VCRMM: Chapter 30 Part 2

Xu Sili was eager to try it. He might have an instinctive fear of fierce beasts but this was quickly replaced by excitement. Men were always interested in beasts and birds.

Under the guidance of Si Sheng, Xu Sili slowly leaned over and reached out toward the leopard.

The shadow leopard saw him reach out and bared his teeth at Xu Sili. Then he instantly controlled himself after a look from Si Sheng.

He lay on the ground obediently, letting Si Sheng help Xu Sili onto his back. Then he stood up in a majestic manner.

Xu Sili had ridden horses before but this was the first time he had ridden a leopard. To be honest, he sat on the back of the shadow leopard without any saddle reins and was a bit at a loss for a moment.

Where should he put his hands? Would the leopard be angry if he grabbed the fur? Before he could keep worrying over it, the shadow leopard suddenly got up.

Xu Sili’s body shook and he was about to fall down when a powerful arm hugged his waist in time. He felt himself being picked up, moved back a bit and pressed into an embrace.

“Your Majesty, hold onto my arms.” The man’s breath sprayed against his ears, causing Xu Sili to feel a bit hot.

Before he could struggle, the shadow leopard started to run.

Xu Sili’s heart immediately jumped. He hugged Si Sheng’s arms tightly, maintaining his balance as he looked at the extremely fast moving scenery around him. He was full of excitement and surprise.

“Si Sheng, you let September fly into the sky! I want to go to the sky to see!”

Xu Sili completely forgot about finding fault and now wanted to ride the big cat through the sky. This feeling of the wind rushing past him was cooler than riding a roller coaster!

Si Sheng was taken aback for a moment. Then he laughed again and all the shadows in his eyes seemed to be swept away. He leaned toward the young man’s ear, his low voice carrying a bit of tenderness. “Okay.”

He whispered and gave an order to the shadow leopard. The shadow leopard that had been originally running through the castle suddenly roared. Then two black shadows appeared on his back.

The shadows extended to the sides and once fully expanded, turned into two pure black wings. The wings flapped hard and took them to the sky.

Below, Li Zhecheng and a group of guards looked up at the dark shadow in the sky. He exclaimed with envy, “Master Si Sheng’s Chasing Shadows is too mighty! I am deeply shocked every time I see it.”

What man wouldn’t want a mount like this?

Janice also looked up at the sky. She was a bit worried but she couldn’t help nodding in agreement at the words.

This shadow leopard was an ancient beast of Escher Star and had a powerful bloodline that allowed him to soar through the sky. After being subdued by the marshal, he willingly signed a contract, becoming the marshal’s mount and servant.

Chasing Shadows was the name of this ancient beast.


After flying around in the sky, Xu Sili finally remembered what he had to do. He patted Si Sheng’s arm and said, “Let’s go down and find the water healer.”

He could play with the big cat anytime but right now, the matter of Mercenary Town was more important.

Si Sheng let out a hum of agreement. Without any words, the shadow leopard turned around and flew back.

After reaching the sky above the residence of the water healer, the shadow leopard roared majestically.

Then he landed on all fours on the ground. The hard stone bricks were instantly split apart and the wings were put away. They once again turned into black shadows and dissipated.

Such a big movement naturally attracted the guards and maids of the water healer. They ran out to watch. Once they saw the ferocious shadow leopard, they turned pale and trembled all over. Some even screamed.

“An interstellar beast! An interstellar beast!”

This was quickly stopped by someone with good eyes.

“Shut up!”

“That is the marshal’s contract beast!”

Niya was disturbed by the movement of the fierce beast and ran outside her residence. She couldn’t help calming down when she heard these words. At the same time, a bit of surprise appeared on her cold and beautiful face.

Lord Si Sheng…

She hurriedly lifted her skirt and ran in the direction of the yard.

Sure enough, the moment she got there, she saw the dark beast standing in the open space of the yard.

The man in the snow-white uniform jumped off the black leopard’s back, neatly and with extraordinary heroism.

Niya was a bit dazed. Then she thought of something, hurriedly put down her skirt and tidied herself. She was just about to rush over when she saw the man looking at the back of the shadow leopard.

This was when she found that there was still a silver-haired young man sitting on the shadow leopard. He looked down at the man with a somewhat arrogant and indifferent expression, while Marshal Si Sheng… smiled at him.

“Your Majesty, this servant will hug you down?” Si Sheng watched the young man, gray-blue eyes filled with tenderness and a pious feeling.

Xu Sili looked into these eyes and felt that Si Sheng was particularly good-looking at this moment. But…

He wasn’t one to be tempted by beauty. There were so many people looking. Where was the majesty of the emperor if he was carried down by this person?

“No, let September lower himself and I’ll go down by myself,” Xu Sili answered lightly.

Si Sheng wasn’t disappointed and just smiled deeper. “September, have you heard it?”

He looked at the shadow leopard who was standing stiffly. The shadow leopard turned his head, the green eyes giving him a strange look.

What was with his real name suddenly? He thought that Chasing Shadows was cooler!

However, under the man’s strong pressure, he compromised. Don’t look at his master who was currently smiling and seemed very easy to get along with. Rather, it caused him to feel a chill. Too frightening! Master was actually smiling!

