Removal of Some Old Novels and Censoring of some Words

Hey everyone, just wanted to inform you about some things that will be taking place over the next few weeks on my website. It will be done slowly and when I have time.

First of all, due to ad network policies, some of the words on my website will be censored i.e. things like s*x and fu*k In addition, I will be cleaning up some of the old novels on my website due to various reasons such as being licensed, adult content etc.

-The licensed Korean novel, Dungeon Hunter will be deleted. In addition, all the teasers in the Korean section will be deleted. Things like Ark and LMS will still be up for now.

-In order to clean up some things, Card Room will be deleted since all the old chapters are posted on CG anyway, and the remaining chapters won’t be posted to my website. Easier and neater to keep it in one place.

-CIN will be deleted for now due to various reasons. If I ever pick it up again, I will put the chapters back up on the site.

-All of GLS’ extras will be moved to my side blog for mature content. There will be links to direct you there.

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