7th Translating Event Winners

Congratulations to all those who participated and thanks to all those who voted!

For the novel reviews event, I have randomly selected 10 winners and contacted them privately. Now for the fanart winners.

1st place – Chi Nan (CNC) by Aqua

2nd Place – Teardrops (CNC) by teaiyuh

3rd Place – The Earth is Online (EO) by Gill

4th Place – TEIO by Fe

5th Place – Power Couple (EO) by solelyforlevi

6th Place – Gentle Alpha (AM) by Egg and Rice

7th Place – Chapter 47 (EO) by Hanya

8th Place– Tang Mo Thinking (EO) by Meatty Bun

Translator’s Choice – Sharing warmth under the umbrella (HTI) by Autumn Song

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Congratulations to the winners!

…hmm I see many unfamiliar novels. I guess it’s time to pick up more babies to ship and novels to read <3 Thanks to everyone for the love and care given to this event and biggest thanks to translator-sama for making all this possible!


The fanart is so lovely 😭


Congrats all.
Nice fanart.
Could anyone please provide the title for the novels? I only know The earth is online ;(

Miss Icycel

The 1st and 2nd one should be from, After the Little Crybaby Enters the Nightmare Cycle, if I’m not mistaken.