8th Anniversary Voting Page

Voting is now open!!! Thank you to everyone who participated! Please be sure to check out all the lovely fanart!

Six prizes have been unlocked so you can vote for up to six entries (you don’t necessarily have to choose 6.) I have organized them by novels and added the novel name so you can find the large versions of the fanart in the google folder attached.

Please look through the google folder closely, decide your favorites, find them on the form and vote. Voting will be closed at midnight on December 7th and the results announced at 11:50 p.m. December 7th (EST).

Google Drive Folder with large versions of the fanart

Voting Form

(P.S. Please let me know in the comments if the links don’t work and I will fix them as soon as possible)

Prizes available:

1st Place – $125 USD

2nd Place – $100 USD

3rd Place – $75 USD

4th Place – $50 USD

5th Place – $50 USD

6th Place – $35 USD

Translator’s Choice – $50 USD

Three randomly picked participants -$15 USD.

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