown Ark two children drowning in the sea and asked him to save only one of them. But standing around tearing his hair out was useless. Ark was tortured for a while before he made a decision with tears in his eyes.

‘Yes, I collected a lot of bonus stat points from the immortality pills anyway. And chances are that I can continue to receive bonus stats. But I might never learn these special skills again!’

Hadn’t he seen how useful the Slime’s Time that he got from the Slime’s Immortality Pill was? He couldn’t give up the chance to learn these skills because of some bonus stats.

“Okay, the 7 Attributes Balance!”

When Ark raised his voice, the 7 attributes started spinning around and scattered to every corner of his body. Then a new skill window floated in front of him.

Elemental Sword (Special, Active): It is possible to temporarily imbue your sword with one of the five properties Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind and Lightning. Once the sword has been imbued with the attribute, it will afflict additional damage and an abnormal state to the enemy. But if you’re not a magician who deals with elements, you can draw out all the elemental power dwelling in your body for a period of time before becoming extremely vulnerable.


Hiding in Shadows (Special, Passive): You can use ‘Stealth’ if there is any shadowy place in the daytime.

However, you can’t use it when you’re in a battle state and it will be released if you touch sunlight.

‘Elemental Sword increases my damage by 10%! And I can hide in shadow! Okay, this is good!’

Ark had been anxious looking at the information window and now he sighed with relief. Fortunately, the ‘Elemental Sword’ and ‘Hiding in Shadows’ was worth giving up the bonus stats. He was especially pleased with Elemental Sword. It raised his attack power by 10%, depending on the resistance. Also, a critical hit will also give an attribute related state! Since it was a strong skill, of course it would have a penalty. After giving the attribute to his weapon, his related resistance will decrease by 100%. For example, his ice resistance was 25% so he would have -75% ice resistance for 24 hours. In other words, he would be especially vulnerable to ice magic for 24 hours.

‘But if I’m dealing with an enemy who uses ice attacks then I just won’t use that attribute. I’ll use the fire attribute and have my fire resistance fall instead. I can restore my resistance after 24 hours……..if I pay attention when using it then it shouldn’t be a problem.’

Ark nodded with a satisfied face. After a life and death situation in the snowy mountains, he had found a hidden dungeon! And he spent two weeks grinding there! The rewards were indeed worth it.

Snake evolved into Radun and he received an enormous bonus for completing the immortality pill set. There was also Elemental Sword which added magic properties to his sword and ‘Hiding in Shadows’ which allowed him to use Stealth in daytime! He felt breathless after fully repeating everything he received.

‘It really is a huge bonus!’

He received all these compensations after entering the new dimension. And there were still more quests and compensation waiting. Because only 10 people had found this place, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the possibilities were endless.

“Now, should I start exploring this dimension?”

Ark grinned and pulled out the claws. He placed in on his shoes and stepped firmly on the ground. It was the shoe modification item, Galgashi’s Claws. He had been worried about how he would leave the crevasse after defeating Galgashi. Even though he had explored the entire huge cave, the crevasses were like a maze and the whole area apart from the dungeon was dark on his map. But Galgashi’s claws had neatly solved that problem.

“Radun, pick up all the items until you’re full!”

Ssak ssak ssak!

Radun used its tongue to swallow the items at the campsite. Although its capacity had doubled, it wasn’t possible to swallow everything gathered.

“They’re all worth some money but it can’t be helped. Deimos, transform!”

Ark made Deimos transform into the saw blade. After stretching his body, he ran towards the ice wall.


Pak, pak, pak, pak!

Galgashi’s Claws made it easy to dig into the ice. Then he began to climb up the sheer 90 degrees wall. The duration of climbing with Galgashi’s Claws was 3 minutes. But since he didn’t rest and used Sprint, Ark managed to climb up in 2 minutes.

“Achoo, c-cold………!”

Once he was on the snowy mountain again, the tremendous chill immediately began. Dedric screamed and quickly hid in Ark’s mantle.

“Oh, this is paradise!”

“Radun, Radunma transform!”

When he used the skill, Radun’s body began to swell. Although Radun wasn’t as big as the Alamone in the refrigerator, it reached the size of a pony. Radun also grew 4 legs in its chest and legs. Its transformation looked like a large lizard.

“Now let’s go down. It is time to explore the new dimension!”

Ark got on Radunma while wearing Galgashi’s Fur and shouted.

Pa pa pa pa!

Radun moved its four legs and ran down the snowfields. While the stubby legs looked funny, it was faster than it seemed. Therefore, Ark and his summons broke through the snow storm and crossed East Moon.  After a few hours, the snow storm gradually disappeared and he arrived at a wide plain.

This was the real beginning of his expedition.



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How convenient that the secret means to beat this dungeon is a rare skill that Ark happens to know. Survival cooking. His nursing skill also seems to pop up in such a way. LMS does it better in that when a skill is required to do a quest then it’s probably a quest for a class that should have that skill.

Also isn’t Ark’s riding skill beginner level 3? He could barely ride a regular mount let alone such a good one.

Anyway good work on the translations.


It’s quite possible that the ravine only broke open because Ark met certain conditions, although it’s equally implausible to accept that he simply managed to stumble upon it like that. But, don’t forget that this is a game – it’s not reality. By this, I mean… The dungeon was not necessarily in that place, or set up in that way, until Ark fell into it.

Given how well the dungeon suited him (don’t forget the upgrade to a summon specific to his unique profession), it’s more plausible to think that the dungeon tailored itself to suit the first player to enter, or that it appeared under the first suitable player to enter a certain area, or something along those lines.

As for riding… ummm… Perhaps because it’s a summon, it falls outside of the skill requirements (the Unicorn was the same iirc).


The problem with that is that, while possible, the world is suppose to be its own reality. Dungeons aren’t suppose to move around, selectively open(in such a way), or tailor itself for the player. The dungeon is suppose to be existing by itself with its own history.

That being said I think next chapter does a decent job of justifying the implausible circumstances.


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He needs an active that allows him to enter stealth.


The descendant of the Alamone has been seen again after hundreds of years. Maybe a king of the Alamone might even be born again. Then the Alamone clan would rise again. Foreigner, please take care of this child until the end……..

Radun had finally begun to consider the Alamone family so it cried sadly. Now it really was the last survivor of the Alamone clan.

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