Update to Site

You might’ve noticed a lot of changes to the site recently, such as an url change and appearance change.

I have decided to be a bit more active with this site, so I am playing around with the appearance and theme a bit, so it might kept changing for a while.

As for content, as someone who is now doing licensed Korean novels on Wuxiaworld, I don’t feel comfortable translating anymore Korean novels as a side project. Therefore, this site will solely be focused on my Chinese BL novels that I translate using the help of machine translation. For people who are only following me for my Korean novels, feel feel to stop following or unsubscribe.

Now for the BL content. I’ve done one of two chapters of several novels that I never ended up picking up for several reasons. They will be posted in the BL teasers section and also added to my BL reading list. Anyone is free to pick up these novels if they want since they are just teasers.

There will also be one or two novels that I will irregular release chapters for. They aren’t main novels and I don’t have a regular schedule for them like I do with my other novels on Chrysanthemum Garden. They will be updated whenever I have time, which might be one chapter in one week or one in two weeks.

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