Resuming Regular Updates & Changes to Reading List

So some announcements for everyone. I will be back to regular releases on the 1st of September, which means probably every second day for VCRMM and at least once a week (maybe more) for IPCFS and CNC.

Unfortunately, my busy schedule means I have to drop something and that is SDC. The ice skating scenes just takes me way too long for it to be feasible.

In addition, I have made changes to my BL reading list. It has been getting too long so I have decided to make a separate website and the BL reading list will be deleted from this website and linked to the new one. This separate website will contain my old BL reading list divided into genres (with some novels removed because the review was basically too short). I will also be doing regular reviews of novels I’ve read instead of a mass update of my BL reading like I used to. These reviews will be more in-depth than my previous ones.

The website will also contain some of my translating tips and tricks as well as some daily life blogposts/miscellaneous posts. If you have anything you are interested in knowing, leave a suggestion on my discord server and I’ll see if there is enough there for me to create a post about. Also, if there are any problems with the website itself. It is new so I’m still working out some kinks.

Currently, the website only has one new novel review but I will gradually be filling it up. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to get email alerts of when a new post is out.

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Welcome back and I hope you are doing well! Healed nicely and getting rest?


Much love, hope u doing better! Thank you for all your translations, I love them 🙂