7th Translating Event Winners

Congratulations to all those who participated and thanks to all those who voted!

For the novel reviews event, I have randomly selected 10 winners and contacted them privately. Now for the fanart winners.

1st place – Chi Nan (CNC) by Aqua

2nd Place – Teardrops (CNC) by teaiyuh

3rd Place – The Earth is Online (EO) by Gill

4th Place – TEIO by Fe

5th Place – Power Couple (EO) by solelyforlevi

6th Place – Gentle Alpha (AM) by Egg and Rice

7th Place – Chapter 47 (EO) by Hanya

8th Place– Tang Mo Thinking (EO) by Meatty Bun

Translator’s Choice – Sharing warmth under the umbrella (HTI) by Autumn Song

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1 year ago

Congratulations to the winners!

…hmm I see many unfamiliar novels. I guess it’s time to pick up more babies to ship and novels to read <3 Thanks to everyone for the love and care given to this event and biggest thanks to translator-sama for making all this possible!

1 year ago

The fanart is so lovely 😭

1 year ago

Congrats all.
Nice fanart.
Could anyone please provide the title for the novels? I only know The earth is online ;(

Miss Icycel
8 months ago

The 1st and 2nd one should be from, After the Little Crybaby Enters the Nightmare Cycle, if I’m not mistaken.

7 months ago

Yet again… I got stuck staring at the first place image, trying to decide if the orientation of the picture is wrong or if the tears are completely defying gravity… The static objects look like the orientation is right, but the horizontal flow of the tears really bugs me if it is. Second place has the same peculiarity, gravity defying teardrops…

Er La Inertia
Er La Inertia
5 months ago

What novel is HTI?

3 months ago
Reply to  Er La Inertia

I think it is “My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness” by Author “Can’t Play Chess (不会下棋)”.

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