1. Hi! For some reason I can’t react or send any messages on the server, I’m not able to select roles either 😭 is it an error on my side? Anyone got the same?

    1. There is a rules box you have to tick when joining the server. It doesn’t seem to pop up when using mobile with some people. If you are experiencing this, please use a laptop or computer to accept the rules. Then you can use mobile as normal. I also haven’t confirmed if this works but you can try opening discord on the mobile browser instead of the app and see if the rules box appears there.

      1. Thank you so much! I finally got my laptop back and did this and it worked ❤️

  2. Umm, I’ve tried a few times each day every day for the past 4 days already and each time I press “accept invitation” it says the invitation is either invalid or expired.

    I don’t know much about discord, but am I on a blacklist of some kind that stops me from accepting the invite? I was a member a while back, until I was hacked and my account was used to post (in multiple servers) a dummy link to some game I had supposedly made.

  3. I missed the April one, and checked been checking every few days since then since there is no notification that can be subscribed… and now I seem to have missed this one too? Ahhh Discord link Invalid, is there any way I can join please >___< I am crying internally so hard…

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