Updated Info on Country Blocking – Brazil Added

Update: After blocking most of the large bot countries, I’ve noticed one more country that is causing problems and that is Brazil. Unfortunately, I will have to add Brazil to the list of countries blocked. This will go into effect this time tomorrow on the 11th October. Sorry I can’t give more time but my schedule is becoming very busy from this week onwards. Once again, the list of free VPNs is down below.

I’m currently having a lot of problems with bots. I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff to prevent the site from going down or affecting my ad network relationship due to bad traffic/bots. However, I am currently too busy working at the hospital (damn covid) and for the next month or two, I won’t have as much time to be doing website maintenance.

I don’t want the website to constantly be going down so I will be temporarily blocking traffic from the regions that most of the bad bots are coming from for a month or two, depending on when the hospital system where I live is less overloaded. This is mainly the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Thailand.

I am extremely sorry for all readers from that these regions and it should hopefully be temporary. I also don’t have time to whitelist the IPs of everyone from those regions. If you want to access my site to read the chapters, you can try a VPN and connect to a US server. I have linked information on free VPNs below.

The region blocking will take place on the 8th October so those affected have time to prepare for it.

List of Free VPNS

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Ohno :((


I live in one of the country mentioned above
(T ^ T)….. I am so shocked to read your email about blocking etc. Thank you for sharing the list of Free VPNS. I downloaded one of them. Its working. Now I can start to read manga website that was blocked by my country before. Thank you~ I am so happy ~~~~ ☺️


thank you for suggesting VPNs~


It’s just only those countries ne~. No others????
Thankfully my country is not there.