The shadow leopard lay down obediently like a big docile cat. It formed a strong contrast with the imposing appearance just now. It was just that nobody present would think he really behaved well.

Xu Sili turned sideways. He took Si Sheng’s hand and jumped down from the back of the shadow leopard. He might not be as cool as Si Sheng but he maintained his demeanor.

Once he stood on the ground, his purple eyes swept over the group. The maids and servants present all fell softly to the ground.

“I greet Your Majesty! I greet Lord Marshal!” The shouts rang out and Xu Sili nodded lightly while his eyes fell on the only woman who was still standing.

Niya stood there like she was stunned stupid. She didn’t recover until the silver-haired young man walked up to her. She glanced at Si Sheng before gracefully saluting the young emperor. “I greet Your Majesty. I greet… Lord Si Sheng.”

The cool look was no different from when he came with Janice that day.

Only Xu Sili keenly felt her difference toward Si Sheng. This discovery made him feel a bit uncomfortable. Xu Sili didn’t think much and stepped forward, directly blocking between her and Si Sheng.

Niya was half a head shorter than him. No matter how arrogant, her aura was already a bit weaker. She looked at Xu Sili, her expression still calm but her eyelashes lowered slightly. “Your Majesty, are you injured? Do you need healing?”

Xu Sili chuckled lightly. “I heard that Lady Niya is very busy and it is too inconvenient to accept my summons. Therefore, I came in person. I don’t know what type of medical skills you are studying that you don’t even have time to see the emperor?”

Si Sheng, who was blocked behind the young man, frowned when he listened to Xu Sili’s rather ambiguous words. The smile on his face faded. This Niya…

“Your Majesty, Niya does have something important today…” Niya lowered her head, her eyes dodging around.

“Is it important? What is it?” Xu Sili increased the volume of his voice, his face cold, “What is more important than the emperor’s order?!”

Niya’s heart jumped. She wasn’t stupid. She just relied on the royal water healer’s preferential treatment as well as her understanding of the little emperor to feel he wouldn’t do anything to her.

Now seeing the emperor, she realized this young monarch was different from the past.

“Your Majesty, please forgive me for my sins.” She succumbed very simply.

Xu Sili stared at her coldly. “This emperor gave an order yesterday to let the royal water healer go to Mercenary Town to treat the victims. Niya, why are you disobeying?”

The victims who were affected by the three star beast’s riots weren’t seriously injured. With her ability, he believed it wouldn’t take long for her to heal them. Yet here she was, wasting time.

However, Niya frowned. She bit her lip and said, “Your Majesty, I am the royal water healer. Mercenary Town… they are all civilians.”

Letting a water healer, let alone a royal water healer, going to that dirty place to treat a group of civilians?

Niya wasn’t happy.

Xu Sili frowned at her with surprise. He had thought of many reasons but he hadn’t expected it to be this. He had grown up under an equal education and he couldn’t accept this explanation.

What about civilians? Were nobles so great? Without civilians, what would the nobles eat or wear? Did these things fall from the sky? Looking down on civilians was simply wrong!

Xu Sili looked at the still stubbornly frowning Niya and didn’t want to continue wasting time.

“In that case, from today onwards, deprive Niya Chris of her noble status and remove her from the post of royal water healer.” His voice was indifferent and almost cold. It was troubled times and Roland was in such a situation. If he couldn’t get rid of this unjustified sense of superiority from the nobles, it would be difficult for this country to become strong. If a talent like Niya couldn’t be used by him then don’t waste the empire’s precious resources on her.

His words fell into Niya’s ears like thunder. She stared at the young man in a daze. It was only at this moment that she felt so clearly that the little emperor really wasn’t the cowardly and weak monarch of the past.

Niya finally lost all her composure and arrogance. She shouted loudly, “Your Majesty, you can’t do this?”

“Why not?” Xu Sili tilted his head and looked at her. “I hate people who take money and don’t do anything in their lives, taking the emperor’s salary without sharing the emperor’s worries. Since you aren’t sharing the emperor’s worries, what’s the use of having you?”

“Your Majesty, I am a water healer! A two star water healer with the most powerful healing techniques!” Niya was a bit angry. “I treated Janice.”

“What about my brother and sister? Did you treat them?” Xu Sili suddenly asked.

Niya choked up and murmured, “His Royal Highness and Her Royal Highness were on the front lines…”

“Then why weren’t you on the front lines?”

“I..” Niya was blocked and speechless.

Xu Sili watched her. In fact, he felt a healer like Niya should go to the front lines where she could exert her greatest strength. But now…

He shrugged. “Go to Mercenary Town to treat the victims or go to the front lines. Choose one of the two. Once you heal 10,000 patients then you will be restored to your original position.”

After speaking, he looked at Si Sheng.

“Marshal, do you think this arrangement is reasonable?”

Si Sheng looked at him, gray-blue eyes smiling again as he nodded gently. “It is reasonable.”

The author has something to say:

Si Sheng: Everything my wife says is right (≧▽≦)/

Xu Sili: Humph!

Proofreader: Purichan

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